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    THE BEE: . OMAHA, MONDAY, MARCH 18, 191!
Speaker Has Large Majority of the
Delegate! to Far Chosen.
rumitln WIU BM at Bu
timet WHtcWar Teatk Dis
trict Will Be far 6wvemr
(From a Staff Correspondent)
DES MOINES. la.. March l7.- Special)
The political iliuatioa la regard to the
tholes 'of Iowa for democratic candidate
ror president is turnlns la the direction
at Speaker Chump Clark. Convention
held tkiu far give Clark a very law ma-
jorttr of Ux delegate to the nut con
vention. The Clark committee has
compact organisation which has beea ac
tive for six weeks ami spending a great
deal at money. wiU the result that dele-
Bates are being garnered for the Missouri
man. The Woodrow Wilsea committee
has sot been able to do very much and
Is paying attention to very tew of the
Among the republicans the situs lion
has not been materially changed tor soma
time. Ttie southern Iowa counties have
alt beld tbelr conventions and nearly all
are for TaiL The few that have been
beld In northern Iowa hare beea nearly
all for Cummins, four canveaUon by
districts have been beld and three were
for Taft and one for Cummins. The
first district convention will be beld at
Burlington on Wednesday and it wtii be
for Taft. The only other one called it
for the Tenth, which will go for Cummins
April IT.
: Until the national matter is cleared up
there will be very Utile dona in the stale
' campaign.
Will settle with Treaaerer's Estate.
U A. Wilkinson at thla city haa Just
completed aa exhauetiv investigation of
the affair at Lyon county with re
gard to the aooounta of the county
treasurer. The result la that a act abort
see found due the county at W.Vi has
beea discovered. A. P. Weberg. the
county trcasarer, died and his daughter
niaslned la chares of the oft Ice for a
ties aad then Joseph Weberg waa ap
pointed to tlU out lb unexpired term
Following this It bees me knows that the
aetata waa Indebted to the county and
the inveetlgstlon was ordered last cum
mer. Preparations bar beea made to
affect settlement with the estate It
to possible that soma of the Hems will
be found covered m some way, but the
amount at the short eg wag a great sur-prba.
laaalry an Liability Law.
The state com mission headed by Sen'
ator John Clsrkson to prepare a bill for
a law tar employer- liability and work
men s eampensatlon starts out tomorrow
ta give a serlea of bearings where per
son Interested -can state their view as
fa this new legislation. The commission
ha don much investigating and h)
prepared t aiak aa exheusUvs report a
lb subject. But then Is desire to have
the people heard an tba subject so that
alt day Bar a fair show at the bill.
The first hearing will ba her la Dee
Moines aa Monday and Tuesday, follow
ing which a tour of th state will be
taken ending In Ottunwa March 3. Th
matter la of apodal Usportaao la labor
unions and t large employers of labor,
lews Ha Par Bred Kerns.
Under the new stallion law, which be
came affaslK January I, 1111, requiring
that no person, firm, corporation or com
pany shall offer for public service, sale,
exchange r transfer la this state any
atallloa or Jack aver 1 year aid unless ha
shall have procured from the secretary f
th stale board at agriculture a certifi
cate of enrollment and soundness, theio
ha beea Issued l.M certificates tor stal
lions and eighty-eight tur Jacks. Of this
Bomber of stallions l.tTt or all per cent,
are of pur breeding and are recorded la
record books recognised by th depart
went. This only substantiate) th claim that
la often mad that Iowa ha a larger
percentage of pur bred and 'registered
lire stork than any other list la th
union. By referring to th reports of th
stallion registration board at Illinois,
Wisconsin and Minnesota It la seen that
In Hanoi M.7 per cent of th stallion
licensed for public service are of pur
breeding, m Wlseoosln 4M per cent and
In Minnesota SJ per cent.
atallloa owners wilt havs until April 1
to comply with this law and It Is hoped
that when the stallions are alt reglsured
that the percentage at pur breeds indi
cated by th first LTO registered will be
Iewa te Shew Health Wark.
Charts aad data oa the artesian well
pooet mil ties at Iowa wlU torn aa Im
portant part at th Iowa state exhibit at
I he International Cone-re of Hygiene)
to be held la Washington, U, C Septem
ber a te a.
The Iowa delegation appointed by Gov
ernor Carroll, consisting of Dr. Henry
Albert at Iowa City, sou bacteriologist;
be w; W. Pearseoa of tba- Drake medi
cal college: Dr. V. O. Trey nor ef Council
Bluffs, former state university re
and A. E. Kepferd. state lecturer a
tuberculosis. Is at work preparing tor the
part which Iowa la ta play in that great
The congress Is held every fire years
It waa organised evseur-flve yeara ago.
and this Is ts first time it meet in the
United State. Twenty-vae countries will
re representee.
Dee Mesa) Water rase.
Circus: Judge Waiter L troth aad Dis
trict Judw W. H. Monger of Omaha,
both at ft federal court, wil preside
curias; the hearing to dissolve a tem
porary mined Ion secured by the water
company to restrain th city from pro
ceeding any farther a 1th the eoodevnoa
noa at Its plant, Aa order ta thla effect
was filed la (he federal court by Judge
Smith MrPberson. The bearing on the
injunction will be held at Council Bluffs
next Tuesday.
Paving Streets is
Issue at Harlan
HARLAN. la., March T7. (Special.)
Interest la city politics Is running high
here now. There an two ticket la th
field, th ant! -Improvement and th Im
provement element. Th trouble area
over the passage of a resolution of ne
cessity by th city council that certain
tract be paved this year. There ha
beea ooaaiderabl paring don In th past
two year and the an Us believe that there
t enough for to present without laying
mora. To anils packed both tba clti
sens' and people's caucuses and th men
who war aommated la In people's cau
cus were endorsed by th eltlsens
caucus. Th progressive element In th
city tha proceeded to put aa Independent
ticket la th field. The slogan of th
anti-Improvement faction I:
Every time I come down town.
The boys start eussin' the pavln" 'roun';
Makes no diffsrenee If it kills the town.
We've gotta quit puttie' this pavln' down.
Mexleaa Fatally Shot.
FORT MADISON, la.. March IT.-iIoa
Ponce, Mexican, employed a a section
hand by a railroad, was shot and killed
last night by Julian Heraanden, another
Mexican, Hernando 1 Mill at large.
Oparallea Prave fatal.
FORT MADISON, la., March 17 Frank
Kelle, son of a local grocer, who waa
operated en tor appsndicitl and la whose
appendix waa found part at a
tooth, died today.
What th doctor call ai taenia head
ache ar no fault at th head. ,
They are th misery ef the poor
blooded, th , folks with pals, hollow
cheeks, dull area, whit lips, flabby
Agwaislng a It la, ,tha headache la
merely ene sign of starving blood and
unfed nerves.
Jrhed every hungry tissu is you with
Osoaraiatea; add to your capital of
bounding red Mood and th anaemic
basilar will term est ywa ne more.
' Kampt Bold Frew By Mall
Tkat those who are sacking health aad
atrength for tkenuelvaa, children, rela
tives or friend may experience the llf.
girl&g properties of this sxcluslr Nor
y gold medal eaanlacd ced liver oil
medicinal feed emulsion as well as t
know OsomnlaioB superiority la bains;
aaost palatable aad easy la tsr a gas.
aroua -a bottle will bo seat by mail ta
tho who send idnss by pee beard
er letter to Oseroulssua, Ml Peart St,
(Continued tram First Page.) '
land was adapted to. general farming, to
truck gardening, te stock raising and had
Mm mineral resources and It also bsd a
large stream pad abme tributaries be
longing to It, and portion of It wars
heavily wooded, and It wan' this man'
idea to have thla vest tract properly en
doeed and all of the men were to work
land, some es gardeners, com
fixing up tb landscape, some as general
farmers, eotne as general itock raisers
and come In clearing up the bind and
building road and park and drive.
Hsarluble Advancement, -"It
oocurred I -ene that tMa waa th
Mat lessarkabla advancement that I had
ever. heard of being undertakes. The
uaxeatkm or tba detail of the
above facta, u. seams id mo, 'ought to
appeal to th people of thla state and re
mind them that Kebraaka mutt da soinc
thtng lik thla. . '
"Wa should hn build an Intsrmedlste
penitentiary or Institution that would
tak ear of this class of violator of
law. ' W could buy a tract of land that
would Beet this situation and hn have
the young ata who ar unfortunate
enough to be incarcerated, learn th art
of horticulture, agriculture and of build
ing good roads and helping and assisting
In taring out parks and be given an p
portulty to make the moot of them
selves. v . i
Remodel old Price.
"Soood, having by such method a, made
adequate provision for the lesser cri
minal, th present penitentiary should be
used solely for the tnor hardened and
deape rale violator of th law and It
ihould bo remodelled la such a war a
to make a thorough, trn-to-date institu
tion. " To this end the following e hemes
should be made: I
"First, a eecarata reside nee aad office
should be -built for th warden Imme
diately north at and facing the main en
trance ta the penitentiary. In thl
should else he uartered the itaward.
Keeoed There should be Installed In
th penitentiary aa up-to-date tslcpheje
system, all wire being carried under
ground, so that th warden's office and
tba deputy warden' office could ba put
in Immediate connection with all shops,
ell souses aad wall guards.
-Third Th deputy wardea'i office
aheuld be removed from the e ha pel and
brought forward tnt tb present warden's
quartern. By thai arrangement with
reference to th deputy warden office,
all convict who have complaint or
business with him could bo first admit
ted to th turnkey office and then ad
mitted to the deputy warden's presence,
one man at a lime. Th present location
of the deputy warden' office and it
construction la uch that any number
of convicts can com 1st hi offlc at
on and th Sams time. ,
atarae Cell Hoasra.
"Fourth-Cell bouse should be enlarged
ta tb end that model- system of classl,
ficaUoa'Of different kind of crlmlnala
can bo adopted.
"Ptfta-Tb present antiquated and un
safe door and gat tnm tb cell house
and th prises yard ta tba chapel aad
to the turnkey' office and ba the out
aid corridor should an be removed aad
replaced by modern, and up-to-date locks
and gate.
' "PUt h Reception rooms should ba Coo.
struct ed. a Inmates visit with friends
aad relatives, and modeled along
modern and up-to-data lines aa shows la
English and leading American penal In
stitutions to th end that a certain
amount at privacy la Insured the visiter.
tut at too same time making H lm
poaslbia for such visitor ta be rloae
enough to hand anything to the prisoner
or receive anything from him.
In modern English prisons such a room
haa aa mtarvening apace, protected by
sleet bar of from five to tea feet. Such
a ratmt la wholly lacking in th Ne
braska penitentiary.
Tie! Una Privilege Abased.
"I am aallefled front the mveetigetisa
that I have mad and from th obaarvn
twn and report that I have been re
ceiving tor esvoral ssoathe last past that
th privilege f VIslUsej at tba Beaitew
Uary has baa greatly abused and that
trass BOW OB it must be obeefced. Thar
ha beea afforded by ,reasoe,.o( these
feadeauata tadUtie above mafitlnpad aa-
doabtedly opportunities to pass things
to prisoners and to receive things from
"eleventh, the old wooden gate and
wood stoekadeei in th east wall at the
nertfterttla ry yard where cars, wagons,
etc, are brought Into the yard, should
be removed. A heavy modern steel gate
ebwaM be placed ba th wail. Thla gate
should opea into a steel stocksde suffi
ciently ta sis to accommodate tb larg
est freight car. to the end that the ear
could be brought Into tb gate and said
gat locked before the Inner gate out
of the stockade Is opened to admit the
car Into tb yard.
Trade Falling Off materially Due to
Disorders in South.
Mara Guards.
"At thl point there should be a guard
house In charga of a guard night and
day, with direct telephone commanica-
tloa to th warden and the deputy
warden, and an up-to-date alarm system
attached to the mechanists thereof, so
that any tampering of this gate out of
hours would Immediately aotify the
warden and his deputy. A mere state
ment of these facilities Is of itself a
powerful description of the fatal weak'
nee and absolute lack of facilities to
afford th management proper safety
to thwart the escape of convicts
and th bringing In of dope and other
There is much mora that could bo said
along this line end many mora details
could be enumerated here that cannot
be In this srtlcl given out to the press.
bltaatloa Well Is Head.
"I recognise that the burden placed
upon me a the chief executive of the
tat of Nebraska at this time la the
most Important and tba greatest that
any governor haa ever been called upon
to fact. Tba situation nt th present
la the penitentiary 1 well In hand and
everything I being don for th com
fort of th prisoners and th management
of the situatloa that can be.
"Under these condition a now exist
ing the warden la celled upon to Inaug
urate aa entirely new prison, as It were,
with aS Inmates to begin with, some of
whom ar tha most desperate criminal
to be found anywber in th world. Many
of them ar well-disposed men, who are
In there aa victim of a act of circum
stance who ought to. be In an Inter
mediate penitentiary Instead of the place
when they are.
'I am going to Install a man as war
a who, In my judgment, possesses
much executive and admlnlstrattv abil
ity, who will, bo firm, yet kind. I will
recommend to th management down
there to put la a discipline that In some
degree will be analagou to th disci
pline required of Midlers. Everything
will be required to proceed along well-
defined line end the line must b ad
hered to.
1 will recommend th latest up-to-date
and approved system of prison rule and
regulation in vogue and force them ai
far as they can be with tb -poor faclll-
Ilea that w havs her at our prison.
. Keeglag Deeperadees Apart.
"Tb segregation and classification
under the present building and facilities
down there I well nigh hnpeeelMe, but
thl will be don aa far as it oan be. For
instance, it should be possible that such
desperadoes aa those who murdered and
escaped (houM b kept by themselves
and a guard placed over them and they
be mads to perform their labor on tasks
separately. I do not mean by this that
they should be punished er anything of
tha Wad. but they should not be allowed
to , samsle with other prisoners under
laoy olrcu instance.
,.,BUre lelephear AieededV .
"On suiter I bsvs- overlooked that I
want tomeutloa la that tha guards and
the man In charga ef th shops as they
sit at their desk should not only bava
a phene connecting them with the war
den and th deputy warden, but there
should be aa alarm that they could touch
with ihetr foot that would notify the
wsrdea and tha deputy warden that
something la wrong, In cess they should
not be ahl to phone. Thl Inaugura
tion of tha system of alarm hould
be provided for In every shop where there
I any number fmen at work, under aa
. "la conclusion. Perm ta to say that
I have previously expressed my con
fidence In the warden and nothing more
need be said along that Una, I feel sure
that tba axt legislature, when these
things are pointed out, will take hold of
thla matter vigorously and the result
will ba modem Institution for erim
Insls, Insane and other ward of th
Mat that will rank Nebraska aa high
along tneee line as dot br splendid
educational system."
(Continued from First Page.)
Bound and bit tuieanus and left ban'
were terribly lacerated.
"It I ene of God' wonder that I was
spared, but I feel at ibis moment that I
would bar rather opened that package
myself than to bar stood by aad per
mitted Kgaa to touch It aa be did."
An ambulance waa called and aa Kgan
was being carried to the vehicle ho aald:
"Thl la tough. After I've been work
ing tor seventeen years, have opened hun
dreds of bomb and Infernal machines,
I am caught I knew it was bound to
corn to me ta the end."
Judge Koaaleky'a apartmcnta bear evi
dence of th fore of th bomb. A thick
plateglas which ovred tb mahogany
library table wa ground a tin a anow.
a great dent waa made In tha desk Hself
snd the celling directly above wa puna
lured with many bole larger thaa a
ma' flat. It la believed the explosive
used wa nitroglycerin.
Judge Rosalsky said ha had no sus
uiciott to express as to who had sent the
bomb. Asked If ha believed tha Brandt
ens bad anything to do with It, be
'1 refuse to answer. What do you
Other Ceaatriee Baler lam Trade
with Seataera Repablle ausd They
Ar Ketielag Decided stamp
la Baaiaeea. '
WASHINGTON. March 1 17.-Trade of
the United State with Mexico Is show
ing th effect of tht disturbed business
conditions in that country. This is espe
cially true with reference to ejrnorts.
which show a much greater decline than
imports. Exports to Mexico during the
last year show a fall of about 31 per cent
when compared with th immediately
preceding year, while Imports show also
slight decline, but less than that of ex-
porta, i no total value of exports to
Mexico during the twelve month ending
with January. U12, is 152,171.97. against
tM.n,T In th corespondlng months of
th immediately preceding year, a decline
of about Ji:. ,, or an average falling
off of a little mor than a million dollars
a month during this period. Imports from
Mexico during th same period amounted
to JW.S7.Slt. against S,UJ9 during th
corespondlng period of th preceding
year, being less thaa n.000.080 decrease.
mill Dollars a Heath.
This falling off of II!. O30,0oa u th ex
ports to Mexico In th twelve months end'
ing with January, Ult, become even mor
apparent when contrasted with our trade
with other pari of the world. Exports
to south America, for example, show an
Increase, of S par cent in the seven
month ending with January, 1912. when
compared with the corresponding months
of th preceding year) those to Cub and
the other West Indies, a slight increase;
while ta Mexico, th export during the
seven month ending with January, 1H&
decreased nearly a per cant, and during
tb year, aa Indicated above, about 90
per cent In every month sine April,
1U. th value of merchandise exported
to Mexico ha been less than that of
th corresponding month of tha preced
ing year, April, 1511, having beea la fact
tha only ono of the last twelvs months
which did not show a decline In exports
to Mexico when compared with the cor month of th preceding yer.
Facterlea Keel It,
Manufacture form by far th largest
part of aur export to Mexico under or
dinary conditions. Of the taO,ao,N worth
of domestio merchsndls exported to
Mexico during th fiscal year 111 manu
facture of iron snd steel alone amounted
to over tao.O00,a; care, about a,K.m;
boots and hoes, and other manufactures
of leather, about I5.a,09; cottonseed oil,
nearly I. 000,600; lumber, nearly fi.Wo.00v;
sdenUflo Instruments, mora than tun.-
chemicals, chiefly manufactured, over
n.M0,00o; explosives, nearly tl.00u.a; au
tomobiles, aver kHO.oN; agricultural Im
plements, over tuOO.ow; glass snd glass
ware, nearly we,M; manufactures of
India rubber, nearly 7Jo.00; furniture,
about $768, Out; and a large number of
other manufacture In less sums, whll
In other article th reports of to baroau
of statistics show corn to the value of
nearly IMWMlut snd meats about H.m.00.
In each cans a material Increase over the
preceding year.'', '
Other, aistleas Hit
The falling oft la export to iMexlco. a
abdvs outlined, I evidently- a 'mere pert
of th general reduction in It imports, a
reduction In which th United States par
ticipate to a somewhat lea degree than
do other countries. An examination of
th later official publications of tha Mexi
can government received at th bureau
of statistic shows a falling aft of about
ar cant la It Import from th United
States and approximately n par cent in
Its Import from all other countries dur
ing the six month ending with December.
1ML It exports to tho United States In
the asm period showed a decline of
about S per. cent, while those to other
countries showed an increase of about I
par cent Th,shar of Mexico' Import
which were drawn from the United State
In tha six month sndlng with December,
nil. was In round terms w per cent and
tba share of Its exports to tb United
Bute about 77 per cent. In tha fiscal
year lsW-M the share of it Imports drawn
from the United States waa In round
terms H per cent and of It exports sent to
th United States 71 per cent.
Sire. Jab a Itaaerlsoa.
HARVARD, Kb.. March IT.-Mra. Rob
ertson, wife of John Robertson .and aa
early resident of this community, died
Friday evening at tba home of her eon-
la-law. Judgwstlner t Clay Center, after
a tew days illness with a severe cold that
terminated In pneumonia.
The deceased waa close to H yeara of age
and at survived by her husband and ntn
children, three of when ar daughters,
Mr. Btlner of Clay Center, Mrs. J. H.
Webster of Harvard, and Mrs. Prod
Kenneth ot Hastings. Three of tho sons
reside In Harvard, two la Omaha, and
on la Missouri. - '
A Break far Liberty
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mad when a Ko box at Dr. King'
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LTOXa. la kiareh rt n.i awioTiou. niii Muuiza.
en ting sixteen camp, of th Modm " MORPHINB OR CHUWOTOIMt.
Woodmea of America in Clinton county I TBy atue W Brgeest frees e bsd esat er erawk
tto, of the agaw. to the Chicago WrrtfSSl
assetlng who recently voted to raise the aV C MtVfckdCO BaUSoRB. ma
Woodmen of Lyons
..Protest the Raise
av -am
Greek Author Given
Seven Years in Prison
MASOX CITY. la.. March 17l-
Oeorgis, aa author, today wa sec lanced
to. seven years la tha stabs prises far
obtaining money under false S
He was srnsted la Denver.
nn Wares
The Orphean nod Shew
Bvwry Saw sua, Bsoiy Barb s.-IS.
Eight raise Girls; Simon d Beryl:
"Honor Among Thieves;" Bay eamuelo:
Sckeack Van. Cennlghan-ds Marten;
Kremka Brothers Tiima BTlae is, au.
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!3-5o rSiiisri i3-oo mtittisr 114.00
KOPS BROS. Mfr Horn Office and American Factory, Now Yrk
una Neaw rider, CaaaiUW ,larlir , . Ui) , . . .. sWUeh Nome Rsilsry Siwi.1, Eaeieaa
The 52nd Annual Report of the Equitable
Society, embodying its Financial Statemcnt 2&A full
details regarding its progress during the year 1911,
will be sent to any address on application.
This Statement shows that the interest rate is
higher and the expense rate lower than for the
previous year. Increases are, shown in Premium
Income, Total Income and other important items
including the following: 1
AMSTS, Df OKMBIR SI, tail ...... ..........
MLKVf PUttO OS) RKSiavO M1t,1tt
NtrVhOS (OR tMVIMNOa) TO aOLlCYHOLDINS 1tl 12,867,227
Of the Society's domestic Death Claims paid
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hours after receipt of complete "proofs of death."
Its policies are simple, direct, and liberal, and
are issued in great variety, for the protection of
individuals, families, partners, corporations, and
the employed of business organizations. Par
ticulars will be sent on request
H. L. NZELY & CO, Managers,
Merchants National Bank Bldg.,
13th and Farn&m Sta,
Omaha, Neb.
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