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13 The Omaha. Daily Bee
Pair; Wanner
VOL. XLI NO. 233.
- N
Taft ' Approve! Project to Use
Panama Canal Equipment
for. Purpose.
paoposmoH made by fishes
Secretary of Interior Advances it
After Alaskan Trip.
Outline of Scheme Will at Once Be
Perfected by Army lien.
Secretary Flada from (eafereeres
with Army Kmiitrn Method i
Practical Aathortty ta Be
Asked of Coegrees.
WASHINGTON. March 17.-Secretxy
Walter L. Fisher of the Interior depart
ment today conferred with Prestdsnt Tift
about his plan for utilisation. In the con
tructton of a government railroad In
Alaska, of equipment and force soon to
be released from work on the Panama
canal. The secretary conceived )he plan.
tide In Alaska last summer and Fresl
, dent Taft approved It
Mr. Fisher returned to Washington yes
terday from an extended examination of
the equipment now In usa on the canal
and brought with hlra a complete list of
the machinery and rolling stock believed
to be available, together with the prob
able date on which It could be released.
He also talked with army engineer who
soon twill be ready for other assignment
and found them eager to undertake rail
road building In Alaska.
Will rwrsaalat Maae.
General W. U Marshall, the engineering
adviser, of Secretary Fisher, wiU begin
at once the outline of a scheme designed
to show congress the feaslblHry of the
transfer ot men and material by water
from Panama to Alaska. Jt will contain
an estimate of the value of the roa now
building from Seward, Alaska, to the
.Malanuska coal fields, which probably
will be taken over by the government, if
the proposition originated by Mr.- Flatter
. is adopted. ' !
The best harbor on the Alaskan coast
found by Mr. Fisher Is on Resurrection
bsy and the best townslte la Sewsrd.
The secretary thinks therefore, that It
.would be advisable to take over the prop
erty now under construction apd extend
I It to tbo Interior and on to Falrbanka
tie has no doubt of the commercial suc
cess of such a venture, as the United
States navy would bo ebia .o get. at a
cost far less than Is now paid, coal for
sll war vessels Jn the Paclfio coast A
- test ot the Matanuska coal has been msde
by the navy and officers have recom- that n.rl f th. fir. 11 K. u
aside and coal mined under direction of
the' government 1 - v
Mrk Fisher it innwads that eongnas
enact a law authorising the president to
proceed with the construction ,of an
Alasksa rail read. Just as the oanal baa
been built. Ho thinks that by carrying
out such a plan a solution wiU bo found
of the problem ot Alaskan development
Wife of Lorillard , ' '
Hangs Herself with .
Strap in Bathroom
NEWTORK. March n.-Mrs. Kath
leen Leslie Doyle UMllland, wife of Beek.
man Lorillard of Ashevllle. N. C, com
mitted suicide today by hanging herself
la the bathroom of the apartments she
and her husband had occupied at the
Holland bouse for the laat four or five
Her husband, a descendant of Peter
LorUlard. who amassed a fortune as a
tobacco manufacturer, discovered the
body. She bad fastened a trunk strap
to a pipe nesr the ceiling, buckled the
strap around her neck and then Jumped
from the edge of the bath tub.
Mr. Lorillard told the coroner his wife
bad been suffering from nervous trouble
for some time.
Rear Admiral
Melville Dead
PHILADELPHIA, March 17,-Rear
Admiral George Wallace Melville, United
States navy, retired, died at his homo
here today from paralysis. He Waa
national commander of the Loyal Legion
at the time ot his death and was a noted
authority on Arctic explorations as well
as engineering and naval affairs. -
Resr Admiral Melville, who was placed
on the retired list January M, 1901, was
72 years old. For sixteen years ha was
chief of the Bureau of Steam Engineering
In the Navy department Ha was ap
pointed as assistant engineer In the navy
In 1WL and waa a member of both the
Jeannette and the Greeley , relict ex
peditions to the Arctic circle.
Among thd colleges which conferred
honorary degree upon him In recognition
ot his scientific work were the University
of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Columbia,
Georgetown and Stevens' Institute. '
He was a past president of both the
American Academy of Mechanical En
gineers and the American Society of
Naval Engineers. At the time of his
death be waa president of the Friendly
Sons of St Patrick. Interment will be
made In Laurel H1U cemetery, this dty,
on Wednesday.
Ca-Operatlva Bakery ta Ope.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. March K.-The
first co-operative business enterprise ever
'undertaken by organised labor In Minne
apolis for organised labor Is Is be started
tomorrow.' It Is a bakery incorporated
for ISOOU) and stock is held only by mem
bers of organised labor. A number ot
local unions have subscribed sloe- from
their treasuries. It Is said.
The Weather
Forecast for Monday and Tuesday:
FOR NEBRASKA Fair; . wsrmer In
a est portion.
FOR IOWA Fair; not much change !n
Tempera tar at Ossahs Yesterday.
Hour. Deg.
i 1.11 .1 a. m
MO ! It:: 2
a. m P
Is a. m
Ve 11 a. m....T, S
J P 11 a. m ... 94
r 1 p. m... K
H It :.:: S
lw. 1 1 mil""!!."!!!!
Coasparattv Loear Record.
ii iii. iie. an
Highest yesterday 41 t 7! J
Lowest yesterday 23 2 3 1
Mean temperature, IJ a 51 9
Precipitation i. - - -
Temperature and precipitation depar
tures from the normal:
Normal temperature 37
Uefldeory for the say
Total deficiency atnee March L IK
Normal precipitation Inch
iMCdency for the day 4 Inch
Total rainfall atnee March 1 1.71 laches
Excess since March 1- I N inches
Deficiency for cor. period, W!l. .M inch
Deficiency tor car. period. 1M. M inch
. L. A. WELSH. Laos Forecaster.
Nebraska Towns
- Nominate Tickets
WAYNE. Neb., Msrch i:.(Special.)
There was a large attendance at the citi
zens' caucus held at the courthouse last
night John IL Katse was re-nominated
for mayor by acclamation, J. M. Cherry
received a majority vote tor city clerk. H.
S. IUnglove was - nominated for city
treasurer, as also were H. C. Henney and
J. H. Brittel for members of the school
board. In the first ward Jobn Musted
was nominated tor councilman, George
Lambert son In the second and John Lar
son In the third.
TABLE ROCK. Neb.. March 17.
(Special.) At a caucus of the voters ot
the village of Table Rock, held at the
opera house last evening, two tickets
were placed In nomination for members
ot the village board ss follows: For two
years. C L. Wernpts, W. E. Craig, O.
W. Gritting and F. 11. Colwell. For
ticket No, I: It. Freeman and C. H.
Carmlchael. For on year to fill va
cancy: F. W. Ault and Peter Stevens.
At the election the electors will vote
direct en the question of granting a pool
ball license and a saloon license.
FAIRFIELD. Neb., March 17.-l8peclal.)
At the cltltens' caucus held last even
ing the following nominations were made:
Mayor, D. B. Potter: aldermen, east ward.
A. Kuntselmsn: west ward, A. E. Hock
man; city clerk, T. P. Shlvely; treasurer,
A. D. Baum. S
Explosion in Home of Judge Roial
iky Similar to One that Killed
Helen Taylor.
Dirt Clogging' Mechanism Saved the
Intended Victim.
Creates Sensation When He Insista
on Seeing Judge.
Police Inspectors Baelly Engaged In
Searching; tor Postman Wks De
livered Parkas
Presiding Elders
Given Assignments
KEARNEY, Ntb.. March 17.-8peclal.)
-Rev. M. T. Maae, presiding elder of the
Kearney district of the United Evangeli
cal church, waa yesterday elected to the
Lincoln district with residence In Lin
coln. Rev. J. H. Williams of the Lincoln
district will move her and WIU have
charge of th Kearney district.
Ordination sermon, and servlee, with
Bishop V. F. Bwlngel, wiU be held Sun
day afternoon. The assignment ot pas
tors will be made Mondsj. "
" Tn the lotto declamatory contest eleven
high school students took part Oe Witt
Foster won first place: Miss Stella Csp
lan, second; Miss Jennie Saunders, third,
and Miss Bessie Burnell, fourth.
Th winner of first plsce goes to Au
rora to represent the Kearney High
school March In the central Nebraska
declamatory contest, while the girls get
ting th highest points In each of th
other classes of productions will go to
Hhellon March 73, where thjr represent
the school In th Buffalo County Declam
atory association meet.
Knights of Columbus
Hold Big Initiation
COLUMBUS, Neb., March 17.-(Special
Telegram.) Three hundred, end fifty
Knights of Columbus met In this' city
today for the annuel Initiation, taking In
a class of thirty. The Jurisdiction of
the Columbus council Includes twenty-one
towns. Norfolk on the north, David City
on th south, Schuyler on the esst and
Central City on the west being the limits.
The first and second degrees were put
on by th Iocs team and the third degree
by th Omaha team.
After th work was completed a ban
quet was given In the Orpheus hsll,
covers being laid for 150. W. E. Btraub
of Lincoln was toastmaater and the prin
cipal speaker of the evening was Bishop
J. H. Tihen of Lincoln. The musical pro
gram Included the Council Bluffs quartet
and Miaa Mary Munchhoft of Omaha.
This being St. Pstrlck's day. th deco
rations at the banquet hall, which were
quit elaborate, were In keeping with the
day. Grand Island. Oniah. . Lincoln.
Council Bluff?, Fremont. O'Neill and
North Platte were represented.
Towns Isolated for
Week by Snowdrifts
DESHLER. ' Neb.. Msrch 17.-Special
Telegram.) Deshler and other towns on
the Falrbury-Kelson branch of tbe Rock
Island have been cut off from th world
for a week by miles ot snow drifts, some
ot them twenty feet deep.
This town has had no mall sines last
Monday. Coal supplies ar exhausted
and many are suffering from cold. A car
ot coal belonging to th railroad has
been emptied by needy persons.
Several gangs of men ar shoveling
snow.-' The first train la not expected
here before Monday.
GUTHRIE CENTER, la, March 17.
Th first train In sixty hours pulled in
over the Rock Island railroad her to
night at t o'clock.
CHICAGO. Msrch 17. Positions as sing
ers In motion picture shows are attracting
so many choir boys that ehurcaes her
ar considering Installing choir girls. On
church, th Trinity Episcopal, already
baa substituted gtrkt In the choir tor th
boys. The glria sing at two set tlues a
day mora willingly than did th boys.
Matsl Hafld le III.
TANGIER. March 17. It Is
that th sultsa. Motel Hafld, ske has
been serfenng rreea a sever nervous
affection, recently aanouneed his lntetft
twaa ta abdicate and tear the palae.
He waa persoaoea, new ever, to
aider his deekwow-
Egam Uaa arrew Eaeape,
NEW TORK, March 17.-Th horn ot
Judge Otto A. Roealaky of the court of
general aeaalons, where a bomb delivered
him exploded last night, waa th seen
today of renewed excitement caused by
the appearance ot a man who wildly
kicked at the door and demanded ad
mittance. The stranger was a shabbily dressed
man who forced bis way past the hall
atendanta In the apartment building on
Riverside drive and climbed six flights
ot stairs to see Judge Roealaky, about
some fancied grievance ot "persecution
by th tobacco trust" Polk were
called and the man waa taken t Belle
vtia for observation aa to bis sanity. Hs
gave his nam aa Wolf Berman and his
business as that of cigar maker.
Th police believed him to be Insane,
hue harmless, and In no wise connected
with the atempt mad an Judge Reeal
sky's life with the bomb.
Inspector Owen Egan ot the bureau of
coabustlbles who was Injured while s
amlnlng th bomb In th Judge's library.
Inflated on leaving th hospital today, al
though he suffered pain from a mangled
hand and torn face. With fee and
hands bandaged, he joined a score ot th
best detectives In the nolle department
In investigating the bomb mystery., It
was Intimated that tbe detective were
working on Important cuea suggested by
further tslka with Judge Roealaky.
Jadge Will Smt Talk. )
To newspaper men the judge would not
express himself more fully than he did
last night whan lis declared he had no
particular suspicion of any one, but ad
mitted that he had received many threat
ening letters, one at th time he sentenced
Carle!, a forger, to twelr years In
prison two weeks ago. This threat was
to blow up the criminal courts building.
As to any suggestion that tbe bomb
sending might have any connection with
the Folk E. Brandt case, In which Rosal
aky sentenced the former valet of Mortl-
aji LSfcAltf to. tha-lhirty'-exo
over which there has lately seen sucn a
controversy, th Judge would say nothing.
Postal Inspectors have joined detectives
In th search for the letter carrier Who
delivered the 'bomb yesterday.
similarity la Bombs.
Another feature; of the Investigation was
a comparison of the Roealaky bomb with
on which killed Helen Taylor In her
bom on February S. The pollc never
cleared up that myalery.
Similarity in th construction of th
two bombs Is said to be remarkable In
some particulars.
Both bombs bore typewritten sddressea
on whit paper pasted on to a manila
paper wrapper. The boxes war about of
th aame also and each contained two
tiny electric batteries and a spring sr.
rangement designed to produce an electric
spark when the cover was removed. That
this did not work when Judge Roealaky
opened the box last night Is believed to
hav been due to small particles of dirt
which hsd accumulated about the spring.
Inspector Egan, who was examining the
bomb when It exploded, believes he owes
bis lifs to the fact thst ths Inside pockets
of bis coat were stuffed with heavy docu
ments. Without this protection he be
lieves some ot the slugs tram the bomb
would have torn into his body. HIS coat
was torn and several slugs wer found
lodged against the papers.
Comes by Mall.
Ths bomb came by msll and was de
livered by a postman to Judge Roeaisky's
apsrtments on Riverside drive at about
tot o'clock this afternoon. It waa ac
cepted by the colored maid and placed
on the table In Judge Rosalvky's library
to await his coming. There waa nothing
of suspicious character to tbe . packags.
Its dimensions were shout x4x4 Inches,
and it waa neatly done up In brown
wrapping paper bearing the picture of
a department store. The address was
typewritten. An hour later Judge Ro
salsky reached home and unsuspectingly
began to open the package while .talking
to his wife. He took off the wrapper end
found a plain, white pasteboard box.
Judge Roeaisky's own story of a hat hap.
pened follows:
"I took the cover off without th slight
est care. My first glimpse at the content
of the box was enough. I backed out
of the room as quick as siy feet would
carry me. calling out to my wife and
brother -Why! it's a bomb. It a bomb.'
I ordered that n on go near th library.
8om on suggested that wa put ths bomb
la water.
"I aald: 'No, no on but aa expert shall
handle It, there are some machine that
go off when snbmerged In water.
"I telephoned police headquarters a spe
cial request for aa expert on bombs. Egan
cam with David I. ellv, superintendent
of the bureau of comnustlbles.
" 'Be careful,' 1 told Egaa. aa be picked
up tbe open box, you have th real thing
there. Why take any chances by tinker
ing with H here? Hav H taken where
reu can make- the usual expert tests
on It '
Ksa4eaM FoUewa.
"But Egan went to work, examining the
bomb cautiously. He took out a little
wad, of tissue paper which I believe con
tained fulminating mercury. I was celled
out to tbe telephone and a moment later
I heard th bomb go off. I rushed tn and
found Egsn staggering about bleeding
profusely. Th index finger ot hla right
hand had bees Mown oft and th wboie
hand mangled. His face waa fan of
DeaserYt sad I regressive RepaMlo
. aa N Nearer Vaderetaadlag
Tariff Leailalatlea Aasreprl- -
tCoatinud on Second ics.
The Great American Explainer
From th Baltimore American.
TEDDY Put record It hanged! I intend to make a boll new world-jarring record and to "recall" all
decision! interfering with raj plans.
Beviiion Xeaiurei Will Come Up in
Both Branches.
WASHIXOTON. Msrch K.-TerifC re
vision will continue to occupy 'both house
ot congress this Week. When th hous
pssss the excise-Income tax bill Tuesday
and submits a woolen schedule revision
to th democratic caucus poaatbly by th
end of th week th revleion program
there will have been ended.
Democratic revision measure ere pil
ing up In the senate. Th finance com
mittee's adverse report on th house iron
snd steel hill will be msde this week.
Chairman Penuross and his republican
colleagues wil make an ea borate at a te
rn nt ot thdr attitude en the revision
The finance committee will hear Chair
man Emery of the tariff board Tuesday
on the house chemical tariff bill. bear
Inks on which probably will occupy the
wrk Hearing on the house free sugar
bill will follow the enemies Ml.
Meanwhile the deinocrata and progres
sive republlrsns are no nearer an under
standing, though sotn of them express
confidence that the talked of common
ground might be reached on some tariff
Democratic leaders In the house are
determined to speed up legislation. Some
members of tbe ways and means com
mittee snd man)' other democrats sre
Instating upon free wool, to which Demo
cratic Leader I'nderaood la as .much
opposed as he waa originally to free
sugar. Mr. Underwood's Idea Is to re
port a schedule which would confirm to
th conference report on schedule K of
th present Isw last summer, ahlch
proposed a 27 per cent sdvalorem tariff
on raw aool.
Irleposltlon of the excise bill In the
house Tuesday vlll open the way for
further consideration of appropriation
Ulla Th iwatotric bill, which would
astabltsh a parcels post system, will be
considered under a apedsl rule. Oppon
ents of a parcels post hav opposed tlie
bill on the ground that It bears new
legislation, a olnl the new rule Is de
signed to meet.
The senate on Msrch 3t will vols qn
th Stephenson election case. The Wis
consin senator has been exonerated ot
allgstlons of bribery and corruption by
one senate elections committee snd con
demned by another.
On Saturday the special senate com.
mltte which Investigated Senator Lari
mer's election will vote on Its report.
There Is no bop of unsnlmous action.
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. March IT.-A1-
t hough official ot all the railroads whose
traffic was blocked by the recent bllx
sard tn western and northern Kansas
reported Improved conditions today, all
tbo lines ar not yet open.
There ar six Chicago, Rock Island
Pacific passenger trains stalled between
Phlllipsburg snd Goodland. The manage
ment expect to release these trains be
fore tomorrow.
The private car of J. O. Brlokerhoff,
superintendent of the Kaaaoa division of
th Union Pacific, which waa delayed
near Ellis, will arrive here this afternoon.
Th Union Pacific la not open between j
Ellis and Colorado points, but its offi-
dala state that conditions will be practl- :
ally naiiiial by tomorrow. I
Tbe local superintendent of th Atchi
son. Topekm Santa Fe Mated that th
road I not blocked ar any point, al
though trains ar delayed-
Nebraska Woman
Tells of Sending
Money to Lewis
ST. LOUIS. March 17,-Mra. Elisabeth
A. Webster ot Emerson, Neb,, test I fyl sa
in th trial of B. O. Iuwis In th United
States district court on charges ot using
th malls to defraud, said today ah In
vested tMM In th Lewkl Publishing osm-
psny's .7 per cut notes. Of the tKOt
Were of the unsecured Issue. Bh also
bought 113) ot the preferred stork. All
ah ever, received ln return, ah said,
was JO. "
Mrs. Webxter was ths third woman
wltneaa of the dsy and waa being cross
examined when court adjourned. Her
husband, according to her testimony. In
vested 190) In the Iwis l'ubllahlng com
pany's preferred stock.
Each testified they hsd Invested after
having read of Lewis' proposition In ad
vertisements In ths Woman's National
Entire Country it being Scoured for
Murderen From Penitentiary.
Ossaba aad Ooalk Omaha Detective
l aable to Get Bryaad Kalsfan In
Aalmblle Hatlr Fewre
a the Lewkeaf.
The posse of Omaha and South Omaha
detectives -whs left in automobiles for
Gretna, Neb., to be on the watrhout for
th drapcrsdocs who shot and killed War
den IVIahunty, a deputy and a guard. In
making their eecane from the state peni
tentiary Thursday afternoon, were ma
rooned In a seven tout snowbank near
Ralston, snd hsd to return to Omaha.
The roads wer In such a condition that
auto traffic waa absolutely Impossible.
In the posse were about ten detectives,
armed to the teeth. Word from Gretna,
that tbe murderers were heading that
way caused the local men to go there to
capture the bandits It they came In
. Yesterday Sheriff Gus I Iyer from Lin
coln came to Omaha and gave the Infor
mation that the entire countryside Is
being scoured by poaaea from Lincoln and
other towns near there .
"There Is no doubt." said Hherlff llyers.
"that the bandits will put up a fight
before they are captured. I think It Is
but a matter of time hero re they ar
brought to bay and then there will be
bloodabed as tlie three men are of such
a desperate caliber that they will not be
taken alive. From what we can learn
the three are heavily armed. They ar
reported to be headed thla way also, and
I would not be surprised that they are
brought to bay near thla place either to
day or tomorrow,"
AH day yesterday every city detective
waa pressed Into service. In twos they
guarded all the railway yards and every
available road leading Into Omaha. When
ever a freight train from th west pulled
Into Omaha tlie empty cara wer ex
amined to see If by some means tbe men
had secreted themselves In one and at
tempted to get Into Omaha la that man
ner. Four detectives wer Kept at the
station all dsy yesterday waiting tor any
word that might require their service.
Th emergency automobile was not used
for any purpose whatever yesterday, but
waa held in waiting for a hurry call in
case the bandlta had been sighted near
Half a dosea pump and shot gun were
secured yesterday morning and several
loads at heils Oiled with buckshot.
These were kept in the captain office
for use In c;o ... detective wer nwaded.
Every half hour th detective ta the
railway yard wer required t report ta
Nebraska Congreuman Tell Why
Ee Farored Free Sugar Bill.
Seaaht Mae Bill Amended la
Order t At feed Meanly t ansa
' Beet Matsrra, bat Failed
i. twis-- -"-..
(From a Staff Correspondent,) '
WA81UNOTON, March 17.-(Speolal
Telegram.) While not favoring the enact
ment of the tree sugar schedule which
passed the bouse yesterday. Congress man
N orris voted for It and n portion of his
remarks on ths floor not Included In
yesterday s brief report explains hi
reason for so doing. He sstd:
"We ar presented with a prouder par
llaiueutary situation. A bill Ilk this
must original In- th house and th
senate ran consider It only after It has
passed th house. . if, therefor, w ar
to secure a revision of th sugar schedule
the houss must ass this 'bill and svan
though th amsndment which I hav
offered, be not agreed to, I believe thoss
who favor a revision, of the sugar schedule
would be Justified In votltsf for It because
only In that way can revision be had and
relief obtslned from the Inluulty ot lit
present unreasonable and unfair sugar
'The only hopes of real revision Is that
th senate will so amend th bill sa to
give legitimate relief. - If the senate
lakea such. action, as I believe It will,
there la some hope that In conference a
result may be readied that will give re
lief to the American consumer of sugar
and at tho earn time protect Americans
from the cruel monopoly of ihe sugar
trust and tbe domination of our market by
foreign producers. For these reasons 1
aha II vote for the bill now pending, even
though sll amendments ar voted down."
The nam of 11. L. Steven to be post
master at Bryant, S. I)., was aent to
the senste today by th president.
arke's Indian Hill.
Representative Burk ot South Dakota
has reported from the hous Indian com
mittee a bill regulating tho disposal of
Indian allotments, money or other prop
erty by will.
Th bill provides thst any adult In
dian, ptior to the expiration ot the trust
or restrictlvs period, shall have tlie right
to will such property under regu 1st tons
to be prescribed by the secretsry of the
interior. The secretary Is given author
ity to approve or disapprove a will either
before or after the death of a testator.
When a will has been approved and sub
sequently It is lesrned there baa been
fraud In connection with Its execution
or procurement, the secretary la author
ised to cancel the Instrument.
Th Burke bill further provides that
Ihe approval of a will shsll not operate
to terminate th trust or restriction pe
riod. Mr. Burke also reported a bill reserv
ing five acres each In the townslto of
Timber Lake and Dupree, 8. b.. for
school purposes. j
Nebraska Executive Advocate tit
Building of Reformatory and Radi
cal Administrative Measure.
Penitentiary Not Adequate for Se
curity or Humane Treatment.
Not Single One of Them Up to Re
quirement of Modern Prison.
Officials Hav Ma Definite Clee ta
Kevaped Mea and Ar a
staat Watch Prevent Their
Escape Frwsa Nebraska.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb.. March '".-(Special
Telegram.) The bunt baa been continued
today with unabatlng vigor for Taylor,
Dowd and Morrill, th prisoners who
escaped from th penitentiary after kill
ing Warden Delshunty. Deputy Warden
Wagner and Ouiee fteltman and wound
ing Guard Doody. So far aa results ar
concerned, however, the search might
Just as well hav been abandoned. Not
a single positive trace has been found ot
them since they alighted from th milk
wagon driven by Floyd Dlekman about
M o'clock Friday night.
Thre men, whom, it la thought, might
be th criminals, were seen sc&r Waverly
going toward Omaha, but there Is nothing
certain about these being th men. Many
who war conversant with th methods
of such men hold to the opinion they
ar still under cover In Lincoln and will
stay there until they think th search
bas been relaxed before they venture out
ot doors. Th officials ar working on
thla theory aa well aa asking polio all
over, the country to keep a lookout for
them. A watch hi being kept on every
known avenue et exit from th city and
will be maintained Indefinitely, or at
least until It hi positively known thst
th men hav left th city,
Atdrlch Talks of Prison.
Governor Aldrlch this evening gave out
a statement concerning conditions at th
penitentiary which la th result ot th
Investigation he haa made sine th
"dope" eplsod of a number of, days ago
and the mora recent tragedy which coal
th lives of Warden Delahunty, Deputy
Warden Wagner and Guard Hellman.
Ha points out thst Nebraska, la the
matter of prison arrangaments. la tar
behind the times, both aa to security,
human treatment ot convicts and th
health ot th Inmates. Ha asserts th
buildings ar old and not a single on
of them up to th requirements of a
modern prison. , . " ,
Continuing, h says: "To meet this
situation and to treat th wards of tlia
stat In a humane way and may It pos
sible for th violator of th law to hav
an opportunity to become better while be
Is enduring punlahment. In my Judgment,
th following definite and specific things
mut be don If th state of Nebraska
wishes to fulfill Its obllgstlon and keen
Its rank among th progressiva aad highly
civilised stat of thla union.
Advocate Krformatory.
"First, there should be bullded on inter
mediate penitentiary, or reformatory, and
It should not be built near or adjoining
any large center of population or big dty.
This intermediate penitentiary la bo ex
pertinent It has been tried by so many
different state and proven satisfactory
that it needs no further discussion, and
Into this Institution should be placed man
convicted of small crime and who ar
violators of th penal statute for the first
Urn and who ar not lnhariteatly bad.
but have don something under peculiar
situations that makes them amenbl to
th taw.
, "For Instance. In my Judgment, a man
convicted of crtm for a first time, espe
cially a young man convicted of an or
dinary crime for the first time, never
should be sent to ths penitentiary at all.
He should be placed In this Intermediate
Institution under conditions that are not
only hygienic, but will give bim an oppor
tunity not only to reflect under good clr
cumsatnees, but that will be ajonduclv
to good health and Industry In a manly
l itre other Slates.
"For Inttsnre, about four weeks ago I
had the opportunity accidentally ot meet
ing on a train coming from Hastings to
Lincoln tha man who hsd been selected
by provision ot Ihe legislature to build
for th stat of Pennsylvania a new peni
tentiary. This ntan was closing a trip of
Investigation of many penal Institutions.
Hs went Into detail with m as to what
his stste waa doing.
"They bad purchased at a large cost,
several thousand acres of land. This
(Continued on Second ltigej
NEW TORK. March 17.-Oeorg Arms, j
known by his many literary friend as
"Tn Socrates of Broadway . Is dead at ,
th age of 8 years. He hsd made his
bom la a Broadway hotel for thirty- :
seven year and after hla death th key
that waa given to him by th clerk m
lft waa found In bis pocket.
During th erril war Arms mad a for
tune manufacturing (words. H later
traveled aa ever the world. Of lata years
h has entertained literary friends sjmost
dally at th hotel. Mark Twsia seed
to be a frequent caller. Mr. Arms' c4
leetiOB at curio I raid ta be one. of th
finest private eellertloae ta th dry.
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