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The Omaha daily Bee
Enured at Omaha uostottlce aa eeond
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cept an Omaha and eastern exchange, out
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Omaha Bee. Editorial Department
Kate r Nebraska. CoJnty of Douglas. s:
. Dwtt'r.t William, circulation manager
erf Tha Bea Publishing company, beina
dub sworn, says thai the overage dally
circulation, less spoiled, unused and re
turned copies, tor In month ef February,
191 1. waa e.att.
, Circulation Muneger.
- guherrlbn! In my presence end rworn to
Wee me this it h day of March.. lilt,
toeal.) HOBERT HUNTER, -
Notary Pubi s.
tahsarlerre loevlas Ike elty
teaiaaeartlr shaald hav Taa
Be saalied t tiMaa. A
will be rkease as aftea aa r.
e, nested.
, Tblf bat teen a isvsr wlatr on
favorite ton candidacies.
Walt if world peacs aa compared
with senatorial dignity, anyway
Chimp Clsrk will, do wll to tin t
tia caWo that hound dawg gong.
"Why" li the nam of Elinor
Gtya'g latest book. "Juat 'aim."
Whit shos, wo are told, ar her
to stay. But they do not atay whit
vory iMg".
- To Councilman Gregg: Greetings
nd felicitation. Keep th atratght
path and avoid trouble.
Still, It waa not quite polite In
Councilman Bridge to call tha trick
before tna carda were played.
Wu Ting-fang ahould be mad eee
ratary of th information bureau
under the new Chinese republic.
Th aertd personalities are on th
democratic aide of the fence. Witness
tha rejoinder of Chris Orueatber.
, "Seven llttlo governors, fitting In
a row." Ther la th first Hue of a
poem. Who will furnish thro morr
Tot, Unci Sam, b patient. Tour
long ataadlng question, what to do
with ex-presidents, la again being
j Governor Hunt of ArUone, w are
'reminded, waa one a waiter. Bo
waa ArUona, much longer than it
wished to he.
Amundsen nay have It on old Doc
Cook as a discoverer, but the doc
coold; teach him th rudlmenta of
Ire advertising.
. If tier It anything els ia U
; way of entertainment that tha visit
ing retailer want, it la aot too late
If they will only apeak up quick.
Our amiable democratic contem
porary la trying hard to forget IU
promise or 1:73,000 annual net
profit to th city from the water
- Coat dealer say there la no
anthracite on th docka now. ' Juat
think what tha inert mention ot a
strike doe to th consumer and for
th coal dealer.
Colonel telter will not be per
mitted to go a a delegate to tbe Chi
cago convention, but the whole dele
gation may have to go hitched to bla
Tic presidential cart.
Tha Washington Star tbinka that
In case ot a deadlock Mr. Bryan will
b nominated. Politically speaking,
they always associate Sir. Bryaa'a
nam with dead locks.
Another Endorsement
When the Roosevelt press bureau
called attention, to the tribute to
President Roosevelt contained in the
last republican platform upon which
President Taft waa elected. The Bee
dug np the laudatory endorsement ot
President Taft and his administra
tion embodied in tbe platform
adopted in tha New York state con
vention in 19 10, over which Colonel
Roosevelt presided and which he
completely dominated. Trumping
this card, several newspapers over In
Iowa have pointed out that th
eulogy of President Taft by Colonel
Roosevelt In tbe speech be delivered
at chairman of that convention ia
even more commendatory and em
phatic in approval, for this it what
be aaid:
We come here, feeling that be have the
light to appeal to the people from the
standpoint alike ot national ai.d stats
achievements, In the Isst eighteen
months a long list o( Important legisla
tion moat heartily to be recommended as
combining wisdom with progress has
been enacted by congress and approved
o President Taft The amendment to
the Interstate commerce law; tha begin
ning of a national legislative program
for the exercise of the taxing power in
connection with the big corporations
doing an Interststs business; the appoint
ment of a commlsalen to frame meas
ures that will do away with the evils of
overcapitalisation and Improper and ex
cessive Issue of stocks and bonds; the
law providing for publicity ot campaign
expenditures: the establishment of i a
maximum and minimum tariff provision
and tbe exceedingly able negotiation of
the Canadian and other treaties In con
nection therewith: the inauguration of
the policy of providing for a disinterested
revision of th tariff schedules through
a high elan commission of experts which
will treat each schedule, purely on Its
own merits, with a view to protecting
th consumer from excesstrs prices and
lo securing to ths American producer,
and particularly the American wags
worker, what wilt represent the differ
ence of the cost of production here aft
compared with the coat ef production in
oounttiea whsr labor le less liberally re
warded: th extension ef th laws regu
lating safety appliances for the protec
tion of labor; the creation of a bureau ot
mines these and strallsr Isws backed up
ky executive action, reflect high credit
upon all who succeeded In putting them
In their Present shape and upon the
stttut books; they represent aa earnest
ef ths achievement which Is yet to come;
and tha beneficence and far-reaching-Im
portance of this work don for the whole
people, measure ine emu wurcu
rightly due the eongrsss and to eur able,
upright sad distinguished president, Wil
liam Howard Taft
It William Howard Taft waa th
beat qualified man to b hit succes
sor, aa President Roosevelt In 1108
unqualifiedly assured us ho waa, and
If th record he made during hit
first two year' occupancy of the
Whit Hon entitled him to b her
alded aa an "able, upright and dis
tinguished president," certainly noth
ing that has happened sine 1910 Jus
tifies the repudiation ot thtt endorse
ment by Colonel RooMVslt, to -say
nothing of any emergency requiring
a violation of th third term
Illuminate some of the dark corners
if nothing else. It Is np to him aa
to whether he makes the moet of this
Stoppage of Waste.
Why not apply tbe same system of
economy and efficiency to th con
duct of tbe household aa large busi
ness concerns are applying to their
management? Have the people done
as much to shut off channel of waste
and extravagance aa they have of
complaining about the high cost of
living? There la no gainsaying that
our living cornea exceedingly high,
but neither la It risking much to aay
that the average family, could cut
down expense materially without de
priving themselves of necessary com
forts by devoting mora time and akill
to economy.
We might learn many lessons from
th great packing house managers.
They allow nothing about the carcass
of an animal to go to wast. They
even consume the blood, bones and
horns, when they have them, and on
packer ia on record aa testifying that
the by-products are producing tbe
largest revenues today. Anyway, the
problem of wast haa been solved.
Ther Is now no such thing aa waste
about a packing house. Waste Is a
problem for every home, especially
every one with hired help. Its pos
sibilities begin with taste and appe
tites: they go with the housewife's
orders to the grocer, th butcher, tbe
dry good mercbanta, with th bus-
band and with the children to all
their aourcea of aupply; they return
with them to their horn and keep
them constant company.
It would bo Interesting to find out
the value of the waste fn tha average
American family in the course of a
year, but the average American fam
ily goes on blissfully indifferent to
what it may be, playing an uneven
hand agalnat the manufacturer and
th merchant, wboae chlf business
it la to guard agalnat waste. The
scale of economy cannot be bal
anced that way. It may not be neces
sary to make over father's trousers
for Willi, albeit father, In many
cases, was brought up In that kind of
trousers, hut many another outlet of
reckless extravagance, In dress, eat
ing and other things, may b found.
Why refer to the tocth pole's dis
covery as tho "last" when we are
)ast getting ready to launch out upon
that annual search for world's cham
pionship pennant pole?
It will be aaTeisbMpot ballot to
bo voted In Douglas county In our
April primary with ninety-odd cross
marks. We see what la In at ore for
tb Judge and dork ot election.
. Something should be done with
thee fake promoters who are haul
ing a lot of fak prlxe fighter over
the eoutry trying to find some coav
tnunJty with little enough self
respect to permit a fak fight for tbe
fluaa-iaj benefit4t tbe fakirs.
The supreme court hold thst the
requirements of the filing fee and a
petition signed by 10 electors to
place the name of a candidate tor
commission oa the primary ballot Is
not exclusive, and that aay one may
be voted tor by writing hia name In.
Candidates who expect to figure in
tha returns, however, will do well to
file ft the usual msaner.
Cutting- Out Personalities.
A while ago. Senator Dixon, as
manager for Colonel Roosevelt s
third term campaign. Issued a cer
tain ehalleage to Congressman Mo
Klnley, aa manager for President
Taft'a committee. Now the presi
dent, himself, has done a little chal
lenging oa hia, own account, at least
it may well be regarded as a chal
lenge, for, though not so intended,
It ahould have the effect of one. The
president haa asked hia campaign
representative to avoid personalities
and attacks. Mr. Taft wants to win,
but doe not want to win so badly
that be Is willing to stoop to vindica
tion to achieve it.
Ot course, while the president
takes this position Irrespective ot
what other may do, or have done, It
amounta to a challenge of his op
ponent sens of equal Justice and
the square deal, about which. In the
past, so much haa bea said. It
puts th question up to them very
flatly, as to what will be their at
titude? That Is Juat now a very
trite question. It Is going to be diffi
cult for tbe Roosevelt force to avoid
th appearance of making a personal
fight, tor th colonel's candidacy, It
seir. Is an Implied attack upon tbe
president, tor It rest upon a false
Impeachment of the president's good
faith In carrying out th party plate
form. Th president's Initiative In
this matter,' especially after his op
ponents had bogus their campaign
of personalities. Is moat commenda
ble and sure to make friends tor him.
The Jlew Xematr.
Tbe vacancy la tha city council
created by th resignation ot Coun
cilman Davit baa been filled for th
unexpired term by th election of a
sew member. Discussing tbe ques
tion whether the iplac ahould be
filled at all in view ot th fact tha
only two montba remain before the
commission plan supplant the pres
ent city government. It was suggested
that tb new member could accom
plish nothing more than to get- ac
quainted with hia duties.
Perhapa so, but it depends upon
tho new member, and the kind of
stuff he la mad of. Councilman
Gregg haa the advantage of entering
public life with a good reputation,
and credited with possessing a fair
measure ot ability. it be wants
Readers of Tho Bee are getting the
very best feature servloe provided by
any newspaper In the country-
comics and cartoons, humor and no
tion, by the highest paid artltta and
writers. Th Bea readers are getting
these featurea every, day, and they
challenge comparison.
The -grand Jury ahould bey no
respecter of persons. A crooked pub
lic officer is a crook whether he la a
republlcsn or a democrat, and
whether hia graft to big or little.
Tbe republicans of the Ninth Iowa
district across th river are for "Taft.
and don't care who known It.'
Relief tor taw Pearl!.
New Tork Sun.
Tbs worst ot th present political situs.
tloa le thai the la no hop ot relief tor
the most thoughtful portion of the com
munity ustU the base ball asason begins.
Whr Shawl Haeiaew Kleltt
Indianapolis News.
And' why. good sooth, should big busi
ness object to the snforosment of the
Sherman law? Juat see hew eVeadard
Oil stocks have boomed since the eourt
decided that It should be good!
Dews to rtar Pee.
Plltaburgh Dispatch.
What a third tra Is. la a matter (
(definition, eiithmstls and sometimes
though aot frequently of logic Tst ther
are plain and narrow-minded peepte who
will maintain that a third term la always
a third term. j
A riavetwa Ollsssa.
Brooklyn Eagle.
It la proposed te sell the Brooklya
navy ysrd for cvwe.uuo. itnoucn ins
United CtaMS has spent 1120. 000. on
the sit. Hr vr catch a gUmpa of
government ownership which ought lo
place ths socialist party la power at the
est election. I
Aposawr a t-atrtot.
Heuaton Post.
Th papers are declaring It that we
recently declared nobody should drink
eottea from a saucer. We hav never
said anything of th Mod. Mr. Bryan
has accused us of friendship for the
corpora tloa s. but never before has any
body brought eucb. an Indictment as that
against our democracy.
Bathe frewe th Barwas.
PitUburaii Dispatch.
President Baer and tb ether anthracite
operator say they are compelled to re
fuse any Inerwas la warns because they
eoa't waat to raise the price lo th coes-
tuner. But haven't ther been occassons
whea a rales m wage was at stake and
prices ware raised to the container with
out even aa much as an apology?
Yell a h rewl" I hear.
Springfield Republican
II Is dreadtally hard I understand how
President Taft could hav gained tbe
delegate IS) th republican nattooal easv
veattoa from tha Sixth district of low
over th Cummins aid Roosevelt can
s'! dec tea. But he did. Iowa Is In the
storm center of Insurgency, nd there.
If anywhere, "the Vail of to people' -tor
th oolosal should hav bee felt.
Aa I svleUe rvtaaarv.
Sew Tork Tribe,
Th death roll est th railroads of the
Catted State ha toe third quarter of hut
year, according to th official statistics
of th Interstate Corn me res easaaauRrioa.
was S.W. or more than two and a half
merely two months salary without ! " ' ,h "her of deathe
. . . ,. on British raUroada In a year. It swans
over-exertion, he ten have it quite. lh ()M BltmbM. dr.ln, Tmutr M w
readily. But if he is willing lo get h nor than tea tunes as great as
Bcokino Backward
EDiklW in Omaha
t CQMPm-P rmJM ar. rsa
L J March 14. 1 i i "
Thirty Years Ago
Condition are quiet at th dump, and
excitement subsided. Th militia still
holds the fort In In old Cathotia chare
and sentries are oa guard a far as Ninth
street on both Howard and Harney.
Th coroner's Jury Is still taking testi
mony. William Hen. a German switchman, was
eaught while coupling can In the Union
Pacific yards and severely Injured.
Spring epsnlngs attracted th women to
displsys In the new dry goods stores of
8. P. Mors dt Co. on the sooth side of
Pa mam street sear Thirteenth; Hick
man's millinery shop, a few doer east,
and Samuel Burns' china and crockery
piece acre the street.
The cooper at the Willow Springs dis
tillery are oat on a strike.
The laborers at th Omaha Kail works
have received a raise, and now get 11.75
a day.
Fannie Davenport and Oscar Wilde
are both on the boards to appear at
Boyd's before long.
City Engineer Rosewater Is beck from
n extended visit east with a report a
pavement and paving materials used In
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit and ether
Constable Rodney A. butcher, who
broke bis leg by filling oft Military
bridge two months ago. was down town
today for the first time.
Hon. Chris Harxmaa returned from
Kansas City, where he has been visiting
bla brother Chsrles Hartman,
Hon. B. M. Bartleu left for a trip east
Twenty Year Ago .
The Current Topic club discussed the
question of lengthening th terms of the
president and governors. Among the
speakers ware: J. H. Conrad, 1. N. Oil-
Ua. at B. Zimmerman, Allen Root, W.
A. DeBord.
Tb committee oa entertainment of th
popollst national convention, by Secre
tary R. T. Ilodgea. pubHahed a request
for all boteia, boarding houses and
private dwellings, expecting to entertain
delegates, lo forward names, address as
and rata to V N. Ksson, chairman.
Judge r. G. Hanier of Kearney was
registered at the atillsrd.
The Third anniversary ot the Oeorg
A. Custer Woman's Relief corps was
oelebrated In th evening at the horn of
Mrs. H. H. Kirby, IMS North Twenty-
second street. Among those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. Rhoades, Mr. and airs.
Wlllstt Mr. and Mrs. Musssr. Mesdames
Parkhurst. Davis, McKsnna, Bchamel.
O ruin. Remington, Orrffey, Reilly.
Hough, Mrronet, Ftey. WItmsrsh:
Messrs. Henderson, HewhIH, Feenan,
Otis. Andersoa, Durbln, Griffey. Will.
Kdson. Relllr, Charles Whltmarsh.'
Mr. Russell Harrtsoa and daughter.
Marthens, returned home from a long
stay k the east.
Th High rive elub. whose mem here sre
Mesdames Beall. Brabant. Well. Wortren,
Raakla. Wessells. Bach. Ayers. Munroe,
Hubbard; Misses Wskeley and Boyd, met
at tha home ot Miss Wahelsy.
Tea Year Ago
As attorney for ths Real Estste ex-
ehang la th elty tax case, J, H. Mc
intosh was arguing be fore Referee Verso,
siting pan f th celebrated Chicago
tax ease.
Mrs. aallle McAsban returned to bsr
desk ka the office of th county clerk.
her daughter having autnotenlr recov
ered to permit It.
Uncle BUI Snow den. th 'first whits
settler, was sick In hat home, 711 South
Twenty-fifth avenue.
James H. Taylor, easaklng with sfflolal
authority, wret to Th Bee that despite
any action ky the Auditorium eemaany.
th International assembly ef the Day
elplee ef Christ church would be festd
la Omaha, .
Mrs. K. A. Cudahy returned from Chi
os s. where ah snest th weak.
General Charles i. V andersoa weat to
California for a visit ef three week.
Mis Faley was hostess of a small taa
la the afternoon In honor of Mis Ellen
Clord of Kansas City.
People Talked About
busy wtth a view to making a record,
b can find things to do without
waiting to learn all the ropes. A real
Hv wire in the city council can make
enougu sparks fly is tp montba to
oa tho railroads of th failed luagdoia.
although the Utter carry a asach larger
aumbrr of passing urs. It Indicate that
this country haa th primary by a large
margia among Important nations for loet
of Uvea oat s
With th North aad South poles re
moved from the domain ef mistery. Idle
sale chasers may aveataally discover,
why cold wave duett black flag signals.
very bard luck story generated by
ulnar swells jhe stream of sola souring
Int th coffers f the coal bares. Coal
orders from Europe pat the American
and of th trust llmouainla on Easy
la the fire swept section of Houston,
Tel., where Job srs abundant, nearly as
many Idles look oa as ther are work
ers, but th former manage to evnaect
with the free lunches and th beer aad
prefer te remain spectators.
Hudson Maxim, wveator of explosives,
declares that a a short time ther will
be only three cowntrle In the world.
These will be the United State of Asia
(lac lading Kuropel. the United Stats of
Africa and th Called States of America.
Miss Marjorl Work and D Courcev
Lawrene Hard, Long Islanders, efTeeted
a matrimonial combinaOo last Satur
day. Tb fact that both sods of the
merger possess considerable cash leave
paragraph! without provocation for a
joyous scream.
Prof o. S. Morgan ef Columbia uni
versity Is going te undertake a systematic
Mvasugatlon Int mark condlttoos with
th view ot determining tost where th
consumer n w fix th t us inslWIIty for
hat II casts him ts eat butter, eggs and
sultry and at her things that he thinks
be seeds
J. Adam Bed, former cnaaTfesmin
from Minnesota, dispenses a grade of
humor ss keen and cieaa aa .Mark
Twain's. Th political mlx-np draws
from him th merry saggestloa that tb
gold bricks shipped to Oyster Bay a
utilised la building a Ughtbous ea Sag
amore H1IL
Among Us unusual sifts Mrs. Taft has
received sre several sacred tea Hants
from the garden of th Buddhist priests
la Colon. Tbe plants wet sent to tbs
secretary of agriculture, who will have
them cared for m the tea farms ef Cali
fornia, which are under tb eupervtatoo
of th department.
Gladys Vaaderbtlt sent a check for SM)
te th detective who lexwuoied Sm.f
worth of hrwets that tad bara stolen from
bar. Tbe chief of police made him re
turn It e th ground that poSe are ant
allowed to rexerve rewards for dntng then
duty. Ton guessed R first time. That
did at bappea m the United State.
Oheta to th aaeattoaa.
OMAHA. March IX-To th Editor ot
Th Bee: I see from last night's. Bee that
th CI tl sens' union Is sending out blanks
to members to express their preference for
seven commissioners in which are the
following questions: Name, age. national
ity and potttical affiliation. 1 waa much
surprised t sea this. I know sine The
Bee stared up abevt th commission form
of government It aaid all the Urns that
no pontic will be mentioned. Now comes
the aniens anion, which is supposed
to look for the benefit of th people and
la violating th mala principle of the
commission form by asking political af
filiation. Next as the nationality question.
Would It sot be hatter to ask o(vth
record of th applicant. Is not this 4o
work up some prejudice to oertaln ap
plicants? Tha next question they forgot
to put In le to what church the applicant
belong. This would fill the whole list
Don't yo think R Is being worked up
a new political graft on a new platform?
A Sweat far Olea.
OMAHA, Marsh U-To th fcdltor of
Th Bee: As a reader of your paper, I
have been much interested In th articles
ot late relating to the high price of but
ler. In comparing the market price wtth
previous year It shows thst butter, has
sold la Chicago and New Tor In the
last sixty day at the highest price in
twenty-asvea year. La., cents. In
consequence retailer nave been making
ariose aa high aa t cents, which is be
yond the purs of th average wage
earner. While la Chicago recently I had an op
portunity to Inspect an oleomargarine
factory aad confessing to the popular
prejudice against oleomargarine, it occurs
to me many who have bad the same Im
pression as I would be Interested to
know how and of what oleomargarine
la made.
The plant I visited Is a modern bulld-
Ir.g with all th Improved methods of
sanitation, such as high oelllngs, con
crete floors, tile walls and wsa Immacu
lately clean.
Th employes were cieea young me
and woman and wore white duck frocks.
The materials ssadV-creamery butter, neu
tral lard, oieo oil or beef fat oil, milk.
peanut oil and salt ars under the scru
tiny ef and must be approved by the
United State government Inspectors, who
are always present These Ingredients are
pastsurtsed la process of manufacture.
with th result that the product Is
pure and nutritious food.
In my opinion el eo margins Is more
desirable than the aversgs dairy butter.
Certainly It I mad under superior oondl.
towns of materials which are used dally
by housewtvee In cooking.
My suggestion ia thst If bouykeepers
would us thl article more generally It
would give Just as much satisfaction a
butter at half tin cost, a U KOPAU5.
' Cause a flelchla'.
BAIR. Hob., March If.-To the Editor
of The Bee: f hav Just read your edi
torial on "The Passing of tha Sleigh,"
aad waa not a little surprised that yon
folks of th city asldsm "had a glimpse
of the old-fashioned vehicle," or "heard
the sleigh belle' merry Jingle thl wm
ter. Thle Is not true of th country and
country towns, aa you think. On th
contrary, w have been gUjIghlng here at
Blair all wlntv with apparently a limit
t th number ot sleds-sleighs of every
kind and description, from th old-fash'
waed split log sled to the moet modern
factory-aiade "bob" or fine family cutter.
Bvsrybody seems te have a sleigh of some
kind, and they "got them out" Evi
dently you Uv In th wrong piac. Come
lo the country aad we will give you
sleigh ride to your heart's content, aad
throw In an appetite for supper to hoot.
The people in th country live, and enjoy
living, and extend to you city folks a
hearty Invitation to move to the country
aad enjoy Its freedom, too.
Let s keep the records straight and
whoop It up for Taft or Rooeavelt, not
coring which It Is. Just so we get parcels
post and Norrta Brown,
As to Cat weed Dew, aerate.
OMAHA, March U-To th Editor ef
Th Bee: It la a aha me aad aa outrage
for a mas to cam t thl city and state
til the way from New Tork to organise
a colored democratic league. What does
he take n tar, even It we are la the
far weat and supposed ty know but Utile
about politic I But It he knew aa mock
about democracy as we do b would never
havs com weat te Mindfejd us, and try
to lead a astray as whea w were In
bondage id bygone days He ha forgot
ten tht Nebraska I a republican state,
and that all aegroe owe allegiance and
leyalty to the supram principle ot re
publicanism. W may be enuy. but are
ot aa yet foots. Go back. Mr. Ross,
and report, aad then go away back and
alt dowa. JOS BANKS.
Chicago Record-Herald : Captain
Amundsen ts going to begin his lecture
tour in Australia, thus giving the people
of t.i- country a little longer to recover
from the Cook and Peary lectures.
Cleveland Plain Dealer: One ot th
most Impreaslv scenes In connection with
tho discovery of th South pole Is the
eagerness with which Copenhagen xs not
hurrying forward to crown the victor
with laurels and things.
New Tork Tribune: Amundsen seems
to have been too busy traveling to and
from the South pole to notice th purple
"snow patches" which fascinated th
aesthetic fancy ot a aoted observer of
the approaches to the North pole.
St lew la PoetrDlspatch: The South,
pole explorers are not so suspicious a
the lot that went to the Arctic region.
They are willing to lak one another's
word without Insisting on corroborative
testimony from any Eskimo witnesses.
New Tork World: tt la gratifying to
learn that the discovery of the South
pole win give us Information oa whkh
we can base surs forecasts ' ot coming
weather, but what we want la the dis
covery of a means ol heading It eft
If we don t like It
Chicago Post: The captain of the ex
pedition made no elaborate arrangements
by which one after another ot his lieu
tenants drooped out aa they Reared the
goal, so that ha alone should reach it
On the contrary, all five mea wh
started from th headquarters at Whit
Bay went through to the pole, and "all
bands took bold of and planted" the
Norwegian colors st the magle spot
Arsar Khaki la Disfavor
New Tork gun.
It ta now eurnrtsina that khaki has
fallen Into disfavor with the army. A
uniform mada of this material sson lose
Its shape and looks stiff and shabby. A
thorough wetting spoils It eat I rely. From
th department ot Mindanao com loud
complaints of th unsulUMIlty ot
vhki for active servk-a General Per
shing declares that II shrinks, does not
bold Its color, and feel heavy and hot
a ike wearer. Even saldler finds out
that khaki ha n "porea." Another ob
jection ta It la Ks nee outside the army
by everybody who want a cheap and
rough and ready garment For the army
aa ollv grab ewttoa cloth is to d sub
stituted, a muck handsomer and more
servtceabJ material
Aay Old Bxeaae Will Da.
Boston Transcript.
Though the eoal perator rejected all
ha - of the United Mine Work-
rm .ftar ante a halt hour's discussion.
mea who war at the meeting are re
ported as expressing confidence that
there will be n strike. Not everybody
holds that aotlmlatle view; but cltlsens
wh hav learned wisdom by experience
are prepared t see the wrangle euffl-
esantle nrolonxed to Siva aa excuse lot
doing sway wtth the usual spring red je
tton In price. .
rrwad ii Paffedl l
Ckrvelend Plata Dealer.
80 far the Vntted State during Its
present session hat passed th children's
bureau bill, abrogate th treaty with
Resets and killed President Taft's peace
treatise A three months record of
constructive legist at loa of which any
senator may well feel proud and puf
fed upl
Philadelphia Record: It Colonel Roose
velt had any remaining doubt of the
popular demand for bla third-term can
didacy, of course, the persuasive "night
errand'' Perkins was able to dissipate It.
Chicago News: Mr. Roosevelt Is earn
ing S3 a day as a Juror, and doubtless be
hopes to do such good work at this minor
task that a grateful people will call him
to a better salaried post tloa.
Chicago Record-Herald: Champ Clark's
favorite bymn I "Quit Klekln' My Dawg
Aroun'." Governor Harmon of Ohio an
n ounces that his favorite hymn Is "Blest
Be the Tie That Binds," and It Is aa
sumed that Wood row Wilson's first
choice li "How Can I Leave Thee?"
Chicago Inter-Ocean: Andrew Came sis
says Theodore Roosevelt 1 One of his
best friends but he'd like to take and
spank him. Guess what Theodore Roose
velt would like 10 do to the man who let
out that Andrew Carnegie gave him gxV
Ot toward his African trip and bla tri
umphal progress homeward!
Springfield Republican: The colonel
"will aocept. If nominated." Of course,
he will do nothing to fore his own nom
ination. Heaven forbid! All ta asms,
he Is now planning a stumping tour to
get delegate,, being compelled to do this,
mind you. purely In ssltrdsfense, "Tb
people's call" le going to get a severs
shaking up by tb colonel for not being
louder. ,
Marks Would yu marry a woman
Parks No. Indeed. Th ordinary woman
can cross-etamln quite well enough.
Boston Transcript.
She Ths lawyer who asked me all
those questions was very good-natured
about t
He VV hv shooMnt he have been?
She Why, I was told K would he a
cross-examinatlea. Okltimoro American.
"Pop!" -
"WU. what la H now?"
"Say. wop, dkt the dog star ever have
the dipper tied to its tali r '-Phil. Rec
T".rst Society Dame How are the.
acoustics or thet new ooera house?
Second Society uame joo gooa sorie
people in the family circle Saul they oouid
hear every word spoken in our box.
"There'e only one way te avoid being
put Into an Ananias club."
"And what la that"
''Organise th club yourself and keep
everybody else busy escaping It" Wash
ington Star.
Mm. I.rdla E. Plskham had lust affixed
her signature to the immortal sentiment,
"Yours for health."
"Not lor rioting, glass" smashing, -and
shrieking On th way to Jail." ah ex
plained. "My nam ia Pink ham not
For th good dame's mall sometime
got m.m.. Chicago Tribune.
' "The Greeks wsr one leader of
"Tss." replied Mis Cayenne: "they
seem to run to extremes. Instead of
polishing people's minds a great many
Greeks are bow engaged m polishing peo
ple's sboas." Washington Star.
Minna Irving In Leslie's
I remember, I remember. In th house
where I was bora.
How father mad u all gal Bp at day
light every morn;
The slice of cold and greasy pork upon
my breaktact plate,
Tbe muddy coffee that I drank, the
soggy bread I ate.
I remember, 1 remember, how I trudged
a mile lo school.
And wu rapped acrosa the kunckles If I
broke ths slightest rule;
The birch above tbe teacher's desk, the
lightning In hi eye;
Th way he used to keep me la till stars
were la tbe sky.
I remember, t remember, kow la winters
long ago
I woke to find my attic bed half covered
up with enow, .
And kow the horns-mad socks Of blue
that patiently I wore
Wet knitted of th kind of stuff In
Nestor's shirt of yore.
I remember. I remember, bow we sat by
And vainly tried to see to do our lessons
And how before tbe glowing hearth from
time to time we turned.
Because, alas! our backs would frees the
while our faces burned.
I remember, I remember, how eur holi
days war few.
And father always found some chores we
had to stay snd do;
Ia hoeing corn and sawing wood we got
eur exercise.
And dad's old trousers tor us boys were
made a smaller else.
I remember, I remember, bow the sea
sons earn and went.
And we helped to reap the harvest, but
we nsvsr got a cent
I like to reooUect to all and Ulk of It, I
vow, .
But thank the' Lord with all my heart
those times are over now.
HkQ "HlfffliniON
Has a long
Maintains its
With consistent
Makes the Pure Food Tea.
Published by the Growers of India Tea
Low Rates South
MARCH 5 & 19
t Asgastis, -Fhv J35.1S
Ft Uaaoraale- " 44.1 S
(UaKSvals SSM
Ocakt " Sd-SO
rsrt Hysrs " M-0
hkrtka M SsVdt)
Wad rake team M 429
tl. iarni M MM
Dekad fTs. 3 50
ley aWts--Ais. 30.0a
rsawas Ory.-.-Fls.
Hew (Mesas.-. -Ls. 30.00
St Lewis
Fm,'s33.7s !2tM
Saafard.. " 34X30
TaasvOs " MM
Bawas . 44 0
f), basis 34.54)
Taasa 340
ssssesla 30.84
Darwaak hraww M il.'S
kWieasa Fie.
21 TO
204S '
Ceoyart -Was. SQyOO
Graarrm Ala. 23.45
Evergram Ala. 29JS
Propartioaataly Law Rata ks Many Other Pasat ks
Alabama, Florid, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi
J. L DAVENPORT, D. P. A, St Ls-i, He.
P. W. MORROW, ft W. P. A, Caicara, EEL