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    Looking Backward
Tms Day in Omaha
J Twenty Tea Tun Agt
mortei nn at cm km
The Omaha Daily Bee
Gnerally Fair
VOL. XLI-XO. 232.
Upper Chamber Passes Resolution to
Close Loopholes in Neu
trality Laws.
Empowers Taft to Prohibit Exporta
tion of Munitions of War.
Americans Endangered in Mexico by
Supplies Brought In.
1'ollcr of Valted State thaaacd
frees that la Effect Cartas Re
rent Madera Revocation la
Saataera Republic.
WASHINGTON. March li-Revolutions,
filibustering expedition or the promotion
of domestic violence In any country In
nan-America hereafter may not hop for
Mar supplies of any description from tb
Vnlted State.
This principle, proclaimed loiy in a
concurrent resolution adopted by the n
te at th instance of President Ttft,
practically certain to be passed by the
hours tomorrow.
Though aimed primarily to meet the
Inadequacies of the present neutrality
laws, to which the Mexican government
called the president's attention, the reso
lution when put Into effect will empower
president Taft to prohibit at bis discre
tion, tin ouch the issuance of a proclaroa
. Men. the exportation of munitions of war
to any country with which the Unitcl
(Stairs Is at peace.
Anticipating summary action by the
Iiouk tomorrow; where Representative
rturleson of Texas Hill take charge of the
measure, Treaeury and War department
officials tonight Issued Instructions vir
tually halting all shipments of arms Into
.Mexico until the resolution Is declared
effective. .
Preaalere Evade Laws.
loopholes for the violation of neutrality
lawsadmlttedly are many., and profev
rlonal promotres of revolutions In Latin
America, through varying devices, have
succeeded In evading the statute.
To tho Mexican rebels who captured
Juare recently with the sole purpose of
possessing Port of entry through which
they might Import arm unrestrictedly,
the resolution will prove a stubborn ob-1
atacle. Today's action Is a departure
from the policy of the United State dur
ing the Madero revolution, when porta of
entry held by the rebel received arms
ttnd ammunition If regularly consigned to
Senator Root used but one argument In
favor of breaking the precedent- how
ever, that thousand of Americana in Mex
ico were fleeing from their homes there,
.Imperilled by the very arm which .had
""fteen shipped Into that country"by initr.
Msjor General Wood, chief of slaft of
the army, declared tonlgiit that probably j
a larger border patrol would be required
to enforce the letter of the new measure.
The National Capital RISE IN COST OF
Wefiaiesdajr. Ste IS, .
The Senate.
Mt at noon and Immediately went into
executive season.
Foreign relations committee framed
and reported a resolut ion proht hi t tab
shipment of arms Into any country on
American continent In a state of disorder.
Fur seal treaty amended to provide tea
year etched eeaaon, waa ordered favor
ably reported by foretcn relations com
mittee. uffragettes urged amendment to con
stitution providing rotes for women bo
fore Oman's suffrage committee.
Considered in executive session nomi
nation of it ail Ion Pitney as supreme
court justice, with agreement to vote on
confirmation at 4 p. m.
Pitney confirmed. SO to M.
Secretary Unison denounced before
military affairs committee the army ap
propriation bill, especially the h ml nation
of five cavalry regiments.
The House.
Met at noon.
Considered bills on rerular calendar.
M ays and means committee was urged
oy nonpitai and scientific institution rep
resentatives to remit taxes on alcohol
and whisky.
Suffragette loaders were heard by Judi
ciary cnnmUtee.
Republicans In caucus declared free
sugar and corporation tax extension bills
were a democratic political plot for votes.
Representative Smith of New York in
troduced a bill to compel registration at
the capiiol of all lobbyist and the filing
of a detailed statement of their expenses
after each session.
Chairman Morrison announced patents
committee would awsit probable rehear
ing of the supreme court's patent monop
oly decision before framing the new law.
Wilson and Clark Are
Claiming Control of
Kansas Convention
President Taft Sends to Congress
Data on Price Collected by
United States Coninls.
Incrtue is Much Lets Than in Prices
for Foci and Clothes.
Associations of Consumers Secure
Practical Results.
This la Heeled by Retailer, bat Fl
area Da Nat Bear Oat Their lea
teatlaa Dorter Par Cwsa
aalealea ta Associativa.
Squash Center Talks Over the Political Situation
CONCORD, N. II., March lt-Tlie con
troversy over the will af Mrs, Mary
Uaker O. Eddy, the founder of the Chris
tian Science church, reached the tribunal
of last resort of New Hampshire today,
v. hen final arguments which will extend
o-cr three days were begun before the
supreme court on the construction of
various clauses in the will.
The proceedings opened wtlh the presen
tation of a brief. In which it Is alleged
the provisions of the will bequeathing
the arcater part of the property to the
i rectors of the Christian Science church
in Boston is a violation of the statute
limlllng bequests to churches.
HUTCHINSON. Kan., March 13-That
tumorrow democratic state convention.
when it meet her to name four dele-
gates-al-large to the Baltimore con
vention and a national committeeman
from Kansas will be controlled by the
thirty unlnstructed delegate therein,
seems certain today.
While Clark supporter claim the ma
jority of these unlnstructed delegate.
the Wilson men were by no means ccat- i
ceding them to Clark. In fact, the Wtt-
upporters were worklnf quietly
among the delegate already here, urs
ine that party harmony In Kansas de
manded an unlnstructed delegation to
The congressional district conventions
to elect two delegates each to Baltimore
will meet tomorrow morning. Indica
tions today were that Wilson and Clark
would divide thee.
B. J. Sherldsn, of Psola, Clarke man
ager was confident of Clerk Instruction.
"Our figure (how w bar a ma
jority of ninety-one rotes on the con
vention floor." Sheridan said. "Ths op
position Is beaten and now they are try
ing to ret delegations already Instructed
for Clark, to bolt their Instructions."
The four delegatea-at-larg probably
will be B. J. .Sheridan, Paola: A. M.
Jackson. Wlnfleld; W. L. Brown, King
man, and c, F, Foley, Lyons.
Contest Between Hill "
:'- Line 'and Carmen's
Union is Acute
CHOOKSTOX. Minn.. March lt-The
struggle between the Great Northern
Railway and the Brotherhood of Railway
Carmen reached a sensational slags here
today when warrant were issued for the
arrest of Superintendent Knebel and Mu
ter Mechanic W. J. Smith on complaint
of J. II. Walter, grand lodge deputy, the
charge being that union carmen her
were discharged because they would not
quit the union.
At a hearing conducted by Deputy
Labor Commissioner Albright today union
men testified that officials of the road
had given them the option of quitting
the union or of being discharged.
Knebel and Smith both refused to tes
tify at the hearing on the plea that their
evidence might tend to Incriminate them.
ten suffragettes are -Republicans Will
given longer stNTENctsj Fight Free Sugar
LONDON". March 11 Ten suffragette
charged with (mashing window during
the demonstration of March I were sen
tenced today at the London sessions court
to term ranging from four to six
months in prison.
The Weather
For, Nebraska Snow or rain; colder.
For Iowa Snow or, rain; colder In
northwest portion.
Trsspcrataree at Omaha Yesterday.
Hour. Deg.
Cass vara live
WASHINGTON. March li-The presi- j
dent today. In a special message to con
gress, transmitted the first Installment
of the Information collected by the De
partment of State In regard to co-opera
tion and the cost of living In various
European countries. The department, by
direction of the president. Instructed the
consuls r offk-ers to make the Investiga
tion. The results of the Inquiry are sum
med up In a letter from Acting Scecretary
of state Huntington Wilson, which Is
submitted with the consular reports and
with a summary of their contents.
The president in Ms message says that
the popular demand for information of
this character apparently wa based on
the belief that some remedy might be
found for the high cost of living. The
Immediate result of the Inquiries insti
tuted by ths Department of State through
the consular officer as to ocntuate
the fact that the Increase In the prices
of the common necessities of life Is
world-wide, and that It la an absorbing
question with the v co-operative associa
tions. Intelligence presented by the co
operative societies shows that even where
there has been an advance In wages the
percentsge hss not kept psc with the
rise In the cost of food supplies. The
president say that ths Information col
lected by the Department of State I
permanent contribution to the history of
the efforts of producer and consumers
to solve for themselves the economic
problems of production, distribution and
consumption. It the co-operative
elation which hav been In ulstenc for
half a century hare not been able to de
termine the fundamental cause of the
Increased cost of living or to setsrd ths
advance, th student of aoclal progress
may at least derive Instruction from the
account ef the associations and their
Influence on the well-being of Ihelr member.
Saaseala lateraatlaaal Caesaslaelan.
Th president also calls attention to his
message of February J. in wnicn no
recommended an international commis
si en to look Into th cans for th high
prices of "ili SeTnstrrew"f lltr god t
posstble remedies. Should such a com
mission be authorised by congress, he
save, th relation of the co-operative o-
cletle to thl (ubject would be of great
Acting Secretary Wilson In the letter
to the president describing th activities
of th Department of State in carrying
out the president's Instructions say that
while the consular officer were engageo
In their Investigation their attention wa
drawn to th fact given by th co-opera-tlvs
societies concerning th edvance In
the prices of the most necessary articles
of food. Th report on this phase of th
subject were uniform in showing that
the member of tho co-opertlv asso-' Bacon,
elation were feeling th universal in- Bryan
crease In the cost of staple commodities.
The consul-general at London for
warded a tshle prepared by the co-operative
wholesale societies which exhibited
the increased cost of certain article In th
rnlted Kingdom since MS. From a sum
mary of rates of Wsgm It wsa developed
that the per cent of Increase In certain
trades from IMS to 110 was 11.1 and In
food prices IM. Th wge of railway em
I ploye during thl period had Increased
jonly t.J per cent The consul at South
ampton reported that during the last
I five year there bad been an advance of
M per cent In the purchase trtce uf tresn
y I - I
5 i f f"T ltT TMtCi Vjjk
k e J . sf jt ViT'. sueicit XJu
Front the Washington Star.
Nomination of New Jersey Jurist for
Supreme Bench is Approved.
Vlre Fight Against Chaaerller
M" i f' Jetlea I Bonus
Till Last Masaeat.
WASUINUTO.V. March . U-Mahlon
Pitney, chancellor of the state of New
Jersey, President Taft'a nominee ta suc
ceed the. lata Justioe Harlan en the su
preme court bench, was finally confirmed
today by th sensts by a vote of M to M.
Justice Pitney wll came to Washington
These republican senators voted against
Mr. Pltney's confirmation:
Bourne, Kenyoh. Polodeater.
BrlatoK, Cummins.
The democrat voted against him: .
Wickersham Has No
Evidence that There
is Smelter Trust
WASHINGTON. Msreh tt-Attorney
General Wickersham will advise the
house In replying to lis resolution that
h has no avldence of lite exMonce of
"smelter trust." The Department of
j Justice Investigation, he id, hsvs rs-
vesled no indication uf a combination In
thla Industry. There are five large
smelter companies, he any, which seem
to bo In active competition.
t From a Staff Correspondent.)
' WASHINGTON, March 11-tSpedaI
Telegram.) Th three republican mem
ber of the house from Nebraska will. It
la understood, oppose tiie plan of the
democrat to place sugar on the free list.
An Informal conference was held by all
the house republicans today on the sub
ject, and while no rote wa taken It wa
practically agreed that th vote would
be a party one, the democrats for and
ft Si a Ha,naiKI(aetfki an lrat
James F. Carson of Irwin Is In the city j Increased cost of living In ItM waa B.M
on business at th Interior department. I P" cent.
Congressman Klnkaid Introduced him to! few Price la Fraae StUr.
beef, mutton, bacon, hams, butter, eggs,
fruit, lea. dried fruits, sugar, coffee,
fuel, tin goods, women's apparel, foot
wear, clothing, cotton gooda bedding,
furniture and underwear. A series of fig
ure relating to general groceries com
piled by the Co-operative Wholesale
Society of Manchester gave an Instruc
tive example of what the rise In the
cost of provisions meant to an ordinary
family. Taking th taW aa a whol It
appeared that aa compared with 1M the
Johnson, Rayner,
Kern, Reed.
I'hamuerlaln. lee, Mhively,
Culberson, Myers. ' Smith. 3a. .
Gardner, Newlands. Smith, 8. C
Cure. OOorman, . Taylor.
Hitchcock. Pomerene. William
The senate's consideration of Jus lies
Pitney today wa In the fourth eaecu.
the session It ha had on bis nomina
tion and th vigorous fight against him
because of his decision In a glass blow,
era- strike case did not abate until the
hurt moment. The session lasted two
Senator Reed, who ha been prominent
in th fight against th Jurist' con
firmation, declared that former Senator
Trial of Alleged
Dynamiters is Set
for October First
Delegations Arfoe Before Commit-
, tees for Rifht to Vote.
Saeea'kr Are Made by Mrs, Laldlaw,
Mis O'Helllr. Mtaa Aastasa
Mrs. Harper Ask t'aasllla-
loaal issradsaeat.
WASHINGTON. March ll-Loadsif of
ths campaign fur 'vole for women In
vaded tlx capltol In force today and
presented their arguments to the nation's
legislators In advocacy of an mendmnt
to the constitution to enfranchise women.
Hearings were given by a Joint committee
uf the women' suffrage committee or
the house. The committee room where
ths hearings acre held wore crowded to
thslr limit by women from various cities.
Dr. Anna Shaw marshalled the suf-
INUIANAPOUS, March I3.-AII the de-1
fendatifa IndldtMt fur violation Af fed.
eral statutes governing transportation of I fretls forces at th sensts hearing.
e plosives must go to trial ia on cause I Mrs. Laldlaw assured the seven listening
! on October L according to the final ruling
of Judge A. B. Anderson today after he
had heaid arguments of attorney for
the defense on motion for separate trials.
Highest yesterday
Lowest yesterday .
Mean temperature
Temperature and
tBres from the normal:
Normal temperature
iH-ftcleiK-y for the day.......
fieflelency since March L
vorma precipitation
Kxcese for the day
i a. m....
S a. m.....
7 a. m
-la. m....
a. m....
1 a. m....
11 a. m....
1J m
I p. m ...
I p. m ...
S p. m....
4 p. m....
; p. m....
t u. m....
p. m
5 p. m
Lewal Ueee4.
MS. VII. Kit. .
.... 3i ii it a
.... 33 B
.... t 41 js
' - - M ' .
precipitation depar-
the eeretary that morning.
Th senate today confirmed the ap
pointment of John L. Burke a register
of the land office at Rapid City, 8. D..
vie Loomls Cull.
. SI
Oil Laden Ship Burns
in New York Harbor
The consul at Havre, Franc, reported
food prices In November, 11L All the,
with the exception of sugar, showed
beary Increases. To consul at Lyon
transmitted a table prepared by th
Worklngman's exchange giving the aver
age price of various food commodities
in ISO and Ull. Fish wss th only com
modity that had not soared ia price.
With reference tu Germany, th consul
general at Berlin reported that living
conditions were seriously affected by the
continued rite la the price af food
products, many of the comraodltle hav-
llurphy ef New Jersey was one of those
backing th nomination. II aesalted Mr.
Murphy severely and charged that Jus
tice Pitney had been Indorsed by two
member of counsel for the steel corpora
tion. Senator Briggs challenged Senator Reed
to divulge the source of hi Information,
but he declined to do so.
Justice Pltney's commission was signed
as soon a the senate had confirmed htm.
... .ineh
Precipitation since March 1.... l ot loche
Kxcesa since March I .Cinch
lieSctet-ey cor. period In 111.. .11 Inch
Deficiency cor. period In Ol.. .Winch
departs free atatlaae at T P. M.
Station and But Temp. High- Rala-
XEW YORK, March li.-The steamer
Joe of the. United Fruit company, laden
1th ULdne Mu. a oil M.irht Am fhla
morning while at It. pier at the foot of ! " vanced far above all pr.vtou.reo
re t Maiden Lane. Fifteen men caught In ' The average reii price prevailing
the steamer's hold barely cacaped sad ''"y-vne oi ioe onncpai cue. . uw
the burnlne teamer after beina smiled many were given.
out Into to East river sank. Shipping I 'n Holland the consul at Amsterdam
along the water front was endangered ; Quoted sn official agricultural report cot-
by the) blaae. lering such article aa beer. pork. egg.
The Jose waa taking on oil for Kincs- I butter, ham and wheat, which showed
ton. Jamaica, and a cue of guotln be
ing lowered Into the hold fell from th
lift and brok open Bear a lighted lamp.
Ia aa Instant flame swept the Jose from
Mem to
t'rs (haagea la Waal, Cettea,
agar aad teel gekedalee.
WAKH1.NOTON. March 11-At an In
formal conference of republican member
of th senate finance committee today
Senator Cummins of Iowa urged that the
republican member of the senate enact
legislation revising ' the wool, cotton,
sugar and steel schedule of the present i
tariff Its.
Senator Cummins favored free Iron ore
and a reasonable reduction of the duties
on the other schedule. He said be be
lieved this revision should be made with
out waiting for the report of the tariff
board, and gave notice to hi colleagues
that he would act independently if they
Insisted on waiting for such reports.
The reguuu republican member are
La Toilette Gives Out
senator that th phalanx of women wa
out militant, but only "Insistent and per
sistant." Miss O'Hellly far Mage Kararrs,
Probably the moot determined speaker
was Miss Leonora O'Hellly of New Yurk,
representing the wage-earners.
U o PnHfinnl n-nnnA "We don't . went to bluff you,
JUO J. UU blUCM Ul CCU ,!,.
MADISON, Wis.. March U-The politi
cal creed of Senator Robert M. La Kol
lette was given .out here- today, declar
ing his belief In the Initiative, referen
dum, recall, direct nominations and gov
ernment ownership and operation of ex
press companies, and his opposition to ship
subsidy. Ilia Aidrich currency plan and
Canadian reciprocity.
Aceompaylng hi platform. Senator La
Follrtte makes the statement:
"When Roosevelt became president the
total amount of the stock a ltd bond Issue
of all combinations and trust. Including
the rallwaye then In combination, was
only l3.7HOJO.aou. When he turned the
country over to Taft whom he had se
lected as his successor, the total capi
talisation of the trusts and combinations
amounted to th enormoue sum of
gSl.tT&fcA.ono. more than 19 per rent of
which wsa water. Prices were put up on
transportation and on the producta of the
mines and tartaric to pay Interval and
dividends on this fraudulent capitalisation"
of Weather.
Cheyenne, anowmg g
Davenport, clear 34
Denver, snowing 14
Dee Moines, cloudy..... X
1( a. L tail.
Dodge City, cloudy M
Lander, snowing 12
North Platte, snowing, js
Omaha, snowing 4
Pueblo, enoering J2
Bapid City, snowing... M
.-wit Lake, snowing ... it 4
Santa F. part cloudy. 8
Sheridan, snowing IS 11
Sioux City, snowing.... S St
Valentine, snowing .... IS IS
T Indicate, trace or precipitation.
U A. WELSH. Local forecaster.
Two Aeroplanes in
Collision Near Berlin
BERLIN. Mini U.-A collkstoa took
. place today between two aeroplanes fry--jjS'lng
around the aerodrome, at Joahan
02 i nialtisl. a machine drive by Senile, who
t ems carrying a paasenge aasaed Bad
.! j owky. atrial ng vi jleatly soother aera
j plane driven by Rltttager. Both the aero-
j ptanea were smsshid aad fell, tb pas-
seiajt 1 nasf ujwrww wmie M iss aia-
mea escaped anhurt.
that the Increase In price had ranged
from M to si per cent la the twelve year
following xm. Report from eonsaiar
officers In other countries showed atmUar
Referring t the general sub.-eot mat
ter of the consular . reports th acting
secretary of state aay that much Inter
est attache to th co-operative asso
ciation in th United Kingdom because
England may be said to be the nursery
of these societies- The consular officers
describe the Inception and growth aad
th organisation and operation of the
co-opera live association, both distribu
tive and productive. The eoilecttve growth
of ca-operatlv societies In the United
Kingdom as a whole is shown by a sta
tistical summary In 1K3 there were 4a
societies, with a) member Th value
Three Are Killed N
in Santa Fe Wreck
ALBlQlERgi.C. X. M.. March IS.
Three are dead, five missing and a score
or mote Injured as a result of a rear-end
Instating that no legislation affecting the , collision this afternoon between a west-
tariff should be made other than that bound extra freight and a work train
based upon th tariff board report. on Die Kama Fe Coaet line at McCarty',
The committee will report adversely the
pending house steel tariff revision bill
probably on Friday.
N. M., sixty mile wst of here.
tContinued on Second Page.)
TOPEKA, Kan.. March U.-W. A. pef
ter. former I'ntted Statea senator from
Kansas, is critically ill at a hospital
her. HI right leg ass amputated a ber
th knee today to check the progress of
gangrene, which affected hi foot.
Mr. Peffer wa tb first populist sea
star from K ansae, being elected ha lSfL
H remained In Washington after hi
term expired to make an Index for the
Congressional Record and returned to
Topeka upon Its completion tut sum
mer. He Is SI year eed.
State Senator Guilty
of Accepting Bribe
COLCMB18. O., March li-The Jury
tonight returned a verdict of guilty In
th raw. git tHrnlm Bnatn V. K
charged with having accepted a bribe i"""1
m connection with the insurance legla
Wa want the ballot for our own
sued. We don't get half enough to live
on and yet ere neve got to keep decent.
You men make the laws su that when you
do wrong you get off, but when we women
do wrong we go to th gutter and prison.
Vi's have heard the tommyrot given u by
legislators. W know the game. You
men went thl nation to get rich. You
don't' know-that lichee. 11 In human
Dr. Shaw asked th senate committee
lo recommend In case It did not report
tho constitutional amendment an Investi
gation of woman suffrage la the slates
which had granted H.
A full attendance of the house Judiciary
committee and th proponent of six dif
ferent congressional resolutions giving
them vote marked th boua welcome to
the suffragettes. Although representa
tives Raker (Cal.l, Lafferty (Ore),
Taylor tColo.). Mondell (Wy.). Rucker
(Colo.) and Berger (Wi.). author of
suffrugett resolutions, were there to
show their gallantry. It remained fur
llepresentatlv Oarland Dupre of Louisi
ana, to go to the limit of consideration
for the fair sex. Mr. Dupre Is a member
.of the committee. A suffragette pre
empted his seat and be had standing
room only.
Mtmm Jane Addasae Talka.
Mlas Jane Addaraa ef Hull House. Chi
cago, waa the first of nine speakers. 8b
argued that women, th Inspiration and
active agent In many Institution of
phllsthroptc reform, should have a voice
In th government She said the care of
the child and It protection was rapidly
becoming more a matter of government
control and that woman, the mother,
should have a part la It.
Miss O'Reilly, addressing the bouse
committee, said:
We of the triangle fire In New York
know that after w were burned allv
for gain w went to the courts for
Justice and felled to get it.
"We went the ballot." she added, "so
that we can stand before the legislature
court on an equal footing with
Two Ken Who Attempted to Rob
Southern Pacific Train ia.
Texas Are Dead. ,
HE BRAINS ONE WITH af at.ttt !
Then Takes Robber's Don and Shoot
His Companion. '
Contents of Express Boxes Restored
and Train Proceeds.
Ms la (epsaaed a Have Bora Walt
tng ta Help Rah Pnssf wgera
aad Escaped Asald la
SAN ANTONIO, Tex, March U.-JCX-nea
Meeasnawr Trousdale balked the
robbery of a Southern Pacific trala Bear
Sanderson today when ha trapped tw
highwaymen whs held up the trala. and
killed them.
The robber boarded the train. No. .
westbound, a taw mils east of Banter-
son. Th mail and express cam and the
locomotive were detached from tb pas
sngr eoache. Then th engineer, cov
ered by the bandit' runs, wsa com
pelled to run the two or three eoache
head of th remainder of the train. One
of the robber took Trousdal back ta the
trala and kept him under guard, while
the other robber covered th craw In th
car ahead and st tried to rlfl the safe
and press boxes.
Trousdal Is said to hav employed th 1
old ruse of signalling to an Imaginary ,
person back of hla captor. When the rob- I
bar turned Trousdal grasped a mallst and ,
before the highwayman could ahoot
dashed eut hla brain.
Then, arming himself with the dead
rubber's gun, Trousdale waited for the.
return uf the other bandit.
After he had rifled th exprese boxes
th second man returned to the eoache.
Stepping from oover Trousdal killed hits.
All of th stolen property wss recovered
end the trsln proceeded.
Trousdale I a young nutn recently pro
moted to the express run. Hs Uvea la
San Antonio. ,
llewtlag far Third Mea.
EL' PASO. Ttx.. March ll-When
Southern Pacific passenger train No. s
reached Sanderson, Sheriff Allen was In
formed of the holdup and Immediately
started g search for a third maa believed
t have -eon member of th gang.
Th unsuspected bandit boarded th
train at Dryden, and It Is believed
planned to join hit comrade In robbing
th passengers bad . they succeeded In
looting the express ear. The suspect W
thought to hsvs disappeared la th
oltoment Incident la th holdup.
Both th dead bandits war Americana.
A book found In possession of ana son
la! ned ham of persons In Oklahoma
and Kansas. The wer telegraphed to
the authorities In those state.
FERGUS FALLS, Minn., March li
ft. Ia Coptland, from whom last Satur
day a letter waa received from South
rasadena, Csl., confessing that he had
held up and robbed a trala la this county
In ISM, Instead of George Lyon, who
a as convicted of th erim and then
committed suicide, walked Into th eounty
attorney's office her today, and sur
rendered. C'opeland says he waa "con
verted" in a revival meeting reoently.
II also ha confessed to holding up a
bank at Moonhead, Minn.
Th county attorney I uncertain what
to do In the case. Copeland declares that
he Is not anxious to- return to prison, but
feels that bs should acknowledge tb
8 BATTLE, Wash.. March UL-A . well
dressed man who said be was Elmer M.
Croenoe, SI year eld, formerly g so eral
manager of the Alexander Lumbar com
pany of Aurora, IIL. walked Into police
headquarter today and said ha waa an
tmbeulor and wished to surrender, Hs
was locked up.
AURORA. III.. March U-Crosno was
manager for the Alexander Lumber com
pany at Maple Park, III. He disappeared
nine month ago and an examination of
his books showed a shortage of nearty
S3.0M. Chief of Police Frank Michaels af
Aurora will leave for Seattle tonight to
bring Croenoe back. X
NEW YORK.. March ll-The Standard
OI company of Nebraska today declared
a stock dividend of XSM shares, or SP
per cent
adahy Children Nat In C hires'.
CHICAGO. Msrrh 1 -.-Friends of the
Cudahy family denied today that tb
three children of Mrs. "Jack" Cudahy
were In Chicago. According to report
from Puadena Mrs. Cudahy said the
children had been brought here without
ber knoa ledge.
Mra. Ida Harper recalled Colonel Roose
velt's quotation from Lincoln In hie Co
lumbus speech and urged it aa a reason
for giving the traocblrc to women. Lin
coln said:
"Thla country with its institullona be
longs to the people who Inhabit It. When
they grow weary they can exerciee their
constitutional right and amend the constitution,"
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