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The Omaha daily Bee
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ciass matter.
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Omaha Bee. Editorial Depart""""-
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State of Nebraska, Ownty of Douglaa. as:
Dxlght Williams, drculaUoit manager
of The Bee Publishing company, being
duly sworn, says that the average dally
.-Irculation. leaa apolird. unuaed and re
turned oopiee, for the month ol February,
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed in mv preaenca and worn it
befnre ma thu Sth day of March. IMt
' . Notary Public.
Saberrlbrrs leaving tke city
temporarily ahoaU have Tke
Me saalled (a tkem. Address
will ke changed aa et-a aa r.
tarsled. 1
H a th recall (or th mow shovel,
all right. 1 .
Welcome, retailers mak your
selves at borne.
Colonel TelMr (or Tic president!
Well, why not?
Chine ar against a grata Bt
Patrick s day toll tiro. .
The square deal sometlmss aeema
to have such round corners.
It was a dead cinch all the time
that Colonel Teller would not star
"squelched." '
It muit be perfectly aggravating
to aome folks the, war Preildent
Taft's cabinet members stick to hint.
Still, Governor Aldrlcb should sot
have been Impolite to a prison chap
lain offering to resign. Do It gently.
., Cocked bats and gum shoes make
fairly good campaign outfit for
a start on the democratic rase track.
, Strange that Mr. Bryan continue
to believe so Implicitly In the very
people who three times rejected his
Agitation Is on for teaching sex
ology In the publlo schools of Dea
Moines. How did Kansas overlook
that one! v
The United States should not un
dertake the annexation of Mexico
until after we settle our own third
term problem. .
Aa "exploring expedition to ex
amine the backbone of winter might
be able to make an encouraging re
port before long.
- That Spanish town of ZOO annual
holiday! must have a population
made up of eoleljr government em
ployes and national bankers.
The suffragettes would probably
resent comparison with tba McNe
maras, and Jet both practice) destruc
tion of property as a means to an
end. ....
Perhaps If Colonel Nelson had not
made nia primary election such a
private affair, more of his Kansas
City neighbors might' have partici
pated la It.
' We do not believe In "rubbing It
into" a good weather man, especislly
sine be baa the last come-back, but
just the same, Coleael Welsh's cold
wave failed to wave.
All the liars, rick malefactors, mot'
coddles and reprehensible eltlxens
may come forward now from their
hybernation, tor the day of their r
nrrecUon is at hand.
The Boston Transcript obserree
that "Mary Ellen Lease baa come
out strongly for the colonel." It Is
superfluous to use the word
"itrongly" In this connection.
What i the use of tilling that eoua-
cilmaaic vacancy for so short a time?
A new councilman might want to do
something more than merely draw
bis salary, which might bo decidedly
unpleasant. .
Over la Iowt. ' "
What la happening over la Iowa
most be an eye-opener on the presi
dential situation. When the curtain
was first rung up, the insurgents
boasted that President Taft would not
hare a look-in In the Hawkeyatate,
and that Its convention delegates
should Jm checked up la advance In
the La FoUetta column. Aa the
drama progressed Increasing doubt
led to a change In the cast, when
Senator 'Cummins assumed the title
role on the theory that aa Iowa's
favorite son" he would have the
delegation practically without a
struggle. The spectacular entrance of
Colonel Roosevelt was expected to
strengthen the Insurgent force, and
make certain their victory, but. In
stead, the renewed activity of the
president's friends baa been giving
Taft the delegates as chosen, and at
present prospects the vote of Iowa at
Chicago will disclose a majority for
Taft when the roll la called oven as
sgalast Mr. Curamlns, who In other
matters political baa been practically
Wltb Iowa for Taft la the heart of
what waa supposed to. br the Insur
gent terrl'orv of Inherent
strength ' of the president receive
strong corrobuikuuu.
Advice for the Grand Jury.
Advice Is cheap, but sometimes
It A In point, aa is this addressed to
the grsnd jury by the little local
weekly called the Advocate: ' '
Th grand jury convene Monday sad
The Advocate tnatata:
That Chief of Police Donahue be com
pelled te tall what he a no we at crime
and delinquency tu Omasa la th last
three years.
That natther th financial, ' social,
religious nor social eundlng ef aay maa
or woman protect tbam from Indictment
If sufficient rrounda are shown;
That apactai attention he paid to a.
tempu aa the purity of the koys and
That Omaha pavements aa wall as sav
ing eontraota be Impacted.
That If Charley Davis wars bribed aome
one la a briber. '
That every member of th grand Jury
be given equal (how with any at her ara-
ber In presenting matters for consider-
tlon. . . '..
Thar aeema te be a. leak, tantiemes:
an grand lurte eccupy sa exalted peel,
tlon that noa can afford te play favor,
it. , i
Moat of ear grand juries have
fallen short of expectation. Th
present grand jury still baa a
chance to make a real record: But
will It? ' . - -
Bonaparte tod the.Eeoatr
Former Attorney,. Oeneral ' Bona
parte la among those advocating a
third term for Roosevelt, but Mr.
Bonaparte Is an old-echool constitu
tionalist and his support of th col
onel Is on of the paradox of th
present campaign. In an address be
fore the Illinois Bar association In
June, 1911, Mr. Bonaparte aaid:
It Is moat clearly ths duty of every
worthy dtlasn to pro teat with all hi
powers against auch a detectable device
to promote Judicial servility aa the so
oalled "recall'' and against aa enoroecb-
ment la any form en th abselut and
Inflexible independence of th judge.
Mr, Bonaparte is on of th many
distinguished men who are finding
the matter of keeping up with th
shifting pollticsl scenery a most In
teresting diversion. , U bad not re
nounced his view on th recall, so
fsr aa w hav heard, but Is going
to put personality above prrndpl la
order to be loyal to bis chief.
It Is a gsy Ufa for a maa who be
lieve In the "absolute and Inflexible
Independence of th Judiciary" to op
pose President Taft, who etande for
just that Idea.
Rumor has It that i. Pierpoat
Morgan may be called to testify la
the shipping industry Inveatigatloa.
If so the country may find oat all
the secrets of this concern as it did
about steel from Mr. Carnegie.-
The deposed penitentiary chaplain
explains that, fee would not sUy on
the job unless ths women Sunday
school teacher were permitted to
continue also, let's submit it to a
popular vote within the penitentiary
i .
Torto Kioan Cituenhiil.'
Two essential points of eoateqtloa
arose In connection wltb th kill con
ferring Americas cltlsenshlp upon
Porto ft leans, which hsa passed the
house by a two-third ' majority,
These points ware, first, that under
the Foraker act of It SO." which has
been -the organic law tor that Island
under American protectorate, eJUsen-
ship already was enjoyed at leaat by
all Inhabitants continuing to reside
ther who were Spanish subjects re
siding In Porto Rico on ' April 11,
1890, and their children born aubse
qttently. Th second point, urged
chiefly by Mr. Mann of Illinois, was
that If admitted to cltlsenshlp the
Porto R leans would soon demand
statehood. Indeed, Mr. Mann con
tended that it would ba easier for
them to obtain statehood than It has
beea to secur full cltlseashlp. Both
b and Mr. Canaoa doubted th pre
paredness of th majority for sharing
th same rights of aitlsenshlp which
Americana, accustomed by tradltioa
aad training to suck piivtlegee, en
' Bat the passage of this bill fulfills
a prom las made to th Port Rteaus
sad advocated by both th republican
aad democratic parties la their last
national platforms. Th Porto
Rleaas, it is true, hav Vad the bene
fit of our proteetorat aad they nav
proved themselves te be faithful and
dependable wards. Thay hav given
a no trouble, hav improved their
opportunltie under oar Influence,
developed their awUvw reeouroeav ea-
larged thatr coauaeraa with as aad.
In every war, they have show; a ten
dency te keep faith with Cad 8am
and profit by hie assistance. . ,
Ths argument, however, that Porto
Rico Is already aa erg an lied territory
and that Its Inhabitant are already
roll cltitens of the Calted States Is
debatable. Tke status of Porto Rfco
has beea anomalous sloe th island
was cat loos from 8 pain and pot un
der' American responsibility. It Is
only fair after this probationary pe
riod to giv those people a distinctive
national status, and yet It Is doubtful
if such a concession tempts them to
demand too early statehood.
' A General Coal Strike.
The thoughtful man who Contem
pts tee the full Import of a general
coal nine strike In Eaglaad, Ger
many, Franc and th United State
must be appalled at the possible con
sequences. Ths first thing one thinks
of la that inch a strike would deplete
th available supply of coal and crip
ple all coal-using Industries, those
upon sea and land. That would, of
course, be disastrous enough, but go
further Into the' situstion. This is
only a small part ef th hardship that
would ensue. Armies of other work
men. In no wsy related to nor re
sponsible for, coal miners' problem,
would be thrown out of work are
already. In Europe aad brought to
the pang of severest suffering for a
condition they did not create and
could not prevent
In England alone there kre about
1,000,009 coal miners, 900,000 of
whom are said to belong to the
union. But there are 1,400,000
tredea unionists In England and these
men ar beginning to vote very em
phatic protests at tho proposal of a
general strike, for already they ar
imposed upoa by th tie-up la th
mlnaa, tbouaands ot them being
thrown out of employment ss a direct
consequence. These 1,400,000 trsdes
unionist do not desirs to quit thslr
work; they hav no grievance with
their mployers.. Their wish is to re
main at work. Ia the meantime, they
hav a total fund on hand. It la re
ported, of !0,00.eoo, but for a
membership of 1,100,000 this Is not
largo and la ths event of any con
siderable portion of this number
being forced Into Idleness this fund
would begin to dwindl very rapidly.
What la true in England la true
la th ether countries ot Europe. Un
told privation and hardship would
follow In the wake of a ' general
strike aad, no matter how much op
posed to luch a movsment these other
tradeemea might be, they must suffer
Just th cam. It Is" wrong. It le one
of the vital wrongs la the principle
ot th strlks. Th coal miners, an-
doubtedly, hav a good deal of Jut-
tic la their claims; because a etrlk
to a bad -way to redress such griev
ances, It doe not at all follow that
th right Is necessarily all oa th
sld employer. But the point I
and It Involve th employer
equally with th employ that a
strike Invariably Involve the rights
ot aa Innocent third party. and some
times fourth, party aid; therefor, is
not th proper rueana ef settling labor
disputes. It would be- aa ominous
warning, Indeed. If such a thing as t
general strlks of coal miners in vari
ous countries oa both aide of th At
Untie could b successfully . main
tained, even lor a' brief time. .
It goee without saying that all the
grafting Is chargeable to that en
Ion little councilman, and that he
will atand up (Ike a maa and take
th whole thing on himself just to
show his appreciation of th con
siderate treatment h has received.
Anyway, a lot of folks. hav been
mentioned aa vie presidential tim
ber with not a bit more qualifica
tions or claims.
The Maa Rehlad tka Vale.
Baltimore American. '
Coventor Wood row Wllaoa aa a that
th peopt are mora mtereeted la prlnci
plea than man In this yaar'a procidentia
campaign. But be will find. If ba doe
sat know H slraady, that tba publl eye
Is Bet too much abeorbad by principle
sa not t be throwing wary glances at
the behind them.
dead Sableat tae laejalrr.
St. Lou la Republic .
When a fudge thinking that somebody
sntartaina contempt ueu opinions ef Mm
Is willing to square matters by accepting
aa enloroed apology be la a good aubect
for a eafianaalenal Inquiry with a view
to Impeachment. John Mitchell will be
applaoded by every decent American for
hi refuaal to sak th pardon ef a Wean
ing ton federal magistrate who ha beea
reveraed by th supreme court of the
Ualt) cHatae, One eweb erpreeelve Judge
Impeached would da more to regulate th
Judiciary tha all the recalls that can
be devised.
Chicago Pot: Governor Harmon's fa
vorite hymn. "Bleat Ba the Tie That
Mnda." la all vary fine, bat It le the
"bona dog" sang that Is winning the dele
Bt Louie Qtobe-DeaiocTat: When Colonel
Bryaa rottmated to tba democratic poll.
tidaa) that a wag not much at a coffee
arraker be did not mean t convey the
anpreeatus) that be would never paas hta
coo agate.
Chicago Trfbana: Governor Harmon hsa
uecaaded ia getting Onto deroocrate to
refer ta Mm aa "Uncle Jud." Still, ww
aaa'l raeietnfcar when th people elected a
areatdant who waa affeclloaatahr called
eprtngfleld RepaoMcaa: Secretary of
War aumeoa "opt Harry" ef tba New
Tore gubernatorial campaign of Wift
baa beea gently bat firmly added to the
Aaaalae ehib. Ts actloa baa been taken
with more tbaa the usual eonelderatlen
tor a new member. Tba "abort and agly
wae sot employed, but the goal
Bwus City Journal: Tart won the Drat
4b)tTlct deargatee elected ta tba national
euavwnUua. Taft won the first territorial
eetesjate ahwtae te the natloaal eonvta
tton. Tart waa th first eettd mat dele
gation ejected ta the national convention.
Taft sen baa eowipWtea bia ecar af
flreta" by winning the ftrat Iowa dele
gate elected te the national convert lion.
It is a
rn . n c v i
inisuav inv
r- March 13.
Thirty Years
Excitement ever the killing of aid man
Annatronc by tba militia la at a high
pitch. The coroner'a jury constated of
W. I. Kennedy. C. B. Ruatlo, Charles F.
Goodrich. F. J. MeSbana, W. A. Sharp
and Dtck-atcCnrmica. The Bee cam aui
calling tba affair "a cowardly murder of
a defenaakws old man." The atria era bald
meeting afternoon and evening deploring
th vtolene of tba mllltta.
John J. Phil Ma baa gone east for a
month's vWt t hie eld home nea Phil
adelphia. Th preaenca of th governor and other
tat afneiaia baa mad th Wlthneil
house the center of attraction for politi
cian from all over the atate.
Jamee and Charles Whitney, tba well
known baa baJUata, left for Boston,
where Jamas baa a season' eagagement
as pitcher. -The latter will be remem
bered a the pitcher who created such a
furore In the rut leaf aaaasa by bis
wonderful delivery.
Th Sunday anbooi convention, con
ducted by Dr. J. H. Vincent, 1 to be
held In the First Methodist ENecopnl
church fit thl city beginning aext
Two or three girls may learn the dress
making buaines by applying to Mrs, J.
Turtle, alt Blunder street.
Edward Maga offer II reward for
the return of a certificate of deposit on
th First National bank, roet In th
neighborhood of Tenth and CastaUar
atraeta, ;
A petition prearated to the district
court ssking for a apedel grand Jury
ts algned by C X Dllwortn. attorney
general, and X. 1. Burnham, district at
torney. The grand Jury summoned in
eluded Milton Roger. W. V. Morse. J
B. Detwallar, Bamue! B. Roger, A. U
Strang. Joseph Barker, F. E. Bailey.
Byron Reed. ' M. Cummins. C m
Prttacber. Henry Uvaser, George Thrall.
T. N. Smith, Joseph Redman, Chart
Child snd W. W. Marsh.
Twenty Tears Ago
pr, ueorge 1 aimer reiumca irom v.,..
eago snd expressed surprise snd Clasp,
polntment st pre reports magnifying s
remark ha made. Involving the name of
ex-Preeldent Cleveland, la th courae of
aa address condemning free silver. Hs
said ths presa comments did both Mm
snd Mr. Cleveland injustice and denied
violation of confidence or break betweea
Chief Clerk Hewlltt and Dr. H. C.
Sumney returned from a trip into th
BUck Hill. -
The local Bohemian societies vers
making itnalve preparation to cele
brate the amh anniversary ef John And
Corneal ue, (be distinguished school re
former of the seventeenth century, for
whom a pabllo school In Omaha was
named. Chancellor Canfleld of th Uni
versity of Nebraska, Governor Boyd,
Edward Roeewatar and Superintendent
Fttapatrtrk were te take active parte la
th xerlaa
Rev. frank W. Foater preached th
first ef s serlee of sermon at lmmaaoel
Baptist church on the parable ot Chrstt.
HI text was, "The' Hidden Treasure, er
Bustnaai Sagacity." ( . !
.dJaot W. Hgwke snd ,wjf. Mlsa
Leone Hawke and Mia Lillian Brown of
Nebraska City were at the Dsrtona hotel.
. John ' DaneyV , a Vale . Black - Tarda
switchman, waa eertouaty Injured when
his head was cut by a swinging Ice
bucket whlhi riding a string ef cars down
th yard. , - f
Tea -Year Ago
T. J. Ryan Bon of Irwin, la., eoM
forty-aeven head ef pur bred ghorthora
sa'tle st the eteefc yarda for a trifle
ever MUm
Richard U Metcalfe, editor ef the
World-Herald, presented a new and
beaming portrait of William J. Bryan
to the Douglas County rxmorracy at its
meeting, acoompanying to presentation
with th proper rhetorical illumination.
Harry Miller, - county clerk, made a
peach an- "Pontic,! Boas as," listened to
intently, in view of Mr. Miller' recent
success ta landing the nomination for
ounty dark by grace of Box Ed
Howell. Louie Ftattl offered resolutlane
an the death of John P. Altgeld of Il
linois. Dick CTKeefe dlaeuaaed "Econ
omy," snd J. C. Swift sang, "The BeU
Bart 0. Uon wea appointed bailiff
by Judge Ouy C. Read ot the dlatriet
bench ta serve one year.
Friends ef Dr. J. B. Ralph .war push
ing hint for health commissioner aa the
auccaasor to Dr. Victor Coffman,
The directors of the Auditorium voted
to let tbe national gathering of the
Chrlatlaa church g ta aome other city
as It "oould do nothing for it.'
People Talked About
A Mil le be Are the Xew York legisla
ture establlehtng a penaloa system tor
the -officer and private of th Stat
militia, the former at M a month and
the latter at IN s month on cam pi Uon
of twenty-five years' of service.
Oeors Dubs of near Oettysburg, Pa.,
was brought to Philadelphia a few days
age for nralcal treatment, and although
be Is al rears' old sad has lived many
years only one mil away from (be west
ern Maryland railway,, this was has first
rid aa a train.
Mr. WlHlajB Zalgtav t Kaar Tor, wbe
long baa been deeply Interested In the
welfare of those afflicted with bilndnesa,
baa bean ban arid by get Mtad people,
who have aapreesed thear gratitude t
her In the farm of a bronaa statuette of
tbe Three Graces.
A bill la tb New Terk Isglaasture aaak
tg tt a aaladaanainor te pretend to tat
the future threatens the liberty of the
political provost and tbe straw seta, and
will rob tbaa sacred lnatttutloas ef a
berth la tbe sparling page. Fortunately
there are several atataa eutsma ef Xew
Mas Anna Ellaa Beach ef Caldwell. X.
J. wbe claims to be the oldest "aewo
glrl" In the United Itatss. baa" Just cele
brated bar seventeenth birthday anni
versary. She ta Tl years aid, baring beea
bora February J, am For many year
aba has earned bar living by carrying
newapapara ever the long roads ha Cald
well and West Caldwell.
A unique o beet van os of tb fiftieth aa
mversary ef tb battle ef tbe hteattar
and the aferrtmao waa purled off ta FbO
adelpfeia, Saturday, A company ot ma
rina comma need by a commissi need ef fl
eer and wreceetd by a bead mSrcbtd ta
th home ef William Durst, Tt years eK
and aalotad tbe civil war veteran, aald
t be tbe enly survivor ef that ssamar-
iMs s
Roosevelt and Taft
MsHtaal Ttwths tba
Asa Bsaai i lag ef CoaarSeratlsni
Vewae TaoBgbtfal BapabUcaaa.
- - New Tor Independent.
Wo think tb repobrrcan party ought to
aotnlnau Mr. Taft for a ascend term.
W regret that Mr. Rooaeveit has set sut
to prevent bia nomination and to become
the party's nominee in bia place. We
believe that Mr. Taft deserve th nomi
nation. It has been tb custom af tbe
party te nominate Ita presidents for a
second term. Why ahould Mr: Taft ka
the first t euffer the humiliation of
condemnation and exclusion? Mr. Roose
velt baa given no reason. Ha baa not
aid to tbe public that Mr. Taft I not
now the maa whom he described leas
then four years ago la ths following
"I do not believe there can be found
in the whole country a man ao well fitted
to ba president. He m net only abso
lutely fearless, disinterested and upright,
but be baa tbe widest acquaintance with
tbe nation's need, without and within,
and ths broadest sympathies with sll our
cltlsens. Hs would b as emphatically
a president ot the plain people a Lin
coln, and yet not Lincoln himself would
be freer from th least taint of ocm-
"It la not true about the old saw that
an 10 wind blows nobody good."
"How da you make It eat?"
"If tt I an 111 wind It must blow good
to tb doctors." Baltimore American.
Tbeer waa a rapid clattering ef heavy
shoes and a stout man dashed around
the corner. . .
" Eera. r-nry, urry, strrvi am mm.
Hup with' tb' iron shutters' Th' lotdte
are Jur tunun nout or Ammeroean sue,
a-throwln' atones to beat OV Moonsln'
mischief! Art: , .
From afar came tb crash ef aroaen
glass and a shrill soprano Shriek ef
d(lance--Cleveland' plain Dealer'
Wam Ik iMtner eftarajsa baa a
phenomenally light voice f
"Yea." .
"Tea add that freouently bar vote as
scarcely beard and then yea ge ahead
and praise her!" -
"Yea, that a toe reason, cieveian
Plain Dealer.
In office Mr. Taft baa faithfully and
earnestly aupportad th polldee with
which Mr. - Roosevelt's nam was asso
ciated. He baa been and Is a sane pro
gressiva, nothing more progressive has
been proposed by a president in many
years than bis peace treaties and hta
urgent recommendation that all the big h
eet offices in th postal snd custom and
Internal revenue services be taken out of
politic and mad eubjtct to th merit
rules. These are ths office which be Is
now accused of using Improperly In his
own Interest. Hs is a progressive with
respect to eonearvatlen, recproclty, pub
licity for campaign contribution a, econ
omy and efficiency. He standi now for
a downward revision of the tariff, tba
measure of It to be determined by data
procured by a competent board. Hs
would exclude logrolling sad bargaining
from tariff revision,' He is a better pro
gressiva than Mr. Roosevelt tor th
latter,. we believe, a aa sdvocats ef th
recall ot oottrt decisions. Is a reactionary.
We have eome testimony about Mr. Taft
a "tbe true friend of reform" 1b a
letter written three and a belt years
sgo by Mr. Roosevelt, who then said:
"To permit the direction ef our public
affairs to tall alternately Into the hands
of revolutionaries snd reactionaries of the
extreme radicals of unrest and of the
bigoted conservative who recognise ne
wrongs to remedy, would merely mean
that tb nation bad embarked oa a
feverish coarse ef violent oscillation
which would be fraught wltb great tem
porary troubl and would produce no
adequate good in the end.
"Tbe true friend ot reform, the true
foe to abuses, Is the man who steadily
persevere In righting wrongs, in warring
against abuses, but whose character sal
training are such that he never promise
what be eansat perfarm. that be always
a Httle more than makes good what be
dees promise, aad that, while steadily
advancing, ha never permits himself to
be lad into tooileh excaaees which would
damage the very cause be champion.
"In Mr. Taft wa have a man who com
bines sll of the qualities to a degres
which ao other man In our public lit
sine th civil war has surpassed."
If this correctly describe snd charac
terises Mr. Taft; why shonld Mr. Roose
velt deaire le displace him, and why
should any progress! v desire to oust
him from office for Mr. Roosevelt's
.' etMml e.e.nns . Mr. RooBevelt
ought not te be nominated. Ftrat, be
ea us Mr. Taft deserves a rano ml nation
and should not bs humiliated by rsjeo-
tlon. Again, tbe party woui maa
mMt MiftiiiAna- be rejecting th presi
dent, thua branding him pa unworthy or
Incompetent, an oy aaiacung us
a eandidata the moat prominent
plank in whose platform at present Is
the recall ox court aewsioaa or a w
Ita vota at th poll. In addition, Mr.
suuuii aa tha nominee, would be
weighed down by th objection to a
ki,a iin and bv th belief of a vary
Urge number of American that in ac
cepting a nomination be bad broken nrs
nni cm tha narty afford to com
mand In its platform Its executive snd
mgavlatlva work ef four years, ana im
thhiiii a reaofnlnatlesi from the presi
dent ee closely associated with that
work and responsible (or a large part
Mr. Roosevelt and his party, if he
should be the nominee,' would have
heavy burden to carry, and not th
these arsnld be tbe treatment
ot Mr. Taft. bis friend. Tbe ex-president
bee keen accustomed to extol tne virtue
. Th. annare Seal." If be Sbettld wrest
the nomination from the president,
would he be able to aay that a square
deal bad beea gives to Mr. Tan oy aim
self? Caa he now say that even la bie
preliminary canvass there has beta a
square deal lor eitnar air. ran ur air.
I .a Valletta? Do h relish th fr-
auWlsbad asearttoa. that he has
subbed his old friend In th back to
hia awa ambition? Ths intra term
ebjeetioa, the prom! gtn In UM. tb
recall ef cenrt deeluona sna a aivioeu
art would be heavy weight, but wiaa-
nrA dtaaaareval ef Mr. Roosevelt's
treatment ef Mr. Taft might be as great
a burden aa any ef tkeaa, Tne Ames
can people like fair play.
- Beak Webate Uateiassed.
' , WaanlngtoB Post,
afies- saadlne Editor Roosevelt's defi
anions we eome to the eonclualon that
,k Husk Webatcr dldn t know a
Sara thing about the English language.
Ton regard yourself as a
tha people, of course?"
"No," replied senator borgMun: ne
phrase has keen overworked. Te maar
people are beginning te aonfuas a serv
ant of tbe people wltb a waiter who bt
always expecting tips." Wsshlnglon
"What da you expect ta get with all
thorn tobacco coupons?"
My wlfa thinks It will be either an
automobile or a bungalow, but I ehall
probably compromise on a (-cent stick
pin." Chicago Tribune.
BUI I see that each German rexlnent
baa attached to It a chiropodist.
Jill In case of a retreat, I suppose
those fellows eould do some pretty good
foot work. Tonkers Statesman.
Did you ever knew a doctor take bia
own medicine, 8ltther?" asked Blldad.
"Did I?" retorted Blither. "Well,
rather. Last time I crossed th Atlaatle
old Dr. Gidbody preset rlbcd cnanxpeane
Renewing Complexions
by Absorption
as a ear far my sissV-kneaa. and when
ever It .waa Urn for a do be d corse V
around and join me." Harper a Wabbly- V
I make a good speech,- -.
And so body cheers mr. ''
I make a bad break.
And everyone' bears me,
I wrfte a good sens,
And an body tries It)
I turn out soew trash.
And everyone buye it! '
I dance rather irelt.
And nobody's acaatlng;
I attp en tha floor,
And rm ta for a rasurttnet ;
. I drees a la made.
And aebody truckles;
I work Itk a dog.
And nobody praises;
I slack up a bit.
And i get tbe bis biases:
i pile up ve dough.
And tha world le no wiser;
I 0v assay cash.
And they call ma a miser!
Tm peer and I'm gead,
Aad nobody flatters; ;
I'm rich and aa worse.
And they tear ma to tatters!
I talk Ba th rest, ' -I
em ceiled good fellow;
. I fal In tbe truth,
Aad Ussy sap I am yellow! -
1 bluster and I swsr, ""
I could pass ss a Quakerr
I follow tne chare).
And they call aa taker! -
I do as they wish.
And rm all ea tba level;:
I da aa t pleas, - ,
. 1 m aoo. ef the eevtl! r
' - A a
The Cook
id.ways feels
confidetii of
pure andwjkolesome
wlieii. ttsind
A TIaaeseja. a Wsia . C mt eiwa-a SVsf TawT
1 ?f I Made frotnGfapeT i
Good Opportunity for , - -Invsstmsnt
In Substantial
' : " Hooio Industry
if vaur eamolaaloa la marred wltb
Wotohee, sailowaesa, moth patchsa. plm-
elaa. black hsa da or freckles. Its us
te putter wtth powders and paints, jellies.
creams and things. Unless yea nav en
canity as an artist you'll mar your ap
pearance still mar.
Tb new and rational way Is to take eft
the complexion ttaelt, with all It offen
sive marfca. Just get aa ounce at pure
aaarcoUsad wax at tbe druggist's and use
eight earn as cold cream. Remove
next -inerntng with water end soap. Th
asareoiUad wax absorb the baU-daad
soart skis lb flaky particles, so gradually
no one guesses you re treating your face
tt be by tba result, wbiob I truly
There's nothing Dke K tor
restoring a natural, healthy aad beautiful
lam Aunt, gaily -adsy .
The condensed milk and Oannine;
Factory that I am erecting at Papti
lion, Nebraska, is rapidly waring com
pletio, and I am sow oiTering a lim
itod amount of Waterloo Orwmecy
Co. preferred stock at $100 per tlurv
drawing interest at the rate of
7 Per Cent Per Anmim
We will coBTertAlI
outstanding stock into eash at the end
of three years. t . .... ;..
This investment is bound to be prole
itabte for the investor aad will result
in great benefit to the rjrilk indRptry
in Douglas, Sarpy and Washingtoa
co untied. This is the first "vajH
rated Milk" factory in the state of
Nebraska. Our brand will be the 'Elk- -born
Evaporated Milk.' v-', - f
If you are interested send for list of
men who have already subscribed and
such other information as yea may
desire. .
Reference, First National Bank,
Omaha. -
.WatericoCreiiiiiry Co.
Omaha, Neb.
You are cordially invited to inspect
this plant st any time.
PapiOion Intel-urban line terminal