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    Looldaf Backward
This Day in Omaha
Daily, Bee
Generally Fair
VOL-. XLI-NO. 22
former President makes Further
Attempt to Show Out He b
Jfot Bret kin j Promises.
Serer Said" He wu Unwilling- to
Accept HominttioB.
Boosevelt JUnager Says MoXialey is
Rounding Up Otfioe Holders.
Head ef Taft Bare Cells Attention
Fact that Reejueeta la Kate J
' are Clearly' Wltata
th Law.
The National Capital
f Twesday, March S,
JXEW YORK Merck l-T claw up
conflicting swntensenta at la wrnet ha bad
aid to ti past la near to ths preet
dentlal nomlaaison Colonel Roosevelt to'
day mad puhuo a letter which be wrote
Hat January ta Frank A. Muster, the
publisher. Coknl RooMvalt'a object in
giving out taa communication, ka aald,
waa to refute tha chare that ha was
breaking a promise In agreeing to accept
tha nomination If It wara offered ta bin.
Ha caked particular attantloo t a pa
eag la tha lMtar la- which. while Hat
ing that ka would aot ha a candidal, h
declared that h would not go on record
H-M unwilling to accept he nomlna
lion. .... ii i
"Ta ivur man I talkad to." aald Colon!
Itooaevelt. "I mad In ubstene tha aunt
Btatasiaat. and I mada It la Ulsxally nun
tired f tettara." . .
Th portion of tha Munasy latter to
whloh th colonel calM particular at
tntloa follows:
- 'What I have aald ta you -and an about
' Co aar to you I have, (or instance, aald
aot cab ta ethar friend! who think I
ought ta ba nominated, but ta friend
(and ava fan) who think I ought not to
b nominated, provided only I could tract
their sincerity, tntelHgsnc and truthful,
rase. For Instance, I hav aald tha aama
thine ta Secretary Btlmeon. Secretary
Meyer and Congressman Loiigworth, who
ar upportrag Taft; to Mr. Plachot and
Congressmen Lrnreot and Kent, who ara
supporting La FolleUe. 1 have aald that
to editor Ilk Mr. Nelson. Mr. Van Val.
kanbunr and Mr. Wright: I practically
aid that to th entire Aldln dub demo
crate, republicans, every one.
V Will Xat Tta Hand.
"1 am not and ahall not be a candidate.
' t hall sot aeek tha nomination, nor
would, t accept. U if It cam to m at th
aacult el aa Intrigue. But I will not tl
" my hand by a statement which would
wiaka It difficult or-imposelbnj for nw to
, seat th publlo by undertaking a greet
taik if th people a - wbol seemed
tietfnittly to cool to th ooneluaton that
1 ought to d that task, la other word,
a far a In ma II, t am sndeevorlng
to look at thl matter purely from th
standpoint of th publla Interest, of th
InUreat of lh people aa a whole, and
aot In tha leaat from my own stana-
"If I suould coneuit only my own pleee
lit and Intcreata I ahould moat emphati
cally and Immediately announc that T
would under no clrcumataaee run. 1
fear had all th honor that any man can
hav from holding th office of president.
From every parsonal standpoint there I
gtothiag for m ta train either In running
for th office or In holding tha office
one mora, and there I vary; much to
When Colonel Rooaevelt reached hi
editorial otrloe from Oyster Bay this
horntnJ h feared a number of politicians
waiting to sea him. John T. Murphy of
Philadelphia brought him tha must re
ports from Pennsylvania; WUsarn Allen
White, h Kansas adltor: R, J. Wynne,
who was assistant postmaster general In
tha Roosevelt administration, and Eton
Iloker. treasurer of the Roosevelt New
Tork City -committee, also 'talked with
to1, r.
WA8HINOTON, Marcli S.-Tha Ka
lonal Rooasvelt headquarter today gave
at a statement which said:
'Farther vldene of th manner la
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The Weather
For Nebraska Unsettled weather and
probably snow flurries; warmer. J
For lowa-Oeoerally fair; not much
Chance a temperature.
Ur- n a. m d
JSi'fi da. nu.. I
C CteW 2 m
V- aj 1 t a. m. ........... I
-TSi 2 m .. U
l fjf E a. m. ........... 14
C lM m 11 a. as............ It
mjfj Jj, -B m-
Sffi" l J I 1 p. m
HfJT S! la. m............ U
C awN 4 p. rm. ........... ?i
VTri D P- m H
JFM P- m S
- -CJ y-f. 7 p. m. ........... 8
I a- m 17
Tie Scute. "
- Slot at noon.
After routine bwtneas took up British
and French arbitration treaties for final
action before adjournment of th "learis
iatlve day." which may continue over
several 'calendar dava."
Senator Polndeiter nnsuccessfully
sousht consideration of his wrence
strike inveeiisatloa resolution.
8te) tariff revtsion Mil hearing re
turn by finance committee with clock
and electric machinery manufacturer
protesting against reductions. -
The House. v
Met st noon.
Mrs. Taft attended lawraoc trik
hearing and listened to tale of cruelty
told to rules committee. . - -
Former Indian Commissioner Lasph'
methods wer considered at Whit fcarth
allotment Inveitlgailnn mumed today.
Wsys and means commute favorably
reported sugar tariff revision bill. Rxclse
bill providing Income tax will b reported
Considered agricultural appropriation
l;'nanlmoualv oassed resolution for In
vestigation of alleged shipping trust by
Merchant Marine committee.
Representative Hulier urrert Be
fore -territorle committee that govern
ment build and operate railroads through
out southwest Alaska and sngags la coal
Capital of Chinese
Eepublic Will Be
Moved to Peking
KAKKINO, China. Starch S--ln an ef
fort t rastor order and Inaugurate a
stable government aa soon as possible, h
hi understood that Dr. Sun Yat Sen and
bis servicers hav decided to go to Peking
sad make that city, for the present at
leaat, th capital of tha new republic
Tbla step is regarded as advtsabl on ac
count af the mutinous spirit evidenced by
tha troop in th vicinity of Peking and
the general unrest there. -.
The plank which ar new being pre
pared, provide for the early removal of
tha entire official machinery ef th "re
public Dr. Sua Tat San, lb acting presi
dent, and U Yuan Hens, th vie presi
dent, wUl be accompanied by all the
members of the cabinet and by the as
sembly. The officials will be guarded by
MM Tekeraa troops and picked body
guards of ninety men.
It Is believed here athat the removal of
the seat of government to Peking will
of itself restore order there. Th formal
stabltihmrnl of th government and th
Inauguration of Tuan Khai Kal aa preal
dent will be undertaken immediately. Or.
Sua Tat Sen la confident that affair la
Nanking will remain peaceful In th
Official announcement of th removal
to Peking probably will be withheld until
after tha return here of the four southern
delegate who hav been In consultation
with Tuan.- It la understood that Tush
I In favor ef th stove. '
WEI-HA1-WEI, China, March k-It Is
estimated thad MM -bI wr killed
In tha course bf the-rarest (letttlng. be
tween- the
eutlde-tke atritlsb cone seel oss here. Th
republican troops are bow la templet
control of Uik situation.
PEKINd. March l-A letter from 4
mtsslonsry at Hwang-Helen near Chl-Fa,
received her today state that th Im
perial troops put out th eves of forty
Christian convert and than beheaded
them, saying they were naturally rebels
Head still hang warnlngly on tripods
here and there In th streets of Peking,
although some of lh bodies have been
removed and buried. The farmer ar
not bringing In much produce and prices
re rising. , , .
Bom of th officer ar haranguing
and endeavoring to pacify the soldiers.
but It Is reported that many of the offi
cers were among the looter.
II am for Mr. Taft bataus I believe
IHWmTleang-allirnwr vTna1 t a WaBT
Franklin Tells Grand
Jury Cash Paid Bain
' Came from Darrow
LOS ANGELES, Cel., Msrcll k-t'iai-
ence B. I "arrow, indicted on a charge of
Jury bribing, -baa in hla possession today
copy of th testimony given against
him in ' the grand Jury chamber by
Bert H. Franklin, tha former McNamara
detective, who recently waa fined R000,
after pleading guilty to a charge of hav
ing attempted to Influence Robert F.
Bain, the erst laror sworn In the trial of
James B. McNamara. -
The copy of Franklin's testimony was
given to Earl Rogers, chief counsel for
Darrow, by W. Joseph Ford, assistant dis
trict attorney, who declared that the for
mer detective's evidence at the presence
of the grand jurors consisted praaMcally
ef only one question and Its answer.
"Was the money you paid to Robert F.
Bain furnished you by Clarence 8. Dar
row r was tha question asked.
"Tea." waa Franklin's answer.
Tha additional testimony was furnished
the defease In accordance with the prose
cution's offer to torn ever all the evi
dence In its possession.
Ceataamtlv cecal
wu. mi. iyi m.
4ighest yasterday ...... 34 e Jj X
xnreat yesterday ... 4 S 34 at
iteaa temperature 14 48 M 44
Demands of Hard Coal
. Miners are Rejected
NEW TORK. March a-Anthrsdts coal
operators, m session here this afternoon.
decided to reject th demand ef the min
ers for an' Increased pay. A committee
of 'operators wss appointed to notify
union officials of the result.
- CHiCAOO, March .-Representative of
T .4 1ft 1Tt iliM lili Innni jnel niwialnrs saenrlellnna
nitron, the wrmaT - !' Pennsylvania.- Ohio. Indiana
Normal temperature....... and IHInota, met today with officlale of
Ztefldency for the day Mi the United Mine Workers of North
VSLSSS.XS'.1. "iiYAmmt sod It . doled that another
Deficiency for the day M Inch meeting ahould be held In Cleveland,
Marcn vms tn coai auoing atuauon
would be dlscnsedi
Harry N. Taylor of Minota. ene ef the
operator reprasentaUve declared the
.04 inch
M lack
Total rainfall since March 1.... .k Inch
FJxeeas since March 1 .Winch
Deficiency for eor. period, Oil.. .It Inch
Deficiency for oor. period, 191.. J lach
Jtegstts tieas Statieaa at f P. M.
Station and State Temp. High- Raln-
ef Weather.
Cheyenne, cloudy 42 . e
(aveaport. clear is 24
Denver, clear 3 S
Ies Moines, clear ........ It 22
Dodge City, pt, cloudy... . 2 . 24
Lander, clear 29 .
ortn Platte, pt. doody.. If c
Omaha, clear st :
Pueblo, clear 22 34
Rapid City, cloudy 22 24
Hait Lake City, at. cloudy 5 u
Bante Fa, pt. cloudy S . a
Hheridsa. pt- cloudy ...... 14 It
8kux City. pt. doody. . M 24
Yaiaatia, pt. doudy.... U
: .1
crease In wagea. ile said unless this de
mand was modified ditagreenient would
. reeult-
o 1 Although tbe aanniaint la to affect Si
rectly only the atmer in western Pennsyl
'otjvaala, Ohio, Illtnet and Indiana, It la
T jused aa the baala for agreements In Ok la-'
J noma, Arkansas. Kansas. Mlsaoorl. Mlchl-"
. gan. West Vh-glnls, Kentucky and Iowa.
-n John P. White, president of tha United
-Ratine Workers, waa one of those who
M : represented the mlniirs today.
Secretary of War Declare for Se
. Bominttioi of Fretident in
Chicago Speech.
Entered Cabinet with Undentand
inf Would Be Politically Free.
Doet ConttmctiTe Work Without
" Seeking Fenonal Glory,
efnaea ta Saaeprlae to Reeall
Jadge and Aerta Thaw Who
, Brian- Oat Raeeevelt Hin
der Real Advaae. j
Secretary of War Stlmsou In n
noundng hi decision ss between
Tsft snd Roosevelt, said:
1 am for the renomlnstlon 'of
I'resldent Taft.
"I am now and atwiya have
been a progreiwlve. -v
"llr. Tsft has fsithfully carried .
out the progressive fslth.
I entered public Ufe under' the
inspiration of Theodore Roosevelt.
I am a firm believer In his
great national policies, '
"1 now remain his sincere friend.
"But I believe those who sr
forcing him, against his original
Intention, Into the arena against
Mr. Taft. are Jeopardising Instead
of helping real progress.
Mr. Tsft nas faithfully carried
" out hla pledges of four year ago.
Mr. Tsft haa been most fslssly
vtlllfled and abused.
The recall of Judge would
bring the court down' Into the ,
' welter of poUtice."
CHICAOO, March S.-Henry I Stlmaon
of New Tork. secretary of war. and the
Rooasvelt candidate for governor of New
Tork in Ml, tonight declared himself far
President Tsft, and said that wbhe h
remained the sincere friend of Mr. Hoose
velt, h could not support him for th
prsaidentlsl nomination.
. Mr. Btimson entered President Tsft'l
cabinet last year, after consultation
with Mr. Rooaevelt, and with the distinct
understanding lth the president that he
would be bound In no way to take part
In th political activities of th adminis
tration. In a speech before the Tsft club
of Illinois tonight, ha declared hi belief
that President Tsft' administration, re
prssentsd the highest eiprosslon-of pro
gresslvs republican policy. .'
"I am her tonight to speak for the
iwnoanl nation of President Taft," said
Mr. Stimson. "I am now and always
hav keen a progressive .
i si lied wu IW
faith f lh wnbtlln psfTyi
that hit administration stand for orderly.
permanent progress In vm national gov
einment; and that to refute him th
nomination on 'ths assertions that have
been made sgalnst him, would be a blow
to that progress and Would put a premium
upon hasty and unfounded criticism.
"I entered Into publlo life under th In
spiration of Theodore Roosevelt. I ara
a firm believer In the great national
policies for which he he fought; and I
now remain his sincere friend. . But I
believe that those who are forcing him.
contrary to hit original Intention,' Into
the arena against Mr.- Tsft, are Jeopardis
ing Instead of helping the real cause of
progress In th nation.
Peraeaal lasw te Cafsrtaaate.
, "The Introduction of uch a contest at
till time, -dragging In, ss It necessary
will, new and personal issues which are
quite foreign to th great progressive
Policies for which the republican party
stands, cannot fall to weaken whichever
candidate la eventually nominated In
June. If, as a result, that candidate Is
defeated In November, ths government
may be thrown Into the Bands of a truly
reactionary party for year to coma."
Mr. Mtlmson said thst President Taft
had devoted himself unceasingly to the
carrying, out of constructive work along
progressive lines. Th dnflnistratlen was
oegun. ne aald. upon a plan that, had
the thorough approval and deliberate
endorsement of Mr. Rooaevelt and to that
plan President Taft had adhered rigidly.
"is It fair now te crl Urine him." asked
Mr. Stlmaon, "because In faithfully carry
Ing out this pledge of four years ago In
performing this vitally useful thouab' in
conspicuous work, ha hssnot dominated
ine puouc attention with dramatic dis
play r
President Taft pledged himself, aald
Mr. Stimsau, to a "proarasslva
meat" of the work that President Rooee-
ra noo inaugurated, and the Wu.
Hon and perfection of the machinery by
woeca ine moral standards set kv n, 1
dent Roosevelt may be maintained."
Taffa Metbada I hdraaaatle.
To -tbla work Mr. Taft baa dvii
himself," said Mr. Srimson. "H. tha,
deliberately renounced more strlklmr
methods of reform, and est himself to
th undraaiatle and Inconspicuous pub
lic service which leave eat all tbourfct
of a man' awn asrrandlsement.
He ha repeatedly, for example, urged
upon congress to place upon tha els.
fled civil service virtually all ta 'the
presidential office; a meamre which
would at one blow strlk out most ef
the enormous political power ef the piesl
"Th results of this deliberate aelfa'
a Onega! ion are shown n the great leg
islative and constructive aecsmplish
ments of his term. Mr. Taft's standards
of admlnistraUon, Use those -nt u.
Rooaevelt. have been constantly toward
purity and elevation tn our public service
and our public life.. ,
With greet patience, with unswervlnc
courage, with absolute disinterestedness.
tnese excitable times when men's
minds are full of a readiness for critic
ie Ji i WJfJ kfU V
' "I jtut can't make up my mind whether to p in for athletiot, dreu or equal right.')
"From the Cleveland Plain Dealer. '
Meeting at Lincoln Organising Field
Agaimt OhioBtan.
Mlks Hsrrisglea Declares Bryan la
Only Maa Who Caa Keep Baltl
mere Cewvealloa fress Cettlag
lale Keaetleaariee' Heads,
(From k Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., March S.-vXpeclel
Telegram.! Ths Wood row Wilson demo
crats, or rather about aevenly-flv of
them, met In a hall In th Fraternity
building today to organ! for the coming
campaign. ...
Ther did not nsmlnsle any ticket of
delegates, national eomailt teamen or
electors, but this matter wu left for a
later date." It It planned to have, a
anting of kl tbe prugreaslv democrat'.
Rebels are Said to
Be Ready to Advance
Toward Mexico City
EL PASO, March I A train with a
larg number of Americans aboard left
fvhlhuehua this morning, according to
Mexican Central officials. They are due
here tonight. The rebels are reported m
peaceful possession of Chihuahua, making
ready tor an sdvsnos en th City of
If reports brought Into this city ar
correct hundreds of Americans and other
residents In Mexico will flock here within
the course of the week. They bsve placed
tha mutt serious construction on Presi
dent Tart's warning and are getting out
of the country, which asems to them
doomed to ansrChy.
MEXICO 'CITY. March l-At In the
last days of tha presidency of Porflrlo
Dies, ths military school at Tlalpan, a
suburb ths capital, la ta k atlled. upun
th. Wilasn. CUrk ''ui-kalliUd.and taarth ;tr,u
denu for servtoa at th Irosu it is ss.
Wlact n tmrnas txtelpt tn Tisrmon
tens, aw th afternoon of Mnrrh pre
ceding the Bryan birthdsjbsnquet. and
there pick out a ticket from thoee . lie
have made filings for delegates.
" Ail through ths meeting It was apparent
It was the Intention to make It a f Is lit
of the field sgalnst Harmon and tin
tone of th speeches seemed to intimate
the speaker feared the Harmon machine
wee In such working order that ft waa
likely to win out. and Wilson' men were
further warned that the Harmon men
ware flirting with the Clark men and
might win them over to an alliance In
stead ef combining with what the Wilson
men seem are their natural allies. -Than
appeared ta be little cnthuslssm.
the only cheering being when M. F. Her
rinwtoa said that W. J. Bryan was ths
only force which could prevent the Balti
more convention from railing uuo
bands of th reactionaries. Judging from
thobereennel of those at this meeting
and the Harmon masting recently held at
Fremont, the old guard of the party
either keeping out or tn ngnv r .
lined up with' Harmon.
Among those present who hav in ine
past bean prominent In party councils
were J edge Dean of Broken Bow, Kd
Brown of Lincoln. R. L. Metcalfe of
Lincoln. M. F. Harrington of OJieiii,.r.
a Garrett of Fremont and Edgar Howard
of Columbus. ;
J. w. Wood rough of Omaha waa mads
temporary aad then permanent chairman
of. th meeting and later elected prest
dent of th Wilaon state lesgus. nit
side ef the executive committee tu. .n
tlre state organisation b) officered by the
Omaha Wilson club, H. 8. Daniel, sec
retary, and W. II. Green, treasurer. Dr.
Mullln of Bloomtleld was temporary tec.
It waa decided to have an exacutlv
commute of on from each senetostal
district, which was named In full except
the on from th Fourth, Douglas county.
which the chairman la to name later
The committee 1 as follows:
vies district. R. B. Ouerkenbush. Ne
maha county;. Second. H. it. iianjs. rve-
braska Cltv; Tnlro. in-. -' """
Wahoo: Fifth. F.. . Oerrett. Fremont;
Sixth. Mark Murray, Pender; Heventn. .
H Emly. Wiener; eigntn. m. siuinn,
Bloomfleld: Ninth, J. F. Rice. Nellgh;
Tenth, F. J. Hale. Norfolk; Eleventh, w.
O Phillips, Columbus; Thirteenth F. W.
Brown and L H. Hatfield Oncolo;
-r-.irth n C Rooer. David City; Four
teenth. K. O. Kretslnger. Beatrice: Flf-
teentR. W. H. Rhodes, Hebron; eXiteenth.
J. N. Bennett. Crete; neventeenin, r. a.
Gilbert. York:' Etgnteemn, r. 1. vogi.
St. Psul; Nineteenth. W. H. banning.
Ilastlnss: Twentiein, w u. nisnr, veo
loud: Tweniy-iirs. e.
R. CooDer. Hoi
drege: Twenti' -second. . J. Richmond.
Mlnden: Twenty-third,' Rdss O. Moore.
Broken Bow: Twenty-fourth. C. J. Coffee,
Spencer: Twenty -fifth, Wllllsm Krelts.
Lexington; Twenty-sixth. B. Hoefer. Mc-
Cook: Twenty-eevenr. wiiuam saorraw.
Scott's Blun; Tweniy-eianin, t. rver
son. Rusmvtlle. '
In calling the roll for tbe executive
committee tbe men present did not ap
pear to be certain ef all the men named.
nomination, thst of W. J. Furse
jet Alms, had been ratified when some
lent and a desire for experiment, be baa j" Uen,lon " lh t"ct w"
union waa demanding a J per cent ta- i carried oa the burden ef ad ml lustration out m " to'ervlw for Cbamp Clark.
VII I . .
and haa carried It forward. It will be wnc"Itr c9mly oemocraie are to
a Tslertia am nr .wn have a banquet tomorrow night at th
nxtnded snd candid iudcmmt if n a
net recosmlsa the sneHt as mi .. expreseea a aesire 10 gsin a place on
difficulty ef that achievement now.'
Certain reform methods of government
advocated by many a. the proeresslvee.
and tn part by a.r. Roosevelt, were se
i verely crl netted by Mr. Btlmsoa. He de
nounced the recall ef Judge as eesttned
ta bring tn courts "down Into the wetter
iCjntinued on Fourth Pegs.)
Lineeth hotel and all the men who have
expressed a desire to gain a
th deraocratle.nat ticket have been In
vited to be present sad make speeches.
lajarwtl by Dyaasall Cap.
G ICR MANIA, la., March S.-f'nerial Tele
gram.! A dynemlteTap In the hands of
the young son of Fred Welders exploded
tearing off all the fingers of his right
kaasj and tw of his left band today. .
peeled that a hundred of them will bt
given their commie ui on and tent north
Immediately. '
General Paacual Oroaco I to be met
with a ttuhborn resistance on hi march
toward lh south. Heventy carloads of
light and heavy artillery etsrted from
hers for Torreon todsy.
Gensral Blsnquet, with 1.000 seasoned
men. Is due to arrive In th capital today
on his way north.
Hard Labor Added
to Sentences of.
' Suffragettes
LONDON, March l-Two of th ut
trsgettes who took part In last night's
window smashing campaign In Victoria
street la the Sakslnlty of the House of
Parliament were sentenced by the Bow
street magistrate today, to two months'
imprisonment with hard labor.
The magistrate haa V cases sgalnst
suffragettes still to deal with, eighty
seven of them arising from ths serious
riot of but Friday, when the accused
caused damage of fB.tM and Ihe others
in connection with last night's disturb
ances. Alice Wright, described aa an American
residing In Paris, waa sentenced todsy In
the West London police court to two
months' Imprisonment at hard labor on
tbe charge of window smashing. -
All ths other women who engaged In
the raid yesterday in the West End of
London received similar sentences.
The addition of hard labor to the term
of Imprisonment Is a departure on the
part of ths magistrates and baa caused
dismay among the women.
Colorado Miners'.
Strike is Settled
DENVER, col.. March l -Ily sn agree
ment entered Into todsy by officiate of
district O. United Mine Workers of
America, and officials of the American
Fuel company, the strlks of the northern
coal fields, which has existed for. naarty
two years, virtually is settled, scr far aa
lh eight mine of thla company ara con
cerned, i
Aa a result about IN men will return
to work In Louisville and Lafayette to
morrow and nearly 1.0W men will return
te work In the northern field within fen
The' agreement wss lb result of "con
cessions on both skies, in order te end
the Industrial warfare which haa cost
each side nearly toOOOOH store April 1. Bit.
Under the terms of the agreement th
men are giving an Increase ef t cents a
to In wages on -th run of mine eoal and
of t per cent on dsy- work. They ssked
for sn Increase of tK per cent en all
work. .t"',-.'.
Debate in Senate Indicates Treaties
Will Be Ratified. ,
Smith Raises aetlea Whether
American Policy la Cabst Will
he Threatened by Ike Proposed
Aareemata, ,
WASHINGTON,' March t-Four hours'
debet In the senate today tut mod ta In
dicate thst th pending arbitration
treaties with England and France proba
bly would be ratified late tomorrow. The
ratification will be th consummation of
what many statesmen rlw a .the first
great move toward universal peso.'
The target tor tha opponent 1 of. 1'an
treaties Is Ihe much discussed Clause V!
of Article III. Com senators hold that
thtg section deitgatet treaty maklag MW
era st ibttenute to a Joint high oemmis-
tan, . ArwuMsi etuis clause rantes tw-i
running fire of amendments, ratification
resolution and th real fight upon the
trestle themselves. Senator Lodge said
tonight he expected a vol tomorrow, and
that while the vole on th committee
amendment proposing to strlks out Cleus
I from ths treaties probably would be
rinse, he believed Ihst the treatled uu
smened would be ratified with hla reso
lution. 1
.Th speakers today ware Senator Brown
or Nebraska and Senator William of
UlsssMlppi. wbb favored th treaties, and
Senator Ueybura ut Idaho, who opposed
them. Senator Smith of Michigan, th
colloquy with Senator' Hcvburn. asked
whether ths so-called Piatt amendment,
by which th United State undertakes a
certain sovereignity over Cuba, might aH
also become a subject of International In
quiry If Article I were to be left la Ihe
treaty at submitted. j
"We have spent millions anil million
of dollars." Senator Smith concluded,
"that th Islaud might be tree, and hav
ing enjoined upon them certain conditions
for the maintenance of their tredom, wt
hav elected to say thai It shall not be
within the power of sovere n state
to contract any -.ns ti.-. would
Impair its soverel. " . thst question
could not be inqiiinu ...o by a tribunal
such st we seek to mipertmpoee upon
ur by Article t, 1 do not know of a con
troversy ihst a a be taken before that
tribunal. We aie embarking upon a gen
eral scheme which begins nowhere and
enda nowhere, and If we pas thai 'treaty
In the form In which It comes to us there
Is not a fixator In this body who can
tell what questions sr have resol red to
arbitrate with (treat Britain and Franca."
'cCatsyqa th tmtxtax .xtxtmhesescce
Senator William said ! boped to as
an International court of .Arbitration to
which all dispute among nation should
'he submitted.. He raid that none of ths
pre rotative- fthe senate would be sur.
rendered by referring dlsputea to the pro
posed Joint high commission. , ,
Senators Bacon, Bhtvely and Smith of
Georgia are expected to speak .tomorrow.
Senator Brown, In his speech, ' said
Senator Lodge'a recent statement that
the shores of the Mediterranean 1 today
would be peaceful had Turkey possessed a
strong navy waa a reflection on thej
Italian government
"Did Ihe great navies of Japan or j
Russia a few years ago," he asked, or:
did lh smaller navy of cither invite,
war?' AVe would have declared war withj
Spam If Simla's navy had been the great-1
est la the world and as bad had no ships
at alL The argument which would substl-1
ut dreadnaughta for ' an arbitration j
court la not sound." . . .
Secretaries Kegel and Wilson Indi
cate Orders u to Traniportation
to Be Sntpended.
Question Will Be Taken TJp at Once
is Promise.
Taft Against Uiuieeessary Interfer
ence with Industry.
Secretary ' sel XCx see sees Dwubt
That rare Feed Art Waa la.
leaded ta kpply t t.
aral tela.
WASHINGTON. March f.-feci-etams
Natel and Wilson, twe member of the
cabinet a ho ara charged with enforcement
of th pur food law, today virtually ad
vised repwaentstlves of Ilia Nations I
Grain Dealer' association that the pure
food enter relstlag t trans portal km of
grain In It natural tut would b sus
pended. Secretary N'sgel expressed doubt mat
th pur food act waa Intended to apply
to natural (Twin. Ne Immediate decision
aas given, but Secretary Wilson told th
grata men he would take the question
up with hi associates Immedisiely.
Grain raisers a wall ae merchant are
Interested In th edecision. Order pro
mulgated related te sulphuring of oats
and another held that corn which had
atoer than per ent of moisture eouid
net be sold except for distilling.
J. L. McCaull, president of the Minns
spoil' Chamber of "Commerce, wad
tpokeamaa for the grain dealer. Other
In th delegation were A. Brands!. Louis,
rllle Hoard of Trade; P. C. Wallbaum.
president Illinois Farmers' Elevator ao
soolatlasi; P. K. Goodrich, president na
tional association; O. H. aibba, President
Texas Oral Dealer' association, and
John W. sadder. Baltimore Grain- ex
change. . ' ' ' ' ""
president Taft received the grain men
al th Whit Hou and promised that se
far tl ley m hi power their Industry
would not be obstructed by any unneces
sary Interference.
CHICAGO. March S. All activate of
the government relative to the enforce
ment of Ihe recent rule of the Depart
ment of Agriculture against the sale of
sulphurised oata will be suspended until
July 1, pending further investlgsUon. It
wsa announced today by President Bunch
of the Chicago Beard of Trade.- Mr.
Buach received ths news from Washing
ton. .
Head Consul Talbot .
Cites Woodmen Law-;
of Insubordination
(trwiM, . afafr Unrretoondent.l
... IJSCOLN. Nsfcw Mere Lr-tSpeelal Tsl,,.
scnm.-Had Oonsu) Talbot af the Mod
era WsJtamea f America haa taken eftl.
del notice at th meeting called at Hast
ings by Queen City camp of the order, t
He hat seat a etroulsr to each camp Id
th atat and also an to each member
of Queen City camp, m which nets out
what he roMldera to be Ihe Illegal etetua
of the Hastings meeting and Ihe cente
quences of It te members who encourage
it or' partlcfpata- In the proceeding.
In hi circular both to the order at -
1... and the one ts th Hastings camp
member Mr. Talbot .call attention te
the Cleus In th by-lwa or in oroer
Which may subject a camp or a member
to discipline which read; "For any aot
of wllfull Insubordination or contempt ot
.nv unartor authority In the octety.'"
th penalty may be suspension of aamp.
Mr. Talbot assert tnat snenosncw iivs
iki. siins mav leeoardtso tha benefit
certificate of every caatp pai tlclpatlng
or of any Individual menioer taxing pv.
11- kM. met Ida new tales were legally
adopted and that the action proposed at
Hastings come unser in "
subordination sod subject all la tha penalty'-
LOS "ASOKLES, - March- jLdwe
Church of Fretn today denied a new
trial' of the divorce action of - Heasl M.
Keating' agstntt Edward Keating, too of ,
the Ute Andrew W- Keating', one.
known as "th nttrat king, at Chi."
When Judge Church granted Mrs. Keel.
. mnA s& im alimony several
month ago the defense moved for en-
ether trial on lh ground mat . rt
Church had Influenced th Judg on be
half f Mrs. Keating.
Sard Maw te IMvore.
Benjamln Tount, ft years old and promi
nent here, was today granted a divorce
la the district court from his wife. Anna,
aged fl, on the grounds ot cruel treat
ment. ...... .
GALENA. 111., March i -Peter Chris
toff.' Toder Petroff and D. Georgeff. Bul
garian miners, were burned to death to
day a a the which destroyed a boarding
bona at the Vinegar , Hill mine, near
here today. Sixteen others escaped by
Jumping from windows.. Sevsral wer
slightly burned and others were bruised.
HasslKoa la Willing,.
CEDAR RAPIDS. Ia.. March l-John
T. Hamilton, former member ot the
Stat Board of Control. In an Interview
given out today, aald he would accept
Ihe democratic nomination for governor
If tendered him. but that be would make
fight for the honor.
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