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j method purs'iod io unust'e the drag
sifl the prison.
Ivlerrg t;lrl Oaly H'llaees.
James Xettles. colored, to on trial In
the district -court on the charge of rob-
I Kins ' the nous of George TdkeL The
t , - ' joniy person who sa the robber
SO SPy.OtTT WHEN PUT IS GROUND Amelia Yaliel. a U-year-old girl, who
. t . positively Nullified the defendant as the
Wig 'Jnrijtaaeat for Damages Seearetl man. She. was a remarkably brlgnt wit-
lord lata Hs-nsls ADuarenUy
Cood lar to Se Defective.
Nebraska ta Holt
Ccnaty Betas Foasht la
tiirral Coart.
.(From a Slaft Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, March .-Speclal.-At one i
place; viitted by the seod train special a
!er in grain took pointed exceptions to
tile a&vlce given, fanners to got their seea
ftomjtti small ears of their own crop.
w!iiei matured early and got out of the
w 'of the treeie. instead of sending
-.-.Kty- for seed. The reason given was
ihstjseed raised elsewhere. even - if It
nermjnated, would require several years
to become acclimated and produce good
eropi The dealer came into the car and
ejinltrlted an ear of corn which certainly
looj fine, end waotwd to fcnow of the
lecturer !f t-V-y i-rttended to say that
was not' good seed. He was Informed
that r-nly a teat would definitely demon
strate this, though they admitted It
looked good. They took the sample ear
and placed eighteen grains from' It la a
germlnator. with a result that not a sin.
el kernel sprouted.
Chemist Redfern. who has been testing
considerable ' seed corn brought to hi,
has one planting which Is up far enough
to be esdly In need of ..cultivating. This
was placed In the sand bed teeter. Two
samples of old corn show good germinat
ing powers, one 87' per cent and soma of
rM seed which shows above T per cent.
Toe, S? per cent seed, the highest yet
V-sled by him, Is of the 1 crop.
Road Fights Blsj Jadgmcat.
The case of Hoffman, administrator,
against -the Northwestern railroad was
postponed today la the supreme court to
enable It to be revived In the name of
another party, the original plaintiff hav
ing died. In thla case the administrator
obtained' a' judgment for 120,00 against
the road, for the death of a brakeman.
George B. Olover. Thla la the' first big
Judgment under the law of 1W, which
removed the K.ttO limit for the killing
of a person. It Is In the supreme court
on sppeal from lioll county. .'.. - :
- 'rklaa n Oalaay Flan.
The colony of Chicago Jews which
some time ago communicated with Labor
Commissioner Ouye shout removing ta
Nebraska and settling on farms Is get
ting sn-xtous about it and members are
writing 'to-know whtt progress a being toward locating them. It takes time
to wore up a project of this kind and
while Mr. Ouye has several' tentative
often of land he has been unable to get
out and look things over, as the ground
lias been covered with snow to such an
extent aa to make soil Inspection Impos
sible.' He still has hopes, however, or
doing something this sprint. ' . ,
: l.ralnttea Mas CasapLalat.
- The railway commission has received a
complain from Lexlngton ac
commodations offered passengers by the
Vplon Pacific at that point.; It la. like
complaints received from other points
a loaf the same road . that . J Mergers,
going ln one direction are- compeiwa s
cross oho track and 'Stand out In the
weather? owing to there being no shelter
for passengers on one of the tracks of the
double track line. Commissioner wlnrtett
lain Loxintftod today taking testimony In
the case. . '
The rill way commission has granted the
application o ft he Nebraska City Oa
company, which desired permission to te
ste tWDW worth more of bonds, half -of
which Is in to take up foisting Indebtedness-
and the remainder to make Improve
ments In tba plant.
. rkeae fasspaay tames ta Tlsee.
TlielioIlbrook Central Telephone asso
ciation .has indicated it will make the r
lorts required by-ie railway comrals-ln.-Toe
ootnpany had refused to do as
on, the ground that It was not Incorpor
ated, and. that 11 did not come under the
proyleiona o (the law fo rllial reason.
The, attorney general designated Judge
Coed to bring action to test the question,
but it ..appears likely do action will be
commenced, as the company Is willing to
make' the reports.
J (fefriee Haatlag Swans.
" There art two ponds' o nine grounds of
too tubereutosia hospital at Kearney and
Land Cdmmlsstooer Cowles - intends tp
maka tbem both useful and ornamental.
Ht has bought soma ducks for the
fill e,nd of-the proposition and now he
ht-loklnc for soma swans for the orna
mental proposition. I'p to data be baa
not fount any one with swans to sell.
new and told .her 'story in a eonvlnclus
and lucid way. much better in fact than
!omef the grownup witnesses In the
j tamo easel '
j I-'rrlaht Wreck at Were,
The seed corn special on the Burlington
was delayed tor an hour today by a
freight wreck at Waco. The engine of
No. i;.,eft-tbound. ran Into th way car
of the freight, which was standing on a
siding with the tultch open. No one was
Injured. 1
Secretary .of Taft League Says Sap-
porters Flock to Banner.
Present Contest et One ta Elevate
Candidate for Sake ( Glory
.Taft Has Ussy Proarrea.
Ive Lasts to Credit.
Ross files Answer
to -Protest by Goad
LINCOLN. Slercii .-iSpeclai.V-C.iarros
P. Roea of Omaha, who made a filing for
Water rights on the Platte river eat of
Fremont, today made his answer to the
protest made by William Coad, also of
Omaha. The Ross filing antedates that
ot Mr. Coad. but In the protest tho alle
gation Is made that Mr. Ross lias per
mitted his rights to lapse through failure
to .make, the Improvements rpeclflcd by
law. 4 -' '
Mr. Ross denies this and asserts In Ills
answer that he has gone ahead In good
faith to Improve the power proposition
and If permitted to' do' so will complete
It. The difficulty between the two par-
llea arisen from the faet there ta not
enough 'water In the Platte nver to meet
tho appropriations of both, claimants.
Engineer price will now -set a day for
bearing on the issues. '
Thla is apparently a fight for control
ofi the water power-privileges In tho
Platte,. Loup and Elkhorn rivers. - While
It does-not appear of record It looks aa
If the Bibcock people, at Columbus and
Mr.. Ross, and. his backers are allied, In
opposition to Coad and' the Kbuntze
project The ssme attorney appeared tor
Ms as made the Baboock films;. Judge
Peat, and the same engineer,' McEsthfon
of Omaha. . Is Interested in a professional
Capacity m both. The Ross and Coad
projects only partially -Interfere with Mr.
Baboock puns; but If they stick ht will
be forced .to abandon the diversion ot
water to the Missouri river and must re
turn it to the Platte at or near Fremont.
Tho- Rosa and Coad ' projects are mora
directly conflicting, as both want - th
water, and practically aH there Is In the
river, below Fremont.'. ' 1 1 '
. . . : z .. i- j... J
' (From a Staff Correspondent.) . '.-
LINCOLN. March 4. -i8recll.) Adju
tant General Phelps of the National Guard
la figuring On an aviation corps for the
& h.hI,hm n 1. 1 n m ha
sent him a finely printed circular .telling
bow. easy It la to navlgnte the air and
what a fine thing It . la from a military
point of. view... Not .wishing, to have th
Nebraska guard. behind. the time In mat
ter! military General Phelps Is 'figuring
over tha matter. ' , Up to th. present b
haa only ' figured enough ' to ascertain
that aeroplanes are expensive playthings,
lis Is confident,' however, that it he. could
get one' Of th machines "he his chough
highfliers In the ranks bf the 1 guard 'to
navigate them without difficulty.
. - Wasaea Who Drive Malls.
Th women in the Attica of the State
Library- ccmunlsska today gave a demon
stratlon of th fact there are some women
1 4 the state who can drive a nail with
ost hlttlug' tbelr thumbs or saying any of
the vigorous things which a man Is aud.
poshf- tor repeat when be tries to drive a
crooked second-hand nail. They were
sending out- soma books and scorned to
taU the assistance at the Janitors ta pack
and nail th box. While th process
wait no Joke, they got th task completed
without accident or as ot expletives.
. t Fl-. (iraaakaspera Under.
Prof, tweak, associated state entomolo
gist is out In warning to Nebraska
tanners to look out for grasshoppers this
i ty. bt says tba damage don by graas
noppert haa been steadily Increasing for
several years and that the dry eeasoa ot
Bit IS especially favorable for them. He
recommends early and deep plowing aa a
means of extermination. The eggs are
laida In pods near the surface and he
says If th ground Is plowed deeply be
fore the 1 Insects hatch th eggs will be
bufled so deeply the young grasshoppers
cartnot make their way to th surface.
Ite. particularly warns farmers against
permitting band to go without plowing at
ail. aa under such condition a big crop
of grasshopper la almost certain.
Louie J. Bohlums of Lincoln today filed
In the federal court a petition la volun
tary bankruptcy. His debts amount to
CCK.C1. af which $1 JMM ar aecured and
fl.Q.N are notes and claim which he
assert should b paid by other parties.
The aiwets amouat ta IIU. consist nig of
household roods and tools Which- are
exempt. k , -
Das"" Dlriewlt Trace. -.
Iri ecu section with tae passing of
dots" into the prnlteatlary one. fact
illustrates how difficult It Is to deal with
the rrvroettlon. Ta officials knew wfeo
ieceive-1 the package which wa slipped
through last Friday eight, but in sptia of
thai they kav ueea unaM uu to the
svraem to trace tba drug and It la atBI
ii th posseeetoo of lorn cenrid, excep,
of course what may have keen used. So
lir-'noihlng more bat been teamed- to
f- ' - ,
; WEeiT POINT. Neb.. March 4.-(P-clal.)-Tha
funeral of Frederick Bonn
et helm,' One ef the -best known men In
th state, j was held 'at -hi -late- bom
Sunday afternoon. The Woodman of-trie
World were In cnerge," with Consul 'Com
mander Krsuaa as ritualUt. Approprltt
music was given by thi Rev.
Dr. G.' H. acbleh.- preached the burial
disoours... Among -th many, floral trib
utes none as more beautiful than that
presented, by the Nebraska . Telephone
company represented by Messrs. A. t.
Lane and A. D...,8ton-s. The Impressive
servlc closed with prayer by Rev. br.
fivans and benediction by. Dr. fkhleh.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, March t. tSnectal Secre
tary Frank Currle of the Nebraska Taft
league left today fr Texas to be gone
a weak. Before leaving he gv'e out the
following statement regarding the politi
cal situation In Nebraska:
"A week has now elapsed since Colonel
Roosevelt announced that he would be a
candidate. The people of Nebraska have
not received his announcement with that
enthusiasm which his friends expected
and bis opponents feared. Personally the
colonel Is popular In Nebraska, but em
people are intelligent and fair in their
Judgment The La Fblleite republicans
believe that the colonel has not treated
him fairly. Even I Folletle's political
enemies admit that he always has been
a fair and a consistent fighter. He hss
fought in the open; he did hot mislead
nor deceive bla followers. In season and
out of season in good report or bad re
sort, whether scaling the ramparts of
his enemies or going down In the dln-b
In defeat-he always haa been fighting
wltii bis face to the foe.
' Befne to Be Stampeded.
"llosi people like to believe' they are
fighting for a principle, and not for the
mere glory or following some popular
hero to victory, For this reason the La
Fdlle'tto progressively of Nebnmka are re
fusing to be stampeded by such syco
phantic dreamera as Garfield and ttnehot.
or by that other class of great reformer
like Gpvernor Johnson of California ana
Governor Stubbs ot Kansss, who hope to
rid Into place and power by the Impetus
ot Colonel Roosevelt's' personal popular-;
Ity. Most of the La Folletla crowd ar
stsndlng pat, believing that It Is unfair
for the colonel to encourag him to spend
hid tkne, his money and his energy . In
making 4 campaign for progressive prin
ciples and then try to rob htm of tho
legitimate fruit of bis labor.
.-' Taft Forres Aagsaeated.
. "On Hie other hand, th Taft forces are
being augmented and. atrengthened by
large numbers," heretofore lukewarm supporters,-
who believe in common honesty
between man and man In politic ln
other things. They bellev thst Colonel
Roosevelt meant wliat'he said when be
said as clearly -and aa positively as .he
could In, most excellent English. Under no
clretimttanccs wljll.bea candidate for,
or-accept another nomination." The col
6nl ta a master of English. -He-hss no
difficulty, in finding Words to express
hit Mess! Th re Is no double meaning
id' this declaration. Either, he did not
meanik -when- he said It or he has
Changed his mind. In either case he' is
falsa to himself end his friends. On still
higher grounds many, easnest, thought
ful republicans are refusing to leave
Taft for Roosevelt' Tsft waa drafted by
Roosevelt to. succeed him, - He-had been
trusted frier and most
'Much of tbe beat 1, in
Roosevelt' . administration , originated
with Taft and. was carried fntd execution
by the.force,ot his great secretary's gen
ius Rvsrv lnflunc aft HaolUY-alt'a cam.
.-hand, the entire mschinery ef his great
01 flee., his personal prestige, and th po
tent - power . ot all. th patronage of his
xalted position, wsre used without stint
and almost without limit to secure his
nomination. . - t ' ... , . . r
. i Taft Has Made boad. i
,. 'The' -republicans- trusted Roosevelt's
Judgment' then. ' They took - lilm at -his
word and elected Taft. ' He went to work
Intelligently, feai'leaely - and-, honestly to
carry Out the pledges of his party with
out hols 'or bluster or beating of the
tomtoms, or- thumping- of the big stick,
lie has more, real progressive leglblation
o his. credit In three years than his
predecessor -hsd In seven.- He has mad
toot, j Roosei-elt. himself, said so In the
New York convention which he dominated '
end controlled less than eighteen months
ago. Believing that Roosevelt has with
out Just or adequate cause, drawled his
friend, the people ot Nebraska are re
fusing to leave him: they are doing what
every law of human gratitude and human
friendship would dictate that the colonel
should) do. They are standing by Taft.
The -tide set in toward Taft aa soon a
Roosevelt msde his declaration. It Is
growing stronger and stronger as the
days, come and go. Taft w ill carry Nebraska."
Wilson Men Worried
Over Preference Vote
Captain Shonka Weds
Student at University
LINCOLN. March t.-8lveler V.
Shonka. captain of the Mil Nebraska foot
ball team, champions of the Missouri
valley, was married today to Miss Caro
lyn lianallk of Cedar Rapids. la, a stu
dent at tbe University ot Nebraska.
Shonka Is now practicing, law. at David
City, Neb.
Roosevelt's most I
powerful, alfy.
From a Staff Correspondent.
LINCOLN, March l-(8pecial Teh gram.)
Democratic friends of Woodrow Wilson,
will gather In Lincoln tomorrow for oon
auliatlon. One ,thing bothering themV Is
the report It Is planned to have the pref
erence vote of the stste control only the
delegatrs-at-large. the district drl.-t.atea I
to be bound by the vote of the particular
On this hauls it is figured that Harmon
possibly may carry the First. Second and
Third districts: Clark the Sixth, and the
Fourth and Fifth are thought to be sure
tor Wilson. They think they can carry
tbe state, but are doubtful about some
of tho districts. particularly If a deal
la made by which all the Wilson opposi
tion can be concentrated in each district
on the particular man who appears to
have th best chance.
Legislative candidates were In evidence
in the morning mall of th secretary' ot
state, there being three tilings as follows:
William S. Matley, Armey, republican,
for sensfor from the'Thlrty-thlrd district:
Frank K. Stearne. Scott's Riulf, repub
lican, candidate tor representative from
the Seventy-fifth district: W. N. Coatee,
Stuart, republican, for senator from the
Twenty-fourth district. John J. McCar
thy of OgJlalla filed aa a' democratic can
didate tor elector from the Six lb district.
President Perry ts Prverrly III with
Pseasseala Glee Clak Will N
Give Two Concerts.
President Perry, who was taken sick
with pneumonia while working on the
financial campaign had gradually been
gtttlng better, but has surfertd a relapse
during th last -week. ' HI condition Is
said to-be. rather serious.
Victor L. Okrk, the field secretary for
th college, was In oft the road the bitter
part of the week, lie reports good prog
ress. Th Young Ladle' Glee club af Doane
expects to give a concert her March IV
and later to give on at Weeping Water
March K.- This club, under the dlractim
of Miss Heed, the vVal teacher, I be
coming quit proficient In It work. -
The election of the new Owl board,
whose work will begin srlth ti.e prll
number ot the Owl. occurs a weak from
today. Three candidates are In th field
for edltor-ln-dhlf. - '
At a meeting of the . Congregational
club last week. Profs, llosford and Pajr-
cMld discussed th. necessary changes
needed In Doaji to comply with the Car-
negie Foundstlon. A cpmrtrlttee working
on th proposed change needed in the
charter w ill " report " at" commencement
Urn, - -
Coach Johnson Is .making preparations
for a gymnasium exhibition to be held
March 9. In .order to show th ootlege at
large what sort of work bla eiasse hav
been doing. An excellent exhibition I
expected. -
The annual election of th Young Wo
men's Christian association officers, along
with the annual business masting of th
association, waa held Saturday afternoon
in Gaylord sVll parlor. Miss Luella Spen
cer waa elected president for th next
year. , . ..
' lloase Dsraed at Yark.
YORK, Neb.. Mereh .-8peclan-Th
fire department waa called to the resl
denoe ot Rollsnd Fountain yesterday,
here a fire had started from a furnace
in th basement. The loss Is estimated
at COW, partially covered by Insurance.
Edward Prlerwata aad Jeba Kalalle
Dead Wllliasa Krhwlark Gara
WEST POINT. N.-b. March 1-F.dward
P. Peterson, a well known cltlsen. died
after a lingering and painful illness. The
deceased was ars ot ago and was
the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
Peterson, pioneer settlers of Cuming
county. The cause of death was pul
monary tuberculosis. He la survived by
his widow, four sons and a daughter.
William f-'chwinok. son of Cart Srhwlnck.
a business man of West Point, was united
in marriage at Alma. Kan, lo Miss
Alma Albrecbt. eldest daughter of Prof.
Aibrecht. the former principal of the tier
man Lutheran parochial schools in West
Point Mr. Schwlnck Is in charge of his
father's branch Implement house at
Heemer. where the newly wedded pair
will reside In future.
Th funeral of John K eta lie. a former
resident of this county, occurred at thla
place on Thursday under tbe ausidcva of
th Catholic caurch. lxath came lo Mr.
Kotallc while In Denver. Colo., whither
he went la the hope of recovering his
health. ' He was a victim of tuberculosis.
He leaves a widow and srvet-d! small
children. He waa x years of ace and a
man of pronounced energy and business
Tbe price . of farm land in Cuming
county Is steadily advancing. Rev. W.
Harms recently purchased a farm eleven
miles northeast of Burt county for tin 2
per acre. This farm I only ordinary
farming land, the Improvements being
only the usual bulldlnga
ABERDEEN. R P.. March t. -(Special.)
-The father and two brothers-in-law ar
rived from Rapid City and returned with
the bodj- of B. A. Brown, the young man
who committed suicide In a hotel here
on Thursday night. Young Brown was
N-years old. a graduate of tbe University
of Nebraska and had contemplated en
gaging In the practice of law aa soon as
be finished preparing himself for that
profession, lie was the possessor of a
bright mind and a cheerful disposition,
and hla relatives were unable to account
for his suicide.
A Plraaaat swrpria
follows the first dose of Dr.' King's
New Life Pills, the painless regulators
thst strengthen you. Guaranteed, tic
For sal by Beaton Drug Co.
The Fountain Head of Life
: Is
A mm who fcss a weak and impaired stoaueh sod w
properly difeat bis food will soon lad that his blood has keoosis
weak sod imporsnlhtd, and that hi wbol body is lsaproprlr assd
. saaufttoieatly nourished. " , , .
mak srssaae ar. pews area tlw
affdesflr alee, resforea f M apperra,
mtfarr) perfec. far 'rare ti lrer
awrfffM aasf arfce rs) Paael. It la ( iea( bfood-isiaJtar,
Ua-Mll4r aaef r(ararfr mart tmle. It as mm
mtrmrnt ' actira Im ' mm mt In Imitemtimt,
Tkis " Diacovsry " is a para, lycri extract of Aawrieaa sicdieal root,
sbaofutely ire Iroaa alcohol sad all iojariaw, hbiMorsia drag. AU it
, mfrediewts ar printed oa it w rati pen. It baa aa relationship with issfst
aostrums. In svsry ingrdiat It tadorMd by th lv era ia all tba ihU of
ssadtaana.- Doa't ooept saorM aeatraa s t subatitats lor this tisss provwa
remedy or gsiowK oewKHmow. An rotis. Nrmnsost. TUay atuet kaw af
may oores mad hy it dsrind part 40 years, fight ia yaor wa ighharhood.
Wprid't Dispetwart Mdieal Assoatatioa, Dr. R.V. Pair, Pres., Bufaia, N. Y.
W 1 -
When iM iiutMrU. th ivKfl uf Thd
Mirtwtrnt Wt Uoei tii-.t it writ
ten ntore infurme miI mate t .greater
nl Kin In iiuttirfcme in force IKftD in
any car of Us li!ftrjf- In oi:lj- ov.
muntX June, did U faU to make a sin
orer the currepontliuc month of 19 lo.
Thl incr-Mi ovpr resulted not;
only of r aouiewhat larger
aeney forve. but aJ tMsrtue nearly
every agent rule wore Inuirmnce than
he "ltd the -fear befnre. '
Why not become ene of the n vn pro
dufinic thta liirDnena? The company haa
unrnwiirnl territory, especially In north
eastern Nebraaka. whtrti la awaiting tie
relopnieiit ly earneat. competent aajfnt-v.
It la. not tonkin for -blue aky" attlen
men. The Mttlweet Life Isauea fair and
liberal po!!ctea expreaet In plain
Knrhkit with no double mean toga or
hidden featiirea which alirniry one thinir
at the time of aale and aomething elaaj
later. Call r write
T. 1. Basil. Preetdeat.
A asasvasKa costraJTY
Ptrst Vauoaal Baak Blag, Xdaeola
I " w a
' Afftinit
H si sa assa ss asssi sssr- - . m m m mmm m ss
Mad, In the largest batt "
-, equipped and sanitary Malted
x Milk plant In the world
We do not make "milk prod uctiZ
Skirt M, Cc denied Milk, etc.
But tha Kriginal-Cknuine '
Aladt from pure, full-cream milk
and tha extract of select malted inin,
reduaed to txmder form, aolubla la
watar. Beat food-drink for all aea.
Utad an ovar tha Globe
1 BEATRICE. Neb.. Starch i-iSpecial.)-There
1 a' lively scramble tn this city for
Mi orflea ot commissioner. Aatarday be
ing tba saat day (or the -filing of peti
tions, alglitean -emnlJaies entered tha
rare for the office aa folloaa J." H.
Mden. A. Bresrster.-J. R.-Cenn, H. (5.
Day. J. R.,0. Fieiud. HX.'Falk. slorri
Fgeshman;-. W..K.. Griffin: J. W. Mayr.
Anton Ok man. H. J. Randall, J. 8. Ruth
erford. M. W. Roby. J. R.' Splcer, J. J.
Skosr, L. A. Scroggs.- J. W. Thomas and
Louie Werner.. - . t
Early Breakfast
a. st. Itasaataa Will Balld f lae Res.
Ideaee Taws Daaa tlagced -kr
Vaatstada. . -
ALJJANCS, Xeb.. March 4-iBpacial.)-
R. if. Hampton., vk-a eeeslflent of the
First NaUonal bank of thla city, today
let contract to Sung C Reck for the
building of a reside ore on th earner ot
Cheyenn avenue and Sixth street The
batlding srlll be of Denver pressed brick
and whsar-cofnaieted will be one of the
finest la tha city. Th cost will exceed
Tbe friends of Earl D. Mallery of this
city ar circulating a. petition to - hire
hla aarae placed on tba .primary, ticket
aa tba aomlne of tbe republican party
for the .representative district of - Xs
braska. v "
About 11 o'clock last night while going
bona. Tom Dunn attacked by taro
holdup saea, some tore block east of tbe
court he use. They mere walking along
slowly la front of Mm and en his passing
tbem he eras slugged with a sandbag ar
rm similar Instrumeat, wtilch rendered
bin unconscious. Ills pockets were rifled,
but h bad nothing of value on hi per-
l Ha called the polk after regal nine
ecnactousaeea but no trace of the foot
pade could .he found.
Th home ef Mr. Deniis Landrtcan. an
old resident of this city, -was' completely
destroyed by fire last algbt. Tbe ortgia
of tha fir has ot be ascertained. -.
Louis Valgaflea. a Oreek laborer oa
tbe Burlington railroad, waa committed
to th city lalt last night., as tb ;wrjl(
at firing a reoircr at a fellow' country-,
nan. named Oeoiiopulag, sritb whom be
had aa altercation. Tha bullet narrow lr ,
misacd tbe lattr.' . ....... :
An early breakfast without get-
ing up early! That's Winter joy with
out "Winter worry or work. Such a
thing is possible in the home where
Shredded Wheat Biscuit
forms the daily, breakfast, Being ready-cooked and
ready-to-serve one does not need to wait for kitchen
fires or slow servants for a warm, nourishing, strength
ening breakfast Simply heat the biscuit a few moments
to restore crispness, then pour hot milk over it and salt
or-; sweeten. to suit the taste. Deliriously wholesome
with stewed prunes, baked apples, sliced
bananas, canned peaches or other canned
fruits. At your grocer's.
IF you bought tires
on a price basis last
year, buy Diamond
Tire this year and
pocket tbe profit you
make in Mileage.
CLoag before the year la over
yua will know that your tire
apcase I goiag to be lower
tbaa 11 sss mvrr sera iefort.
CThftnly tkatDia
KiiMt? Tires mrt th larfest
Mtllini tinil brand of tins
im th worU is that tkiy
givt th Mr G rut tit
CAnd m ttktr tin is m
tatilj f m ckapiyrrtxtirtd.
The Diamond Store
SIS Month 20th street.
lhaj)?siosl IUcr ("oupasfl
- Ws
Mt Wt Cm tl
Two Brooms
At tit Prica af Ona
U rod wer actually
efitrad two brooms at tha
aaaa erica aa von hava
to pay lor oaa nod broom
yon woold call ap your
grocar afnd erdst a yaat'l
npply at one.
Wha yon boy LHtla
tmttr Br s ssa yon an let
ting tha mjuivaUnl ia er-
icnliawenr(tfnarv ttfmsta
Tba Uttl faily laau twkal
as soar aa tba otban aad
(trea twka aa latlafactory
t I aa vvaaao
',' VI represent th blue blood of
4 . 1 i . .. i.i
vmniiKinf. lory com
JSJ 'rom tn b broom corn
awi ion vwmiy yiwrss in
their making it handled with criti
cal car by improved method!
hence their greater serviceability.
Buy a Uttl Polly Broasa and
ee how much longer it lam.
It Dot at your (racer's, send
a money order for 60 cents, th
regular retail price, for a Littt
Pil Braosa, prepaid. IT
rnrC tUsalacsarWaiisnd
Irasm DastmslsfrVso
witn csupw given witb urtsa
Pally Brsasaa. Our Utti.
PaUy" Booklst tells ill about
them. Sfnu ft it tUtj.
Harrah St. Stewvt
Mfg. Co.
0 East Ceaat A
essssi B 5 jTJ
sa . Pes! Is. I ' fc
IL JT. Bughea Co Dlstrib'a, Omaha-
Jewels, family relics and private
papara eaa be aacured than t
rant a box ta our Immense Saf
Deposit Vault lot tbelr safe
Without such protection you
are liable to a loaa at any time
wby not be on the safe side
by securing a box today,- tha
C-t of wblcb la but !. year
lyf Omaha Safe Deposit Co.
Key to tbe Situation Be Advei using, j
Make-Your "Meat" Shredded Wheat
Made 00I7 by
should know about the
Marrel "Whirliiig Spray"
' Beat safest most convenient.
Cleanse instantly.
a 1 .fci, .1. cmW f Fu
R ilARVBU tend stamp torrUu&rrststl M
I book sealed. Cootaias direcrioas 1
IJ-. - teTsluable to Udiea. . 1
I ' 4E'23rf Str jj jj
For 25c The Bee.
Evening and Sunday. .
Delivered at your hom