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Enter Again the Mysterious One
Copyright, 15H Nellonal Ken Asm.
By Tad
- f '
IWrrSftSvWR I 1 S?rr) V A, HUM nC H-MTirVl. GIRLS
3VO(r6. - I L , J V t,G$l l17:tS ( u-rW- 1 ME OF TXATT" (
r .
A Husband to Bring Up
"Xo," Mid the womaa I know, abas
ing br elderly bead with decent elderly
vifor. "No, I am not sorry for ber at
aU-or, at least very "little. She married
a boy to brink up and then -shs neglected
him. If ha baa ma
wild It e aa much
her fault aa his."
"A boy to tor-"
1'' betas, badly.
Tea," repeated
tba elderly woman
I taow. "Toj. Uiat
la what I aald and
that's what I meant,
A boy to bring up;
VmTo what overy
ttaii anarrlee
whoa obo merrlee
at ail theee days,
and ovary married
westaa knows K.
"If aba ain't too
liar, or too ow.
ardly. or toa selfish to bottler, oho Bros
uo to what aba knows, too. or makes a
failure of tho whelo thing.
"Men have Bo mora aaaoa of morals or
of responsibility thaa ao many seed aa
tutad axtorhleveus popples tbat ara al
war aetUag wet and shako tba water all
ever people wttb perfectly fraafc ctotboi
saaad eating tUas tbat (sake thesnj
aat SOU and tot her boaband ran away
with another mass wtto aad atoll aa
other man's xaooey. aad never dM a thing
but cry about It. what aort of a wtto do
you call her? Net a toad one, at aay
rata. '
""When aba oaw bow tbtoca were going
why dlda't aba aaH a business sessMag
of tho firm and aay. 'Look bora, aoor.
partner. I deat he the way rou'ro do
tad. Btbar yoa'lt bare to awl roar
waya or there" bo trouble. I might lot
yoa rata my lite, bat I thirst toa much
of yoa to lot yoa ruia yoor owa. Tore
right around In tha path yau're walking,
or somebody ww. oomc alone and aaaka
""There's tba other wsisin'a beebaod.
yoa fcaow. and bar brother, aad there aae
arjr brothers aa my father. Tea's: have
to lethea wMh thorn, tea. Aad baa to
one that fool of a maa would ha at home
rradlna- the evoninc paper ttaa Btnato
wrtb hie ertfe. aretondlDa' aa Kka at. rteM
oapeolu hbn. taatead of baud ebaaad from
one ond of tba earth la the other by tho
"Ho about that maa wa know who'o
Biaklac aa adlot of himfolf orar that
ahewaMt Why. an Ms wtfe baa to da la
to aay. "Haary, come home aad behave
yearoelt If yoa don't I'll take tbe ebiU
droa and yaa'U have to euaoert aa all tbe
On With the Dance
By Tad
,.. .w .-a niuo th-,ieyeoaabalrof yew boy's bead aaaw. or
feTto thoVa. at milk they ought to of your Utile lr s abeoa.
bTdrtnui brdaa la aid shoes! "H" -ho. to time all right; of
fates tbe alley and worrying them rit bewealda t "
oa tba sartor aote. If you tat thorn. "Cry-wbafa tba aas of crying Wa
lhoyaaasd to go to und.y aebool yoa oror kaow a bad boy to keep away
sadlmn Twbat baoptuad to Aaaalaa aad from the iara eloeet baoMM ao knew bis
.r. ...TT. k.h i,,,t. ho mother would ery If he went tbrreT fine
called the repbet aamra. but. pshaw,
what do they taarn aowT Bag-time songs
v nuT-Usae morsla. and rag-time com
moa start, and osovlng-plirture honcoty.
How can you expect them to grow up Into
real men?
Tber doa thay ara Just big orer-d Uwa to be geoa.''
grpwa boya, tba nest of 'era.
to be fnanasred and bossed aad
They have
to be managed and bossed aad taaaed like
so many naughty children, and the weans
wee aoaan't want to do that aort of thing
had belter stay away from the church on
tho day of the wedding. Women hare
tbe whsto thing their own way aowadays
If they'll only have eecse enough to
t.itA it.
-Wow tale little goose of ours who Just , yoa?
mother abe d be to alt dowa aad tat airs
oat hlmerlf eta hist because It made bar
cry to thtak be wanted to d It.
t "Utile beye-that'e all they are; little,
selfish, grredy. good-hearted, fool boy.
and U s tbe women's buttrwas to
A few day ago Missouri judge eald
to a woman In a ease before him: T" by
didn't you keep this husband at roars
straight?" I wander what It all saeau
la tbe new womaa going to bare new ro
snsaslbllltlea at borne as well aa abroad?
WkMj ea Interesting world It Is, to be
euro. I'd bate to die and leave It and
11 its brand-new news lust now, wouldn't
Eeplies to Science Queries J
,."How Is an arc lamp mww
bled whoa the carbons are continually
burning away? Is tbe adlustment made
by clockwork?
A.-No; there Is no dock. A dock
could not make accurate adjustment of
distance botweea carbone unless ther
waste away absolutely without change
of rate. Tbe distance of the pemta of
the earbona, or rather point In one and
crater In tbe ether, le maintained or a
mignetta apparatus, whose force varies
with varying Intensity of current la tho
Q. "Is the pressure of Usbt an ac
cepted aeleotifie fact? Is Ustit always
caused by heat?"
A. 1) Light reya eiert presanre upon
all objects npoa which they make Ira-,
pect. Tbe pressure Is very minute, but
bss been detected and measured by ex
ceedingly aensUtTo apparatus; and Is now
a settled edeatlfk! fact, and amount
known. .
O Light without heat Is produced
by nature la some . insects, notably
OreflUe," but the moot eajltivs ther
mometer cannot eenfe their heat. The
hosts of aebulas aeea la largo tUcooes
emlttlag light ara thooiht to be with-
cat heat. These are very large masses
of matter In a tonoaue eondittoa In frigid j
space, yet they . emit Ught Intense
enough to be concentrated by great
lenses Into tba spectroscope, winch
peeves these bodies to be gaseous.
. But how caa this gaa la cold specs
radiate light? Tbe theory now Is that
free electrons are In constant motion
everywhere hi space at hKh specific
speed. These strike tbe atoms of the gaa
aad generate light, yet without beat: or.
If beat to ostabnabed, H le too weak to
be detected along with tbe light. If this
doctrine la not the true one. then the
cause of light hi frigid nebulas hi un
known, la this eeassctloB It la parbana
well to aay tbat absolute cold removes ail
resistance agaiast.the transmission of
electricity through pure metala. Abso
lute aero of eosd has net yet been
reached; but Liquid heUum approaches
near tbat most wonoenui paint. aoen
wires of pure metal cooled by this Squid
leee all resistance tha t .le. they become
perfect eosd at ewe sad. bat afl the oleo
trtcity pass.
Jly amotion baa bees called to aa ap
parent error In wording made by mo la
a receat article la Tbe Bee. where my
statement made It appear tbat white-hot
ingots bf Iron and steel are lifted from
furnaces by means of powerful electro
magnets. This does not mean tbat tha
magnet-iieads loach tba bet ingots, for
beat destroys ths magnetic properties of
metals. Huge msrtos of metals ara luted
by large magneto and carried shout
foundries by the magnets suspended from
cars of overhead tracks. But thee
masses, weighing tons, are cold. It a
hot Ingot is to be carried. It must be
clutched by cold raotal. which may be
attached to armatures of lifting magrseu
by cool rods or chains.
In the oM boom days of Sioux City aad
South Sioux City, tweaty years ago. a
movement to remove the county era of
Dakota oousty, Nebraska, from Dakota
City to south moux City waa pushed fop
ward by a quartet of tbe leading baslaees
men of tbe Nebraska suburb. At the s pe
dal election which waa held oa the ques
tion of removal. Sooth Sioux City won
by a targe majority, but tbe supreme
court decided, upon aa appeal from Da
kota City, tbat tbe court house boll dins
erected by tbe real estate boomers of
South FkHix city was a bribe offered to
the raters of the county. Tbe aoart. botd
mg to this view, enjoined the removal of
the county records from Dakota City.
Work ea tha eoastracttea of tho new
"court house had proceeded to a point
where the piaster waa about to bo pot
Boon tha walls and the doors to the
vaults were about to bo bung. Upoa tbe
aaaouawejurat of. tho court's deeloios
ths work stopped short and the building
baa remained m tbat condition until this
eerred. Tbat photograph shows that the
building has not changed in these years.
The "Resort brass" le about to be con
verted Into beer brewery. Sioux City
WbJ A FrULff COvtrmv AM DC eVi rhS .
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AnO V4A, to te WT)A7rr -MTO
fH SfKijooctyiM a
fcMHITw . A. boo ft. OfEriaTO
Swotrtuy. MS was, pgjeO
ov- aTTxey snrrmZvo
obev voice THvrioejjeo.
IFAfCeoOj 50H I J A
TKHCE 4HAC 00 Trre-
saeTsemweb aaaBSaaaamB.tBBs4s(a o a.
lofET HAA Op . ,
m a rwNOt . i Mrr
to om riMe. AAAetc wtc
V0UN6- CVe?l (leAPVIOA.
SWT M.i.t
ewe, Twe Hiwn, Iwseo pw
JvtAu-ttrutM. mc rtegfrf spttfT
awxo-wcx, but TMtj aNfErt irtfi-S
Abrh giuAU-V roBAMnnsTB
wf-ATI$. tVUCN ( Atsicn LViCSVAaiC
T0V-rtTB0. TMy WEJU AeA.
1UC K "b-THOUOrrr
ilZ.r. NW-f,0 AJ
F0OA. wXMCM atcx.0 ,
lA UrrcR rAaaiCARiiuit uu
OUST Art) VtCS ir
hS0 00 mAAKCTI f 6.
Ar0 MBr0 CtOTHe
th r Brce a rrob
BROB PA rr rff theer
thsn irvrrwtrioi-,-
tTrtaiN TeSi fNlN6A0OvOg IMS
UdTEl AT i0M fXpitM . TMC
TriraTKTrrTjrtCrlJi WlH
TOdUsto Of SHIry rHr TMT,
eMe,MTrli.laob SQnftS.
TMirArtO UNffl 3VSrST.TW
b M Nri? TgffA IKAi AN
AVtfrul-SPilx-ftf Cf Otfsff y
rCtAEKt, euJM MbOTMf0
rVATW-b ieayeVeO ierOF
raar.r HV P-
ijxt?!1 17 "TNT W0KT
tgT TMfi TtieaV TItcrr.
m KCTdHBTpj-p .
Htrur, APrarA,
t0 OA Kim TVrC
8 rVg PAygl
Cooldng Secrets of a Famous Chef
Many people have asked me why tbe
moot celebrated cooks ara mea wbea tbe
kitchen weald seem la bo a woman's
rightful domain.
I hare even heard that it la oae of
tho argumenta weed against woman's suf
frage, tbat avm bare outranked her hi
her particular field. -
It Isn't true tbat there are no great
wemea cooks. There are many very re
markable ones. In JEurdpe. oopocta.'ty in
Germany: there are wemea cooks with
big staff of htteboa employee under
them h verloae hotels and restaurants.
They ara not only excellent cooks, but
ood maaagera. A chef, has to be both.
The chef baa to bare at least fire
years' expert enae be can aay tbat
be Is master of bis a-..'
Throe five years ara years of study
only. During, tbat time tbe future cbef
ta learning his profession at his own ex
pease aad working much harder than any
regula employe.
I spent oae year learning the art of
pastry making. Now. few. women caa
afford either the time or money which ta
seeded la taarn mg to cook tike tbaC They
have to got theer practical experience aad
kestractien while they ara earning their
f Worth a Drink I
dar. A photograph was takes of tho
building on the day the decision waa ro-lttvug. aad nataraay war range or snow-
ledge ta apt to be limited to the kind
of cooking demanded by the small family
or the modest restaurant and hotel
The chef usually studies la otber coun
tries beeJdea France, which hi undoubt
edly tho main seat of eullaary learning.
Another question which I am asked
very often Is: What are the best things
to order from a menu. To thai I will aa-
Tha shabby maa with the blusblag nose
approached tbe stranger wha waa aippiag
a cocktail.
- Friend. " said the shabby man. "it I
caa convince you tbat you bare eleven
fingers, would you ronsidrr mo 'worthy
of a drink at your expense!"
"I certainly would," replied the
"New start the count," said the shabby
maa. "On your right band here are one,
two. three, four, five. Now the left hand
six. seven, eight, nine ten. '
swer at once the simple thlnrs.
No art can enhance the delicate flavor
of good lamb, for Instance, fed on salt
meadows. The art Ilea In cooking It ao
that all the flavor is retained. Tbe same
applies to chicken aad all kinds of meat
and vegetables.
I think that every bill of faro should
be printed la such a manner that one
knows exactly what one ta getting. Fancy
namea are disguises, very confusing to
the average guest. ,
Take fire good-slxed hard tomatoes.
Peel thviu -end cut the bottoms off.
Scoop out the Inside, season with salt
aad put In a little fine minced chicken
mixed with a little sweet cream. Place
tbe tomatoes In a dish and over each
one break an egg. Then place tbe dish
in the oven. When tho eggs are almost
cooked cover them with a thin mixture
of chopped ham. bcaiea bp with cream
Put tbe disb back in the oven and flnlab
cooking It. Berre the tomatoes and eggs
on toasted bread covered with a light
Too lose," announced the stranger.
-Nay. nay." said tha shabby maa. "We t cream or tomato sauce,
will count back. He-ten. nine, eight. Cream sauce ta made by stirring two
seven, six-and five on J our otber bead eunces at butter Into two taUcepooofuls
ara eleven." of flour over tbe fire and motatenlini altb
He got the dripk.-Wahinxton Star. J, viM aIu , naif of bo-.lins milk, rlavor
. -.. - . jto taste with wait, kltel-a twiact. etc--.
Onry s fewrrnen fiaveswn en interest- . .
in career that they can mnko money " er mlnmea. B-at into
selling their autobiographies. hlJ' "Pful ot crtM,u-
The Cotton Gin
March d. 1 1,114.
It was lit years ago today March t,
17H-that Ed Whitney, the New England
school master, patented the cotton gin.
Tha Tan It re pedagogue, who Waa at
the tttne down la
Oeergta "teaching
the young Mea bow
shoot. little re
alised that his In
ventloa was to re
sult In another kind
of ahootiag be
tweea Oeerglans
and New England
era, aorthecners
and aouthorners; a
sheeting that was
ta birht up half a
coalmen with tha
ftaeaes af etvtl war.
aad cost ths nation, before they wora
eMmgulshed, the lives of a million of
mea aad tho ex sen 4M are of billions of
treasure. '
Ths ootton gia mads cotton voltare
profitable: cotton saltare arsmed. la the
onlaloa of lbs southern piaster aad tbe
New England slave trader, to necaaaltate
negro slavery; aad the merest tyro la
American history knows tbat It waa a are
slavery that brought on the war. It ta
perron ly true that the south waa fighting
for tbe right to have aegro slavery with
out d Mat tea from tho aorta, rather thaa
for negro stsrory Itself; but H Is aoaa tbe
less tree that but for slavery there would
have been as trouble.
To get aa Idea of the affect that the1
Invention of tbe oettan gia bad upoa cut
ton culture, nod. Uerefora, upoa eleven'.
It Is only aencsssry to oenaldor tbia single
fact that la 17K the year at Whitney s
patent, tba cotton product of tba whole
country waa thaa thaa XO.oat pounds,
while In IMS, sis years later, tba product
had rtaen to ll.eN.ue) pounda. And that
waa awrely the beginning, which waa lo
sioiist up by great taaaa aad bounds to
tbe ot pouada In late.
There was prosperity with a vengeance I
There waa never aay thing like It. It was
weaderfull "King Cotton" was tba great
est ot saoeerehs, aad upon southern
planter aad aortbera trader ho showered
his riches with a magmtieent Prodigality.
Tho southern Slavs holder, delighted wltlt
tba wealth that there waa la cotton,
wanted mora negro slaves, to make mora
ootton to make more wealth; and tho
founders at tho "blue Mood" booses of
Maeaachueetia aad Its sister states, aad
New York, kept the slave ships buoy pi),
mg between Negro lead aad southland
aad all went merry aa a auuriaga bell. .
Of course, there had to come a reek
oalag. It waa very aula aad very aloe la
Mr. Whitney to lavaat a machine tbat
waa able to do tba work of (.No human
hands, but tha awiuel, tbe sequel!
Well, too aottoa eta la still here; and
tba. loAM,aa ot pounds of cottoa baa
grown to tmmMi and the soatk ta still
here, wtlh mora people aad more wealth
thaa the whole country had la Mat and
slavery la gone and aeitber north nor
south would have It back agala lor tba
i I
The Jealous Wife
seated upon a hotel. Jealousy. What, I
veranda, 1 was an Interested listener to
a conversation betwea two women, both
married, and, tho casual observer would
have Judged satisfied with their eeodi
tlon. In spits of the fact that I, a compara
tive stranger, made a third In their group,
they discussed their experience with the
green-eyed monster, Jealousy, freely.
One confessed honestly and uaembar
raasedly that aha waa Jealous of her bue
bsnd; ths oilier said, with more evidence
of regret thaa her compaaloa manifested,
that she waa "sometimes a Utile Jealous
ot James."
Bhe added: "So far as I can discover
be baa never given ma any actual cause
to feel so. but I doubt If any womaa caa
lore ber husband deeply aad not be Jeal
ous ot him."
Tho remark made a lasting lmaroaetoa
upoa me, and I have thought ot It often
since the a- To bo Jealous Is to be so un
comfortable that oao would, I abould
think, avoid tha stats aa oao would shun
Ject ao seriously that tba other day I
turned to tba deflnltloa of Jealous ta the
dictionary at my elbow. I read aa fel
loes: "Anxiously watchful; eueptoteueiy
vigilant; suspicious."
Must oao he these things la order to
love duply? If ao, love cannot bo a
happy condition, but a species of pain
ful Insanity.
"Anxiously watchful." Tea, many wives
are that. I wonder It mea appreciate hew
many. auspiajousty vigilant" and these
women dalm they leva their husbands
enough to entrust lo them their lives
aad fortunes. Tbea wby not trust their
Perhaps I do not look at such matters
la tho conventional orthodox fashion but
if oao does not trust a man. wby aver
marry htm? The Good Book Informs us
that "perfect love easts out fear." Is
a fearful and doubting tare them perfect?
rnderrtand. I am not at thle point ta this
familiar talk speaking ot tba womaa who
baa good and euftdeat reason to bo aus
picious ot her husband, but of too womaa
who Is "anxiously watchful" on principle,
and because she has tba habit ot being so.
Wby shoe id aba watch? Wby not
rather decline to allow her doubts to
make a slave ot her? Does aba. herself,
never enjoy chatting with aay enter
taining maa heel dee her owa husband?
Then ta aba not foolish to be amde un
happy because she sees that asms hus
band talking with aa attractive womaa
or engaged in eoaversattoa with a bright
and lively girl?
There ta a word right hero that I
would aay to wtvee-a word they may
do well lo remember. It la that: It la
a mistake ever to let a kuaband think
you are Jealous of aim. It produces upoa
his masculine mind one of two efects
be Is either amused or resentful.
! If 1 L hffMMil kL. 1t. L. MB
bo scornfully amused: If bo loves aad
trusts her and ta a decent aort generally,
bis feeling is one ot Indignant resent
ment wbea ' he becomes aware ot ber
has he ever
dona that tha woman ho loves cannot be
here In Mm and la bla protostatlona of
affection? If ho la hot a very decent
sort ho may add, angrily, tbat etneo oho
suspects tho worst of him ho amy so
well bars tho gams aa tbe name.
Jealousy Is ao futile, ao ruinous. lC
us look at H la a cool, philosophical way.
It possible. I acknowledge that It la
hard to be philosophical where one's feel
ings tor tbe opposite sex are concerned,
but let us try. If your husband loves yon
enough to remain absolutely faithful to
you. you wrong him shamefully If you
doubt htm and are "suspirtouriy vigilant '
ot him. If. on the other hand, he loves
you so little that he will bo unfaithful
to you, your vigilance will do ao good, for
If yon susnert Mm and accuse him bo
will keep on In tbe course upon ahkn
he has enteredonly be will be more
careful than ever lo conceal It from you.
so in either case your watchfulness would
be useless.
But. to do mea Justice. I do believe tbat
smallpox. I bars pease red oa tbe sub- there era hundreds ot thousands ot good.
aoaorablo. faithful husbands. I know
thst cynics sod man-haters will sneer
at this etatsment ot mine, and will acoft
at my credulity. Soma disappointed
wives will do the same, and one can
hardly Memo them. Tet it ta a pity to
tat one anfortanato experience make one
doubt an entire ctase.
Men are net trained aa ara women;
their Meaa are different. I have known
good husbands who would hold a pretty
woman's hand aad mean no harm by It
It waa but an amusing episode In their
Uvea, one that waa forgotten five minutes
after It occurred. But If tba man's wife
bad area it. do you suppoaa that she
would over forget It or aver tat him do
ao? If aha would, aha ta aa emotionally
wise woman (there ara suchi, aad win
probably retain her huabaad'a leva al
ways If she does not retain K aba may be
sensible enough to aparaclato tbat a love
that requires watching lest It escape la
not worth the guarding. Tha sooner one
learns to live without tha worthless thing
ths better.
Aad What about ths husband whoso
wife s hand another maa bona for a
half-mlnsta longer that ta absolutely
conventional erfll ho bo anjeaiooe and
philosophical, too? Well, aa Kipling
would aay. 'That to another story," and
oae that Is toa lone to begin Just bow.
Moreover, wo are dealing with tha wife a
suspicions, not the hneband'e. A woman
must. It aha would bo happy, trust the
maa she lovoa.
If ho ta worth loving, ha la worth trust
ing; If bo ta not worth trusting, ho Is
not worth loving. Let her tbea determine
to believe that ha la aa honorabia aa aba
Is, It aba really tares him. and. such betas;
tho case, let her set tor him aa example
ot honest faith and opea dsn ling by re
fusing to sink so low that aha caa ha
"anxiously watchful" or wuap4ciousl
vl gl lent" of a husband who has never
girea her Just cause to be Jealous of hisx