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JUbj LefUltiT Districts ia Which
So Filingi Hade.
EfCnrM Tikn Llaewla stew to
Penitentiary ( Sheer These Haw
"Depe" is SeBBlel '
' " iBetMattaoh
(From a Staff CorrMpoodsat.)
IJ.N-COLN. J'et, March t-SiciJ.)-
Wlth only elxteen mora dsys In which
te file nomination papers for the April
primaries then an many vacancies ea
ib kciatatlvs tlcheta, at least la the
districts which embrace mora than on
count? and fur which tilings must he
ma 4a with the serretary af Mala. Ia
lata oflfcee Uwra la a plethora of can
didate the only shortage heing la ra
crat candidate for audiiar. Henry Rich
mond feeing the oslr aspirant up to data.
There are eight eenatorlal dlatrleta ea
hrectng snore thaa onw county la which
there haa heaa no filing hy Candida lea of
either party. There are seven senatorial
dejtrlcta la which there era republican
candidates and ho democratic entrlea and
six la which there are snrnocratle entrlea
and no republican. Oa the boose aide
there are sloven dlatrleta without a eandk
date from either party, three with repablt
iu and no deeaecratlc candidates and two
ia which there are democratic aaplranu
but ae republicans. Soma af tha dlstrteta.
both oensterlai sad legislative, are as oae
tided poUttcally at la probable tha nlaorlty
party will he So oandldatea unless party
managers Insist ea Injecting vtotlm late
the field, bat ia moat af tha eaaaa It Is
probable the) veonneiaa ea the tlcketa wtU
be Oiled before tha time limit expiree
. BUtvtrte Levahlaa PUIsusa.
renewing tha He where ana or both
-parties are wttheat candidates.
. gXATB.
Klrst-Rlchardson. Nemaha and Jaha.
Bun. aa republican,
Tlard rteunrlsra and Sarpy. 0 candi
dal .
rnx WaaaiaeTlaa aad Dodge, aa ena.
Huiuv-Bort. Thurston, Dakota and
lrxen, bo democrat.
l aii ei-a Cuaxud. Wayne and Fierce, ae
Ciahiar-edar and Kaes, aa rrpuMlcaa.
Nimb-iaitelopa. Bvona and Nance, ae
Teaait sMdlsoa, Maatoa and Calf a, ae
Sixty-Four Delegates .for ... .
Taft Eletfed Already
Washington Correepondeace of the Indlsnsplins News.
Kleventb Jrtatta, rath and Merrick, no
Twelfth aam aad Butler, oa repub!.
r uu tsen(.h Qe-e sad Pawnee, aa demo
crat. lteertle-Jtff eeeon and Thsyer. ae
dlBaeeret.-. ' " ' i
eWerewtaentJk-i'erk ,aod UamUton. De
nBtMHh HsU. Howard and Oreeley,
Niaeteaalh 'Jtdasno, Bad' Clay. I
public aad ,enly one eaanooret.
Twyirarth Nuckolls. Webster
FFaaklln na oandkLate.
Tweietyanrse dlarte a. rNireaav Qoapet
and f .Valpa, no reoubttraa,
TwenU-aerfona-ButtaJu, Sherman and
Xearoe:, no candidate '
Twwmy-fuwiir-isiwd, Halt,, Oarfteld,
Wheeler and hya I'ana, no candidate. ,
Tw.orrV1 rth-AJnooln. Dawsoa and
Keith, no deenoorat, '
Twerr-iMi-roattar. Bad Wltow.
Xucheuck. linyea, btuniy,. parkins and
Chase, ho candidate.
Twenry-oreaair Otutl'd ttlufj, Ttenner,
KhabalU alorrla. . ObeVeaaa, Uaedan,
lieaat, raat. Voker, Vboovuj, . MoJbee
an and Xjt on oantotrel., . .
TVeor-aMiV-orrri fhendan. Boa
fturte. pm, ; Beaa. Kiuwh ajid mnt.
Third ft-tV KlrSardiiWaBd M araah a,
no aaadlaataS A'-'.. H-1
Clchta i.W and Otoe, n roaadldata
Hevvntaraia-prCVhU' sa4 It ma. ao eao
Twente Vecond iataeten'snd Cumlaax no
candMaaa.. '
Twaiy-eixtk-Pta)lto aad Madlaoa. he
republlcaa. "
Thtrty-feurth - Chute, Jafteraoa and
Thayer, a eeaMeraL
Thirty-eiditn hajlse, aeward and Btn
let. Bo reluiMlaaa.
rerty-thlrA-rora, rUbasra aad Clay,
ho candidate. -i
rifiyfounh-Boyd and Holt, ae aaadl
data I ! t
ritty-flfta-nork. . Ka It ha aae
Drown, o randldataa.
Bntty-MBtn nitcaeaca ana tranay, no
tteveMtethHOiaaa,,rartUia and Hayes,
f democrat. .
fievth-fourth Dawea nd Sioux, no
KevaeLr-ftrth-dcorl's Bluff and alar.
ill. no democrst, . ,
RavrnlT-Hilh llanner, Kimball, Chy
nne. Drool, turner), ao candidate.
.Seventy-eoeanlh Me candidate
J " Tart aleettac Fat Orer.'
3 The meetlr af tha Tart leerue exare-
fre oeMBMtee. whkh It was Intended to
Lara this weak, baa bean postponed ontll
WASHIXOTON. March L-Preaident
Tsft picked up twelve more national
convention dekcatea yesterday, brfng
tna hla total up to sixty-tour. This
far, neither Theodore Rooaerelt, Robert
M. La Follette nor Albert B. Cuaimlns
has a delegate. Tha first delegate
from the north were ehosea la tha after
noon, when tha Elctoth MlcMsea dlauirt
elected tha two ta which It is entitled
aad Instructed them ta support President
Taft .
The Taft managers were Bet surprised
at the outcome, but soma ether persons
evidently were, for in ana of the recent
statements the ssaertion was made that
the state at atlchlcsa would be for the
former area dent by a vote af four to
ana. As It turned out. the Heath hflca
Icaa proved ta be practically aaaalmous
for the president,
rises aXhev area.
The other tea dsJetjatea lathered Into
the Taft bee 7 eater day came from South
Caroline (the four at large from that
stale); tha Third Missouri, the Seventh
A la baste, and tha Beoond Hoots Caroline.
A rival state conventloa will be held a
Utile later In South Carolina, under the
leadership of a faction In tha so-called
republican party down there, hut the
undents ndlnc hero la that It, too. will
favor the renoml nation of Mr. Taft,
Private dispatches received hers today
rave some of the details at tha conven
tloa la the Third Missouri district, where
the Roosevelt followers, esetnc they were
In a ho pel res minority, baited the con
vention and went through tha form of
electing two dekcatea and instructing
them to vote for the former president.
According ta the Information receives
at headquarters the Roosevelt followers
planned to meet In the convention hall at
T:h In the morning In spits of tha fact
that the convention had been called for
N o'clock. Tha administration forces
learned of the Roosevelt schema and re
fused to permit tha Roosevelt supporters
to enter tha bail until the hour fixed for
'the convention.- According te -the in-
formation received here the Roosevelt
I adherents went ta oaa comer of the hall
I after the administration supporters had
' by an overwhelming majority elected the
temporary chairman at tha convention.
They a la a Corner.
From their plate la the corner of the
hall, so K is asserted, toe Roosevelt bolt
ers attempted to break up the convention.
The Taft managers anticipate that such
schemes will be repeated In a good many
of the southern conventions during the
next few weeks.
Much surprise la sxpreescd here that
George W. Perkins of the steel trust
and the harvester trust wss not assigned
aa Important place In the management of
the Itooeevelt candidacy. Thus far be
has aeon the head and front of the Roose
velt mavearrnt lie haa furnished most
of the "sinews of war,- and ia really re
sponsible for whatever has been dona la
the way of orgsalaatlon of various states.
Tha IA Follette people thoroughly un
derstand this. In a statement given out
aa the Partfle coast yesterday, W. U
Houser, manager of the La Follette cam
paign, declared that Roosevelt's chief
backers era Perkins, Frank A. Munsey,
Dan R. Haana. tha Cleveland steel maa
Indicted for rebating, and others, who
are etlher directors or lares stockholders
la tha steel trust
As It Is. the so-celled Roosevelt na
tional committee, of which Senator Joseph
A. Utxon of Meatana Is to be the "com
maIldarlachlef,', la largely made up of
men who turned on President Taft be
cause he did not appoint them ta office,
or did not otherwise favor them as thsy
thought they should have been favored.
It la taken tor granted here that Roose
velt picked tha mem bars at nil national
committee, general surprise Is expressed
that this committee did not contain tha
same at a singl Insurgent or progres
sive republican with tha exception of
Senator Dixon. tha"eocnmaader-lnrchlef,''
Ex-Nebraska Judge,
Now a Policeman, is
Treed by; Bulldog
HEAVER CITY, Neb., March t-(Kpe-
Stel.r-Bea F. Sherweed was sleeted Judge
St Furnas county, out In the abort erase
sountry of Nebraska, In IMS aad served
ens term, tnierwood was nominated by
the republicans against a fusion-democrat
then in office, and no ana supposed that
Sherwood would be elected. He made a
personal canvass af tha aoualy going on
tool through the country, stopping to help
the farmers husk cara while he talked
politics, aad fca waa elected by only ftva
majority. After hla term of office he
wast ta Portland, Ore., aad was a guard
at the exposition, and afterward was ap
pointed oa the polk-a foros of Portland.
I Luce then be haa made several records
a pJalnielothaa maa. His latest aa
aapads Is related la tha Portland Oregon
ten of February Mi .
"U waa an epan Seasoa tor Portland
polios yesterday. Ia tha case at iwa of
Ukxp whs are bent oa tha laudable mla
avn of basilng bund fOaavlaae. iasuolman
XherwopiL got treed sn a dialog room
taste ay
I Snwa trrne next week, owing te the Sb
senea of Secretary Currie In Texas. The
exact date has not yet been determined.
Tha Taft aewanlaation has tha promise
it speeches -of prominent men between
how aad the April primaries. Among tha
probable epueahers are two members of
(he cabinet, ecretarles Stlmeon and
Usher, jlust how many of these meetings
will be' arranged and where. Is yet to
he dctsnnlned. ' ,
It 1 announced that Senator Oora of
Oklahoma will be dna ot the speakers at
the Bryan birthday banquet March .
The cooipletd list has But yet been se
lected, but It Is announced there will be
bona exuept preeveative democrats af the
pronounced type.
One of the political events ot tha week
wflt 'be', the annual banquet ot tha
RwnfWh-American Republican dub, which
wAl be held hi the L)ndell hotel m, this
rlQr.r It la expected to bring together a
Larva number of prominent Swedish re
publicans. - ' J
', - lape la Pen Heat la ry.
Another move la being made ta prevent
tha smuggling qt "dope" to eosvtcu la
tha penitentiary. It had been eupcoaed
tha practice waa practically broken up.
hut recent disclosures show that It
not aad that R Is a comparatively easy
neuter, to smuggle t"s drug to eonvtcte.
Aj discharged convict. Chartea Barns of
Ciss county, took Judge Lincoln Frost
aSd a .party ot three friends ta tha penl
tefttlary one eight recently and showed
t(tm bow H was done. Tha pans age was
rsBily handed m to Jack Crawford, a con
vftt from Cass county. Tha matter has
bejra called to the attention of tha gov
ritwr and aa Investigation ia te follow
aid an effort made to" stop tha Illicit
traffic -
fiecords at the district court show that
tiihteea divorces Ware granted In
tter county during February. In spits
of the fact It was a short maath.
pnt asora day will conclude, la ail prob
att!)ty, tha hearing oa the physical valu
ation of the Unlea Pacific road. Just
.when K will be held not determined,
t tough It ts expecteot ta be soma time
next weak. The BuriLraTton, Miasm rl
Pacific and the 6L Joseph Grand -butd
hearmgs remain te be held.
It ia plnnned to erect aa etght-ehs-.y
cuiMing at tne corner at Thlrtese and
O street ea part ot tha 'grows 4 now
otEupied by Mtller eV Paine'e store. If tt
ta erected that firm will occupy three
stories of the structure aad tha remain
ing five win be devoted ta offices. The
property belongs to the George P. Tucker
cstaxe. srhiuk will erect tha maiding.
Hardy Debaters Win
From Diller and
Lose to St. Paul
HARDT, Neb.. March S. -(Special. -A
Joint' debate between tha high echoole ot
UJIlar'snd Hardy was held hers last
night, resQltlng la a unanimous decision
of the Judges for Oilier, which defended
the negative side of tha closed shop ques
tion. Each school had a strong team and
each side waa defended In a capable man
nsr, Tha . Hardy team, coached by
Superintendent T. C. Moyer, consists ot
Hubert Btraysr, Qlsa Veil,, Max Blxhy
and Edward Qutbetlett. alternate. The
Diller team consists of Esther Green,
Jerden Ban man, Carl Forsytha and Karl
Snyder, alternate. Tbey were accom
panied ta Hardy by their coach. Superin
tendent Jamee A. Flsstwood, Miss Lucy
Arenas of the English department and a
delegation of high school pupila
Prof, hi oyer of tha Hardy achoots pre
sided. Tha Judges ware Prof. Kdwla
Maxey ot tha state university. Prof.
Oeerge Crocker of Lincoln and Haav Jean
AJCobbey at Beatrice, r
Ti PAVU Men., March t-TBpaclal.)-
a ferocious bun dog, and ths . 'n ,n debate between It. Paul and Ord
ether, Patrolman Griffith, waa mistaksn
for soma sort ot wild animal by aa Irats
woman aad got snot twlcs In the face
with cents worth of beer.
"for a time It looked bad tor Sherwood,
tha former hero ot tha 'B'Oosh' squad,
and whsa BssaM Levy, caught la tha act
ot selling boar Sunday, sicked her pat
bull dog onto htm, he waa going around
ths roam around chairs, tables and other
furniture better thaa Sevan seconds flat
before he could gat room enough te hurdle
up onto the table where as stood shouting
for help. Tha bristling doggis wagged
bis tall, licked hie chops and growled fur
the pollaamsa'a gore. It waa soma time
before a truss waa called through tha aid
of a relief aauad sonsletlng ot PoUceraen
Stewart and Ogf .
iteesle Levy runs a rooming bouse at
Third aad Couch, and kherwood secured
a glass at bear from her before she die-
trad that ha waa a policeman, ha be
ing dUaTulead as a laborer. Whea aha did
she called the dog and he aid the rest.
Sharwaod showed the camaa tha big
ehlnliat star of authority, but tt didn't
make any , hit with tha ambitious pup.
When Stewart and Oag rescued tha Used
pouosmau, Jamea Wilson, clerk ec toe
lodging house, tried ta butt la and pre
vent the arrest of the woman, aad he
got thrown In lor. resisting an officer. It
oust Bessie Levy t& and Wilson this
morning "
of the west-central district tha decision
of tha Judges wss rendered two ta ana
In favor ot St Paul.
Tha high school assembly room at St
Paul waa crowded. Tha Judges were
Prof. P. T. Waller. Kev. Mr. Buell and
Rsv. Mr. Ernst at (hand Island.
STANTON, Nab, March t-(8pedal -
A determined effort la being made by
the cltlaens and taxpayers ot this county
te build aa up-to-date, court house this
J-ear. TUB COUniy cornmiawiooeia him
secured tha plana and specifications of a
k,a court' house from Architect line
of Omaha. It being the same as one that
was built In Clay county. South Dakota.
Petitions asking the county commla-
stoaere to call a special elect tea for the
purpose of voting bonds for the erection
of the aew court house are being clrcu-
ratsd and alaisst without exception the
voters are signing them. A canvass of the
leading farmers shows that they are alt
la favor of the new building. The pres
ent court house waa buflt about twenty
five years ago and la not In good condi
tion and has no fireproof vsutt It haa
become absolutely aenieasry that tha
commlesioners provide a pisoe for keep
la the county record. D'strlct Judge
a raves baa twice called the commission
era' attention to the necessity of having
a aafs ptaoe to kern the court records.
The preeosed plana call for a modern
up-to-date buUdtag two stories high with
MINDFvW Neb., March t-lSpeeUl
Teles ram. Yesterday afternoon Oeorga
H, Hartaough, one af Mind en's pioneers,
died at his home In this city. Mr. Hart
sough hsa been ta the railway srrvlos
for nearly thirty yaara. about twenty
savaa of which wss served at Mlnden.
He, wee born at Canadairua, New York,
May tt, sU siid .ftar receiving his
eemmea ashool sduostion graduated tram
college and alas a commercial eolleew.
He waa married August Is, itn, to Delia
H. Babeock. at Juniata. Neb.
Mr. Hartseugb worked for ths Burling,
ton at Harvard, Dorcheetar, Janlata and
from UN In Mlnden. Ha served ana
term aa eoanty clerk, was about twenty
years oa tha school board aad waa serv
Ing hla sscon.d term aa a member of
ins city eeoncti and la many other wars
served the public. Hla efforta were alwaye
directed te the uplifting of the general
good ot tha community In which aw
lived. He learea twa children, a daughter.
-re. 1100000 J. Slater af Bert rend. Neb
and Oeonto H. Ilartsougb, Jr, now la
ths government service at Panama, but
at home on a furlough, and hla wife.
ma a riartsouf h.
Funeral sen-Ices will be held Wcdnea
day afternoon at 1 38 o'clock at the
First Presbytertaa church. The A. O
-. v... o. l. r. and A. F. A. M., ot
which ho was a member, win take part
on iwncrai SSI I rues
(Continued from First Page.)
our country must ha esishllshod It we
propose to enjoy the full advantage of
our opportunity In domestic and foreign
Order far Call.
"I have accordingly Instructed the sec
retary ot commerce and labor to take
the necessary steps to initiate aa soon
aa practicable at Washington a confer
ence of delegates from erganlxatloas
which are engaged In the promotion and
development ot commerce and Industry
In their respective districts, such con
ference to consider the establishment ot
a representative national organisation for
commercial development and to outline
tha principles by which It should be gov
"Tha development of tha plan will be
left entirely with tha accredited repre-
ssntatlvea of such commercial ergantsa-
twes. the essential prtnclplea being that
the national aseoclatlsn shall be broadly
representative of the commercial Inter
ests of the whole country and that Its
organisation shall be such that those la
control of tha associativa shall be readily
responsive to the will af tha majority of
the constituent members."
(Continued from First Page.)
Gwvannitl, arrested in this connection?
asksd Henry.
Ths witness admitted this waa so.
"But," ha added, "we would have no
use In killing a woman. The police said
the e pooches made by Ettor and Ofovan
altl infuriated the strikers, and that Is
the way they have Investigated tha killing."
Why did tha strikers want ta aend
their children away from Lawrence?"
Representative Stanley of Kentucky Inquired.
To keep them from being hurt, Up
son replied.
Golden Coatradlete Berger.
John Golden, president ot tha Textile
Workers' untan, was called ta tha stand.
Hs mads a statstnent contradicting alle
gations made by Representative Berger.
"Mr. Berg jr." ha said, "made the state
ment that tha Industrial Workers ot ths
World represented KON at tha Lawrence
ntlll hands and that I. affiliated with
the American Federation of Labor, repre
sented Just 130. Ths truth of tha matter
la that whea this "revolution' In Lawrence
occurred the Industrial Workers of ths
World hsd Just 21? members. That organi
sation la two years old. Tha erganlsa
tion I represent has M members In Law
ranee and la twenty-five years old."
Mr. Golden further declared that hs
held no "brief' for tha Lawrence em
ployers and that before the Industrial
Workers of the World came Inta Law
rence hs waa aa objectionable aa sould
be Imagined to tha mill owners.
Turning to- Representatives Bertsr ks
It la all tha fault ot your Ettara and
your Hay wood a, who have gone te Law
rence and poisoned tha minds ot tha mill
workers. They have not preached trades
unionism to them, but absolute anarchy."
"That's a Us." cried several of ths
girt strikers, and Chalnnsa Henry
threatened to dear tha room. (
Will Retara ta Work. '
LAWRENCE. Maes.. March lt rising
operatives of tha Arlington and Pacific
mills, who are affiliated with the Cen
tral Labor union will return ta work Mon
day morning and accept tha I per sent
minimum wage Increase offered.
This was decided upon at a meeting af
thi general committee ot tha union tonight
Tonight's actloa It generally accepted
aa aa Indication that the Central Labor
union will recommend tire acceptance of
ths concession otfsred la all tha mills.
Tha Industrial Workers ot tha World
strike committee declined the offer of ths
agents today, but tha latter neverthe
less, expect a marked Increase ot work-
era Monday. -
The Industrial Workers control tha ma
jority at tha unskilled operatives who are
on strike.
PiartlBSrtea aaiaeea talteao Ope we.
HART1NOTON. Neb.. March t iSpe-
daU-The Hartlngtoa Business snd Nor- at Wtaner. lie la survived hy his widow
6 ear. to label aad Mlaa Aaast Ptw
deehl Married daaae L. Sal.
health ta Dead.
WEST POINT. Neb.. March -(Special-V
Sunday afternoon Rev. William
Harms, pastor of tha German Lutheran
church, performed the ceremony which
united O oeta re Bobel and Anna Predoehl
la matrimony. Tha young people are the
children of pioneer settlers of NetUrh
township, born and brought up tn this
community and will maks their future
heme on the aid aeeaeetead,
laaas U Oarhralth. one of the eldest
residents and most respected pioneers ot
nertnorn cursing county, passed away at
the noma of hla daughter la South
Dakota an Friday. Mr. Oalbraith waa
years of ace and a native of Wisconsin.
He homesteaded In this county tn IMS
ana aaa reatoew hero contiaueualy antli
lus aeata. inawral
Domestic Troubles
and Financial Worry
Cause of Suicide
OXFORD, Neb.. March !.-(Specal
Telegram.) Joe Robertson, a second
hand dealer, who came here from Brush,
Colo., about four months ago. committed
suicids by shooting this morning. Coroner
Hopping ot Beaver City ordered an In
quest It Is said ths causa ot the sui
cide was a combine lion of financial
troubtee and Bomrstlu difficulties. The
county attorney was ordered to make a
farther Investigation here, but It Is re
ported he formerly lived at Faxton,
Neb., coming from Ohio tn that place.
It Is said that he haa a wife and two
chlMrea living la Ohio.
NEW YORK. March t-The government
haa suffered no setback In Its prosecution
of the United Stales Machinery company
under tha Sherman law by reason of the
rejection of four of tha five counts In
the two Indictments against officials ot
the company, according to United fltatea
District Attorney French of Boston, who
Is prosecuting tha government's ahsrgsa
Ths criminal charges are In aa wise re
moved, according to Mr. French, bat en
the other hand the government baa won
a substantial victory in having sustained
"tha most Important and cocsprenenalve
count," charging a completed saonopoly"
through tha system ot leases oa paten tad
ma! college will open m this city Monday,
March 14, with aa enrollment of fifty
students. Tha college embraces tnetruc-
tloa in business, agriculture and normal
training. T. O. Bocae aad W. J. Palaaer.
recently ot the Mosher A Lampmaa Com
mercial cellega at Omaha, will have charge
of U .school
Gaad rruwsrshlp Baaeaet.
COZADt, Nab.. March I. (Special. The
Cesad CosnraercialNcluh aad the Retail
Dealers' sssorlstlna vkU give a Jotat good
Irtlowehtp be no, net ad the evening of
March tt Several speakers af note will
be aa tha program and
tha town tor tha coming year w9i
and six children
Saaner lodge of tha Decree of Honor,
a new Datarnal ereaoUaUoa hi Weal
Point, commenced baaisawa aa but avow
ing and waa formally organised by Miss
Ktta Brooks, stale deputy. The lodes
starts out with ay tswrosershlp af twenty.
It hi aa auxiliary ta tha Ancient Order af
L'alted Worki
The officers elected for tha coming year
arc: Chief of honor, Mrs. Charles Nsr-
sxan; lady af honor. Mrs. Fred Kioto
chief of eerenweUea. aire. L E, Oehrta:
recording and financial secretary, Isaac
K. Oeorta: treasurer, E. F. ICrause.
Tha people party at Wast Posat have
called a mass conventloa for tha aohat
nation et a saeniclpal ticket for March IX
Glass before Breakfast
tones op the stomixh, clears
tlB head Rnd docs toq good.
Qrdeady Believes
I EwssEWatPpy
"hl7 ' " 1 ' 1
US. '
DEAR MADAM: It isn't always fair to' blame a dealer for trying- to
make you buy some other corset when you ask for the Memo. Her
chants are in business to make money, and as much of it as poeaible.
Furthermore, some merchants actually don't know their own stocks
well enough to distinguish between REAL NEMO SERVICE and itt imit.
tions. Some others care only for the extra profit which generally jroea
with bogus merchandise.
On tho other band, we have worked for years and very auceessfally, thank yooi
gia women better corse ta and greater corast-value than they ever bad before. It M oar
purpose to ierws tAs puUie, $M that's why we have fixed the rttailsr'i profit at a fair Hvisg
Bgura-ao that YOU, madam, shall get FULLEST VALUE tot yooT roooey.
As we have already told you, some dealers fortunately not very many
attempt to defeat our purpose by trying to make you buy other nrnkes, on
which the dealer may collect 100 per cent profit from YOU.
If your dealer ever tries this on T0EJ-BE A WISE WOMAN!
Nemo Self-Kedodng Corsets, are the world's itandard for itoot women, with ABSO
LUTELY NO SUBSTITUTE and not even a good ImiUtion. A model for every type ot
tctttfifrBMvmt. r, , o. : r :or$as-,Mb.ti0r
HARTLNOTON. Mao.. March l-npe-ala1.)
Mrs. Maggie DavU, who wag oaa.
vlcted and sentenced ta Ufa imprisonment
last March' for tha murder af Ira
Churchill, bit wboas case waa reversed
aad remanded for trial la November,
wtU hare her new trial bare this week.
The task ot Impaneling a Jury will com
mence Tuesday afternoon. County At
torney O'Oara will prosecute the case.
unassisted, this time and tha dersnsa wm
be represented by B. 1. Millard of this
city, aaslstsd by Fred Berry of Wayne.
All thlppers aro requested to plainly pot tho words
on all prepaid express package, either by label, stamp or writing;.
Through tho occasional dishonesty of employee and mistakes,
charge have aomaUmea been collected on package already pre
paid. This ts against tha Company's long etaadlog roles, and haa
given opportunity for unrwagonable etatameota about the Irusliieas.
All persons will help to protect the Oompany and themeetvea
by observing the above rvquaat, and by promptly reporting any
violation of the rule by s second chart os prepaid package,
Tha Company intends to protect all gMppeea agalaurt each acta
to the extent ot Its power.
S Heotor Street. New York City. . Vice-President aad (tenant Manager,
The beer behind
the triangular label
possesses character and
quality ts a marked
Tsaaght. mass. Teas , There, gat.
aad tha
rxn etnui or Tmn oi.aaf wxar
BText Week The fclly.
" W- A-14S4.
Btat. Xrwry Bey gas. vei-y aTurht aOd
hTlle. Camilla Ooeii Miss Helen tiraatley:
Little Lord Robert: 6is Bracks: Tin
C renin: Kosa Ronas: Corrhraa dt Vivian:
KlaMoerope: Orpbeum toarert orenee
rra. Pvsosa. aUght. tee. aSe. aoe, TSe. amaa-
10a, ae
lIoTiog season is approaching
W 'A' ya,!,'''"' !'
bV-? , t I
; 'in i
rM:;4 -
If you arc think
ing 'of moving,
would it not be
well to select an
office building
which is equal in
every respect to
the newest building and bodter in having developed
an office building "sen-ice" tried and never found
wanting. ,
Janitor service, elevator eon-Ire, repair aervire, engineer
ing service and superlntandsnoe alt take yeara to develop ta
give quick and eoarteoaa servlca to an amy o lahabilaau
of an office building.
You will be well taken core of year after year if
you select for your permanent offic location
Seem necewttew Woaaa, private eeTiee, twa tara elossts. kwwe
workroom with tww wsrth wuidowa laai eft We for eaaaaer.
arch Heel doctor sr other profssalasl ceso. Kealal per
monia. ........... ...........
la a
lezltla. havlag a north
-ts ll- jJS la alas, located aa the eaerrt. elans ea ebw
ha divided as ss ta saaae twa vary pleasant toosaa. Price,
per aseuia asTAe
ISO Of flea In tha northwest earwsr. hevieer four tares win
dows A tliwproes' vault far tha piwteetian of valuaMe papers
la maeh in demand and ia afforded ta thie roam. There aa a
total of aqtiare reet of neor apaea aad aooje weald he
eqaippea with panttiooa to satisfy good tea ant. The natal
price ia par saonth , tsflO
The Bee Building Co.
Bee Business Office 17th aad Faurxura St.