Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 02, 1912, Page 9, Image 9

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Can You Beat this Great Offer?
Free $8.00 sak Vest Free
Witfc every made-to-&easure suit order
This Sale Positirely Eais Saturday
Erenii;, March 2d. '
Order That Spring Suit Now
1 "Builders of Tidy Togs17 1
Hail Orders Solicited
wi mew nr rssss axd mxtaim iu
"BILL AKERS", Manner
Eor the , , . . ,1
I Hops at Fort Omaha
;tne oft tha largest and most enjoy
able affairs of the irwn mi the mlll
Ury bop and reception' (Wen by th
offlctra and ladle ot Fort Omaha las
evening at tha peat gymnasium In oora
pliment Is Major and Mra. Carl F. Hart
rsann, wbj bava recently arrived at tha
'A color at heme ot deep yellow or orange,
the signal cores color, , waa used in
decoration. Tha ball-room waa alio elab
orately daeorated with American flags,
libs pott library waa used aa a supper
room and waa attractively decorated with
yellow tuljt and rallow daisies. Tellow
spaded candle lighted tha room, lieuten
ant Leonard presented the guests, la the
rjoelvln( nna war Mejbe.and Mitf Ilart
roann. Mra. Joan Hoffman Thompson,
Jf i. A.i eC Cowan Mr. A. U Gilchrist,
Mrs. W. X. Mlouet. Ura.Clrka Lynn.
trs. Hartmann wore a haadeem black
velvet (own; Mra. Thorn peon, black mar-1
unltelte ojrer black Mlk; Mr. Cowan a
light blue allk crepe; Mra. Gilchrist, llcht
blue aatla with paart trimmings; Mrs.
Michel, black lace sown, and Mrs. Lynn,
black French net over black satin.
The Invited list from Omaha and. Fort
Crook Included: v
-Messrs. -and Meodamea
J. Van Rensselaer, H. Cox,
Dr. w. O. Henry,
Dr.' Young.
Char lea Hweet.
H, 8. Caldwell. . .
C. K. Voel,
Captain. Cheneweth,
lir. Ilolllster,
M. Carina,
Henry Doorly,
Pr. Rodney Bill
1. Howard,
F. W. Thomas,
Captain Allen,
C..C. Valentin.
B. V. Cola.
. Mesdames .
K. C. Norrls,
Kanno, . .
J. Da Camp Hall.
Eastman. Martha Dale.
Anna Jordan,,
nisabeth Sweet,
Margaret UcSaana,
F. H. Davie,
Charles i'lckeoa.
Wiimoth. '
j! H. Scoble,
it 8. Collin.
Henry W. .Yates,
Kennedy, -Walter
T. rage.
Hen Robtdoux.
Charles Johannes,
Dr. Jenks,
Dr. C. A. Hull .
K. L. Arthur,
George Voes,
Charles Offuli.
Ketis Moreen.
Knight White.
M. :. Van Gleeen.
Nanoia Pace.
KJUaoeth Davis,
Anna Crary,
Frances Weeatlls,
Mary Furay,
Knld Valentine.
Ulisabetli Ftckena.
Paul Beaton.
C. J. Mctihene.
William rlmon.
In-. Conk I m.
Walter Thomas,
Captain Howell,
Lieut. Col. Marsh,
lieutenant Scott.
Lieutenant Watson.
lieutenant UrtlUUi,
U. Bannister. Jr.: Lieutenant Lane.
'Captain Martin. Lieuteoaat Belela,
,1 okmel and Mra. Buttler,
Colonel and Mra, Allaire.
Colonel and Mrs. Bannister,
'Colonel and Mra. Kastman,
Valor and Mra. Atkinson.
Major arid Mra. Dale. b
'Captain and Mrs. MUlman.
Captain and Mrs. Dorsy,
.Captain and Mra. Bwltser,
captain and Mr. Rtlenhrkk.
Captain and Mra. Hornbrook,
Captain, and Mrs. Nesbltt,
Ueutenant and Mra. Keller,
Lieutenant and Mra. Bowman,
'Lieutenant and Mr. Bubb.
lieutenant and Mra. Davis,
Ueutenant and Mrs. Poet.
O.H.S. Parties
Four senior (iris, all member of the
Ky Data club, will Journey to Lincoln to
rporrow. where ther will attend toe an
nual Kappa. Kappa Gamma sorority "for
mal" at U university In the evening.
The girls who bava been Invited to at
tend tba bop are Mlsa Katharine Daven
port. Mia Adeiyn Wood and Mlsa Lola
HowelL who will be entertained at the
KarPa bouse, and Mis Clan fteoner, who
w,ill be tba (ueat of Mlsa Helen Boren
son. .
Tha tidnger Travel club elected Its
offtcera for 112 at a meeting held at tha
Unlngar art gallery yesterday aftemooo.
Those elected ware: President, Florence
Lake; rlee president. Bertha El kins; sec
retary, Marroettta Carpenter; treasurer,
lUlan Johaaoav The aaambershtp oC the
club now total thlrty-Ove. '
Tba Loa Loro dub, one of tha senior
girls' tocUl dubs, has reorganized for tha
Edith Hamilton.
Laura Zlmmeran,
Klltabeth Ralney.
remainder ot tha present school year and
expects to arrange a series of kentinctont
and afternoon partiea to be given on al
ternate Friday afternoon during this and
next month. The member of the club
Margaret Burke,
Beea Heaton,
Klale Rogers,
The dramatlo committee of tba senior
elks haa been appointed and Includes tha
to) lowing: Kaz Houlton. chairman. Ada
laid Funkhouatr, Utah Renner, Maurice
Clark and William Noble. Thie commit
tee will confer with Mlsa Ulllan Filch on
the cost of holding a else play similar
to tha one given laat May by the class
of Nil at tha Brandels theater, Mia
Fitch will direct the rehearsal if a play
ig (Ivan by this year's clan-. .
' Mlsa Hannah "Kopaia "will entertain the
member ot tha Ne Notrts club at her
koine, nl Kbrth Fortieth street, tomor
row aftarnoon.. Those present will be:
Dertrude Aiken,
Helen Johnson,
Km ma Medler,
Blanche Busk,
Hannah Kopald.
Klliabeth flnley,
rteien uarvin,
lwrothy Weller,
LucUe Dennis,
A vary enjoyable dancing party ' waa
given at Hart hall In Dundee nut even
ing, when tha resident alumni of Lea
Hlboux club entertained tha active mem
ber and their friends. A black and (ray
schema ot decorations waa -used. The
alumni membora who bad charge of tba
affair war Robert Thompson, '10; John
8. Bowen, '09; Clarence Patton, It; Henry
Howe. '11; Herbert Ryan. '01; Mas Flo
thow, ' ; Cheeter Nleman, '10, and Ches
ter Arnold, n.
Pleasures Past
Mr. Stanley Hart man waa boateaa
Thursday afternoon at a bridge party at
bar home, when six tables ot player
were present
Mr. and Mra. Fred Pee res gave a
beautifully appointed dinner Wednesday
evening at their noma, when twelve
guests were present .
Mra. Jay D. Foster entertained at a
beautifully appointed violet rencheon to
day at her home. A mound of violet
formed the centerpiece for tha table and
covers were placed for twelve. The after
noon waa spent playing bridge.
Tha first meeting of tha Original Cook
ing club waa bald Thursday at tba home
of aim. George Print, who la always the
first hostess ot tha season. Tba member
ot tha stub are: -
Meedames . Mesdames
Charles X. KounUa, Ward buigees.
Luther Kountse, Joseph Barker,
M. O. Colpetser, Samuel burns, jr.:
John T. ftewart, td.; w. Herbert Wheeler.
W. a. Poppleton. George Prina.
Mum Klla Ma Brown entertained on
ot the Lenten lowing club at her horn
Thursday afternoon. The members are
sawing for tha children's ward In Clark
son hospital. The members of tha club
Glenn C. W harton,
Kdwln T. ftwobe,
V. D. Hoeford.
Metdames ' "
T. L. Davie.
Samuel Burns, Jr.
C r. mllh.
Jerome Ma re.
Mis Ella Mae Browa
Aa enjoyable evening was spent at the
noma ot Mr. and Mra. H. W. Hale, til
North Twenty-first street, Wednesday.
tha occasion being the birthday of both
Mra. Hal and Mr. R. V. Griffin. The
following wer present:
Misses ' Mtsses-
Beeele Katxenmeyer. Amy Tavlor,
Bernice Banghart. Flossie Thompson.
Dollis Katsenmeyer.
Messrs. Messrs
K. D. Griffin. ' C. Conrrove.
D. W. -Campbell. Jones Hoetetter.
Mr. aad Mrs. Arthur Droega.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Hals.
Mirs Wlrmte Farmer. Mlas Edna Parka
aad Mia Ktbel Taylor entertained a leap
year party at tha heme at Mis Parka,
Soma of the latest leap year games wer
prayed, after which luncheon waa served.
Thosa present were:
Edith Pratt
Winnie Farmer,
Mettle Farmer,
Alice Kempf, -Birdie
Messrs '
Harry Clover.
Mike Ranr.
iiaroM Roth,
Harry Cook.
Judge W. W.
his thirteenth
having Been born In leap year, waa (Ivan
a party at bis home last evening by the
officers and teachers of tha First Chris
tian church Sunday school, ot which he
Is superintendent The Judge waa pre-
Eva Moble.
Lillian Hansen.
- Klhel Taylor,
Edna Parka.
Messrs. '
Relph dorenson, -'
Arthur Farmer,
Hex Hungate. -Benjamin
Blabaugh, who celebrated
birthday yesterday, he
aented with a handsome black leather
travelling bag, tha presentation speech
being made by Mra. J. H. Itberry.
Games and tnusio were tha avenlnf s
amu semen ta
Mrs. J. ,,M.': Stafford entertained In
formally at luncheon Thursday at her
horn In , honor of her daughter. Mra.
Charles Darin, at McCook, Nab. Cover
laid for:
Vesdamea '-'
Harry Hsrsog,
T. B. Boysr,
Charles Davits,
Fred Kanda,, - i -Kansaa
City, Mo.;
Edward Bedford.
Frank Ferdua, .
E. K. Bralnard,
T. F. Parker,
C. A. Mpple. . i
J. F.'O'lary, .
J. L. Burr,
Misses . ' '
Marttna Thode,. '
Bertha Store. -Bernlre
Davie. '
Ann Bock,
mens Wilcox.
Ida Schlpporett,
Masters .!.
Frank Sands,...
John Hertog.
. Elisabeth Drags,
, Iu Stafford.
Vera StafTord.
Dorothy Pardun.
Marlon 0 Leery.
"Mastera-i . .
Hugh Stewart''-'
The wedding of Mis Mildred Carter ot
Lincoln to Mr. Paul Luther Ernst of
Omaha was celebrated at Holy Trinity
church, Lincoln. Rev. S. Mills Hayes of
ficiating, kt high noon Wednesday, In
tba presence ot tha Immediate relative.
The bird I tha daughter of Mrs.. Ida
M. Carter of Lincoln, and .waa born In
Lincoln, but while coinc to school Bved
with her grandparents at Astoria, lit'
The gram la tha younger son ot Mr.
and Mra. C. J. Ernst ot Omaha, formerly
ot Lincoln.
C. J. Ernst and family went to Lincoln
Wednesday morning In Mr.- Ernst's -private
car and returned to Omaha with tba
bride and groom Wednesday afternoon.
The young couple will reside at 1321 South
Tenth ttreet
Personal Gossip
Mrs. C. Y. Smith la a recent arrival at
tha Arlington hotel In Hot Springs. Ark.
H. IL Flook, R. & Brelnlg and A. C.
A rend are guests of th Eastman hotel
In Hot Springs. Ark.
Brigadier General Frederick A. Smith
and Mra Smith are In Hot Springs, Ark.,
tor a stay of two or three weeka
Mra A. D. Stowttta and Mis Mar
gusrlt Stowltt returned Monday from
an extended atay in New York and
At the Theaters
Asia ri cast "The Meart ef sTarylaad.
sydi. "At urlse."
resists f "Tha Flak X4y."
Oayetyi Barlesas.
Orpheuxei Vaudeville.
statlaeea today at tha ayety, Snf
aad Orphans thaaasra-
"At Paariae" at tha Boyd.
Tha .villain waa there. He entered ta
the first act and ha remained us til th
end of tha play. Tha young girl waa
there, too. So waa tha military hero, and
It waa lucky that th her arrived before
tha curtain (ell on tha last act which
waa the fifth, for otherwise how could
tha (how have gone aa tonight and for
all tha ether performancea until after
Sunday night? Everybody lust bad to be
saved before tha final curtain, a every
body waa saved. Tha author was kinder
than the people who war enrolled to In
terpret hi masterpiece.
"At Sunnrlse" la a military melodrama
with plot In every corner. The villain
gets busy In the opening act at tha did
ranch and he keepa klckta' dawgs and
hats and affections and every old thing
'round all th time wntll the final act
when ha is pushed . entirely out ot the
ring and tha military bar free th soa-
herolae. Then tha curtain falls and th
manager ot th anew goes forth ta tha
box office ta aa whether tba remaining
performance are Hkely to net sufficient
fends ta carry tha troupe ef eight people
aad tour dog ta Schuyler.
Laewl Kate at tha Staar.
If one mar lodge from the arret boa
office Interest shown for the Forbes
Robertson engagement that great a-tur
will receive a magnificent ovetlon when
he appears before local playgoers In "The
rasalng of trie TTJlrd Floor Bark." Tha
play baa never been seen here. The
suthor, Jerome K. Jerome, could nave
bad no one better fitted for the nart tf
the "Pssser-By" than the eminent English
actor-manager. There ts something about
Mm which attracts, one feeia his per
sonality getting wrer tha feat lights, and
th maimer la whkh he taike Iu hi
Positively the Last Pay
Of Hartman's Annual Clearance Sale
Final Price Reductions 1 to 1 Oil
m w mm
1 awtee.ii MVVUt VUOU 0
with Leather Seat
1 -
5 ' 1
75 Set of 6 Din-
. . ing Chairs
Solid Qnartatwd
$0.09 Circusiaa Walnut
Dresser Re
duced to-l"'' -
Handsome colonial dealgs.
lar re French plate, bevel
edge mirror, two largi
and twa small drawsra.
You can t dupllr
tha dreeeer for li
In other atoroa;
sale price - .
X V,
at w r
h t
,2I.S8 Cireisabi Walwrt
You're saving 13 par cent an this wonderwnl bargain. Chair bar wide
panel back, broad (haply leather seats. legs are masalve, securely hraced, carvel
claw taet. Mad enurol ot (anuiae quartared oak; for this Ml only at th n
beatabl prloo above. .
RUGS-At Unheard of Priceo
sl?ri?'''iaW -
i-am-A "TV sk SB SB
V - v X ular pnees ra-
C -kV r X duoad te
SS - ID-
' a -.""iN. V
S10M Braesole Rug,
Slsa txll ft, close flnu weava new
spring selection or ori
ental and floral de
signs; 130.00 values, for
this sale only
save, new
' luxurious
MAO Telvst Bug, siaso.
Slsa Hall ft seamless, 'luxurious
ill, worsted surface, a I.
area Quantity of dealr-
able patterna, handaoma
$18.00 Ctnuln
Brass Bd
i Inch pools
sod 6 tillers,
satin or brass
finish, suaran
teed 10 years.
Large, one-piece ruga, else txu ft.
aeep pile, an guaran
teed, fast colorings.
tlt.00 values, great reduction
Tha beet opportunity of the
0x11 ft, all wool, hand
aoma deslgna and col
orings, IJe.00 Value, out
to only
Ban -y
BIB -i fMl
Continuous Post
$38 Brass Bed
Row Cut T
Sua. OO China Oaatast, SILOS
These cablnete are made at genuine
quartered one. Dent-eon aeaign.
doubls strength glass.
adlustahla a O a I v a i
i;l M valaaa, final
duello sale price ,
wnt-eaa aeaign.
1414-16-18 DOUGLAS ST.
- '.''
S104S BUekeara. Sew S1O.0
Large double door daak aompartmant,
two small drawera and large lower
drawers, French plate
mirror, mad ef
solid oak. bril
liantly polished,
aaa-eaasaaaassaaaaaaaaaaaaaiaaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiainiiaanaaws..ii.i n i
II THIS Hllalt UI lit ir. Larj'a.- W
y l- -s- - ' ' ' s r . r
xjij X aj i Its' ",iank
Pure Food News For Busy flousewivec-
Fresh Dressed Spring Chickens 12Vac
Pig Pork Roast , 7c
Steer Pot Roast ..
Bteer Steak
Young Veal Roast
Pork Butts ......
Lamb Letts
11:30 A.M.
id. 3 P. M.
Swift Premium D. C. and
Armour Star Ham ..14 a4
Swift Premium O. C. and
Armour. Star Bacon -lft1
rresh Dressed Chlckesa, 9 tag
111 8 BAB
IEYST. Phonu:
Bods. 2147
andS4vt HI!
i L. a." 'I f II TaLgr . - gf Ml
sr - e m
fyZ-y f. JCAk QjvJ
fellow-lodgers In the boarding house
where he cornea to stay Is done so
. ,, .k.. f I. lltersllv earrl-d
away, the Interest ie eo deep. When a
laey paints ana insnes . . .. ,
when an old roan Is In love with a young
. . 1 . -rl.hea to fln&t S faOSUS
company. It Is no mean tah that one
would set oneseu to ri inm
attainment of their object. Hut the pley
contain these characters, falihfully por
trayed, and It Is on them that Forbes
Robertson successfully casta his spell of
goodness. There Is not a whit of melo
drama In tha whole three hours of etiter-
. .. - MM. Knf fAeeeful Mnrv
tainmeni, n n "-e-- -
of truth conquering dishonesty, right
overcoating wn.
Th bill at tha Orphaum next week will
be of unusual local Interest - as two
former Omaha glrla will each present aa
act ef her own. Mlsa Helen Or ant ley
will play "The Right Rood" and Miss
Rosa Koma. violin virtuoso, will five a
musical performance.
Tonight the Gayrt) present a ragtime
. , ........ in vhlrh Buf
piano pi-vji..i ' . , . -'
dexterous ticklers of the Ivory kevboard
Will Compete "r lioerm, w wuw .1-
fered by the management. This contest
will be In addition to the excellent musical
performance being given by 'Tlie Qieen
of Bohemia" company. Ladies matinee
An extra number was put on at the
Orpheum yesterday afternoon. Miss Verne
Hayee. an Omaha girt, gave several de
lightful violin numbers, snowing that she
poseeeeed unusual ability aa an enter
tainer. Miss Heyea waa enthuetaatirsiiy
encored and responded with "Old Ken
tucky Home." The young women la a
tudent at the L'nlverslty IJcheol of
Muaie la Lincoln.
"Tha Heart at Maryland." which has
been running at the American this week
to audienree that have packed the house
to tts capacity, will close on Saturday
night, a matinee being played oa Satur
day afternoon. Beeionlns with Sunday
arterwuon Miss Lang will be seea lo toe
role of th girl, la The Girl ot the
Golden West."
Oaukha'a Fax Tsed Caster
One ton of Criifomla fcnglish Walnuts, per lb.
sue bunches Kngllsh Violate fi In bunch ''.:i'"-i'
00 boxes Washington Naval Oreugee orange spoon with each
10 Voxee mrwiid' Turkish 'Figa i crowa--per bl '
Home Made Mixed Cer,
Gallon cans Preserved Figa
Gallon cana California Ripe Otlvee .
Gallon cana California Table Fsachas heavy syrup
Gallon cana California Table A prloo is lr eyrup
S u-lta, tins Hickmotfe Aspsrague extra eualilv
uqtroB rou aczoictaar. uass
"lyotua" Kentucky Whiskey. yeara old; full quart
Guckenheimer Bra; full quart
Old Atherton: full quart
Monogram WHskey; full quart
California Brandy: full Quart
Sweet Muscatel very eld, per Sallow
Fort wine: per ganoa
. . . r e 1 a "N a .e-. , .
aaifcvj. yyJC, yeCtrvk VaXA VaSAV &i
Postmaster Wharton haa com pi led a
statement of the sroaa receipts of the
Omaha posrofflce for the last month,
comparing them with tba figures for
February. Ml. Aa fnereasa of about )
per cent is shown. Th amount taken ta
laat month waa fB.HMS. The receipts
for February, 1311. were t.eo) 3, shew
ing a difference of
Special troueer sale at lierg a, Saturdiy. i
Rejolir 40e QnA
U,er Cike...0UC
16th BC, Opswalte Posajofflct)
Low Gash Prices
Yea sat pure, gwodl saaat here tor
the iewwat pricea. We stake ll-a rate
ta sell always fsr flsurea that give
e only e fair profit. We have aa
credit aeceania, awke ae aaUeerlea.
aad ttraa atunrnata th heavy expense
that other markets have to face. Try
Bath's once and you will coma hare
Perk Lelne .....'..letae
Perk Bhewlder site
Spare rtbe .tut
Perk Chope lSa
Peru Sieak 11 He
Chelea Rib Raaat 10s and ISta
Pet Meaat ., Ma, Sa. ta
Heave Made Perk Sausage ltlta
Home Iteadered Lrd Li He
Heme Made Hamburger 10a
CmtsJty'a T. C Hani ,...IHe
Cudalty-a Hen Baeoa Wi
TsL Seas-. SSSt. UK