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Manufacturer's Slock Safe of
Women's & Children's Garments
Marvelous value-giving in nearly all lines
quite a number of big shipments sent us by our
N. Y. resident buyer, surpassing in bargain worth
any garment value tre have ever shown. Sale will
begin Saturday and continue till every garment
is Bold. Watch our windows and ads. ( , , ,
6150 One-Pieoe Dresses Values up to $25.00
Serges, Messalines, Teau de Soie, Foulards, Poplins,
nobby styles, in all sizes and colors, as shown in our
16th street windows; in Saturday's sale at one price,
choice $5.9a
n 1 r Ll A?3MJc)
Final Clearance Winter Stocks
in Knit Underwear and Furnish
ings With Two Great Muslin
Underwear Specials
French Coney Fur Coats
from Bonis & Co., Skin
ner satin lined, made to
sell up to $35.00; your
choice $9.90 J
Long Cloth Coats, in
cluding fur lined coats,
from Meyer Veesie, N.Y.
Values up to $30.00; on
I sale, choice $5.00 J
Entire Surplus of Coronet Waist Co.
Lingerie Waists, Tailored Waists, Madras Waists, in all sizes,
embroidery and lace trimmed; regular values up to $2.00; on
sale at, choice .I..... 49c
Children'! Coat Sale Saturday
New Spring Tailored Suits
Well worth $20.00, on sale
at ...-.. ..$12.50
200 of them, all wool fabrics,
in the newest colorings and
clever new styles. Don't miss
them. , .
Values to jp7.50, from Sterne,
Hernman & Co., N. Y., in all
weights, all sizes 1 to 14 years,
on Bale at $1.25
Women'! Waista Lace, chiffon, velvets, messalines, etc, all
colors and sizes, values up to $7.50, choice . . . . v $1.9
ChHdrat Wash. XWhutM 100 TUored Snim that
Diwi Gingham. -AawolnlMUi 7? ?JI.J
Chambraya, tc Umi tU fc $10.00. I DomrUo
l to 14 im 8ry. ebole Koom. tier
, Ml, cbolc ...08 t ........ S&85 5.00
. New Spring Coats Serges and fancies, all sizes and colors.
$15.00 values'; special ... ....$10.00
A Showing of New Tailored Suit Styles second to none in qual
ity or assortment. A representative stock from the best mak
ers and designers of both Europe fcnd America a showing so
broad in its scope that the most particular buyer will be sure
to find just what is desired. See the display of new Crown
' Jewel Suits, equal to $35.00 garments shown elsewhere, price
is........ f $25.00
ij Monday
Inclusive, March 4 to 7,
um wM hold Our Crtat
Stmt -Annual Display
Laces, Embroideries and
Dress Trimmings. 'All
are cordially invited. .
Special Dinnerware Bargains In Open Stock English
Porcelain Saturday
50 100-piece dinner sets to
close out at the below
8-lu. Dinner Plates, 6 for 45
-ln. Plate, for 40
I-ln. Pie Plate. S for .-30
4 H-ln. Bauc Dishes, for 20
Boop Coupes, ( for ..... . .40
Covered Dishes, each ....20
8-ln. and li-ln. Platter, at,
each 10 "d 20
Sugar, Creamers, Sauce Boats,
InTrw light, complete, ready
to put op. opedal 38
Read Hayden's Prices on Groceries
Tea tut e two priee.
Our aim la to fight the trt and
make the prlc for the peepla
IS IB. Iwt raslls gaga SIM
II bar I.nox Beat 'Em AU or Dla-
and C aop """M",
414b. ack beat High Orade Diamond
H Family Flour, nothing like IU Per
t H
best Rolled Breakfast Oatmeal
( lba. goad Japaa rtoa, TH my.
at "'"".""Z'H
, Iba. fancy Japaa bee no, una
aaaUty ..... .-.sse
t lba. beat white er yellew awrameak
14b. eana aaaortad aoope TH
. jta. caa eoadan seUk ....!
OU or Mustard Sardine, eaa ....4
Xb, beat con denied Mince Meat,
rt T
Mb. cana fancy California a!Ue4
Unen ding Peach, Feara er
Apricots, caa
t bar lry aoap
Orape Nut, pkg. .
lore Flaks. pk. He
Yeeat Foam. - J
Ltt La 8curta aoap, caa a
1 lba fancy cooking fife s6a
California cooking ralalna lb. ...10
The beat tea sifting, lb. ,...1IH
Golden 8entoa coffee, lb. so
BM anghmad Vavst Orange.
The health leet fruit grown, and rec
emmenoed by all doctor thla time
of the year. A (Teat blood purifier.
Saturday, doe. is, aoa, SSo, Oe
Ta Tiateat Tegetable Market la
Old Beet. Carrot. Paraalp or Tur-
nlpa. lb, SHe
FTMh Cabbaa. la, s
Fancy Wu erOreea Beaaa, lb. ..SO
Fancy Hatoeue MaBhroame. lb. box
for 40
Faaey Rip Toautoaa. lb.
Freeh Spinach, pa. aoa
Frees nan, Carrot er Tarnlpe. per
bunch ,
Freeh Shallot, btmch TH
Freah Braaeela Sproata, lb. ...,M
Rotabasaa, Turnip, la. H
baacba Freeh Badlabee .... .a
faacy Caollflower. lb. ..TUa
Faaey Oooaaaa- Applea, a. aoa
Mar Up 1 Pee pi eel.
Ourj price b aam the Beet
InT"" crto" or bulk.
The aeat ptrMly freak
ea ......... ........
A splendid showing of the
clever new productions in
Spring Millinery
The English Walking
Hats, the "Gaby" Hat and
many other clever new
ideas shown in delightful
variety as special for Sat
urday. Straight Brim Silk Sail
ors, Saturday at $2.95
Straight Brim Milan Sail
ors, Saturday at $1.98
Flowers, Flower, Flowers
. Manufacturers' Sample Lines,
all kinds and colors, rallies
to $1.00 bunch, Saturday, at,
buncb 25
Will Bate Yon Money On AU
Kinds of Millinery Here.
$2.50 Hand
Bags $1.25
A. new line for the spring
season just received, in
cluding . beautiful, large
.'size fancy metal frame
bags with tan leather lin
ing, $2.50 values, at $1.25
ta.00 Hand Bags Mo Full sjie,
tan leather lined, regular $1.00
rallies. In Saturday's sale, 98
Largest Blue and white
Enamel Sale
erer held In Omaha, Wa juat re
ceived larc car toad and e are
olna to make you a price that will
oertmlnly. be banrauia Beery piece
la flret fiiade enatnnl and guaranteed.
Thle eale for one aap ealy, Saturday.
-o.t. ulu and whit dim pan
14-qc blue and white dleh pana See
17-qk blue and whit diau pena Bee
11-u.c. blue and white dleh pane T
1 and whit water pelln,
Mamie see
1. .. .. ana wlilt water pailm
aeaiitioea as
l-QU blue and whit preeereln- ket
tle See
19-qt. klu and whit preferring ket
tle 1-qt. blue and whit rice bollere,
eoamal covers 66
1H-44L blue and whit rite boilers,
eaameled cover ado
No. i blue end whit Berlin kettles,
enameled covers 4a
No. blue and whit Berlin kettles,
enameled oovere SO
No. blue and white Berlin kattles,
nameled cover 6e
l-qt. blue and whit aauc pans, Ss
4-qt. blue apd whit suo pan aoo
1-qL blue and white eauce pane, as
No. T blue and whit tea kettles.
seamless :.S
No. S blue end white tea kettles, SS
No. blue and whit tea kettlea Sl-sS
1-qt.' blue and white coffee pote,
enameled covera as
m-it. blue and white coffee pote,
- enameled covera SO
J-o.t- blu and white coffee pote,
enan.led covera , m
Saturday Specials
' -ln-
Sheei Music
At 3 Copies tor
"Good Nitht Mr. Moon."
' "You Remind Me of Bom One."
"I Want to Fort at"
"Whor Too Oolna-r'
"I'm Oolrs to Join the Minstrel
"Pleaa Don't Take My Lovln'
Man Away."
"Somebody Else Will If Tou
"Winter Moon," "Nlfnt . and
"I've Been a Lone Tim Looking
for a Olrl Like You."
Patrick- Say Bpsirtals
Tne Song That iteacnea Irish
Classic Irish Bong Folio. -containing
1 popular irlon Soag.
chols S
At Per Copy.
"Alexander," "Every body e Doing
ft." "Mr. Dream Man," "Myeter
loua Rag." "Beautiful Doll." "Do
It Now," "Beautiful lele of
Bon.ewhere." "Ocean Roll,"
"Steamboat Bill." "Down by th
Old Mill Stream." "Where th
River Shannon Flows." ate, t
Aid ta Oeyy by XaU.
505 in 6 months, 100 annually, pretty good
investment don't you think t You may not need
the garments now but you will nest fall. "Why not 6avo A
i i. t a ri
2 uy uiiyinjj now i
Women's $1.50 Wool' Vesta or Pants
Harvard mills make, in white or gray,
slightly soiled; on sale at
Ladlea' Oatlng. Flapael Go'
$2.00 and $2.60 values, on sale
Saturday at 98
Ladles' Muslin I'ndrmklrta
$1.!5 to $1.00 values, daintily
trimmed with lace and embroid
eries 60 " 49
Ladlee Muslin (iowas made to sell
to $1.00, cut long and full,
t 49 35
Children's SOc Flreced l'derwear
Vests and Pants, la all sites,
on sale at 19
AVomca's 9U.50 and 13.00 In low
Sulla AU wool or silk and wool,
all sites, on sale $!.. SI. 45
Women's SI. OO and SI.BO Vntoa
Suits Light or heavy weight.
great snap Sat., 75 and 49
Women's I'Bdenreeta or rants
Sic and (Oc values, la Jersey
Ribbed Cotton or Lisle, on sale
Saturday 19 and 25
t hlldrea'e ?So VaJoa Salts
Winter weights. In aU styles and
alies, at 35
lie (tne Coutll and Batlate cor
sets, long blps model. Medium
or low bust, sties 18-S0, spe
cial 49
Warner's Rust Proof R. O.
Thomsen's C. B. a la Bptrlte,
. V. B., la complete line of Bprlng
models, up from SI. 00
SOe fine Lawn Bust Ruffle, lace
. trimmed 25
'J WL2 . . t
1 ,'.t V . ll II lJ
All til new spring models ta
Nemo) Self Reducing corsets,
" S3 $3.50 S4 S5
$2.a0 Ladies' New Spring Madras
mannleb. Shlrta, pretty bine,
white, assorted stripes, Si-tl
bust, special S1.43
Complete line of th celebrated
K. V 8. boys' blouses In new
spring patterns, mad of ging
ham, madras, percale, sateeo.
etc., at, each 49
If You Heed Furnishings or Underwear You
Can't Get Away From the Marvelous Bargain Offerings
We're Showing. Such Values Sell Themselves.
Men's Sample Suspenders, silk and lisle
webs, with fine kid ends, made to sell at
50c, 75c and $1.00; on sale 25c 39c 49c
Men's all silk Four-in-IIand Ties, in all the
new colors, light, dark and medium; made
to sell at 50c to $1.00; on sale at 25c 49c
15c Men's Socks, full seamless, black, tnu
and fancy colors, all perfect; on sale 7VsC
25c Men's Socks, best quality, in light, med
ium and heavy weight; black, tan and col
ors, on sale at ; 12 VsC
$1.00 quality Men's Medium Weight Work
or Dress Gloves; on sale at .49c
$1.00 and $1.50 Colored Shirts, made with
or without collars, neat colors, light, dark
or medium shade; on sale at. 49c
15c Men's and Boys' Four-ply Collars, all
sizes and styles, from 12 to 18; on sale 5c
Men's Linen Handkerchiefs, extra quality;
on sale 3 for 50c, 2 for 25o and. .... .10c
Men's Sample Shirts, all kinds, greatest
values ever offered, worth to $3.00; on sale
at... 69c
Hew Neckwear
We have greatly enlarged
, and have added several ex
tensive iines in Yokes,
Chemisettes, Vandyke and
fancy collars, etc. See th very
special bargains In Saturday's
sal priced at ....25. 49
Bed Spread Spe
cials Linen Dept.
Pull sis hemmed crochet Bed
Spreads, worth $1.75 each,
at S1.00
Fall sis hemmed crochet Bed
Spreads, worth $2.00 each,
at S1.25
roll sis hemmed crochet Bel
Spreads, worth $1.60 each,
at 81.59
Full site scalloped crochet Bed
Spreads, worth $3.50 each,
at S1.98
Full site scalloped crochet Bel
Spreads, worth $4.00 each,
at 82.50
Full size scalloped Marseille'
Bed Spreads, worth .ou
Special Sale
Picture Frames
Values up to $4.00, in
ovals or square, gilts,
oak, mahogany or 0Q
Circassian walnut. Ofv
Ribbon Sale
All kinds and widths of
Ribbons greatly under
priced, at lo to lOo yd.
Other Saturday Specials.
50o hair brushes . . . .29c
25o hand brushes ISo
20o tooth brushes 10c
50o hose supporters . .25a
20a hose supporters . .10o
Mtn's Hits worth to $t.00,
at M5
A huee eeenriiiMWl f
shape eu fells, pota "
aurf, ea aal aow SV4
Trunk. Ba aae) Suit Cm sam
ples at a sarins; of to W
These are all la iwl shape be
ing only ssbtly maraea. ft.
t It. ealaes on sniv
$!. alia pur Hydrofn.ot Peroxide.
ife alsa Bay Rum. one to a cuatotner,
ganltol Tooth Fast or powder 1SW
Larc ala Pompelaa MaaaaaT Cream,
He sut Sanitol or Pond Bxtrsct
Cold Cream
jsva JUc or peaaonl'a faoa "JJJ
lie Palrn'oiir' 'or Jsp Hoe soap, at
two bar for '.V... .
On big lot af le a4 lee toilet
aoapa, at two bars for tee
tic alxe of WlUlan.s. Colcau'a er
Specials for Saturday
Hennon I SICURI powaer ei . . imt
10c Phirelciana and Surgaooa uep,
tie wool powder puffs, at IS
toe . Whit Hoe or Locust Blos
som Perfume, at, oa, SS lr. Ulnkles Caacara Tablets
for as
tl.M Irtesl Malr Bnwhe for SIM
76o Ideal Hair Uruehee for M
On lot of Heir Brush at ....
2-qL'Red Rubber Hut Wsler Bottle,
11.31 No I Fountain Byrlnae, at 11.00
1 Welllntoa N& 2, guarantead for
nva yeara, at
In Our Domestic Room
We have greatly enlarg
ed our selling space and
doubled amount of stock
shown. Matchless Bar
gain Offerings In Men's
and Boys' Clothing.
Men's Suits, values up to
$12, on sale at ..$5.00
Man's and Boys' Long Tronaers
$1.50 and $2.00 value 08
Boys' Kalcirrbocker Bolts
Values up to $5.00, on sal,
t ....81.95 82.50
Boys' Overalls, all sixes 4 to
14 years, at 25
t-t HAYDEN'S r
Kesipu from ExesatiTe Committee
of Commercial Club.
,M lsei ! 0b De Xrt rVrsal It
Claaee Did Appew the
Kew male a watly
A Ped.
H. H BaMrupa rsaicned f rem the x
tu0T committee of the CowieaerclaJ club
tly bwzaaa b tne republic
nomlaattoa tor canis of thla die
trtet and th dub1 bylawa forbU any
member of tb eomnrltte eln politi
cs! office.
The ml which a provides, howsrer,
vss emitted tram tb new eet ef rale
motri to U exeontire conunttta hut
wtttL by tb bylaws cosnanttee, btr.
jrtjs. t t eeXL arm4 tb commit
te U retain tb eld rule and accept his
No actio haa yet bees taken, either
en the reei-ntion or oa the rule.
The new bylaw wer preeeated ea
February M and probably tM be eoted
paa aeat Tuesday. What the new rule
provtd fcv wot kaowa te th seawral
nmuuuup ef tb ). as tb caaoatm
coaudtu baa sol arusHctioa la th
ItkiaottaioaratswttWewa prwrtd
for th combination of the publicity
bureau, t raffle bureau and commission
er's office under n seed, a echeme that
.... . 1 U I M hw.mI iMfllk.
The ta Urar of th consolidation have OmtJut Show Eemtrkable IacTCUe
sha it up. it is staled. Over February of Last Tear.
Bank Clearings for
Month Show Increase
Bank clearins for February raa RMi,
M ahead of clearlnsa for February of ltIL
Total ckartna for th month wer tT,
MJO, compared wHh tEASKO for the
carrespondln awntk of mat year.
R. C. Clowry baa ewaawnc conttrac
d ef a brick store . aad apartment
bet Mine at law-! Cbteaaw street ta east
fa.esx He win alsw bwtld apartmetita ta
the rear f MtS-M Chicaaw t cost ,).
Plans tor tb bulldlii were drawn by
Architect r. C. Walllck. Th contract
la let to tb BssmnawD-Kybl Oonstnje
tlo eompaay.
Marrmc License Clark Charles A.
Foray MS marrtaae Ucaam last
meeuh. aleen mora than were Issued la
tb eclieipaaiimg month a year are.
leery CUs at tlrala Kaeept Barley
Coaaea ta This Market la Larcer
laaatltle Than Dtrlsg
Same r-erled Last Tear.
Omaha's grain market abowed aa enor
mous Increas in both receipt! and ship
ments for February, as compared with
thoee of February of OIL
Receipts for th month were E41MO0
bushels of sll kinds of grain, acalnst
2.hw,30e bushels a year ago, while ahlp
menta were I ,), aa acatnst 2.7U.0at
bnahsle a year as. Comparatlr re
ceipts of tb various kind of grate for
tb two months wen:
Feb.ll!. Feb. Mil.
Wheat Mt.ew !7.
Cora i.en.a
Oata v Uoim a.m
Ry i.a t.w
ilsrley SUM 281,w
Touto 2, Me. an
Caaaterfelt Dallara '
buy trouble, but a genuin euarter buys
Dr. KlnCa New Life Plln: for conctipa
tlon, malaria, headache and Jaundice. For
sal by Baaiea Drug C.
Building Permits
Show an Increase
February buildings permit surpassed
to amount the records of any previous
year tor the same month. Th total num
ber of permit Issued numbered at, the
relus of the buildings constructed bsing
Kit, US. For In same month In 111 sev
enty permits wer issued, th amount
being tmOS. In DM eweanty-alght per
mits wer issued, amounting to tU,82S.
Th permits for January thla year fell
below those Issued In previous year for
th earn month.
In order te avert a Jail sentence en a
charge of beta aa Inmate of a disor
derly bouse. Clyde Perrigo of Omaha and
Lool Miller ef Hoidreg. Neb., wer
rarried In police court yesterday by
Judge Foster. Th Miller girl waa ar
rested la the raid on the Welcome hotel
and carted to-JalL Peril go at the time
of the arrest was up towa. but true to
th instincts of an ardent lover he fol
lowed his sweetheart Into court, where
he informed tb Judge that be would
marry th girl If ah was discharged.
Foster told him to get a license and be
weald discharge bar. Perrigo palled the
necessary paper from hi pocket and the
Judge did th rest.
The wardea of th state penitentiary at
Lincoln haa written t Sheriff Meghan,
asking him to com and tak away Frank
Erdman. la who caa the supreme court
ha ordered a new trial. The warden
wants hlra taken back to the Douglee
county Jail. McBhana say h will not
end a deputy after Erdman. la hie
opinion It la the duty of the warden to
deliver the man to Douglas county, since
a sew trial haa been ordered.
Th warden still bold a warrant for
Erdman'a arrest a a fugitive from lue
tic. Th warrant la from th Colorado
sut penitentiary at Canon City. Cola,
from which Erdman scaped after he hd
only partially served a term for burglary.
Krdman may be released and arrested
on the warrant and taken back to Colo
Rev. B. F. Fellman. pastor ef th Orc
Baptist church, who with the Omaha
Dally News Is defendant against Judge
Lee P- Estetle's . libel damage suit
in district court, has filed a motion for
a change of venue ta some other district
court In Nebraska. Fellman aaacrt h
could not get a fair trial la th Douglas
county district court -.
Seed Corn Gospel
Dispels Enmity
"Th nd corn campaign of Omaha's
publicity bureau haa don more In twe
month to awaken a friendly feeling for
Omaha among the people of the state
than all ether influences for th last
twenty years." said Prof. E. W. Bunt ef
Syracuse, Neb who 1 In Omaha today.
In the last three year Uiers haa been
an almost complete rwttlea ef feeling
for Omaha, and especially since the seed
corn campaign started.
"Formerly the people wer auspicious
of anything that originated ta Omaha,
thinking It started for tb prlvst benefit
of the Omaha buatnesa men, but now they
realise that Omahaa are willing to go
down Into their pockets and do thing
for th stele a a whole, without thought
of direct benefit."
Prof. Hant, formerly professor af Big
Hsb In the University ef Nebraska, la a
prosperous farmer near Syracuse. Twenty
year age his physician said. "Got ea tb
oil er go under It." and he got ea th
soil, and haa been there ever since.
for all la the northwest, whether look
ing for business location, farming or
pleasure trips. Unexcelled train service
via the Boo Lis from St. Paul and MJn
nea potts. Address W. R. Barley, D. P.
A.. & Fifth St, De Main, la. .
PIERRE, 8. D.. March L-8peclaJ. .
A workman who waa digging yesterday
Bear th alia or the Betta grading camp
at the time they did a lot of railway
grading la Una city fire year ago this
winter struck hi pick Into a pile of
pasteboard tuba aad a as kiekfeig I hem
around te try t find ot what they were,
when another man who knew came Into
eight aad hecsa to beg tb man with
th pkk to desist, aad at the same time
getting farther and farther away. An
mvarugaaoa showed that th pick bad '
cut into a cache of MS stick af dyna
mite, which had evidently ben buried by
tb grading rw for safe keeping anil
forgotten whew they left. Th plant was .'
within less than tw block of the atatu
bouse, and It the dynamite bad aoi been '
frosm thr would have bean a shaking .
up which wwoM bar roused th town.
'ABERDEEN. 8. D. March L (Special
Telegram.) While deapondeut Louts
Brown, aged M, a traveling photographer
who home at at Rapid City, 8. Dn com
mitted suicide hut Bight in Hotel Ryan
her by shooting.
The key a en i 'is aa wnsin is t&e
judteloua and persistant to ef newspaper