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Daily Bee
Looking Backward
This Day in Omaha
YOK (XLI-NO. '.. 221
Jnhoji P. Brown Takes Armful of
Evidence to Grand Jury.
Graa Jar State Wat Seas Tree
Bill Mar Br Kt'perteel Satar
day Some at These
Mar Be Seaaatlaaal.
Chargea against rwmbn at the Flor
ence dty council and other city officials
war made before the Douglas county
rud Jury by Joshua r. Brown of Flor
ence yesterday. Brown 1 an adherent
of Mayor John 8. Paul of Florence, who
stands alone against the council and the
other officials. The matter over which
the mayor and the other official are at
war Is toe now famous Florence paving
esse, one phase of which now Is pending
fti the supreme court -
Paul, Brown and another Florence maa,
who la on Paul's side ot the controversy,
appeared to-testify before the grand Jury.
After the Inquisitors had disposed of some
police routine matter and had examined
a witness or two in regard to the South
Omaha eurruption charges Paul went Into
the grand Jury room. Paul waa armed
with a bundle containing many copies of
the Florence Tribune and several letters
and wrl'.ten documents of some sort or
ether. He was before the grand Jury for
bout an hour. His examination was
completed shortly before noon.
Mayor Paul and the other Florence men
were lnstractei to return for examination
in the afternoon.
Try ta OerelTe the Press.
Major Paul and those associated with
him nsade every effort to thwart the ef
forts of newspaper men to learn the
nature of the matter under Investigation.
Paul represented himself to the reporters
as a South Omaha man and Browa posed
a dtlsen of Calhoun.
Detail regarding the charges the Paul
fsctloa baa made against the ether side
cannot be learned, nor can It be ascer
tained what action they hope to have the
grand Jury take. This much la known:
that the testimony la calculated to prove
Improper conduct of the Paul opponents
In connection with the paving matter and
possibly In relation to other matter.
As a result of testimony given by
Brown the (rand Jury haa Issued sub.
poena for several other Florence men
with a view to having Brown' story
either corroborated or refuted.
Ceases Mash Mtlsmtlea.
The Florence paving fight commenced
bout three year ago, when M. Foil was
given a contract for paving la the town.
Paul opposed the Contract at the time
nd ever since ha fought the proposi
tion. Law suit after law suit haa been
started until the matter now Is so thor
oughly entangled that even the lawyer
have difficulty In undent as ding It
( The question of the validity of the act
tinder which the paving originally wa
ordered now haa reached the supreme
court and a decision Is being awaited.
Following a supreme court ruling on
one pha of the dispute th city conned
two weeks ago adopted a concurrent res
olution ordering the, city clerk to re
fund to taxpayer taxes they paid when
Ins paring wa charged to owner of
butting property. Th major, who has
favored taxing th entire city for the
paving If anyone Is taxed, refused to con
cur. A week ago the council adopted a
plain resolution ordering the treasurer
to refund. 80 stands the situation today.
' Agala at noon the grand Jury failed to
return any Indictment. Several grand
Jurors said soma true bills will be pre
sented tomorrow. Bom of them may be
Whether the grand Jury will continue
Us probing or take a races for a week
or two will be determined by the grand
Jurors today.
With a view of locating and plugging
an alleged "leak," through which In
formation regarding th deliberation ot
the grand Jury Is supposed to have been
obtained, the grand Jurors questioned a
representative of-a newspaper Jnst be
fore the noon recess was taken.
Big Price is Paid
for Some Fat Cattle
O. H. Allen of Cass county, topped the
market at South Omaha yesterday with a
load f cows and heifers from hi feed
yards. Tne average weight of the ship
ment was 1.027 pounds and th price was
to. So, which wa paid by the buyers of
Armour Co.
This la the highest pries obtained for a
full load la a long time.
Allea topped the market last year with
a similar shipment sod attributes his
success to silos, of which he has a nuro
mer upon his ranches in Caas county. lie
1s on of the biggest feeders In eastern
Nebraska and annually ships K cars of
cattle In and out of the local market His
dealer are Byera Bros.
Leader of the Men
and Religion Move
, to Speak in Omaha
Dr. Warren I Burger of Dayton, O.,
known as the conservation expert of the
men and religion movement will be In
Omaha Sunday and will speak several
The following Is the program ot his
stay In Omaha: Sunday morning he will
preach In the First Presbyterian church.
Sunday afternoon at I o'clock he will
address the committee ot one hundred
in the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion bulldlngj At 4 o'clock ha will speak
to all of the local church committeemen
of the city. This meeting will be held
In the Toung Men' Christian association
auditorium. In the evening there will be
a union meeting of the north side
churches held In the North Prasbytarlaa
Th 4 o'clock meeting on 8unday after
noon takes the place ot th regular Toung
Men' Christian association meeting and
la open to all men. 1
Evidence is Found
Against Thespian
After a diligent search through news
paper fiids and correspondence of George
Neal,.CM Harney street, Postofflc In
spector Randall and United States Attor
ney Howell hive unearthed enough evi
dence to warrant prosecution of the the
atrical teacher on a charge of using the
mall to defraud.
Meal wa arrested, upeg the complaint
of J.'Lk "Wyman, I7 North' Twanty-asv-
enth street, who charged hlra with ob
taining money under false pretenses, and
wiien arrested!! wa about to escape.
W. A. Jackson wa arrested also as an
accomplice, but he will be released by the
federal authorities.
Neal's schema wa to Interest stage-
struck boys snd girls In a snow he wa
organising and after getting sum from
them for costumes and other theatrical
paraphernalia, he would disappear. It Is
alleged that he used the newspaper and
mails 4 secure victims.
Cavalry Commander
Will Have a Hearing
Lieutenant Colonel Henry J. Goldman,
commanding the Twelfth cavalry, eta
tloned at Fort Robinson, will be here
next' week to appear before a (pedal re
tiring board to ahow cause why he should
not be relieved from military service.
The special retiring board Is composed
of officer In th Department of the Mis
suorl and Commanding General Smith
haa been made president , of the body.
General Smith has received exhaustive
details of the Goldman case from Wash
ington, but ha decline to make known
th nature of the proceeding.
Mrs. Christina Bertelsea of Omaha, de
serted by her husband, Christ Bertelaen,
nine years ago. found what she thinks Is
a due to his whereabouts yesterday when
she read newspaper reports that Mrs. M.
U Stoughtea or Rapid City, 8. !.. Is In
Omaha to find four children whom ah
placed In the Child Savlnc Institute some
"It waa sa account of her that I had to
get divorce," said Mrs. Bertelaen to
County Clerk Frank Dewey. "If It hadn't
been for her I wouldn't hare loot my hus
band. I got a divorce from him about a
year ago and he was ordered to pay me
HI a month alimony, bat I never could
collect it because I couldn't find where
ha was. Her husband was dead and her
children in the Institute when my hus
band left ma." .
M. W. Armour, manager of window dis
play adverttslmi at The Bennett com
pany store, was given a pleasant surprise
and a handsome chest of silver Wednes
day night by the department manager
at th store. A couple of weeks ago Ar
mour put one across on his friends when
ha quietly Journeyed to Lincoln and was
married without taking any of them lnt
his confidence. Wednesday night It waa
arranged that Mr. and Mrs. Henry N
Peters should call at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Armour to keep them at the
house, until the arrival of the plotters.
who consisted of the department manag
ers. Henry J. Kleser, manager of the
book department, mad th presenta
tion speech. -
Howard H. Baldrige win go to Lincola
next wek to address the Nebraska Swed-
tsh-Aaserlcan league, which holds Its Sa
naa! basxrurt Wednesday evenbur. The
other speakers of toe evening win
QoTcraor Chester H. AMrlch and C P.
Petersen of Lincoln. Visitors from H
ever the stats wffl be present at the haa-
by th owe of Pi KtaTa Bear
tasuoemx. 44 and SL Far aess ar Bea-
tB Drug Co
This Store Closes Every. Saturday Evening at Nine O'clock.
Unique Silverware Sale
AQ Wm. A. Rogers High A
HOC Grade Silverware OC
' This sale Is composed entirely of Win. A. Rogers
famous "1881" hjgh snide silverware and la for
Saturday only. You've never known such pricing:
All fancy pieces, choii-e 4o.
1 pooiia. ptr Mt of x 4&c
Itetwert tpton per at of three 4" J
Table spoons, per $wt pt two ,...4St:l
Butter knife or uaf ahell ....4tc?
Medium jtlze knlvea, set of three, 41c I
Medium . fork, set of thret 4ta
Chi Ids' 3 -piece aets ....4c
S. & H. Green Trading Stamps Given
With All Purchases at This Store.
Shop During the Day if Possible.
A Great Umbrella Sale
C9 AQAny Umbrella i0 AQ
p.tJ in Stock Satd'y
Prepare for spring showers by attending ' '
tli ts unprecedented umbrella sale Saturday.
Th choice) of the stock at $2.49 Include finest
quality umbrellas with sold or silver bandies and
silk and linen or all silk covering a well as the
various style of wooden handle. Kinds for men
nd women.
; Remember, only $2.49 for your choice.
The New in Suits and Coats
M mMOiJ,
Reftertiac correctly tlie style at a brilliant spring
The scope ot our preparations at tills date Is entirely without
precedent In the length and breadth of Omaha. Not only
have we been Instruments! In advancing the erring style sea
son In Omaha by our early showings but WE HAVE HADE
EARLY BUYING POPl'LAR by the liberality of our early
offerings. A point worth noting Is that no matter how fine
or clever a model may be. Its success Is determined by the
fit and quality. This store stands unequalled In the quality,
fit. tailoring and character ot the garments It places at your
disposal. Investigate for your own satisfaction and because
we ask It SI ITS, 19.50 apwarda; COATS, ftXOO and ap.
Th in-between-aon tuitt toe have been
offering at $8. 75 are rapidly moving out.
Made of good serge and mixture in many
different coloring. Value
up to $23. 50, at . .
Flats tailored
Women's Tailored Waitts at Interesting Prices
waists of par
Irish llaea,
have soft cuffs,
this sea-
all Si UTS,
Pure, llnea waist In plain and
plaited shirt styles; also beauti
ful eyelet embroidered designs;
four pretty
models to
choose from.
Some Children's Wearables Specially Priced
A boat 40 children's coats,
for ages to It years; values
from tt.ti to 1 10.00, while
they last each. Choice of
blue, red, tan and srey.
Oalldraa' arawer lafftas, to
close, see.
X.UU to ooata, ate I to 4
years, made-of bearskin, vel
vet and kersey cloth; values
from :.6 to 1.5. to close.
OhlMraa's sweaters ase 1 to
4 years, to close, o ages i to
10 ) ears, to close. Tee.
A Sale of Corsets
The price is not great but the qual
ity is sufficiently good to warrant buy
ing more than one.
Regular 75c Cortet
Specially Priced for
Saturday Only at . .
They are made along the linos of some of the
Ivr-tot JiMiHA4t.i. mrvfolsi And will nrnVA miit
.' a a 1. - 9 A
serviceable lor nouse wear; even ior sireei wear.
1 All length with the new low bust and medium skirt.
Made of good coutll and batlit and equipped with extra
quality hose supporter. . - ,
. Regular. 7Se values, Saturday, 49c.
1,000 Pairs Men's New Shoes
in a Big Sale Saturday
A Special Purchaie, Made by Our Shoe Buyer Who Unow in
the East, Ruthed to U by the Fattett Exprett
$3.50 Values for Only $2.45
And please consider when reading this announce
ment that every pair ts new-new In style and con
taining only the best leathers and workmanship.
There are good, comfortable ttyltr, of
tturdy leather, for the working man; and
new tnappy lat and leather for the
young man who muit have only the
mot fathionable mode an r
$3.50 value for only $2.4)
Here's what yon will flnd-la
aiaes and widths
Gun metal shoe with the
latest high toes, la blucher laos
-Three different style et 1
bnr calf and velonr calf leathers.
-Heavy elk shoes with heavy sole and ballast tongues; made to witn
stand the roughest usage.
There will also he some rare bargains for women and rhUdrea la the
shoe department, Saturday.
Final Prices on Men's Suits
and Overcoats Saturday
All the odds and ends of our men's and young men's suits
and overcoats are marked for final clearance Saturday.
Up to $25 Values, $12.50. Up to $18 Values, $8.50
If you come early you will find some suits of a weight suit
able for spring wear-in styles that have been good sellers with
both men and young men.
Odds aad ends from oar mew's Uvaser stock are alio nnder-prlcel
for Saturday only-Cp to $6.00 values $a.Ot up to $3.S9 Taluea, 1.CS,
Per Cent
Oa-aJI Bore
veseea ton
AffM to IT.
Aaeerf 71 lays' saris fc mmm nf
aprwur mmthtm, rev sure J fa IS yews,
SJrcsaTWsnaf aWae at t A earns (sweisj
arte tftt.SS.
A slssrssse of boytr kaiakeraeeke
aato-II.M and ll.Ia value. Saturday.,
soi "So values, Saturday, So.
Beftr See Maes w4ss, wltti 'Sn
without collars, specially priced at ef.
Per Cent
On All Boy.
Winter . Baitai
Ages IT.
Candy Specials
. Fresh Fluffeta chocolates, worth 50o the
lb., Saturday, 29c, Chocolate dipped cara
mels, worth ,40c the. lb., Saturday, StOe. Fresh
salted peannta, worth tOc the lb., Saturday? ISc
Carnations at 39c
5,000 extra large and beautiful carnaf
tiont, worth 75c and $1.00 the
' dozen, to Co, Saturday, for 39c
American Beauty Roses, 10c ea.
Saturday Pure Food Store News
Bennett e beat coffee
and 2 stamps, lb. Me
I lha Bennett's best
coffee and v stamp
for 1.00
Assorted teas and 7i
tamps, the lb,,,.
Tea sittings and 14
stamps, th lb.,..15o
Specials in Bat.
ter and Eggs Capitol
vssmsry batter
finest made In 1
lb. bricks of guar
anteed weight.. so
Fresh eosntry hatter,
th lb ase
Fresh country ass's,
th doaen for. ..loo
"Pride of Bennett's"
flour special offer of
a aaok at 1M
e-lo. can Bennett's Cap
itol baalna; powder
and 100 stsjnpa tl.00
All ktaAs ef reawtable
aad flews seeds
aekaca for as
Snldefe chile sauce
and 14 st'pa, hot-. He
Full cream cheeea and
1 stamps, the lb... Me
Virginia Swiss cheese
and IS stun ps, lb., Sse
I cans Evergreen corn
snd 10 stsmps SOe
Walkafa hot tamalea
and It stamp, can, la
Large jar strawberry or
raspberry jam and 1
lampe for ...sse)
Quart can Franco-Amer
ican soaps. Assorted,
for SOe
S-ls. roll "rrsm!eSB set
ts rime for ess
Van Camp's spaghetti
and IS atampe can. lea
I pkga. Bennett's Capi
tol mincemeat and 14
stamps, for... .....Mo
24a can ' Beauty Oreen
asparae'ua for lee
Sour pickles and lu
stamps, quart ....It
Lars can Mulder pork
and beans snd 20
stamps, for SOe
Galllard'a olive oil and
to stamps, bottle..
4c bottle olive stuffed
with olives or ain.onda.
for ,
Horseradish and I at'ps,
th bottle for 10
f can hrlmps aad 10
stamps for ..see
4-lb. pkg. Dewey Cleans
er and Compound, aa
Lara slse. finest dual
ity Queen olives II 00
bottle ( tie bot M
Finest quality selected and guaranteed or
anges, shipped direct to ns from Redlands,
Cal., per doten, ISc, 20c, SSe, 80c and SSc
No. 1 large fancy English walnuts, regularly
told at 20c the lb.. Friday, z lbs. for....20o
S stalks fanoy celery for ISc
2 bunches hot house radishes. ...Be
Fancy date, t lbs. for 2flc
Good cooking apples, the peck 2Sc
Fresh black walnuts, the peck 20c
-1 ,r1
3 lbs. LAMB CHOPS 25c
3 lbs. SHOULDER '
3 lbs. HAMBURGER 25c
for ..25c
lOVjlbs. LEAF LARD $1
Solid Golden
Like the il-luitration-regularly
sold at 75c
each, speci
ally priced
for Saturday
only, at
For Men
Some Saturday Bargains in
Fine Furnishings
Mwi'a 11.04 fin silk and linn coat
Shirts with sort oollara, tl.lS.
tOo silk knit four-in-hand tie In
spring style, gtc.
lOo suspenders, In new web c.
Ito ootton hose, S pair for 24c.
Th famous Hhawknlt hose every pair
guaranteed--lie th pair.
Hats and Caps
Complete lines of th new rap for
spring wear are varloualy priced at EtUc,
He and 41.04 each.
One big lot of men' 41.44 soft hsts on
sals (Saturday at II. SI.
zsn VeX
Toilet Goods
Ytm Cm 5ov 25 Vr Cent ar Mora an lear
Toast Gowda anef Drug Saaefrie If You
Bay 7 asm af Bmutt't
SOe Java rice pow
der 30c
Woodbury's lie facial
l be Asurea and 1a
Trefle powder ...
Packer1 iio tar oap,
cake 14
lc Pbco tooth past;
at ...... ...;?
2(o naniioi nw
powoer 'w
Pond s ISc van
ishing cream
at sse
5c Go .sa
ri. er face
p'wd'r, IBs
J argon's
14c violet
glycerin soap Ts
lto largs powder puff
at 10
Ho Imported Castile
t!oap 10
iic Lus trite nail enam
el at 14
Colgate' and Mennen'a
Z4o talcum loo
41 bottle Plnaud'a Rau
de Qutuln hair tonio
for at
1 Ideal Hair Brushes
at .' To
Up to 14c whisk
broom at 1 .
Bennett' lie vegeta
ble pill He
T&c guaranteed, 8-o.t.
rten croaa
lis lb. borax..
air. E. H. Freeman, aged 34 year, drank
two ounce of carsouo add yesterday
while In a fit of despondency at her home.
1112 J seksoo street- Bhe was attended by !
Police Burgeon Pepper and taken to 8t
Joseph's hospital, where ah is reported
to be In a dying condition. Mrs. Free
man ha been In 111 health for some time.
This morning she went out for a walk
and returned shortly before noon. She
was alone la her home wbea she took the
deadly add, but her groans attracted the
attention of people livteg la th upstair
rooms ot th sous and they notified th
pone, " .
Iosla L Abbott ha succeeded Ralph
Sunderland aa chairman of th publicity
committee of th Cttiaens union. He
rent out yesterday morning a letter writ
ten by VT. F. Baxter ta the officer ef
Boilermakers' union Xa. t, la wale Mr.
Baxter corrects a wrsng report be made
to am auaroe' erdon. It iiuin the aoO-
psaa. aad Umaaja a n iifitikai at terms
Mr. Baxter vol th Idea, that the aatsa
Taes Jsd ta Ua rasswt. wUck Mr. Basts-
Associated Ch&ritic Ecporti Caiet
of the Kind Are Tooiid.
laveetlsatloa Iteveale Sad State at
Affair Chartttea 'asks 'that
All Case Be Beferred te)
The foe. Aetlaa.
Believing that on woman or an ac-
ganlxatloa of women has been "working"
tha public for donations In order to up
port idle and "undesirable" men th As
sociated Charities ar notifying dtlsen
to refer beggars to th shanties' office.
Reports have reached tha office of th
chaiitle saying that a - good-looking
has appeared at several somss
aad also at several store and represent.
trig that she had a Urge . family and
eould trot get work asked for help.
One month ago a women named Kelly
waa arrested aad given tea days ta JaU
for tbos mlaiepitatntlng th facta. She
haa served her firoe aad I at hsrga
Since ah haa been eat of 111 a woaau
ta br Una aaaa Bra, Betty r
aar w in. a baa appeared aa sev-
isia glvta; bar asi
aid bss been solicited been able to secure
th address of th beggar. She appeared
at a grocery store and secured 414 worth
of groceries. 'W will send them
around." said th clerk. "No, I live but
short distance and m take them,"
protested th woman. ,
Nevertheless th groceries -Were sent
around, and the woman could not be lo
cated nor had sh aver lived at such aa
address. Instead half-drunken and brawl
ing men were found. The charities be
lieve these men may bar more than one
woman begging for them. Thia woman
usually appears at a home at meal time
or near bedtime, when th family I loth
to turn away a beggar, and sh I usu
ally successful In securing a generous
U sited States Attorney Howell has re
ceived nottficarJoa from Clerk Jordan of
tha circuit court ef appeal at M. Louis
that tha court of appeals ha sustained
a decision mad by Judge T. C. Hunger
againat the rtwrilngtsa, and reversed him
la another againat th seme company.
Both nasi came a her la January, Bll,
tha dairca beatf Ttoasuoa of the twenty-
law h regard te (hipping
advumg 1 th Bead ta
Will Hot Beceire Honey Paid Under
Old Form of OoTeranient,
Ueelslee sa Cemmlaslaa reras Is B-
pee-ted by iaiarder, So Ho Will
kits -ft bleb Hal I
I Held.
Today I the hut day for candidate
to file under the old form of government.
Should the commission form be knocked
out by th supreme court, candidates
who have tendered their filing fee to the
city and been refused would be candidates
of tbeir party, according to law. Severs!
candidate, fearing that the validity, of
tha commission form, will not be sus
tained, have taken advantage of this
provlatos snd are offering their filing fees
ta the dty treasurer.
Council men M. F. Funkhoueer, Iuis
Burmeeter, Goodly F. Brurker snd
Thomas McGovern formally tendered tbeir
fillng fees yesterday morning and were re
fused. Along with the refusal City Treas
urer I re gav rsch applicant th follow
ing written antic:
i here.. . ---.? yeu lender wf te i.tUta
fe lor the reaana that no looser
an eisrilve off. To dty ef Osjaxae uas
heretwUc advpled Chapter U "f the sea-
Mew law el B43. asm sesng s
liila 2ta. US. tfhjch si.islsi JSC tba
mission form of government In the dty
of Omaha. By tnla act It is provroeo o
the only offlcera ef tha dty to be elected
shall b the commissioner provided for
therein. This act supersede th law rela
tive to metropolitan close In so far aa tt
relate to the election of officers. I there
fore am required to refuse this filing fe
for the reason that there I no provision
of law authorising me to accept the same
A decision on the commission form teat
sutt I aspect ed this morning. Th
supreme court has signified that its opin
ion will be announced then, although to
written opinion I to follow later. Under
the commission form the last day of filing
Is March SS.
Alien Now Working
for Gymnasium Fund
Having secured pledges of 04,404 for a
tbrw-yesr sustaining fund for tha Uni
versity of Omaha. Charles A. Alden.
financial secretary of th university. I
now out for 4tt.t44 more to complete the
new gymnast um and fit It up for tem
porary class rooms, which ar greatly
It la very probabl that th Omaha
Suffrage society will enliven th down
town district during th spring months
by doing th newsboy stunt aad selling
"Th Woman's Journal." th national
suffrage weekly paper, on th streets.
Mrs. W. B. Bhafer. th president of tha
society, will be bead new woman and
will ask for volunteer assistant from the
suffrage membership at the next meeting
Wednesday afternoon at the Toung
Women's Christian association. Th aim
1 to gain money for suffrage snd to
convert "satis" to Its principle.
So that these spices may best
w select
Met you
th ttne.
can bay.
nest stock th
Mr. Aldea has written letters to a large
number of business men. asking them to j
give such amounts as they can. Ha aa f
be hopes to find 11 seen who will sub
scribe tl emca. ,
As socea a ta S!.M for th gymna- .
alum la rsnsed th university will -tin
Ha campaign for a H.4W4 perman
aat esfl&wmrsit futat, t
world oners, grind and Pack it
aurselves. w is mat
get fall est value in a Ton .
Or tend 10c for fall-sue sackaga
any kind. AU toe 1 on s
bptcy iiiis, tree.
Tonf awo-, m smm, ta