Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 02, 1912, Page 10, Image 10

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pecial :Everits" at
The fame of Vn. A.
Roger's High Grade
JSt'l Silverware is
T-i.rU wide. Look at
i.iete price:
Stores Saturday
Every piece to guar
gnteed lor 10 jeer
wear in ordinary fam
ily . Handsome
Great Sale Silverware
Win. A. Bogers' 1881 Silver at About One-Half Regular Prices.
3 Pattern Grape, Carnation and Greylock
Roger 18SI
Berry 8;oous.
worth Jl.vb
at 3B6
Cold Meat
Forks; worta
S 1.00. at 30
Roger' 18M Tea Spoon, let of worth
ll.oo. tor.... 59
""Roger 181 Deuert Spoon, set ot I
worth U5. for 1.19
Roger 1 1 J 1 TJof'e Spoon; t of C
wortH' $1.00. tor. 69
IlojenlSJl OraTy Ladle: worth fl;
: for .. .W.V.... 59
Roger' 1881
Baby (Spoon;
ret, worth 60c
at 29tf
Roger' 1881
Pickle Forks;
worth 7 Sc.
t, 39t
Roger' 1881 Children' Seta, ateel
knife; worth fl; at 694
Rogers' 1881 Salad Set; worth 81.00,
at .... .....81.39
Roger' 1881 Fruit Knives. II dwt. with
fancy handle. et of f, at. .. .81.39
Roger'. 1811" Orange Spoon, et of 6
worth $2.00, at $1.00
Roger' TMl.'il'dwt, Silver knives and fork, in grape, carnation, greylock or
pllir- pattern,. , la t nice, hinge fover box; a - regular $4.00 ralue, at.
per dfwen 82.39
I Knlve. f rork '
i Teaspoon ,
f Tbl or .
Duserl Spions
1 Iluttnr Knife
flur Shell
Grae. Carnation or
Oreylock pattern. ,
:-piece Strafford. Oak Cheat,
(ova or KoMdaJ pattern, same
number ot piece U above; worth
is.60. at .. -84.98
Sterllug Sliver Teaspoon, set of all,
worth $6.00, tor 83.69
It '.piece Id
oak.. or f ma
hogany cbeeM
worth regular
ly $8.00. at
' 42-plece Cheat in Grape
pattern knlve. fork,
(.teaspoon. tablespoons.
$ I deteert spoon, butter
tpreader. 1 soup ladle, 1
gravy ladle, 1 berry apoon,
1 cold meat fork, 1 sugar
shell, 1 butter knife.
Regular $20
va 1 n es, com
plete, at
Same as above, in carnation pat
tern, regularly worth $16 $8.98
Sterling Silver Coffee - Spoons,
. worth 50e, at ..... . . 39c
6 Tablo Spoons, solid nickel; worth
$1.25. special at 794
$ Knives, Forks, fancy hihdle knives
snd forks to match, at,
$ Tea Spoon, solid nickel; worth reg
ularly ?ic. at 494
( Dessert Spoons, solid nickel; worth
$1.00, special at ...... 69
et 81.98
A new fad
Snake Bead
; N e c k 1 ace,
t . 81.00
New pearl, Jet
' and whit
tton Ear.
rings; worth
7 6c, at 504
New line of
bar ping, at
each. 50c
New , line of
Opera Chains,
liver aria
old Mt with
II colored
stones and
pearls: world
$1.00, at. Me
pea 4
p ea rl
Sterling Silver Earrings, worth up to $1.98, special at
, . .... jlVVite toflv.wruJ,, ..pearl find jet drops.
Clever and Original Models In
Early Hats for Spring
For Saturday wo show SO exclusive copies of very
,fine hand blocked black satin bats, faced with
white txgsl and trimmed U. Ratine ornaments.
flower stick-ups. English fancy feath
ers.' Persian bands, eta; every bat
different. Made to sell at 818. for. .
Very-fine line of the new, untrimmed English
Sailors in the new blues, primrose, burnt, black
and white; made of very fine Jap straw, at
each' 81.50
The New Gaby Hats Are Popular
( One of the most popular Street Hats out. ' Very
smartly trimmed with new Mallne bows,
at 83.98 n 85.00
A Great Sale of Fancy Linens
Hand Drawn and Hand Embroidered ,
Here are three hundred beautiful hand drawn and hand embroid
ered Linen Pieces, including 45-inch and 54-inch Lunch Cloths, to
gether with a few 72-inch Table Covers and Dresser Scarfs. They
are all pure linen and some have sold for $10.00, not
one wortli less than $6.50, Saturday in this great
sale, at each
rvui a lit j
Marseilles Bed Sets at $3.98
Excellent quality embroidered, scalloped edge Bed Spread with bol
ster to match, large atze. Beautiful patterns, tine heavy Mar.
ellle. standard $6.00 set. Saturday at, only ...'..
Stunning New Spring Models
Women's Ready-to-Wear Apparel
Every style is fresh and new.' The accepted
models for spring were never so charming. .
New Suits Specially Grouped at $25
We present for Saturday the most complete and
thoroughly charming array of suits we have
ever shown at an early stage in the season.
Saturday you may select the suit you wish
from scores of models that show the complete
range of the new styles. This group comprises
many odd and sample spring garments snow-
inor individual stvle teatures tne
. . ...
Candy Specials in Sweetland
Assorted CorogViit Kli
vanilla, strawberry' and
chocolate flavor.. If.
st, por lb ....IOC
Extra fine Chocolato Dipped
Caramels: regular i too
kind, at per 1 Q-
puunu ..'.'....,'.
Pompelan ' Bitter Sweet
Chocolates, assorted fruit
and nut ceoure worth 4a
pound, 9 On
at pound 'T i
fresh Maple Confections
L'ovoanut Balls, vanilla
nut klaaes, etc, at. OA,
per pound. a. WW
Tnrn I a a. till at
fort, delirious Cbocolate
Cream Propa: , tn.
worth itc. at. It.,.'"
- A couplets line "of the St. Patrick Noveltlaa.
for tablo decorations, (a- -
vers, etc.
Regular 50c und 75c Carnations, per dozen . . . . .'. 29 C
Beautiful Narcissus; special at, per dozen ............. .49c '
llegular $1.00 Fresh Cut Hoses; at, per dozen ....... 59c
i . . t j r .. v : .. ..
new ilglll COIOieu laurics
beautifully tailored, at ........
V New Spring Serge Coats $10.
'Pretty they can be and all new Idea. ,
New Spring Coats at $15, $19.
Tine whipcord effect fancy combination colors., ,
The New Coats for Juniors at $7.50, $10, $12.50 1
1 C? Such pretty little coats tor high" chool '1rl'.nd
smaller girl wer never een In Omaha, . - ... ,,v
Wo'men'i New Serge Dresses at $6.98." 7 '
Every one a pretty, new tyle practical and ault
able tor many occasion. ' . '- "
li,: - Those Popular New Silk Dresses
Made oVemre meteor nd changeable taffeta for after-
You'll Be Delisted With This Showin oi New Waisti for 1912
Spring arrival. 1. W.I.U pf fin. chlfton. I !
clever new 1911 tyle feature ever before, at 08e 81.50 J.f
.t 85 W.88 88.08 810.00 I p t0 -8.00
Hen' cotton heavy an 1
medium weight hosiery
double soles, heeis1
and toes, some linen
spliced, split soles
worth 26c, at-12HC'
Hisses' children's and
boys' ribbed school
hosiery, garter tops
double knee, heel and
toes; worth 2oc pair,
at, pair ......120
Sale of Hosiery
. Women's Cure Silk Boot ' Hosiery,
wide lisle garter . tops, lisle,' soles,
double heels -and toes, black, tan,
, white and fancy.shades; also' Men's
' Pure Silk Hosiery, double soles," rein
, forced heels and toes; w-orth QQ
50c, per pair at 6djQ
Women's Pure Thread Silk Hosiery
All silk, with wide 'silk, hem tops,"
silk double soles,'1 heels and, toes, fancy
silk embroidered boot patterns, also plain
silk with wide lisle hem tops, lisle soles,
worth regularly $1.00 a pair, Q
per pair at
Women's cotton and lisle finished, also mercerized silk finished hos
. iery; wide hem tops, also fancy lace boot patterns in regular and
out sizes; double soles, heels and toes, ptir pair at. 15c
15c All Silk Satin Ribbons at 6c a Yard
All Silk Satin Ribbons in all colors, number 40; worth np to J.2V20
a 'yard bargain square, main floor. . I
25c All Silk Taffeta Ribbons at 13c a Yard
All Silk Taffeta Ribbons in plain and fancy floral-designs, all
colors, widths up to 7 inches; many worth 25c a yard, on Big Bar
gain Square. . , . : "
Women's New Spring Neckwear SJXf 10c
Fine embroidered linen and madras tailored stocks, "ascots, etc.;
some hand embroidered in white and colors; embroidered Dutch
and sailor collars, embroidered jabots, lace jabots, etc.; all 1 l
new spring styles, worth from 25c to 50c, at. IwC
Three Big Specials in Knit Underwear
Infant's Vests, all
and part .'wool;
Women's fine ribbed lisle snd
' cotton Union Suits, umbrella
style, Isce trimmed, also tight
knee, Including Mun- A f
sing Underwear; at, AUf
, ault......
Children's 15c
' "M" Waists, pat
taped but- A
tons, each at. 7 C
vs. 1
The Great Monthly Bargain Event
red Cross drug sale
ToUot Arttoles.
21c Amolo Kom
Cream (..'
11.0 Pompelou
use CTm ...Te
toe Pepoco Tontlr
Sto Lilac Talcum
SSo Harmony Tl-
;jo Rublfoan' ..ITe
tie liiamond ' Nail
. rolliii IV
to Java
Rice row-'
gl.oe) Everyday Ten
ts , 3 So Grippe Pills 10
toe Liver Salts e
Uenthollne Balm ase
at . ..
ISc tr..
. tiravts' -Tooth
l M Trav
. ollnir
Cases ...
1 In. :
.trulo Team
jio Per.
Sic Hanltol
Powder ..
75c Rubber Ulovea
2.M fruuta)n Byrlnso
tl.t Hot Water Bottle
!.U CooiJlnatlon Byrlnso ..
tJ. ' Douche
atme. Talea Arttele
(tc Tale's Kace Powder
ite, Yale'a Face Boap ,
ll.DD Tale'a Blood Tonic ...... .
Camera Sale
8 Shibe MTTl.De-'
veioper .... sse
Ti'lb. Acid Hypo 9c
3 H.x 4 H Plates,
dosen 25c
S dot. Postals, SOe
SM S Post Card al
nenoca ....
at .
. 7JS
l.(r J 14x4 "4 fn
eca 14.4
t: o
at ..
. I1M '
at .
. .
Time-Honored Cuitom to Be Per
actuated by Cooncilmu.
gome Ipler aad latereatia; Deelara.
J tleaa Ave Lek4 Fee at be
CaeMUautate VwaatUa
mm Meater Kvcala;.
Prestdeat Louis Berka of U Omaha
2!Jtr ceancU li to be boat to hie follow
3ttactlmea. the major and several cttr
.facials hfondajr rrantng at WVoth's res
taurant. This will be the third love-
ast hld br the preaaitt ceuacU sutca
2- 1. laatattaUoa In' offico. Councilman
Jjxwle Bumtettcr whoa prealdent tnaucu
3t4 the etutom. Vwar the close ef his
-teras. Coodltr Biwcker, who succeaded
lormaMsr, followed the good example
3tat year about this tun, aad bow Jodce
p:rk le eoaortac the svecedeat at br
3-a t.-:aaoiori la the chair. All the
' oaacfl banquets have boea held at
Vroth'a x
Z It has eoaoaie known about the dtr hall
3' .at Praatdeat Barka has heea puUln
his qpen trm ea the praparatlea of
more thaa oroinajitr flowery spooch.
"leuiaihi" at these atralrs have b
tww faowus aamoc his coUaasuea, and
Jtils year they mra prepsod te bear bha
virpajs all tea pravms affects.
m As Sit the member, ot too present cotin
2jI exeapt Darla of the Twelfth wsrd.
Vre candldstoa for the new eonmlaaioa,
4f the law shall be bald constitutional by
3Qie etaie ouararao coort. aotno spicy and
Sitatat)Bs; aciaratlons era looked tor
-t the function lieaday evenla:. Ths
n ef the tuaatitmlar has not yet haea
JtnnramrH. bat a a
Waa acoaroel the honor at the two pre-
odin bangiwta, aad f otmd we difnculty
j& wt"r alx repabilcaiia aad alx. demev
Xmu act np to their hisheat beat as
aratora ana tovera of
I T7wwv n.,- T xt: .1.1 I
one ot
... Esc took a drop la Omaha yeaterder
a4. are aow seWnc at retail aa lew aa X
-Wenta a doaea. Karty ia tha week they
-sere qsted at S cents. The wholesale
.2.'tfe la S to JS cents a doaeo, depending
Ja the aaaouat boaxht
Mrs. John Olrhla Is quits seriously 111.
h. W. Gaines sncnt a faw dava at hn.
this w..k.. .
Mm. K.hlman will anand Ratunlaa
Sunday In Omaha. A ,
MIbb nertrude. lntnm'i.ti i.n j.M
In Omaha this week.
Mr. and VI r. v n ftrhii..
On. ail a visitors Saturday.
Rev. H. P. Oray came home from bla
Iowa trip Tuesday evenin.
Tnomaa llanfoid will iak .h.r.
tha Valley alovator March 1.
Mlaa Mar Nlchola aful lira f at vn.L.
ols spont Wcdnoaday la Oniahs.
Mr. and Mra. Anton Blonqirlst rvtumed
ealurdar from a faar da.a' vi i.
Mlaa KmUy Weaul of Kennsrd, Neb.. Is
Vlrltlns her alatera. Mra N w
Snd Mra. P. M. Bulla, this week.
Mr. snd Mra.. W. . bJdr are aolm-lna
Mf frmu their sunt. Mra. ilalvlnl
1 npn or Hjinlltoo, K. I, this week.
Mlsa Swenker. principal of ArHnstea
arhooL araa the (iwst of Mm Pailmaa
from Thursday eventii until Kunday.
Mrs. Clara Bromon Beats arrive Baiuiv
day eveninc fma South Dakota for a
short visit with Mrs. Alex Smith and Mra.
The regular monthly meetln ef the
Women'r Mlaatenary soelety was held at
tha horns oC Mra. W. a. Sddy Thursday
Mun Pearl McLean cave a very eelor-
ahla fcenainston for the membera of the
iap vear club at the noma ef Mrs. N.
W. Oamas Wadnaadar evealn.
A terra mimher of the parents and
patroas visited tne Valley public school
Prlday. Patroas day. The exhibits of
work la each room ware exceptlonaUy
The membera ef the Junior Ehdver
aodety of the Preahytertaa church rave a
fjareweil- recaption for Pearl and Robert
Rock, at the home ot Mra. lnsram Tues
day afternoon.
Clarence Ehrhsrdt csms boms Satur
day nlsttt.
t'avld Rlbert la loadiof a car te ship te
O'KcUl this week. .
T. A. rtuyoo was hero from Omaha
Hwnday oa bwSnees coanected with his
farm near Waterloo.
Mr. and Mrs. Kelson J. Bell, who were
In California and the weat about a month,
returned fiaturday moraine.
Oille Tucker went to Omaha Saturday
morotn to meet hla wife and child wbe
cam la that momios; from Wyniora.
Mhw Lacllle park was In Watertoe
Wdncaday. ootntns from Council Bluffs
this monuiuj te auead the day with Mrs.
Knclby Crlnk fell ever a small wscoa
ea ths sidewalk ta fnaut ef his house last
PVIday and severely sprained
nis anees. .
John Broderlck and family, who have
heea In Waterloo this winter, left Thurs
day for Pennaylvanl. where they will
make their future homo.
W. W. Tucker loaded hla car at Wymora
this week and atsried tor Waterloo. They
expect to move to the farm south of
town where W. A. Forbes lives.
Mine Uir.le McWhorter, who teaches
school at .North liend. came home tiatur
day morn luf for a short visit with her
parents, Mr. and Mra. McWhorter.
Uea Urowcock has sold 117 acres of his
farm, the piece on whkh tha house and
other -building stand, to James Plnnvy,
the consideration twin pa) per acre.
O. H. Hlatt loaded hla Roods this week
snd shipped to Mills county, lows, where
they will make their future home. The
family arft Tuesday morntne; for I'ouncll
HluffK. their new hums being south of
that city soma miles.
f. William., who was the florist for
J. C. Robinson for a couple of years
past and left last rail for England, has
been In Waterloo this week, coming out
Tuesday from Omaha. ,He expects to re
main in tills cvuntry and may so to the
Pacific coast.
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Park of Kirkwood,
III., the latter staler ot M. K. t'lay
baugh, stopped at Waterloo last Thurs
day on the wav from Colorado to their
home. They vtshed Mr. Ciayhaugh and
family until Tuesday, leaving that morn
ing for Illiools.
Mlsa Florence Belle Kiel of Waterloo
and Sir. Robert If. Woiferth ot Platta ri were married at the home of tha
bride's slater. Mra. John Sheldon. Weduee
dav evening, February SR. Rev. B. Aston
offletatlnK. Mlaa Uxsle Weeks was
brideamaid and Perry Met beat man.
About forty-five Invited guests witnessed
the ceremony, moat of whom wce rela
tives of the family. Mlsa Clara Wolfarth
of Ptaltsmouth and Fred Payne ot Ar
lington were out-of-town gueeta.
success In every way. The proceeds
amounted to 144. To. -
Paul Mever, after being absent from
Arlington for over a year, returned last
I week.
Mlsa Vera McV'ey returned home Fri
day from an extended visit with friends
In Illinois.
Henry Plujre went to Pender la.t
Wednewlay. ahers he will farm for tne
coming aesson.
Joseph Bryce moved to . Bloomfleld.
Neb.. Wednesday, where he will make
hla future home.
U C. C.siaea returned 4he flnrt of tha
week from a business trip down to ths
Republican valley.
Mrs. Henrv Mencke of Amherst, Neb.,
was the suest of her mother. Mrs. Fsit
nle McCoy, last week.
Fred tie Weber and J. C. Chapman
were at Blair Monday on business con
nected with the county attorney s office.
Dr. McCan came np from Colon Satur
day to clow hla affairs here before set
tling down permanently In his new home,
F. Ihlfry, a reaident of this place,
arrived home' Wednesday night from
Henilngford. Neb., where he was badly
hurt while worVIng on the aster works
avsteiu. A heavy water main fcU on him.
lie was accompanied home by a brother.
Arliagtew. -a'
C. Sheeks baa moved to Dodge. Nee.
William Wilson was la Blair on Friday.
Harvey Hartung of Teibasta was here
H. W. Marshall waa a Fremont pilgrim
last Ssturday.
Mrs. Fred Henermana was ta Fremont
hut Saturday. . .
Guy Wilson of Blair spent Sunday with
Arlington relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. William Oatermao were
Fremont passengers ajaturday.
Prof. L. J. Gtikerwon wan transacting
business at Fremont Saturday.
Harvey Mamers of Alberta, Canada. Is
vtstting relatives and old friends.
Mrs. H. U McKlbbin Is confined te her
home oq Seventh street by a severe cold.
The box social which waa held In dis
trict No. M) last Frtda- events; waa a
Blair. .
William Wilson of Arlington visited
friends hers last Friday.
William Wilson of Arlington visited
friends heri last Friday
Martin Jensen of Chadron. Neb., la In
the city visiting relatives snd friends.
Martin Jensen ef Chadron. Neb, la In
the city, visiting relatives and frteoda.
The Blair fire department 'Will put en
the plav. "It's All In the Pay Streak."
on March T, with borne talent.
Miss Cecil I.yon. teacher In the South
Omaha schools, was a guest ot Miss
Ella Hill Saturday and Sunday.
Major Oase. Inspector of email arms
practice, was In the city cheeking up. the
property of the local mllltla company
It la week.
Rev. Mr. Collins, tste euperlntendent
of Sabhath schools ef the Baptist or
ganisation, occupied the pulpit ot the
Baptist church last Sunday. .
Major Gage, Inspector of small arms
practice, waa m the city checking np the
property of the local militia company this
yesr, will move this week to Omahs.
where he accepts a better position with
the same company. Mr. J. H. flhea of
Omaha will be the new manager and will
have charge ot both office and lino work.
Mra George Grewcock Is seriously
K. V. Cspne. a former resident of this
city, will move his family back from
Beatrice, Neh.. and reside here perma
nently. Rev. Mr. CoIIIdk. state superintendent
of ftabbath schools of the Baptist wganl
xatloe. occupied the pulpit ut the Bap
tist church lust Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Stnckrlager snd
daughter of Rock Valley, la... visited
John Luts and family on Monday, leav
ing the next morning (or Los Angeles,
Mra HatUe Foster of Abingdon. Va..
arrived here ea Tuesday, a few hours be
fore the death ot her brother. Baker
Sheffield, the funeral being held' oa
Thursday. . "-
Mr. H. a Vincent, manager of the Beil
telephone company la Btalr for the last
at her home.
Mrs. R. J.- Mccormick Is moving Into
the hotel this week. ...
' Logan Leigh visited friends In Iowa
from Sunday until Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Calvert are the
proud parents of a daughter.
Mrs. C. A. Nounes visited her parents
in Omaha Sunday and Monday.
The public sale of Holmes A Hnle was
well attended. Everything brought good
Mrs. Morlne Busch of Howella, Neb.,
came Tuesday to attend the funeral of
her uncle. John Qulnn.
Bert Deerson went to Kwlng last week
and rented a farm. Charles Hesse has
rented the Deerson house.
A. V. Harder of fheridan. Wye., Is here
vlaitlntr tha J. A, Glffon family. Ha will
also visit at bis old home st St. James,
Mr. George Ott and Miss Emma Klcke
ere married Wednesday at the bride's
home. They will rive on a farm of ths
bride's father in Thurston county..
The body of Mrs. W. W. Klllott was
brought here for burial Saturday, acoom
pn riled by her husband. Rev. W. W.
Klllott, who was minister at tne Mecno
dist Episcopal church hers several years
John Malek received the aad news
Wednesday of the death of his mother at
Crete. Neb. He left the same day to at
tend the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. H.
Homan left Thursday. Mrs. Homaa ta a
daughter ef the deceased.
Mr. Emil Sachs and Miss Msggle Grew,
cock were married at the home of the
bride's parents Wednesday by the Rev.
Aston of Waterloo. They will live on the
Sachs farm. The parents of the groom
will move to Elkhorn.
vllle. If satisfactory Mr. KrsU snd
family will movs there. .
a fancy tMrt!im hall Will
o..,i,. .vanin, at th Modern Wood
men bf America hall In Irvlnglon March t
be give
rrn Woo
visit la
Ire I ma tea.
John Baton made a snort
lows last week
Miss Emma Sundell spent a few day
last week in Omaha.
Roy Brewster died Saturday morning
at his old home In Irvlnglon. . - -Mr.
and Mra Ray 8tevens visited at
the home of her. parents Sundsy.
The Willing Workers Aid society met
with Mrs. W. & Ness last Wednesday.
Mrs. Harris of Iowa has been .visiting
hT brother, . E. Richards of Irving
ton, -v
Miss Maud "Munson returned to her
heme Wednesday after a short visit in
Kennard. - ;
Mrs. C.
E. Pamp's funeral took place
Many friends and relatives
L. D. Cortls mother arrived Thursday
from her home in South Dakota for a
short visit tn Irrlnstoo. .
D. C Krats leaves Saturday for Cali
fornia te look eves the tend near Marya-
- . Millard.
Miss Margaret Slert visited tn Omaha
Sunday. .
Mlsa Alma Lindberg spent Sunday at
her home In Elkhorn.
Mr. and Mrs. William Von Dohren were
Omaha callers Tuesday.
Mrs. Popenhsgrn celebrated her birth
day anniversary Wednesday.
Henry Schuett of Omaha Is visiting
with his uncle. Mr, Schroeder.
Mr. K. A. Bsldeln ia visiting at Lin
coln with her daughter Mrs. Murphy.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Schmidt and chil
dren visited in Omaha Friday of last
Mlsa Gladys Baldwin of Omaha came
out Sunday to spend the dsy st her
Carl Frahm snd Hsns Harder returned
Sunday evening from Colorado, where
they visited last week.
Elmer Anderson of Eikhorn visited Sat
urday morning with his parents, Mr. and
Mra. P. E. Anderson.
Miss Mayme Voa Portree accompanied
Mlse Nancy Oft to her home st Benning
ton, where they both spent Saturday and
Mr. and Mrs. David Sibert of Watertoe
and Mr. and Mrs. Saffletd and Charles
Tex of South Omaha were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. M. Tex Sunday.
Julius Hall ot Plattsmouth was visit
ing W. W. Doa Monday.
Mm. T. M. Heerock of Lincoln, was a
visitor over Sunday at the S. C. Haney
home. '
George Facklee Is moving to Blair,
where he bought a IWI-scre farm one
mile from the city.
Commissioner W. ft Ely and family
have moved to Springfield'andi occupy tl
late residence ef J. B. Presten.
Because Edgar O. Jartnan attempted
to chastise a minor m the public high
way he waa Coed g and costs.
Charley Martsn, who rune a medicine
wagon from here, was held up In Doug
las county near Omaha and robbed of tot.
Ths recent cold snsp bss checked the
break up of the Platte river and it I
hoped now that the bridges may be saved.
The men of the Methodist church gave
a dinner Thursday evening. Rev. Eatery
snd Rev. liaaa of Omaha were the speak,
Ernest Ruff, peter Anderson, Fred
Glees man. Chris Ulessmsn and L A,
Bstrs axe Jurors at ths district court thl
G. M. Mangold went to Omaha Wednes
day. A large number from here went to tb
Automobile show last Saturday..
A. 1. Wahlgreen ot Elk City was here
transacting business Wednesday.
Fred Marthorst bought a team of horse
Monday at Samuel Foe's sals for tiii
Herm Busch and L. Fitch of Washing,
ton were in town Wednesday callutg oo
Hr Rruhn has receives order from
State Game Warden Miller to enforce
the hunting license law.
There was a leap year party at the
home of Mlsa Mary ohrt. Wednesday
evening. About twenty-five were present.
Louisa Logemtia and W. Hansen won
first honors, while E. Prueas and O.
Mangold .received the booby.
Two eons were born to Omaha parents
Thursday, leap year day. John A. and
Amanda Pearson, 113 North Twenty
ninth street, the former a cement stone
contractor, report tha birth of a boy. A
son wss slso born te Patrick aad Agnes
O'Donnell, 211 Miami street.
klaaeel frwsn Hcwd te Heel
waa Ben Pool. Threat. Ala, when dragged
ever a rough road, but Bucklen's Ar
nica Salve healed an his injuries. Sc.
For sals by Eestea Drug Co.
. . No fcaU are the jne
'. " Remember the name
Three dollars