Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 01, 1912, Page 9, Image 9

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:-.--ftyyEREp POR RENT
, Bmki aad t-ettaces.
-'-F.OOM cottup. a.wt-- -i - .
- ro-r saw 1 ft- taOuglaa 4220.
. '.tr"(fl' 7-room house
.-r., -i na nsancy gte, Carl Web. tSc.
-ivw.u cJtie. gu and water.
'aoTSS. RpT-Lodsns -house, 30 rooms,
l-S- K. Mth St. ATplj-Wm. K. Chsm
1hrr -Bnuvtis -Theater . Bid.. Tel,
FOR RENT A tanre modern residence.
'" 1 nerce; U rooma, lurnaoe,
electric tight; J toilets; (3 per month.
weie.B sis.
Aa Burt , k row., all mod.. Ha.
A 6. 26th Are., rmi., all mod., C7.5&.
"31 S. Mth Awl, I rms. all mod., fi
19B N. S2d,- ms., all mod, fci.
.11- X. Sat, f nils, mod. ex. hoat, til
2&i Eraul, g-rmav, mod. ex. neat, tl7.S6.
S3 X. Xh. 5 run, mod. ex. heat, II it.
5J1 Cortry,- 4 rn,,- city water, 113.5.
lt Dodge St. Phone Doug. S.
tROOM. teniae, modem asgcept heat,
newly aecqrated, 8 Corby. Key id
door west- Douglas m
Mrt and pillccs.
rfciw,- modern brick More bonding,
cement basement, combination light end
witches Desinible, (or restuarant. bakery
and coafe-.tioncuy. Splendid retail local
D. 3uS , ;uj brandeis Theater Bldg.
ROOM M Eraadets Bldg., Doug. 321S.
Attractive -oftloes rents W te $30; serrtc
A Detroit Jew! m store, $5. Call any
time at' no Georgia Are. .-
SOME books, household furniture, for
sala Phone Web. mm.'
A Desirable Home
2824 Capitol Ave.
Hot; Water Heat;
This bouse has reception, hall, telephone
robin or dea. -parlor, dining room, kitchen,
chiaa- closet, large- pantrs-. all on first
floor: four good -bedroom with large
closets and bath on second-fieor: attic
floored and reiledr crrneoted basement:
subdivided for laundry, vegetables and
coat The hot water beating plant and
plumbing throughout la flrst-cle as
house was built l-r a Dknnber for a
home. Large lot, 9fX ft., with cement
walks, beautiful hige all . around
lot and a number! of fruit trees.
This would make some business or pro.
lesstonai . man aa excellent borne, being
within easy walking distance of the busi
ness center. Let -us show you ihlt house
you will like M. Price, ejco. pari, caen.
HASTINGS HEYIiEN. 1614 Harney. St.
rt m.xni i avih lyw ii,K
. Para. a4 Haarh lasea
Pong. ttr.
The Most Developed f a
Place :in California
is Around Ontario
1S0-ACRK run 5 mll
I rtorencj and rtuith of
'orh"eet of i
Intngton. Rem
m s. nth.
OMAHA property and Nebraska lano.
101 Kew omab Nat'l Hank Building.
2'Leaveitworth St
Cottages, i room and bath In" fine,
T rooms and bath In ether. Rent pays
well on price, besides chance for In
crease In grounrd. All specials paid.
ROM cash will do, balance monthly.
O'Keefe Real Estate Co.,
lOli; Omaha Xallonal Bank 31dg.
Phonos Douglas li. Independent A-'Kl
Evenlnjrs Hamey E4J or Harney 5134
v. Jtaelcal laacrameata.
EDISON phonograph, M racords
oak cabinet: 1-5 cash for quick
Phone Webster M83.
, 'ft'ypwrlter.
RSS.T aa o!irr typewrHer from tie
O'lver Typewriter Ce. uosglas Bit.
ra!e or rent; largest stock; best bargains.
F. SWAN SON CO., Ull i'arnam 6L,
, Omaha. Uul or write. ' .
FOR 6AL.K No- 1 Lnderwoud type-TL-rltcr;
rei y near new and case and cover.
Addteaa K SM, Qinalia , Bee. '
. Misecilaaewae.
I'OR 8ALIJ Two scholarships In the
Omha Commercial college and one In
Hoyles college. . ktusmess urnce, umioi
2720.OIIIO - -
Titbin on hlock of Dodae fiL rmr line:
has city water, wr, gaa und b&tta;
within oft block of th new tret cnu
hop which will employ a irreat many
people nil tire time. This bouse la alwaa
.rented for li per month ,
Hastings & Ileyden,.
1 lfill Han.e f. 1
Nina-room ' alt modern . house, nesr
Creighton oollege and high school: south
front lot; paved street.- One-hslt block
U Harney car line; fine shade trees and
high, sightly location. Must be sold at
once. ,
, George & Company,
- - M3 City National Rank Bldg.
Phones Douglas 756, Independent A-173.
FOR HALK Anyone desiring second
liand bank fixtures would do well to
correspond with or telephone City Na
tional hank, Omaha. - -
yon sai.H Ser and second-hand
earom' and pocket bllUard tables and
hnvUitv alleva and accessories bar: fix
tures of all kinds: easy payments. The
Hrunewlck-llalke-CoUauder Co- - o.
wth St.
GOOD second-hand meat refrigerator.
Henry Olantx, Harvard, Neb. ' -
Cosr for store or fumace. Try It45
Harmon A Weeth. - Webster SO.
8AFE&-Overstocked with second-hand
aatea, all sixes and makes; bargains.
American Buppiyo., U10 Farnam Bu
DOOhb. winoows and watnscoatlng.
So. Mh. Tel. Douglas 437k ,
' For HALE Three nool tables. I new
cloth, . first-class condition, U. Call
Harney m.
fmders for sale, cheap- Phone Web. 480
NATIONAL cash r.gliter, sU oierk
kevs, complete record for each clerk;
registers lc to S99.MI. A bargain. C. Y.
Smith. WU Farnam t. -
ID SAFES. DERIQHT. 1818 Farnam St.
FOR SALE Cheap, for cash; large
-double roller top desk. -
1IAST1NG8 4V HETYDgX, MM Harney St.
3-DAY BIXMD ltEMKDT. ... ,
Oladlsh Pharmacy. l:th and Dodge.
"lIEBKN. mask sutu to hire. UH How d.
Masssge. Rlttenhouse. Old Boston Bid.
WB rent aad repair all kinds of sewV
Ing machines., lnd. k-VHO. Douglas Wtti.
Uth and Harney Sts.
ItU Farnam St., are wiling tools at cost.
YOUNO women coming to Omaha aa
strangers are invited to visit the Young
Women's Christian association building at
Seventeenth and St. Mary's Are., where
they will be directed to suitable boarding
place, or otherwise assisted. Look lor
our travelers' aid at the Union station.
SWEDISH massage -for rheumatism,
tomAch trouble, poor clruculatlon, Kara
ten Tonseth only Omaha masseur gradu
ate from Sweden. 401 Omaha National
Bank Building. Phone Douglas 711.
' LOST HEIR Charles Ijugren. at one
. time of Grand Island, last heard of In
Ireeley. Colo. Send all Information to
M D. Arbogaat, Grand Island, Neb:
BKT bracer for men.
Food pills, n per box. postpaid. Sherman
MeCormell Drug Co..
Grays Nerve
Omaha, Neb.
t A CQ IfiP atatha salt glow aromatic
ALAdSAUri treatment. Mm Allen
of Chicago, lot S. nth St.. 1st floor, p. 7ia.
Want an Offer
EASTERN OWNER in city to dispose
of fine i-roora. all modem home, near
0th and Charles cits. Well built, full lot,
paving paid. Easy worth I4.W0, but will
sacrifice. .Terms can be arranged. In
vestigate at once, as owner leaves Man
"' , Glover Realty Syndicate,
- 1Z14-22 City National Bank Bldg.' '
' Phone Douglss 3963.
i ; $100 Down
Near 35th and Grand
Avenue ,
Good t-room cottage, on a nice lot. all
fenoad. .Water and electlie light la
house. Chicken bouse on rear of lot.
il.M buys It. lio down, balance easy
SCOTT S; 11 ILL. " '
Both Photiea. . 301 McCague Bldg.
.WANTtJj .l,ly I. arm, peters i rust Co.
llTt LOANS. Henii-Lar.bri;.
314-13 Biandeis Theater.
WANTEDCKy. loans- and warrant.
W. Farnam Smith 4t Co. 1 Farnam at
MO.Nf.V. to luaiTen Business or r
dence properties. tUOOO to liA'.i'.' W.
lltOMAJi. Ftfel Nat'l Bank BMg.
Jiwi to nf rnaue promptly. K,
Aead, W.a.l Blilk.. lith ard Farnam.
Wtilch is leoeted M miles east of Lbs
Angeles, on three main lines of railroad,
the -Santa Fe. ifouthern Pacific, and Salt
Lake roads, where-TOU can see at least
lu,tM a. Tea m oranges, lenioas and grape
trult, from one to 13 years old: K.uut serf s
in grapes from -ette to A years old: Woue
acres tn jea.-hea, apricota plums an-1
English wa-nuts and apple, mostiy
frown without irrigation, from one td 1
the ; years old; s.M acre, of alfalfa, rretn -a
tew xnontns to s ears ohi. anu m.un evv
erythtng-eise you -can -Think of you can
we, around Ontario. A teautifuH piaoe 1 fi 4 ijy 1 v wtt v, ian., RItti up.
m tive,eievatirn (mm l.iw to ioo fej-t, . v. . "vj. onaha Nat I Hank
a &o-tt. boulevard aix. miiea long.xnitn . - ; : -r-streetcar
line In theM-ater. finest niaco .Lo A.N aFarms and uty -property. J.
m tneiworm zor-ratslnaT ciurkens and s-i
kinds of; .fiaettCliniate. fine
sori.v-f1na- schoiis, -enurchea and people.
V e nave for sale vacaqt -lots, vacant lani
or improved piacea In tllll district. In
hnest to be found In Southern California,
at the most reasonable prices; &'.fe U
now being spent tor the new school build
ing. l-or further Information call and talk
to our Mr. Heyden. who recently returned
I rum there.
Hastings & Ileyden,
1(14 Harney St.
cash nad !er muntn buy dve
acres with full bearing trult trees In the
famous BIdwell orchards at C'hico. Cj.
Payments Include Interest and taxes.
Your muney back If not satisfied -upun
Inrestigatlon. The ilidwell nrcbarda are
the most noted and productive tn the
aonderful Sacramento valley ef Califor
nia. Its our confidence in this Und
that prompts this generous offer. We've
peaches, prunes, almonds, apricots and
Barllett pears. Buyers' railroad fares,
not exceeding (St. will be credited on
purchase price. Land adjoins the thriv
ing town of Chico (14.000 pop ). ( Refer
ence! : Any bank of Chico. American
National Hank of San Francisco .i
First National Bank of Ban Leandro.
bend for valuable information, and tacb
BIdwell Orchards. Inc.. Chleo. Oal.
LciANa Farms and tity -property,
ll. liurnoht Soo,ju3 Fkrnvm
1 handle iradtw-evet sfanere. if you wanu
results wrne or call ivan. an Bee, i. lJiu
ACKKs Lake t'o.. Oregon, land tor
tacant lot in Oaiaha, VY.. Wagner, mil
North Mt-enth street. -
MILL exchange unpruved 320 acres, 4
mllea northeast of Culberson. Neb., for
ta.utu; residence In Omaiia r Lint-oln. if
location Is suitable. Box HO, Shelby. Neb.
Pool hail, barber shop In connection do
ing good business. Will take team of
mares aa part payment. A.. Nit-lson, ate
North 1Mb. street.
TUB easiest way to find a buyer for
your twm Is to Insert a small want ad
lu the Dea Moines Capital. Largest cir
culation tn the state of Iowa. fc.wo, daily.
The capital la read br and beitaeea m
by the standpatters pf Iowa, who aunply
refuse to permit any other paper in toeir
tomes. Ra:es, 1 cent a word a day; u li
per line per month; count six ordinary
aorda to tne Una Andres IMS Moiaes
Cspusl. Dea Moines, la.
Two 8-room, strtct' v all modern housea
close In, hx-ated at Jot h and Webster Hta
M ill trade for acre property near Omaha
or gooa vacant lot, rnese nouses are
In first-clasa condition, have recently been
remodeled, new plumbing, .leatlng and
electric lighting have recently been put
n; also new flooia, cement walks, newly
painted and papered throughout. Rental
value $30 per month for earn-house. Price,
4i. each. Chance to make a good deal.
11A8T1NUS HEYDEN,. 114 Harney at.
EUlUd'C In comfort; select and limited
party sailing June 13 via Medtterratisan:
eighth neason.. Miss Anna Z. Roi. Coun
cil -Uluflii, lav, li Willow avenue.
PRIVATELY conducted eaetera tours!
for young women during the summer
months; limited number; select. For
particulars ca4 Ulna E. M. U., m City
Nat'l Bank.
.. . Here is
a Grood Investment
Yearly Rental $1,710
.Price 414,500
-Thla property I located within mln
Otee walk of the po tor flee and down
town district,' constating of three modem,
up-to-date flala on car line, east front
and paved street. The building are al
ways; rented to desirable parties. Figure
this for yourself and you will find that It
la on of ths best Investments offered In
the city for some time. This I not like
buying some eld, run-down proierty that
"eeue a great oeai or. repair ana in a
poor location. This la one of the most
deslrabl properties we bar had on our
list for some time.
114 Harney St. .
- Dundee Lots .
Nonresident nwnee eanli Affe at mk.
for southwest corner Ust and Daven
port Sta.,' one of the best corner lots in
Dundee. ' Look at the lot, then see us.
tSOD each for. two tine sightly south
front lots, location O, K. t
Glover Realty Syndicate,
' rit-a Ctly National Bunk Bldg.
Phone Douglas WO.
-J0 DOWN, balance tan terma will
buy my home at Slil N. 23d. six rooms
with large reception hall; mahogany fin
ish downstairs, white enamel upsuira.
Call owner. W. fwO. "
THE SALVATION ARMY solicits cast-
nff einthinc: In fact anytning you do not
need. We collect, repair and sell at lei
V nth St., for cost of collection, to the
worthy poor. Phone Douglas 12& and
wagons will call. - .
MAfiAfUT, Swedish movement. Apt.
AOOAUJLi t lmt Fannin. O. SM.
vibrator and
mutator treatment. Mrs.
Snyder. bU Bee Bldg. Red sous.
f AflVFTTP treatment. E. Brott. l
B. 14th. Id floor. D. KM.
HAlKDHESSINa. Manicuring. Sham
pooing. bcalp treatments a specialty for
ladies ana men. sirs, pierce, ehi rr
ttjimt-rl at Wead Bidg-J 11. L lad.
: A -lev.
Af tJi(4l' Treatment. Mrs. Steele,
1703 Dodge. Oround floor.
V AS'TED 3u bald-headed parties tc
eon tract with u to grow their hair anew.
Price $&; no hair, no pay. ttus Harney
St . M. o. H. it. co.
KOOS for hatching from the Brandeis
farm. Thoroughbred 8. C. Whit Leg
horns. L'UUty stock. tLW a setting or
t per K'j. Elhibitlon or show stock. S3 to
ji a setting- Write for catalogue. Address
A. D. Ursndeis. Omaha.
'a-nson ti.
ui.J brooders mean every egg a chick:
est price saved on first batcb: At.daya
fr trlsl: catalog free. Leahy Mfg. Co.,
K lith.
TWO full-blood exl French poodle pups
for sal cneap, hii uougiaa street.
AllTkUil OS- TITLE. ,
' need Abstract Co , oMeat abstract otDn
-., Nebraska. 20 Brsndela Theater.
MiAbK & CAMPHr-LL, i;i4 Farnam St.
UtlLUaiatV l.FUkATlU.1.
Electi le gss fixture. Omaha Silver Co.
"ideat Cement Co.. 17th and Cuming.
Kucha A Miind. painting, decorating.
"nOOFINGS. paints, building papers,
!at'.er aoarda, Aroer. Snp Co.. 1 11 Nick a
E1.1. attains. F. ti-wmin. Ito N. lth.
Cli n raurksii (ua ast-b.
FOR SALE By owner, S-roem cottage,
has gas. eieetric ' Ught. furnace, -cement
vralk around housa, brick walk ia front.
-an be bought on easy tenca. Apply of
owner, C.rt 2i. 42i tt-
:-';. .$1,250 . .
South front on Emmet at. between isth
and aftth. Paving aH paid, verv deslr
abl kwatlon. Thla i the last rood lot
that can be had In the best built-up dis
trict In the addition.. Will make term it
HASTI.-te.S tk HETPEN, 14 Harney St.
o cash. M0 monthly, buys t-room.
strictly modern, oak finished home, full
two stories, near new Omaha I'niverslty,
complete every way. Price, (2,500. phone
owner. Harney S210.
I will eell the choiiest building lot la
'he Hanscom Park district upon the
moat favorable terms that could be de
sired. If you contemplate building this
spring, better tea me soon. Lot locatod
north wen corner 33d and artur. Tele
phone Harney 1244 or South 431. William
11. Gould. Jr
MINNESOTA lupBftVHn riui
In KHERBL'RNB and adiolnlna
We hare a large number of choice, well im
proved farms near good towns and only
a short distance - from Mlnnearmlf at
HI to W per acre. These farms are
sdapted for diversified farming, and In
the corn belt. Get a farm where rainfall
is abundant and crop failures at un
known. -For full particular write Fel
lend Realty Company. Ml Palac Bldg.,
Minneapolis, Minn. -
Missouri. -t- .
1.M0-sores, 2Vi mllss Oregon, It, miles
Forest City; only 2f miles St. Joseph:
sets .Improvements; good condition; high
bottom corn land; made soil; four crop
pay for land; private slock yard and pas
senger platform at railway on farm; gilt
edge; worth, mora -money;; bargain; 1130
Per acre: one-third cash; balance long
time; . per cent. A. W. Cotten, Oregon.
Mo.; ditaited description on application.
120 ACRES. I miles from good town In
southern Missouri, buildings and other
Improvements. 135 ier acre. This Is only
one of several good farms tn good farm
Ing district; plenty of rainfall; good cli
mate; the land Is good aa Iowa, and will
be aa valuable In few years. . Oet more
particular. U. . . ffLKtvINQTON,, 103
oee mug. -e -
WANTED to rent, March 1. grain or
dairy farm, 'this stale. 1V to M acres,
on sharesr 3"to ly-vear lesee; no -seed or
swamp landa. Write- today. A. Neilsan.
ttm N. Hermitage .avenue,. Chicago, Hi.
WANTED To bay old broken watches.
M. isthan. 1J H. lllr). St,
Jti-hnnd goods." Kleser. luao Center. D. m
WATKlt-ift nf j 'per' ieAt; 'first
jnortgage . on property worth (19,000: In
come or .i year etin Ba assignea u
desired, Addresn Y;a, Use.
C01)RED women desires position as
dishwasher. . Webster t430.
W ASHINO and (Tuning dose. T.. H. HM.
Currain laimdered. Uuarameed. W. IMS.
SITUATION, wanted by a oomneteat
colored gin ss domestic liaraey 4J60.
ot'NO LADY, well educated and ex
perienced stenogrwrjher, wishes a position
with a reliable firm, with good raterenc.
M W, Re. I .?
THE VIHIT1NU HELPER will coma to
yoiir aid If you bar unexpected com
pany for-innch sr dinner. -or. any emer
gency where you need help. Doug. 74.
TWO Joining lao-acra homMead reiin.
aulshmsnts, enter of Irrlgsted tract, close
w town, esou ewen. , Aaaress owner, iwx
lielirasKa. j ,
FOR' SALE 440-acre Imnraved Wlnk.M
homestesd; jood soli; fin location; II
miles from Chadron. Addres Bui M.
Chadron, Neb.
ll.Mt wtU bay tne east UO-arra home.
stead - in Nebraska; partly improved.
Writ owner. C XL Hoffman. a.iinhaiL
Neb. , . . :
HOMt-ISTRAO .Tkl aera rii-h h,M l.d
for Hii, filing fee and all. No sand lulu.
J. A. Tracy. Kimball. Neb. .
BL'Y LAND: also farm moruuM from
first hands, Ws can please you. The
Welpton Investment Co., Ogellal. Neb.
m ACP.ES:. 1W acres tn cultivation. 40
pasture; fenced; fain Improvements; .
miles to railroad town: near a-hool.
Price, fH.Su per acre. Vi m. Smith. Well-
fleet. Neb.
We have for sale over "BOflA eer t
Cheyenne county, Nebraska's choicest
tarm land, wnere the crop yleids for U
years, including 110- and Jli, averags
with the best In the slate. Aifalla aise
a leading crop, better soil, waier and
climate cannot be found. Write for fuil
Information today. Agents wanted every.
Sidney, Neb.
BUY direct finm owner. 640 acre, well
Improved farm, a per acre. John Jenlk,
Lodge Pole. Neb.
YOUNG man with exnerlenca and rood
habits want position, on farm or dairy,
O 363. Omaha Bee.
EDUCATED lady, with business abll.
Jly 'Atidsotri. r4etc In. ngwapapar
- W ANTED By. ' young lady of refine.
meat, position a housekeeper: d'f pre-
lerreo. Anares r vtl, care Bee.
EXPERIENCED .porter waata position.
t to.
YOUNG man wants steady work on
tarm; good worker; references. H, 161, Bee.
YOUNG boy about it year, want light
outdoor work, small .wages.
Uldg. Doug. 1US, ' ;
7I J3randels
EXPEHIKNCED young lady wante po
sition as cashier in hotel or cafe; beat of
reference Phone Hack U14.
HAND lalwdry. by piece or dos.. wash
ana ironea. sue aoi.; rougn drv, 36c
shirt waists: Joo to aoo." Doug. 7W7.
YOirNU MAN bookkeeuer and steno
grapher: would Hko position; 'good, refer
ence. I i'.C Bee.
YOUNG lady deelree'poaltlori In office.
willing to start with email salarr. Refer
ent . JPtiona .Webster-ftfa ... .
Ship your stock to South Omaha Suva
mileage and siirinkage. Your oorufign
ment receive prompt and careful atten
Live (teek t emailsetea Merekaats.
Byer Bra at Co. Strong and rwsponalM.
WOOD BROS., ZU-3S Exchange Bldg.
Great West. Com. Co., Omaha sV Denver'.
W. R. SMITH ft BON Juat aaadts sheep.
"TA GO. BROS, handle cate, hoaii, sheep
Clay. Robinson ft Co.TliSd Exchange Bldg!
160 acres In Fi'Imora county, nesr
Shlckley, Neb.; worth tl& per acre. Price
for hort time 310U per acre.
330 acres three mlies from Prokeei Raw
Custer county. Nebraska; only kit) iter
acre. Oood Improved farm. Heat ansa
on the market.
411-413 Karbach Block, Omaha, Neb.
FOR SALB-Lot 337 Fairfax addition; a
snap If Ul.en at onca Inquire iM Sahler.
1XT tor asie cneap; North ' J7ih m
South imaht. li. A. lannii. Perry, la
BEST fruit land In famous frnnoua val-
ilcy Orvpon, f. ier sere. Call or grito
.r i .. :i . rvruauut VMesun. ioyu it.
' Most artistic and. nnlform residence dla.
iriot or omana Few vacant lots left.
ia oireeis paved ana parked,
Payable 1-1 cash, balance monthly. Will
build to suit on same terms nr will ad
vance cost of house and build vaifrieir
The Paxton Real Estate Co.. an War tik.
Persistent Advertising
Big Returns.
Is the Road to
ni ft imrri ld rest -ialb
urillek Caiaaaaaa.
FOR SALEV-Cliolce valley farms In
tract of M to lent acres, within 1 to
miles from the towns alone the Or.,, l
Trunk Pacific Railway in Central Bntun
coiumoia. Also bkeen. Valley Fruit
Farms in W-acr tracts. Send for free
booklet Call or write B. Me) el. District
-Sales Agent, tSl Paxton tildg.. Omaha.
Will buy for anyone Uritlxn Colum
bia Farm land on uncomnleted nraaj
Trunk without mniiMiion excepting' pet.
eentags of profita Large returns cer
tain. Frank Cawford. U burner street.
V'aaoouver.. ce Omana.
Traversed by the
Land adapted te tn widest ram at
crops. All the money croc at u
plentifully produced, for literature treat
ing wita tnis eomicg oouatry. lu mi
climate, church and acuaua adraniAaea.
t.enersl Paseeirger- Agent.
Wyvaalaif. - .
FOR SAI.E-1C4 acres Irrigated land
with good water right and well Improved;
two mnes from county seat, tk par acre:
easy terms. Aaaress r. u. box ill. Tor
rington, Wya
intcrsutts Co. Better resu'.lg . Ship to usT
CL,ir-TO.i com en.. 221 Exchange Bldg.
L. E. ROBERTS ft CO.. 23 Exch. Bldg.
Cox ft Jones Com. Co.. bunch of hustlers.
Farmer L: 8. Com. Co.', dExvh. BlditT
Deposit proceeds of shipments In Stock
Tarda Nst'l Bank. Only bank at yards.
Martin Broa. ft Co.. 203-4 Excli. Bldg.
Consignment solicited.
grsin merchants.
7V3 Brandeis.
Farmer and land buyers
. all over the country are
leading Be want ada every
day and snapping up every
bargain offered.
Rate l cents per word
If run only one time, le per
word If run two or more
time cons- eutivejy.
Write and mail your ad
today to steal Estate depart
ment of Tne Omana Baa.
Kerults are euro
The Best , t
Farm Locations
re In the mud. sunny southeast: price
are wonderfully low; lie an acre up buys
tine farming or graslng land; big profits
from tru k or . poultry, requiring email
capital; fortunes tin apple aad ail other
iruiu, pecan nuls. ailafTa, etc: live
etoi k. hogs and dairying -shy immense re
turn, aiv i out lie, eiixzaroa long win
ters or expensive Irrigation to he can-
tended witb in the southeast alone- the
-tie ui ine souinern rtajiwaw - Mvetm
Send for iand prices and free subscrip
tion to the : Southern Field. Address
Chas. 8. Chase. - W cetera Agent. Room
Ji Chemical bldg., St. Loula. Mo. -
farsas and Sasck '---de.
FOB RENT S3t acres of the best
In northwest Missouri, all plow land; will
rent for 3 years, eash rent; teams and
root if wanlsd. Route t. Bog a, Ora
ham, Mo.
' PNG Notice la heteby girtn that the
resinar annual meeting of the stock
holder of the South Platte Land Com
pany will be held at the office of said
oompaay at Lincoln, Neb., at 11 o clock
a , on the aixth day of March. A. D
Wll C. .1I. MORRILL. President.
A. a MINOR, Secretary.
Tncoln. Keb.. February a. 1913.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
I. tl 1.......... r. . I
v. mo . uv.wiua vmi.wnny win ee
held at the company efflre tn the Bee
Duiioing. trniana, ,-sen.. at 4 o clock p. m.
Moidy, Mar-h t, urll for the eleeUoa
of a board of directore for the ensuing
year and for the tranactioa of auch other
buainens a may properly come before
tne meeting.
By utuer of the president.
Ftd-30t. N. P. FE1U t-ereury.
A Horrible Death
may result from deceased lungs. "Curs
coughs and weak, sore lungs with Dr.
King's New Discovery. SOc and tl.OOi For
sale by Beaton Drug Co,
nlv. -
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Sas Free, 0erlaa4 LHsltea. .1 1 11 as steissl
i-klaa A Uv Fast Mall... I aai-' a I sw
AilaetMi Kiw..... aievaai
OregeB Kirrva .....all S5 sea a I H set
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kl.liks sliseae
la) sallr, IW sallr ascept SueeAr. tc aa4ay
a Cur
Tela Clu
Address at Panam Intended to Give
Seasons for Trip.
Presldcat at the t atted State Waste
to Brlag the 'A harries a Nepab
lles .Nearer Teugether la
( ' All Tbiags.
LAN A MA. Feb. 3-Secretary of State
P. C Knox made In Panama today -the
first of tils public addresses on his trip
to the capitals of Central Ameri,
northern South Amerka and the Wect
Thla speech, while delivered before the
acting president of Panama. Senor
Rodplfo Chlar.l,.was In reality addressed
to all the countrlea he will visit and In
cluded an explanation of the attitude of
the. United States towards South and
Central America. Mr. Knox said the
president believed the early completion of
the canal should mark the beginning or
closer relations between the United
States and sll Latin America: that the
purpose of the United States towards all
the American republic was to live In
amity and essential harmony; and that
the United Ststes desire mors peace,
mors prosperity, mors happiness and
mors security in their national live. He
declared the United States craved neither
sovereignty but territory In Latin
America. Parsaee at the Visit.
Mr. Knox adores In part follows:
"The president of ths United Ststes
believes thst the early completion of the
Panama canal should mark the beginning
of closer relations to sll Latin-America,
and especially to the Caribbean littoral,
as well aa the relations of these coun
tries to each other, and Impelled by the
thought that this la an auspicious mo
ment through better acquaintance to lay
the foundations upon which there should
rest a broader confidence, s closer sym
pathy and more practical reciprocal help
fulness, hs cent me hither ss s bearer
of s message of good will to our sister
American republic. r
"We who live on the western hemis
phere find ourselves by fore of geogra
phy In circumstances which tnsk our
situation peeultsr.- and this fundamental
fact gives us privilege snd impose! upon
us obligations wa would not otherwise
have. It was a perception of thla which
your own thinker and statesmen bare
seen ss clearly ss our own, which
prompted the announcement by President
Monroe of the great and beneficent policy
that now hear his name. When the
canal la opened and ths ships of sll
countries of the world com sailing
through these Caribbean seas, the pe
culiarity of our position and special re.
quirement will be accentuated snd the
wisdom. of that doctrine be confirmed
again. Even now It Is a great bond be
tween as. Is Us future amplification 1
parcel v It will be a common heritage
binding together the nation of tlrls hem
isphere with a fore no power can break,
and whll It ha in providence been- given
to us In the north tp itat snd Interpret,
It has never been Invoked to ths detri
ment f the people of ths south er oper
ated to their hart.-
' Dee t lay at Monroe Daelrlae.
"In my Judgment tli Monro doctrine
will" reach the' seme of Its beneficence
when It 1 regarded by th people of the
United State as a reason why w should
constantly respond to th needs of those
of our Latin-American neighbors who
maty .find nscetstty fof our ssltsns Is
their progress toward better government,
or who may seek our aid to meet 4,nel
lust obligation snd thereby. to luaiatain
honorable relations to ths family f na-
tions. ,
"II li I paradox that sererancs of the
physical ligament that Join th two con
tinents of tli 'New World will more
closely unit them,.. Culebra is ths old
clot In ths artery est Intercourse whose
removal will give free and full circula
tion throughout th whole organism to
I he rlvlfytng currents ot friendship,
peace, commerce and prosperity."
,-.- ' T.' fev ".'r
A-'-.uV' W r-y
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Spring Training Camp ;
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