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    lit,.: UjJAiiA. riuiJAi. ju.iiat ii 1. t.-iJ.
sia Sea m b.
no W. Slacksara for Mfnr -Adv.
boots Omasa Hebrew school will give
a mnt at tha Lyric theater Sunday
sight, Vm DMar a drama In tares
motm. wflj to presented.
sTsngsrlaB Society Baa eastey Ths
'east of Esther (Purlm) will be oenfcraced
teaday evening with a grand ball, gtvee
under the auspices of Um Hungarian so
ciety at Metropolitan ball.
ttalC weta Oat SVMsoa Gwm W.
Cralc city engineer, is la toe no (or
commissioner. His petition 1 taken out
and will be circulated. Homer Kirk tiled
hit petition yesterday, being the Ihenty
nlnth to do so.
Beal Betata Agents More J. W. Bass
eosipany, real estate and Insurance
rents, will move about March 1 to room
lot, McCaguo buUdlog. at Fifteenth and
Dodge streets, and there they will as
sume the newtlrm nuns ot Rasp Bros.
Orders Bath Mouse CIqssb Police
Captain Mike Demcsey yesterday (ave
Henry Monda ordere to close us ale Turk
ish bath house at Mi South Fourteenth
street - He cave the proprietor until
Tuesdey to comply with the order. The
bath house in question has been raided
twice by the police and Wednesday nlgst
a free-for-all-tight took place there.
STank Bourse la Burled The funeral
ot Frank Rourke, son ot David Rourke
ot the Omaha base ball club, was held
yesterday morning at I M at Heetey
Heaters undertaklnf rooms. The serrloes
were officiated at by Father Dewd of
St. Peter's church. Interment was la
Holy Bepulcher cemetery. The pallbearers
were John Byrne, Richard Murphy, Bay
Roach, Vtdal Yeoman, John X earns and
Edward Root.
Merry War Waged by
Justices of Peace
A merry little wsr Is radar among
Omaha's justices ot the peace, because ot
Judge William Altstadt'l position In hav
ing Judfe Barker ejected from the Paxton
block. Altstadt has been In the building
for over thirteen years, end because of
Ms opposition to any proposition whereby
soother competing Justice could enter the
building, he hee always been the only
Juctica in Pastoa block. Recently Judge
Barker sub-leased offices from an at
torney on the same floor with Altstadt.
and Immediately the battle was raging.
Altstadt finally got the superintendent of
the building to eject the Interloper, and
as a result, all of the other justices are
much enraged. They say that It Altstadt
does not Immediately square matters so
that Barker eaa have offices In the build
ing, they will prefer charges ot Improper
conduct In effloe against him. Altstadt and
his friends have taken the position that
"dead competition tells no tales," and are
resting en their ears, but the other Jus
tices and friends ot Barker are exceed
ingly wroth.
John Grant Pegg, city inspector ot
v sight and measures, says there Is noth
ing to the report that hs "borrowed
money of coal dealers" He says bs
bought coal and stuff ot them on time,
hut has always paid It back. Speaking
t the can celled sneaks H. arose wanted
te submit shoeNng Pegs had received
money from a coal dealer Mr. Pegg said:
"These cancelled ebeeks were written,
and I received the money, but It has all
been paid backv" as records hv Judge
Kennedy's court will show. When the
case came up In his court It wsa not
thought important enough to call me In
as a ell nens Ml. Melsrsteln testified
that the shocks were tor money borrowed
and paid back, and his affidavit to that
ef fee Is oa ths records.
Mr. Orosa wanted to show ths checks
when he was brought to trial In police
court by myself for refusing to repair
Vales at Sixteenth and Isard, I didn't
know who was operating the. scales, bat
Mr. Q rots owned It. Mr. Ones evidently
thinks I have It 'In for him,' but there
Is no foundation for any such opinion as
that I notified 'him oa January a to
have the scales repaired, and he didn't
do It I simply acted m this case as I
have with other owners of large concerns,
with no Intention ot casting any dis
credit on anyone."
accused of Obtaining Honey from
Cat Company Itandnlentiy.
lasMersseata Said te Rave Beea Or
dered Agaiast the Jadsres aad
. Clerks at atleetteei Are
. Kill Held Is,
Sensational testimony of Oliver Stevens
a colored waiter, to the effect that h
and Harrison J. Plnkett. a colored lawyer
obtained money from the Omaha A Coun
cfl Bluffs Street Railway company b
false pretences, resulted In Steven's sr
rest In the Douglas county grand Jur)
room yeeterdiy. Ho charge has been
placed against Stevens. The grand Jary
after healing hie teetimony decided he
should be held pending further7 develop
menta. He may be used as a witness
against KInkett if the lawyer Is In
dieted and he himself may be Indicted tot
obtaining money by false pretenses.
Grand Jury's Investigation of charge
of obtaining money fraudulently agalni
Plnkett Is the result ot efforts ot col
ored people of Omaha In retaliation
against PlnkeU's activities In securing
Indictments against Thompson A Rou it-
tree and Jewell A Phanntx, proprietors
of two cigar store-pool halls for colored
men. They were Indicted on charges of
keeping gambling houses.
The charge against Plnkett Is that he
engaged Stevens to aid him In fraudu
lently securing IS from the street rail
way company for Injuries suffered by
Frank H. Bradley ot 8t. Paul, a waiter.
who was hurt la h street car accident In
Omaha last year. Bradley also was a
witness against Plnkett
Keeps the Honey.
According to Bradley's story to the
grand Jury, he employed Plnkett to rep
resent him and either effect a settle
ment or start suit for damages. Plnkett
finally told him hs could get only ft
Bradley said; hs said that would be
satisfactory, hut Plnkett never turned
over any money to him.
Stevens told ths grand jury Plnkett
engaged him to accompany him to ths
offices ct the street railway oompany,
represent himself to the railway claim
deparmsnt as Frank H. Bradley, aad get
the money. For this service, said Stev
ens, hs was given p. ,
After hearing Stevens story the grand
Jury telephoned the sheriffs office to
come down aad arrest ths man. An order
for the arrest was secured from Pre
siding Judge A. U Sutton. Later ths
grand Jury released him on bis own
At the time Indictments were returned
sgalnst ths cigar store aad pool hall pro
prietors they and their friends declared
the indictments were based upon evidence
crumped up by Plnkett Tom Mahammltt
editor of the Enterprise, and other col
ored men. Ths whole matter, they as
serted, wss the result ot a 'actional fight
in th. colored Masonlo lodge.
Reaalt of Fend.
The Indicted men sad their friends de
clared they would not stand for "perse
cution," and would see to It that Informa
tion regarding alleged dishonesty of Plnk
ett would bs placed before the grand
jury. They roads their word good yes
terday. I
.lbs grand jury's tod let menu against
certain Judges and olerks of election who
served In the Second precinct ot the Third
ward at the primary election last August,
ordered prepared Tuesday, wsre not pre
sented yesterday. Q)S gran Jury made
utv presentment and took a reoess until
this morning. Deputy . County Attor
ney Magney II finding- ths drawing of
the Indictments no simple matter.
Yesterday afternoon the grand jury vis
ited ths Child Saving Institute and the
Good Shepherd home,
Frits Groebler, trombone player m the
orchestra at the Brandels theater, col
lapsed Wednesday afternoon and a few
moments later died. Heart trouble was
the cause.
Oroebler had been feeling 111 for some
time and Just beton be wsa to begin
playing, he complained of feeling dlasy.
As the other members of the orchestra
struck up a tune his trombone slipped to
the floor and he uttered a sharp groan.
He was taksn unconscious to ths room
under the stage and Dr. Ooets called, but
he died In A few moments.
Tbe body was taken to the Dodder
--. . bin MtahliehsMnt and embalmed
and It wUI be sent to New York, where
Groebler's wife lives, utue is anown oi
. k. AmmA man hv other members mt the
company, as ho Joined only recently In
New York.
th show continued and few norsons
In the large audience that wss being
Blllllsen Knew met roe nana vs anui asa
fallea la the theater.
Plans are being made by tbe Christian
Record Publishing company of College
View, a suburb of Lincoln, te maks the
paper an International publication. This
ie a pubUcatloa tor tbe blind. Although
the paper now covers the United States,
Canada, Wng's-ri aad Mexico. It Is the
Intention of ths management of the paper
to circulate the paper through all the
countries la ths world.
Different systems ot printing for the
blind win have to be used to meet the
requirements of the different races, and
the management is aoaing tneee as last
as possible- la order to care tor the rn
creased eJrculeUoa a large press capable
of turning out 2.500 sheets an hour has
been Installed.
Only eao of the four persons actively
raxed la Issuing ths paper can see. - It
la necessary to have a stenographer who
caa see in order to answer the corre
spondence necessary with those ot ths
eutalde world who cannot read ths dot
TBe boats Flaarao
destroys fewer Mves than stomach, liver
and kidney diseases, for which Electric
Bitters la the guaranteed remedy. SC
yer ssis by Beaton Drug C .. .
Johnson Acquitted .
of Selling Liquor
Robert Johnson, manager of the Idle-
wild club, a North Twenty-fourth street
elub for colored men, was acquitted of
the charge of keeping liquor for sale by
A Jury before Judge Day In the criminal
and law division of ths district court
yesterday. Ben S. Baker,- attorney for
Johnson, defended bltn with the contention
that hs was not In the liquor business.
but simply a member of ths stub and Its
managers, each member paying his share
of the expenses. Ths Jury took bis view.
The Johnson case was ths first com
growing out ot Sheriff McShane's raids
to bs tried to A verdict MoShaaa raided
the club only a week or two after be took
office. - .
Federal authorities are Investigating
the ease of George NesJ. an actor living
at eM Harsey street who was arrested
upon a dty warrant Wednesday night by
the polios, but who Is being hold tor an al
leged scheme to defraud by the use ot
the stalls.
Neat's scheme is said to bars been to
pretend that he was organising a show.
and he advertised la local papers for
actors, unexperienced ones preferred. He
woidd charge them enormous sums for
costumes and makeup boxes. It Is said
that be caught a number ot stage-struck
Omaha boys aad girls .and 'that hs has
beea working successfully for ths last
few months. Hs was arrested upon ths
complaint of J, D. Wyman, a youth who
was victimised.
If yen have anything to exchange ad
vertise It In The Bee Want Ad ooliimaa.
Three Prize Idiots
Face Cupid Furay
v on the Same Day
If any person shall set about making a
list of ths twenty greatest Idiots In his
tory Chsrles A. Furay, cashier and mar
riage license clerk In the county court
office, can contribute three names which
probably will prove available.
Two nlftily gowned young women ap
peared before htm yesterday and an
nounced one of them wished a marriage
license. It Is a bit unusual fur women to
secure licenses, the groom generally at'
tending to this, but It occasionally hap
pens that ths blushing bride looks after
the detail.
Furay questioned the girl sa to her
sge. She was old enough, but she didn't
know her prospective husband's sge. She
thought a while and concluded he must
be over XI. Furay said that wss sufficient
What's his name?" he asked.
"Steve," was the Illuminating answer.
"What's his last namef
The girl didn't hnow. She said he was
stopping at a hotel down town. She tele
phoned to ths hotel and asked for Steve
He wasn't there. She ssked the clerk for
Steve's last name, but he couldn't help
her any. Furay told her she would better
give up trying to get a license until she
should become mors familiar with the
facte in ths cass and belter acquainted
with Suva.
A half hour later earns a man and a
woman from South. Omaha. They asked
for a license to live together. The woman
explained that she had a husband in
Austro-Hungary. but hs was a bard
drinker aad she didn't care for him. She
said she and the man who accompanied
her were Informed by . South Omaha
friends that a divorce was unnecessary;
that all they need do was to go to the
county court and get a special license to
live together.
Root Sells Control
of Printing House
Stockholders ot the Omaha - Printing
company have bought a controlling in
terest In the printing bouse of A. L Root,
incorporated. The plants wUI not be
consolidated, but Will be run as entirely
separate corporations with Be change
in the personel.ot ths present mansgera
A. L Root expects to spend the summer in
JCuropa and has said a large clock ot his
stock in his printing company, it was
rumored that 'the two concerns would be
consolidated and a large new home built
to house the two, but Frank B. Johnson,
head of ths Omaha Printing company,
says they will be operated entirely sep
Ross Hammond, collector of Internal
revenue, has Issued his final warning to
Nebraska corporations relative to filing
tHeir business report for U1L Every
concern In tbe stats that Is Incorporated
must render a statement of Its affairs
to ths collector, no matter what Its prof
Is or losses are, and negligence to do
this can bs punished by Inflicting a pen
alty ot from lie to 110.0W, according to
else of the concern.
These reports are due Saturday morn
ing at the very latest end Mr. Ham
mond has In his power the right to de
mand the penalty for delay after that
date. There are still about 60s corpora
tions who havs not filed returns, but they
are coming In rapidly, and Mr. Ham
mond believes that by ths Urns Saturday
rolls around this number will havs been
greatly diminished.
There are about fifteen corporations la
the state who have not filed their lsht
return, and against these suits to re
cover (Aon penalty are bow pending la
tire United States court
Do you know that more real danger
lurks In a common cold than In any
ether of ths minor ailments? The safs
way Is to taks Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, a thoroughly reliable pvopera
tion. and rid yourself of the cold as
quickly bs possible. This remedy Is for
sals by all dealers. e
VltourBabik Breakfast
I JstyJ fwIVE him good substantial
hrriZ. that il u,te rood sod is easil
I lis !2m iH) bmsJ with h. big ksd of stsreasften fern
food, bat see
i easily digested. OsU
V'sjsy SeelwiUrtohigkedof stsrTsfteafermmUiBUtaIlSch.
L jaeaJgs? Cora and wheat lack elements which the healthy child mast
OT VS have. The perfect food mads from ths perfect tram
Cream of E:
'CAT it for health
fa toil teste wmOm trvm Kf burr, kmr Umr m ftoar
kUiQf m roOdhl wtrMt ar eara gUkca. Com Id ttw tabkt freafclT
cooM as sTsodtjra teiwaei tantm. Creaaa of Br la th mm ducuv
fcrrggstf mt iHtti roaeu frrr not ciy for habi?. bat for tb etitlr
tumiit. TawBM too! sVttcl toija kMB a mom- mm mi tu ttu
a-1 Mil i tc Cbmb. kftslxi Ad trmd. mmGinm. and tnarra.
Vol. tttat juav oroar traeatfta gat a ptwcW ot Cnua of &ra
rWSfIr.fWyscxxp t-
M-aels7, niBBWeWfMwW
af esa stKluae Fllgemigslliri II f II r ltBTll
Move Khde to Orfanite Chattel Bank I
Along Charitable Line. j
Wealthy t'ltlerae Probably. Will !
CUe Vae of Mosey aad fharlty
WUI Receive rive ler
t'rnt for lie t ee.
'There Is on foot a scheme to aid the
needy poor which will make Omaha loan
harks feel blue. This is a plan lo ee
tabllvh a loan bank from which people
n need of money may borrow at a nomi
nal rate of Interval The benk. it tlie
plan materialises, will be stsrted In con
nectkm with the Associated Charities,
with headquarters In the City Hell, under
iecretary Jonts.
A. D. Brandets said yesterday that
the Associated Charities had proposed
to pay Interest on money loaned for the
enterprise, but that probably he. C. T.
Kountse. E. V. IMxon and K. C. Barton.
all ot whom are on the charities board,
would furnish the money without exact
ing Interest for Its use by the charities.
Low Hate ml lalereel.
Mr. lirandels says the rate ot Interest
charged borrowers would probably not
bs over K per cent
"It will be the finest kind of thing for
the people It le planned to help. After
paying excessive and extortionate In
terest there is not much Mt," he said.
Miss Jonts said that the plan had grown
from the great need of It In Omaha. Tbe
charities secretaries havs been gathering
Information on similar bureaus In other
cities and Miss Jonts hopes the bureau
to be started by October I. the beginning
ot tbe charities' year. The matter will
be Drought up for more definite decision
probably at the board meeting March A
"We have so many people come to us
who havs fallen Into the hands of loan
sharks." said Miss Jontx. "We have
some families almost ruined by them.
We havs one family that paid Interest
on carpets and curtains after the articles
were worn out"
Drinks Carbolic
Acid and Will Die
Mrs. Annie Anderson, aged 77 years,
living at 9M riorth Fifteenth street.
drank one ounce ot earbollo acid yesterday
morning In a fit ot despondency and Is
dying In the Omaha Ueneral hospital.
Mrs. Anderson was married four 'years
ago. and two months ago her husband
left bar. Ths woman has been pining for
her ' husband ever since. There Is no
chance tor her to live.
U WW 1 1 il Ii Si I is. est ilel. mm
aai aula.
"fe. w Menk k. laeara la.
'" I pmei tani, i ,11 - i , fmmt
tABUBT ttfxAOt or iaJmssjti
on auaxrr. .
ewe IV.
va e- tea
"asax ..! se" Sees Sfc
all dragglBss Bad te parties, stereo,
for sale at taermsa A ateOoaasn stores.
Wash your dishes
Orrlinarv dish-water OIlW
flonna tha surface. Put a dash
of Gold Dust into thtt water and
it will go to tbe bottom of
thina-a. drive out everv bit of
dirt, every germ, every bidden
particle. , uoid uusi cleanses
as well as cleans.
W nrrnniM von ihia if VOU
use Gold DlLSt: Your dishes
will be sweeter and cleaner
than ever before, and you
will save at least half the tune
ordinarily consumed in wash
ing them.
Gold Dust does better work
than soap or any other dish.
washing product
and saves
half the time.
Gold Dust la
sold la SO sis,
asd larfw psck
sackags i
(rester economy.
Every woman is invited to consult our Staff of Physicians, Surgeons and Specialists, at the
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N.Ynby letter at my expense R.V. Pierce, M. D.
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functional and organic disease
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gans. It induces refreshing
ueep and relieves mental anx
iety and despondency.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription is devised and out
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Meass send aw letter ef eavlee sad rear Bask far Wobmb, eO Ires sad sestsgs said '
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Brandels Stores
from Their Great Cash Purchase of
Entire Surplus Stock
and Sample Lines
Women's Beady Hade Apparel
At Less Than Actual, Cost to Manufacture.
Saturday-Aii the Women's Suits
Medium weight many spring rtyle S O j 5 98
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Q . Syracuse V' L- -. -
fief Jls- eaTt. I I lXvrr I hxin livmnl I
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" lifl Detroit ill I 5!'1?ES5(5.S!
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