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60YERH0RS M.Tffl
SUte Zxeentim Telegraph Ami
uses , Support. ,
Fiat stent AjiiIH Ketitled t -
Tesrss AdsntaaoUnaosa !
larM Predlrts rail at ,
J . OaVomre MirTilt
WASHINGTON. Fab. Tl-rapoJc
Ipiexlase of support from nine repanllcaa
tueeinm were irvea cut bar tonlltit
from tin eampaisn Headquarter of
President Taft. Tb executives (otac oa
record m ievor of the president'a ru-
linatloa an:--.-
- Ebernart. Minnesota: Carroll. Iowa;
jHsy. Washington; Goidsboroufh. Msry-
hand; Tener. ' Pennsylvania; Hooper,
iTenntssw; Spry, Utah; Penesrell, Pola
'ware, and Pothler. Rhode ;einil.
la addition to tbo elcned statecmnta
I mad pubUo the Taft xoanacsrs clatoMd
Ith support' f Deneen. Illinois; Oddls,
Nevada, and Mead. Vermont.
I The announcement from th Taft
.bureau is taken aa an answer to th
Ichlos- canference of aoven governors,
I upon i whoa solkitatloa Cotonal Kooas
(vett baaed hla formal entry Into tbe nrea
fiaeatlal contest. Twenty-two atatea now
hare republican governors and,Sxceatlnc
jtwo, are now accounted for in tin varl
)oua statements of presidential p refer -leaoea,
aa follows: -
' ' .Declared for Taft. ; claimed by Tatt
I; declared for Roosevelt. 7;
for La Follette, 1; preference
not announced, 2.
The governors who have declared for
Rosvlt are: Glasscock, West Vir
ginia; AMrteb, Nebraska; Baas, New
Hampshire: Osborn. Michigan; Stubba,
Kansas; Hadley, Missouri, and Johnson.
California. ...
Governor Carer of Wyoming also signed
th "foveroora" letter" urging , Colonel
Hooeeeelt to become a candidate, but It
I now asserted that ho has reserved
tidgmenL Neither has Governor Veseey
of South Dakota announced hla choice.
. Th California executive did not sign
jtbe letter, but has sine declared for th
former president. Governor McOovern
(of Wisconsin Is conunltted to th can
jdidacr of Senator La Follelle. '
" What taa Cere era en Say. .
I Th aim governors wh have corns out
(for President Taft take the position that
Ws record entitles him to renomlnatlon
land aloctton.
I Follow!- are th more striking extracts
Waken from th governors' dispatches:
I Bberhart. Iflnnesota-FTealdent Taft s
Administration, measured by all standards
bt accomplishment and fidelity to duty, en
litis him to the endorsement of a second
jterm. whfch I believe th Inherent sens
nf fairness and jusUo of th American
beople will ungrudgingly (lv him.
i Carroll. Iowsr-Ther Is no Justice In th
lop position to President Taft. His admin-
(stratlon has bean clean and capable and
n harmony with platform pledges. A
dust and righteous application of the
fcq'iare deal would accord hltri renomina-
Itlon without a contest.
'. Hay, Waahlncton Pew administrations
(can point to th enactment of so many
(wise and progressive laws as that of
President Taft. 1 feel It th duly of
every tru republican to support Mr. Taft
(for ranomlnaiioa and re-election. , .
; Goldsberoucu. Maryland It la my opln
oa that President Taft has given th
aouatnr aa of th bast administrations m
t history. I (Irmly believe that when th
record of Ilea republican party under hla.
Ms leadership Is fully made known' to
jth peopl they will rally to his standard,
renominate ani rsreteet- him. -
i Tener, Pennsylvania In view of th able
manner la which President Tart has con
ducted his Afflu. th constructive and
ktubatanttal achievements of hla adminis
tration, I unhesitatingly predict bis re-election.
' Hooper, Tenoessts President Taft la
personally popular In Tennessee and his
kdmlntsxratlea commands general public
Ror.fldenJS. The state organisation Is loy
ally supporting th president and from
present inuicauons n win in we vi
lot Tennessee In th national convention.
. Stresses! Candidate.
! Spry. Ulan I am glad to reiterate my
personal preference for Mr.; Taft as th
presidential nomine. 1 regard him as
ith most logical as well as the strongest
man whoss nun has been mentioned In
jeonnactloa with the republican noralna
(tion. i am confidant that Utah will
jsend a Taft delegation to the national
Pennewell, Deleware I am strongly la
favor of Presldeut T eft's reaomlnation.
His splendid record should assure bis
re-election by a large majority.
I Pothler, Rhode Island-President Taft
lis a safe man at the head of the nation.
jfaUs administration has been' abl snd
tatesmanlike In th broadest sense. His
record entitles him to a renoml nation la
which event he should receive a most
emphatic popular endorsement.
In making public ths governor's tele
grams tb Taft bureau also says that th
republlcaa gubernatorial candidates In
tb but election In states now beaded
by democratic executives, but which an
counted as normally republlcaa. nave al
most unanimously declared for Taft.
" "
abOitr." contraued tb aenater. "end
that's, what a mugwump. A asaa Is
often educated bey end hla caaacrty, aa
when be saya be does aat maa ta accept
another aommatloa and then Mas t vail
tb paoal h did -not mean what he
Deafening shouts greeted these remarks
and there was more cheating tor Presi
dent Taft as ha res to speak. Imme
diately afterward.
. In his speech be said:
"As Senator Bailey has said, men sear
b educated beyond tbetr capacity, bat
that la not the fault of universities It
Is ths fault of ths ansa, or of their par
ents whs-sent thorn to a pteos where tbe
intelieotaal ttriag Is a bit to rleh and
where they become latszlcatad under th
tasptratlosi of eomethmg stranger than
their minds are abl ta stand. I agree
that a university adscatloa doss not pre
vent a man from making aa ass of himself.-
fraft He re alley Oeaemaew Third
Versa Aeptratlaaa.
' WA8HINOTO.V, Feb. a.-Prelent Taft
Itonight beard Senator Bailor of Texae
pleoouoc . Theodore ' Roosevelt's . third
jterm am hi lions and saw CM members
'ot the University club lie to their feet
from a scar of banquet tables and stand
peveral minutes applauding thj utter-nee.
Bailey declared that If the
(present preaadeat Is not m good enoug'it
(republican ta succeed himself, he must
lb good enough a democrat to do so."
of failure at Chicago to enter th
emocratle party.
I Th president confined his speech to
(the value of university training. He
.laughingly asked Senator Bailey to tell
9am j Which branch of tha democratic
party be would ba received-la but siad
sw other political' reference except to
jchtd his beams for their spplause'of
political remarks.
Senator Bailey began his speech with
la defense of th constitution. -
"Without Intending to be offensive,'
'he said, "I think that George Wasbtna
jtoa and Alexander Hamilton and Janus
Maoism were better ouaritled to establish
a jrev eminent than Bob La Toiietta or
lob Owen."
"He" did not say anything about Theo
dore," . broke In a voice; and - again
uKtrter swept the room.' - ......
Henator Bailey said that university
oen had a distinct duty to perform In
fdocailng the country against adverse
political tendencies. He suggested that
would be well to teach the deatocrst'c
Nine SerioiislyHiiitv
When Trains CoUide
Close to Des Moines
DES MOINES. la Peb. st-Nlaa per
sons were serieualy Injured wbea. Rook
Island passenger train No. U ran lata tb
rear end of Wabash passiigr train No.
I at th outskirts of .th city lata tonight
Several others were bort leas severels'. -
Th sertouery Injured are:
r. O. Mltonell. Das alotnea. .
Mrs. William Hutton. Des Moines..
Mrs. Sarah K.' Adair. Deb Moines.'
H, H. Berth. Des Moines.
B. B. Pol. Hartford, la. . ' . .' ;
Mrs. A. Lynch. Da Moines. a
Mrs. K. H. Berth, Des Moines.
H. O. Wetnee, Hampton, la.
WUson. Des Molnea.
Th two trains, ' both incoming, cam
together -at. a point where th Wabash
track crosses .ths Rock Island. Both
trains war running at a' high rata of
speed and when tbe Rack Island struck
th Wabash train tha end coach of ths
Wabash train was overturned and rolled
several fast down a steep embankmeat.
Th coach contained mora than twen-ty-aersn
passengers. . All received In
juries M som kind. i
Rescuers Immediately set to work dig
ging th lajurad from beneath th debris
and a special train was mad up which
carried them to town, where they .were
taken to a hospital: , It Is sal all prob
ably will recover.
This, is the second wrack which has
occurred at th sam point within th
last week. Stat officials reoently noti
fied th railroads that It was a dangerous
crossing -
Would Postpone'
'; the Convention
WASHINGTON, Feb. M. -Senator Ba
con of Georgia, one of. th democratic
leaders in th senate today declared In
favor of postponing th democratic con
vention la Baltimore, whkh has been
called for Jun n, until a later data be
cause as now arranged It would be held
only a week after the republican con
vention In Chicago.
"Ths entrance of . Mr. Roosevelt Into
th contest for ths republlcaa nomination
for th presidency," said Senator Bacon,
" has so complicated things that I think
th democratic national committee should
tsks steps to postpone ths Urn for hold
ing th democratic convention. ,
"Tb republican convent! Is, called
for June U and th democrat! coavsn
Uoa Jun X, Just a week later., At beat
there cannot be more than three days be
tween ths adjournment of tha republlcaa
and the meeting of tb democratic con
vention. . - - . y .-..-. j
"Who knows that there will not be such
a conflict of view as to tbs platform and
Siplrstlons of candidates s ta prolong
ths republican convention beyond that
time of the 'meeting of th democratic
convention? In that event th democrats
would b In no position to glr proper
consideration of th situation and I think
tha meeting of our convention should be
deferred for two or three weeks beyond
th date now fixed, to Insur such an
opportunity In cass It Is presented." J
NEW YORK,. ITeb. 7.-"Thls If th
first I have heard of such a suggestion
sod as yet, t don't see- snv need -of a
postponement," Norman E. Mack, chair
man of the democratic national commit
tee, ssld when his attention ass called
tonight- to- Senator Bacon's- declaration
in favor of a later date for ths demo
cratic national convention. -
"Our convention is to be held a week
later than that of the republicans, and
If any emergency arose through the ac
tion of th republican gathering, a post
ponement for a week of th democratic
convention, could be arranged tor then.
While net 'desiring to take any isru
whstever wtth th senator my personal
opinion Is trat there Ur no need Tor any
arrangement Bow." .. '
Miners Advised to :
' v Return to Work
SHERIDAN. Wyo.. Feb,. S. -Special
Telegram.) A the result of a controversy
between th local miner' union sad tha
Carney Cosl company, 9M miners - em
ployed In the CarnsyvUl mine, tea miles
north ot Sheridan ar out on a strike, A
conference was held this afternoon be
tween officials of District No. U. United
Mina Workers of America, and th oper
ators, but ao settlement was reached.
Thomas CMbaoa, president a th district.
has advised tl mew to retorn t work
pending the adjustment of the difficulty,
which srose over the dlapoattloa f th
rock or "clod" which overlies th earner
vein. - - -'
ml a dmssoKtu.
I "Bat mea can be educated beyond tneh-
Vletar neeerda for Masafe.
Tbs list of records for March contain
eo rnaay delightful sHutloa by soted
artiau that it Is arousing unusual Inter
est. Foremost of these) celebrated artists
is, of couree. the great. Caruso," whose
exquisite singing of tlw fsmo-JS romsnsa.
Uaa FwitJvs Lsgrlma, from hstr
d'Amore, Is something t -be long re
membered.- And with -Marcel Joumot a
elnga Phure'a nob! "Crucifix." tb two
artists' bringing' out aQ ths beautle of
this eiost me led Sou number, sad tb
high B which Caruso takes at tb close
la porltlyely; thrilling. "" '
Victor Herbert's orchestra contributes
tbs weird snd stritlng "Ind'.sn March"
from Meyerbeer's ' L'Afrtcaine: and
Pror's band Is' beard in toor nuaksrs
two . favorite osetctic over tares, mag
nl.'lcenlly played, tb rousing "Algonquin
ilarrb." and a lively rag entitled "A
Crclon ta Dark town." Th Victor Min
strel company makes things lively by Its
rensittoo of two- hisrhhr amuslns selec
tions, with their short and bra I lent over,
tures and opening ehorusea. their Snappy
jokes snd their tuneful finish. The most
ta-'ked f number m tb new musical
production. "Utth Boy Btaa." that has
ty the difference between a derwrxt-J captivated New Torfe. Is tb duet "Love
Never Die" and R is avleadldly sung
for tb Victor by Barboar aad Aaiaerry.
Xxpert XeSae ieports oa AudTtii
f OoapaJues' Books.
PrUea Maalpalatedl Tsreetk arp
IMaaeea aad Pvoflta Mailt plied
by Mema of Maw Ma
terial. .
WASHINGTON. Feb. a.-Tb hous
Staal trust investigating committee today
mas public ths result of tb Inquiry into
tha books aad minutes of th United
Statas Steel . corpora tioa conducted by
farquhaf J. MoRae, aa expert account
ant. Th MeRa report, rsachaa th conclu
sion that the steel corpora tioa operates m
rastralnt of-trad and r res-en ta competl-
tion rb rough a mantpuiatioa of prices.
through ,ths Influence ot th so-called
"Gary dinners," by control of raw ma
terials and through a system f Inter
locking directors m various companies.
It alas: leads to. contradict som of th
testimony given by Steel trust offldala
Soma ot ths figures dealt with la the
report ar startling. It is shown that J.
P. Morgan A CO. received approximately
6.eos,j la cash profit for organising
tha big steel combine, aad that ths net
Profits of ths concern for ths first nlns
years of Its existence wer more than
H.,oee,eo ,
Marsma' Praflta Isaaseas.
Steel' corporation officlala objected to
producing their book before th com
mlttee la this city, but consented to place
them freely at th disposal of, an expert
ta be named by the committee. Mr. Mc
Raa mad a thorough atudy of the books
and minute, -and In his report to th
commute he pointed out thsss salient
feature: , -. s ,
th statement mads by Judge Gsry and
rT C- FHek to President Huosevelt in
107. that It did not control mm than
per eeat or steel properties la the
country, controls about Hv per cent o( the
That 1. P. Morgan v Co.. hearfine the
ayndleat which rgsjiised the eteel cor.
porsTwn. received a cash prom or MP.
m.M. of Which S.aot.Mu was for aroma.
tlon. wtth an additional oommlseton of
es.w.sw iot a eono conversion 'scheme.
That' the net aarnlnas of rhe NVMn.
tlon for a period of nine years wer
i.waF.wM.M. or an equnajeni of approxi
mately 113 a ton on finished product, in
stead of iKsxont.Sil. as claimed' by the
corporation in Its report.'' ..
That tha stssl corporation, contrary to
FsaetlasM of fnarjr fMaaera.
Th sect Ion of th report, dasllng with
th "Gsry dinners.". whr independent as
well as corporation steel me assembled
ta discuss eondltlona to trade, contains aa
analysts of tbs legal effect of th "golden
ruts", policy prepared by Anthony-J.
Ernest a Nsw iTork lawyer. In which H
Is declared that th "coo vent woe agreed
to and enforced would be objectionable
as regards their effect npon competition."
"The Gary dinner arrangement,' says
the report, "whereat th as-called IMS'
pendents ar Influenced to - reduce their
production conformably to thalr estimate
of tha rsductloa In th demand existing,
and to maintain prices, is objectionable
aa far as It e per tee to exclude free com
petition. Th arrangement la designed
and Intended to operate, and has operated
admittedly, as to standard steel rails,
although It Is claimed that the so-called
Independent participants can cut prices
without tear of penalty, except th dls- J
honor of declaring in favor of a named
arte and then sailing at som ether price.
' "It can be no Justification of ths oo-
operatlea of th participants In tb Gary
dinners that a penalty attach Is a
violation ot the declarations mutually
exchanged, because . perforce tha anti
trust act would prevent tha enforcement
at any penalty for reducing prices or
exncediag sns'a share ot tbo bosuns.
Previses pool agreements xeajr have teen
krokea and pes allies Inflicted by tb
msnsbsr til ism I iss. aiihoagh this was
seoa discontinued. It will be asaumed.
evea If a fund had Bat beet) deposited,
that tb snea la the eld pool would bav
paid tbetr fines.
"Oa the other hand, aay contract assy
be broken; any caaepirary may bo upset
by recalcitrant. It Is surely no excuse
for th II legality ot any arrangement U
restraint ot trade that It can be departed
from by the-perticlpaota.",
' Praflta la Raw Matertela.
Stress Is laid In th financial eectto ot
th report upon th demonstration by
figures that tha . steel corporatioa re
strains competition by making th greater
port km ot Its profits in raw materials
and In plant producna semi-finished ma
terials, while th finished product .plants
make very, low profits This operates, H
is declared, to keep th price) of raw ma
teriats. ore. ke and pig Iron, on a 'high
p-ane, ts ths advantage ot the corpora
tion and disadvantage of tlw Independent.
"During th nln year from January I.
ITOt to December U, 1S1V tb report says,
"tb productions of ths corporation la
rolled and other finished steel amounted
to 7,UMt tons, and th adjusted net
earnings for the sams period amounted
to tl.ill.WC.1, or an equivalent ot ap
proximately tit per ton. . la order that aa
idea may be bad ot th net earnings in
dollars per toa of th several operating
groups of th corporation, 1 have calcu
lated these figures and find th approxi
mate not earnings ot tit per too of fin
ished product to have bees earned as
follows: 1
"By manufacturing companies. M M per
ton; by coal and -cok companies, Tt
cants per ton; by Iron mining campaaics.
tt.U per ton; by transportation compa
nies, 11.M per ton;. by miscellaneous com
panies, M cents per ton. Total, lis.'.'
This, tha report says. Is equivalent to
an aamlng of e per cent on coat.
In accounting for th discrepancy be-'
twees th earnings claimed by tbe stssi
corporation. tM0.0B),ai, and his estimate
of H.lOJ.muK. Mr. MrRa restored te
net earnings what had been ell mi sated by
th steel corporation in Its accounting.
Including such things aa "Interest en
bonds . ot subsidiary companies, the
lorked-up Inter-company profits m In
ventories, special depredation admittedly
charged to construction, employes' bonus
funds and special eompensatlone, account
preferred stock subscriptions, which bars
been treated as dividends from earnings
and not In ths nature of additional wage
to employ, and lastly Interest on bonds,
mortgages and purchase money obliga
tions of subsidiary companies."
A showing ths result ot in policy of
tbo staal corporation to make th bulk
of It profits la th raw and semi-finished
material, Mr. MrRa submitted a
condensed statement of ths dividends paid
by tbs subsidiary companies to the steel
corporation and th Interest paid by the
Carnegie company on Its collateral trust
bonds, from April I. MM. to April L it
showing a total of tTM.U4.MC-U.
Th income from th Carnegie com
pany in dividend and bond Interest." he
says "amounted to fKb,t,H!.w. or
about per cent , of Hie total. Th
American Bridge company paid lbs hold
ing company dividends oa Its preferred
stock during this period to tbo amount of
tM,rsi.sTI.M or t per cent oa tha total."
Table at Divide.
Tbs table of dividends for the' nla
yeaf oeriod (cants omitted) follows:' "
The Carnegie eonpuiy.... zrT,t,0
federal Kteel company, common I14.tls.lic)
rafters! Steel Co.. preferred tl.lbl.lxx
National Tuba Co common.... Suit,
National Tubs Co., inferred.... XT...?
American Steel Wire Co. ot
N. J., common Sl.lks.4W
American Steel V Wire Co. of
N. J., preferred B.J.1
KattesMl Steel Oo eommen
National Kteel Co.. preferred ... X.77S.1U
America Tin Plate Co., common t.l.
Amerlcaa Tie Plat Co.. are'... Wtn
American Sheet Steel Co.. com. HM.stt
American Sheet Steel Co, pref. k.iTJ.5'2
Amer. fcheot Tie Plate Co.. com S6.HSJSJ
Amer. Sheet A Tin Plate Co.. pref. l:.M.M I
Amerlcaa Steel Hoop Co.. com. l.nt
American Steel Hoop Co.. pref., X.WI ."
American Bndt Co.. pref .TUV4
Oliver Iron Mining Co tew.taa)
Lak Superior Con. Iron Mtn. C St, )
Shelby Steel Tube Co.. pre! J.tM
Pittsburgh Hte-lmahlp Co :.t.s7
Ciairtoa Steel Co .E.U
stdlary companies preclude themselves
from competing for export sales.
"Tha result." th report says, "of en
forcing th resolutions and arrange
ments Is that snatarksts for export must
be bought from th United States steal
Products company, and buyers In the
United 8tatea who wish to buy goods for
export are compelled to pay aa additional
profit to the United States Steel Product
Total hJ3.Mi.ta
Interest on th Carnegie CO.
collateral trust bonds 77.6.57
Totals t7it.U4.Si
. Maw CampotltMsa Is eliminated.
Conclusions la tha report bee tins; on
restraint ot trade ere embodied In four
teen sections, som containing volumin
ous quotations from the minute ot meet-
kin of th corporatioa and of the sub
sidiary companies. Summarised, ths re
port concludes:
Competition between previously com
peting concerns was terminated by the
concentration of the control of upwards
of 184 corporations Into on security
holding company known aa th United
State Steel corporation.
Th United State Steel corporatioa ts
merely a holding company, engaging In
no business except ths control through
stock ownership of the subsidiary conv
There were acquired and brought under
single control upwards ot lSa concerns In
'lines of business silled with th steel
msklng business. Including or owning
snd mining companies,, "which are now
restrained from competing In ths sale
ot dfr," transportation companies,
through consolidation of which every
poMMIIty of competition between the
reads ts prevented;: pig Iron plant, coal
and cok companies, snd many others.
There were acquired a larg number
of "major concerns at much Inflated
valuations, succeeding several Increases
In ths capitalisation ot preceding Incor
porations, due. In soma cases, to th
greater combination value or merger at
ths consolidation. In which,, of course,
the units combined wer restrained ot
any competitive activity.
Parpea at Teaaeeeee Deal. '
In this connection, after a lengthy
analysis of ths taking over of ths Tennes
see Coal and Iron company In lsW, ths
report says:
"It may not be possible to ststs th
tru Intro tioa In acquiring th Tennessee
company, ta a way which would b ad
mitted by th men In control ot th stssl
corporation. Inasmuch as It appears to
many experienced man wh r also dls.
Interested, that tha intention which Im
pelled Ita acquisition was merely th da
sir to bring xindsr th control of (he
stssl corporation , ths great feasibilities
for competition possessed by th Tennes
see company. Th eonsequenc ot th
acquisition should and must be held to
have been 'Intended In legal contempla
tion, oven If tb result so deduced con
flict with th Intention declared to b In
th minds ot those responsible."
laterlarklasr Directors.
Th Interlocking of directors of ths staal
corporation and th purchase of stacks
snd bonds of other companies snd various
outsld transactions ot enormous sis, th
report discusses st length In support of
th claim of power of th corporation la
restraining competition.
Tb resolution that subsidiary com
panies ot th stssl corporation shall re
fuse ta handle orders tor export business
and that such orders must be turned orr
to th United Statas Steel Product (ex
port! company, through which tha sub-
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- -
Ear t tha Situation Bee Advertlstag.
Train, Sixty Hours -Stuck
in Snow,
Taken to Deshler
DEV5HLER, Neb, Pes. 3S.-(SpclaI Tel
egram.) Th Falrbury-Neiaoa Rock Is
land teusanger train stuck In tb cut west
of Deshler Sunday night was ur out this
afternoon and brought bar. Ita aia
disabled. Two engines on U.S enow 4ow
broke down. Train master Jonas and Ruad
master Farquharsoa hope ta get tha read
open for traffic tomorrow. Mo mall baa
reached here sine Sunday.
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Tsar is on msa as th Uaitee) Scat wb has perhaps heerd
re woaaea'a secrets than aay other ssaa ar wanes In tha'
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R. V. Pierce in tha hops aad expeclstioa at advice aad aalp.
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tea, to World t Dispatssary Medical Asaoetatioa, Dr. t. V. Pirr. PrnidaBt. .
ibi Maia Strsst, Bufslo, N. Y. . j'
&Zm1mm 1X?mml Woman aBtroahar, '
exStolK ' Woman VvrnU,
Fast daily train service from Omaha and
Council Bluffs to Chicago, via the .
I I Chicago fi north -Western Ry.
I I connecting at the latter point with all
U lines tor all points liast. . .
The Best of Everything;
: Pullman drawinif-room (leepine cars, cor
, observation, buffet and library cart Bookloven,
library free reclining chair cars, standard day
coaches and superb dinine cars service a la ,
aVCarte. ' TkksH sad lull lateraanoa os sppifcitloa ts
1401 aad 140a feeears Mr
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and ett issdwsr, .
tXHincu. uirra, ia.
Place Jo Attachments
on Your Telephone
In tbe interest of good telephone service,
subscribers must place no attachments of any
kind to the instruments supplied by this Com'
pany. , - i
It has come to oar attention that a trans
mitter attachment, known as the "Saniphone
Sound Intensifier," is being offered for sale in
this city. : j- ;
This attachment is of no practical value and
interferes with transmission."'
If these attachments are placed on any uv
strument of the Company we shall be compelled
to remove them.
Low Rates South
MARCH 5 & 19
' CHr St. Lseals' - . " Oesas St. Lseia
It. Aatastbt, .-Fk. S3S.1S $28-05 HiSsr Fls. i3.7S MM
Ft till dill 44.15. 37.0S ' Were " MM v40
UasesvxUe " 35.85 2S.7S Tsssvilsl 3AAS HM
Ocsls M 38.50 29M Mjsasi M 44-M 37J4 '
Fert Hrsrs " 38.50 29.40 -Oraaee " 34.50 29.40
F sis tea " 35.40 28.30 Tssssa M 38 JM ZS.M
West faas Seaa " 42 90 35 80 Psaascsk " 30 DO 2.5 . V
riiiieann " 36.50 2t.40 DeFsasss Sarisa " 31.7S 1S.T0
Dels FW. 38.50 2 eO Mariesaa Fla. 31.75 23.71)
Bay stavrtte-.-.Asv. 3O-00 2085 SaWai Kiss. 3000 2240
rsssasa City- Fla. 2545 Cdraart... Mas. 3OJ0O 22-0) '
New Orlaass-.-U 3040 22.00 GressvOs Ah. 2S.45 2040
HeesW-. Ah. 3O.00 tOM Evenresa Aa. 2S-&5 2JS
Prossrtisastar Law Rata to Maarr Otaar Pssata aa
AUbajna, Florida, Gesrsia Tenpttttr) And Missiatippi
P. W. MORROW, N. W. P. A, CW.ll
. - rr .