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    THE "BEE: OMAHA," THlDAYrFEBRrAET'29, .19i2.
uOh, Sure, Jeff Was Out in the Big Wind r':m . - r; . .By -Bud" Fisher , .
' '
emrmtr vera WTmCai
11m and Whit Colleyitm Tria
First, i Hard Fought Contest
rlirm imiM w Bumped A beat
MnnHr at Oak Wtas
Belle-re la the ; , '
. . . t .--
t Freliealsafr. " .
MH ttBlBC.
1 ?
Mu ,.' ' 11 M I
Omaha Htclt ahec1,(.. I .
Bouih Oraaoa HJ......M ' J
Crlhten .., U ,
Vnlv.rwir eT Onwka. . , J
SdumU BiuW'"T''.'.".'.'.'S " ? '
rrlf1ii. ; rm .
Kniim.t at OmU, W; SttnM. U.
I U hnMH tihlbltkia e tk floor
port Umt Ma km M km tM
ns. tlM Crl(Hta DMkM PIPP'
tMMi tM MMf r rtm aulaMt. lwtan
M Utt'Trt-Clty lracM. iMt
tin lac' tyaunHuni to Um m B
tML i
0hs iart iBtkntul WH 4
tan (fMtraa um that b tama
la enwaanaM ta tha kattt at kakru
tat -aa puUtt alt iaat avanwg. Wbaa
tka asraka fc4 tUfi away aaf tka
eora.aoar rattatarr4 Ha tlaal auunlla
Um mum M la of their atar alay
ar an tha xpllal IUt and tha btu ant
whlta oollaalaaa war Hmptn painfully
about with bruina aa4 aora oinii.
W. A. Rltchl who playa tha eantar
poolilaa far (ha nraiaa, aurtcraa a baoly
broken naaa, aaaaot r a eaUlataa wltk
BaMcrana, tha ooltoalaaa rlfht forward.
In tka flrwt prkxl and ba4 to ntlra from
tha (aeaa, ' ffifht Oua IhlaMMa oal
Uaat with fleuily Qrahank anoihtr of tha
Ptma OM-rayaOoa, aauatn tha kwtor to
ma haoAiona alnt a atona wall at
ana of thw tTawaafam Orakaot wa aa
aaaartova for a ftw aunotaa. ' ' '' -
Art or lata aaa rourt PJ toltowao aa
athor ana flaw had to aa takoa oat
aral tlmaa to allow tha (layara. to rub
tholr kimi aad kuaipa. i
i Crdgbtoa outctotiad ho Plratii in th
laaeona atl4 andiiaa tka acera up ta a
too a4rata(a In tbalt favor. Prucha
waa kiah potataiakar with a total of U.
.Too liaui! ,
! Italdaraoa ..r.l R.V lirahajn.
fruch .......Ur". ur.,., Darrewmaa.
Hottmaa Rltchla-SUiXda.
,Xal)rr UU L.O Hoblnaon.
-anmarda K il l K-U Shield"-oiaVM
' uoalat- rnicha, ; Huttman, I;
Rhlnwraa. t HaUnr. 1; Oriuiaai. t,
Bilohm 1 ftea Tbrowi: Prucha, 1;
RiiohiO. I; thrf, ii Oraham, I. Polaia
Awardodi PlrnMio. I; fntahlea, L
Reftroo: Will Xnwit. I'mplro: H.
. Ourtl. ftor-: Uun Walker. Tlnw
keotwr: C 0. Uaa. 'xtma ul Halve:
iTweaty mlauM.
i Oaulia LaleoraHp Wlaa.
la a preliminary oonuat tha University
of Omaha fhre. by dint of auperior team
work aa4 kaaket kaoB, trouaoed tka
Baticvaa aolleftaoa by a acara of to
M. Tha ruie wont to a tie at It to U
and aa extra period waa played ta da
doa tka wtaaer. Parrlah atarrad for
tha Owiaha a4a by rolilnc up u potato.
Tka ttaoup; '
Farrtaa ,.-..R.KJ 1LF kUawall.
Dow X.r. UP. P. Quackenb'h.
Jeroma C C Ottawa
wte a-eTkaa y uo.i ta. P. Mt n.
arotna K.O.I Iialaereaa.
PleKI Ooala: Mesweil, t: P. ttuaekaD
txmh. t: Ohmaa. I: R. Duaokaaouah. 1:
Pmh, t; Uew, t; Whuueoia, 1. rraa
Threw: hteiw'll, t; l'rnh. t. Poli.te
Awarded: Omaha unlveraMv. t. Hef
ene: Will Kselt. Umtre: M. a
turtle, auerer: . Una Weiker. Tina
koper: '. U. Una. Time of Halve:
Tweutr aalaute.
Circuit Fair Dates r
Arranged at Meeting
HA8TI.VG8. Koa, Feb. H.-(fpedal Tel-
efraia. At a raeetlnc of the Nebraaka
wt Ctroull aaeoclellon, today date ware
arranaad for a aerlea af circuit falra la
onttrai and aotuhern Nebraska oountlea
aetl September. la each town tha fair
will be bald for a week, the datea betna
aa follow: September . Bladea and
Geneva; September 14, N'elaoa and Alma;
aoptamkar Clay Canter and Campbell;
aepteaibar Mlndae and Bkvlaa,
The meetlnc waa held at 4he Boataick
hotel and beaUat Ulng-th datra for
tka a Keaaon. U-neede arraniemeata to
aorar free attractlona. Two repreeenta
Uvea vara preatpt from- aaell of .Jlha
town naaaed, . , -;
I. W. Haw a' Minder waa alerted pra
ktent and i. H. Wllaoa waa elected aecre-
IT. tiOUI. Feb. a.-Wehetr Lambert,
aaadldala for the nraaldeacy af tk Amort'
aaa Bow Una eeafreae, returned ta St.
tama teabjht from New Tark, and after
aoaferflrut with local kowUaf leader aa-
aaaaced hi mtaatloa af remaining In the
flint ta the flnlaa. Bowler declare tha
election af a praaldant thl year will caaaa
aura rivalry than ever before.
Although eeveral candidate are In th
field, th real fight has narrowed to two
men-Lambert and Judge Howard of Chi
cago. . .
Lambert's .special Pullman tram will
leave here tor Chicago an tha alght of
March T, carrying sjurabera of .twenty
three bowling eluba. This la the- largeat
bowling dalegattea that over traveled oa
oaa tram. The special arlll reach Chicago
In time far tha election aa Hroh I, ,
The advanea guard af St Loula bowl
ers will dpart March I, and will open
campaign bwdquartera In oo o! CWcago-a
big boleJk Immediately upaa arrival. Th
at. Laula delagatloa will east thirty-five
(tee at tha convention.
F1IILADEIrUIA. Pa. Feb. H-Wllli
Hoi4 tunigbt won hia third (tralght
mateh of the aortas of Ova gamra of
aa potnta each, U.l halk Una bllllarda
with Harry Cllne br M to a lloppe'a
klgk ma waa M and Cllne M. Hoppe'k
average waa II 4-D and rilae's I ll-H. f
la tka ariarnaon game tloppa arrared
Bat N point la M Innings, while Cllne
waa totaling M. Hoppa aoored a high
run of Kt potnta and ctoeed with aa
average eg ax wniie vune aianagea ta
cor a high run of IN potnta, an average
of MH. '
Th athlello management of tha local
aigli school la In receipt of a letter from
tha Lincoln High erhool. protesting the
eligibility of Hary atunneke, right guard
oa th regular Omaha aalntet, because it
la alleged that this IS his fifth aeaeoa In
taierecbolaatia athletw circle, whloti
would bar him treat the game with tha
Capital City high aehool five that wm
be palled off at the leoal "T" gymnaalutn
Baiurday avantnf. '
SAX ANTONIO. Tex.. Feb. S.-Connk
Mack, mana(r af the Philadelphia Amer
icana, baa asreed to let hia team play
a aerie of gamea with tha New York
KatlonaU at Merlin. Tea. Mack aaa eng.
net re tha first gansa Jba . played bora
-la a fast gaate at la Scaaol for tha I March 12. with atl regulars participating.
Joha J. McOraw, leader of .tha New
Tork Olaata. wko kt working hia charge
at Merlin Springs, Teg., getting eeveral
weekr ptart aver, all other ,bl league
Judge Scndi Members Back (or Fur
ther Deliberation ea Cue.
Omaha Factory Men !
Commend tp.e Union
Pacific f6t Contract
Engroaeed refotutlanS, In a metal frame,
oomm ending the Union Paciflo for pa-'
tronislng hmf Industry In buying Omaha
Iron for It nw vladuat and letting the
contract for alt Its eaatlngs to tha Pax
ton A Vlerllng Iron TVOrks, will b pre
sented to fnlon raclflo officlala by the.
Omaha Mantiraoturerst aaaoctatlon.'
The frame wa donated to the aeeocla-'
tlon by tha Carter Sheet Metal Works
and the glass by tha Midland Olaas and
Paint company.. Tha resolution will be
exhibited at the meeting of th manu
facturers today. i
President A. L. Gala of the Ad club
will addreeo the manufacturera today wn
"A Bigger Omaha Market for Omaha
Product e." P. 'P. Fodrea, who captured
tha foM prtss offered by tha aaaoelarlaa
tor tha beat trade-mark design, will talk
oa "Uses and Limitations of th Omaha
Trade-Mark." ''
I (a ad kVvew for Caw vlettww , aad
riv for Araolttal Moot Star -Oat
A Bother Tweatr
Foor Hoar.
After having deliberated for Dearly
twenty-four hours th Midway' jury In
tha criminal division of the district court
still Is disagreed, hopelessly, th Juror
say. At 19 ytaUrday morning they Mood
7 to I an the question given thorn to de
cide rhthr . ar not Btlry Cratcknold
and Jack Broom field, proprietors of the
Midway asloon ' and daao hall, are
guilty of vlolattng th I o'clock Uqnor
cloaing law On tha night of January a
At yestirday mornlag Judg A. U
Sutton called th Jury late aba box ta
Inquire aa to' the progree made. Tha
foreman reported dtoasTeemeat, J to a,
but waa eaatwned by the court- not to
state whether Mm majority was for eon-
let Ion ar tar aeuliat. ,
A fw mlaut later tha Jury returned
to tha box and asked for additional In
t root lone aa th following pointa:
To (warrant conviction must It b ebown
that the defendants or one of I hem per
sonally sold the liquor or I a allowing
that It waa sold by tholr empsoyea, agents
or aervanta sufficient ta warrant aaa
vtcttonf To warraWt oonvtctlon must It aa shewn
that (he defendant owned the room la
which the eale waa madet
Anewerfng the first question. Judse gut
toa ro-rakd to th Jury hia etlgtaal la
atractiaa covering -tha potat. It la that
concisalra proof that tha sale waa made
either by . th defendants ar by their
aawats, servants or employee will war
rant conviction, ... .
. Answering th - aeoaod question, .the
court Instructed tlwt ,tt Is not necessary
to show the defendants owned tha room ha
ardor , to warrant a conviction. ' "
Th fury retired and resumed . Ita der
libarallana. Since then nothing aaa been
hoard from It. , . , .
Deaf gymnasium the Young Meo'a Chris-
nan aaaactatiaa Eeglea tweed ol ghaad
of tbo dead sals. Olsoa and O'Sulllvaa
atarrad for. tha Eaglaa. while Trockey
waa tha aeasaUon far the a! leaf ones.
The first half eadsd a to I la favor of
the Ee-iee. Cloae awarding aad blocaiag
was th feature of tha gam, which was
eawcaiey -nua. ft tea -fifteen astnatea
of fast cries -cross play to decide the
What actloa Manager atevraw of the
Xew Torts will take has trtee ascer
tained bare. .' i ' -
K rets tore Defeat sttaffa Utah, i
The TTeelalor five defeated tbo Council
j Bluffs High school Tuetday night at thaj
! Fort Omana HJmn,.um i j a, io m
aire. Ttie Kxcelelora nao earciivni leero
iwr ail ifcrouaa the game. lUe JUjeuf
I Kiceisiir-a. CouncO Illutfa
whnl4wlg dropwd in thp wm, t ro..n. -" ;
alng basket for the Eg.. Th Caal , ...clo Karsrens
.....t,...j-r .'n.r.n..... weit-a
ta il
in lineup: llawn
. Pit'on. Deif tcvtltnt Joe Moran.....-11-F.L.F.. ,.. Harris
umveee... rt. r re .iicrn ; veore: rjtcriwre pmi
LuSeria eei...T.w.iy .... Jiareheit, Jr. i. Free throws. Hasan. Coua-
tieaua .Trockey ril Biufts Baskeia, Harris t Frea throws.
Pal ta B O. YA kveam:t - Hyatalth k.
Seari 1-0 KUMlikt
tv-wl aoaier Cuecaaea. s Mraha:i. l.ilnf.lK CETIIBFC; I IPPUCC IM
Te.v l:ulIJnHI iK.lwi.l: t-attan. ' ' """-
1: LuOerlg. V l-vee tkroos: o gal liven.
Trucker. 1. Tia-.s of have: S minuies. .
rooa. Ball Jim ta tied. '
Bvtveelee V, gsmka, captain of tha Ne
hraeaa foot ball eleven last (all and on
of the beet tai ' tn the cnuutn . ia to
tackle the dnuWe prvcrtioa. Hta en-
A Uooor Hcense waa granted last algti:
by tk Board af Fire aad Police eowimie
alonera M U A. Ads ma ta operate a aa-
leen at tU Dodno street, forasarty the lo-
I 4 a-ed Miee Camlsa llaasiik :cat:oa of Wick Moore's aaleoa. , Amen
- teaar Raotds, U.. U been sruuncej I attached to the petition were.
iTriSS?" EmtSJli- i'l liaek Bvmfvcid and WUkv. CmtchfleHl
euaaVnt at the staioanivtrsi-j ana wl ill proprietors of the Midway resort: It MU-
oe snMnwos m iw mbwbw i r. " )T Uliaa yesssinaaa aaa aeverai
woman. : . .
i s.v . Y V II. Braax. a conductor, end C- U
fjohnateo, a motsrmaa. both m
Bent last .raeota.
Heer Roller Skate Be seed.
the em-
fWirTK IH.Nr, 111, Feb. -What !t pr of the street railway eompaay. cent
aigbt hy Loots Bradbury, the "V '-
aeon rhanioioa. He covered the ataf,a.nee
ia frre annate, fifty oeoocdis. ;
clslmod to-be a aew world s toM j, e-munuBlcatien to the board aaktng for
r- ra -- w--- rrrm ..... h, ..r4 af EdO iml to the
bv Look) nraduury. the "ar.- - - --- -
pOilCO rJK iuoa ror too arrest sw esm-
victloa of Bob Williams, the aegre arhe
held op aad robbed Bridge. Keeper . Jrl
Speecer. The two bjmw asstrt It was In
formation which they 'gave fhe poriea do-
pejrtraeat which eavsedVthe arrear of WU
Rama. Tka board mid the matter over
until next wee.
The delegates ta th Chicago conven
tion will wear the handsomest badges,
and go through tha doors oa the finest
engraved tickets ever os'jd." said Victor
Roaewatar. who I back from attending
the meeting of th auboovrrmtttee on ar-
raagemeou for the republican imtloaal
convention, of which he tr. a meaner.
"Wa lot these two big contracts, that for
the badges going to Whitehead 11-
oompanr of Kewarav wno aiae nave an
agency la Omaha, and that for-thc ticket
and appointment certificates to tn K. A.
Wright Bimpaay at Philadelphia, wntcrt
haa for aeverai years furnished the la
vita tl oaa and programa for the Ak-Sar-Bea
ball. The arcbltect's plana for seaV
Ins the Coliseum were also approved.
providing for arrangement similar e the
last convention, and with substantially
th same aeatlng capacity."
WASHINGTON, . Feb.. a-Gpveenor
Mead of Vermont, 'wrmao tsnpport for
President TaXt waa claimed yeatorday by
the national Taft heaiUjunrtsr m.Wasb
ington. added hia. formal eAdoreament to
day to the president paadUtlary "for re-
aomlnation, Oovernor Mead ears -that
he baa 'received reftorts fra . vsrtoos
parte of Vermont Indicating araongly that
a "hug majority of the republican party
of Vermont" favors the nomination, of
the president at Chicago .-"". ,
Stemsser Oetdebere Abeedeaed.
PHILAl'M'HlA. Pa.. Feb. Ae-The
steamer teiildsooro. which grounded on
Hrands-wine eboal In Delaware bay yes
terday, has been abandoned to ita fata,
ard It probably will go to pieces In enort
ordr. If It la not meanwhile swallowed
up In the quickaaada of the shoe1. -
Aaaeetaaae atwf veitftsiwi,
RA? FRAKnaryj. . Cel. Feb. B -The
Kew Tors Americana aad tee Boatoa
Amert-s,DS "Save a-e'JTd, roeoeet :',
M-tM Cans ard H R-teBsra, the
ae p-trhers of e?t. Mary' colleae baa
a -am. Both mea are s-fl-haaded.
Atteraeye aad Cesser . smiaated.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 3aXomlaallens
cent to the serai e today by . President
Taft Included three Vetted St area aitor
aoya Joseph E. Morrison, district of Art
aona: William N, Lajxlers, dlstrtct of
Porto Rica, and. Aiexmnder Akermaa.
soulhera sUstrtc at Georgia, aad eurk-
Each at tha charitable Institutions
llonod ta tha will of Anna Wlhjaa. ia
addition to Ita HMO speclfle bequest.
wm receive about aa Ha anara af
the residue, making about la all
for rath. On .thla aa tnharttanea tax of
4 to I per eatft most be paid. '
Judge Bed 8. Baker, acting as appraiser
for the county, took testimony Wednes
day regarding the Wilson property. A.
U Read submitted bis apprateel of the
property as sxeenton iCHntoa Brome ap
peared fop the city 'Of Omaha, stating
that' no inheritance' tax should be hud
oa the City Rowrgency hospital, aa Mies
Wllaoa gave that tonne city before her
death. , Executor Reed stated that did
not make the gift to th city la aatlct
patloa of death. ' . .'
That land of the' middle erest, arnica baa
been, advertised axtanalvely through the
Omaha LanW show, waa declared to be
the Meora of the young mea af this coun
try by Howard H. Behtrlge ta an ad
dress oeTere the young mea af tk Toting
Men's Cpriatlen assoctatkm dormitory last
ovaafag. It waa the monthly dinner ef
the young men of toe ewnaitery. aad Mr.
Bald rig was the guest of boner.
Tha speaker brought eat fact about the
lend weal of the Mississippi to shew that
all' lb yottng mea raised la thM vast mid
dle west can become proeperoua aad ex -J
eeilrat rlthteas by remaining It their home
states. . He argued that this part ef the
I'nlted States 'moat grow rapidly daring
the aext few year, aad trial the young
men ef today will be the rlea mea ef to
morrow If they stick la th wast. He aald
that any htetltuttea which promotes the
settling and building up of the wast Is
one tha should be caeeeraged.
- Mr. Baktrtga elan asserted that the
chanree at the yoang avea of today are
better tnaa ever, and that the fellows
who stick ta their tasfce and keep s good
lookout are the eaes who will succeed kt
Nebraska aad an etbeg stales.
CHlCAflO. . Feb. ). J.-Wbeat today
lumped, fo ssore than t.ceau a aueAel.
Estimates that crop lee uvea la farmers'
bands -were aensatloeially lew .ftualakid
the chief reason. AceordleaT ta eess
authorities the' total at wot half the
aaaauat ef Bear Beta. 'May wheat. whKli
dosed -Moadar jat r"atlI V touched
tl.at4'fMe aRerwaoa aad tlrOsned atroag
at tLP31-Bri, aa advece ef.H eeats
net y - - - -
" " i m "
Thaiasea aaaraaaa-aetloa of Mra Mar
gartXaMlr agntaat'Dr. A. P. Cangdoa
for 'alleged malpractice waa aettled Wuf
of court br h- parttea laidaeerlayjaft
eraeon after a Jury to try the eaae, had
bced' eeieeaeUrd, The terma ef snrle.
enent are brine; kept secret by the par
ties siutilheir- sJtptneta. The ceart ree
erd afowka-eudaaajrat-aa f th de-feadaat.
; ; mo FB0CEssi6ii.,',.:'l'-
Johnny Kllbene of Oaveland, conqueror
of Abe AttelL who outpulnted tha light.
weight champion ef eleven .years la their
twenty round bout at .Loe Angeles, CaL
all bane fought one of the most remark
able battlee ever seen la' that part of the
country and wrested th title front Attefl
by beating him at the fine points of bis
own game boxing, speed and clever Jadav
menL His blows also possessed the steam
which Atteils lacked. Kllbene at en
titled to be heralded as the marvel of the
decade, aa he la the Only featherwelgat
whe baa ever obtained a decision over
AttsU la a long tight that was oa the
Grand Jury Bring. Bills Against
Tiree Proprietor rf Theater.
Nicholas Ames, Aata DellM and K.
i C. PetWea are the Mea ,
. Appear la Ceart aad ' ' '
' ' Clew Ball. . ',' .
Nicholas Amos, wealthy proprietor at
several moving picture shows In Omaha,
and South Omaha, and two other moving-
picture show proprietors were ar
rested en Douglas county grand Jury In
dictment charging Violation of th child
labor law yesterday arterneon. " ir
were taken before Judge Abraham U
Button of toe criminal division of the
district court, whs admitted each to
bait ta the sura of Hot. They l be
tried within -two months uaktaa- they
Bread guilty or succeed n having the In
dictment qaasfied. ' .1
The other two Indicted men are Ante
Deriti. proprietor eg the Veosshsi Thir
teenth and Pierce etreeta, and B. at. Per
aoa. proprietor ef Use It, Sixteenth aad
Locost streets. , t
The loeMctareota ar the result of acUv
Ky f jwvcairk Officer Paul McAaley of
aeatk Oenahg and Truaat Offloer B. O.
Oepaea ef Oeaaha. who heat week went
before the grind Jury with test! many re
garding the empoyut of children aa
singers aad daaoara by moving picture
theater proprietors. j
t . .. ejamaaaaaaBBB. '
WH1TB RIVER. 8. D, Feb. R.-VfSpe-daLl-Wblte
Rtver Is hi the aetdst af
great excitement win' to Its ewtertloa
aa the ruing point tar (he hosaesteaet land
of Mellette county, and the constant ring
of hammers which has been beard all
winter kmc M redoubled as additional
keiklirure era sprlnstna up to be lt readi
ness for the crowds which will begta to
come the first of Apmv. t
veanatratloa for Mellette' .coaaty
btnaa raa aaM Jaat -fall and - that ha-
meose arrh ef 4toeeeeaat:ftrrcece was
ottered aadat tha trotter vvemwat ptoa
at that time. The rveervnaloe bj
recagmnd aeriaeot doabt. as great
agricultural coHrMrv, ba'hsa sVef be
Wivea to the pubdc ; at pin eoeamguet
these-, vib. jwee ferlur b-Jn erawlng
naaibeae eOlB'fe'fa? omesead
rtgtu ka Melleft. oounty, wfll f without
qoxattoa take advaataaw le poaat-
etuara bf tuomiC f-l larwnera.
- White- aaseevtossaleer jtt XMe' exact
Usater V Mtttn counter Bjoat
eair ti aeeeaa front ail dlreeu- and al
reaya.nttle csr. handle
the thoueendd gratraogefa Kd:wtri visit
r dorte. the ver as need feci
otlvarwtae tkaa that thr PU1 be prep-
erty eaarad far. .Whta River da the hub
of she heaissaied toea-.of-ehe eooaty aad
.'noa here rb wurtwltiea ef erariag
arhat the settler haa eaTered him will he
hist .
Yottnj Woman Accrued 6f Having; a
Comer oe Euiband, '
Some Dlarleaaree ae ta Her Rapid
. Career Breach! Oat ta Ceart-
. ; . Dirisg Illvere Treat . ,.
'' "'; ' -at Valeatlae, . r.
V- ' - , '..'.-'
VALENTINE, Neb..' Feb.' S,-t8peclal.)
Zina Clifton waa a winsome miss in
Red Oak a. few years ago when aha
tripped to and- from School and home.
But she is In a peck of trouble now.
Foe, hss toe many husbands. Starting
with- one, she haa finished enree by her
own process of sllmiaatlon, and still has
ne to spar. The courts will try to
settle the; tangle.
Slna la -a clever girl,, though, keen.
eaough- to put away, awn and emerge
from the matrimonial mesh with eaough
Jewelry aad realty to establish a Ne
braska monarchy.
Oaa ef her clever tricks was to Intro
duce a .prior has band to her recognised
mate as Ad woigaat, whereupon the lat
ter bought her another red automobile to
prove that he was Just as good a scout
aa ahe. '.. , i
Before telling about -the entanglement
into which an has been seat and riotous
fun sbs baa had It Is well to sxplalo that
ahe la aa Iowa girl, and has accumulated
the majority of her husbands la this
Basse mi Her Parehaaes. t
Here is some ef the atuff ahe .had
charged before) her last husband became
suspicious and Instituted divorce pro
ceedings on aooount of "Ad Woigaat;':
Perfumery, 1300; jewelry, unknown; aflk
hoae' aad dainty lingerie, unappralaed;
Ave willow plumed hats purchaasd on one
shopping - expedition', thlrteaa . Persian
rugs.- value not stated; automobile bill,
R.aa); tririlaey-aoooutita wtth mieoellan.
eoua taeniae Acs brt&gloc the, total well
Into tbetkouaaaaa. , ', . :
Ztna ceanea. from, a .wtll known and
highly respected Iowa family. Fifteen
years ace ana was united .la marriage
with Louis. .Thleie. a aopular youag; Red
Oak, man. , aeVlth sua aha, waa happy
for .a taw .years' until Charlaa Roara
crans, according to the record, became
Infatuated with her attractiveness. Thleie
was thereupon abandoned tor Boaencrana,
and .th latter had full sway over bar
charms oa February 14 DOT, oa which
sate Thleie died. ...
Merrtosee Cease Fast. .
Thleie havbar been put to rest, and
Reeencrane having become tiresome, sbs
aecumusated James Boyer, and la April
of the sense year ahe united In mams-
with him at McCook, Neb. Hare Is what
Boyer said about what followed:
'At first we got along very well, but
It waa sot long until her Jealous disposi
tion made our- life -"'much the earns as
that of two unfriendly hurl towatrs ia the
aams back yard," , ,
At- any rate they lived together until
Independence day tn the year of lMa, on
which data Borer exploded his pent-up
TteJence. VShe" retaliated by shooting at
Mmi'aaea ka the Boa Toa cafe at Orand
IslaM. One of these Occasions wsa dur
ing tne winter of lsie-ltu. and It attracted
a great crowd at eurtoua lawBsgntmls , ''
Getting dowa to historical tacts It Is
reoorded that on April M, UU. she mar
ried Charles Keyeeldsoa of aUbleav one
of the wealthieat farmers aad stockmen In
that section of the state. .She found tt
convenient at that Um ta represent her
self as Vlvle De Vers, Bad tt was under
that name that ahe became Reynold eon's
wlfei "v. i :' .
He la t reported to .be worth nearly a
half-mlllloa 'dollars, m aside from bis
age and wealth, he found her Tory tnter
estlng until "Ad Wolgast4 was Intro
duced. - She' .then began to accumulate
sry.' Cnttl that time Reynoldaoa con
sidered i himself fortunate Id waning
Mhw : De iVert," sad every wish and
whim-that ah redid 'conceive was- ful
filled,' though It did seem- that -VTvIs"
aaa extortionate In fief demands. '
In Jane faDswtng tbelr marrisge Ray-
ootdeoaiwaa'takea violently IB. and at
that time there was aroused the suspicion
that he had been potaoned. Reynoldsoa
recovered, hot be beta me watchful, and
action tor divorce - on the greejnd ef
adultery folUwed. '.- " ' : .
Harry Ologgetti was named ta the. dl-
petltlon. It Is not known whether
or hot ahe had married Doggett, but It
Is known that he and "Vlvle", had pasaeit
as man and wife on 'various- occasion-."
Within' a week after her marriage ta
Boyer, Doggett waa entertained at the
Boyer home, and It waa on that accaeion
that Doggett was Introduced as "Wet
last." ' k AfJSO
' Seme Speader.. .
Within sUty days after she had ssar- i
tied Boyer aha dissipated a large part
of. his cash, entertaining lavishly and
buying everything she desired. . Boyer
says, '1 never knew much about women .
before, but I know a lot now." ' .
Boyer, who la now a resident gf Cody. '
Wye is an Intimate friend of Heynold
son's, and of course he waa a mated at the
revelations that have been made, "A di
vorce was granted to Boyer by. default.
He waa represented hy Armstrong, Gar
den ft wniiama, which firm waa also
previously engaged as counsel for Rey
noldson. ... ' " " " '-' '
Dr. Lord is Subject
. of Formal Charges ;V
in Medical Society
Formal rhargea were preferred against
Dn J. P. Lord by Dr. F. A. Edwards at
the semi-monthly roeeuns or the Douglas
County Medical soclsty last night. Dr.
Edwards hi his written statement charged
Dr. Lord with unprofessional conduct on
account of publicity he received In con
nection with a "bloodless surgery" opera
tion on a small child at the Child Saving
institute several weeks ago.
Dr. Edwards asked that the charges be
Investigated by the board of sensors. Tr.
Lord, prior to last night g meeting, waa a
member of the board of censors, and In
writing tendered his resignation aa a mem- 1
bar of the board pending th inveetlgs
tion of the charges made against him. Dr.
Alkln -was elected to succeed Dr. Lord en
the hoard.' ; ;-' ..-
For State1 Convention'
TORK,' Neb.. Feb, Sg.-That Nebraska
socialists, who open their state oottven
Uoo tn the armory here tomorrow morn
ing will Insert at least three new and
vital planks In the platform, I the state
ment of delegates who arrived tonight.
- Th first of these, they say. will be th
denouncement of the method whereby tn.
stats at selling Ms Water, rights along'
Nebraska river for a mere filing fec.
Thsy believe the state should withhold ll
water rights from private eonoern.
The commission form of government
probably wilt be bitterly denounced. Th
socialists claim It Is not a representative,
government. State Insurance, It la be-,
lleved, will be favored and made a perl
of the platform. The plan provide for
the issuance of all property with the
state. Nebraska's three socialist mayors
sre among the delegates- They are May
ors Griffin. Beatrice; & W. Foe.' Red'
Cloud: It. H. Mauck. Vymore. "The en
tire work of the convention will be taken
up with the framing of a platform. Nu
outside speaker) will be present '
WEST POINT, Neb.. Feb. &-8pecial
Telegram.) Fred SenesschelB died here
this morning after an Illness of over a
year. Mr. Eouensceln had Need In Cum
Inc county for twenty-five years, .anil
wsa prominent la Its political life fr
many years. No funeral atTanacments
have yet been made, - - v
A Iraatrefeae Weast " '
Is rendered anjiaaptie by Bucklen's Ar-,
nice Salve, the healing wonder for sores,
burns, piles, sexema and salt rheura. Zic '
For tale by Beaton Drug Co.
Births aad Uoatha.-Tttrthe-F.
O. and Agnes Davis. Sil
Webster, boy: Clyde and Frances Drew,
put Burt, twin boys; Ignatx and LI bow
Mookortts. r.T Cuming, boy; Albert '.
Spottl, Bit Mercy, ajrt.
besths-4oeeph Abernathy, at years. 411
Wsshirurton street. rWtulh Omaha; Robert
proctor. 70 yeaxa. Douglas county liiy
pital; Isaac Demoraleky. t years, illl
California: Mary McCane, years. e?
North Twenty-sixth street; VS. J. Creep.
a years. 13 South Twenty-ninth nri,
Ellen OTonaetl, Tt years, tM bout it Twenty-seventh;
Rose Janda. Jr years,
Joseph s . hoepiiai; Bicmund iiUto, ci
years. Prandon.
, . nj , eoee t n.crl t-.nlil tta last fra-tC I
tt. beitcx cause a fresh outbrri ol trocbU:. -rfh rl
colored splotches, tailing-nair aorca X 1;rCrZ7T'fZ
hlood and stracuiy ano guroy cuivce ..uj . -- - - -. -
orJ." y 1 rtear p-m5 the blood, and Wrcj fi-! rtul fre, .
iiAWthylairirai betea the deatrraAve Tira o eajtsg lied
lcrrd th crrrulatioa. S, S. a qukkly takes , ta Uk Mc.
SeTrTwrtxallT the avmptoma disappear, the liealUt is winorad. ihc
STtTn rpot. ir i4ota btemislies, the hair f lops cooarr or
SeirWftroat heal aad wh & & S. has deanaed t ajem of ;
rrbaca o the dse la kft & S. S. ctim contagiout Kood pco.,
Git latiaare.test blood frarifiers, tssted and provw for tne,,
SaVfcity 71. Book oa thij disease with anrjsUotu lot home trealrcrri-
aad aaT srierl'ej advica Bent free to ail who vmtc - '.
aaa aa mrrv-- e-. evvTrvrrrrei M I-tJlfTI r I