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    THBBrlE: OMAHA. UEDMSSiUY. r KBiil'AKi 191-'.
Itaka Additional Attack apoa Com
mission Form law. .
rreklbltiea of rartr Deal mail
Alleged tw Denial ( Blahta
f ntlaeae Aeeertlea Art
reader thaa Title."
(Prom a Stiff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb., Feb. 17 8rectal Tel-
STmm. Another brlt, aa friends of the
court was filed today In supreme court
In the cas brought by Wllmot Bsughn
to tost th eraJMIty of the Omaha coia
mlasioa charter. It was filed by E. O.
Kretttnger, A. M. Morrison and Meier a
itelre. the latter of lUicoln and Kret
singer of sBatiire. The first tried to
file a petition In intervention, but the
court refused to permit this, as the case
has already been argued and submitted,
but they were permitted to file the sup
plemeetal brief. - - -
One point raised In brief not
touched on In the ones previously submit
ted la that by Its provisions It Is la spe
cial lefisiatton, because by Its verbiage K
eonfned ths opiraton of the law to elites
now having mm than t.0M population,
instead of as intended to become in other
cities at soon as they attained that pop
ulation. This, It Is asserted, will foreva
dar others which grow to that sis from
adopting Its provisions.;
It, also urges th prohibition of .party
designation Is a dental of the rights of
Argument Is also nude that tho pro
vision for removal of officials. Is new
legislation. They also go into the asser
tion that' the act. Is broader than Its
tills. .
. 1 Jesse Keeae o Better,
Word received from Judge Reese, who Is
at Excelsior Springs, Is that he is no
better and from the tone of the letter it Is
feared by his friends here that the Judge
is. not so well as when ha went away.
Hs has been troubi.-d by pains. In the
tack and hips, the nature of which arc
not quits char. '
Beaton Renews. Application.
Frank J. Beaton of Omaha, who was
refused a license as a Ufa Insurance agent
en complaint of the Phonetx company,
haa settled the matters In .controversy
and renewed his application- No de
cision has been made on this.
if. r. Eajalpsaeat Beads. -
The Missouri Pacific Railroad company
haa applied to the State Railway commis
sion to issue M.lli,GM of equipment fund
ing bonds and the permission has been
granted. Only ti 115,000 of the ,bonds csn
ba Issued at present, however, and ths
road must report to ths commission when
1 be bonds are sold, the amount received
for them and what was done with the
money. The petition of tho company sets
out that It at one time Issued Sti.41i.000 of
equipment bands and that, of this Issue
fXtlMm have been paid out of funds ob
tained1 by means other than bond Issues
and M Is this amount which the company
That Tightness
of the Stomach
Caused by Formation of Nauseous
Uasea, from Indigested Food In
i stantly Atoppcd with Stuart ' .
tyspesla Tablet.
i. '
I ' Trial Vaakaga rise.
I When you feel as If your stomach
was being, tightly choked when thai
sain Is Intense and you brsak ' out In
a cold and clammy perspiration and there
la a lump In your throat and you' are
weak and nauseated all you need la a
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet to clear away
the wrecksge of undigested food left la
the. stomach, and Intestines and rsstors
U eu ta your normal self again. "
, 1
Tfeat raetty rseUag sf th Btomaak Is
! lastaatly SeUeeed by a StaaH's
j Dyspepsia Vaalst. -
Thousands of people have learned so
wsli how . sure and dependable 8tuart's
I Dyspepsia Tanleta are for all stomach
IMS that they are never with a package
at home and at the office, and upon
, any Indication that the stomach is a Ht
I tie weary, they take a Stuart's Tsbist
, attsr sack meal for a few daya until the
digestive organs get rested up sgsfn.
This ,s. a splendid plea to follow and
always result In much good. The ap
petite ta improved, the food Is relished
more, your sleep Is more refreshing,
and your disposition will out Ice you
friends instenad of enemies. .
For Indigestion, Sour Stomach.
Belching Gas, Coated Tongue, Intes
tinal Indigestion and all Stomach Dis
orders, and Pains or for Loss of Appetite-nothing
la better than Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets for sure and Instant
Use tkem freely they are aa harm
less aa sugar would be aad are by no
means ' to be classed aa "medicine."
They have no effect whatever on . the
system except th benefits they briar
yea through the proper digestion -'
your food. '
All drug stores sell Stuart's Dyspep
sia Tablets. Tho price la Sf cents per
baa. If you wish to try them before
purchasing, address T, 'A. Stuart Co..
aft Stuart Bldg Marshall, Mich,, and,
is authorised to reissue. The remainder
of the original issue. H4S.0M can only
be Issued as rapidly aa their predecessors
are paM and retired, leaving th equip
ment mortgage no greater thaa It origin
ally was It is set out that the avmey
derived, from the bonds la to be used
for tho purchase of eqqulpaient and to re
imburse the company money paid for
equipment out of funds derived from
other sources than bond issues. .
V. P. Sttmt-f'Way.
Th railway commlsshm was occupied
today bearing testimony regarding ths
valuation of the right -ef-wsy of the
Union Pacific company. II. Bortea of th
company arrived at Ma conclusions of the
value of the right-of-way In eitlea by
adding Xfs Per ceat to the assessed value
of almilar lands and then using tho mul
tiple of two ss the segregsted vslu of
the lands. The ststs's experts tske Issue
with both the method of arriving at the
actual value of the land and also main
tain that the multiple used as the segre
gation value la correct, asserting that It
la too high. '
Esasaett ftsje With Stare.
E. F. Emmett. state ban- examiner.
who was offered a position aa national
bank examiner, haa concluded be does not
want the Job. but prefera to keep the
on ho haa with the state. This will bs
bad news for a large number of persona
who had applied for the position of state
bank examiner when ir. Kmmett should
vacate the place.
C. M. Penny of th Mate superinten
dent' office, wss at Auburn Sunday
when the storm blockaded the roads and
waa not able to get bom until today.
State Baya Sew La ad.
The atat la buying a triangular pieos
of ground containing on and one-half
acres to add to the grounds of ths tuber
culosis hospital at Kearney, paying there
for BOO. Th tract Ilea between the
present grounds and the direct road from
the hospital building to the public high
way and th atsts purchase waa to enable
the institution to have a more direct
outlet The land was the property of
Frank H. Gilchrist
Two Mem Pardoned.
Harry Davis, sentenced for forger', and
Tillman Reynolds, sent up from Adams
county for mayhem, were pardoned today
from the penitentiary. Th pardon were
Issued yesterday, but the men served an
extra day because of the blockaded condi
tion of the street railway making It
Impossible to reach the city. Both men
are to be turned over to the Kansaa City
Society for the Friendless, which will
care for them until they can obtain em
ployment . . - ,
Opposed to Chaaalag Rale.
Local Methodist ministers hav been In
terviewed on the proposal, which will
corn before th next genersl conference
of th ehur-h. to be held In Minneapolis
to lift the ban on dancing. Without ex
ception the local clergy of that church,
so far as seen, are opposed to changing
th rule of the church. On of them. In
clos touch with th student at Wes
leyan university, said hewss sure a great
majority of the student body at that In
stitution wss also opposed to dancing.
The proposition has been up before every
general conference for many years, and
has as regularly been voted down, though
tho majority has been gradually decreas
ing. In many pastorates of the church,
especially In th cities, the provision of
tho discipline has been a dead letter ex
cept ro far that th church haa never
sanctioned th practice.
Ssovr Disposal Sertaas. ...
Barns' disposal Is serious problem for
the- city. . fasting, off Bet vast -quantity
wouM etnatt an expense which-tin dty
does not feel able to bear.. Street labor,
era cleared the guitars la th downtown
district snd the experiment of flushing
th streets from hydrsnta was tried with
Indifferent suoces?. . .
.Water KUI.g sa. Middle, Leap.
E. D. Bennett of New York City, In
behalf of himself and capitalists, has filed
a claim for a water right an the Middle
Loup river near Arcadia. Th plsns eon
templet th expenditure of tnoMa to
erect a hydro-electric plant which It la
anticipated will sell power and light to
urand Island. Tork, Hastings and numer
ous other towns and cities within th
radlua of th profltsble distribution of
current from the plsnt His filing calls
for.SjS cubic, feet of water per second
and by ths erection of a dam t went v.
six feet high ha expects to develop l.txn
hors-power. The filing fee was VU.
Seed Speceials Attract Big Crowds
I . All Alone; the Way.
tended th lectures at each stop. The
I'nlon Pacific train from Omaha and
the ether two specials from Lincoln are
meeting with aa great success.
The four train are running on sched
ule. General Passenger Agent W air ley
of the Burlington sava that the visit of
DEPOTS KATE LECTUSE S0OXS ; lour tnin ' ' "f,r", towam
ta tne stat wiu oo a worwi oi aouo.
tare Provided la Mmmy r tares Prove
Too Saaatl le Aecwsaaeedate I .arse
amber that tether to
l isten to Expert.
-1 think that tho specials will attract
a larger crowd this week than they aould
have but week." said Mr. Wakeley. "be
cause, while the weather la colder ami
ths Is considerable snow on the ground,
the reads are hard and easier to get over
i than they were last week."
Telegram. -The seed corn speT-tal arrived WITNESS IN JAIL RATHER
at Ji today and waa greeted by over
rarmera and cltlsens maklac a fitting
dose for the dsys' trip In which they
have addressed over t farmers In tight
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
L1XCOLX. Feb. i:.-MpecUl.-Hele
town hi this part of the state begin- !" Stednlts. a young woman i who -was
nlng with a crowd of at) early this morn
ing at Madison and stopping at Humph
rey. Oenoa. Fullerton. Belgrade. Cedar
Rapids, Spauldlng and St. Edward.
The speakers have had more listener
at every station thaa their apecial train
would accomodate and have found It
to convert depots Into lecture
O. Hull, who wss to Join the train at
Humphrey thla morning, missed connec
tions and only altered th apodal here,
but will be with It the balanc of the trip.
Th train met with no apecial demonstra
tion during the dsy and most of the I the work done by ihle organisation mums
a witness In a case agstnst May Dtdle.
charged with keeping a disorderly house,
wsa seat to Jail today tor contempt of
court She hsd testified to meeting var
ious men at the place, but when asked
to name thsm refused. The Judne rul.-d
that shs must answer, but she went to
Jail rather than comply.
ftatre froas Itoaae t'ellear.
ORKTK. Neb.. Feb. S.-(Speclal.)-7he
college orchestra, under the direction of
Prof. iVk. gave a spendld conceit Fri
day evening in the chapel. The Mvlicatra
la made uu of th best talent In Crete.
besides the best In the colleee. so that
BROKEN BOW. Neb., Feb.
rial.) (I F. Urabert and wife, living
eight miles of hee were seriously
I Injured in a runaway last night while re
turning home from a neighbor's, where
they had been spending the evening. In
the wagon aith Mr. and Mrs. Urabert
were tw small daughters. S and M years
old. While going over a piece of rough
road ths horses took fright and started
to run. 1n the darkness Mr. Urabert lost
control of ths animals ami. In striking
a short curve, the wagon was overturned,
violently throwing the occupants some
distance fnm the road. Mr. and Mrs.
Grabert were rendered unconscious and
tho two little' girls, although badly
bruised, walked a mile to the Barthol
omew ranch for assistance. The Injured
people were taken to the latter place and
lira. Talbot and Buckley summon.d from
lwre by telephone, ilrabert was found to
be suffering from several fractured ribs
and a severe shock, while his wife's head
la dangsrously cut and bruised, a big
portion of her hair having In some un
accountable way been torn out by tit
routs. Mrs. Urabfrl's condition, so the
physicians say, is critical.
clal.-Wlllsrd A. Prince, - who haa an
nounced ht candidacy for th aomlna
tidn for congress on th republican ticket
in. the Fifth district haa given out ths
following platform on which be proposes
to males th race before th primaries
and after la event of hi nomination:
Th people when called upoa to elect
a -congressman have a right to know
where he stands upon Importsnt matter
under' consideration, and I am giad to
stste my position.
' First I am in favor of a reduction of
many of the schedules of the Payne-AI-drich
tsriff bill. This reduction should
be made upon a scientific principle so ss
neither to cripple American industries aor
to afford a .shelter, for monopoUoa or
trusts. .
, Second I believe Inferior fautar.1
should not bs allowed to enjoin state laws.
ifuwrr aaouio so vested original ly
In state courts with a right of appeal to
the I 111 trd States aunreme mrt - -.
will, if elected, work and vote to bare
mm juuiciarr laws so amended.
Third 1 will work and vote for
proper amendment to th eShermaa anti
trust isw wmcn may do round necesary
to suppress trusts, saoaooollas and tiu..i
combinations. .
Fourth I will work and ovta fnr L-
limiting th L'nloo Pacific right-of-way
w m iTtrv. 4 uu mn oeiieve tnat set
tlers who hav lived noon land for mn
years. Unproved, cultivated and paid taxes
pwi h snora nso tneir property.
' Ftfth Conaressmen In th uas hav
been paid J8 cents a mile each way- aa
mlleac. The actual expenses do not a
ceed a cents per mile. I will work aad
vote for a law to reduce it to that
amount and will not accent mora if
eiecteo. .
Hi xtn Congressmen are allowed ttieV
ner veer dare hire I r Kv haw- M
clerk many of them take the money
themselves. I will vote sad work to
have this made payable dtrectlv to the
clerk and only to those employed and
win accept no part or it myself.
Seventh la conclusion I will stat that
new Issues are constantly arising. Ws
can hardly anticipate what the near
xuiure mar nnng lortn. ir nominated
and elected I will attempt to represent
the best sentiment of this district
audiences have been farmers who are
really Interested In the- work. Tho ques
tions asked have done much to bring new
lines of talk from the management '
Large crowds of farmers are greeting
th efour seed trsins sent out by the Bur
lington and Union Pacific yesterday.
Word haa been received from ths Bur
lington, train from Omalia that at the
four stops 900 farmers oa an average at-
thnt ot manv uroieastonai oivhestrax.
The mid-year bumiuei uf the Alpha
Omega fraternity was held Friday evrii
Ing. and thai of the Independent Debat
ing club on Saturday evening.
During the warm days ot lat week,
several of the men have been out on the
athletic field, doing a little preliminary
work. Id hurdling and throwing the
weights and dlmus. Ths gymnasium
clssses will be held until spring vaca
tion, and after that all the training will
consist of out-of-door work.
LINCOLN. Nb.. Feb. S7.-A pel!! km
placing the names of Albert J. BeverWge
on the republican preterentia: nnmarj
ballot for vice president, was filed by
i..m.'ii reaidmta of University
Place. Neb., tills morning. Th petition
Is signed by republl sns who srs known
suDoorters of Colonel Roosevelt for the
preeidentlal nomination.
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But for the permanent rtlief of blood disorders and impurities, I
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medicine without alcohol. R. V. PIERCE, M. D., Buffalo, N. Y.
Nature's Way Ii The Best.
Buried deep ia oar Astsrisss forsst wo fad blood root, qacca's root, msndrsk
aad etoa root, fold seal, Orejoo f rap root aad eherrybsrk. Of th Dr. R. V.
Piwe awed a par ilyosrie extract whioa ha been favorably kaowa for orar lorry
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v w-'J z'vl-' dyspepsia and weak stomach, attended by sour risings, heart-
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4t0 sat"
Agree mm Osalaaa; Pleat. -
TBCCM8EH. Neb, Feb. 27.(8peclal
Telegram.) At a meeting of the property
owners along the Nemaha river ia joha-
son county. In Tecum seh today th sngt-
a.wwi. nvi i , ""j aon cuum), in jeciHDsen wuf w sngl-
a trial package will be sent you free Sneer's plan for th dttch of drainage dav
trtct No. 1. which is
th whole county.
waa accepted, Thla Improvement will
cost sot leas than tliMs, and thought
will prevent th flooding of th low lands
along th stream.
The key to success in business Is the
persistent and Judicious us of newspaper
advertising. ' -
CHINA I Russia's dragon is tyranny;
lUliia a, aujjciauuuiL main
is the subject of an article, the
intrinsic interest of which is
"Pictures in a Chinese Temple," by
Thornton Oakley, emphasizes that fide of
Chinese life which is picturesque rather
than progressive. But Harriet Monroe's
description of "The Education of Chinese
Children" shows how the picturesque is
giving way to ideas and ideals from the
western world. Her description of the t
ancient methods is all the more timely
because those methods t slowly disap
pearing. Naturally a Chinese mother
graduated from . Bryv Mawr has ideas
against compressing either feet or heads. ,
George Eennan, to whom we already owe so
much ofwhat we know about Russia, tells of
the workings of the "mouse-trap," one of
the methods by which the police try to
throttle the enemies of the government.
Ken nan quotes Dumas for his description of
a device not unknown outside Russia; but
only so great an authority on Russian affairs
as George Kennan can adequately describe
the modern "mouse-trap" of that country.
la Jssosry. The Century gars ths (rat pirtans of the
supers Uacels leeasorial propaard far Waatuarton. la
thai Bum her sppemrs th Srat psbhsbad views of Doatel
Cheater French s inspiring Matseaf I -isroin. Sura restores
aiaphaaiitUw Issdership of Ths Century lathe Sew at art.
.These are but four of the interesting features oft
number unusually rich in pictures, stories and articles.
Kccs a copy, $uk year. At ail sack ataraa, sr Tba Ostsry Ce, I siea Square. Nrw York
are beginning to show
signs of spring.
Spring Suits and other wear'
ables are being put on display
Greatest Line of Spring
Suits ever, ' .
$10.00 to $35.00
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Tli Home of Quality. Clothes,
Letter to a Million Owners i
of HYOMEI InhalersI
Some Information about the Money Back:
Cure for Catarrh, Coughs, Colds, Croup i
and Catarrhal Deafness. !
Because tt I lie enormous sales of HT
OMKI during th present year, w deem
It adviseable to publish thla letter.
HYOMKt haa cured mora cases of ca
tarrh (acute, chronic, nilld and atub
hom) than si1 th catarrh specialists in
America. .
Hut In order to get tho best and quick
est results th directions . should b
closely followed.
Chang th gauss In the Inhaler every
week, or, hotter still, every four days
remove both stoppers front Inhaler be
fore using.
Never mind how strongly ot HTOMRI
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Is drop of HYOMKI should be poured
Into th inhaler three limes a day. A
less amount won't destroy th germs.
Read th directions carefully and If.
you are aSrilcted with a stubborn cas of,
catarrh us th vapor treatment aa dl-.
Kem ember that ths lltll bard rubber:
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xtra bottle of HLOHF.t with generous
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( cents, ' ' .
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Tried and never found wanting
It takes years to
organize "serv
ice" in an office
building. If you
are in a comfprt
able building;
where "service"
has been organized for years, you will have a certain
comfort and ease that can bo obtained only through
, .careful organizotiou. .. . - e
. There, Is an advantace In being In a building whose rula
for twenty Tsars has been never to allow a slngl thing to gat
out of repair, and ths building and Its equipment each year
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policy and organisation la what yon will find In
,i -
atS Reception Room, private of flea, two larg cloaslS. largs
workroom with two north window Ideal offlc fur engineer,
architect doctor or other prolssslnal men. Mental per
Uiootli..... tmUM
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light lien t si, per month HIM
', .-. -arr . J
K 11-iilo in six, located on the court, close la HI
lleiit. thus having excellent nstural light Ths space could
be divided so as to luaas two vary pleasant rooms. Price,
psr mouth .......... SS7 &Q
Booxa Offlrs In th northwest corner, having four larg w In
dus a A fireproof vault for the protection of valuebl papers
' Is much In demand and la afforded In thla room. There I a
total of Slo square fset ot floor spec and sots would be -equipped
with partition to satisfy good tenant The rental
prk u. par month .aeo.00 '
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