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    Looking Backward
This Day in Omaha
Thlny Taoaly Tea TMa Age
. tmm Kdttcalal - f wk Iml
Fair; Warmer
VOL. XLI-XO. 219.
Phaatom. Hecto and. Smouldexinp
Bran of Capitals Fail to
, . Secure lew Fort
Amendment to Fortification! Appro
pripatioa Bill loit.
Good Lorn ia Xenewed Attack on
Powder Trait
T.tlmrt Will Bs KaJf to Stria, at
rnfWn to Salaries of Solte
ttwr MoCab 'mm Tsrewtr.
' Tm Clerk.
. , WASHINGTON, Feb. E. Phantom
' fleet of hostile ships and amoulderinc
rain of capitals, the capitulation ot
Washington. Philadelphia, Baltimore and
Norfolk, and the Invasion of tbe taUU of
Virginia, vividly portrayed la toe houae
today, failed to procure an appropriation
of SUA.0W for a ait ot a pro pored coaat
defenae on Cape Henry.
RepresentatlTe Holland of Virrinia of
fered the amendment to the fortification
appropriation Mil. which was under con
sideration. His argument on tbe need
of another defense of the lower Chesa
peake were reinforced by the eltisen aoU
dlery of congress, and protraoted de
bate In which representative maneuvered
hip and manipulated land batter! wa
Proposed Defease Defeated.
Representative J. Hampton Moore ae
tirely championed the Holland amend
ment. Representative Shirley of Ken
tucky eomronnad Rapreaentatlve Pltsger
ald ot New Tork to hi aid. and Chair
men Houston auitalned a -point ot order.
The propoaed fort at Cap Henry fell.
The appropriation bill wa pawed with
out any trtcturee on prorate purchase
of powder by the government. Repro
aentatlr Oood of Iowa renewed his at
tack apoa the Powder trust, but lost
The passage of the fortifications Mil to
day, nut the house abreast ft tbe loot
asaslca et last year.
The army, pension, and . fortification
bill are now before the senate.
With the coast defease bill out of the
way, the house immediately took up the
atrt cultural appropriation Mil, which
carries tU,M,rTt, S1.61,M0 lee than that
for the surrent year and .OtJs below
the estimate of Secretary Wilson.
A fight I expected to develop over the
bill tomorrow.
Move Agmlaet MoCab.
A determined effort will be mad . to
strike out approprlatlena for aalarlea of
Solicitor McCabe and twenty-two . law
. clerk, hia subordinate la the Depart
mnt of Agriculture. It win be ooa
tended that this fu notion of the Agrtcul:
Jural department can be conducted by the
Department of uettoe-and that ne
. thortty la law exists for the legal ataM
whjob. Mr. McCabe directs. ; ' I
Debate over this will Involve 'the con
trovert! ea In the Department of Agricul
ture between. Dr. Wiley and Mr. MoCab
and the pending charges that the de
partment was influenced by Florida
everglades land promoter In th action
which wa takes concerning certain
official report.
j - (From a Staff Correspondent)
WASHINGTON. Feb. Z7.-(8pclal Tele
gram, -Th public landa committee of
the houae met today tor the purpose of
agreeing upon a Mil modifying the pres
ent homestead requirements that would
meet with th approval' of the depart
ment, which opposes the three-year home
stead bill recently passed by th senate.
The committee finally determined upon
a bill providing tor residence ot three
years on a homestead Instead of five,
the homesteader to be allowed absence
from his land of sixteen months during
that period. It Is doubtful If the depart
ment will favor the bill, but It was aald
that the house would try to pas th law
without the approval of the department.
: A petition from th German alliance of
Lincoln 'Urging that no prohibition laws
be passed by congress was introduced la
the senate today by Senator Hitchcock,
together with petitions from eltltens of
Mason City. Cumro aad Miller asking tor
a parcels post law.
Robert Kil Patrick and wife of Beatrice
lunohed today with Congressman Sloan.
Mr. Kilpalrtck is on of the well known
Kll Patrick Brothers firm of railroad eon.
tractors, and Is In the capital on a pleas
ure trip.
The senate today confirmed the ap
polnment of Ben F. Sailor as postmaster
at Elm Oeek.
SOW YORK." Feb. W.-Mr. A Ilea O.
Bycroft of New Tork won a verdict of
1,B against Henry Clay Pierce, the
oil magnate, by a Jury verdict In the
supreme court today. She charged that
. Piero bad obtained paesessktn of ther
securltle, valued at the amount sued
for, and had converted them to his o
use. Pierce Is in Florida bees urn of 111
Bcas. His counsel obtained a stay of the
execution of the judgxoent until tbe third
Monday In April and will appeal.
The Weather
FOR NEBRASKA Probably snow
rjes; colder. - -
KOR IOWA Unsettled weather
probably snow flumes: warmer.
The National Capital
Tuesday, resrssry ST, 118
- Ike Senate.
Tn session 1 p. ra.
Steel products manufacturers continued
protests against steel tariff revlssan Mil
before finance ceounltteew
Interstate commerce committee began
executive sessions to consider evidence
taken tn hearing on proposed trust legis
lation. Senator Dupont flatly denied election
corruption rbnrges made by Senator
Heed investigation reeotuUoa which
went over until Wednesday.
Senator Lodes objected to the resolu
tion for Investigation of Lawrence strike,
eying there was smpls authority under
present law for investigation.
Senator McLean introduced Mil exempt
big "factory smokers'' cigars from Inter
nal revenue tax.
' The House.
Mat at noon.
' Chairman Wilson ot labor committee
sought pssssge of his resolution for In
vestigation of Lawrence strike, but ob
jection forced matter aside.
Objection mad at Everglades hearing
to hearsay testimony that 'Influences''
had been at work to procure a favorable
report from Agricultural department.
Rules committee will give hearings
Saturday on Lawrence strike resolution
Subcommittee of banking committee re
ported upon "money trust" investigation
and Chairman Pujo announced hearings
would begin In a few day.
Amsndraent ts fortifications appropria
tion bill providing for government to
manufacture its, own powder waa de
feated. Waya and ruear.s eammitt-e ill d ad-
locked on sugar tariff: considering
lug duty on raw rubber.
Woman's Love
of Finery is Clue
to Big Robbery
NEW TORK, Feb. r.-Pettc traps set
la this and other cities to ensnare other
members 6t the motor car highwaymen
who blackjacked two messengers of the
Bast River National bank as they rode to
their bank In a taxkab and robbed them
of tceue n bill, may be sprung today.
Three men, who the police Insist took
part In the robbery, were arrested yeeter
dsy and they will be arraigned today.
They are: Edward K. Kinsmen, alias
Eddie Collins, ot Boston; Jess Alberusso,
a truckman, and Gene Montenl, chauffeur
of the robbed tarhmh
.Detectives went today to the Bowery
bank, where -Alberusso hired a safe de
posit box two days after tbe robbery.
Some of the loot was found In Kinsman's
borne tn Boston, where th money waa
enclosed In the original bank paper.
A woman's love of finery which piqued
the Jealousy of a companion, led to the
capture of th highwaymen, Anna Hull,
better known as "Swede Annie" and
Myrtle Hoyt, recently returned from A1-,
beny, wearing a new and expenlv hat
and a new suit of clothes. Myrtls waa
Jealous, and aha told the chambermaid In
a tenderloin ' dive that "Swede Annie"
and her friend had goo away on a taxi
cab ride to Albany. The chambermaid was
a police matron In disguise.. Then tbe
trail became clearly evident.""
folic Inspector Hughe today an
nounced a. fifth arrest, but declined to
are or in maw aiieitej ana
said he would not be arraigned today.
Police reported today that Kinsman and;
Albruuo had sonfeaeed .After the rob
bery the money was divided among sit or
even men. Three thousand dollars of the
loot. It was said, was deposited tn a safe
deposit vault by Albruiso under another
i Two thousand dollar of the stolen
money waa recovered today from the de
posit vault. Th money wa in K bill
and don up In packages beating the name
of the Produce Exchange bank. ,
The lock, box In which th money waa
found bad been rented tinder the name of
Joseph Push, proprietor ot the saloon In
which th highwaymen divided the money,
Push wss taken to headquarters.
I MEMPHIS, Tenn., Feb. fT.-On tel
egraphic advices from Chicago, detectives
hre today arrested two men wanted la
connection with the taxlcab robbery In
New Tork. The men gave their names as
James Keefe. M, bellman, and Francis
Ford. 8, dark, both of Boston,
CHICAGO, Feb. t7 Ten thousand dol
lars of th money stolen by the New
Tork "taxlcab robbers" has been found hi
a Chicago bank, where It was deposited,
it ie thought by th 'men arrested In
Memphis. Efforts will bo' mad to re
cover It.
Governent Drops
: Case Against Five ,
, Bathtub Defendants
DETROIT, Mich.,' Feb. .-Tbe govern
ment caused ' a sensation today In Its
criminal suit against the so-called Bath
Tub trust, when, after announcing that
the prosecution's case was dosed, Edwin
P. Grosvenor, special assistant to At
torney General Wicker ham, moved that
the ease against five of the defendants
be noil prossed on account of lack of
evidence. Th court granted the motion.
Th defendants whose cases were
dropped were:
C H. Voetrel. president of the Barnes
Manufacturing company of Mansfield. O.
. N. Ford, president of the Humph
rey's Manufacturing company of. Mans
field. O.
Themes Walker, president ot McVey t
Walker company of Braddock, Pa.
D. W. Davis, secretary of the National
Sanitary Manufacturing company of
Nw Jersey.
E. V. Brlghem. aecretary of the Union
Sanitary Manufacturing company of
NoMeavilla, Ind.
The government also requested that the
same order be made In the case against
J. A. Frauennetm. president ' of the
Kerner Manufacturing company of
felieneple. Pa-, who was put on the
stand Jbrf th government, thus making
him eobjeet to Immunity- The request
wss granted.
m. 141
jf r ,;" 1
.graH' il a. m .......... si
tzSr m" ".::
gjre.J I la m
V arr p- m. r
t 2
KEW TORK. Feb. K.-Foike E. Brandt.
former valet of Mortimer L. Schlff. sought
In two courts today to procure his release
on baiL He first faced Judge Crain tn
th court of general sessions. Judge Crain
fixed bail at CM on th ebarge of as
sault, but declined to fix bail tn the bur
glary charge. Jostles Gerard today admit
ted Brandt t bail fta HON on th bur-
glarr ebarge. Still tho prisoner was not
. fj released, for there stands a bench wi
rant charging Messous assault.
Chairma aof Few Tork Statee Ee-
publicaa Committee akes State
ment Before Tiiitine; Taft
Sari Followers, of SooteTelt Stand
Upon Slipper Ground.
Primary and Conrentiou Will Eat
ify True Bepoblicana.
Xew Yorker BeesllsX Foraeer Tens
Whew His Slats tailed to Hold
Party Firm la steetetaBe t
erased) Ides.
WASHINGTON. Feb. XS. William
Barnes. Jr., chairman ot th New Tork
state republic nacommittee. gave out a
statement here tonight Just before going
to th White House to dine with Presi
dent Taft.
"I want it made clear that I gav out
this statement before I went ta th
White House," Mr. Barnes said. The
burden of the statement concern Colonel
Roosevelt's recent tpeerh st Columbus,
It follows: -
"I can only say this. It baa seented to
m that homogeneity ot opinion within
th republican party haa been threatened
tor a long Urn and that a definition ot
fundamental principles was therefore, ab
solutely neceeaary tn order that the part
might endure ss th preservative fore
In th nation's life.
"Th speech of Mr. Roaevelt at Colum
bus kt a violation ot republicanism. When
casually read It would seem ts contain a
formulation of doctrine, but coupled ss
It Immediately was with a declaration of
th author candidacy for the nomina
tion to th presidency K acquired virility,
but lost that dispassionate devotion to
principle which would have given It
whatever quality It might have) bod.
In other word this exposltlea at Colum
bus waa to preface a- candidacy rather
than to maintain a principle aad a caoai.
deey which had been by Ha progenitor
distinctly repudiated.
'This seems so clear to mo that, al
though It la Impossible tor -me to sub
scribe to th doctrine of th Colnnibu
peccn. i wouiu reel tnat a l were one
who could subscribe to that doctrine my
feet Were on slippery ground.
"Regarding th situation In th state of
New Tork. delegates from each congree.
tonal district will be elected at a pri
mary, ejection on March by the direct
vet of nearly 600. W enrolled repuMlcans
k tli who stat I the naUeaal eaa.
ventlon to be hetfaLblsseavUktswl
(h state convention to be hld at Kochse-
ter or) April I tour clgates-st-large will
be chosen by the vote of a majority ot
the -delegates ' riectat to .h state con
vention at the same primary,
"There la no doubt whatsoever '.ht the
best judgment ot the republican electors
of New Tork will be expressed at that
primary and that that convention, which
will assemble at Rochester as a result
of that primary will reaffirm thoas prh
el Pie of the republican party whioh have
mad It la th past th medium through
which tho thoughtful and patrtotto people
of th oountry have rested In security
that their government will be represents.
I've, ttrsighted and - tenacious of the
rights of every Individual, whether his
opinions coincide with the majority or
whether they do not -
"The republican of th tt of New
Tork can no more be swerved from their
obvious duty now than they were In
UM, when that ststs with other united
to hold tho party firm la resistance to
in erased ideas of that hour."
Souther Leaders far gtaoeoeelt.
CHICAGO. Feb. IT.-Pearl Wright, re
publican national committeeman for Lou
isiana, and Colonel Cecil Lyon, national
committeeman for Texas, today tele
graphed to th national Roosevelt head
quarters la Chicago their support of tbe
Rooeevelt candidacy for tho presidential
B. W. Sims, secretary of th committee,
declared th arawuncementa to bo "ex
tremely significant, for the reason, that
they come from two of tbe recognised re
publican loader In tho south," In that
the two men "have la Urn past had
mora to do with determining tho position
taken by the entire southern delegation
than any other two leaders la the party In
we south."
"Over s per cent of the republicans of
Texas are for Roosevelt.'' wired Colonel
Lyon. "Practically no Taft sentiment ex
cept among office holder, and they are
not Btaeere. Expect every delegate from
Texas will be for Roosevelt" under abso
lute Instruction."
."Should we be successful la getting our
state central com mute to authorise
primary, th Louisiana delegation will be
eottdr tor Roosevelt," said. Mr. Wight'
telegram. "We are working hard for a
primary." i -
Carer Predict R..rvU's Etoettoa.
CHEYENNE, Wye.. Feb. SSpeelaU
-Governor Joseph M. Carey was besieged
wtta callers today, all anxious to know
what bo bad to say with reference ts
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt's announcement-
It Is known that Governor Carey
has been a staunch supporter ot Roose
velt aad wwa one of tbe goeeruots who
wroto tbe eolonet a letter strongly urg
ing Mm to become a candidate for the
republican aomlnatlen.- Governor Carey
"I believe that Theodore Roosevelt's
speech at Columbus, supplwnenied by bis
reply to- th gOTotima letter. Is so defi
nite that the people of the United States
now know Just where Roosevelt stands.
"His declarations are an epitome of the
very best sentiment of the peopl of the
United States who believe In
and la remedying the defect wMch have
crept Into our system of
His principles as enunciated will be
dorsed by too people preceding the re
publican national convention and by th
people after Ms aemlnatlon by that con
The west is at a standstill. - It
Runs raH. who understands th west bet
ear thaa any other maa. I Bvoebesy bis
nomination and election."
Theory and Practice.
Vitquiita Takes Poneviion Shortly
Hfnra sTmm Tnesdav With
Practically lo Opposition
One Member of the Defending Fores '
Ii Slightly Woanded ,
, i mil 1
Invader Spend light on the Spot I
Where Peace Waa Negotiated . ,
teoel ia Kl Pass Sara Official
Desired to Avoid Possibility of ' -Neeeeelty
ot Aetloa by
I'alted Statee.
EL PASO. Tex, Feb. SS.-Juare it in
possession of the Vasqutata rebels. Fir
ing but one or two volleye and meeting
with no reaiatance. oaly a tew scattering (
shots in reply to their first volley, the i
rebels this morning marched Into the
From the Indian poll News
Unirertity Place Ken File It for
.' Place of Vice President. '
Dan Mr Lead of Sebayler File as
Republican Caadldatee ter .
' a ter Ires Tenth Dletrte.
Perkla Coaaty Maa Files.
(From a Staff Correspondent. I
LINCOLN, Neb., Feb, 17.-HpectaM-A
new feature was Injected Into the Ne
braaka campaign to day by the filing of a
petition to place th nam of Albert" J.
mvsrtsfe'ef Indiana on th preferential
primary ballot as a renuitken candidal
Right to Fortify .
Canal Will Not
Be Challenged
WASHINGTON. Feb. 17.-Any fear that
th right ot th United States to fortify
the Panama canal might be challenged
and forced to arbitration under the pro.
Villon of the pending Anglo-American
arbitration ha been dispelled by a state
ment from official sources .that Gnat
Britain already haa formally acknowl.
edged that right.
On sever si occasions this acknowledg
ment haa been made. It wa learned to
day, but ail doubt la aald to have been
removed by a communication In writing
from the let Secretary Hay to th aen
ato explanatory of the understanding he
far vtee sveeldenU ..ajl jj'a.ajgnarai twrm, M reached wHb ba-Ssttlsb Jn
My-vn In number, are, from UnivbraUy
Place. , At tbe state how inrormatiea is
lacking whether th filing Is with the
aMwIeug or aonsent of the candidate or
simply th outgrowth of the enthusiasm
eaused by the former senator's resent vUH
end speech in this city. This Is th first
real filing for the vh presidency, the
original one, that of Charles Fanning of
Omaha, being aimply a bit ot political
horseplay, and It : was wlthdcawa some
time ago. '
MeLeea riles, for Senator.
Dan HcLsod of Schuyler has filed as a
republican candidate for senator from tbe
Tenth district, oompessd of Madison.
Stanton and Colfax counties. McLeoi has
seea service In th regulator, having
surprtead the native aad km other by
being elected In MM la tbe strong demo
cratic count! of Piatt and Colfax, r
Claud J. Hungerford af Perkins county
has filed as republican candidal for the
leglalatur from th Seventh district.
Some Urn ago a certain Lincoln paper
resented the printing of a rumor that It
was to come out as a democratic paper.
The story wss printed beoauae there ap
peared good reasons at that time te be
lieve tt true and te show republican th
folly ol following after a leadership that
would abandon then as soon as th real
fight mmnsencea. ' In spits ot the denial
printed at that time said a prominent re
publican, present facts are as follow:
The one republican, candidate whom It
has been booming. Senator La Follett. la
hopeleasly out ot tt sines Rooeevelt be
actively entered the arena. That paper
la absolutely committed at the present
Urn against President Taft and former
President Kooeevelt, the only ones who
have a ghost of a show of obtaining th
republican nomination. ' In. view ot this
fact It appear. to m that It Is good
policy to look for advice from those wad
are conceded to be republican, and wan,
regardleaa of difference over the nomi
nee, expect to rot tor the nomlae of
th party."
Mara Flllase Made.
H. P. Stevens ot Maxwell haa filed as
a republican candidate tor the leglalatur
from th Sixty-eighth district. R. 8.
McCarthy of Spauldlag. a democrat and
populist, desires to represent th Fifty
second district in tbe leglalature.
Hew Baling Made on Allowance at
' Xiuouri Birer Terminal.
Parosmia an Orala that ta la Blava
tor Mere Thaa .Tea Daya la Pre
alblted Amplltteatioa at
Peary Fladlaav
WASHINGTON, Feb. ft.-A a allowance
of not te exceed three-quarter of a
cent per hundred pounds tar th eleva
tion of grain may be made to ahlppera
by the railroads at Kansas City and
other MlMourt river transfer point, ac
cording te a decision handed down to
day by tho Internet Commerce com.
vitsTt lit IlirtwvW or th tnrrflc bursa o.
What Ma Its ad for ta
Fifth District..
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 8.-8peclal.-F. P.
Corrtck has written 81 Us Barton, audi
tor of state, who kt a candldata for the
republican nomination for congress la the
Fifth district, asking Mr. Barton to state
lis position on various public questions,
sod la the letter saya that -others who
seek th same nomination have done eo,
and that tbe people would Ilk to know
bow b stands. In reply to thia letter Mr.
Barton makes tbe following statement:
I had no Idea ot writing a platform. I
expect to leave that Important duty to the
great body ot aelegetes assembled for
that purpose at the next repubitcaa con
vention, aad as the people have so eftea
seea disappolnteel In pre-election prom
ises, I take the posit Ion that a man and
hi past public life and actions are setter
evidence than future promises.
I am ta hearty accord aad sympathy
with th mutative and referendum, (or
the very foundation of eur government I
based on the great principle ot tae rule
of the people.
While our state. In a manner; elects
United eHatea senator by direct rote. It
is net nationally a common practice. I
believe If ink law was tn vogue aation
aily that new face might be seea tn th
(Continued oa Second Pag.
tire when the HayPaunotfot treaty
was being negotiated. Mr. Hay explained
very atep of th negotiations and when
he cam, to the clause In the Clayton
Bulwer treaty prohibiting the fortifica
tion f th ratlal he offered the follow
ing statement oi th reason that led him
and Lord PauncVfote to omit that pro
hibition from th new treaty:
"Th whole theory ot the treaty la thai
the canal hi to be an entirely American
canal. The enormoca cost of oontrucl
lug I to be borne by the United States
alone. When constructed R Is ts be ex
clusively the property of the United
States, and la to be managed, controlled
and defended by It Under these ' cir
cumstances and eonsldertny that now by
the new treaty Great Britain la relieved
of all the reaponilbtlltle and burden of
maintaining Ita neutrality and security.
It wss thought entirely fair to omit the
prohibition that no fortification shall be
erected commanding the canal or the
waters adjacent.'" '
Chinese Warships
Prepare to Bombard
, Capital of Java
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb' r.-Chlneae
warship have been ordered to the Wand
ot Java under Inatructlon to begin a
bombardment of the port of Batavla K
the Dutch -gtovernment does not pay an
Indemnity demanded for the killing ot
Chinese, aald la have beta attacked by
Dutch soldiers.
In an ultimatum sent to the Dutch gov
ernment yeaterday Provisional . President
Sun Tat;8ea Mated that an attack on
Java would be begun It the Indemnity
were not paid within a week. This Infor
mation waa received here today In a
private dlapatch from Dr. Sun's private
secretary to Tong King Chang, editor of
the Chinese Free Press. publlshd hers.
. Dr. Sun declared In hi ultimatum that
passports would be haaded te th Dutch
minister, whs la said to be at Shanghai,
ea route to Peking, It the Indemnity were
not paid. Chinese here explain tbe pro
poaed action oy Dr. Sua on tbe ground
that the Manehuriaa government no
longer exists and that ths Dutch govern
ment must treat with the revoluUonlets,
although the republic baa aot yet been
,Tb three cruiser which left Shanghai
today are the Hal Chan, the Hal Tube
and tbe Hal Sun. They were fully provi
sioned and equipped under orders of Wong
Chung Wet, minister of wsr.
Advices to the Chines newspapers her
declare that the attack on tbe Chinese
by tbe Dutch soMlera waa made without
prevecatloa and that three Chinee were
killed and many others srrested.
PEKING, Feb. IT. Tuaa Shi Kal haa
notified Dr. Sua Tat Sea at Nanking that
international bankers have offered to ad
vance a loan of KOM.OW taels (about
tU.en.NM. He therefore, he ssys, wUl
eboa be la position to send 4 taels
(about RnMuf) to Nanking to pay the
repulblcaa troops.
Tuaa Shi KM realises that unless they
are paid a. ealtated men In th re
publican army will be liable to constitute
a national danger.
Omaha Ceaple PXsurrteel ta Chlemae.
CHICAGO, Feb. . (gpeciaj TelegramT)
-Mr. Claud "toiler and Miss Bertha
Lews, both of Omaba, were ttoeneed to
aaarry hare twiUy,
Merchants' exchange f St. Louie, against
ths Chicago, Burlington and Qulncy and
other .westers road. ,,.... . . i v .
- Effective Keat April..
Th decision wa rendered In th light
of opinions ot th I'alted State u
preme court In the Peavey elevator ease
and th caae of th Interstate Commerce
commission against Dlffenbeugh. Involv
ing the payment of elevation allowances.
I'ader the Order'. of the commiMlen,
which ts to become effective April it,
the Mlowanre may be paid only on grain
that actually pesseajhrougn the elevators
In tea daya --. , , . ' i
The St. Lout Merchant' exchange
urged that the payment of the allowance
at Missouri river point discriminated
against St. Louis as a .grain markat
where no alowance were paid. To tbl
proposition tbe commission agreed, but
Is view of the aupreme court's decisions,
nothing was left for the commission to
do but authorise the allowance and limit
the time ot th passage ot tho grain
through the elevators,
tirala Men ta be Cabinet Member.
CHICAGO, Feb. 27,-John F. Cou rater,
aecretary of the Ortla Dealers' National
association, announced today by wire
from Toledo, O., to delegates to the Chi
cago Board ot Trade that the conference
by representatives of grain producers and
grain handlers with th secretary of
agriculture, the secretary ot th treasury
and the secretary of commerce and labor
will be held March 4 In WasMngton. The
purpose of the conference la stated to be
to obtain relief from a recent ruling of
Dr. Wiley, whereby the market for darn
aged grain. It la asserted, would be limited
to distillers only.
Will Get History v
of Standard Oil
. Into the Record
ST. LOUIS, Feb. n.-Clrcult Judge Kin
sey today by overruling a decision ot
Special Commissioner Jesse McDonaid,
before whom deposition were being taken
In the Water-Pierce-Standard Oil legM
battle, made It possible for Us Pierce
faction to go Into the history ot th
Standard Oil company's connection with
tho ra.tera-Plerce Oil company aad Into
tho business history of the three men.
propoaed by the Standard as directors for
the Waters-Pierce.
The court declared that a wide scope
would be' given In the Inquiry and that
tbe antecedents ot tho stock which ths
Standard voted at th annual meeting of
the atock holders of the W'aters-Plerc
company could be shown.
Ths question arose la a mandamus ault
filed by the Btaadard to compel the Pierce
faction to count tbe votes of the Stand
ard. The Waters-Pierce faction m an
swering the mandamus suit si legs th
Standard la seeking to motntaln,a trust
la violation . of tbe United State su
preme court dissolution decision.
had been purchased to repel them, took
ebarge of th municipal offices, tbe cue
torn house, the barracks, the JM1 and
ether publlo buildings.
The rebels made the assault at 10
O'clock sharp, entering th utskirta ot
the city from the northweet and firing
they entered, using rifles and one
cannon. The few hundred men In Juarea
as defenders fired a few a ,o from
various points ot vsntage and then war
ordered by their officers to cease.
Mexican Conaul K. C. Llorenta ot Kl
Paao afterwards declared that the offi
cers decided not to make resist snce, to
avoid complication with the United
mates. United 8tata troops petroled th
border at tho time the attack was made,
apparently ready to enter Juarea It Kl
Paao should be oodangared. ' -
Aa the rebel marched Into Juarea, they
found Ml bouses closed, but no res lata nee.
Only one man. Captain Rosnoro, at the
defenders, wss wounded, accidentally. ..
All night th rebela spent In camp sut
sld ot Juarea, after moving around from
th south' to the northwest. Tasy at
tacked from the northwest, partially
using th bank of an Irrigation ditch for
protection. Th fir waa directed sa that
the bullets ot the defenders and assail
ant did aot fall on American aotl.
The rebel advanced ia considerable
order and appeared to be under perfect
control .of their office. Kmlle Cam pa,
wa la command of th attacking party.
Th rebels declare that they will main
tain order and arrangements are being
made ts restore communication between
Kl Paao and Juares If th United States
troops will permit.
ro lootina aiwnu'siuvu in leniaa fir
th eltr.
Battle la Stale at Jalisco.
'' GUADALAJARA, Mxlco, Feb. .V.
TMKiia ieal-weTW-lrleeeV-aiid foatur
tout wounded la a hittl with th t
troop fought at Tonaya. bear San
dibrtet, la th southern part ot the stat
of Jalisco today. According to Informa-
tlon reiwived her th lot ot th federal
troop tn tbe fighting consisted ot a
lieutenant blued and three pelloemsn
wounded. The rebels were led by Fran
dco Del Toro, who succeeded la escap
ing with tlfty of his men. - '
Samuel E. Maglll. United State sonsul
here, has been notified that five Ameri
can eltlsens Interested In th San Miguel
Mining company, an Indianapolis eonoarn,
have been driven from th property hoar
Lbutls. No details ft to ths ooourrcne
hav reached here. Th party waa oa a
tour of Inspection. -
Ambaeeadar Kxpeeta Little Tresbl.
WASHINGTON. Feb. Z7. - Mexican
Ambassador Martin today expressed
tbe opinion that the present dtMurhaacea
lu Mexico would ' not lead to a "real
r volution, beoauae a majority ot publlo
opinion waa opposed ta It" He said
ths "vsrloust weal dit urbane" would
be put down ia tw or three moato at
the longest
"Ths people of Mexico.' bs added,
"have bad enough at revolution and tbe
majority of them are la favor ot peae
and-quiet so that thsy may g ahead
undisturbed with their business."
th fact that there are bands of ma!
eontentents In various parts of the oua
try, tbe ambassador declared, should aot
be taken as an Indication that th Maxl.
can peopl as a wnol are warlike and
fond ot turmoil any more than th ex
kttenee of tbkrfes and sat nine la other
countries means to those eouatrle are
normally fond of robbery and murder.
Word was received at tho Treasury de
partment today that the Mexican consul
in El Paso had declared ta the name of
President Mader that the port of Juarea
waa eloaed The sariouncMBent. however.
It Is sMd bore, will not atop traffic.
Two Men Killed in
Riots at Kingston
KINGSTON, Jamaica. Feb. r.-Klng-Moa
waa given over to mob rale tbruearh-
eut tho night aa a result of coillaloa
between tbe police and the , populace.
Two men were killed and more thaa
thirty injured, soma of then awveraiy.
Thirty-Two Drowned
in the Belgian Congo
BRUSSELS. Belgium, Feb.. zT-Thirty-two
ot tho passenger and erew were
drowned by tho foundering ot the steamer
Dllvranlo, a government vessel ptyimT
ea the Kwango river, oa the border ot
th Belgian eoago yeaterday, according
to a di patch received by th Petit Bioa.
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