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    Looking Backward
This Day in Omaha
Thirty Twenty Ton Tw A
Be BelterUU hn ef net a
The Omaha Daily Bee
Generally Fair'
VOL. XLT NO. 218.
-We're in the Fight, That's AH," it
His Only Comment Upon His
These Urge Him to Boll Up Hit
Sleerea and Get Into Fray.
Direct 1-timaries Are Advocated in
Speech to Bay State Legislature.
hnllnl Tart Will Make MU Klrat
tilwtr to MiaiM Speech la
nil Address at Teleda
Hank S. -
BOSTON', Fsb. H.-"W'e're In tn fight.
That' all." said Theodore Roosevelt to-
asy. It was hit only comment on his
statement issued yesterday that ha would
accept tha presidential nomination If
offered to Mm.
. With Mr. Roosevelt squarely on record,
the active work of getting together a
Roosevelt organisation was begun today.
Telegram from many parts of the
country and visitors urged Mr. Roose.
velt to roll up his Heaves and throw
himself into the fray, but he 1st It be
known that for the present he Intends
to do little, preferring to await Indica
tions at tha effect of his announcement.
He said that his visitors today were
forming a Roossvelt organisation in
Massachusetts, but that he would take
no part la It While ha will keep In
louch with tha political situation In all
parts of the country, Mr. Roosevelt ex
pressed the determination to Identify him
self with no Roossvelt organisation.
Requests for speeches have been re
reived from several states, but Mr. Roose
velt said ha had not made up his mind
what to do. He said, however, that
whether or not he embarked on a speak
ing campaign ha would reiterate time
after time his belief in the political Drln-
ctplea which he set forth la his speech I
at Columbus, O. It is on this platform
. that tbe Roosevelt campaign is to be
Address to Leajlslatar.
Direct primaries, including presidential,
the initiative and referendum under cer
tain restriction! and a plan, "which, It
adopted, will prevent the necessity of
ine recall or juogew were savocatea 10
day by Colonel Roosevelt In an address
lo Members of the Massachusetts legis
lature at the state bouse. '
Colonel Roosevelt was Introduced by
Speaker Cuahlng, whose guest he was
this evening, and was applauded by the
members of the house and senate, lie
said: -' . ......
.. .xp-T know you expect me to tell Just
hat .1 believe, Our aita should be to
help better the condition of those least
I favored by fortune. Because I believe
In popular rule I favor direct 'primaries,
- including direct presidential primaries,
pot only for local, but for state dele
sates." Me then turned to Ills plan for the re
tall of Judges' decisions affecting con
stitutional Interpretations.
' "My position," said he. "is If tha peo
ple know enough to make the constitu
tion they knew enough In the last resort
to Interpret it .
The colonel said there was only ons
sovereignty, the sovereignty of tbe peo
ple. Ha Impressed on tha legislators the
fact that they were the servants, and not
the masters, of the people. "I am not
advocating the recall of Judges," he con
tinued. "I am advocating a 'measure
' which, if adopted, .will prevent the
necessity of the recall of Judges." .
' Okte Will Be Battle Ureas.
. WASHINGTON. Feb. 2. Roosevelt's
announced willingness to accept the republican-
nomination for president did
sot affect visibly affairs at the White
House today. President Taft will have
no direct answer to the announcement
prior to the Ohio speeches, accord! rur to
statements from official sources. There
Waa no great Increase in oongresslonal
callers -today, but Mr. Sherman and Sen
ator Murray Crane of Massachusetts hur
ried to the president's" offices. Neither
mould discuss Us visit.
-Secretary of War Stimson also was a
caller Suited as to what altitude, he
wpuld take, Mr. Stimson said:
"1 will maks my position perfectly clear
lu the speech I shall maks in Chicago
March a"
This speech Is to be msde before the
Chicago Taft club. It has been looked
forward to as on of a series cabinet
officers are to make fat support of the
preetdetit and it was tbe general Impres
sion here today that Mr. Stimson will
adhere to his original purpose. The fact
that be said he would announce hie poss
tioa before a Taft organisation also la re
garded aa significant
There la a growing belief that the crux
of the pro-convention campaign will cen
ter in Ohio, tbe president's state. It Is
known the Roesevslt forces will make
one of their strongest bids for dele
gates there and the president's fries
an preparlnc to meet their acthrttlea,
Mr. Taft ts called upon to bear a
large share of the Ohio burden.
At Toledo on March a th eprealdent la
to the doctrines enunciated by Colonel
Roosevelt at Columbus.
The National Capital
Mtlir. tHMr S, 1IS
The Senate.
Senator St on Introduced resolution ill
rect.uf foreign rlatkns commit! lo
make prompt inquiry Into condlttona ttf
.lex.... border.
Senator Reed Inlroditced revolution di
recting an HiveatigaUon Into toa atection
Oa Senator Dupont.
Senator Cummin Introduced tru bill
creating trade commission and provdlng
authniity to limit site of corporation) and
guard against unfair competition .
Senator Polndcxtcr. after a personal In
vestigation at Mass.. intro
duced a resolution to instruct the labor
bureau to furnish Information on ths
textile ttrlke.
tSsnator Gardner Introduced a bill for
overnment acquisition of express prop
erties at a probable coot of S.i.i.
frenator Cummins spoke favoring gen
eral pen!on legislxtlon, saying govern
ment cot i Id ta weal 1 1) If necessary to
provide, revenue.
Hsnator New lands Introduced revised
lntaarstaie trsde mmntS9rton bi.IL
fage vocational Mil to provide
prist tori for tm ouragrmeut of educat,'
IMroQUced. jk,
w . jT .
Fonrth Iafantry it Ordered to Be
Beady to Entrain for San
United SUtet Will Insist on Neutral
Senate Kay Make Inquiry Into Con-
ditionj Alonf Frontier.
The Home.
a 1
Jlet at noon. Xvv
Investigation of political Civne
charges against Major Ray reeuVed be
fore Wsr department expenc:turea com
mittee. Hrttlh Ambassador Bryce explained
British legislative system to Judiciary
committee in connection with leelsistlvs
bureau bill. Secretary Meier was heard
by naval committee In eecutive session.
Florida Everglades Isnd case investiga
tion was resumed by Agricultural depart
ment expenditures committee.
After oonalderlng District of Columbia
legislation the house took up a four
hour debate on fortifications appropria
tion bilL
Announced rulea oommlteee would act
upon Representative Kerror s resolution
providlug for Investigation of Lawrence
textile workers' strike,
Wei's snd means committee again con
sidered the advisability of Increasing silk
duties to make up for auger tariff re
duction. May report auger bill in two
Money treat Investigation hearings wilt
begin here within a few days.
Secretary Meyer ursrd building of two
battleships a year and an appropriation
of l.u.S) for round the world systsm.
Representative babslh Introduced Mil
for acquisition bv government of exDTesa
telegraph and telephone properties.
V 1 'roes Arsar Of fleers that
,? Ight a Aetaally Oa Caasea El-
cltexeeat la War Depart
sseat at W ashing tea.
EL, PASO, Tel.. Feb. ii.-Th rebel
leaders this afternoon sent a demand to
Juares for the surrender of the city la
sis hours. They declare In their com.
munlcatlon that if 'the city le not sur
rendered the attack will be made and
Juares officials are asked to warn for
eigners to Kave.
Lawrence Strikers
Parade Along Picket
Line and Jeer Police
OGDEN. Utah. Fab. Sfc-Mr. Bryan be
tan his address this afternooa by saying
(Continued en Second Page.)
The Weather
FOR NEBRASKA Generally fair;
FOR JOWA Generally fair; colder.
(haaaa Yesterday.
Henrs. Dea-.
i a. ra 14
Tesaswratare as
LAWRENCE. Mass.. Feb. --Btorm
scenes marked the beginning of the
seventh week of the Lawrence textile
workers' strike today. In the early
morning affair nearly a doaen shots were
fired from tenement houses upon a squad
of Metropolitan Psrk police and the of
fleers returned the tire. The strike
sympathisers were arrested aa a result
of the shooting, ons. of them being taken
to the hospltsl. with a bullet wound in
his back.
Essex street, the principal thorough
fare, waa In disorder for half an hour
while several thousand - strikers and
friends paraded along the picket Une,
Jeering tha police aa sniutla and singing
the revolutionary none fX-'Intematlonala"
The demonstration was a protest against
the sctlon of the polled Saturday In pre
venting the sending 'of a company of
children to Philadelphia.
'At the railway depot ths crowd became
so noisy that police relnforoemrnts were
called out. The officers bundled a dosen
demonstrator Into automobile which car
ried them to . the police station. In only
ons rase did an officer use his club. No
women were arrested. The demonstra
tion was not ended until the officers had
charged tha crowd off Essex street opt
to the common, hslf a mile from the
railroad station.
There waa no apparent response to an
appeal tor a general strike of all workers
In Lawrence -to "tie up the town." All
the mills seemingly retained their operat
ing strength. The strikers' pickets were
unusually active and twenty of tliem were
arrested for Intimidation.
WASHINGTON, Feb. . it. - senator
Poindexter of Washington, bark from a
personal Investigation of the labor strike
at Lawrence, Mass., today introduced a
resolution to Instruct the Department of
Commerce and Labor to furnish the sen
ate with Information regarding the strike.
The measure asks for th "free passage
of people tli rough the state of Massachu
setts" and for intoroialloa regarding th
condition of aliens.
Representative Merger of Wisconsin,
after a call at the White House, said
President Taft bad premised him to taks
up with Attorney General Wickers hara
the Lawrence, Mass., strike.
British Government :
. May Operate Mines
LONDON. Feb. K-It Is reported ' In
radical circles here today that Premier
Asgulth baa determined In the event of a
national coal strike tb government will
take over and work temporarily all the
coal mines and tha pieveut a nanie la
At the conclusion of a meeting this
afternoon between tbe . member of tbe
cabinet committee and th seal owners,
at which tha threatened atrtk of gatot
miners was dtecuaeed. an owner author.
laws tb statement that tb attusuoa la
A -aecModly more peaceful.-
Writ of Prohibition v,
LOS ANGELES. Cel.. Feb. St-The
district court of appeal issued a writ
today prohibiting 'Presiding Judge George
IL Hut ton of the superior court from
setting a date for the trial of Clarence
8. Darrow, when the case of th former
chief eosasel of the McKamarae comes
op tomorrow.
BIOUX FALLS, a D.. Feb. JS. I Spe
cial Wearying of the turmoil tn China,
Mia Winnie L. Stout, a South Dakota
young woman who for the last two years
has been a teacher In a school at Chengta.
baa derided to abandin her foreign mia
stonsry work, at least fer th time being,
and bow Is on her return to South Da-
.22 j kota. Letter received by relative from
5 I her stat she ha sailed from China and
( mi m . 14
7 a. m 14
ta. n. M
a. m B
M a. m u
11 a. m 14
12 m. IS
1 p. m. .....17
; p. m i"
p. m d
4 p. m,
I p. m
i p. an....
I a. as.. ........... js South Dakota vta iTrepe.
ta th United States and
WASHINGTON, Feb. av-The Fourth
Infantry, now divided between Fort
Crook (Omaha)', and Fort Logan H.
Root (Hot Springs. Ark.) was ordered to
day to be prepared to entrain for Sao
Antonio, on receipt of a second message.
Th War department waa thrown Into
a state of excitement here today by tele
graphic reports of the arrival of a largs
band of Insurgents in the vicinity of
Juares. U opposite V. raso, and of
serious fighting in the outskirts of the
town. These reports, it was explained at
the department, 'came from army
officers" and th department official
were startled a second time by press dis
patches from 'El Paso declaring there
had been absolutely - no ' fighting lb
J us res or Its environs. None of th de
partment officials would comment on ths
oompiex sltastlon.
The Immediate effect of the Juares re
ports wss to cause th dispatch of order
looking to further movement toward the
border of troops. Including the Fourth In
fsntry, which probably will be the first
regiment to reinforce th border patrol.
Mo lavaalen Contemplated. '
The assemblage of troop on th border
doss not mean a projected Invasion of
Mexico, It Is emphasised at the War de
part menu, sot It Is admitted the troops
will not hesitate to croe the boundary
line to Insure the maintenance of a
neutral none broad enough lo Insur th
safety of person on ths American (Ida
"There la no thought of Intervention In
Mexico," aaid Secretary of War Stimson
at lk Whit House today. "All' that w
propos to do Is to p rot ict Amrka
Uvea and property, and thta win do.'
There ts general belief: here that to
Mexican will respect a neutral son and
will not lnts even a temporary Invasion
of American troops.
. Senator Stone of Missouri Introduced a
resolution todsy directing ths foreign
Istlons committee to make an Inquiry Into
the conditions on the Mexican border and
to report Ita finding and recommenda
tions as, to th duty of th 1'nlted States.
Realising ths need of a stronger patrol
on the Mexican border In Arlxona the
War department today ordered two com
panies of th Fourth cavalry to Douglas
and on company to Nogalea from San
Antonio. Captain Mahltn Craig of the
general staff has been ordered to go im
mediately from San Francisco to the
Imperial valley to Investigate condition.
Jearra Espeella; Attack..
' EL PASO, Feb.'3l-EI Pasonan ar at
a loss to explain the origin of a report
that fighting has occurred it Jaurea, or
ten mllea south of that city. There has
been none In the city and railroad em
ploye south reported all quiet at 10
O'clock. A peace commission which will
attempt to persuade the rebels not to
enter Juares left for. Banc he. : fourteen
mllea south of here this morning.
Juares Is waiting. The rebels ar .wait
ing. Seven hundred rebels under corn
mand of Emillo Campa sr encamped
twelve mllea south of the town. Then
commander announces hi Intention to
sttsck unless the town surrender as
soon as reinforcements a thousand strong
arrive from th south. Juares Is guarded
by over 404 spparently determined, bat
untried men, and the official declare
they will put up a fight If attacked.
Mexican Consul E. C. Llorente. In Ei
Pso, says Pancho Villa and to) ' loyal
stste troop are enrout to Juares from
Chihuahua and that the rebees may be
expected ts be attacked from the rear at
any time. This morning a committee of
Juares eitlseni went out to the rebel
camp to appeal to tbe rebel lo return
south without attacking and avoid a
possible cause for Intervention, which
might corns If the town Is attacked. ' A
bridge which the Juares dtlsens burned
near the rebel esmp to keep the rebels
from slipping In en train ha been re
built under a temporary true asd th
rebel ar getting water and supplies
from J were, ever tbe railroad, which
they not. Tn rebel pa-amis to give
smple notice Sec ore attacking, if . tee
town refuse to surrender, so that for
eigners may get out. They also say
they will move around to th north sreet
of Juares, a they can fire parallel with
El Pas when attacking.
All ta How let:
American Consul T. D. Edwards, in
Juares, aald at noon In rospons to a tele
phone call:
"There I no furhtlng- near Juares.
everything la perfectly quiet. I hav
seat no Information fthat there la any
fighting near here." '
Colonel K. Z. Steever, Fourth cavalry,
commanding the t'nlted State border
(ward, aald:
"l did ant send Washington any report
today -that there was fighting asar
Juares, I sent a message carry Sunday
morning stating that H est reported that
trer had been a skirmish near Juares
during Saturday night. Tbia later proved
only to have been an exchange of shots
between guard In -the etty of Juares
and not any skirmish with resets. Tb
situation Is perfectly quiet today, and
baa been so far a I know."
Officials of tb Mexico Northwesters
: From th -Washington Star. ; M ' . ', t
' I . " ' ' . -s
GoTtrnor of. Iowa laya ooterelt'i
' Announcement Inopportune.
neeld Rave . Bsejlsd Prede
eer'e la eo4 Tr sad
i UK"' HaW Ceaaptleated Matters '
' . by Eateries' St.
' . (From a Slsrt Correspondent.) ,
BE MOINES. Ftb. . -(Special Tele
gram. Governor Csrroll made a state
ment today that mors than evsr should
tb republicans' sea"" ths necessity for
nominating President Tsft.; He added:
"I am not surprised 'at Roosevelt's an
nouncement of Ms candidacy.' It baa
been apparent ' for som time that hs
waa giving encouragement to those ad
vocating hla nomination. I em sur
prised, however, ' that he 'did not' long
ago announc hi adherence to his oft
repeated doctrine of th "square deal
end recognise th Juitles of the candidacy
of President Taft for renominntlon and
give Mm tha same loyal support that
President Taft as secretary of war gavs
to ths Roosevelt administration. No other
man did as much -to .make Roosevelt's
sdmlnlstratlon a success a did Secretary
Taft and he was justly entitled to the
encouragement and support of, his prede-
Bssor. This he baa- not bad." -
Th Iowa- exsoutlv broadly Intimates
that Wall street Influences srs responsible
for th opposition to President Taft, in
ths folltwlrui .language: ,
There - can be no t question but that
Wall street and 'the so-oalled 'big Inf
terests trust and combine ar fighting
tb president and - that every - Influence
which they can bring td pear will be
exerted In behalf of hi opponent. 1
am, however, decidedly of the opinion
that Taft will be ' renominated and the
Itooaerelt candidacy will serve only to
oomplleat matters and endanger the to
sutf at tbe November election."
Kansas City Home
Telephone Company
: Sold to Gary System
. KANSAS CITt. Mo.'. Feb! at. -The Kan
aa City Horn Telephone company bra
old today to th Telephone Securities
company, a mrnoratloa orarttesd under
the laws of W;et VrglUv t The. sffloei
of the eomposty - are: Theodore Osry,
Mac on, Mo., president; K V. Adarn.
Juplln, Mo., vice president "and H.-K
Gary. Macon. Mo.t seerstsry-tressureV.
' Theoder tiary It also presldsat .ot th
St. Joseph (Mo.l Telephone company, tee
Jnplln (Mo.) Telephone company and) th
Nevada (Mo.) Telephone company, The
purcha-w pries was not mad pub! to,
The Telephone Securities company pur.
chased more than a majority of the stock
of thd Ksnsaa City Horn Tstfpnon
pony and all the stock of th Ki
Oily Horns Long Idstanee Tclrphon com-
The arganlsera of th newjr.eempany
kconstlluts th active rnaaegemeut of ths
Gary Telephone company systsas, now
operating telephone properties M . Mis
souri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.
iContlnoed oa Seetmd Pat.)
Ten Persons Killed
By Two Tornadoes ;
, .- -in Arkansas
UTTLS ROCK.-Ark- Feb.'K.-Detaila
of a doubi tornado 'that devastated Lln
ooln, Jefferson and Arkanaaa oountlea
yesterday, -place th Hat 'of dead at ten
with at least twenty-five person severely
hurt. Handsome heme, plantation equip
aTieBt, rice and ' pomptag station were
w rooked. Fir broke out In th debrt and
only the rain ' that acoompanled the
wind ssved from cremation - many per-
Apparentlr there wer two storms. One
la th sastersi portion of Jefferson county,
which oosuried at ( o'clock In the aft
ernooa. while that In Arkansas county
swept In an' hour earlier. 1
Gilman, Hotel in
Portland Burned:
Two Men Are Dead
- PORTLAND. - Ore.. Feb. lK.-fhe. de
struction by fir of the; Oilman hotel, a
land mark, of pioneer days, i resulted sarly
today In the death of two men and three
other are missing, t -
Edward Gilmore, aged SA fell dead of
excitement and an unidentified man waa
killed when he lumped to tlie sidewalk
from a fourth floor window,' Seventy
lodgera escaped Into the street in their
night clothes. , ' , . .
Soon after, ths slsrro was sounded the
windows In th hotels filled wlth-m
women and children who bad been driven
from the corridors by . the smoke. Most
of them' were carried down th fire' es
capes and ladders. Nearly a score of per
sons 'went to the roof of 'trie, burning
building and crossed over to tb roof of
an adjoining structure, from which they
wer rescued. '
Weight of Snow
Causes Collapse of
Garage at Red Oak
RED OAK. fat. Feb. X. -(Special Tele
tram.) Two feet of snow fsll her last
night and as a result a new oarage
building belonging t Steven Bros. eel.
lapsed ander tbe weight on the roof at
clock tale morning. Tb building was
talis fast la slss aad la a total wreck.
number of nsen were at work In toe
bulldlBg whew tt started to collapse, but
all escaped without Injury.. Tha building
a built of brick aad concrete with
truss roof. It bad no supporting post
Burlington paassngir train No. 1 is tied
ap In a cut full of snow three miles esst
f here. It baa been there several hours j
awamof assuKanc,
School and College :
: Men in Council
ST. LOUIS, Mo.. sen
ate) of affiliated societies of the - Na
tional Educational association began Iter
todsy with a large attendance. This
morning tha National Council sf Educa
tion, the National Society for the Study
of Education, th 'Society of ' College
Teacher of Education, the national com
mittee of agricultural education snd th
conference of stat superintendents of
education held sessions.'
Prof. Edward P. Buchner of John
Hopkins university, Baltimore, in opening
th pmerara of tha Society for Coilesj
Teacher of Education, ertttclsed I mar
lea's Institutions of learning as tutra con
servative. ruK-dssloa of Prof. Buetmefs
paper bold until tha luncheon recess.
Man and Woman
Murdered at Tacoma
TACOMA, Wash.. Feb. 3S.-A double
murder was revealed today when the
bodies of Mr. W. Brown, aged M years,
and John Wilson, aged years, wer
found on the county road near' Barch
mont, a short distance beyond the Ta
coma city limits, both having been
clubbed to death. The husband of the
dead woman aald ht wife and Wlleoa
had gone to Tacoma for the evening.
and It Is thought they were attacked by
robbers when they left th car on their
A return, ......
Attorney Replies to Freaiaent . of
j Shoo Machinery Trait
Waa fllreeter aad t, ewasel foe Com
, Baay. Vatll Oerwed It W
, WAmiNOTON, Feb. K-Thi ' allega
tion of Preitdent i. W. WlnsloW of the
United Iho ataclilnsfy 'company that
Louis D.- Brandeis of Boston In his re
cent testimony before th sonata Inter
state osmmeroe enmiatft erttlclaed act
of th company which orcurred wIMI h
was a director and eeunsel In It wer
answered today -In a letter from Mr.
BraadeH to Senator Clac-P of Minnesota,
chairman of tb oommittos. Mr. Bran-
dole asked that his letter b embodied In
ta hearings ef the osmmittee a supple
mentary of the testimony he vs on
December M, U and 1 last
Referring to Mr. WlnsloW letter to
the committee as presenting "half-truths
and statements, eoms fats and others
grossly misleading'." Mr. Brandeu ti
plan In detsll how and why h became
convinced "that th poHcy and methods
of Iho United Shoo Machinery company
wsr Inconsistent with th general wel
fare and that additional legislation was
necessary to protect the public against
the practices of that trust."
. aWltoeodl la 14 Th,
Mr. Brandeu declares that wall It was
trua.that'ia April. IM, be beiteved In
the policies and methods of th sstsnpany
aa "legally and morally aotoioctlonaW
ho withdrew as' director a few months
later when be alleges a different set of
clrauaHtanoe developed.
Mr. Brandest say h .waa of the opin
ion at first that there wer good and bad
trusts, and that tha a ho monopoly was
using operated beneficially aad was pro
moting competition. As a consequence.
he adds, be appeared before th Massa-
chusetta legislature to oppose a bill seek
ing to compel a change In th methods
of the company.
Meanwhile, relates Mr. Brands!, his
attention was called by President W. II.
McDwaln of th company bearing that
nam and President Cnarle H. Jones of
tb Commonwealth Shoe and Leather
company to tha so-called "tying" clauses
of thslr Is which ssemsd lo them ob
jectionable. At a eonferenco between
the me and. Mr. Wlnslow, aa under
standing was reached to secure the de
feat of the pending Mil and adjust dif
ferences in amicable conferences. After
these objeetiono bad been pr seen led. Mr.
Brandeis asserts, hs pursued the eubieet
an ascertained facts to some ehttent In
consistent with those furnished him by
Mr. Wlaslew and other off! cists of th
Worst Bliuard of the Season Strikes
Omaha and Vicinity Sunday
Wind Pilea the Snow in Drift! on
the Car Tracks.
Traffic is Almost Completely at
Standstill on Some Lines.
Farataaa Mao la Blocked fee Hoar
. aed Mao of People brill Dowrm
Iho Tracks All tbe Way
frees Oaadoe,
Dlorovem It Evil.
For tlires and a balf years. Mr. Bra.
dels saya bo took no part In questions
wiattng to the policy of the company.
but that ta th summer of Ml th sltiav
tlen "had entirely changed'" from what
It ww tn Hot tlmMnxh tha attitude of th
federal government in ' otamoctioB with
tb Standard Oil and Tobacco cases, and
the alleged intention of the shoo machin
ery company to "Ignore or evade th act
ef th Massachusetts legislator prohibit
ing tying clauses ra leuea" He was Im
pelled lo no longer remain passive la the
aba ooutioeoisii aa a rvinasijnenco of tbe
purchase by th machinery company f
tho Plant system of shoo machinery-an
act of xeooopoty which Mr. Brandeis prior
thereto had believed would ho looking
'jail la the face." because he construed
It aa a "flagrant violation" ef the Bner
maa anti-trust law. .
' Hew Marshal for Artsoaa.
WASHINGTON. Feb. M.-The president
today nominated Charlea A. Overtook of
Arisen to bo United stats marshal for
the district of Ariaont.
One ef the worst Mlssard thst has sr
held Nebraska in ita grasp visited Omaha
aad th aoutaeastera part of the stats
Sunday afternoon and esrly Monday'
morning- Railroad traffic and street car
sarrte waa entirely demoralised and
trouble of a most serious nature was
occasioned by tb sever storm, 'in many
place tha drift wer ten fret high.
Street oar war continually getting oft
tbe track and a th Fsrnstn line waa
blocked, people all the way to Dundee
wer forced to walk to work.
Every railroad reaching Omaha suf
fered severely from th effect t Sunday
night's bilsxard, which railroad men unit
In deoiarlng to be th most paralysing
of Ita character that he occurred tn tb
mlddas west tor many year All that
waa lacking to make It a record breaker
In all reapect waa a low temperature.
Th absence of the ueual Intense cold
made the condition leas naoomfortab
so fsr as physical conditions wsr can
corned, but did not mitigate the sorrows
encountered by th erurinernen. Every
train that Onalljt reached th city waa
many hour late and a number failed to
arrive at all.
Freight trains wsrs abandoned all along
the line la Iowa. Th Wabash failed
entirely to get s train through during the
When II became evident In the early
Part of the night that a real blunsard
waa aa. division suportntsndenu ordered
out every availabl eoowplow and began
bucking the drifts. It waa this foresight
hlatpravwnted a complete tleup of all ef
th train, for to drift in th out wer
thua kept at a surmountable minimum.
L'P So o'clock last Bight only one-third
of Iho through mail train bad arrived
from ta easL
Train la Barted.
Ta Burlington suffered mors sevesely
than It has for many years. At Murray.
I-, a rags anger and mail txsla became
lodges' in drift In a deep cut snd was
finally burled ander aC depth of snow
that mured front twenty t tvsnty-flv
tact. A sejoft -diets Slip aSasd ef H ta tha
ssms eat a rtdg of snow bad hem
ttww athwart th tracks thai was sixty
ft deep. Only lb rear nd of the
train Was risible, snd an army of men
wss sat t work at daylight yestsntay
rasrnlng digging It out. Enough of th
now was cleared away a that several
powerful engines hooked on behind and
pulled It out Into Iho eunaluo. Tb
naasenssrs rather onlee-ed tlM novel ex
perience and wsr rsry comfortable dur
la of th time they were embedded. This
train should hav gut Into Council Bluffs
at I. a "yesterday morning. Closly fol
lowed by another Chicago train. It was
expected to reach here between s and W
o'eiock last ' night. Murray I between
Aften Junction -and Osceola.
On th Great W cetera none of the mall
I rain got In during tha day, but some
of the passenger trains pulled through
1st In th afternoon. All of th Mil
waukeo and Bock Island train that
finally got through were many boars
lata. Th - North sstem Mbuieapoa
line bad lees troObl and Ihe regular
train arrived only a few hour lata
The Iirinoia Central enjoyed lb aans
experience, a th atorm was very much
less severe In tbe north.' "
Schedule Kaeebrd Galley Weal.
Train servic oh nearly all Una was
practically demoralised. Tralna were ail'
from two to twenty hour late. Tbe bill
sard centered around Omaha, the south
western part of th stat, and Iowa.
From Fremont on up northwest very
little snow fell, and practically all the
Northwestern trains pulled Into Omaha
on time. i
Th Rock I aland and Missouri Padf io .
roads felt the effect of th storm more
than th other road. Th Missouri Pa
cific train No. lot, which leaves Omaha
at : a. m., did not get out antll lata
la tha afternoon, and no word baa bee
received of tb Kansas City train which
waa due her early this morning. The
Union Pad fie Seattle train, doe her last
evening at S o'clock, did not get In until
a o'eiock this morning, and the Overland
Limited from the east, scheduled to are
rive bar at I a. ra., was over five hour
From six Inches to two rest of snow bad
fallea throughout the state.
Th Burlington train from Derive,
which arrived her at T a. m. waa three
hour late. This train encountered little
trouble with the snow until It reached
Mccook. From there on the cuts wer
filled with over three foot of enow.' Th
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