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$8 Silk Vest Free
With Every Made-To-Measure Suit Order,
Just to Keep Our Union Tailors Busy,
Commencing Thursday, February 22, 1912,
, 1,000 Patterns to Choose From.
' We have built op the Urgent tailoring bantam la the
world by mine; ALL WOOL goods aad GtAHAJiTEElXa
American Cutters American Tailors
American Salesmen
Come in and inspect our large display of spring and summer patterns. Guar
anteed AH Wool: They can't be duplicated. We make them in our own mills.
Suit or Overcoat
g "Builder, of Tidy Tog,") (Wt ySTV jv
Ai Soon M One ii Found Dispensary
Will Be Established1.
Faada Are Available te Start Wark
Dnliaii te Iaaraet T share e
, lar retleaie te Cstee fa
Theaseelvee, ,
Plans tor the tuberculosis dispensary
ta ba, aatablUhtd by tha Visiting Nurse
srsoclstloe ara eTystslllrlng Into (hap.
r Roorna have bwi secured, fund ara
' evallabls to Mart tha work, and all that
la lacking la a trained auraa te do tha
practical work of exsrnlnlng aad instruct
ing tuberculosis patients.
Dean Jama A. Taneock of Trinity
cathedral haa offrd two rooms in
Gardner Memorial hall for tba dispensary.
Tha Red Cross commutes of tha stats
Nurses' association has ftvtn $3)0, and
tha stata Jted Cross aasootatlDa has l5
ready for uas In tha dlapanaary. -
Mies Lstdss hloPhereon, president at
tha Nurse association, has communicated
with Hies Nancy- Dursey, formerly head
urea at the association, endeavoring: te
secure her as head of tha dtepenaary.
but tha latter has refused to leave her
activities la gt. Joseph. Several atbar
nurses ara under consideration.
Aid at Nomlaal Pea,
The aim of tha dispensary II to give at
nominal fees aid to sufferers who are
aid to have Increased In Omaha to au
alarming extant It Is believed that
theae eonsumptives will oome ta dls
penary for aid whan they would not
or could not from lack ef funds aeek
examination, instruction and oars from
other sources. Tba dispensary will art
oompeta with local, doctors. A Iron y
many physicians have offered to
operata with the association and he".
.ever possible tuberculosis cases ?V:
coma to the dispensary will be refer eg
back to tba doctors.
The sseoclallon Is planning a member
ship campaign aad has anointed Mrs.
Luther Kountse chairman of tha subscrtp
tloa committee. from January 11 to
February tt the association cared for U
Patients and made MS visits. It baa now
four-patients la tba last stages of consumption.
Mutters, John Grant Pegg. 8 lias Robbies,
Joseph Carr, Dr. William Gordon, Miss
McKlnly, Andrew J. Cumber; Mies Lutts
Brysnt Mrs. B. H. Dorsy, Mrs. Jennie
Robinson, Or. J. . Jackson. Mrs. U M.
Baer, Jos Brown, John Crawford, William
Payns, North Omaha Woman's elub. Dr.
U Brltt, Harry Buford, Thomas H.
Adams, Louis H. Porter, A. B. Slaughter,
Thompson A RoundtrreV&'t. Mary's Home,
a. W. Obea and The People'a Drug store.
Oeneral Freight and Passenger Agent
Miller of tha Northwestern and Oeneral
Freight Agent Siiens of tha Burlington
are hack from Chicago, where they went
as guests of the Chisago Traffic club at
tha club's annual banquet, given at the
La Kails hotel, Tuesday evening.
The Chicago Traffic club banquet was
a most enjoyable affair. MO covers being
laid. Tha principal addrees of tha even.
Ing wis by Chief Juntos Carter of the
Illinois supremo court.
While In Chicago Messrs. Miller and
Spsns got something of sn Idea of bus
tards that sweep aver that elty. The
ana that prevailed Wedneeday came with
a sixty per mils wind, and at times the
snow filled the air to such an extent that
It waa Impossible ta sea self way across
tha street hires, ear traffic a tha sur
face and elevated lines 'was Suspended,
and for twelve hours not A freight car
moved In tha yards within tha city limits.
Passenger train service on all roads was
completely demoralised and no vessels
attempted to lea re their docks. ,
James McDonald, superintendent of
boulevards, haa surveyed the lots be
tween Loouat and- Wsney streets oa
i Twentieth, where twa sycamore trees
I were cut down In front of tha new auto.
mobile training school of C K, Cham
) sen and finds that tha Park board had
planted me trcee ne m em ownwe oy
Mr. Chambers snd not an tha boulevard.
and that Mr. Chambers had a right te
cut them down. .
'. The colored people of Omaha ara rais
ing money for tha use of tha Associated
Chan ties. John Grant Pegg. city Inspec
tor of weighta and measures, has circu
lated a petition and has found the colored
citisens slmost unanimous in giving some
thing. , . . ; .
"The reason I have been doing this,"
said Mr. Pegg, "ta because I sea aurh a
large number of negroes oome daily to
tha Cbantlea office for help. And Miss
JonU mskes no discrimination. They
have been given a lot of assistance and
We feel Bka helping the chaiitiea noW.
Those who have donated are: Dr. J. H.
A Shsettaa- Sera a
with both parties wounded, demands
Bucklsn's Arnica Salve. Heals wounds,
sores, burns, kofls, cuts or piles. Only
So. For sale by Beaton Drue Co.
C. K. Smith and O. T. Cook have gone
to sr. raw.
F. A. Stroun of tha Payne Investment
Mr. Fred Boleen. bookkeeper for Fred
Bradegaard, has gone oa a three-Weeks
trip to southern points.
' W. W. Young, who has been spending
several oaya in tne city on ouainesa, has
returned to his borne at Stanton, Neb.
Chartee Melver, manager of the silk
and dress goods department at Harden
Bros., hee returned from a buying trip
to .New. lerx.
Kd. K. Oray, clerk In tha offices of tha
general manager of the Northwestern
road In Omaha for tha laat ten years, has
resisted to accept the position of general
manage.- for the Barber Dental Supply
Experiment of Paying Railroad Em-
ployei for Useful Suggestions.
Workmen . Pat Their Thinkers In
M st lew and Tarn la tha He
anlt Aide ta EMI. ,
In these days of modern methods at
railroading 'one road Is capitalising tha
Ideas of Its employes. The company be
lievea that it Is making capital by get
ting the ideas of ha men who work fur
It, aad It is paying a premium for these
Ideas. The road which Is doing this Is
the Buffalo A Allegheny division of the
Pennsylvsnia system, or rather It Is on
this branch that, tha Pennsylvania is
testing tha scheme to find out If tt Is ed
vleable to Introduce It oa all Ita Unas.
Who conceived tha plan of paying Its
employes for Ideas the officials of the
Pennsylvania keep a secret, but the Bug.
gentian was received so cordially that It
was decided to try it out on tha Buffalo
A) Allegheny' branch,, which , hast over
(.000 men. These men vVere asked to
furnish to the company whatever Ideas
they had for Improvement In any depart
ment of the road. Bald tha Pennsylvania
to tha men of tha Buffalo branch:
"Ideas ara worth money. Develop
them and we'll pay yov for them.'
Many sound reasons were advanced far
the company's decision ta Ty for Ideas
that would better tha serried of tha road
la any respect It was pointed oat that
If the Ideas were worth adopting they
were worth paying for. If tba men war
Interested In winning a premium they
naturally would have te pay more at
tention to their work, which would add
to tha efficiency of tha road. It would
make the men more alert and Inculcate
In them habits of thoughtfulnsss and In
itiative. Furthermore, wells of original
ity hitherto untapped might be made
productive. ' '
Wide Latltade Allowed.
With these objects la view tha em
ployee of tha Buffalo at Allegheny road,
with tha exception of men at tha beads
of departments, were told, to send In
their Idea and they would ba paid for
them If adopted. It bad always been the
custom of tha Pennsylvania road to wet
some suggestions from Its employee, but
no try tt era of eompensstloa had aver been
In order that the men ahould have wide
latitude In the range of their suggestions
It waa made plain to them that they did
not have to limit their Ideas to tha par
ticular department In which they hap
pened ta ba employed. They were told
to go ahead and pick f lawn la say branch
of tha road and If they had suggestions
that weald bring about Improvement ta
send them to the company. One sen
tence In the notice sent to the employ es
by tha company said:
"An employe of ana department may
Entire Stock Bourke's Clothes Shop for Men Goes on Sale Saturday at Brandeis. : ; Seepage 10
The thousands of visitors who are here fer the Automobile Shew at will as those who live in Omaha will find it to their
advantage to buy during these special sties. These bargains will not I offered again. , , .
What Our School Children Are Doing-XXXII
X s
.! I ."it I t-f . - I
: . il l ; , k U.. I i
(i 0MiJ ni i';;wiij;i-i
Every Voman'
Cloak, Suit or
s, Jlisscs' or Children's Winter
Dress in Our Entire Stock at
; Still Greater Reductions
' - This is the final cleanup. A few weeks of win
der left and at such prices these are wonderful
investments for next Beason.
Several hundred women's and misses', fall and
.winter coats, dresses and suits good practical,
up-to-date silk and wool dresses serviceable,
well made, tailored suits and excellent plain and
fancy cloth coats; actually
worth as high as $15.00 reg
ularly. They will go Satur
day at. I.......
I exceneni piam aou
Another Special Lot of 100 Fancy Mixture and
Novelty Cloth Coats for women and 7 Cfl
misses, worth from $15 to $22.50, at. . .
$25.00 Full length, fine quality Plush Coats, trim
med with ornaments; just 25 left, in 10 C A
women's sizes, while they last, at. . . . T ataw w
CARNATIONS, a Dozen, 35c
More than- MOO Horn Grown Carnations, all color;
regularly Too a doaen In Cut Flower Dept. at, per
dozen 35
$2 and $1-Dress Silks AQp
42 is. 36 Inches Vide, it, Per Yird..-V -7 V
. The entire stock of a manufacturer's sample
pieces of stock goods, used for display and-show
pieces. Just think of buying 42-inch dress silks
at such a price. ,:
Ombre messalines, chiffon taffetas, pcau de Eeine,
Rajah effects and Tourist silks; silks for street
costumes and party dress
es; fine heavy 42-inch all
silk pongee and Shan
tung silks. Positively
worth up to $2 a yard.
Front bargain square, yd. .
Marseiles Bed Spreads, $1.98
This is a most extraodinary offer for Saturday.
Hundreds of the very best quality quilted or satin
marseilles bed spreads, ac
tually worth up to $6 each.
Linen Dept., basement, at
amy quilted or satin
Black and Tan Linen B&gs
Stamped in all the new designs
with long' cord; values up to
.$1.25, Saturday at, ' ' AC
, Stamped Voile Shirt Waists
Sufficient material to make the
waist and three skeins of floss
for working; all new tj
" designs at, each. .. wilfi
Genuine Goat Seal Ban,
fancy frames, special Snt
urday at S2.98
12.00 Velvet Bags, long
cordi At . , $1.00
$5 0 Goat. Seal and Walrus
Oraln Leather Bags, new
styles, at 83.98
float Skla Leather Bags,
special at 81.00
50c Jet and Coral Drop Ear
ring at 39
4 Rhinestone Hat Pins, all
colors, at 81.00
$t Sterling 811ver Earring,
pearl and stone drop, tjyt"
t3 Solid Gold Stick Pins:
real atone, at. . . .gl.ltf
$S Solid Gold . Cuff Links
V, Off on all Tea Sets,
Bake Dishes and Ev-
erything in Hollow
' Ware.
Sterling; Silver Coffee Spoons
worth $4.00 at... 83.75
Solid - Nickel Knives . and
Ports; worth 12.50, r, .,
at 81,50
The Season's Cleverest Innovation -
The New Maline Trimmed Turbans
, (Just Like Illustration.)
Now on view and on sale at Bran
deis. It is an extremely popular
round tnrban mod
el, made up in se
lected satin. at
tractively trimmed
in two-toned ma
line smart color
combination spe-
cial at v
" Here Are Remarkable Bargains From Our '7 .
.. ' Second Floor Pom pelaa Room.
The prices you will find here Saturday for guaranteed, human hair
switches could not be duplicated in Umana at twice tne
price we are asking. We have a fall range of shades.
Klne quality. Human hair switcBea. zi in. ions. on ana lusiroas; a
regular $1.00 wiuh; special at ,. 81.00
Fine quality, human hair switches, 4 in. long, rich aad elegant;
aells regularly at 14.00. sale price ..-82.00
Excellent quality human hair switches, 18 in. long, fluffy and silky;
retail price Is 18.00, ear pnos S3.8
Three e-tra large alt nets for '......' 5?
Maalsarlag, Kair Pressing aad All Beeetjr Onlsara Wark.
Larger maline turbans and hats new early spring
models at $8.00 and $10.00
New shipment of the beautiful new Alvin Roses'
Eed, Jack, Pink and Thea; nothing like . 0i
them ever shown anywhere else at, each. . . . 0 7C
Assorted Cream Peanut Nuggets, Taallla. straw Oerry and
chocolate flavor, at, lb 15s
Pompelan Bitter Sweat Chocolates, assorted fruit and nut
centers, at, lb 29c
80c delicious Maple Confections, maple nut and vanilla nut
kisses, caramel, etc., at, lb 20?
gnevial Saturday from A p. nt. to 0 p. ni. Assorted dainty,
glossy nut center, Butter Cups; regularly worth 2Sc, at,
per lb. 10
make suggestions for Improvement ta
another ecpartment. branch or el vision
of the aarvlee."
Te give the nen an nnasrstandtnc ef
tne plan of tha company etflcara of the
road prepared a list of snggaetiona which
the aaea might follow In formulating their
ideas, altbouaW they were not eonftaod te
the suggestions put out by the company.
It was suggested that ttwy should seek
to effect Improvements along tba follow,
ing llnea:
To increase efficiency of operation.
To Improve method of operation.
To ba beneficial from economical stand
point To increaaa safety and convenience ef
passengers and patrons ef the company.
To increaaa patronage.
Ta promote safety of employee.
la aay way ta promote the Interacts at
tha oonipanv, whether parte la lag te im
proved mechanism, better office practice
or other features.
Oae thing tba company Insisted upon.
The men were not to use the opportunity
to flic petty and unnecessary complaints.
This waa a Uno la tne notice te the employes:
"aiggestloas must sot tndods personal
complaints or antipathies."
Oasrk V
Tha men responded to tba plea of tha
company even more readily than bad
been expected. Tha otflclala ef tba road
erera surprised that man whe were hold
ing subordinate Jobe were as keen In
picking out defects and pccnUag the way
to overcome tketa. Naturally many of
tba suggestions received weee not pree
ttrabla. Soma of then bad to be die
carded because they were to possible at
being carried out, altbongh containing
mack good advice.
When all the euawnrtioos had bcea
etrted tba company made seme awards.
No anrMuacsment baa bcea made of tba
amount of cash premiums paid aad tba
company has not made pubrte tba basts
oa which the amount of each premium
waa decided, but an official of tha com
pany said that the award depended aar
rirrty upon the value ef the suggeetioa
ta the company.
For tostaare. ana ef tba arsmlams warn
te a clerk ta. therousdtuss who da
vised a achema for Seine carboa Iberia
la repair card books after the cards bad
keen removed. While tt was net a great
discovery tt meant economy, aad aay
saving In the Bsanagemeat at a big rail
road k worth somethiac. The clerk fig.
ared oet that after tba carboa sheets
had bean used la repals hooks they
were still good te ba aaed ta eosjaastlen
with the compeer's forma far erOerlng
-brandeis stores
Special Sale of Books
Formerly $1.25 and $1.60 fifc
Trustee Elne BfcCutcheoo.
Witch tag Hoar Thomas.- .
Flames Kebert. Hichens.
tswaway Lacy Tracy. , . ,
Janet War Baceeeter. '
Allco Fr hart Deatergaa.
Jaseph Vaati DaMergaa.
Soancaow Gee it rissiorgaa. .
It If aver Can Rappea Agan Da-Mer
la Affair ef Dlshsnor DeVtersaa.
Rand Made flenllemsa Bsnkellsi
John afarah WUlisms KleU Hera
blew. Weal an With FanRobert Hint
Blond Lady t Blanc.
With Hoopa of Steet Kelly.
Heart Tnroba tbook ef selected
Mas Higher Vp Miller.
Two tattle Savegee Seton.
Shepherd of tha Hllle Wright
Victory ef Allan Rutledge Corker.
Kingdom of Slender Bworde Bivaa
Furnace of Odd Mlghela.
si -r I
Choice of Any o! these Late ff Ac
Popular Copjriiut Boikt for. . ...Oil
Brandeis Stores
i Sim
asaterial from the storehotisaa.
leefnl SappMca.
A tinsmith In eae ef the shops cams
b for aa award. He proposes1 a method,
which has bcea adopted, ef fastening la
engine cabs boxes armch cootala flags.
A car Inspector perfected aa appliance
for cleaning and sterilising drinking cups
aaed ta coaehes. He got a premium.
An award also went to a Bremen who
suggested that the coal gates ea loco
motive tenders be ataadarellsed. The re
sult waa as mislailns tha less of coal by
vlbrauea. .
Whenever the company ha adopted a
wist aw inn made R has paid for it The
efOdaia aay the expert meat Is a success.
although they ara sot ready te aay
whether tt will be smt Into effect oa aU
tha tranches of tne Praasylvaala sys
tem. If st ta tt wtN mvotve abmn M.SM
men. Naturally the mere raarllng of sug
gestions aad tha handling of tbern'woaM
mean much extra work for the company.
The Penary rvania has other ways of re
wardmg Ita employes and keeping them
Interested la their work. Not long ago
tt gave te.eN ta prise to supervisors and
assistant supervisors srae kept their aee
Uona ef the track tn the best eoadttloa
for a year. The awards were baaed upon
frequent Inspections.
One ef the methods employed te learn
the exact condition of tbe "line and sur
face" wag to pat g leasee ef water oa win
dow atlls on each sua of an Inspection
car httrhed to a regular tram ef tbe
road. Each time a glass spilled water
a demerit went to the inspector of the
section. A machine also was pisced an
tba floor of tbe car to record Jolts. New
York Sun.
Alfalfa rot.
Alfalfa haa grown so Immensely tn Im
portance and it- now cultivated m eo lanre
a part of the country that there is ntde-snresd-.
concern In the rsvajres of the
alfalfa beetle, which baa destroyed most
of the crop In I'tah. The California atete
horticulturist. Professor Cook, haa lust
sent out a bulletin of warnlrg, tn which
ha deecrlbea this new pent, chick la add
to come from the Mediterranean. It ia
Interesting that the vacuum cleaner la
being eurcersfully used to gather the,
larva from the fields. Here ia another
argument for vacuum dean Ing railwav
cars Uilrty-eeven of the Insects were '
found in one compartment of a Pullman
sleeping car. With such de luxe scenm
modatlons s pis-cue traveis fast Spring
field Republican.
Saaflewev FhUeaephy.
Unfortunately, however, not near all tba
aToschea are hermits.
One who looks for dUawNtlnmant
aaually finds hunting pretty gnod. ,
Another pretty good seneral rule Is than
a receiver gets psld for It.
Only a few people still believe in gtmets.1
but they fall for much more expensive
There la nothing to the report that the"
Don't Worry club ate luncheon at Fornt
I ark yesterday.
This would be a fairly busy world if
one loafed until he was able to put tha
tariff to work In his place. .
You may have observed that a great
man s '-doable" doesn't usually anount to
hutch la ether "flT - flirhisnn tuuba.