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This is Why Sampeck Clothes Have a
Dilferent and Distinctive Appearance
Principally, because
Sampeck has for years
studied young men's
clothcB, he has acquired a
knack and cleverness in
'designing; clothes .'which
will fit you and your per
sonality perfectly it is
this subtle "bringing out"
of your own individuality
which makes banipeck
clothes different.
01' course there are fab
rics and patterns which
can be obtained ' in no
other clothes except Sam
peck's, and there never
was as much value stitch
ed into a suit of clothes
as there is in these Sana-
pecks at '-
$15 to $35
' SI
Til TOomnapm1 -v.
Senator Crawford Sayi Action Kay
, -It Deferred This Loat.
Tkeenaa M. Beaton Freeeatee! ta
rmMnl Telt by Senalea Brawn
UMtn Will Have root.
Clark and Wilson WiU EtclHm
Tea Members...
Prepasttlea t Eederas) Seesker
Clark la Voted Diwa at Faar
- O'rloek This Mmlii teas.
Second Scqniutioa Hade for Him oi
Colorado Governor.
steswaaeatatlve . t (bnai Liakcr
' Pari Cosasnay Alleged la
Have Defeated Bade a( J sa
tire hr Resaenrtasj) Beaks.
TYom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 3. Opecial Telegram.)
-County Attorney Burton of Box Bull
county ha , obtained another requisition
for tha return from Colorado to Alliance
of Raymond . Brown, tha former requisi
tion having barn denied by tha governor
of Colorado. Tha refusal was absed on
the around that tha previous ona did not
tata what 'waa an extraditable of fanaa
under ba law of Colorado.
It la .fnottcht the new ona will maat
this objection. Browa la aeenaed of de
feating tha ends of Justice by removing
from tha Mala certain record of the
Colorado Lumber and Fuel company, do
Inc business at Alliance and Hay Sprints,
tha Intent of tha removal beta. It Is al
leged, to defeat tha prosecution of a ecs
aplracy Indictment. . ,
tievereer Aldrlpfc Hetaraa.
Governor Aldrlrh has returned from the
western part of tha atata feeling all right
except a throat affection. Ha reports
that section flourishing and coming rap
Idly to tha front
. Chief Justice Reese of tha supreme
court la at Excelsior Springs, -Mo., trying
to regain bis health. At last reports his
condition showed no Improvement. While
his condition Is not considered dangaroua,
ba haa suffered considerably from pains
In tha bark aad limbs for soma time
Asks Delay la Print Case.
Albert Prince, tha convict who Wled
Deputy Warden Davis at tha penitentiary,
waa arraigned today and his attorney
ss!:ed that tha caaa bo postponed because
he sllrgcd there waa at present excite
ment and prejudice which would make
It Impossible to obtain a fair trial. The
state objected to any delay. Tha court
did not rule on the motion and may not
for several oars.
Aaalke Switch la Ticket.
Another switch haa bean siade In the
La Kollette-Koosevelt ticket. Judge A.
O. Wray of fork, candidate for district
delegate, baa retired and Oeorga W. Neat
haa taken hi) place.
premise Thee Fellows.
(Pram a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Feb, M.-Bpeclet Tela-gram.-0eoater
Crawford said today that
aa action on tha Loitraer case could be
. expected from tha elect tone committee for
at least a month. Ha stated that leave
, had been given tha Lorlmer attorneys to
. file a brief covering certain legal ques
tions oa March 1 aad aa additional brief
is to ba filed aa to facta aa start a.
The committee haa determined that It
cannot sir united sonslderetlon to briefs
and report of tha caaa before March II
, and It will take Ibsin considerable time
to formulate their decision after Ibat
- Senator Crawford .haa urged aa speed
' actioa aa passible. ; j
' W. H. Hacker of Gregory S, D arrived
. today to aid the rest of tha Oregory del
. .jill i a In presaing the. clalml o( Uragxn7
as a filing place for opening tba reserva
' lion lands. It 1 expected that the e
psrtment will select tha filing place
. wKMra edayartwosi '. -W-
Charlaa MeDooaid Of SIOUX falls paid
hat respects today to tha senators and
, house eirmbers tram South Pekola be
fore leaving for boms.
y ' Llaeola Mea la Capital.
William Seelenfreund of the Oermaa
National bank, and R. at. Foeeleon, cloth
ing merchant, Lincoln, are In the capital
today and were piloted around tha ear-
. rtdors at tha hobse by Congressmaa Ma.
' guire. Mr. BeeWreund said be waa
; merely on pleasure bent. Mr. ""ogaison
gee from here to Philadelphia and K
' York oa business bstoro returning west.
Ten Beaten at Wklta Hease.
TSontee H. Benton of Lincoln waa pre
sented td President Taft this morning by
. Senator Brown. Mr. Benton haa bets
In New Tor and stopped off In WaeMng-
ton on his way home to pay his respects
to tne-atembsre af tha Nebraska delaga
. tlon. Congressman Moan today recom
mended tha appointment aa postmistress
at Hampton of Mrs. Kltxabeth MeOurts,
vice 'Kd lagalla, deceased.
Tba Women's club of Hastings has
sent ta tha senate a pstliloa levering tba
.adoption of the arbitration treatise.
The Elate branch of the Farmers Co
operative association haa filed with Sen
ator Hitchcock Its appeal lor the pes
. aaga of tha Ktnkaid bill to prohibit gam-
. bllng In futures an wheat and other farm
products. .- ,
Mrs. Ptareae Pataba Terry. -
DENVtR. Colo... Peb. -Mra Fler-
enoe rareko Terry, M years aid.' wife af
former Congressman William U Terry
of utile Rock. Ark. la dead here. She
came here for ber health lest June.
'Mrs. Terry waa the. stepdaughter of
- Colonel John at. BoiaerrUle of Arkansas.
Her father. Arthur Fersha, waa a Louis
iana si enter, prominent ta oU Ileal af'
fairs la tha reconstruction period of the
Mra Terry's (pother died two weeks
aeo. Tba body of Mra. Terry will be
seat to Texarkana. Ark.
Martin Taaer. . -
M COOK. Neb.. Feb. . (Special.)
Another veteran of tha rebellion passed
away in the death thla morning of Mar
tin Yager at his homo In West McCook.
after Illness of a tew weeks, with, heart
disease. Members of J. K. Barnea post.
Orsad Army of tha Republic, will con
duct funeral services and bury their com-
redo Friday afternoon tn RJvarvte ceme
tery- of .this. city.
Peter Carty.
McCOOK. Ksb.. Feb. tt-Spectal.)-The
body of Peter Carty arrived here this
moral ag from California and was In
terred la Calvary cemetery of St. Pat-
lick's cathoUe church, following services
la tba church. Mr. Carty tor many years
waa yardniaater" at McCook for tha Bur
Ungtoa. but for a few years past aaa
beea engaged la business on- tha St.
Fraade Una. ' -, . .
Almaa C Bsawaaaa.
TAKXTON. S. D, Fee. &-SpedaL-Almoa
C. Brewaasn, who had reached
tba advanced age of M years, . Is
Mr.' Brewnsoa was ana of the: earl test
' set tiers of Ibis county and took
lieiiwsicryjlcae o town where ho naa
lived furmrlv; fifty years.' A fajnlly of
giewa lii'.lM hi put live, of whom Frank
'near essnsaswsjest4 home farm. -
OKLAHOMA CITT, Okl.. Feb. 11
Contest for control of ths Oklahoma dele
gation to the .national convention, waaed
between Champ Clark and Wood row Wll
sea' campaigners, resulted In 'a ' com
premise agreement at 4 o'clock this morn
ing, whereby a split delegation- will be
sent . lo Ualtlmora. The convantloa
adopted tha report of tha Wilson floor
leader, pledging tan delegates for Wil-
aaa and ten for Clark, .
An amendment to tha compromlss reso
lution providing Indorsement of Clark,
waa lost by a vots of tl to 2W.
Tba convantloa took a receee UU-U
The compromlss . wag reached alter a
contest lasting practically all night, stats
politics frequently obstructing the way
to a deolalon aa tha character ot the
Oklahoma delegation. . . . . .
; ( Taralaa Paint la Plakt. (7
Tha turnln point la -tad fight oame
when tha amendment aasrylna .Indorse
ment of Speaker Clark Was defeated,
tka tola an ' It -Mowed mUlaly lo aha
Clark adherents that nothing remained
but compromise; whereupoa tba Murray
resolution for a divided dslegatloa was
adopted. ' , ,
It la contended by party leaders hers
that tba dlvtalea of tba dslegatloa pra-
cludea any Oklahoma votes being oast
for Harmon. At tha Baltimore onvaa
Uon Oklahoma's entire strength will be
thrown either ta Clark or Wilson aa soon
aa one ot them abewl a decided lead la
tha balloting.
flora Heada WIIsm
Senator Thomas V. Oore heada tha list
of ten Wilson delegatsa earned at the
democratic atata convention thla after
noon to attend tha aatloaai convention
at Baltimore.
Robert OaJ breath at Tulsa waa elected
national committeeman over John DooDn
of Oklahoma City by a vote of SOT to let.
Galbreath waa put forward by Senator
K. L. Owen. v
Congressman Scott Ferris and fudgs
K U Williams head tha delegatee-at-large
who will vote for Clark. Tba con
vantloa adjourned finally at t o'clock.
Pataraea Weawrt ta Strike.
PATER90N. N. VrVo.-tt-Thlrrv
hundred inn esaeeyed tn the silk
milts did not report fo wark today and
aMuiied that thev. . srauia etrtke ea
SM.Klt,'. at mil whten refusa ta ado-jt
a eaaee.acoede (duied by sonas at ebej
xraeat (ai-a J .1 I
-fcrii J ',a. ' -.
v :
? eaatssawaasaaa
I0CX FALLS, 8. U. Fab. M. Special.)
-Ona of the mast Important gatherings
lo bo bald In South Dakota or tba north
west during tha coming summer will be
tha dosing session at tha annual eonvsn-
tioa af tba National Editorial aaodaUoa.
Tha oonventloa proper will be held at
Chicago on June It, and M. whan thoss
In attendance will coma la a bodyjlo
Sioux Falls oa a special train aad hold
the last session of tha convantloa la this
city aa Juno V. t
Tba apectal train bearing. It la expected.
about HO members of tha assoctatlan, will
reach etoux City ssrly oa J ana . After
concluding tha work of tba convention
bore tha visiting members of the aa
elatloa will again board their special
train for a tour ot South Dakota. This
trip will extend to tha Black HI Us and
all tba principal cities between Sioux
Falls and tha Jlilla will ba rial ted, ar
rangements being In progress far stops
at the various Intermediate points.
Tha saembe rset the national association
will be la South Dakota seven or gigkt
days, most of which, will ba spent sight
seeing m, the Black Hill aad other
parts ot tha atata which have feaiitres
ot unusual latercsL. . ..... .
TECVM8UH, Neb, Ksb. B.-(8peelal.
Hon. A. L, Verner of Starting, who baa
filed for tha erflce of lieutenant governor
on tha republican ticket. Is one ot the
old-time newspaper mem ot ths atata
having beea editor of tha Starling Boa
from 1817 to lMg- Ho caaa to Nebraska
from Ohio la 117. located at Harvard.
where ha waa admitted to tha bar, and,
where ha lived three yeara, removing to
Sterling, where be baa sines made his
hornet He, waa a member of tba Ne
braska Press association for twenty years
and Ha president during kla last year
of' membership. In IKS he represented
Johnson county, In tha legislature and
in Wll he was stale senator from (he
Fourth district, comprising Johnson and
Nemaha counties. 1(1 candidacy baa
bee vary wel)f received. ,. , ,l(a ,,i
TOIUC. Neb.; Feb. fc-ifir-ectai.V-About
two years ago County Supaiintandsnt
Mlsa Alice Flbrer ' Inaugurated ths
"county reading contest." wtdrh waa to
ba taken up In each school la tha county.
Last Juno ths first oouaty contest waa
held end with ouch good results that
twenty-eight tountlsa have taksa
tha "reading contest" up and will hold
one this year, Tha contest la tha schools
ot the county to select representatives
lo the county contest waa held last Fri
day. Tha county contest will ba held
during ths session ot tha county Inetltute,
which will ba tha first week In June.
Cyras and Martina reader will ba used
and scare tor points are aa follows: ArtU
cu la tioa. St pronunciation, 11; posters,
K; expression, M, ,!...
Lexlaatea Nates.
LEXINGTON, Neb, Feb. atBptefial.)
The Lexington Shipping aaaociatlon had
a banner day hers j-eeterday, 1.9J1 head
ot hogs being received and shipped. Nine
carloads went went aad three east. Man
ager Hswsoa haa shipped seventy-one
cars of bogs from this point since Janu
ary I, Mil The large amount of alfalfa
In Dawson county makes It tha best bog
raisins; county la tha stats of Nebraska.
A petition was filed with tba city .clerk
signed by about fifty voters af tba city
of Lsxlngton, to compel tha city oouadl
to submit tha ooeetlon of license or no
license at tha coming city election, aa
provided by law passed by the last legislature.
C eater Coast r Man lasaae.
' BROKEN BOW. Neb., Feb. H.-Rpe-(M
si) Chris Bamssberger, a- youag
farmer M years of age. living near. Msrna,
waa taken before the Insanity board Fri
day afternoon and adjudged Insane. He
waa taken to tha asylum last night. Tka
young aaaa Is afflicted with hysteria,
elossly akin ta madness, and when the
spells coma over him break! up furni
ture and attempts violence oa anyone
near hi ml A sunstroke received la Ham
ilton county overt two yeara ago la said
ta ba responsible for his condition.
Hastings Man Sticks "
Head Under Wheels
of Switch Engine
t essssaaaaBM
.HASTINGS. Ksb.. Feb. a.-(8pedai
Telegram.) A verdict of suicide waa ren
dered by tha coroner's fury today la the
caaa of Patrick Barron, who crawled
In front of n Burlington switch engine
last night and waa Instantly killed. He
waa despondent over bis Inability to find
employment and bad worried greatly ever
since his ettpdaughter. Elaine Hyatt,
fled to Iowa two months ago to escape
testifying ss the complaining witness la
the trial of Dr. Philip Bartholomew of
Blue Hill for attempted assault.
Udell Talks at Mearaey.
-KBARNBT. Neb.. . Feb. &-8peelal.)-Before
members of tha Kearney Com
mercial club, members of tba Buffalo
County Board of Supervisors and farm
ers, Frank O. Odeil. secretary of the
Rural Life comnrl salon, outlined methods
of getting tha farmers of tba community
to visit the coming seed corn special a.
' Back frena Paid Beads Meet.
SUTTON. Neb.. Feb. - Special. W.
K. Davis ot tba Sutton National bank re
turned Friday from Washington, D. C.
where ha had been attending a meeting
of the Good Roads association. An ef
fort Is being made to induce congress to
appropriate money for the jbutldlng of ths
national highway. ,
Many Bayer at Sale.
'CTT0N. Neb, fee. tt- Special. -Ths
annual bog sals at tha farm ot Gilbert
Van Patten, one and one-half mile from
town, waa held aa advertised, Stock
buyers came from over the ante and ad
joining states. Sixty hogs were sold at
aa average of a little more than MS per
Directors of Lumber
Company Charged
'With Taking Cash
PHILADELPHIA, Feb. It -Claiming
that the concern waa organised for the
pur doss of defrauding tba public, and
that It la Insolvent, four stockholders of
the International Lumber and Develop
ment company, with offloas In thla city.
today filed a bill la equity In tba United
States district court aakeng for tha ap
pointment of. a receiver for tba corpora
tion. Judge McPherson fjxsd March I for
bearing argumenta oa the appointment
ot a receiver.
The corporation baa a capital of M.O30,
n. It waa organised for tha develop
ment of timber and agricultural lands
la Mexico. The complaining stockholders
charge that tha officers and directors
nave appropriated to themselves sums of
monsy amounting to IWO.OOO.
It la alleged ta toe bin that tha pro
moters of tba company got possession of
MMM acres ot land la Mexjoo toat had
originally cost tlM.OOo. and floated a
M.u,M corporation. Subscriptions were
offered to tha public, and. It Is 'alleged,
whea purchasers failed ta pay monthly
Installments of It a share tha eontraota
under which they purchased tha stock
provided that they should lose all right
ta the stock. ...'-.
Italian Steamer is
'..AdrifUn 'Atlantic
HAVRE, France, Feb. B.-The British
steamer Buxton, which left Oulfporl oa
January IL arrived here today and landed
part ot the crew of the Italian steamer
Delphlne. which left New Orleans oa Jan
uary a for Oenoe, The Derohlne was
spoken on February , JO miles ta the
north of tha A so res. whsa It reported
that its propeller waa broken. When the
Buxton sighted It the Italian steamer was
In good order.. Part of tha crew, how
ever, left tba vessel, the captain with
several ethers romalBtng on board. Tba
weather was bad.
Tba Delphlne, which was absolutely un
able to proceed under Its own steam whea
the Buxton left It with ssranteen at Its
crew on February U, had a numtfr'a pro
visions aa board.
PIERRS, 8. D.. Feb. . (Special -
Mrs. Reascll, aaa of the . "suffering"
homesteaders near Eacla Battel n few
days ago, missed a IIS jlamond setting
out ot ona of bar rings aad e tart ad a
rch of tha house, with a. dust brush
aad tray and ber husband aa apectal re
lief. NoUiiag looking like the sparkler
waa ta be found, aad tha sitaaUon looked
hopeless. The next day Mr. Russell est
his teeth against something hard tn a
slice ot freak bread which tie wife bad
Just baked, and betas to search, for the
cause of tha trouble along with hla re
marks, and Aaa ao pleased to Bad that
ba was biting Into the misting sparkler
that he had aa further objections ta
make. ' , .
V astasia Anaal Train'.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Feb. B. - Special. V-
Tha Vnioo pacific railroad, which has
been experiencing considerable trouble
the last fsw days on account of wash
outs between Maryavttle and Manhattan,
Kan, by reason at tba Big Bine fiver
k-avtag ta banks when tha lea began ta
go out. opened the Una tor traffic today.
Since tba flood trains oa the Manhattan
Lincoln branch have aot been operated
farther south than Marysrtlls.
The key as aim ess la bnstnsss la ths
petaHteut and Junlrtsua aaa ed seissw
... ...... . f .
Trimble Visits Geneve. .
OEXEVA. Neb.. Feb. Si 8pedaL
Tha local Grand Army af tba JUpuolls
post hut night held a camp fire and to
day tha aid soldiers aad tba Woma
Rerlrf corps met at the Orend Army of
tha Republic ball aad marched ta the
high school auditorium, where a good
program waa rendered. Ths most Im
portant speaker from out of towa' was
Department Commander A. M. Trim bin
Valuable Mara Stele a.
RAVKNXA. Neb.. Fab. &-Spectal.-
Leat mgtit a valuable horse waa stolen
from the bare at Kenneth McLean, llvmg
tn Ravenna. Tha animal waa a arc
mare, weighing shout 1 JO) pounds, aad
waa recently purchased lor na
That le I-axattv feroroe Cfwirtee. roe tee
the sumaeure ef K. W Qreee. Veed the
a arid over as aura e ass a aaa day.
NEW TORK. Feb. tt-A. woman at
tendant in ths Brooklyn Nursery and
Infants'' boa pit al la under surveillance
by physicians there who are seeking to
solve too mystery of the deaths of eight
children wlthtn tha week. Tha children
are believed ta have aeon polaenad. The
suspect Is at present under tha observ
ance of alienists.
According ta the hospital authorities
the susasrt waa committed to tha In-
etltutljon by tba ctty last summer. She
brought with1 ber a baby boy. Her
duties brought ' her' la frequent contact
with tha Inmates of tha nursery and
alas afforded her access to tha kltehen.
AH ef the poisoned habeas were In one
ward, and there are only faar children
In tha ward who have aot shown symp
toms ef pnteoalng. Tha physicians scout
the Men that tha children suffered from
any disss as af which they wsre aot
cognisant. -
Oar business haa Increased to such an extent that we ara
compelled to secura larger quarters. Wo mora to 1207 Howard
..Street about May 1st, and do not Intend to remove any of our stock.
Everything About One-Half Price
1615 Farnam Street
Finely Tailored Suits, to Order, $35
At your service here two experiencea salesmen to Buggest
goods and style -that beat become you; two first class cnttera to
cut and fit, and. fifty sewing tailors to mould and sew your garments
Into that exquisite shape seen only in the work ot high claaa tailors..
- ' Good Bastaesa Hulls, made to measure, 930.00 aad By.
MacCarthy-Wilson Tailoring Co.
804-8O6 Sooth 16th Street.
Fire Steps South of Farnam St.
Grand Jury of Polk County Eetornt
Bill Against Printing Combine.
lawn Hardware Dealers Declare fee
Penny Fsetaaw aad Seek Mere
. There ash laveetlgatlon af
Pareela Paet Plan.
From a SUff Correspondent.
DES MOINES, la.. Feb. a.-tSpedal
Telegram.) The Printers' Credit associa
tion, alias tha printing trust, was Indicted
today by the Polk county grand jury. In
addition to tbs Indictment ot the associa
tion, indictments aero returned sgainst
t. . Jdoon as president. O. W. Dickey
aa secretary and Walter Russell, former
secretary of tha association.
The Indictment charges the association
with being an Illegal combination in re
straint of trade and organised for the
purpose of fixing the prices to be charged
for printing In Dee Molnea. Tha Indict
ment follows ssvsral months' examination
Into tha affairs of the association.
Peany Peetaae.
Ona cant postage received a boost at the
bands of tha retail hardware dealers this
morning when the report of the commit
tee on resolutions favoring the one-cent
rata for letters wsa adopted without ob
jections. Members ot the delegation In
congress will be asked to work for the
passage of such a bill.
Declaring that tha parcels post plan
would result tn the centralisation of busi
ness la tha big cltlea, tba dealers urged
that congress appoint a commission mors
thoroughly to Investigate the plan eiefore
any step la taken to pass a parcels post
sill. la addition the committee made an
objection to a Changs in ths classifica
tion of rates on mixed carload lota of
steel and' Iron products, declaring that
such a change would work a great harm
upon tha hardware 'men osthe atata The
Iowa railroad commissioners are requested
to use every effort to retain tha present
claMiQcatlorr, ......w'Pt Inl "
Order In Wales ekerks Caaa.
' Judge McPherson ot tha federal court
today Issued a. . temporary restraining
order' 10 prevent. further action by pea
Moines looking to condemnation of .the
city water worka Tba court will hear
arguraeata at Council Bluffs March 19.
uian I'lTt la.. Feb. a. (Soeclal
Telegram.) Detectives arrived In the city
todsy and tor two hours put tne in res
suspects held on suspicion ot the at
tempted holdup ot ths Chicago North
western passenger at Bertram Thursday
morning through a hard sweating process.
Tk will a held for further Investiga
tion. Two ethers Who were la thla com
pany got oft at Cartervllw and were going
i k ainaotLen af Rockwell. They will
ba picked up tonight. One ot tba men
waa bandaged arouna tne neau, , .
' Faraltare Store Baraed.
FORT DO DOB. la., Feb. !l-(8pectal
Telegram.) The town of Badger, north of
thla dty. waa visited by a 15.000 fire this
morning, when C. K. Houghe's furniture
it ore and contents were totally destroyed.
Mr. Houghs bad little Insurance. Ab
sence of wind saved the buslnsss district I
A train arriving opportunely was side
tracked by the crew, who Joined fit the
fire fighting. The causa of the Art Is
unknown. ; "
Postal Files Suit for
New Joint Rates
WASHINGTON, D. C, Fab. aa-Acca-ing
tha Western Union Telegraph com
pany of unlawful practices and tha exac
tion of unreasonable Joint rates, tka Pc.
tal Telegraph and cable company today
Instituted a proceeding before tha Inter
Mate Commerce commission demandlcgan
adjustment 'on aa equitable basis of al:
interchange rates. '
The Postal company, eeconllne' s
complaint, accepts messages to all desti
nations, whether It may have offices at
inose points or not In event It has not,
it sends ths messsss to tha uum .eri
and there turns It over to the Western
Ths Western Union, it Is chars-ad mri.
Its local rate for the message ta addition
to a charge for tha three additional words.
In many instances this charge la declared
to amount to more than tha Postal re
ceived from messages.
Gus Fagenburg and Eva Gorman were
fined $ and costs and KM and costs,
respectively. In police court on a, charge
of fighting. The fight took placa at the
Vlsnna cafe when the proprietor of the
asms refused to let Fagenburg play the
piano. f
McCOOK. Neb, Feb. (Spoclal.)
County Judge F. M. Colter ot Rod Wil
low county married Mr. Jessa A. Culllson
of Anthony, Kan., and Mlsa Ruth Ann
Reaves ot Denbury, Neb., here Thursday.
Ilaa Grave Merchant Missies.
STORK LAKE. la-. Feb. ttMSpecfal.)
Tha strange disappearance ot Ingwal
Psnley. the leading merchant of Uon
Grove, thla county, haa beea baffling his
friend. Over .a week ego he hired a
livery team at t o'clock .In tha morning
end crave to Rembrandt, and since noth
ing baa been heard or seen af htm. Ho
had recently made soma deal by which
to trade hla store to a Sioux City firm
tor Wyoming- land.
LAWRENCE, Kan, Feb. tt-It waa as
a university mad that Oovoraor Wosdrow
Wilson aadrasssd ths students at tba Uni
versity of Kansas hers today. Ha talked
fifteen minutes. All Haas is wars dliinlsssd
during hM visit. Tba east at Bring was
hla theme.
-it would ba a fallacy," ha said, "to
tell you students of economics that the
cost si production geveros the cost of a
commodity. Tha coat ef production la too
uncertain. It varies ta dittereat factorlea
It vartee In one fatcory under different
Governor WUsea arrived here from Te
nets at s hX Ba waa Introduced to the
students by governor W. It Stabas ef
naaa. Ha departed at till, expecting
to reach Nsabrrus. Tean-. tsnisrr
moraine where ha will nsaka aa address.
iuiHt Killed. ..
TTva-s rTTT. la.. Fen. B.-Fseclal Tel-
egresu.) C E. Adolph of Cedar Rapids,
la, a brakemaa. waa instantly killed tn
tbs Rock Is head yards at Moras today
whea bo slipped and fell beneath the can.
SeJespsspis W mated.
Brand sis Stereo require tba sen leas ef
experienced silisa a la sscaaaad a
broidery departments, n earl eared sal
men as shea depart sunt; alee rashlsrs
and Cash slrta. Apply at aeace so T. P.
Red aopd. superintendent Praadels Stores.
A Ilea! I
PIN-ETIl.t.E. Me.. Feb. B-HarveT
Wiriek of Pa on la. Colo., waa brought here
today and held tn connection with the
murder of Rer-.Hoage, a Rveryaian at
Tiff Clrv. Wednesday. Wb-ick waa cap
tured ay aiwnff '.eve near Andereoa,
Me., yesterday after bts flight bad been
Mocked by deep saew. Hodge waa shot
to death. It la said he aad, WtrVtk auar-
reueo over n vvery aau.
lewa 71 ewe Hatea. . ,
rrT rxinriK Wise Gar DolHver. sis
ter of tba lata senator; -recently waa
operated upon at Hauls Creek. Mich.,
where she went thinking rheumatism wsa
her ailment ' She la recuperating nicely
now. Mtse uelltver is oeea or viura a
Moral ngalds college. Bloux City.
FORT DODOB Lostns: his wlfs a year
ago aa tha result of Injuries In a street
oar accident aad a week ago being bereft
ot hie only daugnter, a gin or is, r. n.
Dewd. a prominent Fort Dodge grocer,
today was robbed by death ot the last
jiMnhir of hie family, Harold, a son 14
yeara old. The children were taken ill
a few weeks ago with typhoid fever after
drinking from a contaminated well. There
are other rasas ef malignant typhoid
among people whe used the water of
thla suae weu. neversa are ss a cnuw
DKADWOOD. S. P, Feb. tt-S pedal)
-About everythlag Is ta readiness for
tha beosrlng In ef tha new Osterman
Danckwardt smelter at Galena upon
which tha hopes of many properties
throughout tha Hilla are based. This
smelter la the first to operate. In the
Hills an any considerable basis for nearly
tea yearn and owners . of ground con
taining, pyrttlc ores have been making
arrangement ta supply It steadily and
there si mns no doubt that the smelter
wta ba suppflcd with from M ta JCS tons
daily of this claaa of are. -----
Standard "?
. 'r . ,1. J.
- ' Low prices on drSigs do
not mean much when- not
backed up by quality. Bea
ton's quality ta a household
word In Omaba, and tha rea
son , wo 1 make ' such low
prices Is to extend our cir
cle ef patrons. ,
75o Pompeian Massage
Cream .......... .45c
25c Pond's - Extract
Cream .......... .16o
25c'Beaton's Cold
Cream ...........19c
50c Beaton's Cold
, Cream ......... .'.35c
25c Colgate's Tooth
Paste .15c
. 25c Rubifoam .... .17
50o Pozzord's Powder,
at 24c
25o Peroxide of Hydro-
gen 7o
50c Syrup of Figs . .45c
$1.00 Duffy's Malt
Whiskey ......... 89o
50o .Hair Brushes t. '. 19c
We are demonatratlnt
STEERO.'V "One cube
makes a cup" of delicious
1 beef tea. Come In and sam
ple it.-
. "FoBou (Ae Seafea Pmtk"
Beaton Drug Co.
16th srtd Farnam Sts.
Smart feb
for . v .vv.
Critical Men-
Browning, King &Ca,
ft skWalsVUIaYtl UUUUI Wli.? UW.
hat of its kind, in the
world selling at.
-C filffercTii dimensions,
A shape for every face.
Panama Hat Sale
Unblocked Panama shapes
wben finished are worth
freer, $6.00 to J10, special
EiacrtDjt' and trimming,
$1.00 Extra. .
Browning, King
& Co.
JL S. Wilcox,
15th at
Will make no difference In The
Belmont. Our kltohena and dining
rooms have always been kept eeriv
piously clean and none - nut the
moat sanitary methoos of eooklns
and aandllns tha food la employed.
Restaurant Inspector or private
Individual will be welcomed and
shown through our kitchens at any
time. - --' f'
Tfi8 Belmont Restaurant
IBIS Soars Street. . . -
O. M. IUL, (ran.
prints nothing but elean news
and clean advertising.' ,
Brand e is The at re
Matlaee Wed. And But.
.. . -..iie-'. "-t
it -iKlaw aa dtrraniar'a
nlualral' C'siriedi'" De- Xnx 'i'
Nlghta OOc, 75c, SI.OO,- f 1.60
and $3.00. ' '
Mats. 60c, 75c, 91.00, $1150.
Brandeis Theater
Xat Today iiO Nlfbt ;
lest Seats Ks; t
. 'AND ' I
BOYD'S J?.?!
T.airiiamni smaa-Q onu co.
Tonight-CASMEN . ,;.
Bataraay sTatlns's IvgOtA
Sataraay mih n, TBOYATOBI ,
Htll nisss Ooaoart S assay at
S P. st Tvesins;, rarST
CQMXma romsss loicmor ,
xsa. a-ieea.
Note: Early Curtain Saturday
Night 8:15 Sharp.
Tha S'iow That's Town. Talk.
Wataoa bistera, Lea HaaceU, Charles
Falke. Joy Ridlnc Beauty Chorus; i.aos
lauaha Oorseous Scenic Koulpment.
Laalaa Mass Mstlaes Kvery Weaa Bay.
Sim. at Wr.: The yuoen of Bohemia.
American Theater
Voalerat. atata. Tees, Tanra, Sat
acta a sta vam and the
Baa Wk Tae Xsaxt af - aaarylaad