Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 24, 1912, EDITORIAL, Page 12, Image 12

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" Booking an Order
" M IS fai amV'W - '
' Kow,' if oa can Butch (his sample in cadet blue or wistaria, trimmed in pomegranate, father
Says hell My k.'".' ,7 - 1 . i . From tba Cleveland Plain Malar. 4
Mason Issues Defi
v .for His Automobile
' In a Interview wUh E. It Mima ol
the Sun Motor compan, of Waterloo,
' la. Mr. Hum Mid:
I "My Mention his keen celled to an
' Iters la The Morning Jim la whtth II U
stated thai oerteln dealer Ik aatonio
bllrs In Omaha oMniaed our M per enl
credo Incllae at easily a Ilia Maaon.
' Nothing la aior r ratify Inc thaa to nave
., mm on claim that the in aa food M
lb Maaon la aurh feate. '
'But no statement could fea further
from to truth than tin ana made. Wa
, claim aaw, aa we hava for tba laat all
yrara, that ao automoMla of anf make.
; price ar power baa ever equalled our
. at tint. We alee olalm that the 'aferesald'
' dealer did not and cannot climb tba !
" ctlne with tba 'aforeaald' utoBWbUa.',
Mr. Maaoa alee aald ttat Ma eompeay
baa bad freater success at the Omaha
; ahow than at any other anew It aver at
V tended. 'Aa a rale," be aald. "very few
eara war eold or contracted for at shows,
.' out our aalea kere far aacseded all
pectatloM. The Omaha ahow will always
7 lie oa our lift for exhlbttloB purposes."
, Ha alae aald that the Free land Auto
J company. dMrlfrulera, were Ho wtrea."
; and that they were entitled to alt the
credit tor the euceeaa of tba Maaoa at
, the enow.
Accessory Exhibit
Feature of the Show
The accrue ry exhibit thla fear are
more complete and better than ever bt
fore. Aa a result of Ihla three timea aa
much business le being transacted by
these exhlblioia than at any other ihow
In the pari. Thru booths are one of
(be chief attracUona of the ahow.
Thla Induatry haa frown to aetoundlng
p report tone during. Ida laat few rears.
Omaha la Ihe center of Ihla trade In the
western' territory, aupplylng the dealere
and ownera of care with all neceeaary
suppllea. In former yrara the Chicago
and other camera konaea tor rare of a
great portion of thla bueinesa. Toe Omaha
houaea are now carrying euch a complete
and reliable line of goode that the auto
mobile men ,ln the weetern territories
have begun to appreciate the fact that
better goode eaa be bought at cheaper
prlcea In Omaha than . la the eaalarn
title. . . .. , - ; ! ' '
The Bturs Supply compear, while a
new concern, la receiving Ita ehare of
Ihe supply order. The company baa
been doing business here but a abort
lime, and haa made quite a name by
the goods exhibited In Ita booth and the
excellent quallllee It is handling. I
The company, baa opened a Mora on
auto row, where tt will be permanently
located. ' The member vt trie organise
Oon are all H known young men of
Omaha. 1 ( . . . .
,;.w f. . . tr:.TJ.. .
JtflLWAVKEB. 'wis.. Feb. tt-A war
rant charging 'Weasel Runga with' the
murder of bte wife. Annie Runge. by
burning at their home at Johnson street
and Hawley Road rebruary U, waa Issued
today. At the time of the fire Runge
succeeded In dragging out a trunk which
contained msuranoe paper while - his
wife for aoma unaccountable reason failed
la scape. Runga la bald at the county
Exhibiting everything front a spark
; plug to a rubber cost, the Omaha Rubber
' compaay s doing a tremendous business
at the anew. The company la exhibiting
a osmplete Una of , automobile supplies
and rubber goods, all essential factor In
E. H. Vprague, bead of the concern.
say that never In. tba history of the
' company haa busmen area a go
, f-whll w eel! a great amount of good
, at tba ahow, we are doing far better
at the store. Thla show haa been a great
' thing for the boosting of the supply
baslaesa of Oeaehe. it haa csade knows
to the deal eta and ear ownera all through
thla sect ton of tba country that Omaha
,le the great aupply center of the wee
" era terntorr." " '.,
f Reduced tire pi bar iuat keek an
nounced by the Mlcbeltn company. The
new prlcea went into effect on Monday,
rebruary a. Thla announcement acta at
rest the many rumors regarding price
revtsloa that have agitated the tire trade
foe some tlsae- On Inquiry aosorg dealers
It waa learned that while severe 1 tire
makers hare recently offered special In
ducemanta to tba trade, kiicbejla hi the
first to glTO tire users the benefit of a
reduction. Mlchalin'a new prlcea ahow a
narked saving over previous quote Uooa,
the reduction oa several of the larger
sums beta aa much as XT see casing. Oa
Ihe smaller alsea the ssvtng averages
!roa I to par cent.
1' ' " ' Uii
4. . ' I
t )-
Powell Supply Co.
Does Record Business
Never since the company naa been In
business haa the Powell Supply company
transacted ao much business aa It haa
thla -week. From early morning until
lata at night the salesrooms are fined
with automobile men buying supplies for
their cars.'. TMflc the number of men
are on tba floor thla year that there
wore any previous year el nee the aoav
pany haa been In operation.
i Although th store opens at MS In the
morning large . crowd ar . standing
around th door waiting to buy supplies.
The Powell company carry a complete
Un - of . supplier . shop equipment.
An expert machinist, at employed by th
company to look after thla end of th
i Kay to tna Situation ee Wast Ada,
1 . i
Thd CadlUa? ortrlo elartlnf
tarte la to poolUv and to depnd
abla that th maker do not
attach a crank to tno car.
!. r. Le. tL, CAimACmt thm sWiaat
eeearor lae
vhsyaw Vc;.j ,b.' sayyeyW';
BARDWELL. Ky. Feb. a.-tal
troop arrived fctre today ta protect
Wmiata Ricnardsen, wboao Ufa baa bees
soeght by tbre different nteba slaoe he
7 killed fimeaj- Tlclet at Ml lour. Ky.
Ricbarda 4 i H Placed aa trial f
, 'mmo'm af sleedy csavictlea at ex.
'ported. It la dectued RscaaieJaoa ccot
Anrn Vlesst w1thou IPynlag. ,- : 1 .
The key le anises la easinsea la the
yuajclea ajid perawsat we Jf aewspaper
adrerusiac "
if il
MoJeU mmoed at th Omaha Auto-
mnhilt Show offsr an exhibit' which
ail tarpaue in point of inttmt that
of any othtr lint. " -
S the Famous Silent Knlht Enjint
Sold a Tas rsrritery iy
J. J. Deright Co.
The Plason doeslit
in spite of hill
or high water
. . S3
; i!
3TA i v
- Xv" rr v
& ' o X -
- I
The Car That Never Met Defeat in Any Contest'
Always Get There
- Always Gets Back -i-l'Ml
It is most gratifying to haye; others "claim that they, are r;
As Good as the Masori
V -.f .
a' . ; .-,-, T
del' 4" i T
But when they lclaim f6rhaye: climbed our 50 per cent-'
clirie as easy as the Mason, etc, qr that they have climbed ;
it at all, we must insist that they are stating what they knew
to be an unqualified falsehood, and leads us to exclaim in
the language of the Psalmist: . : ' , . ; r l
t "I said in my haste that oil men are liars" ' " -
No car of any make, power or price
has ever been able to equal pur stunt
- And we have been giving the same exhibition on the incline for the last six years, and have
' always invited others to try it, and all have failed. ,
Yesterday a prominent well known dealer in automobiles, announced that at 5 o'clock
j. he would go over and equal our stunt, and get. the. fifty dollars that was at the top of the
1 50 incline. In the presence of 500 people who assembled at his call, he made a conspicuous
, ud dismal failure as all do who attempt the feat. '
Ability to climb hills go through sand and mud is not our only quality.
We have speed.. We have artistic lines and finish. We have easy riding, and above all,
durability that comes from years of .comprehensiveintelligent, and honest building of motor ' 4 v . ;
cars. , ...... - i
1 : Nothing short of a personal trial can give, you even an approximate idea of the efficiency,
durability and general all around superiority of our automobiles and light delivery cars. "
After six years of unqualified success in producing automobiles we have come to the '
,. point where we know that we can and do produce the most satisfactory, all 'around car at any-
where near our price. ; . . . r . ..." '
It takes more than money, paper and printer's ink to produce a satisfactory automobile.
It requires all these plus experience and intelligent comprehension of results. .
ftrice should be the last thing to be considered in buying a car. "Ton cannot get some- '
'thing for nothing." '
While it is true that in building automobiles, there is used by different manufacturers,
v . the same motor, transmission clutch, wheels, axles, etc, they do not all use the same class of . '
labor, nor the same character of supervision in construction. That labor element is one that -cannot
be seen, it cannot be discovered except after long use. .
. If we were building watches we could not take greater pains. ' , , 7
- . f . ' . " .
Mason Motor Company, Waterloo, Iowa, U. S. A.
Freeland Auto Co., Distributors
12th and Farnam Streets. . Omaha. Nebraska
X 3: '
i . . . tlv
m ..Mil m rnuuubD ncmu j
"i'Kj V-t:'n : JLLi i aaaBeaBwaawaejsBjsjsjsajsaajsM I
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