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Jeff Didnt Own It, So Why Should He Care?
By "Bud" Fisher
i i
'Cleveland Piipilist Has Better of
Fight All the Time.
W Inner l.eavca King; with Our Mark
Kye, While former Iham
j ploa la Badly Hralsrd
j aail .til la.
LOS ANGELES. Cal.. Kf b. li'.-A new
J featherweight champion wax proclaimed
'here today when Johnny Kilbane of
j Cleveland. O.. clearly outfought, out
named and outslugged Abe Attell, the
hitherto invincible champion.
Kllbane's victory waa clear-cut and dr
clslva. He had the better of all the
rounds, with the possible exception of
'two. Us left the ring with one mark
ver hii eye where Attell butted him
with bla head. Attell waa badly bruised.
Nine thousand persona witnessed the
Flgwt by Roaada.
Round 1 Both men walked slowly to
the center. After sparring they clinched
and Kilbane (tot In a hard right to the
Jaw on the break. For the next minute
Doth men stood In the renter and not a
blow was exchanged. Then they clinched
and Kilbane (ot a left and a right to the
jaw. He was quick aa lightning. They
clinched again and Attell missed a right.
Round even.
Round I Each man tried to feel out his
opponent. Kilbane put a vicious left to
the Jaw aad avoided a left counter. Attell
did not seem as fast on his feet aa Kil
bane. The Clevelander landed rignt and
'left and avoided returns. He brought
blood front Attell's mouth with a straight
left. Kilbane again landed two hard lefts
to the face, starting the blood flowing.
A right to Attell's bad da nearly closed
that optic. It waa Kllbane's round.
Round t They clinched and Kilbane
! complained to the referee that Attell bent
his arm. Attell held on and at the break
, dodged a vicious left, only to encounter
a hard right. Each man wss fighting
roughly. The next clinch Attell was
waned for "heeling." Kilbane put right
and left to the face. The bell rang with
the men clinched. KUbane'e round.
' Round 4 They came to the center slowly
and Kilbane jabbed Attell twice. Attell
i tried to cllnoh. but ran Into a hard tight.
The boys clinched and wrestled about the
, ring. Kilbane waa landing three blows to
lAttell'a one. The crowd booed at Attell
for holding In a clln. li. Attell, backing
' away, motioned for Kilbane to come on,
ta which the Clevelander responded with
a stiff left to the Jaw. Round even.
Kilbane Hits Kore Eye.
Round t-Attell'i left eye wss swollen
and nearly closed and Kilbane kept peck
ing at It. Attell continually clinched and
held on The spectators yelled to him to
fight. Kilbane backed off still hammering
at Attell's sore eye. The round which
wss even ended with the lads In a clinch.
Kilbane showed more speed on his feet
than did Attell.
-Round Kilbane twice Jabbed Attell s
had eye. He then rushed, but was stopped
by a stiff left to the mouth. Attell's first
hard blow. They then exchanged long
arm Jabs. Kilbane rushed and received
a hard left to the Jaw. The balance of
the round waa one long clinch with round
honors even.
Round 7 Attell forced the fighting. He
put a left to the Jaw and Kilbane. back
ing away, retaliated with left and right
to the face. Kilbane nearly unset the
champion with a straight left to the Jaw.
Kilbane backed away and Attell followed,
putting a good left to the wind. In a
oiim-h and one arm free they exchanged
hard body blows. At the bell each waa
every tire-maker in
the world is to some day
make a non-skid tire as
good and as popular as
The Famous
Hobby Tread
The trie, thick diaeonally
plaCcd knobs grip' the slip
periest road at every con
ceivable angle and do promt
Made and sold everywhere by
suited mm
Makers of Ameri
ca's pnomtml ,
Mr-Af vABlC ri. si
Inr wiionv
smtling. Attell had a shade the better.
Round 8-Kilbane chased Attell all over
the ring, but did not mui. Attell dropped
loth hand and leaned stralnM the ropes
smiling-. Kilbane rushed In, put left and
riKht to the head and then left and an
other rlpht, starting the blood flowing
afresh from Attell's mouth. Attell seemed
tired. Ills face wax swollen while Kil
bane bore not a murk. In a clliu-h Attell
got Kllbane's ehin under hi head and set
the Ohio boy back. Kilbane sudd en I y
jumped baek and staggered the champion
with a terrific left on the Jaw. Kilbane s
Hound 9 After fighttnaJn the center
they clinched and Kirbane put aJeft to
the wind. He seemed much faster than
the champion In the clinch. After they
broke Attell rushed and tried hard to land
on the wind, hut failed. Then head to
head the lads fought for the wind, the
challenger having a shade the better of
1U Kllbane's round-
t baaaplna In Troable.
Round lv-Both rushed and Attell got a
bad left on the mouth. Kilbane then put
a right to tlie ribs. Abe waa wild. In a
clinch Kilbane landed four rights In ;
quick succession to the jaw without re
ceiving a return. The champion clinched
and waa hissed for holding and butting. '
Then, much to the excitement of the
crowd. ' Attell complained to Referee ,
Kyton that Kilbane was holding his arm. ,
Kllbane's round by a big margin. j
With the fight hair over the Cleve
lander had a good lead on points (and :
seemed much fresher. I
Round II Attell came In with his head :
down. He led for the ribs and landed his
left low, for which he was warned by
the referee. Kach appeared to slow down.
Attell, in a rush, landed a right on the
jaw. In a clinch Kilbane sent In several
hard blows on the ribs and Attell again
held on. It was the tamest round ot the
fight, with honors even.
Hound If The spectators yelled "Kil
bane." The fighters rushed Into a clinch
and the referee had hard work separating
them. Kilbane landed a left on the jaw
at the break. Attell was wild In his lead,
"(lolly, kid. you are hard to bit," he said
to Kilbane. The latter ran Into hard
right on the Jaw, but countered with left
and right to the ribs. Hound even.
Hound IS Attell, in a clinch, put a hard
right to the Jaw. Kilbane then pushed
Atlell nearly through the ropes. "You
knocked Rivers out, didn't you,,, Attell
exclaimed to his opponent. ''Well, come
on and make It two."
Just as Attell said "two" Kilbane
landed a vicious blow to the jaw, which
ended Attell's remarks. Kllbane's spfed
seemed to worry Attell. Kilban? landed
left and right on the face and the bell
rang a the lads were head to head ex
changing body punches. Kllbane's round.
.1 Attell Tired.
Round 14 Kilbane seemed to force the
fighting. He landed a hard left on the
nose and the champion winced and then
clinched. nrt-stling the Clevelander
about the ring. An exchange of long
range jabs followed and then In a clinch
Kilbane brought a roar from the specta
tors by Imitating the .'Texas Tommy"
around the referee. He then let go left
and right to the face, ft wna Kllbane's
round, with Attell apparently tired.
Hound 15 Attell showed a burst of his
cld-tlme speed by getting out of a bad
hole, hht an Instant later Kilbane tint
two lefts to the sore e. A? they
clinclu-d a spectator yelled to Attell that
his face was greasy. "Well. Its coming
out of me; I'm a Jew," smilingly re
torted the champion. As they broke Kil
bane rocked Abe's head with a left and
then landed his right on the libs. Kfl
bane's round.
Hound 16 Kilbane rushed and began a
tattoo on the face. Referee Kyton here
grabbed Attell and motioned Kilbane to
hia corner. Taking a towel the referee
rubbed the grease from Attell's body.
Kilbane again rushed, ducked an unper-
cut and landed left to the Jaw. Then with.
a right he rocked Attell s bead. Head to
head Kilbane rained blow after blow on I
Attell's body. As they clinched Attell
butted Kilbane over the eye, making hlro
bleed profusely. The spectators jumped
to their feet and began hissing both Attell
and Referee Kyton. Kllbane's round.
Hound 17 Both rushed and fought furi
ously. Attell complained of Kllbane's
holding, but was himself warned not to
use his head again. In a clinch Johnny
got In three blows to one from his op
ponent. Abe seemed to realise that he
must make a strong finish and rushed.
, but was met every time with straight
i lefts. Kilbane clearly outboxed the cham
pion. At close quarters Kilbane nearly
lilted the champion ofr his reet with a
right to the stomach. Kllbane's round.
The eighteenth and nlnetfenth round
were all Kllbane's, who landed time and
time again on the champion with the lat
ter on the defensive. .
Round 20 Kilbane fairly smothered the
Nebraska Basket Ball Five Givei
Drake Second Drubbing.
Dee Molars Mrs Sore After Drab
blagi of (he Previses Dsr
I aable la Make Air
State Shooters Are
Numerous at Shoot
of Omaha Gun Club
8. R. Ilunlley of Sioux City as high
gun at the annual Washington's birthday
shoot of the Omaha Gun club held yester
day acroaa the river. Cat Ktord ot South
Omaha broke 71 out of l"e tartrets. The
'panics for exacting from shirr mors
I than the published rate.
I The. "went investigations of the opera-
.... . . . . rVmrtrA I tlons of eipress companies. Commissioner
Officials of Big Concern Charged I -ld htd d,velopMl , m
With Violating bherman 1W. 0f overcharge In a single dsy.
l'ES MUINBS. Ia icb. it-lMpeclal
Telegram.) Nebraska completely out
played Drake at basket ball today to
M giving o great riblbitloa of passing
and goal ihooting. In fact. Nebraska so
outclassed Drake that the game waa not
very Interesting. Nebraska started out
strong and had run up 19 before Irake
was able to scoie. The first half ended
S to I. Prank as Individual atar for
Omaha with KKauvrirOvfX lO
Show for Women
S. R Huntley. 8lou city
W. A. Brown. Sioux city
Charles Gammon. I'almer. Neb..
W. K. Smith. Omnl Hluffs
M. R. Mutton. Amelia, la
J. A. Ilartlgan, Amelia, la
0. R. nils. Sioux City
Wes Bonson. Inibuuue-..
I., carter, um-oin
Nedrig, Palmer..
. !
. !
. IN)
, in
. in
: i7i
. i
. 17
. 1ST
VY. R. Armoaast. David City I.
O. Mrkolal, Nehraxka lly. ......
ust bevau."e the Ak-fur-en shew at
e den each summer Is pruhibllt'il to
men many women have acquired the
fa that "The Jolly .Musketeer." to be
van by the Knights of Ak-Sar-Brn at
e Brandels Friday and Saturday, Is fur
en only.
"Par be It from null." said E. Mucking
im of the Ak-ar-Ben royal line, mem
r of the committee which Is managing
a show. "We want the women. In
ct, If we can sell all our scats to
smen we don't care If the men stay at
ime. Here Is the first real chance for
e women to see what an Ak-Kar-Ben
ow la like."
Floyd Huff, aged 1 years, attempted
take his life yesterday by drinking
a contents of a one ounce bottle of
ibollc acid. He was attended by Po
1 Surgeon Arrasmlth and he will live,
uff, who with his father boards and
onis with his sister, Mrs. Plnra Nelson.
H Taylor street, had quarreled with
s sister over the rent. Wh'-n the
larrel had keen settled apparently
nhalily, Huff went to his room and
ank the acid.
Mr wish to call youi attention to the
ct that most Infectious diseases auob
whooping cough, diphtheria and scer
t fever are contracted when the child
is a cold. Chamberlain cougn nem
ly will quickly cure a cold and (really
Been the danger of contracting these
Mases. Tuts remedy is ismoua ror its
res of colds It contains no opium or
her narcotic and may be given to a
wld with implicit confidence. Sold by
I dealers.
C. Kreouff. Dorchester.,
U Kwlrchild. Amelia
U Welch. Amelia
via. n. (Mlatly. button. Neb..
nmfey Weatherheed, Tabor....
cat. Terry. Marmon. la..
, 1
, 1
. 14
, lO
, 13
, ia
, IM
V(on Hurk. Bella oud Us
IH l . Kvans, Beaver crossing..
gr ; Burkman, Palmer
Ilk) R- Hut is, Malvern
kmi R. Thlsgam. M unlock
whe, 1). Townsend. Omaha
U Hushes. Omaha
CUT. I .overt ng. Omaha
ol"arlea Thorpe, Geneva ,
ina Slorrlll. South Omaha...,
Bahr. David City
t Ford. South Omaha
AO 1. Keltey. West Side, la
roall H. Woodruff. Omaha
at SIOUX CITT. Ia.. Pen. B.-The Sioux
liuf ity Press club roasted prominent rltlsens
In .f Iowa and Sioux City on the gridiron at
tin he Wo-Wl-Oa-Ta-W (dog feast) tonight
a which waa attended by over M people
In fhe gridiron waa brought Into use at :M
thand for several hours the victims were
hifteld over the coals.
" Debaters t'beaea at Dawae,
rr CRETB. Neb.. Pah. n.-(8pectal.-The
-reUmtaary debate tryouts wars heM at
gOotat Wednesday even log. the question
helng Ths Recall of Judges." Ths Judges
hoss the first six men and these wars
latsr divided up to make the two teams
lo go against Cotner and Bellevitt. Those
hosen to defend the affirmative of the
ueatlon at home against Cotnsr are
pavtson, Kellogg and Dawes. The
jegattva team that goes to Bellevus will
insist of McNeil, Hill and Wilkinson,
he triangle will be held either March I
t IS, the time not being fully determined.
It la (barged wltb Atleall
(elleet More Tbaa Katahllabed
Rates la ICIevea la
etaarra. CINCINNATI. O.. Keb. r. -Thirty of
ficiate and employes ot trie National Cash
Register company of Dayton, O.. were
indicted on charges of criminal violation
of ths Sherman anti-trust law, by a spe
cial federal grand Jury he's today.
The Adams Kxpress company waa In.
dieted on eleven counts, charged with
having attempted lo collect mora than
established rstes.
Seven Cincinnati manufacturing firms
wern also Indicted, charged wltb at
tempting to secure transportation at
lower rates than those established by
the Interstate Commerce commission.
The officers and employes of the Na
tional Cash Register company Indicted In
John A. Patterson, president; K. A.
Deeds, vice president; U. C. Kdgeteer, W.
P, Blppus, treasurer.
t'sasprtltars Urlifs Oat.
In ths Indictments ths first count
charges that nearly all eompetltore of
ths concern have been bought out or
driven out of business. It Is charged
that restraint has been In operation for
the last twenf years, although the speci
fic charge Is confined to ths last three
It la said to havs been , errected by
bribing employes ot competitors and
transportation, telegraph and telephone
companies and' Injuring the credit ot
competitors In libeling their machlnea
Ths second and third counts charge
the defendants with monopolising ths
oaah register business by the same
Alleged violation of ths law from which
the Adams Kxpress company was Indicted
today was the exaction of excessive un
lawful rates of shipments from Indian
apolis, Ind., to Piankltn, Pa.
rissrer ef Slarsls Ilea.
frTDRfflS, S. TV. Pcb. K.-iSpertal Tcle
gram.W. C. McMUIIn, M years old, of
Sturgis, died at Battle Mountain sana-
t art urn. Hot dprlnga, this morning of heart
failure. Ha had been mayor and coun
cilman ot Klurgls as well as postmaster
for two terms and wss very prominent In
politics, having been chairman of the
stale and county republican central com
mittee, a pioneer merchant of 8turgia and
a member of the Utand Army of ths Re
public. The body will be brought here
and the funeral will be held Sunday after
.. t
Ths key to success in auatneM IS ths
Judicious and persistent use of newspaper
...-::.. -..r.-.-a.V.-.-;
vt; the county to selecf "representatives
to ths county contest waa held last Fri
day. The county contest will be held
during the session ot the county Institute,
which will be the first week In June.
Ores and Martin's readsr will be used
and score tor points are as follows: Arti
culation, ft: pronunciation. Is; posture,
10; expression, 59.
Arraase Hevlval Meeltags.
jCBNTRAU CITT, Nerx, Feb. 8.'-Spe.
Ul.) The long anticipated revival meet-
g which havs bean planned for several
onths past are to begin on Sunday,
arch t, that data bavins; been definitely
Wed for ths opening. The evangelist
ho has been secured for these meetings
Wine n.. . riMna xu. bhui vi uwnr
he will be assisted by Prof. Benson.
Iio will bava charge of the musical and
of ths meetings.
latevlereae wltb Casavetttawe,
Specifically It waa charged that com
petitors of ths register company were
driven out of business by Interference
with their employes, by libeling their ma
chines, ittln( prices, sslltng Imitations
of competitive machlnea made to uas aa
knockers" end Injuring competitive ma
chines In every possible way.
It also wss charged that the company's
selling plan Included ths threatening of
suits merely for ths purpose ot harraaelng
manufacturers and purchasers and In or
ganising bogus corporations pretending to
be eompetltore sa well ss making applica
tions for patsnta on the machines and
impftmaxnenta Invented by competltora
Bapreee Overcbaraea Maay.
WASHINGTON, Feb. a.-The Indig
ent of ths Adams Express company Is the
first of what probably may be a series of
Indictments against various express com-
TKCl'MSEH, Neb.. Feb. 21-SpeciaI.)-Hon.
A. U Varner of Sterling, who has
filed for the office of lieutenant governor
champion In this round, at the conclusion on the republican ticket, la one of the
of which Referee E ton promiitly swarded ' old-time newspaper men o the state,
the verdict to the Cleveland fighter, it having been editor of the Sterling Sun
was a popular decision. from ,w JM, ,e came to Nebr.
from Ohio In 1ST. located at Harvard,
where he waa admitted to the bar. am)
where he lived three years, removing to
Sterling, where he has since made his
home. Ho waa a member of the Ne
braska Press association for twenty years
and Its president during his last year
of membership. In lfK5 he represented
Johnson county In the legislature and
In I'M! he was state senator from the
Fourth district, comprising Johnson and
Nemaha counties. His candidacy
been very well received.
Frank Klaus Whips
Sailor Petroskey
SAN FRANCISCO. Cel.. Feb. a-Prank
Klaus of Pittsburgh was given the de
cision over Sailor Petrockey of this city
today at the end of their twenty-round
boxing bout in Dreamland pavilion.
Frank Manntell Gets
Decision Over Papke
SACRAMENTO, Cal., Feb. xt-Prank
Mantel! won the decision over Bill Papke
In twenty rounds at Buffalo park this
Hastings Players West.
HASTINGS. Neb.. Feb. C -(Special. -Will
Johnson and Dr. Rohrer will leave
uext weak to Join the ranks ot the Pacific
coast baas ball league, the former as
oenter fielder for San Francisco and the
latter as catcher for Oakland. Jake Oett
maa will leave later in the month to re
sums his eutflekl position with Baltimore.
i WreaUraaj Mate at Tabar.
TABOR. Ia-, Feb. 8.-SpeeiaL-nAr-rangenients
are being mada for a tag
wrestling match ta be hsbj in Tabor
! March t. Tom Bay. tha charnraan ama
teur wrestler of larrrorl win sssli 1 1 sits
to throw frra of Tabor's beac wrestlers
l within thirty mtumem. catrii as islili 1MB
style, trooer azzratemr rules. Tim a inner
.a to reixive AS per oratt and tha laser '
rer cent of las gaxa J&adjtn.
The key ta anoraas m
persistent and Judlcums is
is Om
BEATRICE, Neb., Feb. r. -(Special -Hon.
Peter Jansen will be a can
didate again on the republican ticket for
the office of state senator from this
district, which comprises tfie counties
of Gage and Pawnee. His friends bars
filed his name for the office, and
seems certain he will be nomtnatsd
Mr. Jensen's services In the Use lects
lature were of an eminently satisfactory
nature, and his record In other ways
Is such ss has won tor him lbs respect
aad confidence of the voters of this district.
Omtral Clr Wsats Baa Stall.
CENTRA T. CTTT. Neb, Fee., tt iMsa
daL Consiorrablo interest is tastes; tssu
ifesned here m the resort that Central
City Is to be one at the towns in an
Intraawta taar ball lemgae. wmrw It H
prrs"eed to onranrse- Other towns ia
the league would be Aaron. .. 'aal.
Crd, Greeley and Btromsbuj g. If svrh
a leagne Is organlxed it will bo planned
to utalixe borne talent as rotten aa possi
ble, and thus do away with tbe ua-utaelly
of big salary Hats. It la not emaia
whether tbe teams woo Id ptsy to a sched
ule calling fur a game every day or
whether the sciMdale would reontre ths
t terra to play only pan ef the rmsa.
axraaaty aa Oeserral Crtr snd
F. worth laas ta Meet la Satloa.
HASTINOfl. Neb.. Feb. a.-8peclal
Telegram.) The cabinet of the Epworth
league ot the West Nebraska district In
session here selected Sutton for the an
nual district convention, the exact date
to be chosen Ister. It wss also de
cided to maintain a missionary In China
at a salary of $1,000 to be paid by ths
leagus ot the district.
Alllaaee Team Bow Chaasploaa.
ALXJANCT. Neb.. Feb. M (Smclal.l.
The Alliance Hlgb school now holds ths
championship of the Western Nebraska
.High Mcnoot Basnet nail association, hav
ing defeated the Hootta Bluff team In
the last gams ot the season by a score
of 15 to 11
Little. Six
so h p 28oa
lteganlless of what equipment
you uso, you cannot get full riding
comfort unless the springs are easy.
Franklin, cars have full elliptic
springs. This accounts for their
reputation ns the easiest riding of
all motor cars.
Easy riding reduces tire cost.
Tires are not pounded to pieces.
The Franklin costs less for tires
than any others.
See My Exhibits, Space 4, Omaha Auto Show.
Kaaeral of Msses Jewes
ASHLAND. Neb., Feb. tt-ltipecuU Tel
egram.) The funeral of Mason Jones, for
forty-three years a resident ot Ashland,
was held this morning. He wss a natlvs
ef Cincinnati and waa aged nearly 17
years. Ha as survived by two sons, resid
ing In Oklahoma and Oregon, One
ssusxhter, Mrs. Oil is Hants at Ash land,
with whom bla aged widow makes her
re. Taoeaaa. Lstsurfcai
Mrs. Tfaomaa Lisnehan pasund away at
her home five miles south of Falrbury.
after a brief Illness from pneumonia. Da
csased was born m Roeoofninoo, Inland.
November , ISO. and was married to
Thomas Lenehan of this county, March
4. las. Slnoa that time tha couple bava
Bade their home on a farm sooth ef rwlr
hury. To ibis union four children wore
born two sons aad two ilsiiglilsis sll of
whom are still at home. Mm. 1 anshsn
Is survived also by bar hosband. Tha
funeral aervtoes were held at St- Mich
ael's Catholic church In Falrbury Wednes
day. Asaaea B. CBSaajBrll.
Amasa B. Campbell, one of the Omaha
pioneers, died In Spokane, Wash., last
Friday after a long Illness of cancer of
the throat. Mr. Campbell came to Omaha
In 1M7, entering the employ of the Union
Pacific road. In 1&T1 he engaged In min
ing In Utah, removing to Spokane several
years later, where he has since resided.
At the time of his death he waa Im
mensely wealthy and was ons of the
most extensive mine operators In ths
The Delivery Car Now
Used by 50 Omaha Firms
fterfens Lacerations
snd wounds are healed, without danger
ot blood poisoning by Boeklen's Arnica
astne, tha healinc wonder. Oniy Se,
For aaes by Beaton Iaraa; fa
When prtrchasing a commercial car it is well to consider the standinf: of tbe firmbe.
hind the car, aad tho service giyen oar owners. These features are of tbe utmost im
portance to car buyers. Delays of all kinds are costly, and wliore a concern helps a:
purchaser to keep his car in first-class condition, it is an advantage not to be over-:
looked. This is what the L H. 0. service means to our customers. The International
Commercial Car it the dependable car for hot and cold weather, 365 days in the year, .
backed by a strong guarantee by a concern that is able to make good.
International Harvester Company .'America
Council Bluff;, Iowa.
Lincoln. Neb.
Omaha. Neb.