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    LAW SEEMS AT VARIANCE Governor Inspects
Irrigation Works
at Scott's Bluff
Senator Hoagland Point Out Double
Provision on Filing.
Aajataat t.earral Srads ollre t
(oat pa (Budrn that Their
Allonaares May Ur Cut Dow a
I'laaiber. Mretlag.
(From a staff Correspondent.)
LINCOUX, Feb. H-iSoeclal Telegram.)
-Senator W. V. HoaKland of North Platte
has called the attention of the secretary
of atate to an Inconsistency in the elec
tion law which may cause some trouble
to candidates unless they take precau
tions. Section 117 f chapter X wheeler
and section IK (5. of the same chapter
are at variance, one provides that where
a senatorial or representative district
comprises more than one county the fll
in fur the primary and for the election
shall be made with the secretary of state
and the other that It shall be made with
the oounty clerk of each county In the
district. In the absence of any Judicial
determination of the question as to which
provision governs It nay be necessary
to be on the safe side to comply with both
Seeks to lat oa Kroatier Day.
Charles B. train of Cheyenne as In
Lincoln today trying to Interest the state
fair management In a proposition to put
on at the state fair a wild west show,
similar to the one given every years at
Cheyenne frontier day. Secretary Mellor
was of the opinion that the board was
not In a financial position to take up so
expensive an undertaking and tt Is prob
able nothing will come of It.
Gaard Eqalpsseat Short.
Adjutant tjeneral Phelps has notified
company commanders of the National
Uuard of the number of blankets, shirts
and other supplies each company is short
and asked what resson. If any there is
why the value of the supplies should not
1 deducted front the company allow
ances. The blankets cost M each and
the shirts l-'.fi each. One company Is
short twenty-nine shirts and fourteen
blankets, while others are short a less
number. Ordnance makes a better show
In. there being shortage of only three
rifles and eight bayonets In the entire
Kuard. Under a ruling recently made un
less a valid explanation can be mad for
the shortage the value must be taken
from the company allowance.
Master Plasabera Meet.
The Muster Plumbers' convention met
behind closed doors today. An address
was made by J. C. Hlxby of Omaha oa
the good that could be accomplished for
the trad by united work. A. C. En
yon, president of the national association,
addressed the gathering In the afternoon.
Tha report of the president. P. C. Phil
lips of Lincoln showed that the asso
ciation had not grown much during the
year, which fact- was laid to lack of
organisation work.
Oil rase lata tsar Is.
K. H. Baldrlge and secretary Hibbs
of the National Refinery -company ap
peared before the attorney general to
Ascertain if they could not ponvlne
Mm he' was wrong In his ruling ex
eluding low grade kerosene used for
power purposes. The attorney general
held to his previous opinion that his
lullng was according to law,, and It Is
probata! the oil producers and consum
ers of oil for power will appeal to the
eoarta. 1 la Doubtful, however, If they
expect to accomplish mora than hold
up the law until they can get It amended
by the legislature.
Heaelllaa at Aradesay.
There was an Incipient strike or re
bellion, whichever you desire to call It,
at the Nebraska Military academy today.
Some of the atudenta thought they should
have a holiday on account of Wash
ington, birthday, but the faculty thought
otherwise. The trouble was speedily
settled, though It is not given out
whether th rebels were taken out and
shot or simply taken Into the basement
and siianked.
Hastlaas Prafessars Will Heslaa.
HASTINGS,, Neb.. Feb. J2.-(8peclal.)-Vecausa
of th trouble in the manage
ment of Hastings college growing out of
friction between the trustees and th
syuouical commission, many members of
the faculty are planning on locating else-
here after th close of the present col
Iii year. Several of th professors are
considering offers and probably all of
them will have their plans fully made up
liefor the June commencement. i
SCOTT 5 BLUFF, Neb., Feb. !t-Spe-cial.
(-Governor C. H. Aldrich was the
guest of Scott's Bluff Tuesday afternoon
and evening. He as escorted over the
city, and out to the big sugar mill and
other points of Interest.
A special dinner was given at the
Emery hotel, at which were F. Alexan
der, mayor; C. A. Morrill, president Com
mercial club: C. N. Wright, president
Tn-State company: E. T. Westervelt.
Scott's Bluff Kepubllcan: Rev. T. C.
Osborne of the Presbyterian church. Rev.
H. II. Harper of the Methodist church.
ex-Senator 1- U Raymond. Beach Cole
man attorney; A. i. Shumway. secretary
I republican county central committee: S.
K. Warrick, president First National
After an informal reception at the Com
mercial club rooms, the governor was
escorted to the Methodist church, where
he addressed a house of Interested people
In an entertaining and forceful manner.
The governor was very much Interested
in the Irrigation works and projects and
spent pome time with a committee dis
cussing the legislative and executive
needs along thst line. The committee
consisted of W. I- Miner, Wilbur Bar
bour. J. C. McCreary. C. N. Wright. An
drew Wise. II. T. Bowen. O. L. Shumway
and others.
Before the governor left he sent the
following telegram, which voices a uni
versal sentiment among the people under
the federal project, and the business men
of the neighborhood:
SCOTT'S BM'FF. Neb.. Feb. Ju.-Con-gressman
Smith. Chairman House Com
mittee on Irrigation. Washington: Hav
ing spent three days inspecting the Irri
gation projects in western Nebraska, 1
am flrmlv convinced that some perma
nent relief must come to the settlers un
der the Interstste project, and 1 earn
estly recommend the passage of an act
est" tvtHrR''ALnit
David City Dedicates
New Gymnasium
and Auditorium
DAVID CITT. Feb. 8.-(SpeclaU-Be-glnnlng
Saturday Inght and running for
on full week, will be th fullest week
DsvsJ City has had for many years. The
occasion la the dedication and opening
. r.M rttv library, gymnasium and
auditorium, built by local money. The
dedicatory services proper will occur on
next Sunday. Th speaker ior tne oce
aton being th Hon. Richard L. Metcalf
nf 1 1..,!,, Th n ma ram for th week
consists of a concert by CM Thloball,
th violinist; th bwws nen rinse",
basket ball games, art exhibits and every
thing ls of a boosting nature, ending
with a banquet, at which It is expected
tot people will attend.
BROKEN BOW.' Xeb.. Feb. -tSpe-clal.)-A
good deal of excitement Is being
caused among th residents in the ex
treme north part of th city by reason
of some blsckhand tactics that are being
pursued by unknown psrtlea. U B. Neff.
a laboring man who. with his family and
aged grandmother lives in that section,
haa been th recipient, lately of several
threatening letters warning blm to get
out of town or take th consequence.
Th last letter waa addressed to the
grandmother, who Is over sD years of age,
warning her not to spend any of her
pension money on Neff. Another letter
stated that Neff's family would be well
taken care of If anything happened to
him. A large quantity of coal oil was
recently poured over the threshhold of
the door and on Sunday night a number
of shots war fired In close proximity to
th house. Neff owns th property he
lives on, but can not insure It under
existing circumstances. He Is badly
frightened and take th matter very
seriously, but apparently can give no
reason why he should be thus annoyed.
Both county and city officers sre working
on the case.
Hagaa glare la Robbed.
RAGAN. Neb.. Feb. 8.-vSpeclal.)-Tne
general store of Tocum ft Gould was en
tered Wednesday night by burglar and
about 139 In small change removed from
th register. Entrance was gained by
breaking In th glass In a back door.
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Dong-las County Assessor Up Against
Perplexing Problem.
Governor Aldrlca's Throat Sore aa
He U Obllaed Taarel Saeaktas;
Date at tw Election la
atl.nal Caard.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. S.-tSpecia!.)-W. G.
Shriver, county assessor of Douglas
county, is up against a problem which he
desires Henry Seymour, secretary of the
Board of Equalisation, to solve for him.
Mr. feymour admits he is stuck and has
asked the attorney general's office to
solve It for him. That detriment Is
delving into the statutes and supreme
court opinions and expects to be able to
answer Mr. Seymour, who will answer
Mr. Shriver. who will tell the voters of
Douglas county about It in due time.
The law provides that in ountlee con
taining cities of more than 4.000 Inhabi
tants in addition to the county assessors
there shall be elected as many district
assessors as necessary to peijrm the
work and that these district assessors
shall be elected en masse. The law alo
says that precinct and township officers
need not be nominated at the primary
election, but are to be named by the old
caucus system. In another place the law
'says that wherever the word township or
district officer Is used It shall be defined
to mean the same aa precinct and vice
versa. What Mr. Shriver wants to know
is whether the district sssessors shall go
on th primary ballot, whether they must
divide the county into districts and the
nominee In each district must reside In
the district in fact, the whole machinery
by a-htch these district assessors are nom
inated and elected.
Officers Meld Over.
In reply to the letter of the county at
torney of Blaine county taking Issue with
the attorney general's office on the ques
tion whether the county assessors in Boyd
and other counties hold over when no
election was held last year the attorney
general's office as of the opinion the
Blaine county man has overlookrt? the
general provision that unless otherwise
specified In a law cresting an office all
officers hold over until their successors
sre elected and qualified, and that It was
under this provision of law the office held
the old assessor was entitled to The office.
Auditor Barton Is Just starting an In
quiry to ascertain whether all the firms
or corporations which have been using
th words "trust company" in their titles
have cither complied with the new trust
company law or ceased to use the words,
(joreraor. Throat sore.
Governor Aldrich, who has been on a
tour investigating the irrigated section of
the state and also making a number of
publlo addresses In the western and
northern portion of the state, has been
compelled to cancel his final date for
Saturday at Wahoo and will return home
Friday instead of Saturday night aa pre
viously planned. He had a cold when he
left Sunday and constant speaking has
brought on throat trouble.
Kler-tloa. la (aaard.
Election have been held in two com
panies in the National guard to fill va
cancies csused by promtfons. Sergeant
F. B. Bult has been chosen captain of
Company C. Nebraska City, of th Second
regiment, vie Captain McCormlck, pro
moted to be major. In Company K, tteo
ond regiment, Schuyler, Lieutenant Nell
H. Map haa been elected captain and
Sergeant Ira W. Funk elected first lieu
tenant, the elections being due to th pro
motion of Captain Johnson to be major.
Holbrook t'lalsaea Testlsaoay
Before th Stat Railway commission
today Engineer Holbrook for the Union
Pacltio completed his testimony for the
company In the physical valuation of the
road. His testimony related to the value
of rolling stock and other equipment. He
testified to additions to the cost being
mad by changes and improvements made
In such equipment after It waa purchased
by th company and to numerous things
which brought his estimate up to more
than Jl.0UO.0O8 In excess of th valuation of
th representative of the state. He was
followed by Engineer Kates for th Stat,
who was put on In advance of the conclu
sion of the company's testimony becAse
Mr. Holbrook desired to return home and
It was desired that he hear Mr. Kates'
testimony concerning the class of property
he himself haa valued.
Most of the offices In the state house
were closed this afternoon on account of
It being Washington's birthday anni
versary. All were open during the fore
noon. Slew Style Seed Tester.
Th pur food department has received
a new pattern of seed tester and Chemist
Redtern pat It to work at once. This
make thre kinds, he la using, th rag
baby, on In which th grain Is kept moist
imply by us of water In the trays
and th latest one in which th grain
Is simply laid In moist sand and th whole
machine put In a warm room.
The governor's office today granted a
requisition for the return to St. Joseph,
Mo., of William Haaaard. now in custody
la Omaha. H la charged with grand
Maklag Orchard Maaey Maker.
The bureau of labor and industrial
statistics has Just Issued a comprehensive
bulletin on fruit raising In Nebraska. In
addition to giving some examples of what
financial returns some fruit raisers have
received th bulletin sts out what kinds
of lands are suitable for raising of dif
ferent fruits and also what sections have
made a success of It. On notable article
la what a Cass county man did to make
profitable an orchard which had been
unprofitable because H did not besr good
crops and that Uttl of an Inferior quality.
He called la experts from the university
and they made his orchard a big money
soaker, tr pin ease la within the reach and
conprehenBtoa of anyone.
la tae Ftltas; B.
Byron L. McEldred of Omaha has writ
ten the secretary of stste how to proceed
to get his name on the primary ballot
as a canrisnal for state auditor aad re
awested that the proper blanks he sent
him. He does am say In his petition
what party ha belongs to. Up to the
pre stat there are three npnbUcans who
aav Clew for Una office and only c
iisautial. Henry Richmond.
C t. Harwood of Greeley county has
nqweated the secretary of Stat to sewd
Mm Mass oo which to mak a populist
petition for senator from the Eighteenth
W. R. Earl mt Chambers. Holt county,
write the secretary of state to know
haw many and wba are filed aa candi
dates for uiusji esainaa from the sixth
raw rtct. He does ant say whether be
Oodles to get Into the race or If so
what party ha asaiuas to.
Fireman Scott Given
Verdict for Twenty
Tive Thousand
FA1RBL RY. Neb.. Feb. -tSptcial -Friends
of James H. Scott in Kn.rt.nry
bv received word that lie was awarded
a verdict of (.000 In Ms personal Injury
suit with the Bock Island railroad at
Guthrie Center, la. The third trial was
held at that point laM week and quite a
number of train and engine men of
Falrbury were taken to Guthrie Center to
appear aa witnesses. Mr. Scott sued the
Rock Island for I&io.iW damages for a
personal Injury sustained at Montrose,
Kan.. October. lim. He was employed at
that time as a locomotive fireman out
of Falrbury on a fast freight and hen i
neartng Montrose, Kan., he climbed up on
the tender to see if it would be necessary '
to stop at the next tank to lake water, i
In doing so he lost his balance and fell
to the ground and fractured his back. 11U
engineer, Ot B. Clark, later discovered he
was missing, stopped the train ami Instl- j
tuted a search, flcott was found and
brought to Fair bury. He is 7 years old
and will be unable to walk as l-'ns as he
is sftara. am. assn' Taa
I ansa j s rsWil i at
tan kat mt
dafTy Briserr. Take
Dcerr Btoen for aotxlr. relief. Be rr
sal by Beaaaa Drag C.
CENTRAL CITY, Nob.. Feb. S.- (Spe
cial.) 8. C. Basaett of Ulbbon, secrctaiy
of the State Dairymen's association, and
Frank O. Odell. secretary of the Ne
braska Rural Ufe commission, were the
guests of the Central City Commercial
club yesterday, completing arrangements
for the reception of the seed corn special
train which slops here on February 1
at :50 a. m.
At a largely attended meeting of rep
resentative farmers and business men
the whole seed corn situation was dis
cussed at length. One prominent Mer
rick county farmer, aho has viKorously
opposed the seed corn agitation as an
unwarranted Interference with the fai m-
ers' business, publicly announced his
conversion, stating that he has made a
careful test of eighty ears of his best
looking corn, with the result that only
one ear was found that would grow, lir
Is boosting for the seed corn train. I
R W. Badger of Central City has been
carefully testing corn all winter In un
effort to locate a supply of reliable seed.
He reports that over 100 texts of corn
from all parts ot the county show that ;
less than M per cent will grow.
Messrs. Odell and Bassett attended a
meeting last night and presented a
proposition from tho department of agri
cultural extension of the University of
Nebraska to establish ten experiments!
farms In each ot twelve counties, In
which the owners of the farms shall
undertake to operate their farms for one
car under th advice and supervision
ot experts sent out from the university.
The meeting unanimously endorsed the
project and pledged the co-operation of
Merrick county, appointing a committee
to ralso 11.19 to ssslst the university In
launching the proposition. The Nebraska
Central college at Central City has a well
equlpied agricultural department under
the management of Prof. V. S. Culver, a
graduate of the agricultural college of
th University of Nebraska. It Is pro
posed permsnently to employ Prof. trt-er
as county agriculturist and give hlin
general supervision of the project under
th direction of th University of Nebraska.
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white, trimmed embroidery or lace. Neither fire nor
flood connected with this purchase. Well worth $1.25.
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Public Square"
Friday 79 Cents Each
If either item interests advise early visit.
Store Opens at 8 A. M.
Sale Starts on the Dot.
Thos. Kilpatrick & o.
of bonds for sddltlnns to th
various school buildings, sll of which
ar now overcrowded.
Hastings Will Vale aa frkool Bonds,
HASTINGS, Neb.. Prb. ti-t Special. -Petitions
have been prepared for a so
cial (lection on th proposition to issue
BRintiKI'onT. Neb.. Feb. r.-iSpeclsl.t
Governor Aldrich, president of the Ktste
Hoard of Irrigation, and Slate Knglneer
1. 1. l"rlee were present today when the
iiiunly conimllonere of Morrill county
opened Hie bids for the two slate aid
brldRcs si Bridgeport sml Hard.
Seventeen bidders were present. Includ
ing Hartletl ft Kllng. Cedar llaplds, la.;
". R. lnman, Cheyenne. Wvo. ; .Midland
Ilrldge company. Kansas City; l"iieblo
Itrttlfte company, rueblo, Colo.: Ward
Welnhton, Audulion. Is.; Colyer Con
struction company. Fnlrbury. Neb : Har
rington ft Anderson. Fort Collins. Colo.;
Lincoln Construction company. Tecumseh.
Neb.; Western Bridge and Construction
company, Omshs; C. O. Sheeley, Denver.
Colo.; J. W". Turner Improvement com
pany, lies Moines, Is.; Uggett Walton,
Fort Morgan, Colo.; C. A. Edwards,
Kearney, Neb.: W. II. Roller. Frirt Collins.
Colo.; J. 1 Mull In. IJnroln.
The contract for th two bridge com
plete was awarded to J. I Mullln for
Kl.Sim. although he was by no means the
lowest bidder.
NtniUSKA CITY. Neb., Feb.
(Special.! Yesterday afternoon Miss or a
Selhy, aged SI yean, and a .Salvation
Army lass, who haa been making her
home with Mr. and Mr. 3. W. Williams,
drank a large do of strychnin and
was trying to swsllow mora when the
gats was knocked out ot her h soils by
Mrs. Williams. Th girl hs been de
spondent for some time past and has
threatened to take her life before.
Iliyslelana were called and pumped her
out after she had a number of convul
sions. She waa alive this morning, but
physicians have no hope ot saying her
life. Her parents live In this city, but
she has not been making her horn with
them for some time.
'fates fratat Cambridge. '
C.VMHRIUOK, Neb., Feb. Jt-lclsJ.)
Frank Maker hss sold his clothing stors
In this city to Kusaell W. Shields of Blus
Hill. Neb. The new proprietor took pos-
session yesterday.
A. L. Rice, a postoff ice Inspector, was
In this city yesterday Investigating the
causa of th frequent destruction of mall,
by trsln No. st this place. .
Th Board of Education of th Catn-1
bridge schools has recently elected Super-;
Intendent C. F. White of Trenton fua
superintendent of the schools for th en
suing year.
Persistent Advertising la the Road t
Big Returns.
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Nervous trouble of one sort or
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tionality. It is most evident in indiges
tion, and indigestion prevents the body
from storing up the reserve strength
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against disease.
The greatest aid to digestion, and consequent
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more and no less.,
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abusing it never should let it pass their lips.
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