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    Looking Backward
Ttus Day In Omtki '
Omaha Daily Bee
Generally Fair
VOL. XLI-Np. 213.
President Will Answer Addrtu
Made by Predecessor in Colum
bus Wednesday Homing.
Executive Will Point Ont Differ
ences in Political Creeds.
Tbarsdar, Febrnary I a,
Pint of Sepes" Probably Will. Be j
, Hade t Toledo. ...
Prealdeat llaa Dates la Sew York,
Kaglaad aaa Oh la aaa llaa
KeaiMU tar .passac la
' Mr Other 8 lata. .
WASHINGTON, . .Fab. S. President
Taft wll! reoly to Colootl Theodore
Boossvett's. Cohimbw speech. .Although
tha piaaldaDt will malt ix direct attack
an Mr Ilooseeelt, anil aRbavtftk ssdmlnis
tration offlrlalt refuse to discuss tha
tatter's Columbus speech, Mtt'tsscams
sina today that tlie preldeaU would tn
war to speech and present clear-cut
tests between hia poUttcaJ creed and that
at hi predeceaaor; Mr. Tatt'e anawtr
wlU not be made all la one speech, but
between the present and tha last of
March he lit many speaking engag"
menu Uiat will' be utilised for this pur-
PreaMeot Tft Is. as ssld. fait that
Colonel Roosevelt had at list siren hta
an apaertiiaity to roaka bla position -clear
without Indulging In any personal at
tacks. With many of tha doctrine the
former president enunciated at Colum
bus. President Tift la In agreement: to
others be U known to be unalterably j0
poaed. Among those are tha innltlatlv
and referendum, the recall of Judges
and tha recall of Judicial decisions.
Taft Will Speak . rk lease.
Tha president has speaking engag
meats In New Tork. Ohio, Chlcaso and
New England aad It Is possible tint
others will be malt for him. .',
The president today extended his forth
coming trip to Chicago. He will stop h
Toledo, a, and apeak to the Chamber of
Commerce there tha ntfnt of Marsh a
In Toledo he will probably make the
first speech of a series that will reply ta
Maay telegrams reached the White
House today asking the president to stop
oa hi way to Chicago and other addi
tion than the Toledo speech - may be
le Senate.'
Met at noon.
Washington'. farewell sddrcss read by
Senator Kem.
President. In mexsage transmitting post
master general's annual rcimrt augaesliug
government ownership of telegraphs,
whk-h the president said he did not favor;
and second claw mail matter commit,
ion's report recommending Increase of
s-ni class rate to 2 cents, which the
president approved.
Met at noon.
Wire products manufacturers protested
against steel tariff bill before finance
Adjourned at I;; p. m. until 2 p. m.
The House.
B.ll on unanimous consent calendar
were considered.
Washington's farewell address rcsd by
Representative Clerk of Florida.
President's imssagj read.
Upper House of Congress Again
Hears Washington's Farewell
Message to the People.
Happy TVys in View for. China
Mystery Surrounds
Shooting of Oirl
at Hutchinson
Teddy Prassleea . Mare Definite
llstiaul Maaday. '
CUiVsXA.NU. U. Feb. JS.-' My hat It
la-tnewHogc - .... . ,t
That Is what Theodore Roosevelt said
fcera tonight when an ad mi ring Clex stand
friend sought to learn whether ha was a
candidate for the republican nomination
for the presidency.
During the brief stay of .Colonel Roose
velt tn Cleveland W. F. Elrlck, well
knonn locally In politic, greeted the
former president, whom he knew well.
"1 want a direct answer, colonel." ae.ld
Mr. Bliick. "All your friends want to
know and asnt to know now whether
ou are to be a candidate."
"My hat is In the ring," replied Colon J
lloossvelt. "Vou will have my ansaer
Belief in tha political doctrines or the
"progressives" waa reiterated today by
Mr. Roosevetti who made four speeches
In Ohio. It was his first trip of the
kind since the aeries of Journeys shortly
after his return from Africa In Wlo.
A mixture of snow and rain fell steadily
until nearly nightfall, but Colonel Rooee
velt was welcomed by crowds wherever
be went.
On the trsln between Columbus and
Cleveland late todsy Colonel Itoosevelt
conferred at length with a number of
politicians leading the Roosevelt move
ment In this state. Among them were
A. U Qarford of Elyrta. member of the
Roosevelt national committee; Nathaniel
C, Wright of Cleveland, chairman of the
Roosevelt national publicity committee
and Judge M. Wanamaker of Akron.
James R. Gar He Id. secretary of the In
terior In the Roosevelt cabinet, and
Frank C. Knox, chairman of the repub
lican state committee of Michigan, also
talked with Colonel Roosevelt and la
Columbus he saw Walter Brown, chair
man of the Ohio republican atale central
HUTCHINSON. Kan.. Feb. a-Inverll-gatlon
of the mysterious death of Miss
Edna Meleon. ward of tha late Dr. E. K.
Richardson took on a new color today
when tha fact that the girl waa a spirit
ualist was advanced In support of the
theory that she was a suicide. Miss Mel
son's body, shot through the head was
found In thd home of her weslthy guar
dian last Saturday.
It waa a strange Infatuation, the police
say, that bound the X-year-okl girl to the
white haired man of "J. When he died
of heart disease three weeks ago. Miss
Melton threw herself upon the body,
crying: "Oh, my darling, speak to me,"
and never ceased to mourn him untU her
own death.
"What have I to live for? I loved him
and 1 can never love another," she told
Mrs. W. C. Hutchinson, according to
testimony at ths coroner's Inquest, "ours
were twin spirits If mlns la so lonely
without bis. what must be the sorrow of
his spirit wandering alone :n the strange
other world, celling me to come over?"
To her sister, Kffle, who found her
body end called the police, she requested
that she be burled by tha side of her
guardian. The wish was carried out. The
day before her death she made her will
Against the theory of suicide Coroner
Williams has advanced the fact tha bul
let entered the left side of the head above
the ear. The girl was right banded. The
coroner said she could not have fired the
bullet, which took a forward course and
came out st the front of the bead. There
wens no powder bums upon the body.
Tha weapon used waa a revolver from
the dresser drawer In ths girl's room.
Testimony by the coroner and txpert
physicians has caused authorities to re
ject the suicide theory advanced by rela
tives and neighbors, search, was continued
today for a strange man who Is said to
have entered the Richardson home an
hour before tha girl waa found dead.
Niles'Paper Maker
Identifies White as
George Kimmel
Vice President Selects Opponent in
Last Campaign for Honor.
tieveraer Sara Hat Was la f irst aad
His Head) Waa la It.
KANSAS ClTr. Feb. S.-"My bat was
la the ring first, and my head was In
ft," said Oovernor Woodrnw Wilson of
New Jersey here today when his attea-
8T. Ull'IS, Mo.. Feb. a.-In a depo
sition read to the Jury In the Kimmel
ease before? Judge- Amldon today. Anson
K. Byther, a paper manufacturer of
Nlles. SlVh , tfstrfred that he-saw Ororge
A. Kimmel at his mother's home In
Mies, Mich., twice after the time Kim
mel Is said to have disappeared, which
was In lsW. He said ha wss absolutely
sure that the clslmant Is George A.
Byther deposed Hint lie had known
Kimmel many years, having been a de
positor in the First National bank of
Nilea of which Kimmel was a teller, lie
saw the claimant In Nlles last September
and asserts he Is absolutely sure the man
is Kimmel.
The bank to which he referred. is the
one Involved In the present litigation.
Byther said his home adjoins the home
stead in Nlles In which Klmmel's mother
lives. At first he fixed the time when
he said he saw Kimmel there as three,
four or five years after the man's dis
appearance In IS. Then he said it was
some time either In IMS or nut.
One night within that time he said he
saw Kimmel looking Into a window at
his mother's home, but that the man dis
appeared when be saw the witness look
ing at him.
A night or two later, he aaid. he saw
Kimmel Inside the house. The men was
In a lighted room, he assarted, so that he
could easily recognise him.
Five Contests Held
4 in District Debates
iConliuuctl oa Second Page.
The Weather
LINCOLN, Feb. --(Special )-! he dis
trict debates in the first series of the fifth
annual mhImii ,.f th VAkn.ka lit,.
School Debating league will be held to-i.ebn,a? "r? 1
President Taft Lays Wreath on
Tomb of First President.
Ambassador Jasseraad at Fraatee, la
Address la Chlraao, Kmahaataes
Washlaatoa'a Wards la
Favor uf Peace.
WASHINGTON. Feb. r.v-tJcorge Wash
ington's declaration ogsinst a third ter:u
was loudly spi'lsuded In the house today
when the first president's fuewell ad
dress waa read.
Vice President Sherman's drlgi:Uou
of rVnator K;rn to read the address In
the senate was an unusual compliment,
the Inspiration of which wss the feci
that Mr. Sherman and Mr. Kern were
rival candidates for vice president In Itm.
President Taft. Senators Stanton and
Martin of Virginia and members of the
Alexandria-Washington lodge of Masons,
of which General Washington was the
first master. Journeyed to Mount Ver
non this afternoon and President Taft
laid a wreath on ths tomb of Washington.
Kxerelaee at Philadelphia.
PHILADELPHIA. Feb. K-A part of
the annual Washington's birthday exer
cises at the rnlverrity of Pennsylvania
today was the conferring of honorary
Horace Harmon Lurton, associate Jus
tice of the supreme court of the United
titstss, doctor of laws, and William J.
Mayo. Rochester, Minn., aurgeon, doctor
of laws, were among those honored.
Jaaarraad swake la (hleaao.
CHICAUO, Feb. r.-Meetlngs In cele
bration of Washington's birthday here
were stsged by the I'nion League club
today In the Auditorium theater.
The morning meeting was addressed by
Jean Adrlen Antolna Jules Jusserand, the
French ambassador to th Vnlted states,
who took for his subject "What France
was for Washington; What Washington
Is for France."
Ambassador Jusserand spoke uf the
words of Washington in favor of peace
and said:
"On this matter of auch paramount
importance, not only to your country and
mine, we may, I hope, consider In Franoe
that our republic would deserve the ap
proval of ths departed leader,"
latae (availed la tie ilea.
MnVXll'O CITV. Feb. Jl.-A bronse
statue of George Washington by Pompco
CoppinJ, the gift of th American resi
dents of th city to Mexico In commemo
ration of the centennial of the -Mexican
republic, was unveiled today in the pres
ence of President Msdcro and the mem
bers of the Mexican csblnet.
The statue has been erected in the
residential district and Is placed on a
pedestal of polished marble. The figure
Itself Is ten. feet.bidl.
The presentation addres.t wss msde by
Henry lane W'llsun. ambassador of the
1'nltcd Stales, to which President Madcro
tea t elehrslloas la London.
LONDON. Feb. 2. -The American wo.
men residents In london provided two
entertainments today In celebration uf
Washington's birthday.
The Society of American Women gath
ered at Sunderland house, the residence
of the duchess of Marlborough. The
duches.r of Marlborough presided st the
The American members of the Ladies'
Lyceum club held an "at home" at the
!"V T I sH J I .st J
-".bss MmLi
Are ?tliku I
t'f- rT
Ee7 -Sifj, i
WING Ttfi CCl li J
1 1
w trrtPfr
Mr our
I r A 'Mk x
Auto Dealers, Merchants and Hotel
Men Are Well Pleased with
'Crowds Bigger Then We Could
! Anticipate, Says Powell.
Door Beceini. Swelled by Inciease in
local Attendance.
I I'ach tiarage llaa Several llrlvera
Wha Are Kept Uasr Trylas;
j Out tars for t'roser-
lite buyers.
Just wait until they got
From the Denver Republican.
that new republic working on a real republic basis.
Blame Chauffeurs
For Robberies
Iowa Labor Leader
Renews Attack on
Chancellor Pitney
DE.1 MOINES, la. Feb. ai-Presldent
A. L. Crick of th Iowa Federation of
Labor today declared that Chancellor
Mahlon I'Hney, who has been nominated
to succeed Justice Hsrlan on ths sup
preme bench by President Taft, was
"very much Ilka his father" In his ideas
on mssters and servants. He asld that
he could not possibly be mistaken In
his chsrges against the chancellor, de
nials of which wero made by the tatter's
friends hut night.
"If It is true that Chancellor Pitney's
father rendered the decision which I
quoted the other day," said Mr. Crick
teniae, "will the chancellor or his friends
deny that he wote an opinion on this
same subject much more pronounced in
For Nebraska Fair ; snow southwest
For Iowa Fair; warmer.
Trsaperatare a: Vssaha Vestrrday.
a. m
a. m is
a. m :n
t a. m. ii
hi a. m zi
i: ro s
I p. m m
i p. ra st
J P. m 3i
4 p. m c
P. m
t P. m 41
T p. m St
S p. m
Caasaaratlve' Laral Sleewea.
uur. nil. iit. But.
Highest yesterday 42 SS U 41
Lowest yesterday " l S
Meaa temperature S X
PreclDltatMn -4S
Temperaiure and preciplUtion depar- j
(ma frvra the normal:
Normal temperature. St
Excess for the day 4
Tela! excess since March I -SS I
Normal precipitation f inch t
LnrVseatT for the day Winch j
Total rainfall atnee March 1..SI Tl Irv hrs
rwMi efnee March 1 !J.1orttee I
Ijefiesittcy for cor. period. tm Bee
Xivm Sne roe. nrriod. ? 4. in. tl
1. A. W iXJH. Local rnracastcr. 1
morrow on "the desirability of the cloaed
shop" one in the central district, two in
the eastern, one in the northwestern and
one In the southwestern.
The contests are as follows, the- school
named first arguing the affirmative (for
the cloaed shop):
Central District Geneva and York at
Eastern District South Omaha and Fre
mont at South Omaha.
Kastern and Kast-Central District
Blair and Ashland at Blair.
ate as forcibly as I can that Chancellor
Pitney, whom President Taft desires to
place on the suprems bench, is the con-
sistent enemy of the workingman."
Mr. t'riek quoted a decision from the
nth Atlantic Reporter, psge 3SZ, which !
he declared Chancellor Pitney wrote In i
February. IU, as follows:
"That to create the relation of master
and servant It Is not necesssry that there
should be a contract In wilting, or even
verbal, between them to work for any
parttruisr leiigin 01 tune; tnat the re
President Not in Favor of Buying
Telegraph Systems.
Recommendation of Postmaster Gea
rral to Doable Ratea on
slrcond-Clase Matter Is
WASHINGTON. Feb. Si. - President
Taft today informed congress that he did
not approve of Poatmsstet- General
Hitchcock's suggestiun that the govern
ment buy and operate all telegraph linos
as sn adiunct uf the postal system. Mr.
Taft said that If It could be shown that
the public wou'd benefit by receiving
service at a les ptice than Is now paid
he might think differently of the plan,
but that he was not convinced such would
be the effect.
After referring to the practical wiping
out of the postal deficit and other
features uf Mr. Hitchcock's, administra
tion ( affairs, Air. In transmuting
the'Poslofrice department's report Is con
gress today, said:
Ther la only one recommendation in
which I cannot agree that ta one which
recommends that the telegraph lines In
the t'nltcd States should be made a part
of the putal system and operated . In
cuiijuiictlun with the mall system. This
presents a question of government owner
ship of public utilities w are now be
ing conducted by private enterprlsea un
der franchisee from the government.
"I believe that the true principle is thst
private enterprise should be permitted to
carry on such public utilities under due
regulation as to rates by proper author
ity rather thon that the government
should itself conduct them. This prlncl.
pie I favor because I do not think It in
accordance with the liest policy thus
greatly to Increase Ihn body of public
('aid ot t'fceapea Scrs, Ice.
"Of course, If it could be shown that
telegraph service could be furnished to
the public at a less price than it Is now
furnished to the public by ti-legrspb com
panies, and Willi eiual efficiency, the
argument might be a strong one In favor
of the adoption of the proposition. But
I am not satisfied from any evidence that
if these properties were taken over by the
government they could be managed any
more economically or any more efficiently
or that tins would enable the govern
ment to furnish service ,at any smaller
rate than the public axe now required
to puy by private companies.'
The president found much, he said,. to
commend in Mr. Hitchcock s department.
"I cannot speak with too great empha
a!s, uf the improvement in tiie
Pustofflco Department under the
present mansKement." aaid the president.
He showed that there was a surplus of
15,1181:: at the i,d of the last fiscal
year, computed with a deficit of SU.iTy.
77.047 two jeara before. This waa to be
accounted for, the president pointed out,
not by reductions of force or numbers of
puatufflces or tilari.H, but by scientific
Sir. Taft aiiprircd the adoption of a
parcels !ost r -commended by Mr.' Hitch
cock; said H at the placing of assistant
postmsslers In the civil service should
be followed hy placing under the classi
fied service of postmaster and commended
the postal savings system. Preparations
are being made, he said, to establish this
system st shout tn.fSf) fourth c'ass offices.
istrictr-Chadron and; . .
Crawford at Crawford. 1 ration exists wnen one person is willing
Southwestern District-Beaver City and ' rom oay to aay to worn iQr another
land that other perron desires the labor
.and makes his business arrangements
Cxfoid at Beaver ICty.
NKW YORK. Feb. S.-A sharp nolle
supervision of titles h chauffeurs Is bring
urged by members of the police depsrt
men! as a means of preventing and check,
ing the numerous automobile robberies
Which are being perpetrated dally by
binds of motor car highwaymen. In
vestigation of taxlrab chauffeurs In ths
city shows that no less than twenty li
censed chauffeurs have served terms In
stale's prison, while over 161) chauffeurs
are said to have criminal records.
The detection of crimes, such as the
recent holdups of bank messengers, it
made extremely difficult by the taxleab,
which s used as a "getaway." Many of
tha chauffeurs with criminal records
came here as strikebreakers, and whlls
the police know them they era powerless
to do anything unless the ehauffrura are
detected In ths act of committing a crime
" .ii as s a
Colombia Officially Disavows In
sulting Rota to State Department
Official Statement Saya It Daes Wat
Represent resit lea af t.avera
taent ar gentlsseat af
the People. . ,
PAN FRANCISCO. Cel.. Feb. 2.-A col- I
lection of diamonds and pearls, valued j
at A"aO. waa stolen from Mrs. Eugene ('!- VKLAND.
de Sabia. at her apartments In a local j Eftis. the negro
hotel here early yesterday.
O.. Feb. r -Charles
welterweight pugilist, !
The Jewels who fell unconscious at the start of the J
had been worn to the annual Mardl Graa ! sixth round of his bout with Joe Motto
ball, a asMahle society event, at the same ! here Tuesday night, died today at a hos-
botel. and bad been left oa the chif
fonier by Mrs. De Sabia when she re
tired. Her husband, entering the room
an hour later, discovered the theft, which
did sot become known until today.
Assong the gjema stokta waa a diamond
Uara.a pearl Tsroora, a dsxmossf fsraceiat,
aereral dtamwen finger rtnga. stno
ear rings ass a djegjojag atralsBd 1vt
aent asd rhaiS
It waa thought at first that a blow over
the heart, received by Ellis, waa th cause
of bis condition, but examination showed
that be was suffering from cerebral hem
orrhages. Police say that Motto will not be ar
rested unless someone swars out a war
rant. A warrant aaa (sat sat
President Approves Rrcawsarndstloa
f Pastataetrr General.
WASHINGTON'. Feb. S.-Presidcnt
Taft today approved and forwarded to
congress the report uf the tcmmlsjnoii
on second cless mail matter recommend
ing that the postal rate 'un magazine
and new-tpapers be raircd from 1 cent to
1 cents a pound.
Postmaster General Hitchcock origin
ally recommended a 4-cent rate, but
later changed this to Z. The com
mission finds that the cot of handling
secund class matter Is about cnt
a pound, in approving the '-cent t
rate, however. President Taft declsre
that the business enterprises of the
publishers of periodicals have been
built up on the basis of the 1-cent
rate and therefore it would be manifestly
unfair to put into immediate effect
larger Increase In postsge.
As to the effect of the proposed In
from 1 to - cents
BOGOTA, Colombia, Feb. !. -General
Pedro Nel Oaptna. Colombian minister to
the 1'nltcd states, was recalled by the
Colombian government this morning.
The action of th Colombian government
was taken because neither It nor the
Colombian, people upholds th position
tsken by the Colombian minister at Wash
ington In notifying th.- State department
thst the proposed visit to Colombia of
Secretary of State Knog would be Inop
portune, owing to ths fact that Colombia's
clalma In connection with Panama have
not yet been arbitrated.
The notification given by the Colom
bian government today says that General
Ciepina la "separated" from his Dost at
Washington and that th Incident between
Colombia and the United States la thus
Colomble. It continues, will msmts'n
her International policy.
Houston's Fire Loss
is Six and a Half
Million Dollars
IlOi STOV. FVb. C-Th total vm n
Houston HTfat fir wa JM.. with
total in sura me of Kfc . ThM flurM
wrr taken from nearly com p let com
pilation today uf local. inuranc mem.
Salvage from tha burned dtatrtct Is
counted on to reduce th actval fnaur-
anc-e payment to itaarly $Z,M.OU0l
Tha ).000 bales of cotton, rapresentlnf
about $M9,ik) till smoked today in tha
burned a.ea. Cotton men assart a con
siderable amount of tba good stalls
mlKht ta saved from tha Interior of partly
burned baks. Firemen poured water In
to the smbldermc ruins of tba burned
area all nlcbt. but this mora Ins; smvke
and Faroes still sputtered from the
in the ruuis uf a smaJl pavckiiif house
a tviai.nty of herns alutetl a , J filed,
trends of negroes who detected the aroma
of Ok fring ham from afar off, liurtisd
to asit tn Its salvage.
The infant child of Charles Iaor. m
was retcfued through his mother's daring.
H1 live, physicians aay today. The
child, buffeting from meoingltls, was left
in bla cradle when tba fire bore down on
the Favor bom. Mrs. Faroe brok aaay
from guardi and rescued the Infant juvt
as the flames reached her borne.
IOWA - ITT, la., Feb. gold n g-
gei worth 17, found tn the crop of a duck
killed on a furm west of here, has
caused considerable excitement In un:
erslty circles. Mlaerologlsts at the unl-
I verHly who assayed the nugget, maid to
day that a pocket of gold may have
Ivn deposited on the sandy ofl of the
pound faim during some of the uphea.als of
President Taft quotes from the report t l fM The nugget was brought to
the UaUteJsUly last iiucuJaS
tCu.tU.uetl oii aiecoud raf
Strenuous Scenes Mark Opening of
Rational Insurgent Assembly.
Saadaa llellvera Ueaaarlatl.a af
Officials af , Head fa sap aad
Ratea Adopted at t hkracs
Three Hnadreal Atlrad.
allNNKAKll.lJ'. Feb. S.-Ktrcnuoua
acenes marked Ih opening here thla
afternoon of the seen on of ths National
Woodmen assembly. In which officers of
the head ramp of th Modern Woodmen
of America were bitterly swelled; action
Is km at the head camp convention re
cently held In Chicago wsa severely crit
icised, and John Hulllvan of Kansas City,
chairman of th law commute of th
head camp, was denied th privilege of
the floor, although he declared he held
credentials from his horn organisation.
About So Woodmen from various states
o( tlis sglddls wast ar attending th as
sembly,, which., waa organlafd U,dvl
nlaa Is pretest against rates adopted at
Ih Chloaga pieetlng.
Th ekhnag came at Ih chute of the
speech of John U Bundon of ktlaneapoll,
Wha led th tight at Chicago against th
adoption of Ih rale.
"It Is up to you men to sa tile or
der,", h said, after delivering a' de
nunciation of the officials of th head
ramp and th rates adopted at Chicago.
"It Is up to you. W bod men. at the a
rcutlv session to be held tomorrow, to
spprova the plans which will release the
Woodmen from tha unjust burdens which
Ih head camps have unwisely shoulders, I
upon them."
Aitarka hnlllsa.
Turning his attention directly lo Sir.
nulllvan. he inudo a bitter attack upon
him, closing with the statement:
"I am satisfied that Hi last head camp
has been held where th committees ar
not composed of delegates, and, therefore,
Mr, Chairman, I move that the delegates
whos credtnttals hsv. been approved by
the committee of tills nvseintly, resolve
themselves Into a permanent organisation
and that those delegates r,hu favor t In
action taken at the Chicago convention
be excused. " j
Tlin Question ta: lnetsmly seconded
and the previojs question moved, when
Mr. Kulllvsn raised a point of personal
irlvllei, but snihist cries of "throw him
0'it" and "he's not a delegate," Dan, K.
Itlchter of Minneapolis, acting chairman,
refused to recognise him and apparently
Mr. Kundon's motion wss sdopted.
Mr. Sullivan, hoc. ever, attended th ses
sion until Its close.
In the election of ofiicets tii nam of
John U gundon first wss presented aa
temporary chairman, but he declined and
C. W. Ln of Des lolnrs nominated
Kegel of Lyons, Is., a mem'ifr of the
first camp of the Woodmen, aho mi
unanimously chosen.
F. l Prksst of IJncoiii, Neb., was
chosen temporary secret! j. Ths re
maining sesslou was given ocr lo an
"esperienos" meeting. In whk-b the rates
and bead officer of th erdcr s dc-
Bounced. j
Demands la Made.
According Is Mr. Rich tor, resolutions j
will be adopted at Ihe'eiecutlv session
tomorrow, stating Just what demand will
be mad of th head camp in the ay of
readjustment of present rates
"There are three plans to be considered.
I believe." he sold. "Th first Is whether
there shall be an Increase at all over tnel
old rate'; the second whether there shsil
1 more than S per cent, and the third
whether it will not be advisable to allow
the Chicago convention rats to spply lo
old members at th age of entry Into th
order Instead of attained aged January.
191?, when the rates adopted by tha bead
camp ar to go into effect. This last plan
.ill about double th rates.
-A committee then will be chosen from
the assemb'y to so the head camp officers
st Rock Island and ask them to call an
other session to consider our demands
snd readjust the rate. If this la rafiud
us. It I difficult to say Just what w a ill
do. but It ta my belief that It will be
tsken lo the federal court to obtaia aa
Th delegates were (jests tortgn:. at a
banquet given by local Woodman.
' .-a.;sT:tv'' Li u- r.i. i to express tta
fccllns cf local su;o:il-::: ileuler ove
the sirccecv of the s-w::;l minusl Omaha
aiifomobilc how. "Juuiiiiit'' would b
a nettcr wcrd.
"Iiiterrs: in th ho I, rrc.c liian ew'it
the most srn::ui!itf oi u:i v u'-l niicioate."
Cc.iRj I'oweil, in-iT.I inu.i.'S'.i- uf ths
show, las! lui ll. 'T!l! r; ;i.r . s. , iii t. l.i'i-
nets has a c. ,ul l.ol-t on the
IhopIc. Wl-l". v.c s.:: v ii-i-m it.:tl ? out
in the th. t I. ii..i.n:. t peoi'le v.rr.
co.iu:i. tu lu'i tiiuvv, v lit, I no means
of kin'Stintf that such jn iminrirvc croad
would tvai a Is here. '
Herman 11. Peters, proprietor of the
.Merchants hold, says the sul.niohllu
huw has brought more business to his
hostelry than did the Ak-iar-Uru festivi
ties List fJ'. The hut.'ls are full of
visitors and several l.ave platted
t'te lis its to accommodate the overflow.
As lh publicity buirau of the Omaha
'oninuivlal club did mu-.h to piomolo
sr!vunc. imbUcily of the shoa, and ss
il.v auton.obllc ttealcra are rconlus sucU
great Isnrfll. it Is augiresled hy tie
directors of the publicity buresi thst
stibscrlptiens for the support of th
bureau aould be In order from the auto
mobile men.
Nut only are great crowda coming from
varloua parts of the slate to the show,
but they are buying crowd". Practically
every man who. his corns from any dis
tance If hent on selerllng a car. Attend
ance of Omaha People, also, 4s better
than ever, before, and the dcur receipts
ar awelled accordingly.
(teres Ar Belling Uaads,
Tha mercsnllls establishments of ths
city are gratified over the business that
has come ss a result of th show. Tiot
only are they selling clothes for motoring
to llio automobile enthusiasts, but they
re dlsinslng of sll sorts of srasonabl
good to both men and women visitor In
Things ar lively en a-itoinoolle row.
Attar tha prospective purchaser has de
elded at the show what sort ot car b
Nke he Is taken to th oaraaw of soma
dealer and shown how th auto works
Sn th road, sjevtuul drivers st each
garag ar kept busy trying out machines
fur those who Want lo buy.
Th fact that yesterday was a legal
holiday had no perceptible effect on ths
automobile show, unlers It was lo swell
the crowd. Prom the time the doors
a ere opened si s'olook In th morning
until well toward inldulght the Audi
ted lum wss filled with visitors Inspecting
tin various exhibits. Two excellent pro
grams for the entertainment of visitors
were given by Neble's concert orchestra,
one In the sftrrnoon and one In th
NKW YORK. Pen. 2. -"The earth slldss
reported to hsv occurred st L'uktbra cut
are uf no especial importance or cutis
ouence." declared Colonel Ueorg W.
Uoelha's, chief engineer or the Panama
canal. Just before suiting today for Ham
burg. "Those slides ar of fiegueut occur
renae," he added. - "V have planned for
theru. I don't regard th latl one as
amounting to a grear deal. In fact I am
rnth-r sorry you buthered n:e by telling
me about It."
KHI.lilNDL'n, Wb.. Feb. ii-An-geied
by the presentation of rent bill
by ths son of his landlord H. P. tjintlh
of this city threw a hatchet at the boy,
but missel him and hit Smith's S-month-old
child, held In lis mother's arms. The
b'ada Inflicted r. a-'it five Inches long in
the bsby's hesd and the child Is near
dra'Ji. Fmlth was arrested and ia al
most crs:y with grief.
Wsssaa ta Aesswirfea.
KT. ICIS. Keb. a -Mrs. Clara Murray
was acquitted today of a c-.aigs of
murdering her husband. Sh shot alas
a lib a cat rifle last October, sfler. ac
cording to her iBiitwy, a bad kkswd
nsr. ah sua aba did not kaaw ths rifts
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