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Mutt Should Have Shown Better Judgment
By "Bud" Fisher
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I WOULDN'T Htr yon
'NTtoNM.v.y For wthns.
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VJ-Til So.(lf . J APOLOGY I
TNN rPoiOl2E He.
WVi fi nam,, x Pocfri7.
Sm ! dont Younerva.
Iowa Players Capture Fint Prise tt
. Meet of Central Association.
Revival ml Interest .eted at
veal lea Held at Graad Islaad
" Omaha Crli Meat Meetlag at
Whlet Players.
Tha annual meeting of the Cantral
Whlat aunelttlon waa held at Grand Is
land. February M and 17. Soma af tha old
members were back In tha game. Mike
Hanlon of Sioux Clly. who with hla part
ner. Oscar Roberg. uad to ba feared In
all tha tournaments, waa particularly wel
comed. South Omaha for tha flrat tlmo waa
represented by Dcnnla and RadiuwMt and
they gave a food account of themselves
by winning top score Saturday afternoon
to tha pair play, with a plua of thirteen,
putting them Into second placa.
Roma Millar tendered tha uaa of hla
banquet hall for tha meeting next rear
and tha offer waa accepted and tha maul
ing will be held In Omaha next year.
Tha meeting wai successful and the
members were royalty treated by the
Orand Island mambera. for which a vote
of thanks waa tendered.
Trophy a Mlntfe Tea a.
Th association trophy fur the team of
four eontaat waa won by Council Bluffa
oa account of baring a larger plua tha
Orand laland, who tied them In the
number of matrhea won. The acora of
tha teams participating was:
round I Rluffs. matrhea won, 14 plua 14.
Orand Inland, matchea won, Ili plua a
Kloux City, matchea won, I plua 11
F.Ik Point, niatchea won, I mlnua 1.
Omahn, matchea won, S plua &,
Tork, matchea won. mlnua 31.
at. Jae Trophy to Oauhaaa.
Tha St. Joseph trophy for tha pair
onteet waa won by Cahn and Burneea of
Omaha. Tha score waa:
rahn and Burneas, plua St.
ennia ana rtadauwldt, plua 11.
Martin and Hlli, plua 11.
Abbott and Stern, plue 10.
Abbott and Menck. plue 1.
Oooh and Wlckhem. plua t
llorth and Vlereag, plua a
l.lhble and Rchelsel. plus a
Iwnman and Hague, mlnua 1
Wyrkugg and Valentine, mlnua 1
Howard and Rennle, minue
burnt and nahraa. minus 7.
made and Lambert, minus U.
Kochter and Cornelius, minus 17.
IR tha free-for-all eontaat (Saturday
night Wendover and Apple of 8L Joeeoh.
North and South and Bhea and Mlthea of
t'ouneli Bluffa won the smellier trophy
ana Buttons.
Twenty-Bonnd Fight with Britton
it Called Of.
sat Waa (ckedaled Near Saa Free
rise la Opposition a Fwtrwakey.
Klaae Oa far Weahlastea's
twenty-round fight between Freddie
Welsh, the English lightweight, and Jack
Britton of Chicago, scheduled for Wash
ington birthday, waa called off yester-
day by Promoter Jamea Coffroth, who en
nounced that Welah waa confined to his.
bed with aa attack of muscular tiff-
neee almllar to tha ana which prevented
bout wtth Bobby Waugh In Los
Angelas recently.
Tha fight waa to hare been staged at
Co ff roth's Daly City arena, just outside
tha city limits. In apposition ta the
Petroekey-Klaus fight put on by Jack
O'Connell In tha center of tha city.
wsisns pnystaan said that he waa
suffering from tortleolUa muecularta.
which had affeoted the muscles of hla
hack and neck to such an extent ha was
unable to move hla head and that ha had
recommended that Welch spend at least
two months In a Chicago eanltartum.
This Is tha third fight which haa been
Interrupted for Welsh by tha Illness of
one of tha principals Hla ached uleu
bout with Ad Wolgast at Lm Angeles
waa stopped by the attack of append!
clils which put tha latter under tha krdfe.
Later Welah waa attacked by muscular
stiffness Just before his tight with Bobby
Coffroth aald tonight that ha might
substitute a twenty-round bout between
mta Holland and Otto Berg, middle-
weights, for tha Walah-Brlttoa go.
Three New Skating
.'. Records in Sweden
CHRISTIANA. Fob. It-Three new
world's skating records bare been made
by Oscar hUthlesoo. tlie Korweglaa
abater. In the International competitions
yesterday he won the He-meter event la
forty-four and two-tenths aeconda, which
la two-fifths of a second better than the
record made by himself In 19M. Today bla
thjeeon won the Lt0s and K.OW meters
event, the former In two mlnutea and
twenty and three-fifths aeconda and the
latter In seventeen mlnutea and forty
stent and three-tenths aeconda. The pre.
vtooa record for 1 meters waa made
by Mathleeen In ISM two mlnutea and
twenty and four-flftha aeconda. Tha 1B.VW
tneter record, twenty-eevea mlnutea and
fifty and threa-flflha aeconda waa made
by P. Oeetlund In I50J.
Forfeit Money Put
Up by Heavyweights
CHICAGO. Kb. IS. -Jack Johneon. Jim
riynn and Jack Carley today posted
Saaan In currency and oertiflad checks
with Al Teamey as forfeit money for
the world's heavyweight tight between
Johneea and Plyna, The time and place
for the bout were not made public, but
Cnrley aald several ettlea were bidding
for tha fighL Curtey Intimated that he
weuld sot dedde aa a plaoa until May 1
Tnka SJest Kad at l . 14 aaw at
aahet Bali,
The South Omaha. Stars beat tha Ex
rddore at basket hall at to M In the
gymnasium of tha South Omaha loung
Men'a Christina asaoctatloa Saturday
Wooley mada ten pan far the st&m;
Jooa, It; Klddoo. a and Groewa. L Haaea
and Taaipktna mada thraa aaeh for tha
Exeehunra and Moras L Tha rlnanp:
8TABB. . J. K-XCELSiorta
Crovea M' Oahaa
1VlM C
ruberu J-2
Theaipeaw Keaeki Oat Leator.
gVDNEr. Australia. Pab. Is. Cyclon'
Johnny Ihompwe. toe American mlddle
wstght sum list, yesterday knocked out
Jack Lester of CUIum. Wash., the former
heavyweight ehampioa of Australia, m
the twentieth round. Lreter was leading
on polnta when ba received the knock
out blow.
Do yea know that more real danger
lurks ht a numnnai cold than m any
ether of tha minor ailments? The aafe
ay la ta take Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, a thoroughly reUabie prepara
tieau and rid" yourself of tha 00M as
ejuKkly as poaaible. Tail remedy is for
asle bj .U deajtra.
Youth Defends Title
as Skating Champion
NEW TORK. Pea IL-Robert MeUaa.
the lS-year-old Chicago schoolboy, cue
oeeafully defended hla title of amateur
Ire abating ehampioa of tha world by
winning both at tha American Indoor
championships held tonight at St. Nlch
olaa rink.
McLean wan the mile championship by
a well-judged sprint In the last two lapa
Ha was crowded closely by 1L Wheeler
of Montreal, who had set the pace most
of tha way. The lima waa t.11. In the
quarter mile Phil Kearney pushed Mo
Lean hard. Summaries:
Ouarter mile: Won by R. McLean.
Illinois Athletlo club, Chicago; P. J.
Kearney. Hi. Nlcholaa rink. New Tork,
eix-ond: A. J. O'aicky, Cleveland, third.
Time, :.
(Hie mile: Won by K. McLean: K.
Wheeler, Montreal Athletlo association.
Montreal, second; P. J. Kearney, third.
Time, S.Uh.
Big Eight Heads Plan
Rigorous Measures
CHICAGO, Feb. It -New and vigorous
measures for tha government of athletica
la tha west will ba considered by tha
presidents of tha "Big Eight" universities
st a meeting to be held March ( at the
University of Chicago. Prealdent A. W.
Han-le of Northwestern university today
m1 a call for tha gathering which Is
sxpected to be the most Important legisla
tive aeaelon etnee tha formation of tha
conference In last. Tha assembling of the
presidents of tha universities for tha third
time In the history of tha conference, la
the outgrowth of dlesaUafaetioa with tha
present condition of Intercollegiate sports.
It Is expected the discussion will have
a great affect upon the future of ath
letics In tha middle west.
NEW TORK. Feb. lL-8hortsto Jack
Knight of the New Tork American league
club haa been traded to tha Washington
club tor Catcher Street. This announce
ment waa mada at the local club's offices
tonight. Tha trade waa arranged at the
recent American league meeting la Chicago.
Manager Wotrarton Intimated some time
ago that ba waa after another catcher
and Manager Griffith of the Washing-
tons had been credited with casting long
lag ayes at Knight, who la capable of
playing first baas aa well aa tha other
Infield position .
PTTT8BUROH, Pa., Feb. ISSecretary
WiO Locke of the Pittsburgh club an
nounced tonight that Mike Donlln of the
Boston team would play this season la a
Pittsburgh uniform. Donlln haa b
takes over by Pittsburgh la exchange for
Vincent Campbell, who played right field
for Pittsburgh part of mat saa ana, IX
Ua la now la early training at Wast
Baden, Ind,
Best Performers Seen at Columbia
University Belay Carnival.
Jaaee, Haider af Wsrld'a Heewrd for
Mile, Reel I y Finishes Event for
Teaaa After Mate Strag
gle Hard.
YORK. Feb. 11-Tha cream of
the eastern athletlo world competed here
last night la the eleventh annual Indoor
relay carnival of Columbia university,
Harvard, Yale. Princeton. Cornell and the
University ot Pennsylvania all had rep-
reoentallvee entered.
One of the features, the two-mile Inter
collegiate race relay waa won by Cornell.
This race waa nip and tuck until tha
final lap, when John Paul Jones, holder
of tha world's record for the mile, took
up the race for his learn and won In easy
fashion by about twenty yards. Sum-
marl aa:
One thousand yard run. handtatn? U'n.
by Harry Lee, Boston Athletlo associa
tion, I five yardai: I), a. csidweli. u.
eachuastts Agricultural college, (as yards),
second; a. M. Janney, Jr., Columbia, (
' uuiu. iiroe; s minutes, li sec
ond e.
Sixty-yard run. banitlean Van kw T
P. llarland, Princeton university, if fact):
W. J, Lenders', at. Harthoinmaw Ath
letic club. New York, (I feel), second ,
. N, Thatcher. Yale university ti tMmti
third. Time: mlnutea. Sufe seconds. '
Two-mils Indoor relay ehamotonahiu.
men erratch: Won by Cornell uoirer
ity, (H. N. Putnam. H. H. Snyder, I.
K. Finch and J P. Janeel! ITnlVAMltw n
Penneylvania, (W. Lererlne. L. A. Crocs.
H. O. Foster and J. W. Bod ley), second;
Harvard unlvsrnitv. (T w Hneh w u
Temald, H. M. Warren and a m!
Preble), third. Time; minutes, S 1-e
Hunnlng hlxh iutnn. hsndlcen:
by K. Jennings, Pastime Athletlo club, tt
Inches) with six feet; P. W. Dalrymnle.
Massarhueetta Institute of Technology (1
inch) second, with six feet; (a a Dickin
son, Yale university, is Inches), third
with five feet, g Inehea.
Five-mile run. hendlnan Vm h, v
O. Hellers. New York Athletlo olub, (iej
, mim nyen, inso-Amencan am
letlc club, im yards), second: r n
nmitn, ew York Athletlo club, (17S
wiuu. 1 nm A minutes. B xA
Six hundred-yard run. novice: Won by
L. F. Carr. Yale unlveraltv: V r v.
don, Princeton, second, 0. tj. Buyne,
Vsle. third. Time: t mlnutea, is i-i
One-mile Indoor Intereahaa-lsta eelsv
cnampionsnip, s-ratch: four men, eeob
running let yards: Won by Syracuae
snjversuri v oitimina univereity, eeoond
Cornell university, third. Time: S mla
utes, 11 aeconda
Baxter mile: Won by A. B, KlvlaL
lUBd. Hoeton Athletle aeanclsflMM
.. Moran, new York Athletlo club, third.
s muiuies, si t-e seoonaa;
Omaha High and Creighton Win and
Lose in Main Contests.
Speedy Magla city High School
dalatet Trlma I'alvevslty at
Omaha la Preliminary
y i 1 -,. v,ea!
kifm r
. tei on.
I.earse Staadlag.
Pin tea
Omaha High School 12
South Omaha illrh Hrh l ta
liellevlie ia
rtjnlveralty of Omaha
Tramps 10
council Bluffa "TT" S
L. Av.
1 jam
s .;m
S ."Oil
s .ht
1 .
s .vn
7 .126
Golf Course is Laid
Out at Fort Omaha
A nine-hole golf course haa been laid
out a Fort Omaha and tha officers of tha
signal corps stationed there expect to or
ganise a club of themselves and make the
game of tha greea their principal diver
sion during tha coming season.
Tha course tarts near tha salute can
non at tha northeast corner of the parade
grounds and winds over tha roadway at
the wast and of tha ground, thin back
around tha balloon house and ends up on
Major Gilchrist's front lawn along offl
ears row. Tha putting greea at hole aom-
alne ta tha feature of tha whole
It waa laid out by Private K. W. Long
ley, former "caddy" to Walter Travis
and runner-up for the p residence cup at
tha Transmits! sslppl tourney last sum-
ICspeclal care will be taken during
tha dry season to keep the greens well
watered, and It la planned to Inetall sev
eral new hssarda and bunkers later la the
CLEVELAND, O, Fb. U. -George
StavalL Brat haaemaa of the Cleveland
league team, and. who aa
ot tha orgaaleattea last aum
wlth cnnaiderable sue ruse, to
day, was traded to the St. Louis Ameri
can leeurm dub tor Lefty George, a
promisjaf (eft handed SicISi
ST. LOt'18, Feb. IS John P. Lkh-
ter of Illinois university woa the national
amateur athletic championship plunge for
distance last Bight la the dual aquatic
meeting of Illinois university sgalnat the
Missouri Athletic dub, by making 7 feat
Inches. He defeated the record holder.
Millard Kaiser, but failed to equal Kais
er's record of B:1L O. A. Johnson of
tha Chicago Athletle association w
third with n
The Missouri Athletic club ' woa
points and Illinois university 4 points la
tha meeting. The Missouri Athletle dub
water polo team, the national champions.
woa tha water polo event, f to a Sum-
marles of other events follow:
Fifty yards swim. A. U Voeburg. Il
linois university, winner; SI 1-4 seoon
1 yarda awtra: H. K. Qrlffla, Illinois
university, winner; 144 S-i.
2ft yarda awim: A. H. Voeburg, Il
linois unlvsrsity. winner; S:4S S-s.
We yarda breast atroke: Jamea Bng
ham. Missouri Athletic club, winner; 1 46.
Belay race: Xli yarda, four men to
team. Missouri Athletic dub, winner
MADISON, Neb.. Feb. ll- Special )
Valley High school basket bell team waa
defeated Friday at the heads ot the
Madlaoa frre. The Brat half aaded with
a scare ef T ta 4 In favor of VaUey. Ia
thte half tha local team seemed unable
ta break up Valley's fine team work, bat
Use second halt told a different tale. The
final acora was S to U la favor of Madi-
last Evening's Scarce,
Omaha High School, 14: Crelrhton, it
Crelghton, 17; Omaha High School, IS.
South Omaha Hieh School. 21: llnl.
varsity of Omaha, 1.
South Omaha HKh School. If: Tint
varsity of Omaha, S.
Four fast floor contests were pulled off
la tha Tri-Clty league aerlea Saturday
evening at tha University ot Omaha gym
nasium In which the Oataha High school
Ova and tha Crelghton basket tossers
broke even and tha Magic . City lads
trimmed tha Univarslty of Omaha quintet
In two straight contests
Although considerably handicapped by
the abaenoa of Mark Hughes, eanter, and
Sidney Meyer, right forward, who are
laud out for the present with Injuries, the
local high school lads put up a stellar
exhibition of the sport against tha eel-
legiaaa The Crelghton tossers were
strengthened by tha return of Prucha,
left forward, who has been previously
barred from Trt-Clty contests because of
alleged preceaalonallam. Sbary played a
good gam at center la plaoa ot Hughea
The second contest between the purple
and white and Crelghton waa easily the
stellar gams of the evening and was
marked by considerable rough play on
both sldea Class B fouls were celled oa
Balderaon, right forward for Crelghton.
and Harry Muaneke, toft forward for the
high school lada, during the last eight
minutes of plsy.
Tna High school tossers kept up a
steady game throughout and while the
Crelghton lads' team work excelled at
times their passing was rather erratic
and loose.
In the preliminary contest the Magic
City lads outplayed the University ot
Omaha Ova. winning both games by good
margins. Tffi university players put up
a game fight, however, especially Whit-
osmbe, left forward, who rolled up
total of nine polnta
Hlsa Schaal aad Crelahtea.
Tha High school -Crelghton lineup:
Crocker RF.IR.F Bslderson
Munneke L.F.LF.. ........ Prucha
Shery c. C. Hoffman
uarniner uu.'l.u Shtmerda
Buraenroad ... R.O.IR.O Haller
First Ua me Field goals. Burkenmad. 4:
Munneke, 1: Crocker. 1: Prucha S: Bal-
dereon, r. .Shlmerda. t. Free throws
Frucna, 1; Crocker, 1. Polnta awarded:
High echool. L Referee: Homer M.
Curtlo. Scorer: George PerelvaJ. Time-
see per: k. l earns. Time of asms:
Twenty mlnutea.
Second Game Field eoala: Biirken-
roaa, 4; Crocker, 1; Hoffman, S; Prucha,
Balderaon. L Free Throwa: Burken.
road, I; Pruoha, a Referee: Homer
a. lAirua aoorer: i. A. Perdval.
Timekeeper: R, L. t arns. Tuna of
game: Twenty mlnutea.
Game wtth Omaha V.
Tha South Omaha High school-Univer
sity of Omaha lineup:
Owlllne R.F.IRF Dew
Menefee L.F.IL.F Whlteombe
Nixon C.IC Jerome
Flttle L.O. L.O Parish
Lyman R.G.IR.O. rar sons
First Osroe Field goale: Col Una. S:
Menefee. 4: Lyman. 1: Dow. L ma
Throwa: Colllna, S; WhHcombe. a Ref.
eree: Curtlo. Scorer: Peralval. Time
keeper: R. I Carna Time of game
Twenty mlnutea
Second Oamw Field goals: Collins 1:
Whlteombe, U Free Throwa: Colllna. S:
Whlteombe, 1 Referee: Curtis. Scorer:
Perdvsl. Timekeener: R. I., t'srne
Time of Game: Twenty mlnutea
Mount Vernon Team Pats Decided
Crimp in Cedar Sapidt Five,
cere at Forty. Fan r ta Twenty.
Severn Decides Merits at Thee
Two Teams Maay Reefers
Lee aa Osteoma.
MT. VERXON. Ia. Feb. It-tSpeclal
Telegram. -CorneIl won from Cos yester
day afternoon oa tha Cornell floor In bas
ket ball by the score af 44 to 27. Coe put
up a creat fight, but was outplayed by
tha Cornell five at every point. The Coe
five having won from Cornell In the first
game of the season, there waa unusual
Interest In tha game. A special train
carried SOSCoe rooters from Cedar Rapids
wha risked their money quite freely on
their team.
Left Forward Sage starred for Cornell
with seven baskets Cornell's floor work
waa the feature of the game. Accurate
and swift passing kept the ball la their
hands the largest ah are of tha time.
Cramer at guard did etellar work, espe
cially oa tha aggressive. Verink, Stookey
and Qrfauell wsro In stood form.
Referee Blrsch called both teams close
on fouling so that part af tha roughness
wss eliminated from the game.
Up to the Cornell game Cos haa en
Joyed Dearly a clean record, having been
beaten only by Grinnell this season.
Cos has aspirations to a second or third
rank la the state, and probably a deciding
gama will be arranged between Cos and
Cornell Is being atrongly supported for
tha Iowa-Cornell tame Tuesday. The
L.F Stookei
Fuasell-Klauaa.. L. F.
Saga R.F.
Carhart C.
Cramer L.O.
Reltaell (O....R-G.
Edwards R.O,
C w
. Grlssel
.. Vsrtnk
. Gorley
Bowling Entries May
lieach Six Hundred
CHICAGO, Feb. M -Entries of U
teams In the amerlcaa Bowling congress
had been received by Secretary Langtry
tonight when ho went to hie home at
Milwaukee to make out the schedule tor
the twelfth annual tournament of the
Before be left Chicago Secretary Lang-
try aald that more than SW.sM had been
paid aa entry fees. Ot this sum between
PT.OSi and S3.SW will be available for
lea. The awmber of entrtee and total
receipts la fees break all previous records
ta the history of tha American Bowling
Field baskets: Base m irusssii m r-. r
Brt (4), Cramer ti), Heltiell (J), Stookey
w,, xfisM w, verma ts), Ltorraao tl).
Free throws: Reltaell (1), Grlaaell (6).
Referee: Hlrsch, Normal. Umpire: Kerns,
Government Tests
Cars for Its Use
ST. LOUIS. Feb. lt-On last Mon
day a model M, Bwldt motor ear was de
livered ta Colonel Spencer Crosby of the
war department at Washington to
ho weed by the Inspector of buildings and
grounds tor his dally trips.
Tha government Invited all tha leading
manufacturers ot eara priced from IMS to
COOS to submit a car In competition to
committee of expert mechanical men.
Theee cars were driven to the designated
placa and the drivers dismissed. The
examination waa then mada with no
repreeentatlve of any of the cars present
Motor for motor, shaft for shaft, bolt for
bolt, ths cars wars compared, taated and
appraised by tha government experts
On by one the cars were eliminated until
but one remained. It was a Bulck. Of ths
seventeen or nineteen cars submitted
the Bulck alone stood tha rigid test of
quality and construction upon which ths
examination waa baaed. Thte car waa at
once turned over to the government for
Immediate service.
Tabor College Five
Bows to Crelghton
Crelghton'! basket ball ahootera put a
crimp oa Tabor college Friday at Tabor
by tha score ot M to S.
Tabor lacked la quick passing, while
Creighton's swift and accurate throws
gave them a hla lead In the flrat half
which the eolleaians were unable to over
come. The lineup:
Balderaon UF L.F. Mann
Hoffman - C; R. Plttmenn
Francis R.K.IC HsJI
Shtmerda L.G.1R.0 Mover
Bliss R.G.IL.G Johnson
R0.... Baakervllle
Field goals: Hoffmen 2. Frances 1
8hlmerda 1. Balderaon S, Hall t Mann a
Muyer 1. Pit l men a Free throwa: Pitt-
man X. Fraacta a Referee: ( la us Delfs,
Drake ualveraity. Scorer: Gaston. Time
keeper: Feetne-r. Length of helves: K
mlnutea. Score: First half. Crelghton
zi. Tenor n: second half, crelghton a.
Tabor 14. Total: Crelghton K Tabor &
la aa exciting preliminary game Tabor
High school lost to Tabor academy by
two points, the final score being: Acad
emy 1, high echool a
Cornhnskers May Play November
if Travel to Ann Arbor.
upew Dale aa Both Nebraska aai
Wolverine Srhedalea, aad It
Will Doubtless Be "erl
aely Considered.
Local Michigan alumni received a tele-
gram yesterday from George Ranelme
director of athletics st ths University of
Michigan, stating that the Ann Arbor
school haa November 1 open on their
iu schedule and is willing to offer the
Cornhuskers that date provided Coach
Btienm s aquad will Journey to the Michl
gan campua for the battle.
Conflicting reports have been emsnsllns
irom ooui camps on the Mil Nebraska
UI..I .
"-"sen contest curing the lsst two
montns, and according to an suthorlts.
tivs report given out by the Nebraska
management January 28, the Cornhnsksrs
can nave the choice of two dates with
tne wolverlnee-a game oa November
or uie closing game of the year. If the
november I date waa accented, the nm
would be played In Lincoln, but If th.
v.ornnuBKers closed the season with the
wolverines as their opponents, the con.
test must he pulled off st Ann Arbor.
The local telegram received yesterday
upsets all the previous dope and puts It
up to the Cornhuskers to accept Novem
ber J aa the date of ths Michigan con
test at Ana Arbor.
nowerer, If Nebraska takes un the
Wolverine gama for the November 1
data, another conflict will 'arise, aa both
Ames and Missouri have applied for
contests on the asms date.
European Billiardist
Drops to Last Place
NEW TORK, Feb. U-Edouard RoudlL
the European champion, dropped to the
bottom of the International stand lug In
ths amateur U.I balk Una tournament
sat night when he met hla third defeat.
this lima at tha hands of E. W. Gardner
of New Jersey. Gardner finished up his
string of 400 whsn his opponent -had
chance to win, but bungled a shot and
waa left at 392. This waa Gardner's last
gama la tha tournament and It leaves
his record two won and three lost.
Gardner's average la tonight's game waa
IHt with high runs of et, ST and SS: Rou
dll's average was 7 fl-M with high runs
of 4S, 44 and IL
J. F. Poggenburg won the evening gama
defeating Joseph Mayer, the Philadelphia
ehampioa by 40 to Set. The winner's
average of 14 1S-2S and his high runs SL a
ana sx Mayer mads an average of S 12-31
ana his beet runs were 46. at and St,
The ten pin game continues to he popu
lar with tha soldier lads at Fort Omaha.
-ma signal corps school team la sull in
first place) with an average of til Ser
geant Andrew CI arks tops tha Individual
with an average of ISt Following Is the
league standing and Individual averages:
Signal Corps school.... 21 1.1
i ompany h si n
Extra duty men 21 le
Company A fl 10
Headquarters 21 IS
Hospital corps U s
Entrtee mailed at a distance Friday
alght which will arrive here before Mow
day morning may bring tna total entry
net ta mare than M teama.
Fvraa Forfeit Fwated.
KANSAS C1TT. Feb. M. Jimmy Hurst,
manager of Clarence Feme ot Kansas
City, wha del roe the welterweight boxing
chanwionenip, tooay nostra a forfeit of
Sl.M with the aportlng editor of a local
newspaper to dim a matea with Fmcky
McFariaaa of cnicago or Ray Branson of
Indienapolle for tha weltarweurht rhma
ploaahlp. the money to go as a side bet
Pei sona troubles wrts partial paralysis
are often very araeh benefited hsr aaaa-
ag the affected parts thoroughly
whea ape tying Chamberlala'a Ltnlntent
This Irntsseat alas renews rheumatic
HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. Feb. IX. -C. a
Ross, member ot the Sheyboygan Coun
try dub, woa first honors la the Basis
of the St. Valentine's golf tournament
svwr the course af the country club here,
today, defeating E. B. Walters of the
Salisbury Golf club ot New Tork S up
and t ta play. Ross qualified for the
finals by a acora of St agalaet an SI bogey
for the course. Thirty-two players par.
tid paled.
PINEHVRST. N. C Feb. It-Miss
Mary B. Fewaes of Oakmont, sister of
tha V national golf champica, easily
wwa today's qualification round of the
Fwhruary golf tournament for women
and tha gold medal offered tor the beat
Persistent Advertising Is the Road
erfesst Ctsrke 1U sertetnt Flsfce its
rrlvste Lesf IK (Yirperel Fseie lit
Private ColllBs. lit rrlvste Docker Ul
Private tee HI Oersorel Hsnmis... m
rrlvste Keedrfek.... IIS Prints Hsnsiss.... lit
Prlvsts Crela lit Privets Xollhuter.... 1U
vrgesa AM m prime Jscksee. ut
AUBURN. Neb.. Feb. IS. (Special.)
Auburn High school won at basket ball
from Tecumseh Saturday, SS to fl. The
game waa featured by hard, fast playing.
Minor of Tecumseh was removed dur
ing tha laat half for personal foula.
Tecumseh has been a strong competitor
for southeastern honors this season.
Falrmoaat Defeata Fairfield.
FAIRFIELD, Neb., Feb. ll-(Special.) -In
a hotly contest game of basket ball
played here last night, the Fairmont High
school defeated the Fairfield High school
by the score of IS to IT.
Sloan's Liniment has sooth
ing effect on the nerves. It
stops neuralgia, toothache and
sciatica pains instantly.
Mrs. C. VL Dowses, ot Jobssseseait,
Mteh.,wrltss: "Sloan's Liaisient relieved
aie of Msurslgla. Those pains have all
goae end 1 ean truly say vow I Istaeit
did Slop then."
is also good for rheumatism,
sore throat and sprains.
atsaeMkn. me sat., ss. a i se.
Dr. Karl S. Seen . Boston, Mast.
Bottled at the
brewery. Just
abont 100 per
cent, perfect
For health's sake have
it la yonr home.
"Atwmy thm tmmrn
aod Old Blmtz"
Sea sios 1 si eiiiito .m
Fheaei OwaglaaSMS
I have no mora apprehensfoa
ot my Cadillac a not starting and
finishing than that my heart win
stop beating.
I Ta beat, tht CADILLAC t fas sAosyaa
J I00A for tk laiinf cxAiotf