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Indianola Man WanU Eepablican
Nomination for Governor. ;
Fraak OTuwr f (klrkaua
tjr aa K. (.. a. a f rru
l-ir on i Iv a ad Ida Ira for
IMOrralli- tu!nmiu.
Local Auto Branch House Managers
Austro-Hnnararian Minister of For
eign Affairs Passes Away.
- V1.
" - -v -y
! p.- '. '. i a. -. T tf
- --
ilievni . i!.
lE3 MOIXKS. IVh. s-,iW;4!,i.Kt
to- of a new candidal in it.e lace r.r
coventor of Iowa en ti republican t:c. t
the last wwk somen i:.t ruangi s the situ
ation and raises isst,. of a stair rharartrr
which will detract for th. .r.scnt from
the national ap,iMs of ihe yani.a.frn for
eslecrion of delt-saies. The new ent.y
Senator A. V. I'roudfoot, lives at fndian
ola, only Tiftccn miles south of les
Moines, while George W. Clarke, an
other republican candidate, lives at .Wei.
twenty-two miles west, and Prof. Holdm.
the independent candidate, lives at Antes
thirty miles north. All live In the same
congressional district with !cs Moire--,
so that they are bunched n-ar the state
Senator Proudfoot Is related to Ju.lse
Henderson, commerce counsel for the
railroad commission, who Uvea In the
same town, and who arts JT.OiXt a year
salary, and he has been closely associatr-d
with Senator Berry of the board of pa
role, who also lives In the same little
town and (ten J3.O0 a year. So the town
of Indianola promises to loom large on
the political map of the state.
Senator Proudfoot was one of the sup
porters of Senator I-afe Young In the
legislature. He was also one of the most
insistent opponents ot lite primary and jr.. j s fin
of the Ore plan of electins senators : bflGHcinCiOclIl XllKS
and this raises an Issue between Mm and j - , ,
Governor Clarke, who has been liberal In ! UftdiCiltB TllElF 1 PW
, .icrnv anu Iflli'lt Illl- pinna..
It is expected however, that Senator
Proudfoot will make his campaign larsely
on his record as the chamnlon of the
prohibitory amendment to the constitu
tion. He was defeated In his effort to
Induce the Inst letisntnre to adopt the
prohibitory amendment, and announced
he would carry on the fight. The adop
tion by the lr;slature would mean a "ay ''"'"rv It-
five-year campaign dn the merits nf state I Th'" s,;"'lil irremolile.- of the dedl
wlde prohibition as against the mulct ! c,,on w,nn Wr,lll":"' afternoon at
law, and If adopied it would mean the re- 0 'rlc" " Mr- ''"'W'" wived the
peal of the mulct law. Governor Clarke Initiatory woik which murks him as next
is a very strong temperance man, hut hai I ",e oldr" Kik ln " ttorld- '"owtnit
nits ciiine tne neuKaiion exercises proper.
v 9
e ' a , , v V1
r. -s . . st f )
v . ?. - at k
vhnrlty ll. r..rr lit :11k in i.rntiHri hf
I ltrrlt f .nlnuraph l.rllrr
1 irttTii i:'iiHrir Mftoiata
1 il I r.Miri ( I n ,
U:NV IM, lv-ti.nt A! 1 Ixa
1 vt'n Ah.rnl.jl Ausirf-MijTU-ntuili nunts
tT of f.'fn .itt.itis iiitr! ihls (Titnit
fount .ttt--T't: ,t! ha- . -n suffer
inp for thf lut in 1 1I1 rnnu l?u'oytha
mna. h -.isi- i-u :u . i u-. h profount!
j M;::ti:t"" in I'l'M'-l ami (itlrtml oruns
; at nl ti" li'Oo lt n f ntt rtaimx! for
his recovery.
Purine thp day h revived an auto-
' Staph letter from Kmintr Frnncis Jo
1 apph. nwpt me his ri'i1 ; 11:1 1 Un a nil
iNtowtnK uinm tht inini.-a.-r ill- brilliants
U" thr i;raji1 mwi of Ue onir of St.
Stephen. tn his lttr. the nni-Tor vx
pn?sl hia n-Ki-et that it was n.v, ary
because of t!if jtal of hK hrjil;!; for
Oount von 10 avk icum to Ik
rrlirvtxl of offic. r-atf inn. J his
I confidence In th foreign minister and
I his policy which had hcen carrit out
' nitricr . difficult circumsiancfs ami con-
liuiwl ith "winiw'M thank for your
jf.Hithful :nd distineufohtM. wrvlcrs to my
I hou and monarchy."
t'ount von Ahrrnthal read the letter
jaftt-r receivini; the la.t aacranients ani".
I mcmd nmch pratifietl.
t'.tuTit l.e.mll on Itcrchthold. former
: mt,a".id'T to Hu5sia. han tMi-ti apnoin!wl
jfort-ln minli-irr.
V hilf it i ack no IfNt ;tM by Au?tna
that Count VOt. Ahernthat h.rl Ant ,
than am of ht immarfiiu miM-B-a
I to raise the prestifrc of th country, -hi
latter days were embittered by attacks
from Christjan aoclalist journals, which
disked the mtmnter a sympathy for Italy
and hia alleged lukewarmnesa for Ger
many. -.
. : i
l:lrl ni. -r a -
RKI OAK. la.. Feb. ll-ISnortal 4
Miss Flossie Hnurhln. Ilvlnc near Grant,
jdi.-d this morning from bursa raeetmd
j sev enl weeks aso when a lamp upaet
and cover, d her with burning oil. Bit
! h-id sufferrd Intensely ever sine the aorV.
il.nt. The body will be taken to Erase,
i son tomorrow and burial will be la th
Hiisc;ill cemeter-
Hee Want Ada always brine result
auspices of the lona Slale Dairy asso
ciation and it is in cl-arKe of State llairv
Coniniisshiner lliieh 'an I'elt. The trip
Includes ,V miles and It Is estimated
lhat !.' ftirmers will hear the lectures
before the lost slop Is made at IJowrle
on Much i.
Club House Home
SIII'XAM'O.VH. In. Keh l.-iSiecii'..)
The Kiks ledite dedicated Its new RV.NX)
home Tltursilav and Kridjiy of last week.
tt initiated at the same time "Cncle"
John I'hippH, who rcachnl his l'Tcth blrlh-
not favored a prohibitory amendment In
the constitution.
lienor rata Alas la the Held
The announcements of Crank O'fonner
of Chickasaw county and E. O. Ininn of
Cerro Gordo county as candidates fi
the democratic nomiantlon for governor
makes It certain these two men will make
a merry race. Both are unusually fine
speakers and It Is supposed they will
make a speaking campaign. Jlr. Dunn Is
a traveling man who has long been con
nected with the co-nneratlve movement
In the state and Is strong with the farm
ers In the north half of the state. Repre
se native (VConner was prominent In the
last legislature, especially for his having
pushed through the legislature the bill
for the Oregon plan for the selection of
United States senators, which was vetoed
by Governor Carroll. No other candidates
are expected, as either one of these men
would make an acceptable candidate -o
the democrats this year.
Wood row Wllaoa Plana.
The plans for the big demonstration In
favor of Woodrow Wilson next Friday
have now beta completed. Hu will speak
in the evening at the Coliseum and de
liver his address on "Bock to the People."
Delegations are expected from all over
the state to attend and here will be
formed a club to advance the Interests
of the New Jersey governor in this state.
The Champ Clark democrats are becoming
alarmed at the turn of affairs and are
making efforts to discredit the meeting,
but It promises to be a big demonstration.
Starting a Roosevelt aove.'
The only development in politics in the
state recently as It relates to the na
tional question were in the First and
Sixth districts, where it Is learned that
a number of the leading republicans are
seeking to make an arrangement by
which the delegates from those districts
may be men who would favor the nomi
nation of Koosevelt for president. Noth
ing Is known here as to the mesnlng of
this new movement, but It Is known that
a number of republicans have not been
satisfied with the trend of affairs and
believe that Roosevelt Is sure to win.
They are districts that under no cir
cumstances would be for Senator Cum
mins. Assssl Mine Wage Qarstloa.
Union misers of Iowa will meet In an
nual convention here on March It. They
will come prepared to demand a raise in
wages of 10 cents a ton and of 30 per
cent for day work. The operators will
refuse to meet that demand, and as a
result the mines of Iowa will all shut
down on April 1 until a new mage scale
Is agreed upon.
Will Back I a Hcnloa Bill.
The Iowa Anti-Saloon league will be
one of the state leagues to send repre
sentatives to Washington. D. C, March
4 to appear before the house committee in
behalf of the Kenyon-Khepherd Interstate
commerce bill.
E. C. Dlnwiddfe, who represents the"
temperance organizations of the United.
States as national legislative lobbyist, ha
secured a public hearing on this bill for
March 4. i and (, and has asked that !
each state league send three men to t;lve
addresses before the house commilti'e.
Thia Is the first time, writes Mr. Din
widdle to the Iowa league, that any def
inite time has been set when hearings
' on temperance measures should cease and
action begin.
. Confer an Rates.
Representatives from the Interior cities
of Iowa Interested in the lot a complaints
before the interstate commerce commis
sion called for hearing at Washington
Jlarch 1. will meet in conference in the
offices of the state board of railroad
commissioners Friday morning.
Friday afternoon the members of the
commission will confer with representa- !
lives from the Mississippi river cities !
especially Interested in the Mississippi
liver rate complaints.
in charge of Ii.'trlcl Iieputy lirund Kx
alted Ruler W. II. Kane of Davenport.
The home was then thrown open to the
public for the general reception until 7
p. r.l.. when the Invited guests assembled
In the lodge room to hear the address
by Harvey Ingham, editor of the lea
Moines Register and leader, who spoke
on the benefits derived from fraternal
Following the formal program the dance
room wa.n opened for the balance of the
evening In an informal dance. Five hun
dred people were served Thursday evening
at the banquet In the dining room of the
club house.
The grand ball and banquet was held
Friday evening and again there were
almost MO guests.
The hullriing Is three stories and con
tains billiard and card rooms, bowling
alley, dining rooms, parlors, ladles'
rooms and a magnificent lodge hall, be
sides various other rooms for the use of
the officers of the lodKe. It Is richly
furnished throughout and stands a testi
monial lo the artistic tnte and ability or
J. A. Masters, the first eialled ruler tf
the Unite and chairman of the building
.... .i w. ....,. . i I mill in ssii mil '"""'
(Ileynl it. C. KK1CIIKI.. lllen) VV II HKAIV
K. C, 11. ami iMKlai.d.
aw': 'fVwV.
rN 1 $; .ft?:,
i; . . I' V yiy - s f rC
L. A s-e, I :
L"1-' t 1 , " -v -. A
' jf w. ' ' 1 - V' i
tsUkisuiMHUaaaHuusSiaaaLMaaail lt L; ... o .'. ,
(Ileynl Tt. F. DAVIS. Maiont'-r Fold Itratich.
tilrnuoiiil IsrrlaiMMlory (oatrst,
UI.ENW()OI, la., Feb. 18.-tSpeclal.)-The
illctiuood nigh school declamatory
contest gl en at the opera house lust
evening as the best ever given here.
David Harnett, the winner In the dra
matic and over-all, has a good chance
to win In an all-state contest, and in
oratorical Clarence Carter will be near
the top. In stage appearance the latter
Is superior to any scholar that baa ever
appeared muin a Ulenwood stage.
nahleman frequently took the
when he was uuahle to sleep. II
victim uf Insomnia.
Indictments Strike
Florida Land Men
-Cash Mingled with
Rubbish of Years in
Dying Miser's Home
TAMPA. Fla.. Feb. lS.-Clun.-mi; fia:..l
tllent use of the mails in Intluelu.ti pur
chaser of Klorid.t lards by mi-representation,
the federal gland jury loil.iy
returned liidlctmcutH axainnt the Klorlda
Farm and Orchard company ami Its otfi
cors. W. K. and K. II. Cullfnid and 1. It.
Morton, The parent office Is In lloston.
This is the first of a series of Indictments
expected lo result from allrgd mlstcpro
sentatlon of Florida hinds.
Miss l.llllan Crosby of Dimvers. Muss.,
was complainant aualnst the Boston com
pany. Hhe alleged she was sold Innri
under a guarantee thut it was sirtcd for
aUrlrulturn of all kinds, that there was
free delivery and that If she were
not satisfied with the tract she could
exchange It.
humorou!, Mis-m lifirgan wan first and
Miss Fleming n-c.ind. Thene thre will
represent Olenwood In the dlatiict meet
at Tabor.
ST. Feb. 18 -The decision In the
Kimme can opened before tTnltel States
District Judrie I'harle? K. Anildon todav
with H. M Snyder ot Kjn?m fit v. p n
of the R. M. Sn lcr who wan In-
In John IS. Swlrmey, a ran' her, to have t u
llf ,1 lllliiSf of i
itlc!loi'il to)H il
in i ... m,. n v ti
iiiaii.loii of Samuel
the iHiiiUt iiiKh'Ttn
K-r,-un otht r than
The iinatlf r was
attend the utIim, ,
dying. Tin in
K Th1 rxlMtence
-H-ry ' in lifntlkii was
h- ii, frr ihc first timu
tin. tin- lit inHin Jiirt
K. Dalt t, hi. own an
c, mm tntrtt-d by a
lit cit'.nti ie fniint.
a iiiijMatth ffiit to
who i.4 K-iil to be
I.h l-t Art. t.-Kethcr with the
cane Iftt'-r, fimiul the flouitf
ut the m.tKnif icrtttly fnrni.-ii d house cuv
t red two inrlien thick with dut. and lit
UTin,; the earpetti or MWejtt into rubbltlt
filled earner Were in ri; than J!i.wjy in
paper currency, together with .tuck cer
tificates and bnnd(. Jtoxen of Rod and
silver eotns lnv expojivil In v.-irtoitH num.
and hmuheii of i in- hook thut upimr
riitly had ii 'vt r lnen openci weft found
in disoi deivd luaps. I
S'liie-' ins wift- wan hurncd t.i d- ath j
tweiity-fle yen r a'o liaslrt p:actiia!ly j
has M-nh d him. If .t in tli.- biv: huuie i
and rerusi-d adiinliaiicti to Irknm, iriu
ti v-H or strantTB, l?e never went out I
extvpt lo M-e hi j attorie-j , In w hone J
efiii-f totiav he whm inkeii .s-iion:!y 111.!
yM 1
You wouldn't think of drinking impure water.
Why not be sure you get fmre Leer? If you
drink beer from a light bottle that has been exposed
to light, you are not sure.
Light starts decay, even in pure beer.
' Schlitz is brewed in the dark, aged in glass-lined
et eel -enameled tanks. Every tub, vat and tank is
scalded every time used. Every bottle is sterilized
after it is Bcaled. Even the windows in our bottling
plant arc of brown glass.
The Brown Bottle pro
tects Schlitz purity from the
brewery to your glass.
Plinneal I'iglai WIT
Schlitz Bottled Beer Depot
723 S. 9th St., Omaha, Nebr.
iff J
llnrlnl of
HKI OAK, la.,
Mrs. ,. s. K an.
Moines hospital -.
hero Sunday. Mr.
lra. Evan a.
Feb. iSpeeial
v. ho died in a l'e
lerdaj , was bin It d
Kan. was widely
known to the traveling people of south
west Iowa, having been identified with
the maiiaKenient 'of the Kvans hotel for
many years. She had been ill for veveral
month. Mr. Kvans and one son, Frank
Evans, urvlve.
leepfi.K Pot ton aaaea Death.
BLOOMFIfcXI. la.. Feb. lfc-tiSpecJa!..
A sicepinK potion of hyoscyamin, which t the frequent eol!H
Charles ttacletnar.. a prosperous farmer children, and have
r(tr A. Kintmel '
the Oregon wimhIs, on
u'ini; of
f a Yw
the dav
present when
.vhot to death ln
the star I.
Snyder's tenilmonv and the
the ipoiiton of th audi tot
York hotr-I enibtt th.- r:i'e f.
and ailjnni nmetif tiK-n i:n
Yoiinr Snvth-r iil-ntili'-i Mi.- -iri
uf hi fathT ai oitosrjiphfd from ihf
reRiKter of t'i hotH nn i after ajivin
other t."tlmony he wan eeu-e-d tem
porarily. Ills testimony was civen with
the ohject of attacking that of SAinniy.
one of the atsr wltnres for tii plain
tiff, the receiver of a tWunrt Nths,
Mich., bank.
lie .
M. i hi
ok--d ti :
n in Hu rtiuu:ny
own iiH'Ul.
1.1: .i.
. on the
il! h-
Tin Sf!:i
'ill V.
This In the season of the year uhen
mothers feel ery mueh concerned over
eontracted by their
iun(Ja:t reaon fur
min,!'-i"ii foi in
; I in two ):l;o'K
Mil's ( .tie? on Tin mx: . lit l.t a.i the
o,t:. -t!n (; Wli'ti .V ("ori'l lil i.ttllTM-
iii' tit uht'li v;ih ;nlotid a y u: ago Hlid
K'ma into fi.-ft in . ti'. ftiti bn with
tiut-e or five ninuiK.vionor;', the original
election ha vwtr lr-n with five, which
Home nf the voters wnnt r ''ItJfed to three
hffnrc th plan Koe Into effect.
In Helie Konrrhe lUo tw,i qm ntiona will
h Iriiled In one. eM'tion, whethtr tiie
convniw'on form ("MhII Ie udopted and
38 years old, took last Tuesday to brine' It. as every cold w.ikens the
on sleep raided his death last nlRht. Ile ers the vital!, y .! vs t
never regained consciousness, althntieh the n:o;- . r.- .is di.s-.i.i :i il
phyflcians tried to brln him to his fcenea fellow, t ' rlain s mh Hei
for forty-elpht hours, heath was caused famous lor Its en:,
by heart disease, the physldttn said. ! cafe to uke. Fo:
loii:s. 1mv
? ay ft,r
oil. r:
iy :s
hall ht- with tlirec
The Beer
That Made Milwaukee Famous
See that crown or cork
is branded "Schlitz"
s. and Is Hivi iiu
ulc- by u'A uiuuis;
li-a 'I'll rrnlc
whs or '.I.
..r 1 '1 k.
an-i X iff
.V. w
;.. l.y
It. ...
Oldsmobile Vanderbilt Cup Car
SELLER LIQUOR CO., 1309 Farnam
Iowa Dairy Trala Starts.
MARSH ALLTOWX, la.. Feb. 18.-Spe
C:al. To preach the gospel of better I
dairying method?, the Iowa dairy special !
started out over the Rock Island from '
Waterloo this morning to tour northern I
Iowa. The tram is being run under the)
' . . s . j v.r . j , . . r. '
- - - - fk'Vx'. " f d i ,' - -, j '
1 v'-J.'. - ' " 'a" '-r'..' " - V
Oi C ' ' a V- f ' ' , " ' ; r' V"-'' ''r.. ' V ,.'
-:.v .--.j ''c::
cc::dened mam elects to
KAl.T I.VKK -rry, nan. Feb. 1
.ii'u l shol!nR was srlrcled by Har-'r-.
iiinnr-y I'wliiy ahen ths court,
,,f.,!,. i.-i:,i; .iiirnir, oskrd him ho
r iT'.'-r-d lu dls tor the murrior of C.
I 1 1, k M.J11 . Urtubrr C 1)U. llareh 2
aas fix-'d aa th" duy of sirrnllon. ils,
hiT.rry has ar.l-'lP1 t tn snprrmo
(vift f(ir a rtrw ir'.sl.
GLss before Breakfast
tjiicr up tha stomach, clean
tli a hoail end doe you good.
Ti.e Amricrat made Its debut was na on; nf if. factory jii-t faijr'.-n f Tins absnrr ..f i
a tl.r lnK Isiar.d ryrnt on October i oay.- and of a rl :-.vii n,.-r tried out in justm.-nls ...-u,1'
a-.J. runninic as steadily as clockwork. ro",, of ' :''"'" to the 'ance road rac-s r,
r..a.!v miN in ys minutes. 36. sec- !.me ''h' Va.'"" "" ' iUar"' " m rt'-' H'
thnjun tre .o - m rlorn;;.::' .;;(...;. a . rr.ntiru t "fi ri t. ,
u.'.C:. mclud..,. twv stops for trasolir.e and altlj? adJuMment t.f an nt it. ani.. A f.'if.r" ,orti- i
-.31 thus a era -inK over a mile--mn;tte wfcat is more remarkai.:- ::.t. o i. that ;r.-- .11
a taal runniri; time fir the ent re ' ne tire chanr . No! u::nr; e u ark. i tU r i
distance, f-nt re rac waj a :cre.T :ir, i. the ntnf ut. of a,,
The remark:- of t?"e p'-rf .rrn- Was n,Jt tirhtrni'! n-ir ,dn ;.n Vj,( i ' ' f. ,f.ire a
ai:ee lies iti ti.e fact that whereas the car nvni of an: Kiai trjai;-. -iiiit-ciuu
KATOkAI. laxative
Qnickly Believe
V 1 "
tr iriHibi ai.: f.f aM- ,
The Western Union
"Day Letters" and
Night Letters"
bring the
within reach of all.
r TUC UTPTTOU iiuinu TTirnmnti nnunitrv