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Dtmocmtt Slated for Sharp Contest
for State Control.
Twa Factions l.laed p taw Wira
Fight -Toft l.eaawe Plaae fe
rlre of Baiigects la
.Prom a staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb. Feb. .-Snreial.V-Folltlcally
tlx weak Just passed hu bean
one of tbe most Interesting of the pre
election campaign to date. The meeting
of the La Kollette-RooaeveJt forces Mon
day night with the subsequent arrenge
ment with John O. Yelser, sponsrr for
the Rooeevelt boom, baa rompleted the
lineup Within the republican party, while
the democratic conteit ! rapidly unfolding-
The, call for meeting1 of tha Harmon
men and the lettar of M. K. Harrtnirton
containing tbe deil of tha Wilson forces
has furnished tha groundwork for one
of tha prettiest fights aver pulled off
within the democratic party. Bryan, the
one-time Idol and dictator of everything
democratic In Nebraska. is Iba head of
tha Wilton-Champ Clark combination In
tha slate, while Senator Hitchcock Is
recognised as the Harmon general-ln-rhlef.
Metcalfe and Thompson ara divi
sion commanders under Bryan, while Mial
lenbrrger and Morehead occupy a similar
relatloa ta Senator Hitchcock with Mayor
Dahlmen In charm 'of an Indyiendent
command, operating In conjunction.
Haat fa Helevt Frees.
A majority at least of tha candidates
for state offices have filed and awn
those wbo hava not arc busy laying wires
and fixing up fences out over tha stale
and tha dear voter la having tha time of
his Ufa keeping track of things. If hs Is
busy between now and tha date of the
primary In April ha may possibly ba able
ta pick the men he wants out of tha for
midable list which will (race tha primary
ballot 11 certainly Is a gay Ufa, this Ne
braska primary, and possibly tha voter
may ba compelled to call In a civil engi
neer to locate himself. Even tha engineer
may hava his troubles, there haa been
so much moving of tha old established
Plaa Series of Vaaanels.
The Taft league haa planned a aeries
of banquets to ba held In various parts
of Iba slat a but aa yet tha schema has
net progressed far enough that dates have
bam announced. Mr. Currla la busy, how.
ever, and haa received assurances from
Congressman McKlnley, tha bead of the
national Taft campaign committee, that
speakers of note will ba bent to address
theaa various affairs.
Hava) tor Owe set at Delegates.
A movement was started lata last week
to do away with the two seta of repub
lican candidates for delegates la tha na
tional convention and hava tha ones
chosen pledged to vote for tha choice of
tha primary, but It did not move far.
While It la understood both sets of dele
gates ara pledged to db this, both ths
Tsft campaign managers and thoaa ac
tive la behalf of La rolletle and Itoose
velt took the ground that If such a plan
waa aver advisable things bad gone on
toe fan (or that now, as petitions for
putting the names en the ballots bad
already, been sent out and- In gome In
stances filed wltb the secretary et state.
In addition th entire organisation of
both sections of lbs party , bad been
built around this Idea, of delegates to
represent them.
' aelwa Hap ta Ceesa Back,
Whether It waa the water of the cap!
tal city or tha aight of tbe scenes of
former political adventures the past week
certainly witnessed a large number of
declarations of political ambitions on ths
part of former members of the legisla
ture) Among those, here attending the
meeting of I he. old tlmera a, large per
rent declared tkey would max tee effort
to return. , . ,
Frlae ta rirad Insanity.
Albert Prince, the colored man wbs a
week ago today attacked and killed
Deputy Warden Davis during chapel cx
erclsea at the penitentiary, will plead
Insanity. It la announced, when his trial
comes on. In his cell he exhibits the
greatest Indifference regarding his eon.
dltlon. In fact, never mentions the affair
to bis guards and when It ta broached
turns It off. lie Is being closely watched
to prevent Mm from doing harm to him'
self or others,
Qalrt In aapresae Caart.
Tbe supreme court will hear arguments
this week but so far aa the calendar ra
vrala there la nothing to come up of es
pecial Importance, though It la expected
some move will be made by the attorney
general la tbe South Omaha Fire and
i'ullce commission case, pending on mo
tion for judgment or the appointment of
a referee to bear testimony. Following
is the call for tha week:
For hearing Monday, February 19,
1912: Chase, administrator, against Chi
cago, Burlington A Qulitcy Kallroad
company, naunders: Booth against An
drus. Lancaster; parsons against Barnes.
Lancaster; Lincoln Urain company
against Chicago. Burlington A tjulncy
Railroad company, Lancaster: MrCartery
against Citv of Omaha ireergumentl.
fjougiaa: I'etterson, trustee, against
Kelter, Pougla.
For bearing Tuesday. February 30.
!!:: Keenaa against. Wc, Hoooe; Wilson
against r'penter, Boone: Kramer against
vieigand. Boone; Hamhard against riara
hard. Huone: The hirst National Bank et
Council biuffa against Moore. Harlan.
Kor hearing Wednesday. February SI,
1911: Neff against Brandels. Douglas;
, rrucha against Coufal. Butler: The timid
year Tire A Rubber company agslnat
Bacon. Douclas; Pa Is ley against I"ilev,
1 Folk; Breae against Preston. Kea
Paha; Burr asaiast Finch, tfherldan:
, Ward ajrsmvt Aetna Life Insurance com
pany. Douglas.
No seeeiea of court Thursday, February
it iir
For hearing Friday. February JJ. 1911:
Adams again Milage Board of Curtis,
' I'mmier: Perry A Bee company aasinat
Ho eruufc Opera House company. Furnas;
Titer agaittet Button Land compaur,
! .enema' rr. Smith against Potter too sao
t 'a tor rehearing. Lincoln.
Tbe following Is a proposed assignment
of rases tor hearing at tha session com
mencing Monday, March :
Hoffman, administrator, against Chi
cago A Northwestern Railroad company
ireargumentl. Holt. Reumaa against fi
delity Aarideat Insurance company.
Boone: Harris against Lincoln A North
western Rairoad company. Lancaster;
.t eller axainst moan. . Thurston; Hrnxe
against bluebell. Sheridan: Gamble
.against latere of eGmWe. Dodjrr: pinruie
Medicine company against Voder m Mi
le . Cage; Quick against Modem Wood-
men of America. Lancaster: A. J. Minor
(.umber eompanv against T1ionileon.
Scott Rltiff: Toansend atatnat swallow,
Boyd: Marsh against VI latce of Trenton.
Hitchcock; Coeies against Kyd. liage:
lieywood against Heywood. Dodge: Mc
Csll. receiver, against Boaen. I.ancaster;
McKay against State Ion motion f"T re
liearingl. Antelope: City of Omaha
again! Yancev, Ijougla: Pitt.' aiiainat
Burdock. Hamilton ; I'nion State bank
of Harvard against McKelvle. Clay:
Shell against (ieerl. Merrick: County of
Platte against Cotintv of Butler, Hutlev;
Wallace against State. Buffalo: Kanert
arain-t stale. Hull; Stewart against liar
ton, Lancaster.
OVERTON. Neb.. Feb. lS.-lSpeclal-The
Modern Wordmen of America lodge
No. Ktf of Overton in their last regular
session discussed the readjustment of
rates of the order. It was unanimously
agreed that the proposed rates were uV
just and too high.
A vote was taken to ascertain how
many of those present weuld stay with
the order If the proposed rates were put
Into effect and not a member signified
his Intention of remaining under tbe
above proposed raise.
It la the beilef that the same feeling
that exists here prevails over the entire
slate and if the proposed ratea are put
Into effect there will be a,very small
following In the Modern Woodmen In this
state after January 1. 1911.
The following committee was appointed
to draft a set of resolutions and forward
the aame to the Modern Woodman, state
papers and the home paper for publication
that the neighboring lodges may know
how the lodge here stands. The commit
tee appointed was O. K. Clark. W. A.
C ran dull. W. ir. lull, J. A. Schleef and
14 A. Rengler.
The following resolutions were adopted:
Resolved. That the proposed rates are
too high and unjust, therefore, be It
Resolved. That the Overton camp stands
ready to concur wltb other lodges of the
state to fight this exorbitant proposed
rste: and he It
Resolved. That ths members should have
a voice In making of rates when read
justment Is necessary: be it further
Resolved. That we commena me emion
taken by Omsha lodge No. 13), which
voice our sentiment,
M'COOK. Neb.. Feb. 11-(Spsdal.-
Thursday of this week, while digging a
ditch on one of Senator J, F. Cordeal'i
farms In Driftwood precinct, this county,
the tensnt, Fred Hwnrts. unearthed the
bones of a little child, probably a year
old or less, burled In a goods box about
a foot below the surface. Only the larger
bones and some hair remained of the
little body thus burled by unknown bands
at some early data In the history of this
county. Neighbors who nave lived In that
vicinity for thirty-three years have no
recollection of any child having died on
this farm, which waa homesteaedd many
years since by a man by the name of
Brown, who baa long since left here, hie
farm becoming the property of the eld
Nebraska Loan and Trust company of
Hastings, and afterward, of Senator Cor-
FIUBMO.NT" Neb.. Feb. lL-Aftsr de
liberating sixteen hour the Jury returned
a verdict at W o'clock this morning, find
ing Al. Pruyn guilty et manslaughter In
keying Michael Oorey last Christmas day
at North Bend.
leveaty-levea Per Cent af Local
Camp at Weadsaea W ill , .
Drop fraaa Order.
STROMSBL'RO. Neb., Feb. lt-Ope-clsl.)-The
Modern Woodman camp No.
ta of this city met In regular session
this week, and the question of the raise
In ratea waa generally discussed. An ex
pression waa taken from the camp, and
77 per cent expressed themselves that
they would drop tha order when the new
rates go Into effect.
The other B per rent said they would
stay In while anyway, and watch de
velopments, but all were much dissat
isfied with the action of the head camp
In raising the ratea at this time In the
manner that It did.
It wag voted that they ' petition ths
proper offletsts to call another meeting
of the head ramp and reconsider the
question of raising the ratea
Tha farmers In this community are
feeling a little Indignant ever the at
com proposition. Several have expressed
themselves as a little tired of the busi
ness men giving eo much concern over
what seed the farmers shall plant. The
farmers feel they fully realise the ne
cessity of getting good seed.
Iter, Will Pugsley, a Canadian evan
gelist. Is conducting some very success
ful meetings at the Bdea Baptist church
of this dty. He Is called the "Canadian
Cyclone,'' and has the attention of his
bearers every minute he speaks.
Farmers' Institute at St. Edward.
ST. EDWARD. Neb.. Feb. ll.-t Spe
cial.) The most successful farmers' In
stitute ever held la Bt. Edward closed Its
two days' session Friday. The Institute
waa held under the suspires of the Fair-
view Farmers Social club and the ex
tension department of the University of
Nebraaka. That tlie farmers took a lively
Interest la tbe Institute Is evidenced by
tbe large crowds which were la attend
ance at each session to listen te the able
speakers on their respective subjects. L.
W. Leonard of Pawnee CRy and V. B.
8hbiey of Central City were the princi
pal speakers The domestic science ex
hibit was fsr above the expectations.
Miss Gertrude Rowan of the state uni
versity farm had charge of this depart
ment, and a number of prises were
awarded In this exhibit to girts under a
years of age by the business mea of St.
lid ward.
Railroads Prepare
to Cope with the Ice
FREMONT. Neb., Feb. IS -Special
Telegram. hTh warm weather of the
tan two days is ha vine its effect on the
Platte River. Cnniiderabie water is
running on lop of the Ice. The en
channel which existed during the cold
weather ara netting wider and vome ke
ta breaking off. The Union Pacific and
Burl in: ton railroads are prepared
for trouble and have men and
dynamite on hand for an emergency.
Last night and thin forenoon some open
places were blasted oat to protect the
bridges. No trouble is anticipated unless
warm rain should come within a few
Strange Story of Hew Arrangement
Told by Lincoln Star.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. N'b. Feb. lS.-(Sperial.)-
The Nebraska State Uoard or Agricul
ture offers to the Nebraska boy under
II years of age growing the largest
yield of corn from one acre of Nebraska
land during the year 1112. J; aecooo.
tX. third. US: fourth. H; fifth to eignin.
It each: ninth to twelfth, 14 each, and
thirteenth to sixteenth. each, and to
the boy growing the largest yield on an
acre of land west of the east line ot
Boyd, Holt, Wheeler. Greeley. Howard,
Hall, Adams and Webster counties. Hi;
second, 115; tlilrd and fourtn, eacn.
fifth and sixth W each; seventh to tenth,
t each, and twelfth to sixteenth, 13 each.
The entire labor of preparing the
ground, planting, cultivating and har
vesting of this acre of corn Is to oe per
formed by the contestant, who enters
the contest by recording his name In the
office of W. R. Mellor, socretary, Lin
coln, not later than May 29. ISIS.
Raid acre to be measured, husked and
weighed In the presence of two disinter
ested freeholders, residents of said county
Said committee to forward affidavit as
to weight and requirement of speclflca
lions In this contrat to the secretary of
the State Board of Agriculture, not later
than December I, l'l-
The contestant shall file with the sec
retary a full and detailed account oi ms
method of performing the work, rem-
Users to be used, If any: whether bottom,
hill or table land, and the character or
kind of soil on which the crop was
grown, with an accurate account oi ine
cost ot production, rent of ground, coat
of plowing, harrowing, discing, planting,
cultivation, husking and every feature of
expense In labor, seed, fertiliser, etc..
ted on the actual time that entered
Into the production ot this acre of corn.
On request prise winners must forward
a sample of ten ears of corn grown to
W. R. Mellor, secretary, Lincoln. Neb.
Practically all corn In the elate Is
raised In altitudes varying from 1.0M to
tJe feet above sea level, therefore, the
dlvlsloa made through the state Is as
nearly aa possible along the l.W foot al
titude line. In the contests carried on
for several yean past only two premiums
have gone weet of this line.
BLAIR, Neb.. Feb. H.( Special. V-The
Blair Volunteer Tire department com
menced several years ago to create a fund
for the purpose of building a city hall
and fire house combined. They have
now on hand upwards of IS.WO, and the
ward will ba started aa soon as the
weather permits. President James Usher.
fire Chief Ed. Matthleson and Attorney
Clarlt O'llanlon were appointed a com
mittee to get plans from Omaha archi
tects and three seta ot plans will be here
Monday. The department owns a plot ot
ground 71x10 feet on a. prominent corner
opposite the postofflce. The plana will
call for a building MxINi The first floor
will have concrete chambers, fireman s
rooms, dty clerk's offices, etc. The sec
ond floor will be an up-to-date auditorium
x feet, with stage and dreeelnga. The
ooet la estimated at about IIS.OCO and they
expert to realise about CM from the old
building and lot. The burning of the
Blslr opera house a year ago has left the
city without any place large enougn io
accommodate any gathering or entertain
ment. It Is expected to have It com
pleted by September L
Howeo aarwoel at Planaasaatk.
cial.) The dwelling ot John Richardson, a
fisherman, caught fire about T:&9 o'clock
Saturday morning and before the fire de
partment coe Id reach the place It had
burned bej-end repair. The owner of the
dwelling was out of tha city and his wife
waa sick In bed with a babe but t days
old. Two et the neighbors rushed to her
reecue and carried her and the baby ta a
neighboring house. The eldeet son, a
youth of about IT, burnt his bands and
bead badly trying ta reecae bis mother.
There waa ae Insurance on the dwelling.
which with the furniture was a total
Wtlllaas Jordan, Who Died In
Omaha et Infantile faralyela,
Formerly at Uetheebarg.
GOTHENBl'RG. Neb.. Feb. W.-tr!pe-
claD-Ray Puna ant and Mlaa Dena
Rosendahl were married Wednesday at
Lexington by County Judge Moulds. A
reception waa given In the evening after
their return at the bride's home.
The six weeks' old daughter ot Mr. and
Mrs. Harvey Reynolds died yesterday
from whooping oought.
Charles riwenson. aged Ti years, died
at hte home of his nephew, A. W John-
eon, near Brady. Funeral services were
conducted by Rev. Mr. Berg ot Hot hen
burg. Mr. 8 at en eon waa a pioneer, hav.
Irig settled here In lSTi
Prank Anderson of Wauaa. Neb., has
bought K. A. Calling's faro of St acre
adjoining town, for
The Folkert Rosendahl farm of ls acres
sold at auction to 1L 1L Franxen for 171
per acre.
Harvey Dennis, while on hie way to
Arnold, died from a fall from his horse.
Funeral services were held at Grand
Fred Radctlff of Central City, who re
cently purchased the new opera house.
Is arranging to conduct a moving picture
show therein, cemeaenctng Haturday even
ing. It A. Hayter Is te be manager.
William Jordan, who died tn umana
Wsdaoeday after suffering two years
from Infantile paralysis, lived with nis
parents ta Gothenburg prior to tbetr rest-
ice la Omaha. It waa while they
res nmnln a rcsUurant here inai ne
aa stricken.
Chancellor Atrrr ald to Have
-tarred with Ministerial l alos la
Have Oaly Orthodox Pro
fessor at Meheol.
Is .orthodoxy to be trade a test for
professors at the I'nlversity of Nebraska?
The Lincoln Star says such a test is al
ready being applied. In its Sunday ts-vie
the Star prints the following story:
"No more professors who disagree
with Genesis or refuse to credit the ac
count of Jonah and the whale are to be
employed by tbe I'niverslty of Nebraska
under an agreement reported to exist be
tween Chancellor Avery and the IJncoln
Ministerial association. As fast a edu
cators who do not conform to the ortho
dox Intellectual pattern leave the uni
versity or die, their places are to be filled.
according to this compact, by others a lio
can meet the requisite test of theologi
cal beilef.
"The ministerial association took the
initiative In this matter some time aso
and. It is claimed, got a promise, from the
chancellor that no one known to be a
dissenter from prevailing' religious Ideas
would be recommended hereafter for Im
portant positions upon the atale uni
versity faculty. The chancellor recom
mends professors for advancement and
also passes on applications received from
outside. Usually the board of regeuU
accepts his recommendations.
The understanding- between the
preachers and the chancellor appears to
have been working tn at least one recent
Instance. Tha bead of a department left
the University of Nebraska some months
ago to take a position elsewhere. The
man next to him In the department, re
garded by everyone as a thorough and
capable Instructor, was In line for eleva
tion as his successor. Instead of his be
ing advanced, however, a new professor
was brought In from the outside, who haa
since become the virtual head, although
not yet nominally so. The newcomer, aj
It happens. Is a devout church member,
while the man who did not get a promo.
tlon entertains liberal Ideas regarding
The fart that some faculty members of
the State university have not attempted
to harmonise their Instruction with such
events as narrated in the scriptures has
been the subject ot complaint at differ
ent times from members of the mlnlsterisl
union, it has been mentioned from lAa.
coin pulpits more than once, and less than
year ago the pastor of a down-town
church declared In one of his sermons
that irreligious teaching In the state uni
versity would have to stop.
'Some of the alumni who took courses
under the liberal professor who failed to
receive advancement la the vacancy at
the head of the department ara Inter
esting themsclvea In hi rase. They su
ae rt that he la worthy of the higher
place and will use their Influence to see
that no discrimination Is made effective
against him because of hi religious
Yuan Asks that Sun
Be Made President
SHANGHAI. Feb. U.-Yuan 8hl Kal
telegraphed today to Nanking requesting
Huang Sing, the war minister In the re
publican cabinet, tu dispatch troops to as
sist In quelling disturbances In Manchuria.
Tuan also telegraphed to Dr. YVu Ting
Fang, the republican minister of Justice.
and to Tang Bhao Tl. his representative.
urging them to endeavor to secure the
election of Dr. Sun Tat Ben as president
of the republic In his place. In his
dlspatrh he said:
"I am unable to control the Involved
sltusttnn In China a I am suffering fronr
Impalred health. Now that the alms ot
the republicans have been attained, I
have accomplished my duty. The post of
president of the republic will only serve
to lead to my ruin. I ask your kind of
fice and Interest with the people of the
country to elect Dr. Sun Tat Sen, to whom
credit should be given. I will wait here
until I am relieved. Then I will return
to my home and resume my work as a
Tha new constitution of the provisional
government will be approved by the as
sembly at Nanking on February 1. after
which It will be notified by a delegation
ahlch will start for the north.
General Homer Lea, the American of
ficer who has been acting as military
adviser to Dr. Sun Tat Sen. who has
been seriously lit, has now rallied and
may recover.
.'Til w. d-e-o-
:ijTH 'Jurtltm? i tr en
Here's An Odd State of Affairs!
It's a SURPRISING FACT that the wonderful values tee give in Nemo
Corsets actually PREVENT somtwonien from buying them!
This is WHY: A certain class of women who are accustomed to pay $10
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can get BETTER corseta in the Nemo line for $3.00 to $5.00.
Many dealers encourage this belief, and very naturally for the dealer's
profit on Nemo Corsets is fixed by us at a fair figure, while on most other
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100 per cent
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$3.00, $400 and $5.00.
la Coo. Store Everywhere CO KOPS BROS, Mfrs, New vork
Happy Bride Writes
of Trip, Ignorant She
Is His Sixth Spouse
OAKLAND. Cel., Feb. 18,-Mr. and Mrs.
Harmon Mllbrath, whose daughter Anna
waa married February to "Sir Harry
Westwood Cooper." alias F-rnent Moore
Chadwltk. alias Dr. Milton Abrahams,
swore out a warrant against the man to
day, charging bigamy.
The marrlsge with their daughter la
said to be the sixth he Is known to have
made. Cooper, the police say, Is traveling
on money which the Mllbraths raised by
mortgaging their home.
The rsrenls received a teleirrsm today
from their son, Ucnjamln Mllbrath of
Oary. Ind . saying a postal card had been
received from the girl dated Portland.
Ore., reading:
Married Friday. Well and happy. On
honeymoon trip to Europe."
were not due to the impulse to denounce
the organisation or to lie.
FLATTSMOL'TH. Neb.. Feb. IS- t Spe
cial. 1 The second annual contest for
"play by ear" fiddler under the auspices
of the Improved Order of lied Men was
given In this city last night to a packed!
house. The first prise was awarded to j
8. L. Roger. Pacific Junction; second
prsss te Roes Collins, Bellevua; third prise
t Frank Keusle. Plattsmouth. Mr
Kauble le VI year ot age and got the
prise for the eldeat tiddler also. Miss
Blanche Flood ot Pacific Junction and her
brother were awarded first prlxe for duet
fiddle number, while the beet trick fiddler
was B. C, Hyde of Plattsmouth. The best
clog was pulled off by N. C. Cline of this
city. One of the features of the enter
tainment was a violin solo by Hiss Agnes
Knotlecek. U year old. of this city.
Camorrist Informer
Asserted to Be Sane
VITERBO, Feb. U -Prof. I'uliderol. the
alienist who examined tlennaro Abbate
maggio, the Camurrlat Informer, tn be
half of the prosecution, continued his
testimony todav before the presiding
Judge. He said he had examined Abbate
magglo un'lrr all scientific aspects and
that he waa perfectly normal.
He concluded his report with the state
ment that Abbatemagglo must not be
considered as a traitor to the Camorra,
but that he had rebelled against the
Camorrist organisation and showed signs
of reitepmtlon from his old criminal life.
Prof. Mootesano, another expert for
the prosecution, also eubmltted a long re
port In which he embodied the conclusion
thst no mental deterioration In the case
of Abbatemaggio was present and that
hi revelations concerning the Cairorra
Merman (leearleaaa.
ARLINGTON, Neb.. Feb. l.-(8pcisl.)
Hermsn lllesselmsn. a furmer llvtng
north of town, died at his home at 1H0
Saturday morning of Bright' disease
and stomach trouble. He was an old
settler, having come here In IIC He
waa born In, Germany and waa about M
years old.
Persistent Advertising
Big Returns.
is tbe Road to
Calling Halt, to Waate of Strength
and Advance of
in Osomulslon. dwell tne highest form
of efficiency to be found In any prepara
tion of Cod IJver Oil.
The food value of the oil Is preserved
by emulsifying with aromatic?, a process
that breaks up the particles of fat so
that the Norway Gold Medal Cod Liver
Oil Is perfectly digested, and there Is no
Irritation of the stomach.
With Chemically I"ure Glycerine snd
Hypophoephttes of Unit and Soda, the
strengthening properties of the oil are
materially Increased.
Malnutrition and waste of nervouvtls
sue. are checked by Osomulslon.
In lung troubles. It arrests the advance
of dangerous Infection and builds new
tissue, thus aiding nature In restoring
GLEXD1VE. Mont.. Feb. lS.-1'aul 11.
Hawkes. aged SO. believed lo have bet-n
the only survivor of Ihe Black Hawk
ear. died here today of pneumonia. He
formerly lived at Winona. Minn.
A ladaew tal lapse
at stomach, liver, kidneys and bowei is
saest surely prevented with electric Hit
ters, tbe safe regulator. Sfe. For sale
by Beaton Drug Co.
" Track larlasj Heal as Today.
KEARNKT. Neb.. Feb. H- (Special.)
work en the track of the Callaway ex
tamtam of the Kearney ft Black Hills
railroad la expected to begin Monday
afternoon, "aturday a special train of
rail and materials wa sent. besMe the
many extra carloads that hava been
carried on tbe regular freight tralna
Tbe worm will be done mostly by hand.
the grade being well settled front the
extra amount ot rainfall and melting
snow ot tbe season.
Key te the Bltaaoen Bee Advertiaiac-
PersistriK Advertising la the Road te
Big Returna.
Ihe No Worm Rod
HERE'S the food that solves the
breakfast problem. Quickly made ready
always satisfyintr to all the family some
thing you'll like at once and not get tired of.
Cream of Rye
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Altera -r
Hamplo lVittlr Free lijr Mail.
That those who are seeking health snd
strength for themselves, children, rela
tlvee or friends may experience the life
giving properties of this exclusive Nor
way gold medal osoniied cod liver oil
medicinal food emulsion as well at to
know Osomulslon superiority In being
most palatable and easy to take a gen
erous -t-o. bottle will be sent by mall to
those who send addresses by postcard or
letter to OxomuMou. MS Pearl St.. N. V
Reducing the Cost of Living gUttlE KIXIUKE
in these daya of soaring food prices it I TTCFri IV HYATT A
behooves tbe careful hoaaekeener to pick j UOLil 111 MM AHA
those foods that give the most nourish- Manv jn Omaha are now usinic the fim
ment In proportion to their cost. Withjp)e D1I.ktnonl bark anl giscerine mixtura
the prices of meats beyond tbe reach of knomn M Adier-l-ka. the new German
a table allowance that once proved iHAppfl,jltilll remeJv. A SINGLE LOSE
provides meat nourishment without meat
That food Is found in Faust Spaghetti.
Faust Spaghetti la made from rich. gut.
tinous Purusa wheat- It provides as
muck nourishment as many times its
value In meat or eggs. A tc package of
; relieves constipation, sour stomach or gaa
on the stomach almost 1NSTAXTI.T.
i This simple m.xli:re antiepticizes tle di
gestive organs an-1 drana off the imimri
lies and p?op!e ate surprised how
IQCICKLT it help. The Sherman ft llo-
iConnell lirug Cor. lth and Dodge,
Faust Spaghetti will provide a generous I Cor. K-.h and Harney. Cor. ilth and Far-
helping to five persons. You cannot find
a cheaper food, nor a better food nor a
food that Is so universally enjoyed. Many
thrifty housewives who serve spaghetti
In some torn.' very often, make it the j
chief dieh for dinner once a week and
they say that It doee not only prove econ
omical but also receives the hearty ap
proval of their families. Wnle fw our tree
booklet ot Fauft Rcipe
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nam. No. ltth tt.. Loyal HoteL