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' remembrance.
Sluidock Files Mandamus Action to! JL. yy
Compel Election Call. . moraine received most of hi supplies fof
, I the pan! savins bank abich will open
rtrrk Artlat at arks laarpeaaeat
Telepheae Cesspaar tar H.40 kr
farlas; SakMTlkrr'a Hill
la A4Turc
Us doors for business March 1 If the
necessary arrangements can be perfected
by that time. Considerable work baa to
ba dona la lettlnc tha offlca fixture and
maklnc arransemrnu with local bank a
depositories, but Mr. Etter Is expediting
this mattrr and ha nope there will be
. no delay In oprnm the nana on me
Uurd k la-t nlrht filed ! above date, lie la now aistnouun in
Attorney A. H
In the district court a petition for a ant
of mandamus compelling Mayor P. i.
Trajnor and City Clerk Frank Good to
call a primary election for city offices
rm Fehruerv T. and a rextrar election for
April 1
The papers were filed with the clerk at
p. m., and deputies Immediately set
ut to serve them. Attorney Murdock
,-arl- In the afternoon had forseen the
probability of delay and had mada pro
vision with the clerk of the district court
and the sheriff's office to have the
papers filed and served without delay
last nilit.
I'p to a Uua hour the deputies had net
arrived at the home of either Tralnor
or Good.
The action at last precipitate tha issue
of the constitutionality of that part of
the city charier that extends the terra
of offlca from one to three years. The
petition takes In all the present admin
istration. Including the fire and police
Mayor Tralnor In di-cusslne the man
damus proceedliurs declared that accord
Inr to tha charter he could not call an
election at this time without tha author
isation of the court. He maintained that
the initiative must come from the other
side. j
A the nutter now eland an lisua will
he taken upon the extension clause and
the election must depend upon the Judg
ment of tha court.
One of tha leader In the movement for
an election declared last mailt that a
number of business men had contributed
money for the purpose of aleciinc a eltl
sena' ticket. So far. no candidates have
been named, but tha buslnett men In
uuestloa have declared their Intention of
eupportlnc cit! sens' movement and will
proceed with their plan aa soon as a
decision on the extension clause ba bees
Pbeae Cashier Worked.
R. K. Severn, a stockman of lit) North
Twenty-fifth street, ha hia telephone
bill paid for the next three months, the
Independent Telephone company ha a
!! check paid for with food money and
a straacer I In possession of the
difference between tha check cashed for
him by tha company and tha telephone
bill of Severn, i
It happened yesterday afternoon after
the police had Industriously circulated the
information that check worker were
busy la town. An Imposing stranger en
tered tha offlca of the telephone com
pany at Twenty-fifth and M streets and
announced that ha waa R. E. Severn, a
subscriber, whs wished to pay his bill
for tha next three months. The cashier
smiled pleasantly, for It la not usual to
pay telephone bill three month In ad
vance, llnw much wa the blllf About
S3. Tha 'sol distant" Beverna wa sorry,
but be had aot enough of cash. Would
the company cash a check? The com
jany would and did. The check wa
drawn to a certain Wroth for Sil ts. The
stranger accepted tha receipt and fs.
In change. He departed happily, eon
acioua of having dona a perfect work.
When later Mr, Seroma wa notified of
tha matter that tha check wa bad, ht
explained that ha waa unaccustomed to
pay hla bill with worthless paper; be
side, he denied that he aver paid a tels
phoaa bill three month la advance,
ay Die ( Trtaaes.
James Caraway, the I-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Thoniaa Caraway, died of
tetanus yesterday morning at the home of
hla parents. Ml Jackson street.
A week ago yesterday while playing In
tha yard the child fell and drove a splin
ter Into his light hand. A physician wa
railed and treatment administered. Later
blood poison set In and tetanus fastened
on the patient. Death Intervened fester-
The funeral will ba held Monday after
noon at t o'clock from Larkln'a, Inter
ment will be mad in Laurel Hill ceme
tery. .
New Beak May start.
Following the resignation of W. A. C
Johnson, lately cashier of tha Fackers
National bank, a rumor gained circulation
that a new bank wa about to ba or
ganised in South Omaha with Mr. John
son at It bead.
The rumor contemplated the absorption
of a smaller bank of tha city. A prom
inent and popular employe of one of the
local bank Is mentioned for the position
of cashier in the new Institution.
It Is known that for some months there
has been quiet talk among certain capi
talist looking toward the establishment
of a new bank. It Is argued that the big
Interest of the town warrant another
banking Institution.
W. I. T, IT. Prasrasa.
Tha following program will ba given,
under the auspice of tha Women'
Christian Temperance anion, Tuesday
evening, February -!7, at the Cfarlatlan
church. South Omaha:
itaao duet
Mrs. Arnett and Mr. Howe.
Vocal solo ..
Mis Oeorglna Davis.
Plana solo
Mis Ilasel True.
Beading ,
Kate Swartslander.
(Violin solo
Miss Bessie Roys.
Vocal solo ..
B. P. Baker.
Piano so to ...
Mlsa Myrtle Roy.
: Violin solo ......
Mrs. H. E. Angus.
Miss Kate Swartxlander.
Vocal aoio
Mrs. R. O. llasklns.
ruao duet
Mrs. Arnett and Mr. Hoars.
sYatrh and 'es far Clark.
' Lenta Clark, who haa been buying hogs
t tor tha Omaha Packing company on this
, market for the last twelve year.
given a very pleasant surprise yesterday I
by a number of friends. I
The occasion waa the departure of Mr.
Clark from tha yard and tha boy de
cided to remember him la a way that he
would never forget. At noon time be waa
called out of the offlca and presented
with a fine engraved watch and fob by
hi many frienda and associate.
On the back of the watch waa engraved
ilr. Clark Initials, while oa the Inside
nf the case was the Inscription. "Front
tu boys of the hoc yard. South Omaha,
JJI," The charm bore the following.
Society Toms Out at Formal Open
ing in City Library.
Many tf Pleearee Were Haas; la
"tatseaaj Ae-adessy and saase la
asae exhibit Will Can.
tlaae Tvre Week.
formation to the public and already a
large number of person have made ap
plication to make deposits ss soon as tha
savings bank Is In operation.
This department will be run In connec
tion with the money order dlvurtoa and
tha banking hours wilt be the same, frets
s a. m. to s p. m.
Matrle City 6eealp.
Frank A. Arnew, law office. Hannon
Emtl Ijind has taken an extended trip
to Ki very lew, Fl.
Turkey dinner Sunday, At: cafe. ee
N. :h.
Mrs. iJay at Twentieth and II streets
is leported aa Improving in health.
rr. John Clark will occupy the pulpit
of the christian church at both services
Fine turkey dinner Sunday. Atlas Cafe,
n N. Stih.
Charles Zlegler will give a tea at the
home of X. M. Graham on February a
in honor of the Willing Worker.
The Mothers' Self Culture club met
Friday afternoon with Mrs. J. loverly.
An address waa given by Dr. Ralston.
Mrs. L. M. lord entertained the Fort
nightly Kensington club Thursday after
noon at home.
O-ecr Hotel, under new management.
The Standard Bearers met Monday
evening at the home of Mis Marnaa
Dennis, J North Eighteenth street.
Tba Bwlss Bell Ringers will give a mu
sical entertainment on March at tha
hlxh srhool auditorium. Ticket are on
ale at FIsher-McOIII , Twenty-fourth
and N atresia
Gentle men may have furnished room,
2311 J est, $; modern.
Miss Beulali Davie entertained the
following at a kenslngton Wednesday
afternoon: Misses Nell Howard, Jesele
l-addmore, tllen Wilcox. Nell Uwym and
Mr. A. J. alslrk.
Mr end Mrs. Phlnner. IMS 1 street.
entertained Wednesday evening In honor
of their daughter Fern. tiamee and
muslii followed by a luncheon wer enjoyed.
Sirs. C. A. Cllne entertained at a
twelve-thirty luncheon Friday, leserge
Wuh nM hatchets were usea as
Deooratlons aere worked In pink and
hue carnations.
Cover were laid for: Meedsme A. W.
Tang. J. Williams, F. Jones. A. I. sis.
Jars, J. L. Slielnholt. II. Benneit, uwy
Herrner. w. n. iwutu . voit,.-. -
Clifton. W. Hancock and C. A. Cllne.
Mr. A. J. Ceiisney entertained at a T
o'clock dinner Friday evening, wnen
covers were laid for. Messrs'. "o
Meedaroea A. P. AoMns, A. u. venue.
Waller Nltrhle. tkott King. A. I Loll,
sr., and Connell.
The literary department or tha New
Century club will have a business meet
ing TueMey atternnoa at uissrj
am a,uira an i i v i service nnmHi
will ba alien by Mrs. F. H. Col of
Mrs. A. I). Majors entertained t in nartv Wednesday evening
lk.rttnns were Woraea in neene ana
red carnations. Pnsee In high live were
awarded to Mr. I. L. VnHant and nr.
Miller. Places were arrarureo
Massrs and Mesdame I. I. VanSent,
Kd llursuu. Will Ureen. CharhM Kadea,
Cemnhell. Miller and nvman.
Mi Mabel Matcher assisted ny stiss
fr.nrM Wlllsrd entertained the Junior
Bruise club Tuesday evening at the home
of Mlsa Melcher. The memners present
were: Misses Kiia reterson, .iiei
Lovely, Alice MulNinalil. tiracs reiereon.
Iulse Brnindel, Pesay Jones, May Walsh,
Vera King. Vera DeHols. Mary Sneehey
un Middle Wsrd. Mattel
Melcher and Francea Wlllsrd and
Mesdamas George oVhlle and K. U. Barn'
hardt of Omeaa.
On of the novel affair of the week
waa the Knmono party given Fnday
evening by the Htltchery club at the home
of Mis men iioimee, iwemi-in -',
streets. Those present were: Misses Mary
NarseiiL Mlna jacnimems,
Miller, Cscll Mslon,
Marrlan Dennis,
IjiIs Hlckev. Florence Hnwker. flora
w.j. eVsncee Case. Irene Thoniaa.
Myrtle Taylor, ollle Holme, Gertrude
Cassey. Clara Muudey. May Bergqulst,
Carrie Andreasua and Slslla Holmes.
Arthur C. Pancoaat has moved hi law
offlca to 411 Omaha National Bank Bld(
Phone Doug la ism.
A banquet under tha direction of Mis
Florence Brooker wa given to the Rova.
suarda at the First Methodist Church
l-...iu veninT. The membero Include
i .. . i .m f'itrrrd Porter. Lynn Case. Tru
man tiroes. Leonard Mathews, Msrrellus
Willi.,,,, i.lnvd Hamilton, dale Hamil
ton. Francla lllnee. Lewis Hlnea, Wllber
Vhalnholt. Percey Wllaon, Bennle
Chisek. Joe Loul Khslnholt. Earl Jaoob
son. Lyls Hodgens, Homer Luckett and
Crumley Carter.
The Phllathea club entertained at a
T..n vear valentine party Wednesday
evening at the home of Miss Beulah
Carter. Thirteenth and M street. Those
uresent were: Misses Bess Wilson, Kdna
ihlllD. (ltace Urooker, ( la Hutchinson.
Tin.- Uohinsnn and Beulah Carter
Measrs. Boy Oreer. Walter J one, Lewis
Wilson. Henry .Brooker, Steward Hurd.
James Shainholtx and Adelph Hutthln-
The Neighborhood Card club met Thura.
riev evenlna at the home ot Mr. ana jara.
M. O. Pike. 1124 F street. Each member
(ante In some costume, p retaining to St
Valentines day. Decorationa were In
hearts. W. W. Fisher won first prt
Players present were: Messrs. ana Mee
dsme John Hmtth, Frank Prurka. J.
Hsteman, J. Jalchelann. Allen Dudley.
Bwlnglry, James Trtmbell. J. (I. Martin.
it. K. rV hlndet, Mowara neymsn. risr
Kmtth, W. W. Fisher, C. M. Bcblndel and
11. U. Pike.
Phone Hell South Mg-Ind. F-ll for
cse of Jetter tlold Top. Prompt delivery
to any part ot tha city. William Jetter.
Mrs. John Orlbble was hoatee for the
Ladles' Afternooa Whist club Friday
afternoon. The club guest were: Mes
dame Ulanrhard. 11. Marling and Van
Cauip nf Omaha. Tables were placed tor
the following players: Mesaame a. 4.
Caugbey. D. U Hoimra. Sloan, Dr. Kelley,
c. A. Mek-her. J. u. Martia. K. uticnnst,
Bruc McCullouch. W. B. Cheek. L. M.
Lord. J. M. Tanner, John Orit.01, a J.
Ainrs, B. F.lllott. A. A. Jssmer, Strang,
A. P. Durkira. W. R. Pajre. R. Carle,.
R. E. Hchlndel. A. A. Hctlris, T. H.
tnsor. U. Bamhardt. J. VanDueen. C. M.
hVhiodel, K. PoweM. Waddell. H. Marling
and Joha Orlbble.
The Alohsh club entertained their
gentlemen friends at a pink party Fri
day evening at tha home of Mies Hsset
Cook, UMl North Twenty-fifth street. The
place carda and the color scheme through.
out the rooms was worked In pink. Those
present were: Mlssea Ksthellea Walsh.
Margaret Walsh, Ola tl worth, Clara
barnum. Adel Davis. Frances Tanner,
Madge Hturrock. Helen White, Helen Me-
kee. Maurtne Murdock. Pearl Daverty.
Mary Lewis .and Hasel Cook. Id seen
Lmmeu MrMenn. Fred Weppoar. John
Nixioa. Joha Tanner, Shirley Menefea.
Will Sheehey. Russell Phllla. Earl
Keefer. Joha Keeny. Ralph larmaa and
ciara Devia.
Mrs. A. L. Powell. tt 3 Street, assisted
y sirs, waiter ailcnie. rntrrtslnss at
whist Thursday afternoon. Twelve table
were placed for the players. Place were
arranged for: Meedames Ames, Bryson,
Durson, i art, uouio. utheon, Taoaer,
Meicner. ik. unbbie. nsor. lml sr.
Lot. Jr.. Wallaker, White, Waddell, R. K.
ecninael. c. M. scninoeL TrumbelL Pad-
dock. Connell, Caugbey, Pnicka. Dudley,
Martin, John Smith, Edgar Smith, Russell
B kUiiott. Duraies. hag, tjlaoa, cheek.
Rose, Fisher. William Davis, Oeorge
uevia. waiaina, vtveiii, v aa Alstela.
Lew Ettar, Fred Etter. MoOraw, Mana.
Marling. Holmes, Htrang. Anderson.
Bianchard. Mullea. Bateman. Lambert.
aeiiy, uc Die ana stccuitsucn.
If you wish to see paintings by the best
American artists John W. Alexander,
Chtlde Hassam, Birge Harrison. Kanyon
Cox. Wilton Lockwood a doaen of which
ptotures were hung this year In the Na
tional Academy of Design, four of which
era Just back from an International
exhibit at Rome and one of which
la by the hand of the most-talked-of
artist represented In the exhibit of the
Academy of Fine Arts, now being held la
Philadelphia, you ahould go to see the
annual exhibit of the Omaha Society of
Fine Arts in the public library building.
The exhibit will ba open to tha public
thla week and next, every day from to
o'clock In tha morning until late In the
evening, except today and next Sunday,
when It will ba open from 1 to 4 o'clock
In the afternoon. On Saturday mornings.
Hlol! o'clock, children will be admitted
free. Except for this, a smsll admission
chargs will be made.
Omaha art connoisseur say thla Is a
really notable exhibit of American art.
tha bast aver brought to Omaha No
ptotures by foreign painters are Included.
There are fifty-five pictures In the ex
hibit, worth approximately tltaXMO. the
Individual pictures ranging In value from
StOS to Sijss. Insurance cover the paint
ings to their full value.
Katleaal Academy Pictures.
Among tha picture of the exhibit which
rer bung thla year In the National
Academy of Deatga are: The Roaring
Main," Frederick J. Waugh; "A Quaint
Corner In Bruges," Ossin Lllnde: "Sep
tember Day," Ouster Cumlottl: "A Ilaxy
Morning Fifty-ninth Street." Paul Con
noysr; October," Frank Vincent Du
Mood; "Portait of alias Lamont," a. Von
Glenn; "Salebary Hill,' Daniel Oarber;
Peonies,- Wilton Lockwood; "The New
Hat." Waatsrvalt Losers: "Winter
Wood," Hobarl Nichols; -In a Strang
Wendt. -In tha Himalayas." Henry B.
Snslli -Eucalyptus of California," Gardner
gymsns; "The Cliff Dweller," E. Irving
Autumn Qtory," by Ro hi neon; "Th
Breakfast," by Mrs, Kenyon Cox; -A
Breakfast Party." by Charles C. Curraa.
and "The Crsvass Liberty Street, New
York." by Colin Campbell Cooper, are
Just back from to art exposition at Roma,
There Is shows a picture by II. O.
Dearth, whs as getting mora attention
than any other artist at ths sxhlblt now
being held la the Academy ot Pine Arts at
Wilton Lockwood s "Peonies." beside
hating m place in the national academy
this year, was exhibited last year In the
Corcoran art exposition.
I aleae Pel a Usui.
J.' Aldan Weir a "The Hunter's Moon"
will ba an of th moat discussed pictures
of th sxhlblt, according to local art
critic. Although It I on of tha highest
I picture In the collection, many
people will pick out Stfti painting that
they would prefer. It attracts at
by lis dissimilarity to th other picture.
a an ornithorhyncus In a aeo would at
tract visitors awsy from th deer and
camels. It Is very Urge, and consists
mostly of heavy sky, with a dark land
scape at th bottom and a small, haay
moon high above It.
Four portraits of well known persons
ars oa the walls Kenyon Cox's portrait
of C. Orent La Parse, th architect;
Ralph Clarksen a portrait ef Lorado Taft,
th sculptor; Irving Wile" portrait ot
Henry Wolf, the engraver, and a Von
Olefin's portrait at Mia Lamont. which 1s
loaned by Mrs. D. & Lamoat aal which la
Insured tor KtrjO,
John W. Alexander la represented In
th sxhlblt by hi picture, "Mother." It
was loaned by th artlat himself to the
Omaha society.
Formal Opening Last Might.
Th exhibit waa opened mat night It
wa "member' Bight," and only mem
ber and apedairy Invited guest' wcr
present. Dress milt and decollete gown
were much In evidence and there was
music and light refreshment. From now
on, formal diss will not b necessary tor
1 o
J. D.
Washington Program
For Night School
Students and teacher uf the Kcllom
Night school and local speakers will
Join In celebrating George Washington's
birthday at the school Wednesday even
ing, the program to be given under the
direction of Miss Bertha Schaller. prin
cipal. Judge Howard Kennedy ot the
Juvenile division ot the district court will
give a talk on th life of Washington.
Superintendent E. L. Graft will slso
There are 30 student at thla night
school, many ot whom are adults, many
married. Only thirty-three are young
people of school axe. Short talks, vocal,
piano, violin and vlctrola muslo will be
on tli program. A class win sing in
folk songs, several nationalities being
Judg Kennedy will point out th ad
vantages P M people of making their
home In America. Superintendent Graff
has not announced his subject. Im
promptu speeches from students will fill
out ths program.
Mrs. Mary Morton Pollock of Flag-
staff. Aria, haa given tha school a vlc
trola. It was received Thursday. Selec
done will be played on thla during the
entertalnrnsnL Mrs. Pollock haa been
Interested In tha school for several years
and girls' gymnasium Is named after
her, Sb furnishes gymnasium suits for
th gh"ls ach year.
Doctors Get All
Heated Up Over
Lord Operation
The iK-ar-erupllon of a smoldering
volcano in the Douglas county aieaicaj
society seems to have been successfully
guarded since the meeting last Tuesday
evening, but the details are now coming
In an exi itini; ruction, vernal charges ot
unprofessional conduct aere made against '
Dr. J. P- 1-urtl cTOWins out ol the ex
tensive free newspaper advcrtleing ne
received In connection witn the "bloodless
aurgerj" operation on a lime child a few '
weeks ago.
Aicordtns; to Ivst information obtain-1
able, the onslaught asainst Dr. Ird was i
led by Dr. Krt:t Powell and Dr. Mc- i
Dermott. who were not at ail mealy- i
mouthed about esprtssinir themselves. As
member of the committee of censors. Dr.
Lord was to present a report on the
unethical practice of fee splitting, but the
document remained restfully reposing In
his pocket while he was invited to resign
from the committee so that he. himself,
could be censored. Dr. Milliard Lang-
feld Is said to have come to the front with
resolution expressing confide e in Dr.
Lord, but before It could be put to a vote.
the outcome of which wa uncertain. Dr.
Crummer cut the Oordlao knot with a
motion to adjourn, which Dr. Mc-
Clanaham, as presiding otneer. nastily
The rules of the society require charges
of unprofessional conduct to be made In
writing and substantiated before the com- ;
mlttee of censors, but so far as can be ;
ascertained, no formal charges have yet I
been preferred. A physician, who is not
member of the society, ventures the
opinion that the affair will be hushed up
before the next meeting, and nothing
mora come of it.
University Trustees
Toast the Institution
The trustees ot tha University of Omaha
gava a dinner to the board of directors
and faculty laat evening at tha Univer
sity club. It wa In th way ot a cele
bration In honor of C A. Aid en, finan
cial secretary, who with the aid ot the
other officers of ths university raised
a S30.0M sustaining fund for th college
in th last six months, and which waa
Just completed a week ago today.
J. W. Carpenter as toaatmaater gava a
short history ot ths university and spoke
In glowing term ot th bright future of
tha school, lis thought that It would
rank with all the first class school In
this section of the country In th course
of a number of year.
John L. Kennedy gave th address of
wsloom. He spoks briefly ot th aid
ths faculty had given towards making
tha university on ot th best schools
la th city. A number ot tit faculty
mada abort addresses.
Cattle Losses to Be-
Light mWyoming
"Doc" 8pear of Spear Brothers, the
most extensive cattle raisers In Wyoming,
with ranches scattered over the country
from near Sheridan to Basin. I In town.
Mr. Spear says th losses sustained by
tha cattlemen during the winter have
been greatly exaggerated.
Through soma portion of Wyoming,
according to Mr. Spear, losses were rather
heavy, but In the aggregate they were
only about normal. What saved the stock
was th sudden coming of th cninoot
after cold weather and hard storms had
prevailed for nearly a month. When the
Chinook cam the ground wa covered
dee with enow. Most of It disappeared
within twenty-four hours after the warm
wind from th west began to blow.
A communication from th American
consulate at Constantinople ha been sent
to th Johnson-Dsntorth company of this
city asking thera to submit bid for
building smmunitlon wagon for use
in the Turkish-Italian war.
A. W. Johnson, president of the firm.
say that ba la a busy at th Auto show, .
and with selling auto trucks that ha Is!
not going to try to build military wagons, 1
but b say that If any enterprising
Omaha factory want to undertake the
contract that he will turn the com
munication over to them.
leaaterfelt Dollars
buy trouble, but a genuine quarter buy
Dr. King New Life Pill; for constipa
tion, malaria, headach and Jaundice.
For sal by Beaton Drug Co.
A new hud company has been organ
ised In Omaha, coming a th result of
th Omaha Land show. It will be known
as tha Inter-Mountain Realty company
and ths organiser are W. O. Paisley,
who was manager of both th Omaha
land shows, and O. T. Baker, who "has
been in the land business in thla city
for th past two year. Th company
will deal In lands la all parts ot the
wast but will specialise on those In th
.North Pork valley ot Colorado thl sea
son. Both of the above men left for
Hotchkla. Colo, today. In connection
with their -work.
C. L. Bah rends waa brought back from
Kansas City last night by Detective Helt
feldt on a requisition warrant sworn out
by P. J, Longwelt, SE1S Harney street
whose wife told tha polks Wednesday
night that aba had been assail ted by two
men who Jumped out of an automobile at
Twenty-sltth and Farnam streets snd
drugged Her with ether.
Bahrenda declares he has sn alibi. A
friend cams back with him from K ansae
City, by whom tha alibi will be proven,
th prisoner averred.
On complaint of parent that their boy
had been gambling above a pool hall
operated by H. H. Hay. 1334 North Forti
eth street. Sergeants Cook and Venous
last night arrasted the proprietor and
thre lad, who they say had been play
ing poker. Th officer ssld seversl boy
scaped. Hays was charged with keeping
a disorderly house.
klaaed trass Head ta Heel
waa Ben Fool. Threat. Ala., whoa drag
ged over a rough rood, but Bucklen s
Arnica Salve healed all his injuries. Sc.
For sal by Beaton Drug Co.
I will give you free a sample of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, that have brought health
and happiness to thousandsalso a book on any chronic disease you need.
The story of my free offer to you is quickly told. During my many years of practice
I have used numerous combinations of curative medicines for liver ills. I have kept records
of results in case after case, so that my staff of physicians and surgeons, at the Invalids' Hotel,
Buffalo, N. Y., are able to diagnose and treat cases at a distance with uniform good results. I
am going to send you free a sample package of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, which will relieve
biliousness and ill health due to a disordered liver. Write at once for a sample or a book.
v . . t i..r. .t ii.j j :..',: r
Zt JJUI tor WC permanent ruttj ui uiwu uisuiuni auu uuijuiiiica, t
can recommend my "Golden Medical Discovery "a blood
mcaicinc witnout aiconuL v.riKi, m. u., du$iq
Nature's Way Is The Best.
Burisd deep ta ar Assericaa forest w imd Uoodroot, queca't roof, maadraka
atsd Men root, goloea seal, Orrfoa grape'roet and oberrybark. Of th Dr. R. V.
Pierce mad par glyceric extract which ha been fsvorsbly known for over forty
yaars. Hs called it "GOLDEN MEDICAL DISCOVERY."
This " DWovery " panics th bload sad too ap th storasca and th entire
system is N store's aw vry. It's just th tisso builder aad toaioyoa require.
Dr. Pierce savs: "Glycerine olavs an irrmortant cart in
tnyWS . erjVsO Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery in the cure of indigestion,
U A rZ&S.- y.p,p.;. and weak stomach, attended by sour risings, heart
burn, foul breath, coated tongue, poor appetite, gnawing feeling
in stomach, biliousness and kindred derangements of the stomach, liver and Dowels.
In coughs and hoarseness caused by bronchial, throat and lung affections, except con
sumption, the "Golden Medical Discovery" is a most efficient remedy, especially in those
obstinate, hang-on-coughs caused by Irritation and congestion of the bronchial mucous mem
branes. The "Discovery" is not so good for acute coughs arising from sudden colds, nor
must it be expected to cure consumption in its advanced stages no medicine will do that but
for all the obstinate, chronic coughs, which, if neglected, or badly treated, lead up to consump
tion, it is the best medicine that can be taken." Sold by all principal dealers in medicines.
To find out more about the above mentioned diseases and all about the body in health
and disease, get the Common Sense Medical Adviser- the People's Schoolmaster in Medicine
revised and up-to-date- book of 1000 pages which treats of diseased conditions and the
nracticaL successful treatment thereof. Cloth-bound sent post-paid on receipt of 31 cents in
.ggccpt sjajnps to pay cost of mailing tnlj. Addrcs Dr. fierce s Invalids' Hc-tel, Buffalo. Y.,
4 I'tJ
Features for 1912
A greater year for a greater paper
The Omaha Bee
All the news that is real news.
Mutt and Jeff
Character creation from the pen of "Bud"
Fisher that have made all the world laugh
and turned marry a sad face into a smile.
Looking Backward
This day in Omaha during the history
forming periods of 30, 20 and 10 years ago,
briefly and interestingly reproduced for
Bee readers.
The Bee's Wedding Book
A chronicle of marriage anniversaries of
Omaha's own people, simply and entertain
t ingly detailed from day to day.
Silk Hat Harry
Tad 'a dog-man invention who has more
trouble than anyone, bat trouble that is
so funny it makes amusement for every
Bee reader.
Katzenjammer Kids
These two youngsters who are the source
of Sunday fun for thousands of children,
promise many new tricks and delightful
for this year.
Nell Brinkley Drawings
Nell Brinkley developed a new idea in pen
drawings, and her sketches of men and
women caught by Cupid, not only have ar
tistio beauty, but also always teach a lesson.
Sherlocko the Monk
Sherlock Holmes, works sleuth-wonders to
many people, but Monk, the picture-detective,
is more marvelous in the fan-way
than Dr. Watson believes Holmes to be in
a serious way.
Nothing ao amusing has been ran is any
v western newspaper in many years as these
humorons play-on-words lines by Tad.
Desperate Desmond
A stage villain transferred to pen pictures
and revealed in the most laughable light to
V make every Bee reader roar and hold his
Happy Hooligan
Poor, old Happy; he is continuously grow
ing more entertaining, and now he is on
the road to new situations to win smites
from all followers. '
Carpenter's Travel Letters
No writer of the present day sees eventa
and situations in such interesting light as
Frank J. Carpenter, and none describes
them so graphically.
Heart to Heart Talks for Women
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Winifred Black,
Mabel Herbert TJrner, Dorothy Dix, Fran
cis Garside, Ada Patereon, and many others
who write for women, what women want
to read.
Each week in the Sunday issue
Several big special stories of particular
interest to Omaha, Nebraska and Iowa
Comic Section in Colors S
Besides the laughable comic pictures and
the special articles by women for women,
The Bee will record dramatic events of im
portance; present exclusire human interest
stories and give an accurate account of
eventa of politics, with absorbing sidelights
on the two big political parties, their con
ventions and their presidential campaigns.
'Complete Telegraphic and Cable News
From all over the civilized world every
day in the year.
, If you neglect to
Read The Bee daily during 1912
Ton will mise these exclusive features, the
greatest series ever published in a Ne
braska paper.
S -I
1 '