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j!j Nebraska v Nebraska
Box Butte Assessor's Query Leads to
Small Discovery.
Gsveraar aad Slate Eaalaeer Will
Leave Today for VUlt Over K
braaka'a Irritated District
load lv ret-.
(From a staff Correspondent.)
UNCOLN. Feb. 17. (SpeciaU-A dis
covery made by the assessor at Alliance
promises to uncover aorae properly lhat
baa escaped taxation In the past. The
Burlington road la the only on in the
atate which has reported telegraph Jlne
as belongong to the company, and the
assessors on the strength of this have
gone on the assumption that all the
telegraph lines on that system belonged
to the company. The Alliance assessor
heard that some of the lines there be
longed to the Western L'nlon and wrote
to Henry Seymour, secretary of the board
of atsesmeat.
Mr. Seymour called on the physical
valuation department of the railway com
mission and learned that a major por
tion of the telegraph lines Into Alliance
belonged to the Western Union. He took
a memorandum of the figures and sent
them to the assessor and will go 'throng h
the report to ascertain if the same condi
tion obtain on other portion of the
Burlington. If it does the property will
be reported to the local assessors.
A id rick to Co West.
Governor Aldrtch and Stat Engineer
Price will (tart tomorow for a tour of
the Irrigated section of the slate to be
gone until the latter portion of next
week. Sunday afternoon the governor
will speak In Fremont and Monday will
Inspect the new irrigation project Hear
ing completion at KlmbalL He will be
in Sidney Monday night and Tuesday
will be at Bridgeport, where he will go
over the lrigution work In that vicinity.
In the afternoon he wiu inspect the works
near Scuttsbluff. Wednesday he will be
at Crawford and Wednesday evening at
Chadron. Coming home by way of the
Northwestern he will atop at Long Fin
and Wlsner.
The hearing on the physical valuation
of the Union Facltto Is set for Wednes
day, February 2L
Rlelaa City Active.
The Rising City Commercial club writes
Labor Commissioner Guy that six or
eight married men can find employment
at lhat plac and that eployment can also
be found for their wives If they ana Ire
to do such work as sewing and waahlna.
The town la putting In an electric light
plant and also extending th water
works system.
The Railway commission ha Instructed
th attorney general to commence roan
damu proceeding against th Holbrook
telephone company to compel a return
of th physical valuation of it property.
The company ha so far refused to com
ply with th request of th commission,
asserting It is a nontneorpo rated mutual
concern and la not compelled to submit
th report. Th attorney general has
appointed Judge Good of Lincoln to
prosecute th case.
Cemle One to Kearney.
Land Commissioner Cowles baa f on to
Kearney to look after th commencement
of the work on th new building for the
tuberculosis hospital. Th stake will
be set so th contractor can go to work.
While there It la anticipated he will do
something- In the matter of th trouble
between th head nurse and Mr. Jeff,
alia Minerva, on of th team of horses
who objected so strenuously to th our
taking a rid on her back. " Mr. Jeff
will b told in Mr. Cowles' bland, but
Impressive manner, that auch unseemly
conduct must not be repeated and that
If Mrs. Jeff wants three square meals
per day she must perform without com
plaining th dutie assigned her.
Stat Treasurer George baa purchased
for th school fund 3.400 worth of the
bond of the city of Tecumseh. The
bonds draw I per cent interest.
Nebraska Statistics.
A London, England, statistician has
written Stat Treasurar Qeorg for sow
fact concerning th financial operations
of the state. It is evident from the circu
lar which he (end he I obtaining th
same Information from each state In th
union. Th figures for th year, com
mencing December 10, 1M0, and ending
November 30, 1811, show then was on
hand at th beginning of th period
SS01.230.3t and at the close of th period
S4X9.5o0.10. Then was collected In that
time S3.SS,;.U. At the tint named dale
there was In th permanent school fund
Investment 18.863,00.02 and at th last
named date these investment amounted
to S9 080,353. SS.
toad Pay Flllas Fees.
William Coad baa paid th flung fee
on hi protest against th Ross claim for
water rights In th Elkhora and Platte
river near Fremont and th hearing
probably will be set for some tint th
latter part of next week. C. P. Roes,
the claimant under one of the filings.
Is In th city today and aay he la ready
to make answer and proceed with th
hearing at any time.
Engineer Price leaves tomorrow with
(Counts Bros, of New Tork. but Mr.
Cuad allege th Roes O'.lng has lapsed
ocean, of failure to do the necessary
amount of work under it to keep It alive.
Ilrmvr Make Object ioa.
Mary E. Hymer objects to th continu
ance of th hearing of the motion to con
firm the settlement of the Red Lodge
townslt lillgvLon. asserting th continu
ance is sought to enable Wlllalm B. Hy
mer to obtain possession of th proceeds
of th settlement. She also charge that
hi attorney uld not act in good faith in
obtaining the continuance. Mrs. Hymer
denies the al-egatlon that ah was coerced
into making the teulenunt and that slie
Is amply able to attend to her own btisl-
V) wm-, n Commit- aaleid.
Maude Noble committed suicide this
forenoon by taking a do of carbolic add
and chloroform. Th act followed a
quarrel with William Towle. Sh took
th poison while in th office of Dr.
Went. Little building, when sh had
gone to see a friend, Mia Pearl Scott,
and talk over her trouble. Sh tele
phoned to Towle, who cam to th office.
where the quarrel was renewed, and Miss
Noble rushed Into an adjoining room and
swallowed th poison. A physician was
summoned, but arrived too late.
Jary Fails Ce Agree.
The Jury In th ess of Ellen Hellman
against Harm L. Tjaden In th federal
court failed to agree. Th suit was on a
not which th defendant gav to hi
brother, who In his llfatlm was th hus
band of th plaintiff. She has sine re
married. The defense was that It was
never Intended by his brother that the
not wa to be paid, but that during his
lifetime the defendant should pay th in
terest and at the brother's death the debt
should b cancelled. Th testimony wa
so conflicting th Jury could not agree-
Eatrrtalaaseat tor Csaat.
Elaborate plans have been formulated
for th entertainment of Count Luetxow
of Bohemia, who lecture at th convoca
tion of th university March 1. He will
be th guest of Chancellor Avery during
hi visit to th city. He will visit W. J.
Bryan during th day and la the vnlng
a banquet will be tendered him at the
Llndell hotel.
lavltatlaas DecllBeo.
Governor Aid rich has received two in
vitation to address friend of former
President Roosevelt. On Is th (tat
meeting of Oklahoma Roosevelt men and
th other la to speak In behalf of the
former president la Colorado. He has
been compelled to decline both Invitations
on account of previous engagement.
A requisition has been Issued for the
return from Iowa of Charles V. Pratt,
wanted In Buffalo county on th charge
of wit desertion. He I under arrest at
North Libert. Ia.
Nw Depaty Marshal.
Governor Aldrtch today appointed Fred
Kelso of Grand Island deputy fin mar
shal, yc William Thompson of th same
place, resigned.
Three Dundy county men, Glenn J. Mo
Kee, William Put man and Ueweilen Put
nam have been arrested by United States
officers on th charge of land frauds.
Bond was fixed at 11.000 and was speedily
furnished and th men were released.
pending their trial which will be held at
McCook. They an charged with perjury
In connection with a land contest.
Lincoln's Thirsty
People Compared
With Church Goers
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Feb, 17. (Special. )
Student from Wesley an and Corner uni
versities with a fsw from th stats uni
versity today started- to tak a census
of th people who entered th saloon
of Lincoln. Th mov is said to be a
parrot a plan to compare church with
satooa attendance, the number attending
the various churches Sunday having been
Th aetata at th student caused coa
slderaM axdtsnwnt and Chief of Polio
Hunger was appealed to, Re arrested two
of th students. Earl BhoemaJter and
Elmer Colby, and th others wan warned
to cess their activities and did so under
protest. It-Is understood no attempt was
mad to ascertain the name of parties
entering saloon but solely to asoartala
how many thirsty ones then wen In
th city. Th charge against them wa
obstructing traffic They wen taken to
th city Jail whan they wen released
subject to call, but really. It I said, be
cause th city attorney Informed th
chief they hsd violated no law.
According to th return th Sunday at
tendance at the churches was 1.379 and
th saloon rlaiton op to th time th
count was stopped at noon numbered
Bull Drives Express .
Messenger from Car
BLAIR. Neb.. Feb. 17. SpectaL-
Plenty excitement and a little fun was
caused at th depot Friday morning when
east bound train Na 24 of th North
western pulled Into the station. The .
the governor for a trip through th irrt- fores car, which should have been In
gated section of th state and will not
return until the latter part of th week,
but on bis return will be ready to take
the matter up.
The conflict comes over the fact then
Is not water enough in the stream to
supply both of th projects. Th Roes
filing antedates that mad by Mr. Coad.
which is said to be backed by the
Works Rapilly red Bafaly me. aire
Ma Exercising sad Allows Tea
Eat What Toa T.Ik Tat Tats Oat
For the of thoa who wish to
reduce their fie&h quickly and safely, we
will give th recipe and direction In full
for a simple household remedy that can
be obtained at trifling cost from any
good drug tor: hi ounce Marmola,
ounce Fluid Extract Caacan Aromatic
and 3's ounces Peppermint Water. All
three arc cheap and a no eume. but yon
snvulu take care that you get Marmola
and not a substitute. When you get
horn mix the three together by shaking
Uirm together In a large botile and take
one teaspoon! ul attar each meal and at
Follow the direction and you will
ha. the best fat reducer that mon
can buy- It will tak off tie f eeh at
lr - rate of St least tw po .nl- a
weex without disarranging the loa
ch or causing wrinkle, wh.l- tatst
of a:t ao exercising or dlrtlrs :t rs
qvlrvit t Be? -t nut. Tul -r.-. re
sults IR' it -T:e --;e V-!
esy. "i-n! a: a u v.. . "J a - e
a y Lie--! wtaavsor j xae. 1
charge of Messenger F. W. Clark, was
occupied by and under ful control of a
lone-pound thoroughbred Holstetn bull
that had been consigned from St. Paul.
Neb., to' Nels J as person, a farmer near
Blair. Between Arlington and Kennard
the animal forced Its way out of the
cnte and took full possession of the car.
with Messenger Clark fleeing Into a rear
car. At Keeinard he telephoned the Blair
agent to be ready to receive th new ex
press messenger to proper style with
hammer, nails and other repairs. When
near Blair th animal went back Into the
crate, and some skids were thrown In
behind him and held by Mr. Clark until
he reached th station. The car was run
down to th Mock yards, when th bull
was unloaded, escaping later, but wa
captured about a mil south of town.
Messenger Clark say It wa aa ex
perience tnat he does not can to repeat,
a he barely got through the door m
Urn to Mip th onslaught of th animal.
Elvin Talley of
Crete is Acquitted
of Assault Charge
WILBER, Neb,. Feb. 17. tSpeclal.)-The
grand Jury, which was the first called in
Saline county for twenty-four year,
closed its labors this week, i It reported
four true bills One charge Arthur Reims
with gambling at Crete; one charges th
same offense against EMn Talley. They
pleaded guilty and wen lined tM each.
Elvla Talley was also Indicted on the
charge of assault upon India Smith. This
Is part of th affair that caused so much
excitement in Crete last December. After
a trial lasting two days the Jury returned
a verdict of not guilty.
The other true bill was against Arch D.
Lawner, charging him with wife deser
tion. HI trial is now In progress. Judge
Hurd sustained a motloa tor a new trial
lr th Gerlach will case.
NEBRASKA CITT. Neb.. Feb. 17. (Spe
cial. Thursday evening Frank True, St,
and Mis Rosa True, 33. of Syracuse, Otto
Koch, a and Miss MyrU Mortlmora, U.
of Russell precinct and Marlon Engl. H,
and Mis Bessie May Weston, 17, of Thur-
man, la., cam to th city and wan all
married by Judge A. A. Blschof. th first
bachelor Judge that Oto county has rr
GRAND ISLAND, Neb.. Feb. 17,-The
local authorities received a telegram late
today from the sheriff of Box Butte
county at Alliance, as follows: "Think
I've got your man. Com quick." 8heriff
Slavers or one of th other local officer
left tor Alliance tonight. Neither de
scription of th man suspected of the
G oldie William murder or th circum
stance of hi apprehension wa received.
A Heard Here Thief
BROKEN BOW. Neb., Feb. 17.-Spe-
dal.r-John A. Martin, aa alleged horse-
thief tram Cherry county, was located
by Sheriff Wilson today at Callaway,
and at th Instance of that officer was
arrested by th marshal of the town.
Martin was a trusted employ of J. B.
Watts, whoa farm 1 located near the
line in Cherry county, and on Monday
last, while th family was absent, dis
appeared with a valuable horse and sad
dle. He also took 300 pennies from a
child' bank and paid hi way with these
along th route It was largely by means
of th pennies he was traced. Marshal
Stlgrr telephoned the sheriff that Martin
confessed to him he stole the horse. The
animal waa recovered.
Brskea Bow win trass St. Paal.
BROKEN BOW. Neb.. Feb, I7.-8pe-
clal The basket ball team of the Broken
Bow High school played th St Paul
team In this city last night Th scon
was 37 to O In favor of Broken Bow. It
waa a fast, clean gam throughout. Th
home team has just returned from an
Bo-mil trip la western Nebraska.
NEBRASKA CITT. Neb.. Fb. 17. Spe
cial. E, K. Bradley and Jama A. RJoh
srdaon, two of th three men selected a
dlrectora at a mass meeting or tn nas
ball fan of th city, hav refused to
sign and th has balllsta are at a low
to get aom on to aero and start th
h.11 en miima. It took as If Nebraska
City may not have a bass bail team dur
ing th coming season.
Mark Stock Shi sped ts mark
Klawa Telepheae Line Cos
aeeted with Deahler.
DESHLER, Neb.. Feb. 17.-( Special. V-
Fiv can of bog wan shipped from this
mint Tuesday.
During January twenty -on can of
stock wen shipped from Deshler.
Charles Jf raft, formerly of Deshlr,
now residing at Wyerts, Neb., waa mar
ried at that plac Thursday to Ml
Cathrlna Hendricks
Henry Ohlrlch, living near here, was
married In R us It In Thursday to Mia
Mary, daughter of John Hoft and wife.
Herman Sporlng, a prosperous farmer
living northeast of Deahler, returned
from Lebanon, Pa., this week, where he
wss married to Mrs. Jennl Illmmel
Rev. R. D. Nance of Atchlaon, Kan.. Is
conducting a aerie of meeting In th
Presbyterian church.
Th entire Kiowa branch of th Dana'
port Telephone company was transferred
to th Deshler Telephone company this
week. This give th Deshler company MS
stockholders. Th annual assessment this
year waa only S3.S0. The company la out
of debt and has money In th bank.
The morticag record for Thayer county
for th month of January Is as follow:
Farm mortgage filed, 14; amount, S3V
ffil.W; released, IS; amount, STJ.70S. city
mortgage tiled, ; amount, SM60; re
leased, 37.380. Chattel mortgages filed.
Ml; amount 33. Us. 71; released. Tf;
amount, IM.Sm.7. Plea
For the Stonic-
If Tour Stomach la Isacklac t
Digestive Power, YVTiv Mot Help
the Stomach Do Its Work?
""tee Tar rexiif fr ihmh,
OSCEOLA. Nab, Feb. 17.- Special -
A letter was received hen this week
from Superintendent Ware, addressed to
th president of th Osceola Commercial
club, promising to Install the motor car
service long contemplated netweea Osce
ola, Central City. David CI y and Lincoln.
Th ear Is expected to leav Lincoln In
j th morning and return from Central
my ia the afternoon or evenlnc. arriv
ing la th f-;tal city la Urns for ev ro
se enter'.a'mnentp and meetings of vari
ces kinds of oste Imrertsno. ntoperm
tendent vrre has premised to met all the
r;iem rr?l m it It is found to pay
tt Sam IT be nsa-ntMBew sersssneatly.
specially Waea It Cost Vothiaa; Try
Not with drugs, but with a rein
forcement of digestive agents, such a
an naturally at work In th stomach?
Scientific analysis shows that diges
tion require pepeln. nitrogenous fer
ments, and the secretion of hydrochlo
ric sold. When your food falls to di
gest It Is proof positive that some of
the agents are lacking In your di
gestive apparatus,
Stuart' Dyspepsia Tablet contain
nothing but the natural elements
necessary to digestion and when placed
at work In th weak stomach and
small Intestines, supply what these or
gan need. They Mlmulat th gastric
glands and gradually bring th diges
tive organ back to their normal con
Stuart' Dyspepsia Tablet ban been
subjected to critical chemical tests at
horn and abroad and an found to eon
tain nothing but natural digestive.
Chemical Laboratory. Telegraphic
address, "Dlfflndo," London. Telephone
No. 110C Central. SO Cullum St,
Fenchurcb St, E. C.
London, ft a Aug., Ira.
I have analysed must carefully a box
of Stuart' Dyspepsia Tablet (which I
bought myself at a city chemist loop
for th purpose), manufactured by the F.
A. Stuart Co., M Clerkenwell Road, Lon-.
don, E. C and have to report that I can
not find any trace of vegetable or min
eral poisons. Knowing th Ingredient of
the tablet. I am of opinion that they are
admirably adapted for th purpose
.or which they an Intended.
John R. Brooke. F. L C, F. C. &
There I no secret In the preparation
of Stuart Dyspepsia Tablets Their
composition la commonly known amonw
physicians as I shown by th recom
mendations of SXwo licensed pnyateiaat
,n the United Bute and Canada. They
an the moat popu at of all remedies tot
a-JsesUon. dypeiia. water braah. In
somnia, lose of appetite, melancholia,
i-onstlpstlon. dysentery and kindred dis
ease or g aiintt from Improper diasolu-.K-n
snn assimilation of foods, haceua-
they are iboruigoiy reliable and harm
to man or child.
Stuart's L scepsis Tablet an at once
a aa.' and a powei ful remedy, one gra a
of th act. re principle ia thee tab:,
being strong enough (by testi to digeai
-', grains of steak, egg ad othe
-oda. S-.uar 's Dyrpep Tibtei w.l
d'gest your food for yoa wasn your
tocrscb can c
Asa yo'-r tru-.-t-t tor a fifty cent hsx.
or sewc1 to cs dlret .lor s free trial aa
I'm irk-.g- Ivl v-,j w I rnrire,;
at the r-ault. '-. .-Inert is, lav dtuar.
hteg., Marat a,i. ati-.a.
FREMONT. Neb.. Feb. 17. With counsel
starting upon their final arguments this
morning It waa expected that the jury
which has been hearing the trial of Al
Pruyn for the murder of Michael Oorey,
will take charge of the case this after
noon. The defense late last night closed
Its attempt to establish that the ahootlnx
of Oorey In hia own saloon by Pruyn on
Christmas dsy waa dons In self defense.
The prisoner testified that he did not
fire until Oorey wa within six feet of
him with a gun pointed at his head.
laatltate Wsrkrn at Geneva.
GENEVA. Neb.. Feb. 17.-Speclal.)-Ths
first day of th farmers' Institute
at Geneva brought only a fa.r attendance.
There wen no exhibits yesterday, but a
colt show will be held today. Subjects
d.scussed yesterday wen Farm Buildings,
Good Rosds, Dairying and Poultry To
day, Alfalfa, Wheat Domestic Science
and general subject wen discussed. The
peftkers on this lln re Mrs Barlow
of Illinois, F. W. Johnson of Harvard,
F. W. Chase, Pawnee City; and E. R.
Hornby. Lincoln. Tries speakera wen la
Superior, Davenport Shlckley, Gsneva
and Exeter thla week.
will be assisted In th worm next week
by Rev. F O. Wtnlw, pastor of th
Methodist Episcopal church of Davenport
Street Car tlae Wasted.
HASTINGS. Feb. 17.-Speclal.)-Th
Chamber of Commerce has taken th Ini
tiative In a move for the building of a
municipal street railway system In this
city. Th plan Is to operate such a sys
tem In connection with the municipal
electric light plant It I estimated that
ten miles of street car track ran be
built and a sufficient number of cars
prorldad for 3100,00. if there Is nothing
m the charter to prevent men aa enter
prise th council will be asked to call a
pedal election to provide tor aa lesu
of bonds.
Teachers Ite-Bmplerea.
(Speclsl.) At a meeting of th school
board last evening th present corps of
teachers wen employed to serve In their
present ca pad lies for next year. Th
work in every department ha been vary
satisfactory th last year.
Key to the Sltuayoa-Sw Advertising.
Revival at Edgar.
EDGAR, Neb., Feb. 17.-8perlal.)
Rev. O. T. Moor, pastor of th Methodist
Episcopal church here, ha been holding
prayer services from house to hous each
evening for two week past preparatory
to revival meetings that will begin Sun
day and continue each evening a long a
th interest will warrant Rv. Moor
owels are Basis
of Child's Health
Th careful mother, who watches
rioselv the physical pecullariilea of her
children, will soon discover that th
n ost Importsm thing In connection with
a child's constant good health is to keep
the bowels regularly open. Sluggish
bowels will be followed by lou of appe
tite, restlessness during sleep. Irrita
bility and a dosea and on atmllar evi
dences of physical disorder.
At th first sign of such disorder gtv
the child a teaapooiitul of Dr. Caldwell's
Svrup Pepsin at night on retiring and
repeat the dose the following night It
necessary mon than that will scarcely
be needed. Tou will find that the child
will lecover Its accustomed nood spirit
at onoe end will cat and sleep normally.
This remedy Is a vast Improvement
over nits, cathartics, lavatlr water
and similar thing, which are altoa ether
too powerful for child. The home of
Mrs. J. L. Strong. M No. Logan St.
Clarlnda. Iowa, and Mrs. Eeet Fry, 1015
W. 3d St., Ottumwa. Iowa, are alwaya
supplied with Dr. Caldweil Syrup Pep
sin, and with them, as with thousands
of other, then I no substlttit for this
grand laxative. It I really more than a
laxative, for It oontalne auperlor tonlo
properties which help to ton ana
strengthen th stomach. Hver and bowels
so that after a brief use of It all laxa
tives can be dispensed with and nature
will do Its own work.
Anyone wishing to make a trial of this
remedy before buying It In th regular
way of a druggist st fiftv cents or on
dollar a large bottle (family stse) can
have a samp! bottle cent to the homo
fret of charge by simply sd dressing Dr.
W. B. Caldwell. Washington St .
Montirslle, III. Yew nam and address,
en a postal card will do.
A most comprehensive showing of new spring
patte rn embracing the latest designi and weaves
A ' t a 1 . ffM.A m ealaAtlAfl 0TA ill VTV14m
iroiTi vrnenca ioremusi marvcia vjuc IU ociciuvsu mv ww
range of patterns, sizes and grades enables us to offer you the rug that will please you most
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Hartford Saxony Rags
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$52.50 quaUty French Wilton, 8 ft 3 x C77 C1
10 ft 6, at 4JlJV
$57.50 quality French Wilton, 9x12, Jjp Q
$77.00 quality 'French Wilton, 10 ft 6 J'fl
Thos. Leedham & Sons Seamless Wiltons made in beautiful colors and patterns.
Boyal Wiltons, $47.50 quality, 55.00 quality, 9X12, at JZ-vBO
$4.85 quality Hardwick Wilton, 2 ft. 3 x tf T 7C
4 ft 6, at .1
$7.50 quality Hardwick Wilton, 3 f t x 5 tf C CA
ft 3, at mPJmJU
$2.45 quality Bundhar Wilton, 1 ft 6 x 3
$4.50 quau'tyBu!t CO OC
4 ft 6, at m9
$6.95 quality Bundhar Wilton, 3 f t x 5 tf QC
ft. 3, at
$44.00 quality Bundhar Wilton, 9 ft
x 12, at
size 4 ft. 6 x 12, tf ) J Cf Amaxins $60 quality, tf 7Q FA Brussels S19.75 quai- fff n rn
at p-.0l 9xl2,at.... ity, 10 f 1 6 x 12, at ..PIZ. DU
Lace Surtains, Stylish and Serviceable
$3.95 A special selection of high class Cluny curtains, Duchess lace curtains and Colonial net cur- tf 7 Q C
tains in natural color, all in the very newest styles. Tour choice, per pair ?
Solid Mahogany Bed Room Furniture
Note carefully the sizes of the pieces Illustrated here
then consider that they are made of solid mahogany of high
grade construction, dull finish, and yon will agree with us that
they are priced uncommorJy low. They bear the stamp -of
(Lie Illustration
Top la (I Inches lon. 14 S laches
cept top la e feet Ion;- 2 Incite
Inches. Heavy Colonial scroll de-s-.fn.
solid mahofany. a m .A
lrlaJ price. IjuZ.jU
BBXSSSm Same deelrn above ex
cept top la feet Ions; &7 Indies'
deep, with mirror 4S Inches by 4
inches. Ho lid mahoc- I O l , i a
ar Special aaia JOI.UJ
fnc SaVCal ........ ...
(Like Illustration.)
Very massive. Colonial scroll design
Solid aiahogany. Special price,
each .-
Toi et Table
To match this mile. Solid Mahogan.
top 21x41 Inches. Special price,
In doll finish.
. $58.00
Triple mirror.
(Like HlastraUom.)
this chiffonier ia made to match
bed, toilet table and either alio
dresser. : Solid mahogasj. Top
la 18 Inches by 11 inches. Heavy
scroll base. Doll O-AQ ff
finish. Special each Pi7.UU
Orchard & Wilhelm Sarpet o.