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Brandeis Stores Bought Two Entire Stocks from a Retailer Retir
ing from Business and Offer Tomorrow and Tuesday the Greatest
SALES of 1W ail LI
' We paid thisTetailCT thousands of dollars less for these high class new spring rogs and linoleums than we would have paid regularly for them. This means that thousands of dollars will be saved by the men and
'who buyat these sales. These rugs are all handsome, new 1912 goods and we state positively that such rich, beautiful, artistio colorings and patterns have never been seen in any rug sale m Omaha. The price
never before so low. The goods were never before so desirable.
prices were
$0050 nA4U (vm!MA, $1598
0 uciuiuiuiiAUllUOlCl IWgo iu
These are the genuine Ilartford Axminster Rugs, known everywhere for their
nVJiness of colorinir and desien. They'are all 9x12 in size and every
one is a 1912 sprinsr pattern. They an far superior in quality 98
to the ordinary Axminster Rugs. , They regularly sell at ?JU ana
$32J0. Monday, you choose from hundreds at
Hundreds of
Regularly Worth up to $15
Absolutely seamless not one is worth
less than double the price we ask.
Seamless Wilton Bugs of Highest Grade
These are all perfect rugs in 9x12 size and made of the very finest grade of Wil
ton. Many exquisite Oriental designs. The colorings and pat- $Q8
are the richest and most elegant we hare ever 6hown. In a M Ml
regular way they sell at $50 and $55 Choose from scores of p
them Monday at. . . .
Many rugs of the highest character, In odd sizes, will go In this sale at bargains propor
tionately great ' V'
$25 Anranster Rugs, 9x12, at '121'
These are Axminsters of very high grade in full room
Bizes; several different makes. They have borders all
around. ' They are worth regularly up to $25, Q J
fit '
All the Linoleums on Sale Tuesday
These linoleums are all full pieces, not remnantt, and are perfect gooda of the highest claaa.
Hundreds of Bath Rugt for
Washakle-Reveriibl.-Wtrth Up to $1 sVUl
All the 2-Yard Wide
That sells regularly up to 75c
yd., at, sq. yd.,
l All the Highest Grade
12 yds. wide, that sells regularly np
to See sq. yd., at, sq. yd
a sq. 2 y
All the 4-Yard Wide
That usually sells up to $1 sq. yd.,
will go at, sq. yd.,
Floral and Oriental
patterns, worth up
to $3.60 each, at
36x71 size; hun
dreds of desirable
patterns, worth up
to $5, at
Up to 9x12 site,
various patterns;
worth up to $5,
Spring Embroideries
27-inch Swiss and batiste embroidered flouncings, also all
over embroideries and waist frontings; choice, new de
signs in English eyelet, floral, blind relief nnd combination
effects, also dainty, hemstitched and ruffled r A
effects. Greatly admired in our window, HifC
.Worth up to $1.25 a yard, at yard
' 50c Wide Embroideries at 29c Yard
18-inch fine Swiss, nainsook and onmbrio embroidered
flouncings, skirtings, corset coverings, also galoona and
insertions; big bargain square piled high with 00
choice new designs, at yard ,. e?ivl
45 Inch Sheer Swiss and Batiste" Skirtings
Kne embroidered skirtings in tliirty beautiful 1912 de
signs to select from; worth up to $2 yard bar- J 4 Q
gain square, at yard . .' ; . .
Fine Embroidery Edgings, Inser
tions and Galloons
Medium and wide, effective new designs, excellent 4
needlework; many worth 30o yard, at yard Av
10c Embroideries and Iisertions 5c Yard
Fine embroidery edgings and insertions; neat, now, effective
designs; excellent needlework;' worth lOo yard,
at yard ... y
"We are showing the most attractive new assortments
of laces, nettings and dress , trimmings. . Every selection
showing excellent taste.
Cleverest New Styles for Spring 1912
Everyone who sees this delightful assem
blage of the correct, new Ideas la women's
sprint apparel declares that the spring styles
were never before so charming or so becoming
as now. This illustration shows new spring ap
jxrel and correct new hats,
The New Tailored Suits
New arrivals that will be shown Monday for
the first time are very effective In style. Many
extreme novelties are here, at
$15 $19 $25 $35 and up to $85
The New Coats for Spring
They are dressy and practical too. Many
dainty light shades, at
$12.50 $15 $25 and up .to $49
Clever New Spring Dresses
White and colored serges, and the dainty
new silk frock, at -
$15, $22.50, $25 and up to $49
Tailored and Lingerie Waists
Tailored waists, at Wc, $1,150, $1.08 to $.P8
Lingerie Waists, at 98c, $1.50, $1.08 to $10.00
811k, Chiffon and Net Waists, at $3, $6.08 to $13
Spring Wash Dresses for Children
Children's dresses, ages i to 14 years, at BOc,
7,V, OMc up to $3.0M.
Misses dresses, sizes 14, It, IS years, at $1.08,
$2.00 np to $7.50.
,... .$1.23
Newest Bordered Foulards
The largest assortment of bordered foulards ever shown by
any one store. All the newest color combinations in dif
ferent widths of borders; many pretty band effects with
plain and fancy tops; 42 to 45 inches wide. Special show
ing Monday, at yard ... ..$L25 to $1.95
The New Chiffon Taffetas for Dresses, Waists and Wraps
First showing of the new changeable effect In chiffon taffetas;
all colors) many pretty pencil stripes with small, neat figures; Mon
day we otrer:
The 27-Inch width, at a yard....... ......-.
The 36-Inch width, at a yard. ... ..-.....-..'..
Big bargain In silks on special sales tables 811k poplins, in all plain
shades, at yard - Wo
68c Fancy Stripe Measallnes at ... .89c
Fancy Spotproof Foulards; 75c and 85c quality at........5Uc
27-Inch plain mrssallne, in every wanted shade, st.........6l)c
Newest Dress Goods for 1912
Foreign and domestlo all wool tailor suitings, whipcords, diagonals,
Ottomans, Vlgoreux, creme serges, creme basket weaves, reversible
coatings in the new spring patterns; some of the new tans and
browns, at yard $1.00 to $2.95
Popular Dress Goods on Bargain Squares
Every new fabric from 38 to 64 Inches wide; plenty of the scarce
costume serges in plain and fancy weaves, wool poplins, gray man
nish suitings, Victoria suitings, spring checks and stripes, etc., at
yard 50c and 70c
Monday is the Zephyr gingham sale. All Imported ginghams in staples,
fancy plaids and stripes; 32 Inches wide, at yard 23c to 2c
Extreme French and English novelties, our own direct Importations.
Bordered patterns are in evidence, at yard 50c to $3.00
Washington's Birthday Norelties ii Candy Dept.
Washington Hatchets, filled with
candy cherries, each Kte
Washington Kan Hatchets, at,
each So
Cherry Tree lxg Candy Bon's,
each 5c, 10c, 13c and S5c
Pure Sugar Novelties Candy Logs,
Hatchets or Washington Busts with
Washington Mints, at each ...10c
Monday's ramly Special Delicious
Sweet, little Buttercups, at a
pound 10c
Humai Hair Switches at $1.49 pom&Km
This is a remarkable low price for a 24-Inch, Natural. Wavy Human
Hair Switch. It is a regular 13.00 value.
2S:lncn, Lustrous, Natural Hair Switches; regularly worth $8.00. P
Monday at " '
w - . . i ... f nnA oV nnlr ........ ... 5C
inree ivxtra urge iih -n-tn, iwt j i
tight Thrown on Lynching" of For
mer President Hontero.
After ItmaiHtas Made Hie .
sUer Skast Down Stem vf
riMlint ailHM far
Cheertsg ia Streets.
PANAMA. Fab. I7-Th recent trade
vents la Fffliirtor are not easily under
stood by on not familiar with South
America politics.
Such win find difficulty In ncondUnf
the claim of Brmrtorlans that they are a
twos loving and law-abiding pcopl with
the fact that a maa who had pant stepped
down front the PieeWwry-y vu lynched
ia OoajraquD. and five ether generals
snarnered at Quits, the capital, time
days latar.
As much as this violence ll ti N de
plored, aa Impartial review of the events
leading n C the tragedy shows that the
cnnatinitcd antharitlM did their heat U
uphold the a, and the populM, he
Onally look the law la thotrown hsada
were moved by aa Impulae at leaot no
wise than to wipe eat forever fit mi
who had plotted aaalnst the aula.
But ta t hack a Httlo. Pranoent Boy
Alfaro waa aloctad m January. MSt. afur
dtctamratitp piu he jroa, by. vr-
throwing the contltulool aovernment of i
Uurdo Oarcta early In UOS. Ills term
would have expired on August m, 19U.
ta the preosdlnc January elections had
sera hold and Emlllo Eatrado. a repu
table drlllan. was chosen ever General
Flavin Altaro, the president's nephew,
by a plurality of K0.0M votes. Altaro
has supported Estrada, but after bis elec
tion, dttappotnted that the latter did not
become hla tost, be attempted to force
his resignation. Eatrada stood firm and
was supported by the people, who were
weary of the abuses which had marked
Al faro's rule.
Alfam Forved to Bteoinn.
Then Altaro attempted to proclaim
himself dictator, but failed, and oa the
11 ih of August waa forced to realta. He
waa protected by the dlptomaUe corps at
Quits and latar left tho country, promis
ing to retrain from political activity for
at teast a year. Flavlo Altaro. who had
supported his unci, alao left Ecuador.
Estrada took the oath of office oa Sep
tember 1 and retained Oonoral Pedro Hon
tero as military commander at Guayaquil.
as bis loyalty had not been questioned Bp
to that time.
President Estrada died In Guayaquil
oddsauy oa December a and was aue-
ceded tsmporarlly by Or. Fratte Zaldum-
hlda, the acting vice president The
vtatooal president called aa election far
January 2s. and all political part'.ea were
left free to work la peace- for then- can
didates. Montaro addressed the soldiers
under bis command, advising them to
remain loyal to the. constitution, and aw
one expected to see him betray his trust
two days later.
Master. PraeUlmed.
On December 28, six days after the
death of Estrada, a few soldiers pro
claimed Montero supremo chief. Ignoring
the constitutional government. In the
meantime General Flavlo Altaro a
proclaimed himself supreme chief In the
state of Kameraldaa, there being then
three governments in the country the
constitutional government in Quito. Mon
tero In Uuayaqull and Flavlo Alfaro In
Montaro called General Roy Alfaro
from Panama and Invited Flavlo Alfaro
to com down to Guayaquil and unite
their dictatorships. He appointed as sec
retaries of his government a few n
who bad shown sympathy with his move
ment and prepared to attack tho eonsti
Uooal government and subdue the coun
The government In Quito summoned
General Leonldas Phua nnd General Julio
And rede and put In their hands the com-
mand of tho loyal troopa The de
feated the revorutlonteta, first la Hutcr
and afterward la Tsguachl. two battles
In which akout lew man lost their Ursa.
Finally they approached Guayaquil and
forced Montaro to surrender. The revo
lutionary forces war composed of re
cruited men who were dragged by force
to fight. Many boys of II and 14 years of
age were enrolled against then- wishes
and perished to satlafr ths personal ambi
tion of en maa. Tho rsvoiatloa had no
support sec ABualfcy. from the people
and Guayaquil was left In the possession
of the pronounced eoldlera.
Wanton Kllllaa by Meats.
General Montero surrendered on the
8d of January, and the goverenment
troops were to occupy Guayaquil the
next morning. On the return of a peace
commlsaion from Daren opposite Guay
aquil, where Generals Plana and Andrade
had their troops stationed.' the people
cheered them oa ths river shore and
without the slightest reason for It Mon
tero ordered hla soldiers to fire on the
cheering mass. Many were killed and
among them about eighty-tare young
mea of Guayaquil. This enraged the
people, who immediately attacked the
bsrrlcks, overpowered the soldiers and
look material possession of the city a few
hours before H would have been occu
pied by the loyal troops. Montero, the
two AUaros and their followers bid them
selves, but were found nnd Imprisoned.
General Phua and Andrade tried to
spar then- Uvea and secretly put them
all on board a steamer bound for Panama
Had they gone nothing more would have
happened. But they were not content.
and la the middle of tb nlsht they
landed again and made aa attempt to
start a new revolution by bribing the
Pewel stsased t Ferocity.
They were all recaptured, and there
was no way out of It but to subject them
to a eourt-msnial to be judged as
soldiers who had revolted against the
constitutional government. Montero a
the si parent leader, jraa tried Hut, and
as the constitution forbids death penalty
he was condemned to sixteen years In
the penitentiary. The people who were
till filled with rue over the cowardly
massacr on the streets the night before
protested against the leniency of the
sentence, broke Into the court room,
hot Montero, dragged his body on the
streets and burned It The infuriated
populace waa beyond control.
Fearing that the same fate would fall
oa both Alfaros and the other prisoners
the government officer rushed them up
to Quito secretly In th night and all
efforts were directed to defend their
Uvea They arrived safely In Quito, but
the psopl there, aware of their Pres
ence In the penitentiary, attacked the
state prison that waa defended by a
double guard of armed soldiers. Nothing
could halt th dtlsena, not even th fir
ing en th mass by the guards and th
wounding and killing of many. They,
th cltlxens, tor down a part of th
thick stone walls of th prison, broke
Into th building and meted, out to the
generals th asms vengeanc that bad
fallen upon Montero at Guayaquil.
"Nor" snapped the hard featured
woman, opening th kitchen door about
six laches: "and to be perfectly plain
with you "
"Ton conlda'L urn. gallantly Inter.
nosed Tuffold Knutt. lifting his uttered
remnant of a hat: "you couldn't be other
wise than p?rnckiy narnsotne wttn me
"I was going to ray," ah rejoined.
visibly softening, "that to be perfectly
nlain with yoi there Is nothing In the
house but caU victuals, but It fou. care
to try a plate of warmed over hash you
can come in. iiiiau rmuw.
New Model Clothes
Shop to Be Boast of
Omaha in March
-...-. hmniii little corner In the City
National bank building will continue to
house a "Smart Clothes" shop, ueorge
u w.1,. ..- .erured a lease on the room
and will Install a apendid new stock of
men's wearing apparel, opening me u-
lleelsk tftlaif. tfi than nubUe on March t
This store was formerly occupied by th
Culp-Langworthy company, ana more rw
.i i v.-. imiuimI bv the owners
of the Culp-Langworthy bankrupt stock.
Mr. Brooks plane to nave one
most up-todate men's shops In the west,
u- - enmntete and extensive
line of nationally advertised wearables
The suits and overcoats will be the pro
ducts of makers whose names are fami
liar to all readers of the big magaxines
of the country. The shirts, cravats, hats,
etc. win be the approved styles of the
Innovations are planned lor the
new store. Including novel decorative
schemes. Eastern connections. It is said,
will permit Mr. Brooks to show authori
tative styles here noon after they are In
troduced In the leading fashion centers
of the country.
An original advertising plan Is now be
ing developed by Mr. Brooks, not only to
create business for him, but also to make
the west know that Omaha Is the home
of one of the best men's furnishing store
In this section of the country.
Humphreys' Seventy-Seven
Breaks np Colds and
Don't wait till your bones begin
to ache, take "Seventy-seven" at the
first feeling of a Cold and the at
tack will not be prolonged
So much depends on the first few
doses to get beet results, that you
should keep "Seventy-seven" handy.
In the pocket when possible; surely
in the house.
A small vial cf pleasant pellets;
fits the rest pocket. At Drug Stores
25c or mailed.
Humphrey's Homeo. Medicine Co..
Cor, William and Ana Eta, New Totk.