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Governor Hadley Credited witk De
sire to Kan Meeting.
Gavrrur, Aldrirk Amm Qnery
fraen i hlcmc Paper Say lag
Office sf Vice rmllrtl
Shoald Heat the Maa.
iFrom a Stiff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Feb. 12.-4Special.r-Governor
Aldrlch hu returned from his
trip to Chicago, where he attended a
conference of governors favorable to the
-.candidacy of former President Roose
velt. He appears to be satisfied over the
outlook, but from a few remarks dropped
it is evident Governor Hadley of Mis
souri and other governors did not hitch
'ery well.
The sessions were executive, but the
governor Intimated there was an opinion
that Hadley wanted to run the whole
thins and there were several others there
who desired to have something to say,
the result being- several clashes. Hadley
Is credited with having an ambition to
he the vice presidential candidate on a
itoosevelt ticket, and It Is Intimated hi
is not the only similar ambition harbored
about western executive mansions.
Aldrieh Sat Hlitlai It.
Governor Alty-Ich's vica presidential
boom drew a mention today In the form
of a te'egram from the Chicago Inter
tK-ean, which wired him aa follows:
."Chaunccy Depew says your name has
bt-en under consideration for vice presi
dent on Roosevelt ticket. Will you
kindly wire anything you wish to say on
the subject?"
Governor Aldrlch sent the following re
ply: DM not know I was being mentioned
as candidate for vice presidency on the
Itoosevelt ticket. It is premature to
think of such a thing. This position
peeks the man and it is Impracticable
for the man to seek the office of vice
This telegram and the report which
drew It out probably had its origin in
the recent meeting of western governors,
at which It was currently reported sev
eral vice presidential booms were In the
Bryasj Mea Are gore.
Sentiment of local democrats concern
ing the attack by Congressman Dies of
Texas on William J. Bryan Is con
siderably divided. Those who oppose
Hryan. particularly the friends of Har
mon, are complimenting th Texan, while
the followers of Bryan are by no means
united in condemning the attack. Many
of them assert that while they like Bryan
and endorse most of his policies, they
appreciate that tha former presidential
candidate haa a dictatorial manner
which Is not pleasant and In fact very
utten uitenaive.
Says one: "The principal trouble with
Bryan is thai there Is no question In his
mind that he Is always right and every
one who disagrees with blm la not only
necessarily wrong, but that he la actuated
by some ulterior motive. His intoleranoa
Is becoming unbearable to a large many
and though I have always followed his
lead I must confess that this attitude of
his often galling." The thick and thin
adherent of Bryan, as on alt previous
occasions where he haa differed from
other members of the party, are Insisting
lie is the Nnly (rouble disinterested
cader In the party and that whatever
ie says or does must of necessity be
Ight, . ' ,
Siva a a Files for Auditor.
I. IX Evans of Kenesaw, member of tba
Mate senate, today filed ma a republican
candidate for state auditor. It haa been
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Cofacwa Bow aa OtatwaaS aaei enrreaars.
Saaaatoofea waned tea Ben. AMrmm
-taan." Mat. iH. SoaMa. TeaSer-reiee a
Meat aaax anU OaUaara Boat asanas Sacs.
known for some time that he intended
to place his name on the primary ballot.
Joseph C. Cook of Fremont entered
today as a republican candidate for con
gress from the Third district. Mr. Cook
Is an attorney and la at present holding
the office of county attorney.
Governor Stubs of Kansas Is aloa
thought to harbor some ambitions In this
direction, and In fact, rumors credit prac
tically all of the assembled governors with
carrying lightning rods along with them.
F. J. Spirit, republican of Wllber. haa
filed as a candidate for the state senate
from the Sixteenth district.
Taft Prtltleae Oat.
The petitions for the Taft delegations
have all been sent out and are being
circulated. The executive committee, when
it meets Wednesday to look over the field
will find everything in ship shape so far
as organisation is concerned.
Files Petition far Folk.
F. E. Krtcson of Bristow. todsy sent
la to the secretsry of state a petition
signed by resldenta of that place asking
that the name of Joseph Folk of Missouri
be placed on the primary ballot aa a
prefertlal candidate tor tha democratic
nomination for the presidency. He wrote
in severs! dsys ago asking If such a
petition had been filed and said If not
he would file one. Evidently be got busy
before the announcement was made of the
retirement of Folk from the race for the
nomination. N
Bearage at Lincoln.
Former Congressman R, W. Banynge of
Colorado, member of the currency com
mission, addressed members of the Com
mercial club today in advocacy of the
bill formulated by the commission. He re
viewed the defects In the present cur
rency syste itiQf the nation and then gave
his reasons for believing the commission
had proffered a measure which would af
ford relief. He strove to make It plain
that the bill was misnamed- be Aldrlch
bill, as he said the former senator from
Kb ode Island had no more to do with
formulating It than any other member
of the committee. He argued at length to
prove that the restriction on control of
tha proposed central bank were such that
It would be Impossible to control it for
the benefit of any one section.
IIEMINOFORD. Neb.. Feb. 11-1 8pe-clal.)-ince
the late grand Jury recom
mended the voting of bonds for the erec.
tlon of a new county court house con
siderable comment baa been rife among
the taxpayers throughout tha entire
county. While many are In favor of the
proposition some are thinking that It
would mean too much In the matter of
taxes, but realise that the location la
also a matter of vital importance to all.
Alliance, tha present county seat while
a thriving city, la far In the southeast
corner of the county snd Ineonvtelent to
many of the taxpayers snd It seems to
be. popular sentiment that the location
of this building should be a big factor
In the voting of bonds.
Hemlngford la a thriving little town
twenty miles west of Alliance and seems
to offer the best location for the con
venience of all, provtolng these bonds
are carried. It la near 'the exact renter
of "the county and la surrounded on
every side by the people who have these
bonds to pay. There are many who
think it would be better for the county
In general if lite new court house waa
erected here.
Hemlngford was formerly the county
seat, but yeara ago was moved to Alii
anca. Its present location, and since than
much bitter feeling has existed between
the two towns.
BROKEN BOW, Neb., Feb. It (Spe
cial.) It seems apparent that a regular
organised gang of burglars has again
started operations In Broken Bow. Twice
within the last few days two large stores
have been broken Into and, although little
money was taken, the work In both In
stances looked much alike. Money alone
seems to have been the object, the bur
glars making for the cash drawer and
not disturbing any articles of sale. At
Stron's variety store about two dollars
were taken from the till, but at the bard
wars store of Tooley A Waters a
chance passerby at 1 o'clock In tha morn
ing heard a auspicious noise from within
and Immediately notified the night watch
man. When tha two returned ths robbers
had decamped without taking anything
with them. Both places of business were
entered by means of a west window that
had been forced.
BRIDGEPORT. Neb., Feb. U.-(Speclal.)
A meeting of the stockholders and nat
rons of the Brown's Creek Canal company
was held here Saturday to consider the
question of purchasing a permonent water
right In the government reservoir. After
an attorney bad rxp'aln-d the irrigation
lae :t was decided to give the required
notice fur the formation of an Irrigation I
district and the purchase of an :
water right. The Brown's Creek Irrigation
canal is one of the best la Nebraska and
the purchase of a right la he government
reservoir la for the purpose of protecting
water users against possible shortsge of
late water in dry seasons.
La Follette Men
of Sixth Select
Their Delegates
(From a Staff Correspondent. I
LINCOLN. Neb., Feb. 11,-lSpectsl Tel
egram.) The 1a Follette men from the
Sixth congressional district met this aft
ernoon In the rooms of the La Follette
league and named the following as can
didates for delegates to the republican
nation! convention: W. H. Reynolds of.
uawea county, member of the state sen
ate: J. P. Gibbons of Buffalo county.
There were ten or twelve present at the
J. S. McGraw of rBoken Bow and Frank
Harto of Valley were named for alter
nates. O. A. Elder of North Platte was
named for elector.
Will lay in Thirty Day' Supply at
Each Big Institution.
Labor Ceaaaalaelonrr Care TaWee
Straw la Prevent Kaaplo, aaeat
Man la ebraaka.
Lamp Filled with
Gasoline Explodes
NORFOLK. Neb., r'eb. 1?. -A wakened
by fire in the house. Lawrence Olson,
aged 18 years, dropped a blanket about
himself snd ran through the flaming
stairway, sustaining burns that will
probably prove fatal In a farm house
near Hosklns. Neb. Fred Chapman, an
other farmer, was badly burned. A
lamp which had been filled with gaso
line Instead of kerosene explcded.
BEATRICE, Neb., Feb. 11. -(Special.!-1
The annual meeting of the Cortland
Farmers Hevator company was held
Saturday aftr-n n at Cortland and fol
lowing the business session the stockhold
ers snd their families lo the number of
nearly sue enjoyed a social time. During
tha last year the company has handled
101. 10S bushels of wheat. HO.lSi bushels of
com and , bushels of oats 111 cars In
all. Forty cars of coal also were pur
chased by the company. A dividend of 10
per omt waa paid In oash. These officers
were elested: J. T. Whalen, president: C.
C. Wolfe, vice president: W. 11. Rubblns,
secretary; David Beslger, treasurer.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb., Feb. ll.-In the
search for the murderer of Go lata Wil
liams today the local authorities sent
men able to Identify the real murderer
to Columbus, Nelson, Lincoln and Mln
den. only to find none of the men held
to be the right party. Tonight a tele
gram from Alton. Kan., declares that a
stranger, presumed ts be a peddler from
papers found on him and answering the
description aa to pug nose and clothing.
waa held. Further description was aaked
tor and .sent tonight.
BRIDGEPORT, Neb.. Feb. H-tSpe-clel.)
State Fire Commissioner C. A. Ran
dall Is here with a stenographer taking
testimony In tha matter of the recent
fire which destroyed property valued at
tX.MS. Rumor haa been busy with a story
to ths affect that the firs was started for
tha purpose of securing tha Insurance
money on a portion of tha property.
Mr. Randall la making a rigid Investi
gation and haa summoned a large num
ber of witnesses to to toll what they know
about ths fire.
New Baak Balding at Brokea Bow.
BROKEN BOW, Neb.. Feb. 12.-8pe-clal.)
According to present arrangs
menta, a new building will adorn the Se
curity Stats Bank corner before another
winter, rolls around. State Treasurer
Walter George, who la president of the
Institution, and other stockholders of the
bank, have had this In contemplation for
some time, but It Is only of recent dale
that the matter has sssumed definite
form. The new building wilt be steam
heated and modemly equipped through
out and will coat approximately 140. OuQ.
Plans and specifications win be com
pleted shortly and building operations
begin early in spring.
District Caart at West Paint.
WEST POINT. Nab.. Feb. U.- Special.)
Ths spring term of the district court of
Cuming county closed Friday and ad
journed to May V. The docket waa ex
ceedingly light only seventeen cases being
on ths calendar and no criminal case
whatever. At .this session of court the
following persons were admitted to full
United States eltlaenshlp: Carl T. Johan-
sen. Carl L. Llndell. John Koehler, otto
Deptus, John Hermelbrarht, Herman E.
Wlsch. At this session a divorce was
granted to S. Michael from M. Michael.
For the first time In many months a de
cree of foreclosure of mortgage waa en
tered, the amount Involved, however,
being small and trie property of little
l"rom a Staff Correspondent.!
LINCOLN. Feb. Il-((ipeclal.-The
Board of Public I-amls and Buildings has
decided to guard aga'nst the atate Insti
tutions being out of coal through bad
roaus. congestion or delay of freight
traffic or a strike of coal miners, which
is considered not Improbable In view of
the failure of the operators and mlnert
to agree on a scale for the coming year.
At the recent meeting of the two or
ganizations they were far apart and In
consequence heavy consumers of coal
have started a demand on the 'nilnea
which la giving some trouble lo fill, but
the Whitebreast Coal company, which
has the state contract, believes It ran
furnish a supply for storage. The board
decided to have a thirty days' supply of
nut coat delivered and stored at each of
the state Institutions In addition to pur
chasing the ordinary steam coal for cur
rent needs. The coal for storage is to be
nut snd costs N cents per ton more than
the slack usually used, but the latter
cannot be stored as U. heats and catches
fire. While the storage coal costs more,
the board also believes it Is worth more
snd that the slight additional expense Is
warranted by circumstances.
The Board of Educational Lands and
Funds baa bought school bonds of the
Long Pine school district lo lite amount
of Komi. The purchase Is for the perma
nent school fund.
KatorcloB t klld Labor I an.
Labor Commissioner Uuye was in
Omaha over Sunday and Saturday night
and visited the American theater, where
he saw a girl about 7 years old perform
ing a part on the stage. As this Is a
violation of the CM Id labor law, he noti
fied the proprietors of the house that
they must not permit such things In the
future or prosecutions would follow, The
company In which the child was per
forming was then making Its last ap
pearance In the state. This Incident also
served to call to his attention that many
motion picture establishments were giv
ing what they term amateur nights. In
which children frequently appear. The
motion picture show proprietors, as well
aa tha managers of all places of public
amusement, will be notified that under
no clrcumatanoea must children under the
legal age be permitted to appear or pros
ecutions will follow and Mr. Ouys haa
notified the Inspectors under his depart
ment to see that the order Is strictly
complied with.
It has Just developed that the stock
holders of Hie Woodmen Firs Insurance
company had a warm meeting Saturday
afternoon. One of the things discussed
was the BB.WI) paid to tha old officers
of tha Union Firs Insurance company to
Induce them to resign and pave ths way
for the union of the two companies, ttt,
ova of which amount la now la the hands
of Stats Auditor Barton as trusts. The
stockholders of tha Woodmen company
think they are entitled to the money and
ars debating whether they shall sua the
directors Individually, tba Union Fir In
surance company or bring action to ob
tain Ih money now In tha hands of the
auditor. It la understood ths Union com
pany also claims this money and soma
lively litigation la likely to ensue. It
was not decided which course tha Wood,
men would pursue, but It la certain asm
action will be uksn.
Another matter Involved In the same
deal la the allegation that Colonel J.
C Bills was paid a commission of KM to
pull off ths deal and the Woodman stock
holders, some of the Indicated a belief
they should have this sum also, but
Colons! Bills was not convinced.
Big Batrk af Loaaa.
It was also allged thai Colonel Bills,
In behalf of the company had loaned
175.0U) of the company's funds on farms
In the southwestern part of the stale
and that owing to the urop failure In
that portion of the state the securities
were not readily salable, which is not
to the liking of the stockholders, as they
desire to wind up the affairs of the com
pany, which already has reinsured sll
of Its risk. Aa the loans ars all regular
there waa nothing the stockholders could
do except to express their disapproval.
Abbe ft Sees (efensi,
Fred Abbott, assistant eommlssloner of
lbs Indian of flea called on tha governor
today. Ha ts enroute to Rulo to see If
something cannot be dons to prevent In
dians from the reservation over ths Una
In Kansas obtslnlng liquor Hn that and
nearby towns. There haa been cuuaMer
able complaint on that score.
Sell at Fries.
Fir Marshal Randall waa In Friend to
day, where be delivered an address on
tors prevention. While he devoted some
time to city and village problems a con
siderable portion of his time waa devoted
to prevention of fire loss on the farm.
H pointed out the prevailing direction of
Whooping Cousrh
.iiwh ta-ra
aaaala-aiSc ant Sonet ttnlaot far staav
rkial teaaWas. erauliei ra- VasarixaS Cna.
U aa tea auesraaa af WUeaut Cases m
rcuana Crass at aaca. Its! feet miam
liaimm Tea a Masters ameet? aariere
ocueeuaS vita ear arena, sukaa ematauf
carr ! aoattei ux Ma tanet aa u ceere,
aaariag MaeM alraa. tt a iarahuMa as awsea
alts reseg ratiaira.
WaS ai nl tat seag-W toealet.
TryCrtmtim Amutk
r TeahM to tee
Of year
eras aa, sat
Vip Cresefcsi Ca.
BLAIR, Neb.. feb! tt-lSpeclal.)-Judge
w. C. Walton and Ed Grimm were
busy last week in circulating a subscrip
tion list for the purpose of securing funds
for the purchase and placing of eight or
ten pairs of ring-necked English pheas
ants in the timber portions of Washing
ton county. They hare been in communi
cation with the state game warden and
the birds will be here the latter part of
this week.
A portion of the' woodland around old
DeSotff and extending back over the bills'
for three or four miles Is the place choeejn
in which to place the first bunch of
birds. A heavy fine will be imposed on
; antes killing or Injuring them and as
Hie woods extend wore or less all the
way from DeSoto to Florence the com
mittee will endeavor to Interest the mem
bers of the Omaha Qua club la the pro
tection at and the placing of more pheas
ants tn the wooda between here and
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Cowjson N, 104 Kl
the alnils in Nebraska and urged farmers
not to place their buildings In such man
ner as to sld in the eppread of lir In
esse one of them caught. The prevailing
winds are toward the north, south, south
west or from the northwest, few blow
ing directly east snd west, and therefore
the best scheme ess to place buildings
along an rest snd west line, lie ajso
called attention to the necessity of keep
ing ruhbish cleared away, care In hand
ling of gasoline snd ashes, as well as do
mestic gas plants.
Today was the birthday anniversary of
. O. Hoslaw, deputy commissioner of pub
lic landa and buildings, and a number of
his friends remembered him by boosting
Vslcntine dsy a few notches for his ben
Ilansea tieta Tealera.
The pure food department has received
two corn seed testers and at once set
them up and began work testing samples
of crn submitted to the department. It
requires four days to make the test and
each one of the machines will test 3t
samples of com.
t'oaattee Make tettlrairal.
All but four of the Nebraska counties
have made their clearance with the au
ditor, preparatory to the January settle
ment with the state treasurer. Douglas
and Srntts Bluff county reports were re
turned for correction of minor errors and
Garden county haa promised a report
soon. Nothing has been heard from the
Custer county treasurer.
Ireaa t'aae for tireeka,
Sullivan Rait of Omaha, attorneys
for the Greeks who sued for damages
alleged to have resulted from the riots
In South Omaha, February, iota, have
asked the governor's office for a copy of
all the documents tn the office bearing
on the case. It Is not known whether It
is Intended to revive the suit In the
courts or whether they want the mete
rial to press the case before the State
dVpanment at Washington.
otter ta Telrnhnae Companies.
The State Railway commission has sent
out an oflclal notice to all telephone com
panies warning them not to destroy any
records, books, accoutns. financial papers,
time checks or niemnrnatla whatsoever
psed In connection wUh the building or
operating of their ssytem Iwlhout first
obtslntng permission from the commis
sion to destroy th same..
This order fa binding on the old com
panies and also on the new owners In
case of mergers. This order Is Intended
to prevent the destruction of any docu
ments which might be needed by the com
mission In questions pending before them
and was deemed neceassry In view of
recent occurrences In court In other states
where corporation Inquiries wee balked by
eason of documents having been de
stroyed. Thieves Hald t karrfc.
Some time Sunday night thieves raided
the First Congregational church and stole
110 or III from the Sunday school collec
tion box, but missed about 1108 put Into
th Bunday collections at the church.
This money had been ron.-ealed.
Judge T. C. Munger has remanded to
the state court the damage case of Chris
topher J. Strauser against the Burlington .
road. The case came from Red Cloud.
Maay Attead Kearral.
Mar than S.000 people filed past th
casket today at University Place during
the funeral exercises of Chancellor
emeritus D. W. C. Huntington of Wes
leyaa University. The Rev. L B.
Schreckengorst of the First Methodist
church of University Place conducted tn
services, assisted by Chancellor Fullmer
of the university and the Revs. A. J.
Xorthrup and N. A. Martin, studenta and
former students of the university attended
in large numbers.
Th radar la Charter Day.
Thursday will be charter day at th
stat eunlverslty and the usual exercises
will be suspended. A special program
for morning and evening has been pre
pared. In the evening about thirty will
receive their diplomas. It being the mid
winter graduation. The nsmee will not
be known until after the faculty meetig
Teachers to Steel at Bridge earl.
BKllXJKPORT, Neb., Feb, IS. Special.)
The program Is being prepared for th
annual meeting of th North Platte Val
ley .Teachers' association, embracing
eleven counties, which meets In this city
April 4. i and . Among the prominent
'speakers secured for the session ars
Chancellor Kulmrr. Nebraska Wsslsyaa
I university; Dr. Condra, University of N
! break a. lecture on Oonservarlon;" E. t-
Kousedean of the Peru State Normal
school, and Richard Metcalfe, author and
- ww ww vw ww w- w- m m
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Fed 20 1912
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New Orleans, "The Winter Capital" la a moat delightful place to visit with lti teml-troplcal
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Send for a beautifully Illustrated book entitled, "New Orleans for the Tourist," and for Mardl
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S. NORTH, District Passenger Agent, 409 South 16th Street, Omaha, Neb.
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