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    Looking Backward
This Day in Omaha
Cliirtj Twenty Tarn Tn Age I
.-See Sdltoitau Page of eea Issue I
The Omaha Daily Bee
VOL. XU NO. 206.
INDICTED MEN TO The National Capital
Number of Defendants in Dynamite
Conspiracy Cases Placed at
Capiases for Arrests Delivered to
United States Marshals.
Only Unforeseen Obstacle Can Pre
vent Carrying Out Plans.
Mailer, lluekla mm Strmi ( oa.alt
nllh I'reslileat ml I roa Warkera'
I !.. aa ladlf-taaeata aa
f'amlaa; Arreata.
INDIANAPOLIS. Feb. li.-On the eve
of the areat nf the men Indicted In tha
dynamite cor.fpirary cases It was re
ported t'nisht that tha number of de
fendant aoulu be flfty-ftJur. Tha ar
rests may take p'a-e tomorrow.
Many officer in one labor union and
tme officer In each of two other unions
are believed to be Involved. It la under
stood that the defendant weat of Salt
Jake City Include only thoae whoaa names
already have been mentioned In connec
tion with prosecutions or Indictments
found on the Pacific coaat and that no
Individuals west of Salt take City, not
heretofore Involved are under Indictment
Many rhies In the east and in Ohio;
Jllhiols and Missouri are said to ba tha
IHitnts. wntrh tne teaerai autnoriues ex-1
lect ti receive reports of arrests. '
Moat of the defendanta whose names 1
lime been kept secret, but who have been
under federal espionage alnre the Indict
ment were returned a week ago are now
reported aa being within reach ana aa
the capiases for the arrests have been
delivered to I'nlted States marshals In
the respective districts, it is believed
the apprehension of the men practically
will take place within a few hours after
word has been sent by telegraph for tba
authorities to act.
Koaee .1 at lo Br Fsaafl.
Probably a number of the defendanta
VI II be beyond Immediate serving of the
rapiaaes, but the plan Is to take aa many
as possible of them Into custody on the
fame day.
A labor leader In Boston, several -each
In New York. Cleveland and Detroit, at
least five in Chicago, one each In Peoria,
Hi. Louis. Kansas City. Mo; NewOr
l.ans. Philadelphia. Milwaukee, Hart
ford, Conn.; Buffalo, Cincinnati and
about five men In Indianapolis an be
lieved to ba among those Indicted, fix
indictments are said to pertain to men
hvTuar"h;rflBTr Lake City amT'wes't ot
Whether the arfeaia are to taka place
tomorrow I'nlted Htatee District Attor
ney Charles Miller refused positively to
y, but It was learned that such wan
I lie plan mapped out by the government
tonight and that It would he carried out
unless some unforeseen obatacla devel
oped. fliaa Talks with Officials.
Frank M. Ryan, president, of the In
ternational Association of Bridge, and
HtriH'tural Iron Workers. . waa at bla
headquarters today dicus.lng 'lth his
tifflcrra what members of his union were
included among those- Indicted. John T.
JJutlrr of Buffalo, first vice president:
Herbert S. rioi kln of Detroit, second vtoc
president and acting aecretary-treaeurer.
and Fred Sherman, busineea agent of
the local union in Indianapolis, are
among those who have consulted with
Sir. Ryan. Mr. Ilockin succeeded J. J.
SIcNamara. the convicted dynamiter, as
secretary-treasurer of the union.
Moadajr, Fekraary It, 19111.
The Senate.
In session 1 p. m.
Senators Lea, and Ken von will Intro
duce resolution for joint congresalonal
Inveatlgation of "money truat."
Sherwood pension bill rejected by pen
sions' committee and a substitute of
Senator Smoot adopted.
A resolution of Senator Reed amending
the constitution to prohibit a presiden
tial third term was laid on tha table.
President submitted an Agricultural
department report on the cotton boll
weevil and asked that it be printed.
Report of elections committee majority
exonerating Senator Stephenson . from
election corruption charge presented.
Senator Kenvon spoke favoring Sher
wood dollar-a-day pension bill.
Bill passed amending pure food law to
apply to homeopathic as well aa other
' The Housed
Met at noon.
Testimony regarding labor conditions
at steel plants waa heard by Stanley com
mittee. Secretary Stlmaon testified regarding
Panama canal tolls before Interstate
Commerce committee.
I William Nelson lYomwell'a connection
'with Panama canal purchase discussed
before foreign affairs committee.
Lewis fraud order ease developed con
troversy between George B. Cortelyou
and B. C. Madden before post of flee ex
penditures committee.
Rules committee dtacuassd resolution
calling for money trust inveetigation.
Investigation Into the political influence
of Major Ray waa continued by War de
partment expenditures committee. Pay
master General Whipple testifying.
Took up army appropriation bill with
expectation of pasaing It by Tuesday
Passed anti-loan shark bill fixing l:
per cent as maximum Interest rata in
District of Columbia.
James J. Hill testified regarding the
Hill lease of tha lAke Superior ore fields
before Stanley steel committee.
Three Edicts Issued Monday in
Peking Announce Abdication
of Dynasty.
All Conditions Arranged by Premier
Are Accepted.
Officers Are Told to Preserve Order
Throughout Land.
Mexican Rebels Are.
Defeated in Battle
Near Chihuahua'
Jt'AREZ. Feb. H.-The band of rebels
In Chihuahua, commanded hy Braullo
Hernandea. who recently resigned aa sec
retary of atate of Chihuahua, were de
feated at Moqut, weat of the city of Chi
huahua, yeaterday by federal troops.
The Information, which cornea from
government sources, Is to tha effect that
many were alatn on both aides and that
tha federala captured several prisoners.
Captain Salgado of the government
troops Is reported to have been killed.
Hernandea and his band are said to ba
In flight. . ,
Oroseo waa going to meet Hernandea
with a flag of truce, the government
c'alms. when the rebels fired upon him
and Oroaco and his command returned
the fire. i
. Aaram OonaaJea. constitutional gover
nor of Chihuahua and mlnlater of gober-
naclon In the Madero cabinet, left EI
Paso In special train today tor Chlhua,
hua to distribute SS0O.OM among the rebels
la aa attest, to get thiamin tapi
Klre at Barehard.
TABI.K ROCK. Neb.. Feb. U- Special.)
most disastrous fire occurred at
Ktirhard Friday night. The fire broke
tMit at about 12:30 o'clock In the feed
More of Scott a Shaffer, distroying thla
and also the hardware atork of Frank
Prpiieral ami also that of Klrtley Car
ter, the successors to L. K. Ntekelaon.
whose stock of hardmara waa deatroyed
by fire a few montha alnce. Thla corner
of the block la awept clean and It la un
likely that the buildings will be rebuilt.
The Weather
Kor N'ebianki l'nettled weather and
probably nrow flurries.
Kor lowarrisettled weather and prob
ably snow flurrtea.
Trmnlirt at Omaha Vesterdajr.
Hour. Dej.
(3;n 5 1 ::::::::::::::: S!
"F3 1 a. in 1;
i AUi'm i a. m n"i T li a. m 19
A yT r yr n a i
2Sy- 7 P. m 28
dp. m p
rm Record. I
ini. iw rJtt.
aa para 11
IfiaheM yesterday 3i 5s 2
lowest yesterday 14 M 2
Mean .empratiire II 3 14
iTeclpliailon . T T l T
'iVmrraturt and precipitation depar
i iit from the normal:
Normal temoerature 21
-f iCieK for tie day 3
To;aJ excr lnce March !, 111 2&T
Xorrral precipitation Cinch
I Wlr.en y fur the day m Inch
Total rainfall vlnce Man h 45 Inches
leticiency aince March 1 13.37 Inches
Ificiency for cor. period. ttt.. 14.7 inche
Kxcess for cor. pediod, l& 4.71 Inches
ttep-arta fraa Matlaaa at T P. 'A.
Station and Xmp. Hith- Kd!n-
dtata of w tat her. p. m. eat.
t'heyennaK cloudy T 4
lavenport, dear It 4
Ianver, part cloudy 44
lea Motne. .mowing 24 2i
their aritia. Ha enters lb atate follow
ing, the issuance of s proelamaUos yes
terday by Acting; Governor Oonaales caJI
InK attention t the spectre of America
Intervention unteM trouble soon cesses
In MflltlCOj
Eb PASO Tax., Feb. 12.-Adjutant Gen
eral Henry Hutchlns of the Texas Ns
tlooal Guard arrived In El Paso today
to rnveatia-ate the Chihuahua revolution
ary trouble and report to Governor Col
quitt. Senate Committee
Rejects Sherwood
Pension Measure
WASHINGTON. Feb. H.-The Sherwood
ao-called "dollar a day" penalon bill waa
rejected today by the senate committee on
pensions and other measure which would
Involve an annual expenditure of S34.O0O.onri
proposed as a substitute by Senator Smoot
of Utah was adopted. Senators Brown of
Nebraska and Curtis of Kaneaa gave no
tice that In the senate the would press
the Sherwood bill aa a substitute for the
Smoot bill. ,
Senator Smoot'a estlmateof SX00O.O0O
aa the coat of hie plan la baaed on the
penalon bureau's computation of age and
length of service of the veterans. Tha
Sherwood bill, according to tha penalon
bureau would have cost about f!i,V.m
a year.
The Smoot bill waa adopted by a vote
waa 13 to t after the Sherwood bill had
been voted down M to 4. embodlea provi
sions to penalon civil war veterans 2
years old who aerved W days or mora
and any Mexican war veteran who
aerved sixty day or more. The Mexican
war veterans would receive S30 a month.
Tha civil war veterans would be put an
a graduated scale from 113 a month for
ninety day veterans Si years o'd. to )
a month for veterana 1 years old. who
aerved three years or more.
Breaks Window in
the British Embassy
WASHINGTON. Feb. il-After- hurling
a large piece of concrete through one of
the. front windows of the British em
bassy In thla city today, a man giving hia
name aa Frank Flttpe trick and tala home
aa New Tork. calmly waited on a atreet
corner opposite the embasay building for
the arrival of two policemen who placed
him under arrest The man's act created
much excitement.
Asked why he hurled the missile. Flta
patiick replied:
"Tnat'e my own business. '
A bystander said that Fltxpatrick. be-,
fore hurling the concrete, had mumbled '
that be waa cold and hungry and wanted
to be arrested. .
The man waa aetit to Washington asy-1
lum hospital for mental examination. j
t Had' Beea Ki peeled Maaekaa
vVaald Deasaad raneeealaae that
Weald Protect Aarleat
PEKINU. Feb. 11. -China today Joined
the sisterhood of tha world's republics.
In three Imperial edlota tha Manchu dy
nasty changed K.n,io9 from aubjecta ot
an absolute ruler to cltliens of tha larg
est self-governing nation on tha earth.
The first edict announced tha abdica
tion of the dynasty after SW years of
absolute rule. The second declared that
the throne accepted the republic; tha
third approved a of tha conditions
agreed on by Premier Yuan Shi Knl and
tha republlcana.
Tha third edict created great aatonlah
ment. It had been expected the Manchua
would demand conditions which would
safeguard many ot their privileges, but
according to report, the aurrender la un
conditional. The edict Informed tha
viceroys and provincial governora ot tha
retirement of tha throne from political
power and Instructed them to continue
doing their duty and to preserve order
throughout tha land.
Kad of Maarha Dyaaaty.
The abdication of tha Chinese throne
by ruyt, the child emperor, brings to an
end the powerful Mancnu dynasty which
has reigned In China aince lMt.
The boy ruler haa been on tha throne
since November 14. Ism. when tha em
peror, Kwang-gu, his uncle, died. Ills
father. Prince Chun, waa appointed
regent and waa the chief flgur in China
for three years.
Surrounded by a large number ot
princes ot the Imperial clan and Manchu
officials with reactionary Ideas, the
regent waa brought face to fare with a
revolutionary movement in favor of mod
ern reforms. He endeavored to placate
both parties, but ended by causing gen
eral dissatisfaction which led to his
resignation on December S, 1M1.
The promise of a constitutional govern
ment made by the dowager empress on
tier deathbed In lnot waa not fulfilled In
any way until May. last year. la that
K .n lmn.rl.1 tl,l .hollahl IllS
old grand council which, together with
the court, held absolute power, ami sub
stituted a constitutional cabinet.
Mavatlt TSeglaa la. aoatb. -, '
Revolutionary Ideas had been spread
ing hi lha meantime and the southern
provinces declared against the continua
tion of Manchu rule and broke into open
revolt After much fighting the revolu
tlnnlata proclaimed a republic at Nan
king In December and. Drr Sun Tat Sen
accepted the presidency on December SI.
Ncgotlatlona between the republlcana
and tha Imperialists followed and an ar
mistice waa arranged.. Thla waa not
etrfrtly observed, but the negotiations
continued with the result that the Manchu
rulera, seeing that China proper waa al
most entirely In favor of the republican
Idea, and that tha outlying dependencies
ot Tibet. Turkestan. Mongolia and Man
churia were breaking away, decided that
It waa the beat policy to yield to the popu.
lar demand and abdicate from power.
General In trltlsasHV HI.
SHANGHAI. Feb. lt-Oeneral Homer
Lea. the American officer who haa been
acting aa adviser to Dr. Sun Tat Sen, the
prealdent ot the Chinese republic, la In a
critical condition. He haa been uncon
scious for some time. .
Battle Faagtkt Sear 9af.basv.Ani
LONDON, Feb. 11 The tm perls list
army tinder the command of General
Chang Hsun. which haa been In contact
with the republican troupe for some days,
waa today routed with serloua lose by the
republlcana In the neighborhood of 8u-Chow-An.
in the province of Anhwel.
According to a special dispatch received
here today from Shanghai tba republican
troops mined the groud In front of thetr
entrenchments. Then, by feinting a re
treat, they Inveigled tha imperialists to
follow them over the mined ground and
when a large body of them were as
sembled tha republicans exploded the
mines. The Imperialist army sustained
heavy casualties and lost many ot their
field guns.
Oeneral Chang Hsuan. their commander,
took refuge In a railroad car and escaped
toward Su-Cbown-Ku.
Aako laaasedlate Reeaajaltlaa.
SAN FTiANCISCO. Feb. 13. -An appeal
for immediate recognition of the Chinese
republican government was sent to Presl
dent Taft and Secretary of Htale Knox
today by Ton King Cbong and Wong
Sam Ark. In behalf of the Chinese re
public association, from the headquarters
ot that organisation In thls-i lty.
Tong Cbong la editor ot a Chinese
paper and Wong Sam Ark represents the
Chines Free Masons.
WASHINGTON. Few. 13. Dr. Sun Vat
Sen. first president of tha Chines re
public. Is a' naturalised American. The
Department of Commerce and Labor so
held In 1104 on the ground that Dr. Sun
had been born In the Hawaiian Islsnds.
had beea endowed with American cttlxen
sbip by the act of HO, which provided a
government for Hawaii and declared all
dtliena of the territory to be rltlsena of
the United States.
Leap Year
mmm. i (MM
v C - Sfpt?i ,, . ' ! ':-l liS
t he L iw i nne polln- JouVnalT"
Why the Fresident Asked that a
Court Martial Scandal Be
Woman's Fault Condoned and the
Facts Kept Secret.
Saggestionos from President as to
Coarse to Be Taken.
Iowa Senator Makes Plea for Dollar-
a-Day Measure.
Mlleagw Exaeaeea at Caaaaalssloas,
rmMU .atldlaga.d Pr, Dalu
Ateeisla Mlgkt rraaed
I Advaatagte.
iWASHINOTO-f. "reb.' it -'Why iy
economy only when tha soldier Is In
volved?" demanded Senator Kenvon "f
Iowa In a soeeeh In tha sonata today In
advocacy of tha Sherwood "dollar a day"
pension bill, passed hy Ihe house. Sen
ator Kenvon pointed out that congress
had raised the salarlea of Ita members
and of tha president; entered Into an ex
pense of hundreds of millions of dollara
for the Panama canal, and had even re
tired Robert E. Peary on a rear admiral's
pay for discovering "something known
as the north pole, which no one cares
anything about."
Mr. Kenyon aald Hie roat of lltng had
InoTeased as much for the soldier as fur
anyone elae. He sugjieated there ruuld
be a saving of SlaYOno a year In the mat
ter of mileage for senstors and reprc
aentatlvea and yet leave auffh-lent for
traveling sxpeneea.
Taa Many Comaslaelvaa.
"We could economise." he continued,
"by getting rid of some of the commis
sions that surround us on every hand
with enormous expense. Possibly a few
expeditions like that to l.ake Champlaln,
recently exposed In the house, might be
dispensed with In the Interest of econ
omy. Perhaps the river and harbor bills,
running Into the millions, to mate har
bors where the Almighty forbade them
and rivers where nature prohibited them,
might be dispensed with. ,
Public buildings might wait a few
years, even though It might Injure the
chance ot a few men to go back to con
gress because they could not secure a
public building at an enormous expense
where none Is needed.
"Many more millions go for Ihe main
tenance of navy yaida so absolutely
chaste that their waters hav never yet
embraced the form of a sea -going battle
ship; dry docks that are a constant chal
lenge to the ward of God, because they
are ao dry that the only possible chance
for them to ever be used for docking
ships Is confined to the remote prospect
that w will ae a repetition of Ihe flood
described In the Scriptures.
Railway Magnate Appears Before
Home Committee.
Paid Dollar Slxtr-Fle a T far
. Ore. end s'reaar Mere for
:arh Baceeedlag
Vear. 1
WAHIIINUTOX. Feb. R-J. J. lilll,
chairman of the board uf dlrectora of the
Great .Niirlhern testified lati.
today before the houie Steel trust In
vestigating committee.
Ills testlmniiy was designed to throw
light on Ihe so-called lease uf the La
Muperlor ore fields lo the I'nlteu State
ateel corporation. f
"You were party to the 1eae between
the I'nited States Hteel corporation and
the Hill ore lands?'' asked t'halrma.i
"I was not a party ts the lease," xatd
Mr. Hill. "I carried on preliminary ne
gotiations, hut the lease was mad by
the trustees of the proierty J. M. IIM,
L. W. Hill.. Kuwanl Mitchell and R. M.
"What properties did -you acquire an
the .Mesalie range?"
"The first was property that came wLh
the I'uluth At Winnipeg, a bankrupt rail
way running Into Imluth and the Su
perior region."
"Ilnw close did this road get to i.le
; Mesabe range?"
j "Within about forty-five mllea."
"Ilnw did It happen that the ore landa
j were thrown In with a railroad that did
, n't touch the ore lands?"
. ! "The parties interested In ihe road
l-'T. l.iM'Is. Mo.. Feb. 1- - litre.! erot. jaiso were interefted In the pre lands. In
examination of John H Swlnno wan it I, e pun l:ae of the road the ore landa
completed t'Hluy In the Kimmcl mystery of the North Star company came with
Photo Copyrightta, Harris . Kwlng.
uu,.l... I'ttlt.1 Ul:.t...,ir from lows.
h.. !Hk- ul Cranu KapllK. Mli h.. last
nlnhl. ,
Fails to Confuse
Kimmel Witness
ran In Hie l'niltl Sutea Hntrtrt court
In uhlrh the Ide-nitty -f Andrew J.
White. formr rtiiivl-1. h. llrn to be
OtvrRt A. KimiiM-l, nl Kimmel n Inxur
anre are tuviilvfil
Atlon.rt for Hi' rrnv?r for .he bank
of Ntha. MicU , lmine'it.ately Ixicin a re
direct eirimlfiittlon. SwInney H tttmony
apparrnlh a riot hukeri hv th row
examlnatlorv hy atiorney. f.r the InMir
ane rompany, whlrh ronstinvd t lx hour.
a rnt'lf to r-at ahnMt all of
hia JpoMt!m tnkrn two month ao,
apparentlv witli the obt of eonfusinif
him In the matt'-r of datw.
Andrew J. White wan not in court to
ri). Attorneys who hae him in charge
kr-fi-inc him Treted In a hotel ao
tha they ran have htm anv tlnn tv.ey
the i(n' aland.
lltn. Klmnitl. moiiier of the mialni;
banker, who will te n tinai for Ihe
bank, Is rHttiiie In -t .rivat home r
cupermtlrttv from a MliKht illn whtch
was brought on hy attendim; the trial.
F.itniTifiief la Capitol.
Thn thera are tha free barber ahopa j itt lo imt Iti.n on
and the free hath in the rapttol hert.
They mlftbt po-atbly be abollnhed, al
though t 1 real lie that I am treading on
tarred and dar.groua ground In making
this revolutionary remark. A republican
enator a few montha ago aald on thing
that ta aolutely true, that thla govern
ment ran be conducted for flW.Onn 00r lea
per year than It la now. Every man
know a this to be correct. One-aeventh
nf thla mm would carry the nenelnns
pro Ided by the Phermood bill.
"I have no patience with the iwriH'ii
that pennon lg1ltlon H charity --
Colonel Roosevelt
Will Address Ohio -U2
It, about W per cent of their stock.";
"How much land waa there?"
"About I -.W0 acrea. That deal waa
in a iu in ism."
"What part of those landa were turned
over to the I'nited States Steel corpofa
ttonT ";uis about VMQ acrea. Whatever the
ateel corporation got It paid SI .66 a ton
for ore and transportation."
"I ld It under that leaae?"
"Yea, for the f.r?t year and 4 cent
andg milia per ton additional every suc
ceeding year."
Mr. Hill explained more in duall the
original purchaal of the ore. He aald a
nearby railroad owned about X.009 acrea
of ore land. Thla nai a lumber road
that had a connection lth h.a.road.
Hoase laaalry l.t Whipple Charges
rratea Prewldeat Ma vest Oaly
ta Sate Saaa far
WASHINGTON. Tcb. Il-Tlie alleged
political Influence of Major Beecher B.
Ray, the army paymaster, declared to
hae enjoyed frequent changes of sta
tion and Immunity from various troubles
because of lha Influence of President
Tart, waa again a subject of Investiga
tion today betor the house committee on
expenditure In the War department.
farmaster Oeneral Whipple testified
that Major Ray had established a record
In the sen Ice far frequent changes In
station. In thirteen years h had been
successively atatloned at eighteen points,
whereas the average assignment of a pay
master at any station Is between three
and four years. Chairman Helm asked
neneral Whipple II any ot tha asalgn
menta had been made at the direction of
l-resldent Taft.
"Yea." he answered. "In lJ tha presl-'
dent asked that Major Ray be aent to At
lanta and In November, 1U. that ha be
sent to New York."
One of the letters of President Taft to
Paymaster Oeneral Whipple, put In evl.
denes In the rasa and made public today
HKVMKLT. July , lsl- Personal and
'onfldrntlaU-Dear Oeneral Whipple: I
have read tha leter ot regarding
Pa matter Itay, which you have shown
me because In time past I had a persona I
Interest In th awalfare of Major Kay. I
have no relation with Major lley that
prevent my directing you to take the
sams disciplinary action In respect lo him
ss In Ih ecase of any of your subordinates.
"It seems to me that It would be wise ,
to send Ueneral tlarlli.gton or a trusted .
assistant l Inspect Kay's accounts and
Ihsw of hia clerk aa wel aa lha charges
makes, that If the facts turn out
to be as . atatea, to separata '
from Itay at one..
"While Ray'e conduct ( ) charges
an true, could subject him to foe se
verest condemnation, tbaaa asama, tram
(U language and telegram to be
such condonation by hlin and hia wife -that
It would ba well to avfrl th de
moralising scandal for tha army Involved
In tha court martial proceedings, which
would place a atlgma on t ) and
Mrs. ( ) which they could never
recover from, Ray could be told that
his auperlora knew hia fault and hav
provided against It and In the Interest
nf his victims and tha army It was
deemed beat not to present It to th board
on lha condition that he avoid such con
duct In tha future.
"These suggestions are on th assump
tion that charges are true and that Oen
eral Oarllngton knows them to be ao.
I do' not favor court martial proceedings
in such case, wher there la condona
tion. In order to prevent scandal. Tha
army surfers, the partle suffer and only
the prurient reader ot such trial re
ceive any advantage. Tha dlsclplln In
volved does not outweigh In Ita benefit .
for th army tha Injuries to th prestige
ot lha army and the demoralisation It
"You can ahow this letter to Oeneral'
lisrllngton and Oeneral Oliver, but 1
would prefer that It do not go on. your '
official file. Th course 1 suggest Is -the
one It seems to me la best under the
"Major Kay did me some aervlc ot a
political character years ago. at the in
stance of my brother and he la dlspoaed
to assumo too much, on that score. I wish
him treated aa any other officer In tha
service and I would make th same sug
gestion -ss to any army officer In a
similar case. Sincerely yours,
Another letter from President Taft to
General Whipple, a year later, waa writ
ten that the general might show It to -Congressmen
Hay and Sweet of the house,
military committee In order that It would
explain why certain portions of th rec- .
onls ot the War department had not been
transmitted In co piianee with a request
from the house. The omitted part of the
record dealt with the scandal concerning
Ray and tha woman In tha case. The
president aald it waa lila knowledge that .
the woman and her husband were living
happily together, and tliat the publli-atlon
Defaulter Says He
Will Kill Himself
in Mid-Ocean
lalation. There was an Implied contract . nu n,n
I with thla government when' those men I UWl( ll fourth
iKxice City, cloudy.....:. Je
Lander, clear
North Platte, raining. ... 34
Omaha, cloudy
Jroeblo. cloudy
ltapid City, cloiidv
fait Lake City, clear
anta re. snowing aa
tvierldan. clear 32
Sioux City, cloudy 3
Valentine, cloudy Z
T Indicates trace of precipitation.
L- A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
ELGIN, nt.. Feb. 11 -Th Elgin Board
of Trade voted today to Increase Ita ter
ritory to include six states Indiana. Mich
igan. Iowa. Minnesota. Wisconsin and
Illinois. The action was taO-n by vote
ft X to
An unusually large amount of butter
a as offered today. 362 tub being put oa
the market. The bedding started at 30
cents and closed at 32 cents.
SIOUX C IT T,. la.. Feb. U. Negotiations
for the consolidation of the fltoux City
exchange af the Iowa Telephone com
pany. ownd by the Bell a vat em. wttn
the Htoux Oty Telephone company, and
the New State Telephone company, which
have been under ayr for Ihe last
eighteen months, ware - eoneummated
this afternoon- It la aaVd tha cocao It da
Uoo represents
marched away, snd that contract wa
that when they needed help from the
government they ahould have It. They
did not to to war for the 913 a month. In
depreciated currency, worth In sold but
ft. They dl4 not place blood against
gold. Th-r closed the door of oppor
tunity Jilst when the tenderest and mo.t
sacred aao-tatlons of life were forming
and neer ihought of reward '
atMr-!" the dHeXate"
constitutional onv
on Wednesday, February 2.
Th former prudent accepted Jtri In
vitation to spf-ati In a letter received to
day by L It. U a I breath, pecrctary t the
In hi ltl-r of i-ei'ian'-e oIonl
Kooaevelt avf:
"I have brrn U-cllninx all Invitat ona
to ptak. In th1 m t.i iet o
T'OIITL-WD, Me., Feb, 12.-A. W. Shaw,
under, pretiident and neneral tnanaaer!
jof .. W. Shaw corporation of Freeport 1
and Boston, s'loe manufai turera. hum ab- t
. r-ondfd itnd la a alfco:fcs.ed defaulter;
of lurire sum from hln company, at cordlnR;
'to announc?mpnt made by receivers who
I were appointed today,
'en t ion ... . m
in a ipiit Btoi i ruin iMwion 10 f. a.
) Amlck of Freeport, his partner for twen-ty-to
years, and the heaviest stock-,
! holder. Hhaw wrote that he Intended to
commit suicide In midocean.
p much n Inv itat
j that I hip the i
Rarke fleada ftwllty te-Kardrr. i iat kIii arr
IKH:GJ-AS. Wya, reb. 12. t.Secial.i -1 KT, jt t an-l
Wllltani B-irke pleaded cuilt the' K..rriim'nta
fl to
murder of Ctarlea Black, a shep herder. i.mi-n of fni
land waa sentaoosd to thirty-five years lo j cirt-umatance it is bAh
th state peniienuai-y. I pleasure to a c-t. '
Mil.WAl KKK, Wis.. Feb. U'. -Trapped
to a burn in five-room collage today,
Jlri. Annie Kuns;e.,ged tu. waa burned
to dvath while her husband, aged 'M, un-
-tate; nn4 unlr rurh I able to help her. stood outside and
prfscntrtiiv .!
rv mutant In
moi f undrfK 'tUt'
work on rwlmlf
a Kr3T
nc the
iic tit
-f th-
a duty and a ' watched her die. The fire started from
the explosion of a lamp. Runge escaped.
Omaha Real Es
tate is the safest,
surest investment
on the market to
day. With the great amount
of building and manufac
turing, constantly going
on, its future is assured.
Real Estate bought today
will yield a trong margla ot
profit in Increase of value la
a few rears.
Your opportunity Is' adver
tised in the real estate column
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make your selection and
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,. v