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County Conunisioners Hew Objec
tion! from the Union Fuel.
Caldwell Drain' Pari BUI a
Ceart Hesse Is Keawred sad
Beard WuU Make Pari
Cessnas? Stand Ceet.
A. B. Cook and 8. A. Corneer of the
I'nlon Purl company appeared before the
Board of County Commissioners yester
day and protested against the board's
threatened rejection of a part of the com
pany's bill against the county. The bill
totals U.0O. The county commissioners
deducted about 0 from the county's bill
against Caldwell Drake, county build
ing general contractors, because Caldwell
& Drake claimed much of the coal was
3a per cent slack and dirt. Now the com
missioners feel like' rejecting W per cent
of the I'nlon Fuel company's bill on the
same ground.
Fall Frier la Deaaaaded.
1 Messrs. Cook and Corneer declared that
despite Caldwell ft Drake's statement the
coal was all first grade. They demanded
the full price, Mr. Cook said his com
pany already has suffered enough by hav
ing to furnish the county coal at a mar
gin of profit of only 1 cent on account of
the high wholesale price and it does not
propose to suffer more because Caldwell
Drake have hypnotised the board into
thinking some of the coal was of poor
quality. Commissioner Best Interrupted
to say the board has not been hypnotised.
Mr. Cook said he meant to say "if the
board hss been hypnotised."
The board deferred action until Thurs
day. In the mesntlme the advice of the
county 'attorney will be secured.
Sunderland Resigns -to
Prove Devotion
The principal business of the nest meet
ing of the Cllliens' union will be to re
ceive and set uron the resignation of
Ralph K. Sunderlsiid from membership In
the executive committee. The reasons
given by Sir. Sunderland for this stsrt
llng step Is that he wants to shield that
organisation from any embarrassment or
discredit that might grow out of his ac
tive connection with Its management,
prejudicing public opinion, which might
ascribe ulterior motives. As given out by
the publicity committee, the resignation Is
lengthy and goes Into detailed explana
tion, but the deed Is done In this par
agraph: "Therefore. In order that current false
chsrges against the union on my account
may fall to the ground, and in order that
the organisation may stand before the
people on Its own merits, unhampered by
any question as to my motives or Inter
eats, I hereby resign as a member of the
executive committee, and from all active
part In the work of .the Cltlseni' union,
effective Immediately."
By this action Mr. Sunderland essays
to divest himself of all share In the se
lection of candidates fer commissioners to
be endorsed, but promises In advance to
work for whatever slate shall be agreed
upon. He also asserts particularly that
his resignation from the executive com
mittee Is In "good faith, a and that the
publicity committee will have to be re
organised. Other members of the executive com
mittee were unable Xo state last night
hat action would be taken on the resig
nation, or who would be substituted for
Mr. Sunderland in the capacity he has
been serving.
Students to Visit
South Omaha Yards
The annual visit of the College of Agri
culture, University of Nebraska, to the
stock yards and packing houses in South
Omaha, will be made next Tuesday. The
big delegation will leave Uncoln at 7
o'clock in the morning, reaching the stock
yards twe hours later. Returning the
train will leave at : in tha evening.
Immediately upon arrival at the yards
tha students will form Into 'eight groups,
each of which will be In charge of a
captain. There will be a committee of
women at the Exchange building to meet
the visiting girls.
Students will be given opportunity to
lunch at the Exchange building between
11.30 and 2, and each escort Is requested
to took after bis group to see that It gets
into the dining room at the most con
venient time.
In the evening there will be a compli
mentary dinner with tha fallowing pro
gram: Music (During Dinner) South Omaha
High School orchestra.
Address of Welcome Mr. Bruce Mc
culloch. . .
Response Desn Burnett of the uni
versity. Music Block Tarda quartette.
The Hottentots (Direct From Their
Home Town) By special dispensation of
King Ak-Sir-Ben.
Prof. Huntington Magician.
Prof. Ho-Gan-ln-t!kl (direct from the
Orient In his special nerve racking act
with the knives) By special edict of King
Old-Time Fiddlers
Will Contest Again
The "old fiddlers' " match, that created
so much Interest Isst year, will be given
again on March 1 In the auditorium of
the loung Men's Christian association.
This meet is given under the auspices of
the educational department of the as
aoclsUon and Is open to all fiddlers who
p'ay by ear only and who enter whether
tliey live In Omaha or not. There Is no
entry tee and there will be at least three
prizes. Already one business man has
said he would put up fit toward a medal
for first prise.
Juvenile court officials and a number
f able unsalaried assistants are planning
i trip to the state Industrial school at
Kearney within the next few weeks.
There has been a disagreement among
those engaged hi juvenile court work as
o the advisability of sending a boy to
:he state Industrial srhoc To settle the
iuestloln as to the fitness or the state in
stitutions for the so-called bad boys, offl
sers of the court will personally Inspect
'.he methods employed by Superintend
ent C B. Manuel at Kearney.
-What we want to do," said Judge
Howard Kennedy, "Is simply to see for
surselves." The time of the trip has not
been fixed, but will be made at a time
ost convenient for the workers In this
abase of social reform.
A Haeorlac leiast
with both parties wounded, demands
Burklen's Arnica Salve. Heals wounds,
tores, burns, boils, cuts or piles. Only Sc.
xror sate ar Beaton Dnuc Co.
Omahan Interested in America's Oldest House
Edward L. Sayre of 1SS Maple street,
has received word of the recent destruc
tion of the old homestead of his ances
tors in 9ouharaoton. Long Island. N. Y
This ancient house was built on the site
where It stood until torn down by
Thomas Say re. In 144 Everything in the
way of material, except the glass, ustd
in the building of the house ass made In
the village of Southampton, even the
nails being made by the town black
smith of those ancient days.
Thomas Say re was an English gel-tie-man,
who came to America in the time
of Cromwell. Settling first at Lynn.
Mass., he remained there eight years;
then, with seven other pioneers, he mi
grated to Long Island to establish a
colony under a patent from the earl of
Stirling. After spending a few years st
the first place of settlement, trey moved
to the present site of Southampton, and
there. In 164S, Thomas Sayre erected the
house which has Just been wrecked.
Shingles an inch thick covered the front
of the house and the side facing the
street. It Is set out In old uocuments
that in those days all houses were built
facing the south, and thus very often a
gable end waa turned to the street.
During the revolutionary war tha eld
house wss used by British officers, but J
was owned by succeeding members of the
Sayre fsmlly for M years. Latterly It
had been abandoned as a residence and
was used by an Italian fruit render to
store his wares. It was long a point of
historic Interest to antiquarians, snd at
one time an effort was made to have It
preserved because of its great age and
X Wr',"
Ta 1ST-, -i . :..-M ;3i teM-ft T '.s r-
L. I. BUILT IN lilt.
historic associations. When It wrus lorn
down it was spoken of as the oldest frame
house In New Tork and probably In the
United .States.
The Omaha Sayre family traces its
descent directly from the builder f the
old house. Thomas Sayre died m hSJO,
leaving four sons and one daughter, and
the line comes down to Edward L. Sayre
as follows: Joseph Sayre. 'jorn In 13).
died lfiC; DanlI, ed 173: Jowplt. born
171?. died 1T5J; John. .'J-d !T. from
wounds received at battle of Monmouth:
Nathan, born 1,79, died ISSS; riUud.
born 1S11. died 1SS3: Kdward I., born IMS.
who Is a title examiner for the Union
Pacific, with which road he has been con
nected for twenty-two sears.
Demand Hade for Proclamation
Calling: City Election in April.
apresse Co art's Aetlea la Oesier
Case, Attorney Rlager Declares,
Will Provide Isssaedtsle Air
Ins; of Police Affairs.
Like a bolt out of a clear sky cams the
demand at a committee of the opposition
yesterday that Mayor Tralnor issue a
proclamation of election to be held in
April as heretofore.
The committee was composed of Thomas
Hoctor. candidate for mayor; John Orib
ble, candidate for city treasurer; Sam
8chr!gley. candidate tor the city council,
and C. M. Rich, candidate for the Fire
and Police board. Their attitude Indicated
that while they must needs make the
demand In order to be within the law It
was not expected that the mayor would
accede to their call.
Mayor Tralnor. recognising the temper
of the committee, declared that he would
refrain from making a statement until
he had consulted with his attorney. The
committee accepted the answer of the
mayor and left the olty ban.
Immediately after the visit of the com
mittee Msyor Tralnor and City Clerk
Frank Good held a conference and deter
mined to consult their respective attor
neys, with whom they held a conference
In the afternoon. '
The members of the committee In sev
eral interviews given out yesterday in
sisted that they ware In the fight ta a
finish. Upon the expected refusal of the
mayor to issue a proclamation before
next Thursday mandamus proceedings
will be Inaugurated and the Issue will
come squarely before the court. The
opposition, which is strongly democratic
Insists that It has a clear case and that
tha extension clause of the city charter
is Illegal and altogether unconstitutional.
Lately there has been a story that the
extension clause wtnj be aired before the
grand Jury. It has been asserted that the
officials of the city, with one or two ex
ceptions, have contributed money toward
a pot that furthered the move of having
the terms of the officials extended for
one year. The extension originally is said
to have contemplated tha members of
the Fire and Police board only, but It
waa pointed out that It would bo Just as
easy for ail to come in on the extension.
Commissioner Case Opened Uav.
News from Lincoln that the supreme
court had yesterday denied the petition
of Commissioners Rysn snd Pivonka to
quash the ouster proceedings against
them added Interest to the already super
heated political atmosphere of South
Commissioner Ryan was not at home
last night when a reporter called him, but
Commissioner Pivonka stated that he
would continue the fight. Pivonka ad
mitted his surprise at the news. -I have
been lit tor several days." he said, "and
have not been In touch with polities."
Asked as to tha rumor that he con
templated resigning, Pivonka said: "Such
statement Is untrue. I positively refuse
to resign."
"It is the first step," said Attorney
Ringer. "The supreme court has opened
up the wsy to allow the people of this
city a chance at clean government. The
case must now come to trial. There Is
no possibility of another demurrer be
cause the motion to q6aeb wss In Itself
a demurrer. With the appointment of a
referee the case will come to issue snd
I propose to show Just what the average
dtlsen has been up against in South
Attorney Ringer said he would produce
evidence that Ityan and Pivonka have
accepted worthless bonds from thirty
saloon men.
Dlfltealtlee In the Way.
Ringer explained the difficulties that be
set the eit liens who dare to give evi
dence against the saloon men and the
heard. He Instanced a case where a
woman had brought suit again a saloon
man for the illegal sale of liquor to her
husband, a packing house employe. The
woman, when the case was set for trial.
came to tell bow she had been threat
ened if she persisted In giving testimony
unfavorable to the accused satoonman.
Falling to terrify the woman, an effort
was made to Intimidate her husband who
was Informed that he would lose his Job
if his wife gave testimony against the
saloonman. Ringer went to the general
manager of the packing house and told
the condition of affairs. The manager in
question wss. astounded snd angered to
think of suchSnethods in the plant, and
promised to see that no harm came to an
employe for telling the truth In such cases.
Ringer charges that certain officials are
trying to block the trial of Ryan and
Pt von sa
lt Is now expected that Attorney Ringer
will be appointed special assistant to the
attorney general tor the conduct of the
Commissioner Al Hunter of the school
board and one of the minority of the
board has advanced a plan by which the
congestion In some of the outlying school
districts will be relieved without the ad
ditional Issue of fQJM bonds sought by
the majority of the board.
CoaunifxioQer HJHter flropojei tbet the
eighth grade children from the several
schools shsll come to the High school
building, which has several rooms now
unoccupied by (he regular students of the
high school. He further proposes that in
case his plan Is adopted teachers who
come up with the eighth grade will spe
cialise on one subject and make a dally
round from room to room, in this way
the commissioner thinks that a less num
ber of teachers will be needed snd the
children will receive the benefit of spe
cial training In each branch.
Eatertalnaaeat for Htadeats.
Announcement of the program pro
vided for the students of the agricultural
college that will visit the stock yards next
Tuesday was made yesterday.
The visiting students will be divided
Into eight groups, under the guidance
of professors and attaches of the stock
yards and packing bouses. The tour of
Inspection and work of practical demon
stration will begin as soon as the stu
dents arrive. Luncheon will be served
at noonday and a banquet at p. m. will
conclude the day's visit.
The evening program begins with a
complimentary dinner tendered by the
Union Stock Yards company at 1 p. m.
Muslo during the dinner will be fur
nished by the South Omaha High School
The sddresa of welcome will be dellv-,
end by Bruce Mcculloch and the re
sponse will be made by Dean Burnett of
the university.
The Stock Yards quartet will aid In the
musical line, and by special dispensation
ef King Ak-Sar-Ben the Hottentots
and Prof. Ho-Can-ln-Bkl will assist In
the festivities. Prof. Huntington, the
magician, will conclude the entertainment
with some, creepy manifestations of his
preternatural powers.
Maa-le City GosbIb. (
Frsnk A. Agnew, law office, llannon
Miss Edith Noltlng Is visiting relatives
at Falrbury.
Orrtn Oarabrant of FMnk. Neb., Is the
guest of relatives In elouth Omaha.
For sale, cheap, French poodle pups.
Mrs. C. M. Letter snd children are
visiting relatives at Hioux City this week.
L. C. Olbson sold his brick building on
N street yesterdsy to a Clarinda, la.,
Wanted Board and room for rwo gen
tlemen. Address W, Bee office, rJO.
Mrs. J. Laverty will be hostess for the
Mother's olub Friday afternoon, Feb
ruary 1C
Dr. John Clark of Lincoln will occupy
the pulpit of the Christian church at both
services today.
Mrs. Harry Marling. I4 North Twenty
second street, entertslned at bridge Fri
day afternoon.
Arthur C. Paneoast hss moved his law
office to 41 Omahn National Hank Bldg.
Phone Douglas 18.
Mrs. George Barclay snd son of flhen
sndoah, la, are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
William Barclay of this city.
Mrs! Frances Derr hss returned to
Hamburg, la. after attending the funeral
of her father, the late J. Parker.
The girls basket ball team of the high
school played the Hooper High school
team on the Hooper grounds Saturday.
Phone Bell South W-Ind. F-1S81 for a
ease of Jetter Gold Top. Prompt delivery
to any part of the city. William Jetter.
The Willing Workers of the Christian
church will give a lunch Tuesday noon
at toe church. Twenty-third and I streets.
Mrs. Amy Burda-Haxel. after a month's
visit with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. John
itrds, has returned to her home In
The Ladles Auxiliary of the Hibernians
will meet Tuesday evening at the home of
Mrs. J. Heafey. Twenty-fifth and F
Misses Mshel Melcher snd Julia Willard
will entertain the Junior Bridge club
Tuesday evening st the home of the
Mrs. I.llll.m HsH after an extended
visit with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Broad
hurst of South lakota, has returned to
South Omaha.
The Women's Christian Temperance
union will meet Tuesday sfternoon at 2:30
o'clock at the home of Mrs. Schroder,
Twenty-third and J streets.
The Ladles' Afternoon Whist club will
give a valentine partv Wednesday even
ing at the home of Mrs. C. M. Schlndel
In honor of their husbands.
Miss Harriett Watklns. sister of J. B
Watklns, died yesterday mornng at her
home In Clinton, la. Mr. Watkina went
to Clinton last Wednesday.
Misses Adel snd Georgia Davis are
spending the week end st Uncoln.
While there they will sttend a banquet
given by the Pi Deta I hi club.
A meeting of Federal Union No. 7112
American Federation of Labor, will be
held Fridav evening st rite Redman hall.
AU members are urged tomttend.
If you want a fi-room house on paved
street, H block to car line, small payment
down, price very low: owner left city.
Address A-122, care llee Office.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller have re
turned home from Macedonia. la., where
they were called last week by the dan
gerous Illness of Mr. Miller's mother.
The Ladles' AM society of the West
Q street mission will hold a box social
Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs.
Otto Wiess, Fifty-fourth and Q streets.
A surprise party wss given Miss Davis
Uodherg Friday evening at her home,
211 F street, by a number of her friends.
The evening was delightfully spent In
games snd music
A meeting of th Brown Park Bap
tist Ladies Aid society will be held
Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the
home of Mrs. Jospeh Sporl, M7 South
Twenty-second street.
Arthur F-spegren was surprised at his
horns, li North Twentv-slxth street, Fri
day everting by a number of his friends.
The evening was spent in games, after
which refreshments were served.
Misses Reta Bi-sr h, 1J North Twenty
eeoond street, was hostese for the Lea
Llstas dub Friday afternoon and those
present ware; Mltass Olua Ussuiias.
Kdna Philip. Veronica Farrell. Urace
Walker. Nina Weppner. Marrlan Pollian.
Mabel Wyncss, Jean Berger and Gladys
Civil service examinations at the local
government building sie announced for
March IS, April 10 and May 4. For further
information apply to the civil service
bureau at the postnfflce department.
The Swiss Bell Ringers will give an
entertainment at the high school audi
torium Tuesday evening. March ii. under
the auspices of the l-adlcs' auxllllary of
the Young Men's Christian sssorlstlon.
Master James Parka entertained the
members of the Gregorian choir of 81.
Bridget's church at his home. Twenty
fifth and I) streets, Friday evening.
Games and music were the enjoyments
of the vening.
The Ladles' Aid of the First Methodist
church will give a Washington birthday
party at the home of Mrs. F. A. Creaaey,
February 22. The program wll he car
ried out In the customs and manners of
the Martha Washington days.
The 1912 Whist club wss entertained at
the home nf &lr. Hairy Hoyri, 4 f
street, Wednesday, when those present
were: Mesdames Berlin, W. B. Tang. F.
C Dome, G-irhardt, Rowley. A. W. Tagg
Franklin, Klnmore, Sheehan, Novakeaud
II. Boyd.
Mrs. D. 3. Farrell entertained the Utopia
club at cards Thursday afternoon. Mes
damea T. J. Tralnor and J. W. Sheehitn
were awarded prises. The next msetlng
will be in two weeks at the home of Mrs.
Msngan. Eight tables of players were
Mr. snd Mrs. Sherry Moore' entertained
the Duplicate Whist club Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Boyd were the club's
guests. The members present were:
Messrs. and Mesdames A. H. Murdock,
Ken Ashe, J. Laverty, it. M. Laverty aiul
S. Moore.
Mrs. W. R. Sage, gasified by Mrs, John
dribble, entertained the Dinner club
Thursday at the home of (he former.
Covers were laid for Mesdames C. A.
MelcnoA J. M. Tanner. D. U Holmes. A.
A. McOraw, A. P. Purkles. c. M. Schlndel,
John Grlbblo and W. R. Sage.
The fifth grsds teachem yesterday paid
a visit to the Armour packing plant
where they were shown the Intricate
workings of the parking Industry. It Is
the plan to give ull the public school
teachers sn opportunity to visit the dif
ferent peeking plants of the city.
Ths Household Keonomlc department of
the New Century cluh will meet Tuesdav
st l.lhrsrv hall. Papers on "Social
Obligation to the Community." by Mrs
F. A. Creisey; "is Hnspltalltv a Lost
Art," by Mrs. Waddell, and 'The Unex
pected Guest," by Mrs. Troy wl.i be read.
South Omaha lodge No. 14. Independ
ent Order of Odd Fellows, together with
Canton Etter No. 12. will be in charge of
the funeral service of the late Levi Col
ter. Members of the two lodges and ell
Odd Fellows are Invited lo meet Sunday
afternoon at 3 o'clock sharp at the Odd
Fellows' hall.
Miss Abble Ijike, SR15 C street, enter
tained the Alohah club Saturday after
noon. Those present were: Misses Pearl
Iverty, Hasel Cook, Ola Ols worth
Franoes Tanner, Grace Melcher, Helen
White. Helen MrKee. Mary lwls
Maurlne Murdnrk. Oara Hnrnum and
Katheleen and Margaret Welsh.
Mrs. ('. A. Melcher entertained st
bridge Wednesday afternoon, when those
prewill were: .liesnamea Waildell At
lntlc. In.. C. M. Srhlndel, l. L. Holmes
J. M. Tenner, J. B. Bl&nchard, H. Mc
culloch. A. P. Durkles, A. U Lott sr
H. Msrllng. Dr. Van limp, John Cribble!
J. M. Caughey snd C A. Melcher.
Mrs. Bruce MeCulloueh entertained at
a 1 o'clock luncheon Thursday when Mrs
Waddell of Atlantic. la., was honor
guest. Violets and smilax were used In
decorations Covers were laid for
Mesdames C. M. Schlndel, R. K. Schlndel
A. P. Durkles, A. L. Ixrtt, sr.; c. A
Melcher, T. H. Ensor, Sloan, Ben Elliott
Murray French. I Jncoln. Caughey and
Miss Louis Schlndel.
The L. E. S. club waa entertain.
Wednesday evening at the home of Miss
naiei ure r, I wenty-nrtn snd I, streets
Thoso present were: Misses Helen Kally,
Marjorle Nelson, linrcthea Marrow,
Florence Miller snd Margaret Williams'
Mesaers. Fred Thompson. Robert Iten-
aiis. uiwara sorties, Harold Nelson
Roy Taylor and William Doyle.
May Advertise Omaha
By Moving Pictures
Moving: pictures to advertise their busi
nens will b th iibtrt before th trianu-fHCturf-r
of Omaha at a mertlnx called
for Monday noon in tha Commercial Hub
rooms by Cora mizak oner Guild of the club.
All int'T rated are ln-ltHl.
Wtteron R. Roehacker, general man
axer of th Industrial Moving Picture
company of Chlrajto. and F. A. Van
lluaan, manager of the Laemmle film
nervic of Omaha, will explain to the
manufacturem how thy can ad vert 1m
by moving picture. They will gfre de
tail aa to the kind of pictures neceexary,
axpenae. circulation of the fllma, etc.
5fr. Guild propoeej to have a certain
number of feet of film produced In earn
of ten or twenty Omaha manufacturing
plants, duly labeled and placed In one
roll of film, to be aent all over the coun
try when there Is any call for films
ho1ng Industrial scenes.
Fire which started early this morning
In the Italian teneroenta at Seventh and
Pacific streets caused a loss of suit ...i
drove many women to Jump from the
second-story windows to beds placed on
the ground. Joe Solsrlno owns the build
ing. Sebastian Pugllst conducts a gro
cery store on theflrst floor, which sus
tained part of the loss. There were 200
persons sleeping In the building.
Ton will find that arugglsts everywhere
speak well of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy. They know from long experience
in the sale of It that In cases of coughs
and colds It can always be depended
upon, and that It is Pleasant and sals.
i It is one tiling to make
Jmre beer, anotner to lceej)
it ure.
The Brown Bottle lcees Sehlxtz
Physicians and surgeons frescriDe
Schlitz, instead of malt tonics, as a
builder of health.
f Bottle jl
.1 .HI gJX
L .
sf -
It's only natural
that Schlitz should
be the home beer.
See that crown or cork
I is branded "Schlitz."
The Beer
Independent A ICS
SchliU Bottled Beer Depot
73 S. 9th St., Omaha, Nebr.
That Made Milwaukee famous
HILLER LIQUOR CO., 1309 Farnam St.
A valuable gold watch was stolen from
Agnes McCaffrey, 1314 Howard street,
when she was returning home on the
Farnam street ear early last night. The
pickpocket left the car at Sixteenth street
and directly after Miss McCaffrey missed
her watch, a small solid gold timepiece,
studded with a diamond.
Hurls of Humanity llroop no More)
hut Grow Into Fair
"Many children In all ranks of life are
yeriousiy underfed," ssys I'r. Woods
And therefore they fell a prey to tuber
culosis, which pounces on the 111
nourished. Utile buds that seemed destined never
to blossom grow Into bright flowers of
humanity under the nourishing power
of Osomulslon. t
From whit's. fared, drooping, peevish ,
little Invalids, they sre changed Into
plump, red-cheeked, healthy lads and
They take Oiomulslon as they would
any other good food and wise mothers
give it to them regularly.
Most modern equipment
and the best of service
The man with an office
now demands the most
exacting care and con-,
The Bee
i'isti'l1 4
Sample IinUe rre by Mail.
That those who sre seeking health snd
strength for themselves, children, rels
tlves or f i lends may experience the life
giving properties of this exclusive Nor-'
wsy' gold medal ozonised cod liver oil j
medicinal food emulsion as well as to j
know Oanmulsion superiority in being
roost pa'atable and easy to take a gen- j
eroua J-oi. bottle will be sent by mail to
those who send addresses by postcard or J
letter to OsomuHon. S4 Pearl Su. N. T.
ii pitiiiited in the heart of the commercial district ol
Omaha and gives teniuits the best office service to be had.
The elevators are new and their service is faultless Keen
janitor attention keeps the rooms scrupulously clean, while
a modern steam plant evenly heats the building in the
coldest weather, offices which are excellently ventilated.
The man who wants the greatest conveniences and tha
bent of attention will find a few choice offices vacant in
this building now. -
ftcoas M Reecpllon Doom, Private Office, twe large closets, large wont
room with two north windows. Ideal office lor Engineer, Architect.
Doctor or other professional men. tientaJ, per month
Socat 488 Tnls Is a long narrow room, loxll 1. having a north light
Rental, per montr. s.. .S1T.M
omb SO 5 Is II sir in also, located on the eonrt. close to sky light, thus
having escellen- natural light. The space could be divided so as to
n.aao two 4ry pleasant rooms Price, per month SaTJO
Kooss MO Office In the north-west comer having four large windows A
f,re proof vault for the protection of valuable papers is much In
demand snd ia af folded In this room. There is s total of Sit square
feet of floor si-ece snd same would be equipped with partitions to
satisfy good tenant. The rental price is. per month eVMMO
Boom 401Thl space is close to elevator on the court of the building.
There Is a good sised vault with shelving In eoooectioa with office,
i-rtce, per month .
- The Bee Building Co.,
Be Buiaen Offit, 17tk aid Far am SU
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