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    TUB BEE: OMAHA, MOXDA1T, f'EBKL'AliY 1, 1912.
It it to Free Hit Soil from the
Bondage of Sin.
Rn. Sathaatrl MeCI'tla, D. D.,
ay Chare) aad State Sf aat Coaa
blar Fmwi la Perfoe-saaare
ef lata Daty.
Pioneer Nebraska Editor
Is Busy in South Dakota
Rev. Nathaniel atctJiffin. I). 11.. made
strong appeal In ht pulpit at 1-owe Ave
nut Presbyterian fMnl Sunday morning
for aKareHive action by the church an an
Institution, north and south, to Join hands
with the state In helping to solve what
Is ceiled, tha ' nerro problem." He re
ferred to it as a problem not of the south,
but of and for tha whole country, solv
able only by tha united, concerted effort
of all serrtona.
"Vm gave the negro the ballot." faid
Dr. Mcaiflia. "bt what a wrong, for
ha was than not prepared for It. He
did art know bow to vote. Ha hu made
splendid progress . under the handicap
which kla white emancipator thus placed
upon him. but tha handicap has hurt.
"Wa bsvt a war yet to tin la free
dom's, name, but not ot btood. The church
and (tat must be one hen. Bald Maxsinl:
Ba your country your temple: God at the
umratt, a people ot equals at the base.'
"Equal In what sense? Equal in God's
eves, with freedom to X to school, or
worship God or -carry tm business free
dom to make tha moat of Ufa. Tha black
' man must hava alt this; he must not ba
denied any pa" of It. Thia doe not
meaa social equality-none of that.
"Wa are eaimged wa tha church of
Ood-la a nruggl ta obtain equal rlchtt
for a race In tha name of Christ. This
work confronts us. For what did Christ
stand ta the battle Unas? The thine for
tha church, north and eouth. ta do la to
set from under Its prejudices and solve
this problem In tha free, open air of tfcv
passloa and reason.
"I want to give you three reasons why
It seems to ma wa should sustain this
work among I he negroes. (He referred
to missionary work of tha church.)
Tha Three lira ease.
fTlrst, because tha negro is la no wise
responsible for his condition, lie was
dragged from kla hut, put la chains, sur
vived tha horrors ot tha middle pease ice
and landed ta be knocked down to the
hlcbeat bidder. Ha labored under bond
ae tor M years, A,1 last ha wa ab
ruptly fltnra the richt of life, liberty and
tha pursuit of happiness, but ha had
never beea trained for this new order and
knew not bow ta adapt himself ta Its
"Second, because the peart and happl-
Bee of tha Ballon are bound up In his
salvation. I mean that The whit m
cannot escape hi responsibility, for the
black man wa sold In Massachusetts a
well a la the southland.
"Third, because It la tha King' com
mand. "Go ye. (a ye" How It ring out
sere last our prejudicial You may aot
lika the otrro. But what ot that? Ood
put heart la hire aad gave him a soul
and Christ died tor htm. 1(1 not a ques
tton ot like and dislike, but a question
ot duly. W cannot Mam the south tor
all at It But trying to fix tha blame
will aot sdlv the problem."
Edwin ("Ed ') A. Frye. who Is just now
gaining a wide acquaintance throughout
South Dakota, was one ot the pioneer
newspaper men of northeastern Nebraska
and southern South Dakota. He estab
lished several newspapers which yet are
In existence and able rcpres'ntatvs of
their communities.
Sir. Fry ass born at Xorwalk. Conn.,
April j, 1SS1, and almost from the time
he wa a mere boy has beea rrnnected
with newspaper work la oa capacity or
another.' "1 might say." said he. white
talking of the incidents connected with
his long newspaper career, "that 1 have
been in a printing office for fifty years,
for I organ my career la ihe Norarslk
Gazette office when a boy of 10. ' He was
educated partially In the Utile red srheol
house of that early period, a id later
at a private school.
He reached Yankton on May la, IKi.
with 7e cent In his pocket. He also waa
lbs possessor of a mtaalure hair trunk
that waa "put up" to tha old Sioux lily
Pacific ana Dakota Southern railroad,
from Mlaaourl Valley to Tank toe, tor hi
fare. From Tank ton h went by Mag to
Springfield, la U74 he setanilshed the
itoneer, a weekly Bswspaper, at Nio
brara, Nab., aad owned and edited tha
paper for a period ot thirty years. After
leaving Niobrara a established tha Lake
Ande Wav. at Lake Andes. 8. O.. and
tha Juleaburg News St Jules burg. Colo.
Mr. Fry served a postmaster at Nio
brara front MM to WT7. and again from
1811 to im He was Indian trader at Pin
, t - - '
General DupotitioB Xuiifetted to
Aroid Fictional Fifats.
ladleatlewa that Senatew Proadflt
ot Wanes Caaaty Will Try far
Rrpabllraa Xoaaiaatloa
Political Ueeils.
Rldga agency from IM to 1S5, and In
UM wa a member of tha south Dakota-
Nebraska commission which adjusted the
boundary line between the two state op
posit Vermillion, ft. D., he serving on
the commission as a representative ot
Pedler Killed by
Passenger Tram
ALBION, Neb., re. ll.-RpecUI Tele
gram.) A pedler, believed to be Thomas
Jett of Eada, Cow., wa killed by a
Northwestern passenger train three mile
out of Petersburg si 11 k this morning.
when he was caught between th track
and a bug enow drift. He wa knocked
sgainst the drift and rolled under the
wheels, which mangled th body so
badly that had It not been for cards
found In hi pockets Identification would
have been Impossible. Th body wa
found soon after the accident and will
be brought here for an Inquest.
The description of the dead man la said
to tally In prt with that of th man
who murdered UoMI Williams at Grand
aland and official bar and at Peters
burg ar pursuing an Investigation.
Jett pack contained mors and cutlery.
which wer cttered for several hundred
yard along th track. ,
Farmers Take live latoraat
Advaaelaaj Castor Caaaty
Dairy later.
ARQCVT Has.. Fan. llMaaattal.V-
Tbe new creamery It Rearing completion
aad will be ready for operation in a abort
Urn. Th farmers hava taken hold ot
th enterprise in ear neat, a I Men by
a noted advance In th price ot dairy
cow. Th officer elected for the on
aula year are: Milo Moore, president,
Henry Hyde, vice president; i, t. Semler,
8 tat Normal Inspector O. A. Gregory
looked ' over th local school last week
and mad a satisfactory report. The
Junior and senior classes ar sllrs to th
training work. Th high school build
ing recently damaged by fir has beea
repaired and school work resumed there
this week. - , I
Dr. llolden, dentist, who ba mad pro
f eeelonal vlalta her tor th last ten years.
'Completed hi engagement her prepara
tory t going to hi claim . in South
Dakota. ' Ha has Improved several tool
used In dentistry and had them patented.
H expects to return In th fall aad com
plete some unfinished work.
. Two aid settlors, pioneer In th devel
opment ot th wast, paassd away near
here recently: Herri Ferrttor, on Jan
uary M, aear-Anaelmo. having first moved
I Custer county ta lest, at th aga of
.'1 year. Ha leaves a widow and fir
daughter. Mrs. H. C. Tarleton, a Jan
uary X near Sargent, at th age ot S
year, leaving a husband aad tight grand,
children. Kh was laid to rest in th
West Union cemetery.
CRKiailTON, Neb., Feb. lt.-lSpeclal.)
The farmers' Institute In Crelghton on
February I and waa the largest
ver attended In th history ot th
organisation. Th people all took a great
Interest, asking questions and trying to
learn all they could of farming.
The speaker of th first day wer Mr,
Marshall and Mr. Crocker. Mr. Marshall,
In talking ot the fruit garden, told how
to plan, rets and tak car at th dif
ferent trulls, also where they were best
adavtad, W -" "" ,
Tha forenoon of the second day was
Hull waa speaker at the afternoon.
plaining th alio. It use and advantage.
Th womea had a separate hall aaa
wer Instructed by Mis Louis Rabin ot
Beatrice. Th class waa Instructed In
th art at cooking, with a demonstration
of how to cook a tough beefsteak so It
would he tender. A raisin pudding and
earn chowder were io mad.
Mr. Mull and Mia rJabln Vera th
speaker ot th evening.
Th following officer wer Heeled:
Herbert Rhode, president; Mr. Herbert
Rhodes, vie president; 8. A. Noting.
secretary; C. ohrorder, treasurer: Mr.
Burdlck, B. C. Wllmer and Mrs. Chart
King, executive commute. ,
ttpedal music waa furalshed at all
loas by th following persons: mis
Agne chneld.r. Miss Haarl Smith, Ml
Ha set Young, Ml Margaret Colby and
Noel Rhode. I
Rebating Cases Up;
Defendants Absent
CLEVELAND. O.. Feb. U.-The case
of th United Btatea asalnsl three Indi
vidual and ten corporations charged with
rebating were called In federal court to
day. The three Individ uala and four ot
the corporation made no appearance, but
the sl remaining corporatlona pleaded
not guilty, though reserving the right to
withdraw the plea within two week.
Th Individuals Involved ar: D. T. Mo-
Cabe, fourth vie preetdent of tha Penn
sylvania railroad, w ho wa reported oa a
vacation, hi exact whereabout being un
known; Dan R. Hanna and R. L. Ireland.
both ot th M. A. Hanna company, Mr.
Hanna being In Mouth Carolina and Mr.
Ireland on hi way to Honolulu.
Th Angelina Dock company and the
Mahoning and Khenango Dock company-
did not appear formally, but It wa sn
nouncrd by (tlornrya that charter had
been surrendered and dissolution effected
prior to th return of th Indictments.
Th government' attorney xpressd
an Intention to ascertain If such had been
th case.
Th Bessemer V Lak Erie railroad
and th Pittsburgh and Connesut Dock
company mad no appearance.
Th six companies pleading not guilty
were: Ohio and Western Pennsylvania
Dock company, Pennsylvania railroad.
Lak Bhor gt Michigan Southern railroad,
Union Dork company; New Tork, Chi
cago aV Bt. Louis railroad and th Ash
tabula Dock company.
Raadalph Waaaaa Kaaad Uaad.
. RANDOLPH. Neb.. Feb, lL-(Bpedal.)-Mr.
Ntllle Hawley wa found dead In
her chair early Saturday morning. Mrs.
'Hawley had been Uvtng alone for some
time and It Is supposed ah died of heart
'.failure, although ah had keen troubled
.with til health for aom time. Relative
.of Mrs. Hawley llv la Taeoma, Wash.
or Dtaa at lalary.
- GOTHRNBURO. Neb,. Feb. U.-r)oe-
. cist.) Ernest L. Putnam, who accident
ally had a pUohfork thrust through hi
tempt by his brother, died as a result
and waa burled Saturday. He wa It
: 'ar old.
M'COOK. Nee,. Fab. IWBpeclaD-
Henry L. ghetto ot Antelop precinct
Hay county, la charged by th coroner'
Jury with Inflicting gun wound and other
Injurle upon Ludvlk Oecnera - of that
oounty, January XI. HI!, which resulted In
Osmera's death. Th killing I th sequel
to a carousal la which Bhelton. Osmera,
Ed Snyder and others were engaged at
tha bachelor horn ot Shetton. Osmera s
attempt to carry horn with hint a Jug
of whlaky belonging to Bhelton precipi
tated th fight. A shotgun and knife
were th weapon used.
Omaha ladies ar delighted with "Min
nesota" macaroni and raghettl. Even
people who never liked these foods be
fore ere charmed with th dclicloua, nut
like flavor of the "jLnaesota" brand.
Good macaroni and spaghetti ar the
most nourishing foods knows, and they
can be prepared In so many delightful
wa)- that no one ever tire of them.
They agree with any stomach, and a
family will feel much better !( they est
leea coat aad mar macaroni and eta
ghsttt. .
But tf you want that rich, nut-tike
flavor ha aur aad get th delictual
"Mlnneaola" brand macaroni or spa-ghettl-araaa
from the finest Northern
Durum wheat, with all the pwurlsning
tulsa left la. It is easily digested and
never get soggy. All (ood Omaha gro
wer sell tt.
Floorer at Casalag Caaaty Pa
Away-Aaara Laebb aad Mis
Aaaa A. Stark Ar Married.
WEST VOJNT, Neb.. Feb. lt.-pcll.)
-Th death of Mrs. Mattls McCu took
plac at th St. Joseph' Horn for th
Aged, of which she has been an Inmate for
soms rears, and th body wa taken to
Atkinson, Na.. for Interment. The a.
caed wa II year ot ate and wa a
naltr of Ireland, "lie I survived by two
daughter. Mra John Grime of Atkinson
and by Mra Chart Oallager ot Pitts
burgh, pa.
Ta death of Peter Nelson, a pioneer
farmer ot Cuming county, occurred at kts
proscnt hem In I'lalnvlew oa Friday, at
th ago ot t Th deceased wa a na
tive of Denmark and has lived In Cuming
oounty thirty-seven years, leaving her
laet year to reside In Platnvlew. Six ot
hi children survive. Mrs, Carl Stark and
Mrs. Otto Hoffman ot Crelghton. Mr.
Conrad Xltng ot West Point and George
Mary and Minna, at home. Mr. Neunn
aaa one ot the best type ef pioneer set
August J Uiebb and Mis Anna
August Stark wer united In marriage at
th Rack Creek German Lutheran church
by Rev. M. Lelmer, pastor, In th prea.
euc of a very large number ot Invited
guests. Th attendants wer Henry Rop
er and John ldcn and Mlssr Ann
Augusta Stark and Angelina Idea. The
contracting parties ar children ot old
Bianerr settlers and were born and
brought UP In this community.
Carl Raduechel, on ot th best known
resident farmers and land owners of the
West Point vldaily, departed this Ufa on
Thursday. Mr. Raduechet was a native
jot rammeranla, Germany, and waa (1
j years of age. Th cause of death was
cancer ot to aiosaaca. aw ni vr
hi faithful If and six children. Fansral
service were held in the Rock Creak
German l.titbetan church of Netigh
township today.
Wiley aaadaaky.
TECTMBEH. Nsb.. Feb. H.-(Spcll.-Wlley
Sandusky, ana of th vary earliest
settlers of Johnson county and tor years
a foremost farmer, died at hi home In
Helena precinct Friday evening. A week
ago he fell on an Icy walk and broke hi
hip, and th shock was too much for him.
Mr. Sandusky wa tt year old. He ram
to Johnson county, Nebraska, and located
on th farm where he died forty-seven
year ago. Mr. Sandusky wa twlc
married, both time I Illinois. TM first
marrtag wa In U6I and from that union
than I on son. Thomas. His first wife
died In laM and In UT4 Mr. Sandusky wa
married again. There ar thirteen chil
dren from Ihi union. Th urvlvlng
children ar Thoma Sandusky of Tecum
seh. Mrs. Sarah Dualap ef Smith Canter.
Kan.; G. !. Sundusky of Hterllng. Wll.
Uam Sandusky, who lives at home; Alex
ander Sandusky ot Wyoming. Wiley Ban-
dueky. Jr., of Table Rock: Mrs. Magel
Baker ot BSItnaburg. Wash.; Charle
Sandusky ot Denver. Mis Lbta M. San
dusky, at horn, and Ml Kthsl Sandusky
ef Lincoln. Mr. Sandusky' second wife
died In MM. Th funeral will be held at
th home at M X o'clock Monday, Febru
ary IX and will be conducted by Rev.
Mr. Lewis of Sterling. Tba Interment will
be In th Tecumach cemetery.
Mra. Pi. J. Btae-k.
GOTHENBURG-. Neb.. Feb. Il.-i8p-
claJ.r-Mrs. R. J. Slack died at her home
In Try on, aged B year. Th funeral
was held Wednesday aad Interment mad
at Tryon. Mr. Stack wa a sifter ot
Mrs. Deldel and Mr. Wilkin ot Gothen
... C. Miller.
TABLE ROCK. Neb. Feb. II -(Spedsl.)
Word ha recently reached here ot th
sudden death of A. C. Miller, well known
hereabout, at hi home town. Burlln-
game, Kan., where be dropped dead at
Ma bom whll apparently In good health.
Mr. Miller lived soma ftve miles north
east ot her for some year and later
moved to a farm between her and Paw
nee City, where ha resided until be went
to th Kansas town a few years ago.
J. P. Pratt.
1XK1AN. la., Feb. U.MFpeclal -J. P.
Pratt, a pioneer settler end larg realty
bolder of Harrison county, died at the
tFrom a Staff Correspondent.)
DE8 MOINES, la.. Feb. H.-tgpecia!.)
Although five of Hie republican district
conventions of Iowa hava been called to
eelect delegate to the republican na
tional convention, the Interest taken in
the select loa of delegate has not been
a pronounced a usual and there Is a
general disposition to avoid a quarrel
among the faction. Only In a few places
l as there beea any effort made to arouse
unusual Interest. In many of the counties
of the state tha delegate who are now
la office and who would be entitled to
sit In a convention should slat matters
be considered will be selected for Ihe
first state convention, while later a new
art ot delegate will be named for the
second atat convention and to hold two
year mora.
The convention thus far scheduled are:
Oskaloosa, March : Council Bluffs.
March U; Do Molnas. March 1!; Cres
ton. March It, and Burlington, March It.
Th republican atat convention will be
hld at Cedar Rapid, but tt la probable
there will be only on ot th district
convention held there. Under th na
tional call tha district convention may
be held la th districts Instead of at th
same plac a th state convention and
different seta ef delegate may be se
lected for th tw convections.
De sa aerate Beeoss Iaierested.
Th latest move In democratic circle
regarding th presidency I by th Wilson
people. They felt that they scored a
distinct triumph over th Clark people
at the conference In Dee Molne by pre
venting any attempt at organisation of
atat club to boost for th speaker
of the house. Sine then, so It Is said.
the Clark people have been much dis
couraged, and this haa given hope to
tha Wilson people. Now they are going
to work ta make a fight for the state.
They have planned to open headquarters
here aad begin th formation ot clubs
In many of the counties to boost for
Wilson and on March 1 will have a con
vention ben lo organise an Iowa Wilson
club. That promise to make a decidedly
Interesting situation among th demo
Third Candidate far Geveraor.
It Is expected that within a short time
there will be a third republican candi
dal for governor la th field. Thus far
the contest appear to be omewhat one
sided, a Lieutenant Governor dark I
popular with all .eta and both fac
tions and Is sure to receive a big vole.
Th candidacy ot Prof. Holden, while It
at first started with much show of
strength, haa not gained anywhere, and
ther 1 Increasing talk of hi probable
withdrawal. Now there Is a movement
an foot to secur another candidate, and
among the persons considered are Sena
tor Proud foot of Warren county, a strong
advocate of constitutional prohibition;
Oovemor Carroll, Judge Robert and
Ststs Treasurer Morrow. It I stated
that Proud foot I considering th matter
and may conclude to run for govtrnor
rather than lieutenant - governor, for
which be had been booked.
Ceedea Clsb Oraraelaed.
Dea Molne people Interested in making
th city mora beautiful hava organised
a garden dub and propose to push th
work In th city thl year, Th club
will b Incorporated, In order to do ef
fective work. Officer named are: Preel-
dent, W. It Harwood: vice president, C.
N. Page; secretary. Henry Relgelman
treasurer. Mack Olaen: directors, R. p.
Bolton, B. B. Walker, J. W. Jenney. Rev,
J. P. Burling. H. F. Ulbsl. Mra J. W,
Cokenower and Mis Flora Dunlap. Th
director will meet thl week to adopt
bylaw and appoint committee which
wilt be In eharx ot th work of beautify
ing th city by th gardening of vacant
Stata Meotlagt ot MethedUta.
A Joint convention ot the four Metho
dist Episcopal annual conference ot Iowa
will be held at the First Methodist church
In Do Molne beginning Tuesday after
noon. February U, with Bishop William
F. McDowell ot Chicago a chairman.
Such problems a th rural church, th
relation of th church to organised labor,
th relation of the church and th Bible
to education and Interdenominational re
lations will be Ihe chief topics for dis
cussion. Among th speaker will be the
Hon. Henry Wallace, Oovemor B. F. Car
roll and Charle A. Sumner, vie presi
dent of th stereo ty per and electro
type re' union.
' la Seed Cora Work.
Good seed corn will be dlatrlbuted by
the Rock Island railroad thl spring along
Its Hoc In Iowa. At th request vf John
Sebastian, second vce president of th
road. Secretary Botsford of the commer
cial club today Informed tha agricultural
commissioner ot th system concerning
prominent farmers In Iowa who will be
able to furnish good seed corn. The road
plan to help th farmer to meur a
good corn crop for this year In spite of
the generally poor quality of th eed.
aeaeaaeo reasaawy Pave Tax re.
One of th biggest Insurance fees
turned In to Stats Treasurer Morrow
cam but week from the Northwest era
Mutual Life Iasuranco company of Mil
waukee. The tax amounted to ts.H
which la mills on premiums amount
ing to tl.ta.XB collected In Iowa during
the year Hit. Thl 1 larger by nearly
km than the same company paid last
Martaary Statlatleo.
Th total number of deaths in Iowa
during December, 1911. wa 1,647, accord
ing to th report Issued today by the de
partment of vital statistics ot th State
Board ot Health. Tuberculosis killed US
persona, typhoid fever 8, pneumonia 137
and cancer M.
The Nebraska Speed association, acting ; hm h aUrn,rr, M ,,
in conjunction witn too unvm verao
and other ssocltlona, aaa fixed upon
the date tor th circuit meet at Wast
Point tor July st-tt aad August L Pruts
tor trotting and paeans were agreed upon.
era-tare at Satteja.
SUTTON, Neb.. Feb. U. IbpedeLr-The
general auarraandta store of aV-hwars
2 Wlaland was entered last night by
aay at the treat door by burglars. Th
sain (tore wa entered about two
nwntk ago. betng on ot a eerie of
burguuiea committed during ta tall aad
here yesterday afternoon ot Infirm! tlee
Incident to advanced age. Mr. Pratt was
born In Varmoat la UCI and came to
Harrison county In UM and settled near
IJttle Sioux, moving to Logan In n.
Following brief aarrice at th hosne this
Sternaon tha body was takes to Little
Sleux, where the funeral services ware
held at t o'clock today.
Te Olaaalve the talea
of stomach, liver and kidney troubles
and ear btllousnee and malaria, tak
Electric Btttera. Guaranteed. Only fur.
Far sals by Baaloa Drug Ca.
id .- t-m-. 1 .if? ire 1
.aaaa fSf
Ii.V i TTTT'. "ii.
IP c-rix'mtnirui
j-ia-t ji Jat itfu? iira
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' 2. Seams are sewed by a method of our own invention and CAN
NEVER STRETCH or give, as all others do; and the Nemo "Triple-Strip
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to cut through at the ends.
3. Nemo Corsets are made to FIT THE FORM; and it is a well-known
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dealer's, and INSIST upon seeing them. kops BROS, Mfr, Nw York
man. In th southwest part ot town,
wher they stol two saodles and then
mad their getaway.
Th Wyckoff boy was sentenced to th
Stat Reform school for three year about
two months ago, from which Institution
h made hi escape about three week
ago, and although th other boy refuses
to give his name or wher he come
from. It is believed that h la an es
caped Inmate of th reform school a
They will be held for the next term of
th district court.
Mr. and Mr. William Miller, who have
rude their home In thl city for several
month, during which time Mr. Miller
edited the Heml-Weekly Time In thl
city, took their departure for St. Paul,
Minn., today. Before leaving they were
Ihe guest at several entertainments
given In their honor by various friends.
Th body of Mrs. Rosanna b'mlth ot
Mlnatare was brought to thl city to
day for interment In Greenwood ceme
tery, where two of her daughter ar
Walter Haggarty, one of the employe
ot Kllpatrlek Bros., austalned painful In
juries here yesterday, when the team
he wa driving ran away and h wa
badly bruised and somewhat cut up, al
though none of his Injuries are very seri
Engineer Oeorge Troaper and Jen
Chamber were severely burned late yes
terday afternoon aa the result of an ex
plosion In the engine room ot th Alli
ance) creamery plant.
Two Tesag Mea A elected tar
Baralary by th FwMe at
ALLIANCE. Neb.. Feb. ll.-CspeeiaJ -William
Wyekofr, IS year old. and an
other boy about th same age, who Is
unknown In IM vicinity and who re
fuses to give hi name, committed theft
en a wholesale scale tat tM city laat
night and were arreeted m Roger Val
ley. They erarted their eperatioas by break
ing into the Newberry hardware atom,
where they etote lour revolvers, a a um
ber of clasp knlve and tea boxes ot
cartridges, thence they apparently went
to the reuse ot Robert Carrot t. la the
aonaeaat part of the city, and Mole twe
horses out ot his bara, attar which they
visited th primne g Thamaa Ackr-
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Big Returns.
OS bBMTiaatfS
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ail araggiaia aaa aepailaisri aaeroa.
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in the vapors!
smilingly tKfry reflect tack a picture of tie health that you
formerly enjoyed and, through them, may enjoy again.
Whether jron are aeeking health or pleagore, Hot Spring offer
moat of Mh to too. Pom acenled air to breathe, golf to play,
Govt built magnificent mountain rotvfl to tide orer. arul aociai
life at it gareat and beat Hot Sprinsg i( the mecca of thooaand
who come just for the winter pUaiVes that it hold oat, Co
mow. The journey to
Hot Springs, Ark.
via Frisco Lines
l a pleagaxit a ttrrivini there you leave Kanaat City at 6; 1 5 p jn,
you reach Memphi 8:15 a. m and Hot Springs (via Rock Island
line) at 3 35 in the afternoon quick, restful ride in hixurioug
Electric lighted through sleepers
The Frisco niag cat aerree eVciow Fees' Wareer airsla Let tna aendl won
t mmcaashmi aboot Hot Springs, its aplandui hotel and boarding nouaes.
opporranibie for pieasara, I will also tell Tow coat of a
llliiililil schertai iroaa want borne tow a sniht I
it nraJnag '
Frisco TkOxSca, WaUbaiat BUg,lItk it Maic'Sca,
Kaaaan City, Ma.
J. C LOVKIN, Dirieiea Paaaeagwr Agent
ban sal Beaglaa M tad. aV4.
Mat. Kverr I'av Kverr Nurht :li-
Blanche Naleb. Mr. and Mrs. Ja-k Mc-
Oveevy. Harvey aad leVora Trio, lea
freed. Nad. Bob and Trip Trio, Hiegel
1 Matthews, liaod m Tranftpsreat
Paintere. Kinetoscop. IH-pheun.- Concert
Orcheetra. Nlghte )c. lie. Sc. lie:
Matinee lc. best Beats lac except Eat-urdae-
aad Sunday.
To Do
If 70a Iom your pocket book,
nmbrwllsv, watca or aome other
artieto of value, the Uing to
do la to follow tha example of
many other people gad ad-rer-tla
with oat delay ta the Lost
and Feand eolnmn of The Be.
That is what moat people do
when they lose articles of Taiaex
" Telephone ns and tell your toe
to all Omaha (a a tiagl aXter-noea,
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