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ZImitatori of "Coal Oil Johnny"
Prove to Be Piker.
' MaDe-ertt aaa seaMy Baaily et-
eleeei Br ta. .cere at ta '
Z Oil Well U4 tk
5 60'a.
With oclr Hate to procure In Nw Tor
Ztb aBBMtlrm of being "a Billionaire for
- dar." jotuy McDvrttt of WilBeebarr,
P achieved Ui Subtoos elatlactiOB of
Z being wmiea doaa a Biser. Numberless
'FKtabargh JoaBBlea bav pulled off ta
m stunt la a quart or of In timo J4 bar
Z burned mere noney at on attune la
Chorus Alter wtoout getting a Una in in
eanars. "BoMtr of Death Valley" beat
em all la htt famous wces-end aiunt In
New Tork following hli special train trip
Zacroee the continent Both Scottv aed
ZlaoDevitt vara aria enough, being sober
t th time, to pin return tldtet to their
MioUia before euttlnc loose. Towering
Cabev thee emateur aadirdddl daes
prataBdera la th unaurpaaaM record u.
to sing of speadihrilts, Paonaylvani s
STavortte sea of bygone dare, 'Coal Oil
A boat one In tan roars tba atorr of
ir-Coal CM1 Juhnnr- start on lis nawipaper
founds. Br a curuHia cotneeoeet tna story
Zhti gained a fair start' this yaar when
HoDevlit spluttered hla brief hour oa tna
Great Whit Way, affordiageT oomparlson
Sot th traits of penaars of today and
Tba .boon of "Cual Oil Johnny" shifts
rtth yry round of bis Ufa story. In
51 a few year atar Johnny went broke
4B writer aaw him managing the buslnesa
Tet the railroad station at Roueenite, bait
; sosan aMlee from CHI Ctgr. Pa., and
twenty selias frnt rranklln. a-her b la
5iow loeated. enjoying th winter of IK
2 tb family homestead.
Settles Hie least.
X Jshaay was born of poo parent near
HheaaleTvllle, Mercer county, Pennavl
3 eats. At an early ate foe and his tittle
fitter went to Venango county to lire
with an uncle sad sunt, Mr. and Mr.
itoCllntock, who bad a large farm on
3x1 creek. 'When Johnny was a years
old hi adopted unci died. A few yearaJ
"afterward oil was dleoovered. sad Widow
JioOlotoce. alone with other land own--ere
n Oil crack valley, found that sh
Seas eaeamped above 'an Independent for
June, bh soon found herself a rich
eromaa. On day whll attempting to
Austen a fir by mean of oil Mrs. Mc
JMIntoc was burned to death the first
vtotlia of tb treacheroua oil aaa. with
ler death Johnny came Into all ber poa
sloBa, bis llltle ststar having died
on year before.
Z. But Ilk all youth who suddenly ac
Julr crest ' wealth, he had advlaers by
Jb score. They told him to "ear bis
oner," that be .would "need It some
Jay. , Tb retort was that, since there
weewea to be a disposition oa th part ef
everybody to sat It away from him, fee
Joeaeed b would spend It befor It wss
: estolen.- .
'Johnny started for Philadelphia, leav
eng behind bis wlf wnosi he had mar
ijaed la lea. and a baby son. Hs took
Jith hla Both Wocum, th man at whose
oor Steele lays U greeteet blame far
Xis undo!, ...
' CaMlea taa. t ,
- I'poa his arrival la ttilladslphia Steele
as met by W. H. ftlckhsm of f.eW
3rk, wh ffared hint ll.SXl.M fur the
teC Unlock farm. J oh any noeepted and
eoMrea WO.0C to bind th bargain. With
or thaa U.tK.W dsnglmc befor his
wyes. Steels and bis frltad, flocum, to
orhom Steele bad tl'ta th power of
Sttorney, started out to paint the town.
Jhey did It, all at Steele' expense.
Whll bt tb Quaker City Johnny cam
ecataet with th managers of the
Skiff Oaytord sainstrel show, thst was
ten In sore financial straits, and decided
b fl nan os th eonosrn. John W. Oay
rd, a member of th minstrel company,
rlls aa Interesting- story f Steele that
Jiirows sons. sldeUrhts en th character
at tba oil king that bav aerer befor
eea eubUebe.
S'Tea," daclara Oay lard. "Coal Oil
fsanny was my particular friend. Johnhy
aaw war show perform in Philadelphia,
(V stack oa tb business and bought a
one-third Interest m tb show. W went
a tb rsad, did a asoaatrsua buslnesa,
tawed people sway aad were proepewia,
; Frlaea at f peaders.
-ReaaWnc I'Uce, N. T, Johnny avr a
supper to the Cora Deny that cost k!
p.m. Ua than cenoerred rh Idea of
iraraUss by bis own' train and accord
ingly pei nlisssd aa engine, sleeper and
taxase oar. Data for two weeks ahead
rer canceled and w went Jtrnkattng;
Johnny roetlng tba bills. It was m Pblla-
elbia tnat Jokuw baogbt Ma first
bark. After a abort drive be presented
l to the driver. Oar dates being eaa
elea. Johaay ladssnalflsd aa tor tba toes.
sstlsisilng tb rbabla baslnaba receipts
Bjei tba basts of paoknd bouses.
Jbasqr was a Brians with bla money.
Ie Ms hem spend aa Mga as insea) in
a day. Thai was tb Una be seated I be
Csnilasatsl betel la fhllsslstphla and
wantsd t bar tb Obard hi use. He
aeat Is tb CearlsaataJ aad asatahr aald
ta tb clerk: -will yea kindly toil the
preen rtar that Mr.
. I-Jie. str.' saht tb dark, Tb taaattord
l busy.'
"Johnny sugeatad that be eoald mak
ft pay tba clerk ta
whim. Tba alsrk
Johnny teased lb sell hoy a OO gold sieoa
wtib 'tb issues. Tba
Interview with tb keadlard. Jenany said
tiietbabad beea HI treats' aad
I hie ma la PhilailiilDhla. In MC be
was sold under tha sharttrs hammer to
Oeorga W. Hlnckl of Philadelphia for It was at tbla Urn that Steel
"shook" Sloenm.
Steel became a wanderer with only a
few hundred dollars In his pockets. Wife
and child be left behind. Try as be would
bo could not get away from hn past and
he was heartsick, but be says hs never
one thought of sujeide.
Forgiven by h(s wife. Steel returned
home, was warmly received by Mrs.
Steal and hut relatives and start eU to
Uvo down th past. For a few year be
lived In tna west with his family and
engaged In railroad work. In the 'Ids
Steel returned to the oil regions. Sine
then they bav all beea Uvlns on th
farm of Steele's father-in-law, where th
former ell king enjoys himself leading the
simple life and working about th farm.
Ha has enough to live upon comfortably
and Is contented.
Fear-Oaaee llsr Calralated t Pat
rlylag Msrblaes ta Safety
The Wright brothers bars mad th
aeroplane fool-proof.
Tb device by means of which an
aviator can fly without concerning him
self la tb least about turning a somer
sault m bis aeroplane has beea prac
tically perfected and demonstrstsd st
Dayton. A. U Welsh, one of .th .pioneer
Wright flyer, announced recently at th
Manhattan, hotel that hs bsd flown a
craft equipped with th device recently
for over half sn hour In a stiff wind with
complete success.
It was practically In order to perfeTit
this, automatic stability device thst the
Wiigbts conducted their experiments St
Kitty Hawk, N. C. last fall. Th sue
emful completion of the device Is s re
sult thst has been sought by expert
mentera Is every part ef th world ever
since th Wrights brought oul ths sero-
plane. It means that any man can step
In a flying machine and pilot It through
th air with as much ease as he can
pilot a motor boat
Th balancing skill which has hitherto
mad good aviators so rare and has ms4s
flying so dangerous Is no longer neces
sary with the aid of this devlr. It
brings tb driving of flying machines
practically within th rang of any or
dinary person's capability without an In-
trkrata knowledge of aeronautics.
The device Is so small thst It scarcely
ran b detected even by tnoa wno are
familiar with aeroplane.' It consists'
of a small steel bar weighing less than
foar ounces, which hsnss a a pendulum
from sa arm which projects from under
the operator' asst. This pendulum . Is
set so delicately that It responds 10 th
slightest deviation of the aeroplane from
tba kortsnntal laterally. If the craft la
thrown from Its balance only th frao-
tloa of an Inch the movement of the
pendulum causes two small valves to
open, which make either' a miniature
tank of compressed air or the compres
sion from an angina fore a piston back
and forth, which communicate with the
warping levers and distorts tha craft
back to a hortsontal position. Ths de-
rice causes ths levers to "do what nk
hitherto beea don by tb hand ot th
It. la sew with as, 7 said Mr. w eisn
recently. "W bav been experimenting
with this device at Dayton sine last
May. But It Is oahr within the last
month that the Wrights bava been wilb
Ins to set the final stamp oi tneir. ap
proval upon th mechanism. They are
never willing to permit a tnmg to n
given to th public tor us until they
hsv fully sad adequately demonstrated
to their own satisfaction that It Is lust
what they wish It to be. Ths fact that
they are willing to place It oa any ma
chine for say person who desires It
shows that they are tnorougnr sane-
tied with It.
I think ths perfection ef this sp-
paratua for practical use oa aeroplanes
snakes a tremendous step Is ths evolu
tion of ths flying' machine. la Its es
sence H means Ihst a man who has been
drilled In th art of leaving the ground
and landing with reeeoneblo skill can
drive tb aeroplane with complete safety."
New Tork American.
Of Fine Kid Gloves, on Sale Saturday
M 8:00 A. m, at KDLPTllfleK'S
We do not believe that there ever was offered
a better lot of Choice Gloves thaa this splen
did collection, . About the middle of last month
a proposition -Came to ns from one of the big
gest dealers in gloves in the , world. After
considerable negotiation we succeeded in se
lecting from the vast stock a particularly de
sirable lot, adapted especially to the finer
trade. Bought by cs at such reductions as to
enable us to offer them TO YOU LOWER
' all sold with and tinder our "give satisfaction
"gnarantee.";.. . ' .
About 50 dozen pairs selected Smaschen, worth
J1.0O, will be sold, all colors, - Cttri
at, pair .
About 63 dozen pairs Genuine Kid end .fine
Lamb, usually sold at $155, ' "JQ
warranted, at pair.. wC
About 85 dozen pairs selected skins, Pique and
overseam, different styles stitching, all col
ors and several weights; gloves sold every
where at 5L75 and $2.00, will be $
sold at
When we say sold everywhere, we mean of
course in stores which sell exclusively high
grade gloves. Our sales last year of these
grades were very large; only 14 pairs from the
entire sales were found to be defective. These
we made good and we will give a new pair
for any and all which will fail to give satis
faction from this sale. . .
SO dozen pairs of 12 button length mainly
white and black and 15 dozen 16-button length
-v different colors and weights,
gloves usually sold at $3.00 to
$3.50 will be sold at, pair ....
20 dozen pairs of choice 16-button(
lengths, worth $355 to $3.75,
at, pair
14 dozen pairs very select
elbow length, worth up to
$4.00, at, pair .......... .
No limit on quantity. None fitted on day of
sale. All fitted afterwards, and all guaran
teed, if claims are made within 30 days from
date of sale.
Please understand that in the choicest flock
there may be a bad sheep and that even in
this choice lot of skins from choicest kids and
lambs there may be a defective pair of gloves.
The broad Kilpatrick gnarantee covers such
an emergency and the purchaser will freely
get a hew and perfect pair. . Gloves will be
distributed in lots and so arranged that you
can purchase quickly. Give this sale your
earjy attention for later we have another im
portant sale which should have your presence.
zV Dwim amid utSale -
Last Word on Children's Coats
Down and Out, Saturday, $5
Second Floor Suit Section, Saturday A rack full ot
Wool Suits, broken sizes, various materials, a few H,
3( and 8R, others mainly jars site. Sold formerly
high at 30.00 v
Down and Out, Saturday, $5
Heavy Coats and other outer f srments, soma Polos,
Rough ' Mixtures mainly many colorings, many
weights, may we eves bore too arc f S0.00 garments
Down and Out, Saturday, Q5
Dresses for house ' and reception. Silks, Panamas,
Serges and Voiles suited to most occasions; one or two
Oriental In coloring and trimming; some sweet and
dainty effects. . Did seU at high aa 135.00
This Sale opent at 10 A.'MV timed to allow you to at
tend the glove gala tl g A. M.
Tha new underpriced Square near elevator will show
Oriental house tUppert at 29 CENTS PER PAIR.
' How can they be made for that price? Wa don't think
thsy can we ourselves sold hundreds of pairs at 50
CENTS, and at that they were a decided bargain.
No set time for thla gale; whll the slippers last TELLS
To close ost the very last of a splendid lot of Coats for
Children and Misses, ages indeed from S to 11 yeart,
win sen Bsturaay wunout restriction.
Costa which told up to $15.00.
at, each ,
This is absolutely and without qualification, the best
value in Children's Coats ever offered by us,
Four-iu-Hand for Men Saturday, at long as the ties
last; a splendid assortment of four-ln-hands, formerly
60 cents, at
25c Each-All SUk
4 .
-1 rV
prautlcaTIf lt"ahouldeoawit'a"riha un
earthing ot th remains ot sa old civilisa
tion. The "speotAatlv archaeologist" Is
not to be ridiculed. We all want to know,
area Prof. Bingham, how the people ef
th orient reached the western oontlnent
thousands of Years, perhaps, afore Co
lumbus discovered" it .
JaeVaed ar
rVravlaa Clvtllaatlea,
Meaaaseate, Telia i
la a newspaper report. Prof. Bingham
of Yale, wh has been exploring among
the monuments t pre-lnca errllisatlon la
Peru, la reported as sarins of tha three
windowed tMnslas of Maccha Plehu:
'As ta whether or not they were built
by noes orlglaallr from tha tar east w
oast say aotalng; our object la going to
Pars was ta) find faota, W hsv learned
that the workmanship of. these pre-lno
preceding those whom Ftsnwr
oonauered, sBewdeel In beaaty the wort
of th Incaa of Plaarra'a Urn. Bow lord
they had bean la this slataaa realen we
rannot ear. Our work ass Keen surair
on c exploration. Wa leave the Ipasu
kulv aroBaaologlat la Broaouao sa the
anuqasur at Persrlaa orrinsauon."
ArchaeologVwl research, at cease, mar
b aureus wlltesul speooUtlon. Bat th
ef th auwer Bart at mankind
la tts results is ahaoat wholly sstmbiOt.
It Bar to huareetiag ta know that the
arshltactare of sa annlaat Paravtaa taxav
Bls Is Ecrprtan: It watua be vastly more
mtsreaUag to know how th
una! Ideas of th STUaJs
to Pars, That Is, after all. h tsadartrlcg
ta sronaeaOogy. tha slsasrtang
What relatloa ware Ctas liaras ef
laralan ta lb Pnoeolrtaaa and the Car-
tie snsmnarr dlniilsail at th Slav. Th
proejrletor refused sad Jbih eCtar
ttr tha hwuL Th ana ssad ha eeolta't
seal baoaaa he wasn't the entire owner.
A. hargala was ssad ta leaaa B tor one
t!gr far (M00. Tb eeea waa said ever
estd Johssy ssstslled kaaseif as landlord.
Its asad m baUber, while sSeeam effl-
rfjUed as clerk.
Z tees Maasa far AA.
;"Taa doers ware throwa open and
sweet la the house had his BH ot
S4 edibles tree ef chars. A bag pisnard
fee posted IB front at tha hotel. -Ope
bint totfar: evervthhTg tree. AH are
le'umt' It waa a ssarry lark. Th
eis'e city seemed to catch on aad tha
be-jse wa folL v, hea Jonaar thought he
bad enough (ua he turned th house over
li tb iaiialord. wh reinsured ta edewa
erk. Johanr was (rami with rag. U
went rr to th G Irani house sad triad
' ta aa tt. Be arranged wtia tha stoes-tetee
-buer th Cantiaaatal bt naklng th
pnos o srw that erarrbodr would aosna
User. Tha Canttaaatal did ailghty Hale
basiiesss sa long as that arrajigeenent
Wail Johmqr was away from bis oil
farm tt dwindled la BrcdosttoB. air. Wlek.
liamTbilqilag is porcnaee It, then Johntiy
cam so hineseX When b hurried ba
be bad very ttttS moner and sa aelf-
. - a was fanrouchly asnamSd of
did tbay ranch the
Wnr did tha Taltacs and tb MaXUmns
build wrramloal teenpiesT What B the
a-sabolai Bgatflnanea of tba
la th srw-atrbaam rotas hi Oaa
Ing fnr maay rears that Use
builders af omh aad Central America
and aUxlao war af rlaatal ornin. BMt
this Is mar guesswork. Arobaeologtcal
(Ugsars vnaanb mor manuaernts, . dti
eeror th alies af mat M and torgottaa
cUles issilj. Tba nacUual aroliaaomgtat
may derive ssffiebmt sarlafartloa
his alansverlea. Ba mar sadatr Umaslt
that he Is aot oaaoeroad with tha mys
teries of th past. . let the ultimate alia
af aa) work arast be to J si eel the secret.
Mankind Is not can tent ta asarrai at th
boUatngi and carvmss of
si bs a ramot ags wituaut trying ta abv
vr who tha peep)
ba tided, whan they came.
oms day tha elne so the mjsleif may
be discovered. Tba sew aad easttr bwad-
book ot abortglBal leaanas la tb United
State whleh th bwaaa ef etmsoeogy bt
soon to snblsm wwald be OJmsai al I rer
Bttdnportant If Its aoalouts war B'Jt, la
raw war, a guide to th revelation of
tha BJTstsrjr. tkue far tmpeaaombM, at
tb America ladlaa. We cannot help
admiring Prof. Bingham's practicalltr.
But. attar all, sis work would, aot to vary
Asaaslag Calealatlea ea the Oaa-
samptlaa af Tebaoea la
Thla Ceeatry.
Tb national reputation of th Amarl-
ean people as the etgaret smokers of th
world (tends vindicated for 111. ' ac
cording to statistics complied and pub
lished br Ui United Stats Tobacco
Journal from monthly returns of the tn
tamsl revenue receipts. According to
thee figures, desalt "hoosler mgtsla-
tta" deelrned to baa and axUwrutah the
Uttle etgarat. nearly KIOOS.OOJ.OH of them
war manufactured In thla country la the
rear )ust ended, without, counting several
billons more thst were tax exempt bo-
eaua rolled by the smokers themselves
-anyone of wbom. even an averse?
healthr ofOc bor. oould stow away th
amok of several thousand la much loss
than a year.
Tbs heavier smoke of ths more manir
klg cigar has also risen ta thicker and
fragraac thaa ever througn in
land, la 1111. according to tha same-rur-area,
tb iacaos of bo less thaa .M!.-
of them baring Been wanes up
ward ta the Goddess Nicotine, aa against
tne.03B.em leas la the preceding rear.
And ret the tnbaeco paper laments tha
eomparatlve decttne sf dgar amokmg aa
. dlsparaeTlng abowlng." .
Ber ar the fUruras that win b-rltat
ah eyas of tha Ajm-esnose league,
throughout th land:
Output of larg cigars ta lsu. TJie.Mt,.
tS; InoresBs, W,St,sit.
Uttle cigars la Ml. lJrT.milt; m- j
ereaee, leXslaJa.
Clgarets la int. .as.SB.ejt; mere.
tlU.UtAa. I
Manufactured tobacco, SOUBOa, BBSB,-
117; decrease, ekSWta. !
Taking the length of the average larg !
elgar as tour Inches, the total consumed
In th United States la th year mil. If .
la a straight Una, weald glrdl th
earth eighteen Unas, while the drareta
turned out. K measuring onlr three j
Inches en tha avarag. wwald gtrdls th ;
gwb nineteen times, to th
saorals ef every email boy ea
tram firji a to EJadnstaa and from ths
TUdls palace ta tba Bate! Martha Wash
tnstaa. ;
That tha im msa have already desarted
tha mr brawn for tba nolo woks enffia
aaa Is shsm by a euuipailaua ef the
tnbaoro Dgnras ertth the Cgares af th
Taking that Bopa-
t man. wamaa and
biM ear tbs pan-paea ef STTument only,
dear Mc Awfl masks ssuld hare roOed
forth the graT-broa aroma of olgBty
bug cigars la th year. just
thirteen small cigars and the
able lajury ef Be) wicked clgarats, aot to
mention foar pouad af smoking tobacco
ba plseo or baaeVrolled etsaretB-a preery
heavy per eaptts, for a grewtng aaihaa
Mew Tor. Time
' A Warmlas; ta Bsibilss.
It appears that a La Urals bsikilm
weclared be wonld marrr tb first girt
wbo asked him, and a little eater waa
asked by an wiusnaliy ale rasas" wuauaa,
Well, what did the bachelor dor .
What did that anwedded biped do?
Wnr. If the reports are correct be
backed squarely dowa oa th propoetttea.
M as be garnet
He wasn't.
J' ml let him ran for office m soothers
Caltfonna aad what sipnsnil-Owa
land Pkua Seaaab
Jay-Jen's ark-Bonn Sale
Gives yoo the Choice of ill Fancy Suits and Overcoats That Sold
Up to $35.00, it-
It Gives yoo the Choice of all Fancy Suits and Overcoats That Sold
Up to $20.00, at-
THIS sale is inaugurated for the sole purpose of turning the
balance of our stock of high grade clothes into money;
and no price is low enough unless it attains this end. We refuse to carry
goods over into next season so our prices are cut regardless of profit or
cost With mark-down salei, and so-called bargains being offered on all sides it be
hooves you to think for a moment before you buyany merchant can quote low prices, but they're not values unless they
are backed by reliable goods. ITiis store has been doing business with you for a quarter of a century, selling you only the
best clothes produced by ,
,. ,. . ' ;
and other leading makers, and always at the smallest possible margin of profit that's why this big department has the
confidence of the clothes buying public . :
- A Rousing Sale In Our Boys' and Children'- Sections beginning Saturday at $1.95 .We give you the choice of
hundreds of boys' double breasted knicker suits and overcoats that sold up to $3.50. , 1
At $2.95 we give you the choioe of hundreds of Boys' Knicker Suits and 0'Ooats
that sold up to $5.00 many of them suits have an extra pair of trousers.
v At $3.95 you have the choice of hundreds of Boys' Knicker Suits and 000818 that
sold up to $6.50 Suits with 2 pairs of trousers. CCoata with convertible collarg cut
full length belted backs many of the 0Coats worth up to $7.50. . -
Extra,' Special We offer for Saturday One Hundred all wool &rey "Germania" Chin-
ohilla Reefers, age 4 to 9, of high grade manufacture suitable for boy or girlat $195; a
good $5.00 value. Here's a chance to clothe the boy at a saving of Ys to Ys off our en
tire stock of boys' suits up to $12.00, included in this sale $1.00 corduroy pants, 50o
$1.50 corduroy pants, $100. '.