Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 10, 1912, Page 7, Image 7

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Crowd Bringing Bargains Saturday February Clearing Sale
Mail orders filled from dally
adv Just fJgwr what J on can
$2 Handbags 95c
All leather, leather lined
Handbags with coin
purse, also all the volvet
and tapestry handbags
. that sold np to. $2.00,. en
sale Saturday 98c
$1 Handbags Wc
Extra large Handbags, with
fancy inetal frame and Moire
lining, on sale Saturday 49
New tiessaline Ribbon 25c
A complete Una of colon of this
eeaMKi'e popular mescaline rib
bon, used for heir bene, aashes.
drcsa nud hat trimmlnra, full
alx Inchaa wide, on aala Satur
day, yard ISO
Saturday Bargains
:3c Taffeta liair Ribbons. ...10
Pillow Top ard Back, with alx
ekeliu of lt'.cbardatn'x eiik floaa
for ;
i!3c Toolb Bruahea 10a
ttc Children's tide supporters THo
iia Ladlea Pad Supporters. .IS
1 9a Hair Sraahea ....Ma
Ex.ra Specials in
Linens Saturday
Par ' Umd Patten Tab!
Cloths, aii 8x10. worth $3.00
each S1.98
Para Linen Pattern Table
Cloths, site 8x11. worth $4.00
each .., ...... $2.50
Pur Linen Pattern Table
Cloths, six SxlO, worth $(.00
each $3.25
Pure Linen Bleached .Satin
Damask, worth $1.75 yard,
t 451.00
Pure Linen Bleached Satin
Damask, worth $2.00 yard,
at 81.25
Pare Linen Bleached Satin
Damask, worth $2.10 yard,
at 81.50
Pure Linen Hemstitched Huck
Towels, worth (tc each 354
Pur Linen Hemstitched Huck
Towels, worth 89c each 504
Pure Linen Hemstitched Guest
Towels, worth $1 each 50
You Will Find It Easy To Save Over Half
on Women's and Children's Underwear
and Furnishings Here Saturday
$1 Misses' anl Hoys'
L'a'on Suits, all sixes,
in grey aii cream
color, at 354
Too Misses' black
sateen bloomers, all
sizes from 2 yrt. to
10 yrs., at ...-25
50c Children's fin
' quality fleece lined
rests and pants, all
sizes from 2 to 14
yrs.. at 194
$2.00 Ladies' Combin
ation Suits, Skirts
and downs, finely
trimmed and extra
well made at . 984
Ladies', Misses and
Boys' good 1 quality
outing flannel gowns,
made to sell at 75c,
on sale at ....354
for 81.00
75c Ladies' good mus
lin gowns, made good
and long, at ...354
S tor 81.00
-,75c Ladlea' fine Jersey :. "
ribbed and fleece lined vesta
, and pants,. In . whit, grey and
', .cream color, extra and regular
alxea, on sale at ........354
$1.0 Ladlea' Wool Vests and
pants, Harvard Mills brand, in
white or grey, at ...... . .754
Jl.OOi and $1.50 Skirts, embroid
ered or lac trimmed, extra well
made, at --694. 494
$3.00 and $4.00 Ladles' wool and
silk and Wool Union Suits in
white, extra or regular sixes,
t $1.98. 81.45
$1.00 and $1.(0 Ladles' Union
Suits in white or grey, all sites,
at 754. 494
25c Ladles' Stockings, black with
white feet and cashmer finish
ed, guaranteed perfect, on sale,
at 12
The Drummer Bora and Bear
brand Stockings for boys snd
girls .. 12H
The Wayne Knit stockings for,
ladles 254
Ladles' good heavy fleeced lined
and wool stockings, regular 2 5c
quality, at ..194; $ (or 504
T'W atal W "raw w w-
Another big sale of popular .Music Satur
day. Beautiful Isle of Love, Beautiful
Doll, College Rag, Down by the Old Mill
Stream. Red Rose Rag. You'll Do the
Sam Thing Over Again. Billy, Baby
Rose Ragtime Violin, Do It Now, Every
body's Doing It, Oceana Roll,
Hot Cboeolate Rag, Every
body'! Two-Step, and many
' others .
By Mall lc Additional.
All the Hits fro Most Popalar Opera.
Miss Dudleaack, The Pink Lady, Naugbty
Marageta. etc, at special prices for Sat
urday. Whltenurk's Dane Folio Bfo. 8, at 35
Saturday Specials in Hardware Dept.
to Japanned Mall Boxes at 10
2 So Perfection Bread Toasters....!
White Enameled Ware, soma very
eood piacaa la oddj and soda, a big
f 1.50 Food Choppers, Saturday only.
tie Cotton Mope, Saturday eoly, 10
lie Nickel rationed rang Tea Ket-
tlos at is
-plnt . heavy . BlcUe-pIated Coffee
pta at So
t-rlnt hoary nickle-plated Coffee
Pot at ...
10o Rice P.jct Scrub Bruahea a
19-iral heavy galvaniatd Garbage and
Aah Citia. with bail
lC-caL heavy (airmailed Ash and
Gabee Cans, with bait (J.1S
15c Ideal Flour Selves at.... ...Ta
tie WUeon Bread Toaaters Is
l-ot blue and white enaswled Pud
ding Pans at .....ISa
4-o.t blue aad white enameled Pud
ding Pane at .... ..loo
JS-ln. Chopping Bowie at.. ..lo
ISe Carpet Beattr at. ...... ......So
No. heavy copper, alekle-platad Tea
Kattlaa 1.S
I-plnt heavy alckle-plated Tea Poll
at TSe
4 -pint heavy nlekle-plated Tea Peta
at ss
Iv-qL blue and white Dleh Pass ,.4Se
XS-gal heavy galvanised Garbage and
Aah Cane, With bail Tea
86c Lantern, heevy patters, eaat ge
eat ese
Tremendous Sale Women's Dresses Saturday
A delightful assortment of dainty designs offered in two
lots values seldom, if ever, before equaled in Omaha
Women's and Misses' 1
Pleee Dresee Made
to sell up to $20.00,
pretty designs in both
plain and fancy colors,
nearly 400 of them in
the lot for selection, all
at on price, Saturday,
while they last, choice.
Street and Evening Dress
es, worth up to $35.00;
nets, laces, chiffons,
crepes, mescalines,
serges, "etc.; splendid
variety of street and
evening shsdes as shown
In onr window; values
np to $35.00 .'.
Tour choice of over 200
Ladies' and Misses'
Tailored Bolts, worth np
to $20.00, while they
last 84.95
Fur Neck . Scarf In
broadcloth and caracul,
worth np to $7.(0, Sat
urday 81.95
Pretty Far Seta Both
Coney and Wolf, that
sold up to $15.00, Sat
urday 85.00
94.00 Silk Underskirts
Mescalines and Taffetas,
beautiful colors, big as
sortment 81.95
Long Black and Novelty
Cloth Coats that sold up
to $20.00, In Saturday's
sale, your choice
Seal Plash Coats That
would sell regularly a
$30.00 and $36.00,
cholc -814.90
A Clean-Up of the Big Kirkendall Purchase
of Men's Shoes, Saturday
Nothing in this lot reserved every pair must be sold Men's high grade shoes at
the price of cheap ones. All leathers, values up to $4.00 $1.98
3 lots of the Stetson $6.00 shoes, all patent colt and patent kid all sizes ..$3.50
Women's patent colt, gun metal and vici kid, Goodyear welts, short vamps and high
heels ..$2.50
Misses' and Childs' Shoes, Boys', Youths' and Little Gents' Shoes, also a big lot
of Women's Shoes, values up to $2.50, one price $1.00
Infants' and Children's Shoes, floor stock from H. G. Albright & Co., Orwigsburg,
Pa.,' worth just double the price, at 75c and50c
Men's and Women's warm house slippers ...... .39c
One lot of Women's $5.00 Shoes, tan or black, Saturday ..,.$2.50
Stetson or Crossett Shoes for Men. Queen Quality or Grover Shoes for the
women with tender feet.
H Great Bargain Day
In the
Children's Department
100 Children's Coat that
sold to $5.00, in sll
sixes 10 to 14 years,
t .....31.50
Children's Wool Serge
Dressea Values up to
$5.00, all sixes, on sale,
Saturday 82.50
Children's Gingham
Dreaeee -In aU sites,
values np to $1.(0,
cholc ...49
Children's Wash Di-c
New Bpring styles
that are worth up to
$2.00, your cholc. Sat
urday, at 69
You'll Certainly Regret It
If You Buy Before You
See Our Special .Values.
Trunks, Bags, Suit Cases,
regular $7.00 to $40.00 val
ues, on sale Saturday,
at .... $5.50 to $32.50
Special Dlnnerware Bargains In Open Stock English
Porcelain Saturday -
SO-lOO Piece Dinner Sets to Close Out. Opea Stock at Below Price
-In. lMnnar Plataa, t for Se i Covered Mahea, earn Soe
-ln. Dinner Plataa, for. ...... ISO I All alia Plattara, aaoh 10 and... so
6-ln. IHnner Platea, ( for ...So Buamra and Creamer, covered Buttera,
Soup Coupes, for 4Se I Sauce Boat., pickles, eacb....k.ltt
Inverted Light, complete with I i .'sniiae ......MnM..nM..iu
glob and mantel 89c
ISO Man tlea. Mrh.
lo XiaaUaa, each
It's for the People We Make These Grocery Prices
vmr auaa aae Aiwrnru aieea ve ngai
Treat ana Combination Ihrtoea.
IT lie. tost granulated augar. .SI .00
el-lb. aack beat hlgn grade Diamond
H Family floor SI J
Grape Nuta, package. . .. loa
Corn Flaaee. paekac SHa
Bulk Breakfaat Cocoa, per lb..... ate
Larsa bottlaa Worceaur bauce. Pick
lea or Pure Tomato Cataup, bot. S e
Tbe beat Soda or Oyster Crackera,
per pound . . ,...7Ho
The beat crlap Pretaela or Olnaer
Snapa, In. ., . a
Quart bottles Canadian Maple gufer
Syrup ' Vase
Pint bottles Csnadlan Maple buear
Hyrut see
t-lu pankaca boat Self-Rlalng Pan
cake Klour Se
OaJlon cara Golden Table Syrup SSe
I ha. good Japan Kloe SM
4 Iba. fancy Japan Head Bice. . . .SSe
i bare Heat- fcm-All or Ukwnond O
Soap for ..SB
The beat No. 1 Creamery Butter, per
pouno. aae
The beat So. I Countrv Hut tar. lb.
The beet No. 1 llry Butter, lb. . .see
The beat freeh earir. laid by certified
fled nana, not batter for ll.M per
dozen, our price Sea
2 Iba. CO"! bntterlne ....ISe
1 Iba. good tatrte bntterlne ,.36e
lha. fancy table birttertn 40e
Very finest equal to creamery, tare
pound ,.4e
aka Meat a Boa ef
Taadar, AppeUxlag only loe.
Tb Oraataet Vegetable Market la the
Wee Tea eae fraai SO a 100.
a bunckaa freak Carrota, lieeta, Tur
nlpa or Railianea for ..toe
a neaae iraan laar lettuce be
1 bunohea freeh Paralev.
Larca head Lettuea, aaoh.. lee
Kaaoy California Cauliflower, lb. THe
FaoLy Bruaaela Hprouta. lb. ISe
)are Oreen Peppera, I for 10a
Fancy Pie Plant, bunch THa
lrse Co corn bare. So, THe Sad... toe
lancy . Celery, be and SWe
Fancy Caie Cod Cranbeniaa, qt Is He
1-lb. boxe fancy hothouse mush
room a oe
Old Beeta, Tumlpa, Ceiro'ta or Para.
nlpa, Ik. me
peatal aUghlaad bTaval Oraage Baas
And will aell you a silver plated
oraine apoon for 10c You don't have
la aave any wrappera or pay any
poatase and eontalne SIS arama more
silver thaa the true! apoon; Saturday.
per aoaeo isa, see, aae aaa soe.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
sent only by express and at
owners' risk.
Corsets, Gloves
and Sweaters
Some Kcmarkalile Special Bar
gain Offering ta three lines
for Saturday's Kale.
Complete .line of new Spring
models In Nemo Corsets with
the latest feature
pn,es $3. 83.50. 84. 85
Broken lines of W. B., C. B
Ksbo, Thomson's, worth to
$4.00 your choice . -81.45
Complete lines of all popular
standard makes up from $1
Brssalers In complete sssort
ments, np from 25
Boys', Children's and W luxes
Sweater Coats that sold up so
$2.00. choice 49ft
Your unrestricted choice of suy
Lad tee' Sweater Coat In the
house that sold to $8.00
st 82.45
Other price In proportion.
ladlea' and Miaaea' A ration Capa
that eoid up to at SSe, Se
Boya' Fine Madraa. Percale atid
fllnrham Rlouae Walata, aliea 4
to la year, at 4Se
paelal oa Idlea Cape (Hovap.
Ladlea' imported cape siove 1 1.4
valuea, at see
Ladlea' Capa Gloves worth up to
. at See
Ladier Chajnoiaette Olorea; all
colore; all to valuaa, at.... Soe
25c Silk Veiling
Plain and Fancy Mesh
Silk Veiling in all the
staple colors, regular 25c
values, on sale Satur
day, yard 10c
$2 Aufo Veils 98c
Fine Chiffon Auto Veils,
two yards long, in all
popular shades, also
fancy Silk Ileadsoarfs,
worth np to $2.00, Satur
day, each .98c
Ladies' Neckwear
50c Fancy Side Frills 25c
50o Lace Jabots . . . .25c
50c Lace Cascades . .25c
Another Big Shirt Sale
Two big "Wholesale Stock Purchases of Men's Dress
and Negligee Shirts, best brands, best styles, new stock,
new Spring Colorings.
Shirts made to sell to $1.50,
great assortment J A
for your selec- tiP
Shirts made to sell at $1.50
to $3.00, all new.
est styles, very
finest quality
.' ifAlUV
Other Interesting Furnishing Hems
Broken line of men's $1.50 and
$2.00 wool shirts and drawers,
on sal In domestic room,
t : 75
$1.00 and $1.50 union suits In
flni jersey ribbed and fleeced
llusdonale ....08. 75
$3:00 men's wool union suits In
whits, grey or blue, all sixes, $4
f. t 81.45
26c men's socks, wool, cotton and
lisle, all kinds and weights,
' 12H
$2.(0 men's outing flannel pa
jamas, at 08
Man's fin all wool Sweater
Coats, in all colors, worth p
to $7.50 $8.08,, 1,98
60c Men's All Bilk Fonr-tn-Hands,
all th newest spring
colors, at, 25
$1.00 and $1.50 Men's Outing
risnnel Gowns, at 69-49
$3.00 Men's California Flannel
Shirts, best mad; on sal
t 81.45
SOo Men's and Boys' Fleec
Lined Shirt and Drawers; oa
sal in Domestic room. .25
Sample Line of Men's Spring Hasf f
Regular Values Up To JI53-01 Safe I
A nobby line of styles In rough and smooth felts, stiff bats. tc, all
th season's new colors; great snap Saturday, all sixes, 14 to 7H.
pick them out St . 81.45
All the Mew's Winter taps that
sold at $1.00 and $1.60, Satur
day, cholc 494
All sixes to 74.
AO the Mm' Winter Cap thst
old at SOo and 76e, Saturday,
cholc S9
All slsee included.
Drags. Toilet Goods and Drug Sundries
Special Sale Saturday
60o bottle Hind's Honey and Almond
cream lor aae
Ita alas Panda Extract or Sanltol
Face Cream lHe
Lara else Pompeiaa Maaaase Cream
for see
SSe Pernilde or Sanltol Tooth Paate
or Powder for ISHe
6e bottle of Bay Rum tana to a
cuetomer) ISe
II.O alia Pure Hydrosaa Paroxldn.
eatra alia I SSe
On big lot ef lac, lie and lie a bar
Toilet Hoe pa, all atandard branda,
ao In thla aala. I bare ISe
lac Jap Roaa or Pain.' Olive Soap. I
hara far ..ISe
le Phyelctane aad Surgeon Soap Se
lbo Sblaela aboe pollaa be
ISe Mennene, Colgate's or Williams
Taicuia rowaer , is
One Hundred Dr. Hlakle'e Caacara
Tablets for
$1. Lydla Plnkhame- Vegetable
vsnpNna i or .., ,.
I Duffy- Pure Malt Whiskey
er .-
I.St No 1 Fountain Syringe er Bot-
fr as
I.M Saratoga Foantala Syrlnn
for TSe
11 e Red Rubber Hot Water Bottle
so at a
I3.CS Welitnaloa Syrlnce and Bottle
guaranteed for for five yeara
for tSjOQ
tie Bath Bpoacte. extra sultry le
Ex-Chairman of Populist Central
Committee Sore.
re It Wea't Take rraiaaT t
Serins Pepallet Vet traa Party
that VlaUted Alt PU
fen Pleagea.
"Tc popolieu of the atate are up Ui
the air." aald as-Chamnaa C B. Maaael
cf lb atate central eoatmittae. "In the
peat they bare, auppened Bryan aad the
pregressiv element ef ta party. Now
they are oppoaed to the Harmaa-Daal-xoaa
arrangraaent. and It looks a If they
a wild ana wear 1L 1
-Hoorow waun or Che Clark
would be aaatntable to many oopcluta.
bi:t noat tkem IU.e Foiit better. 1
don't think be In the race, far afis
awcri anit nu doubt so for Clark.
"What do 1 think of La feUette? It
1 coukt sat the ear of every popoltet 1
would aay vete for kin.' I have talked
with many of the leading men of the
party aad moat ef them are for La Fei
letta, while the rank and tile would
rather vote far him thaa any thr man
aow before the people.'
Mr. Hansel aald It waa his opinion the
republican would loan a "great oppor
tunity ef gaining the confidence ef the
voter" If they d:dn't puah the La Pal
let te boom for "all It waa worth." More
dependence n placed by popuUats In the
republicans, ha aald. beraue the repub
lican party bad done mora tbaa the
democratic party. As proof he pointed
to the tefielature ef 1307, which "waa
one of the baat In years, and although'
republican, adopted more populiat meaa
ura thaa any democratic body has be
fore er staca."
"The mat twe legialaturae were demo
cratic." continued Mr. Manuel, "aad they
went en record aa etlftlng mora platform
ptolcee thaa any other legitlatur In the
hieterr ef ta etat The rvd meaaurei
iut peaeed thee. r1alature were gotten
through eely by the help of progressive
Th democratic leader did aU they
osadd to defeat tie InlUaUra aad refer-
endum, ant when Mr. Bryan, m the
eesatoa of 7M,' pleaded with thea te
keep their p.-omlaea to the people they
laughed him to acorn and lot this great
leader know that platforms were writ
tea te get In on' and not te be kept.
"In Mil they went oa record again
aa oppoaed to platform rUdgea and one
of the bltumat fishta for yeara waa over
the out stock yard MIL This was only
paaaad by the aid of republican rota.
Thea look at the amenaed primary law.
A Mgger farce waa nerer enacted.
"Sio, the popullata of Kebraaka, don't
like the record the democratic party has
"Th populists are proud of Governor
Aldrtch. tor It waa their votea that elected
him. In the five er ate dlstrlcte the pop
a lisle bare forgotten that b calls blm
aelf a republican. I bare talked with
hundred aad tier tell me fee la "good
enough, for them.'
A meeting ef the Young Wen's Pre
geeatee club of naeclytawa waa held
at th Pol lab hall laat Bight ad plana
were made for holding a meeting en
Washington's birthday a hicV prominent
apeakera will be Invited. The PolUk
hall has been rented antU after the prt
marlea. Councilman PYrd Bchroeder sddrsaaed
th meeting laat Bight, explaining the
purpose of the organisation. A corn;
mltlre renaming of W. D. FaJrboJn, J.
J. fcelltx. Ed KeKL John Bogaca, and
Geo nr. Trsareik was appointed to draft
resolution, Officers were elected aa fol
lows: President. J. C. Orouby; vice
president. Ed Dargetearal; eecretary-M
treaaurer, Oeorge P. Koneska.
Another Cold Snap
Would Exhaust Fuel
"Whether Omaha rana out of real or
not depend on the weather." aay a
coal man. "If real cold weather should
begin within th next few day anT con
tinue a eek Omaha would run out ef
both hard and soft coal. There Is prac
tically a fuel In storage blna and tba
daily arrtvala are light, owing to the
fact that the mines er unable to fill
order faat enough.
January waa a record month for coal
aalea. Oa firm, which ordinarily men
to ears of coal la January, moved LSOS
care laat month.'
Dealer la many town of the atate are
actually out of coal and people are bor
rowing from each other er burning wood.'
Seeds Are Higher
Than Last Season
Field and garde seeds, ewlng to teat
year's drouth, will be ZS to a per cent
higher this year thaa oseal I
Bloegraaa. timothy and eiorer eeed are
guoted at arleea M per cant higher thaa
a year age. On variety ef peas that
aald laat year at H a bushel ta atwted St
fat Dealer ta beet seed wbe bar ordered
large quantitlee from Germany bar been
apprised by the German eeilera that tkey
eaa be furnished only about ee-forth ef
the amount contracted. Carrot and turnip
areds are higher.
Tomow, onto, bean, awaet corn and
eurumber need will aell this spring at
about the usual figure.
New Sprtag Millinery. Welnlander A
Smith, xti & ltta fit.
Ohio Club Elects
: Officers for Year
Member of the Ohio club met at noon
Prlday In the office of W. W. Slabaugh
in the Omaha National bank building
and elected officers aa follows:
President-Colonel N. M. Howard.
Ftret Vic Preeident-M. R Rledoa.
Second Vic President-Jonathan Ed
wards. Third Vic President-H W. Morrow.
Fourth Vic Prealdent M. D. Mann.
Secretary A. L Havana.
Treasurer Burd Miller.
The meeting adjourned until Boon. Feb
ruary at. whoa the preatdent will aa
ouae the appointment ef a committee
to pr spare a memorial oa the death of
th late Oeneral Chartee F. kuaderaoa
and committer en plan for arranging
for th regular banquet will be held la
of thoas of th' eorrespoedlng period of
- v.r, receipts ere running
about US ear a day aad total grata re
ceipt ever xm oars m far.
Receipts en the Omaha grain market
for february te date bars run far ahead
Assistant CHr Atternav Tom u a--.
ma a new ordinance which win ..,..
property holders to begin to repair aide-
waiaa wiinra Twenty-roar aay after a
notice baa been subUabed la the official
naner for three dava ae eh !
oonetroct th aam aad charge It to tha
owner. Ia euen eaaa ta east at imiiuil
agatran th nepaitj.
Key te tb Bituatloe-Be AdVertlatag.
i j