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Eutern Han't Impressions of Omaha
and Ticiity.c
TIM Uu Cet-Off the HUtmc
Laad ef Today aa Tomorrow
Across lac Fertile .
Of the four great getaways to the
waat. EL Paul. Minneapolis, Omaha 'and
Kaasaa Ctty, "Omaha wu the flrat-to
attala pre-eminence which It has never
really yielded." 80 wrltaa Edward
Hiingerford In the flrst of his papers
on 'Rediscovering the West" la Harper
Weekly. Stopping the customary few
minutes to admire the "florid archi
tectural style" of the Transfer building.
Its faded floriea and historic mmorta
the writer crossed the river over "the
most profitable three-mile stretch of
track In the land,' for "beyond the Mis
souri Ilea the real west" and penned
the Impressions at Omaha and Its bib
tary territory: ' .
If you have time to waste, do not
eoaw to Omaha, It has ao provision
for the dilettante. The hotel dark shakes
his head sadly when yon demand a
Jlvller outdoor amusement than the 000
tlnusl park ran In an automobile or a
dosen holes at golf. Omaha Is a business
tows, and aha thinks and has her very
breathing In the totals of her banking
houses and her great wholesale stores.
True It Is that she has borrowed a leaf
or two from the knowledge-book of
neighboring Kansas City and started for
herself a most charitable system of parks
and boulevards. - But she boasts no Nob
Hill as yet When her elUsens get rich
they move-either east te big metro
politan cities like New Tork or Chicago,
or west to such luxurious colonies as
Pasadena or Colorado Springs. Until
then they stay at their desks and work
eighteen hour a day.
Remladed Hiss at Home.
And yet they do tell of an Omaha man
who turned his back upon the setting sun
and traveled east for two days and two
. nights. And when that journey was
done ha was In a great city by the At
lantic seaboarda city that for genera
tions has prided herself upon her ex
cesslv culture. Her townsmen took the
gentleman from Omaha well In 1
They showed him the Frog Pood and
the crooked est streets In any civilised
place on the continent They filled him
with beans and with codfish, tickled his
palate with the finest Uedford rum. He
mingled and ha browsed, and before they
were don with him his herbaria soul
became enraptured.
"Boston Is great" h admitted, frankly.
Then In an afterthought he added:
"1 think that 1 should like to call her
th Omaha of the East"
Omaha. Ilk some other western towna
has paid within the past two decades
th full Density of her own boastfulnee.
Back In UN she thougot It exceeding
mart to announce to a Breathless and
waiting world that she had attained a
population of men) persona Th
used toward ths accomplishment of that
astounding total will bear no repetition
her. It Is sufficient now to say that
th census of U0wsa accurst and tavei
her an actual population count of 102, av
a very bitter Bill. Indeed, foe th west
bank of tba Missouri. Th censes f
Ml, likewise exceeding accurate, was
better. , It showed Omaha pmssssnd of
13,(0) population and a growing, bustling,
energetic, and. above all. a truthful city. 'yrriy y.y niTrri mTTTJ tjvjtv.
That Is the lessoa that th west ha, IUAfl HA I OAlfl lUXl lfluUllo
begun to team th leak of real value
iu bald population statistic. True it Is
that Los Angeles confronts th stranger
bound toward her e-etea with 'TLosXn
geles, IMA 13. L0W.M": ud the
talks of that southern California town
reiterate that most specific boast at
every, possible opportunity. But Los
Angels Is Lm miles from Omaha and
might learn a deal from th town beside
the Missouri. Th more oonsBtvativ of
these western towns, such aa Portland,
to make a single Instance, do not worry
about the population reports from the
census bureau. They point with a keener
pride toward the clearing house balance
and the traffic reports of the railroads
and steamship Unas; they are even begin
ning to display such mundan things as
dean tree's, soda welfar clubs, ad
mirable dvie administrations th things
that brings administration not alone from
the hardened hearts of easterners but
from those even more state folk who come
oversets before they reach New Tork.
Lead ef Tojaterrww.
West from Omaha, "and the entrance
Into the land of tomorrow la wall begun.
Th railroad, following th fashion of
other railroads, baa begun to ravins and
rebuild Its line. Where In other days It
first wound south from th Omaha sta
tion and the great Missouri liver bridge
that connects It with Ita legal tannine
at Council Bluffs, so aa to avoid ths
great rolling hills that Una th yellow
stream, today H strikes du west from ths
station. It cuts through the tops of
th hill -slopes and strikes boldly across
the swales of th broad valley on ti
tanic embankments. This waa th work
of a genius, whom men knew a Harrl-
man, th master-bunder. But the man
who created It did not look upon him
self as a genius. He simply reckoned
It good business to spend a mar million
dollars when It might save ana hundred
thousand in fuel and other excess grade
coats In th course of a single year. And
so It waa good business but genius also-
that mads the new path of the railroad
a rule radge acroar what the engineer
are prone to cil' 'heavy rolling oountry."
But twenty Rules from Omaha and ths
country Is no longer rolling. Tou have
begun ts rain a high level. To yeur
sophisticated eastern eye. the legend of
altitude placed upon each of the little
railroad stations Is novel and a complete
surprise and throughout th night that
level will grow higher. It la a steady
ascent across ths plain, and If you hare
had any belief that th plains of Ne
braska represent a great arid wane,
dismiss It forthwith. Tow will sea
arid country farther on Wyoming will
appear to be th driest thing you bav
ever seen; but her Is a rich farming
country. " ,
Th BriBglBgr-lB ( Mother.
Martha heard some one apeak of her
mother's deficiencies In arithmetic
which are perfectly visible to the naked
eye so she came and sat down bests
her end grsvely beg-sn:
"Mother, take four from fourteen and
how much doaa that leaver
"Ten," proclaimed the parent, think
ing ah was teaching th little one her
lesson, .
"Now. three from eight that's rather
hard you know."
"Yes, Its frequently gotten on my
nerves, too hut, eventually leaves
"And four from five."
"One." exclaimed the elder from the
proud pinnacle of perfect knowledge
thinking also whoa a nloe teacher shs
Martha rose with a sigh of relief
from the re si 00 of her pinafore, and
aid kindly but with some oondeacen-
lon. "well, now you nave learned thst
' IA
much, anyway."
Jpplnoott's Magatlne.
Key to the Situation Be Advertising.
S 7
1 f
that " Shop"
(Ground Fio.r City National Bank Bid..)
Seven days one caa almost count Uie hours
then th doors CLOSE ow this "Bankrupt Sato."
Thousands of Omahana have saved thovaanda of -dollars
here; caa YOU afford to pay the reerolar,,
everr day Prices asked elsewhere while three
BANKRUPT cute ar. on
Aa Soi: v Orer
toil is the hone,
iaclndof 130.00
( 40.00 raises
- tea built the
last seni daft, at aalf ,
Cboone front atach nukes a "Adlrv's OoUrgian, "Storm
Mayer,' "U System," Brand taTee K inlaid," and so on.
Plenty of blacks, blu serge and mixtures la all sixes tsp to 50.
BATH Any bat la bouse, ia
rtudlag $3 aad 95 values, go
kinds are Mc and the $1.00
kinds go at salt 59-.
bHIIlTS S1.AO aad $2 ahirts
la sixes 14M to 10 sw now
rtn 49t
VESTS 13 aad go Full dress
aad Tuxedo Vesta go la till
sale at, each 81.98
I'AA 1"3 In-users that sold
to S are Bow 83.98
a-.MT IlKt! Th JDe kinds
go now at 29
I'A.M Troaeex that eoed.
to M are bow 83.98
MlFiLEliS. Tbo SI .60
grades go sow at, each 59
UOoll-Ki Mc aad 78c hose
bow at. pair 25
HOSIERY gOc silk lisle
hose at pair 12H
biilKTa aad iiRAWKKri
worth $2M to SS at, gar-
Tt . .93
CAPS Mea'a
1.80, at ..
worth to
I t.MUX SCITa frof. Maloooas $6 klada. at, sit 82.29
You'll be paying Msmebody else's" REGU
LAR figures in a fw days ajairie if you
DON'T stock up right nw at "Bankrupt
Sale" prices.
Premier Belitrea Bebelt Cannot
. Compel Court to Abdicate.
Repeals tee Proaelses at Adherents
a Cressd et Betas; Aaiherlsed
ay Baa press Negotiate
far settles eat.
PEKING. reb. .- new and strlktng
view or th altuatlOB Is now takes. It
i believed in many quarters that Premier
Tuan Shi Kal wUl possibly succeed in
savinc th throne after alL The Peking
papers no longer mention abdlcatloa or
discuss th throne's retirement. Cer
tainly Tuan 8hi Kal does not Intend to
proceed wlti( abdlcatloa unlesa oompallad
to do so. i
Th opinion her is that the rebels do
not possess power to compel the premier
to sec Th republican" readiness to
sree te a permanent armistice and also
their willingness te grant the oountrv
liberal concessions Inspires ths belief that
they themselves recognise their Inability
to capture Peking. Reports received at
the capital Indicate that the republican
predicament Is worse than that la which
Premier Tuan finds himself.
Confiscations of property, forced ananaa
stents and brlgandag are causes of dis
content throughout the republican prov
inces, -
. Vase's Oaly Chase.
Should Tuaa 8hl Kal accede to the
republican demanda his own authority
would terminate; he would be at the
mercy of the republican leaders and the
heretofore loyal army would divide be
tween the republicans and Maachus. with
ths letters' supporters hostile to him. Be
lieving that he has been treacherous.
But, retaining the throne, whose power
ha already been delegated to him, he
would undoubtedly be the country's,
strongest man.
The Imperial premier's proposal of terms
In behalf of the eouit, providing even for
th eunuchs, has won the court's support
and baffled th opposition of minor
Manchu nobles. Tuan has encouraged his
followers to make promises of abdlcatloa
to th rebels snd publicly to arrange
plans to this end, but he now repudiates
them, declaring that tba empress dowager
authorised htm only a week ago ts enter
Into negotiations for a settlement
Ths actions of his adherents, therefore.
ha asserts, were not authorised and are
not binding upon him.
Certain membera of the legislation credit
Tuan Shi Kal with honest motives In
deal ring to maintain th union by th only
possible mesne the throne Many, how
ever, are convinced that h ts entrench
Ing himself for a dictatorship, that b is
wearing out th republican and break
lng th power of th throne, whose
authority will be preserved only suf
flclently to sarv his ends.
1 rAw .ir-M.iM
m 1 rvA
ill". I
I 'Wiaa.eW igaaa, J -4
IV TUTa PTT.T. nv II I I JKl.i -'x
iw .rr
1 ntrot
"Come on, Fellows; Let's
Get Even With Berg"
That'a the cry which greeta oar Half-Price announce
ments when we invited the town to attend our sale.
Holly gee! How the crowds came and how the suits
and overcoats flew! It's an American weakness to ''play
' I ,L. !, 1 . ,
even, ana aa soon as we 111 tea we proiu i&tca our cx
mends swarmed tnrougn tne door elbows busy. A'K
$10.00 Suits or Overcoats now $5.00
$15.00 Suits or Overcoats now $7.50
$20.00 Suits or Overcoats now $10.00
$25.00 Suits or Overcoats now $12.50
$30.00 Suits or Overocats now $15.00
$40.00 Suits or Overcoats now $20.00
$25 Blue Serge Suits $15
See the beautiful, stylish suits in our Douglas street win
dows. Just a pwk at them will convinc you they are the real
nevj aiyles medium weight two or three button some with
soft roll lapel; also the new English modols.
vT-y rVTW war' ssr-sa aw " -wer lav- s
aT f i' i finrl
We Make Uniforms of
' Every Description.
Jowraal ef the Profeeslea view
the Death Rail tar th
Last Tear.
During Ml. ths deaths of tl physi
cians In ths United States and the Do
minies,- of Canada ! war noted la the
Journal of the American Medical Asso
ciation. Reckoning on a eonservattve
estimate of . lav) physicians. this Is
equivalent to an annual death rata of
U.a per LOW. For the nine previous
years the death rates were aa follows:
IMA, UN; im, It.; 1M, 17 ; 1MT, ls.l;
ISM. 17.1; ISO. 11M; WN, 17.14; IM, 11.71,
snd lint. 14 74. The averse animal mor
tality for the period from IM te UU
lncjuslvs was therefore It 11 par 10M.
Th are at death varied from to to.
with an average of a years, tt month
and I days The general averse age
sine MM Is f years. .7 months aad I
days. Th number .of year of practice
varied from 1 to 7s, the average being U
years, 1 months and days The gen
eral average for th past sight years is
11 years. I month and 8 daysv Th
chief causes In th order named ware
cerebral hemorrhage, "heart disease,"
senility, pneumonia, external causes aad
kidney disease. - '
Three hundred and forty-four died who
had served Is the civil war, and of thee
94 served tinder th confederate flag, aad
10g war ' medical officers of ' United
States volunteers. Thar war ( veterans
of ths Mexican war; If had served la the
Spanish-American war; ens had been a
surgeon In the early campaign against
Indian on th western frontier, and 1
had seen service' In foreign ware, Th
army lost 11 medical officers, past aad
present, and In addition, I officer of the
medical reserve corps on the active and
inactlv lists, and B acting assistant or
contract surgeons. Th savy lost It offi
cers, snd ths public health and marine
hospital service 11. Including Its surgeon-
general. The death loss ef ths organised
militia was M, of whom i had attained
the' grade of surgeon-general.
Medical colleges sustained the loss ef
1ST professors, lecturers. Instructors and
demonstrators: hospitals lost 134 members
of staffs; municipalities, townsfups and
counties. US health offlceis or physi
cians, and hoards of education aad school
boards, tt members. There were
deaths of members of stele boards ef
health and medical registration and ex
amination; it, of coroner' and medical
examiners, and 131 of railway surgeons.
Of those who dledV one bad beea a
governor; if had been members of state
senates, aad members of houses st
representative)!; tl had been mayors; SI
aldermen or eoua'allmea; 3 bad served as
civil officers; 11 as postmasters; M ss
editors, medical or lay; it were alas
clergymen, of whom t were or had bean
medical mlraonarles; 2 had beea attor
neys: consuls, ana is nea Beea
medical directors of life insurance com
panies or fraternal insurance societies.
Culled from the Wires
Dr. Edward Wllmot Illyden. the famous
negro author and lecturer, Is dead at
faierra Leone.
Mara ball Jack, a miner, eras killed bv
fallinc coal Is one of the Caiterville dis
trict mines three miles north of Cairo. 111.
jadx-e John D. Lawson will retire aa
deaa of the school of law at the univer-
tr of Missouri st ths ctoas I th school
season in June.
Appeal was made to the United States
district court in Denver te protect by la
Junction the Rocky Mouatala kuel com
pany In the operation of its coal mines
La Bortnern uioraoo.
One fireman waa seriously Injured and
loss of Out waa caued when fire
destroyed a three-story brick warehouse
of the Ctucajro Railways company at
tsyi-u West Ead avenue.
t'nlted States Senator Charles A. Cul
berson of Texas and Mayor William J.
Qeyaor were the principal speakers at a
tariff reform dinner of the Matamal
Democratic dub an New Tork.
Charles H. Walters, former vice srest-
dent of the Msnsfteid Rubber company
and Interested in enneerns ta three states
was arrested st Gallon. O- aa charcee
or larceny aaa em Bees lease
MaHJs. .
Pure Food News For Busy flousewivear-
F and Save .
(Jjee (JWe tiiify (JjeJUwy
1 bottle Sweet Pickles lie
t botUes Stuffed C)lves..... 10a
1 ean Asparagus Tips .:6c
I cans "Nabob" Soup .!0C
1 can Maine Corn H.M Ibo
1 ean Seleotad B. J. Peas ,Ke
,1 can fancy AprlcoU (syrup) ...... Io
I Jar "Nabob" Preserves... ..too
Willow Covered basket too
rreeh Fruit aad Vegetable Dept.
Market basket Jonatltan Apples
Bushel box Ben Dsns Apples
t Plain Lettuce lOe
8weet Navel Oranges at, ' per
dosan loo, so snd SO
Kiln Dried 6 wee I Potatoes, per
lb. so
Btrawberriea. Kresh Peaches,
Caullflowsr, Egg plant tlreeo
Peppers, Head Lettuce, Rndlv,
Freeh Pie Plant, New Potatoes,
Dplnach, Freeh Mint
Three lee boxes Crackers or
Cakes, National Blsoult Co See
JOk cases "Cresoo" French Pea,
onl n flavor, per can as
ftc fancy Cluster Raisins. In
cartons to
J large cans "Columbine" Milk
for as
cans "Golden Crown" Aapam-s-us
Dr. Johnson's Toaaterettes. per
ran toe
Bolorlne Silver and Brsas Pol
ish, per ran... lie, S6c and Soo
Three bo sacks Table Salt..,10s
utter, xtggs. Cheese
Iytus" Creamery Huttet 1n
cartons, per lb. . .. ar
Our beat Country B itter, In san
itary Jars per lb, u see
Brandels Kir ire, not eves 14
hour old, per dox
(jfiWs (A. QMiiSf (mi Qj&i
Strictly fresh Ranch Bggs, per
dosen .. as J5
Very fanny domestio Dsllrle f
t'heese, per pkg as tiJ
Large Ktlani Cheeee. each.. 1. 10
Domestic Swiss Clieess, lb. . .at
Fancy Jar Cheese, assorted,
st lOo, la and at
Heine Swest Pickles or Chow )L
I'hti'j, lutp r. , , . -, an "1
Quart Jar large gueen Olives toe
Tea aad Coffee Devartmest.
"Lotua-Ankola" makes a cup of
clear and fragrant coffee, per
o. os
Russian Caravan Teae. out ud
H-lb. and H-lb. packages, per
lb ll-OO, fduoo and 9300
Candy Specials.'
Assorted Mlaed lamly, lb... 10s
Old Fashioned iilark Walnut
Pongee, per lb ISO
Imported Choy Fong Preserved
stem Ulnger, per lb. box
M on (ram Whiskey,
gunnel ttye
bottle .. ..
Port Wine, per bottle, .ate.
P berry Wine, per bottle. SSe, toe
Angelica Wins, per hot.. ate, to
"pedale" Imported.
Russian Nadka Carmel Wine.
uwsuisn t oner. . t
p hi
tor "Specials.1 J
Vhlskey, full ?J
e Wblsksy, basket- . t
Slo WJ
Pi; Pork Shoulder Roast
Per lb.....
Pis' Pork Chops, per lb. ..10t
Vain Lamb Chops 12H
Lec of Lamb, per lb ette
Lamb Boast i...7He
Choieo Pot Roast, 10. 7Hd
Rnmp Roast, per lb. 10f
Veal Stew, per lb. .....Qykt
Lamb Blew, ( lbs. for . . . -25ef
Swift's Ko. 1 Bacon, per lb. 11M
Kulakofsky Moat Co.
D. 1703
210 Ka. 10th.
Oooii Lump Coal for Furnace 95.00
Wood Chunks for Quirk Fire; per cord $3.50
Denton Lump or Nut, ths best Illinois . $6.50
Partrldgo-Thomson Co.
Douglas Sft4a lad. A-S4a.
if the people who try our Steel Oat aad tftsd Coffee ar pleased with It
ei.d Ooatlnas te Vas It. It la In a class by Itself. It has everything .-at
sues to make a Mick, Strong, rise Flavored B avers-s. hTs Bast, Chaff.
Vneha Mixture, 40c I tlirte pountle.,.,. ........ .tl.lO
ICrielslor Blend, 3eo( three pounds 1.00
Market Special so,
W. L. MASTER 1VN & CO. -
-turn oorra. mi- ,
Pig Pork Loin . . .9c
Freih Dressed Sprimj Chickens HVsC
At the Public Market
Steer Pot Roast, lb... and TH Pork Butts, lb.
toe I uui.n lks, id.
.loo I Armour Mhield Bacon, lb......lB.e
..Tte ' .No. 1 Skinned Mams, lb Mle
BTSCIkL XfOTrO Owing to ths Isrge Increase In trade, w ar put
ting on aUUitlonal delivery wagona and can assure our patrons .of much
quicker service In the future than In ths past.
8 leer Steak. Ib...
Veal Roast, Ib
Pork Roast lb
10:30 A.M.
and 3 P. M.
1610 HAS
.Doug. 2147
Absolutely Pure and Reliable
All Grocers
Buy year m
but exclusive
market. We carry
the largest aaa
stock la Omaaa.
rotn, TST.
Prsah bliad ts
Reoetsrs ..:..H
Hsas aad Sprtr.g
at las
Ducks SO
Turkeys at
There Is no better
place la Omaha to
buy year poultry. We
aeli a thousand head
.,.1'M Mh .Ml kill
SATURDAY ECIALS them fresh to order.
Pork Loins
(Pig Pork)
ll,t lbs to Se
lect Prom.
Baron Pack, im
Bacon Bellies, nice
and leaa ..lTHe
wvn.usieis Baylsa w ai. tlsaatlUea, Crst Sax fries.
. less. gzai uATiiftari a-is
I QA Po:ad$ Best Gr:na!a!eJ Sugar $4 An
I All If yea purchase worth of other goods W I UV
L Zjll TT sar Coffee Special, per Ib as
I bsbTI V Mall Ordr Special, 1 Iba Sugar and 10 lbs JxV
best eel lee. au tor -nly sajo
MnwunA Tnn f- 406 North Itjth St.
ass w j mssw s vvi Tet D. 2446; In B-144S.
Than th best snd th beat I th only kind that Is good enough for our '
patrons Tou will find us prepared at all times with the beat in Groceries,
Meats aad a splendid, freeh. fine Una of Bakery Goods, from. ur own
Baxter All brands creamery, per
ib. .. ass
Bggs Strictly fresh, new laid, per
- eoxea aoe
BUI atsiiies Par do 10s
yaaobss Table, -yellow , fruit, big
cans, per can 14
Spar a be Fresh, a lbs for... ass
Con a cans for as .
aVsparaaas Vise t-Ib. tall - cans, !
BoUlag Beef Tender and sweet, f Lamb Stew Fresh and tender, per
Per lb. H I lb. ..a
Oraages Sweet, rip. nayela. ' too
ler, for ,'.S4e
rim kxcsllent for bread or cake. v
warranted to give satisfaction.
per 41-lb. sack.. SUO
Breaa- Our dellclou borne msle, t
loaves for'. J.. bob
fcettae rreeh. crisp, fine, an-ga;
t head for .10 '
Cora risks E. C brand, t pkrv.
for ....las
Tom Johnson
T.U Was. itTSi ZusU, B-1S7S.
tota aa xk l
Comic Section With Hpvr9Ut-
rpi o tj Nsmc. tbt Katznjammr Kidt
l tie Dunaay Dee mduwhhugnttinatam