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professional Afloat and Ashore All
Oro th World.
krnco eas biggest shake
rhaiselirlaftr at ltU-ilW Beaae
mm ttee TartBtsea at Their
Toanh tome M4lm of
mil th American tramp ud bom U
In evidence fa every foreign city, ao met
tar ta what nut of the world 70a w
Krrf. la Mexico he la not only evident,
numerous, and ao much as that to the
oevlat he la a post. The America tramp,
toeee. tad wit American. "Weary Willi.'
ar whatever yea car to cell bin. mill be
iround la every ehy and village ( Mexico,
jvma hla pleading, begging- story at hard
tuck and distress a la as strong with hi
Man for aeelstane aa any bam you ever
BMt an th Bowery.
' TTM npubllc at Mtxieo ha for many
fan boaa a haven for tbo American
lWeary Willie. " Thar ar amral rea
aoaa for th presence of tola groat num
ber of begging Americans la anry city
la Kmc. Tor away years aaarly all the
pentad labor ot that republle ha teen
performed ky Americana, aad many of
jtkteo men fall rteUma ta tha whit diinka
at tbo tropic and finally became common
Street beggars. Tb Americaa tramp
foaad Mexico a nra, ploaaant country,
Wtta thousand at proaparou follow eltu
sans ta bat fma and alwaya Uw ays.
Ipathatla tourist ta pray Opoe.
la Mezlea.
Tk government of Mexico baa until
keeant year boon very lonlaat with
American trass. Th atrlngont vagrancy
lava of Taxes and othar southern state
(rm many ot tbo bob olomont ta tbo
jMaaVaa republic. CntU rocont yoar aa
piailoliiaanl for drunkeaneoa and dlaor
jderty eoaduct waa matad out to Amort can
(ramp. Ia Mexico City today Amert
kaaa ara act punished far drunkenneee.
bat receive medical attontloo and ar
hold only an til aobor. Ia Montoroy. Tanv
ptee. Baa Lola Fotoal, lallnaa Crua aad
ever! othar of th larger elttoa tbo
Ataarlcaa tramp to nominally fined, and
K h ha aot th wherewithal t pay bo
moat holp eleaa tb street. If bo dooi
Jam tha chela can it oaly opon an
other way and Boan ta craft. Tb
aandarm (polic) under whom ho worn
wttl allow bin to bay and -bum' all
Axeerlcaa who paaa by. Buck iratt la
sweaty 61 Tided with tha polloa la charge
boron yoar roaldonoa la tbo tropic
atad dolly contact wttB tha- pntoaaional
tramp knnaat oonrtaood th wrIUr that
M par aont of tho Ataerloaa tramp la
Waste ar victims at tequila ar mescal.
(Which dtlak bar killed awr Am noons
la th tropics thaa dlaoaa.
revile at Batlve Drloka
Oaaola tequila or maecai, tf drank la
asaaaratton, would ooenpara with th
strong drlak of Uila country. Bat It
laaii impoaalbla for a forolgnor to par
dak moderately of tbaaa Brink. Th
rag Ufa ( th tequila Hand 1 from
three t eaves yeers, though I bar
kaoaa moa at strong eonatltulloo to tight
that poisonous drlnka mash lower. '
iTh Amertoui bum In Mixta sag b
truly called a ertentlfto workor. Claao
among thorn to a oof la Italy and strictly
.defined aa It la botwoaa the roar Hun.
jdred at Mow Trk and It mderwerld.
I Th wtltor pent tb Bight uatll tb
frlaauut hour of N o'clock ta th Area dr
jNaa, ta Bon Juan da Latran. Moxio.
knty. Tbla plae baa fjf many yean b'
it a readesvoue aad hangout tor-America.,
traanpo Locales, a a) la, a few aOnuta
walk from all tb loading boteia,
AeMrfeaa bam baa found K rerltabU
haaaa af rofuga.
Ia tnl mall. dark, foul, tlt-mnlMe.?
iBtaaa, with U ata marble-topped tab loo,
drink may be aurchaaod for 1 t, I or
I IS CM to, Mexican money. Id thla plaoa
.1 ajwt many brilliant and Intelligent men,
maajr at thaa A marina a, tab bare
j helped racanctract aad build up Mexico
I Bar I mat "th harper,- known the
Home! dmorlnaa bum la Maaie. I
Ifoaad th "dataan (owaar) paid plm all
I tha raaaaat due ganUamaa.
1 bar boea bum la Mexico tar ton
jyaar," aald the harper, 'and while I
'manage to get along, thing ar aot what
I they once were hero. Many American
I bum and tramp wark tb louneto, but
tby ara poor graft. Tha railroad and
tsarlet oooiptnln vara their Batrana
aawaday aaaiact tha Amartcaa bum, aad
th Daatt at a teach tram Ul elaa la a
peaata 01 mot).
Staba Qratt. '
"Tao botur ataoa bam." aeaUnuod my
tnformaat. attar I had maoa a diatrma
atgaal ta tk fax peatah bartandor,
-whoa ha flrat hlta MexK aty work'
hla friend, and later take up all tho
nail eat marlroni wha ar tagagad m
at bmtlnaie Thaa he
tb Bewapanara. which dally pub-
I ,
Ilah tb arrival ot American guest at tb
hot tie. , A pair ot riding breecbea and a
pair ot Eofliah putuaa have made maay
a man call hlmoeif a mining caglnacr In
"As for myaelf, I bara (bond th old
time American bualaeaa man tha fall
guy for a atrong touch. To gat ta thla
clae you muat be a good convaraatlon
ailat, talk oa any auMect and make good.
After a while you wear out. and you
must then become a Itcer.' That to. the
bum picka op a new fellow bom and
sends him against the same people from
whom be hlraeett baa braa-ed money.
The steer and bis pupil divide .the
amount obtained, and as wU does th
'steer' know his vlcUmo that there la as
chance for the student to hold out on
his Instructor.1
I was much Interested with my lnf Or
am's talk, and after I bought drinks for
him and aeveral friend he Introduced
me to a number of the local eoloay.
Americana and Englishmen, whs bad
been rich and prominent, and who had,
aa rivll engineers, bulit hundreds of mile
of Mexican railroads. Hero In this ptaro
had died "the Count,' a Polish noble
man, victim of tho "white line" drinks.
I knew hlra when ho waa la wealth and
Influence, and, had bo lived six weeks
longer, another tSM would have been
paid him. Here I met Jacob I, once tho
richest American In Mexico City, aad
who brourM the first American sawmill
10 the eoitnuy: a farmer captain to the
I'rJted BU 'r.i: an actor who not
eo many r ago waa well known
along Broadway; a former American
naval officer; chemirto who had drawn
fabuloue salaries from the leading min
ing companies; men ot prominence tn all
walka of life-all victms of the "white
line" drinks, and from them all "the
harper." who bad been my rutd to Mex
ico City' underground world, received
bornag and respoet.
I -aw af Trampdaaa. '
"There le nothing to It," continued
harper." "Th bum's money all goo for
drink. No good tramp ever ask another
for help, no matter how dire may be his
need, but It la an unwritten law that a
fe'ow tramp moat aiwaye bay a drink."
The American bum has once la Mexico
eauaed the American government to be
Involved. "Mike Green." an indigent
American, wo rounded up wltb a bunch
of poena aad want to th Vail Naclonal.
ot that time a convict colony. Then he
died, and Genera! Powell Clayton, th
American minister at that time, started
an Investigation which led to tb arrest
f Can dido Hornandes, a wealthy tobacco
planter. The latter waa In ortaon In
Tuxtepee and Oaxaea tor aeveral years.
nd aa Indemnity of HO, 0(a) was paid
Oreea'e sister.
During th recant revolution manv of
tha hobo element baeam ooldlero at for
tune la tho aladero army and rendered
valuable aid to the eeue of tha tnsur
roet leader. When th war waa over
wey united hack to the old haunt, and
today you will find them telling their
tortea af hard luck te whosoever will
end a willing ear.-New Tork Tribune.
causa no ajrreefnent
aa te the color scheme and other eeeeutial
detalla. No general plan bad been
adapted for the uniform production of
those map oheeta. He therefore pre-
aented through Dr. Day of Washlngtoa
a recommendation to the International
Geographical congreoa at Geneva In U08
to appoint a eommlseioa to work out a
uniform plan for producing tbo map.
Thla plan was prepared by the uenora
conrrea and It was decided to aubmlt
It to a conference ot the map making
narlona, which waa accordingly convened
by the British government la London
In November. IMP. Tha conference was
completely successful. Its derisions were
final and th map makers of all nations
were at last In a position ta co-operate
tn carrying out the plan.
Thla result Involved mutual concee-
alona but tha plan a perfected waa heart
ily and unanimously adopted. Green
wich Is to be the Initial meridian. The
met lie scale tor distances and far altitude
abov aea level will be used, but nations
not employing metric moaaurementa may
add In parentheaea their equivalent In
miles, feet, vents and eo on.
The symbols adopted to represent
rivers, rail and other roada, towns, etc.,
practically Include all th eonvenUona
used by the United ntatea geological ur
vey on Its topographlo survey sheet. The
Latin alphabet alone will be used aad
spellings ara to be the ot the official
map of carb country, we enaii aea
Roma, not Rome; Wlen. not Vienna; and
tha rule will discourage the tendency of
Oermaa map maker to spoil tha name of
tho greatest American city "Neu Tork."
Harpera Weekly.
Rat least Traaafaraaatlaa Wraaght
by the Baas' af Paraaaal
Asa Bittern.
l al tarsal ty at Celare Ceealaa lata
fee by Map Makers Her
aad Abroad.
The us of color oa man has now boon
red ocod by th beat map makers to a
logical system. Not very long ag on
map of th Vniled Stale each atate waa
differentiated from taoee around It by a
covering of color. A tint along the boun
daries would have arursrored every pur-
pos an left opportunity' to use cokirt
throughout the. sheet- aa part of th
cham of symbols.
Many map colors ar sow copied dl--ectly
from nature, and often Ihoe se
lected are particularly appropriate, aa
for uampla, tha common use of blue for
rainfall maps, tb deepening blue of tb
sea a depth Increase, til deepening
buffa and brown a tb heights ot th
land augment, tho yellow tinta for arid
and sandy regions, tha greens largely
used aa snap dealing with plant geog-apbjr.
Tha map makers of th leading nations
are approaching ana another more aad
mar yearly la tbo use of map eolere,
and for pubMe convenience H la hoped
thai some day there will be a uniform
system of colors In ell map eymbousra.
Th Idea of a Handard map of th
world was first proposed by Prof. Al
crecht Penek at' the International Geo
graphical congress. Borne, in ML He
dearly shoved the advantages that would
leeult If th nations should co-operate In
producing a world map on th compara
tively large seal of one-millionth
a WOsOOti), or M.I rtatat mile ta
rae. Tn pro led was baartOy approved
b thla and later congt esata. committee
I nsr appointed te promote ta him i as ant,
and Great Britain, Germany and Franc
1 ta make map oa tb required
Uttlo practical progress, however, waa
jrao till attar Dr. Gannett reported that
had been reached
Carpenter Paper Company Puses
Quarter Century Kark. '
Press a Very Bxnall Bealaalaa, a
Large aad sVaaawreaa Baste las
la Evolve by Leeal Paper
The Carpenter Paper company, on of
Omaha s leading Jobbers, la celebrating
its twenty-fifth anniversary thla month,
having started in bust noes her In Feb
ruary. 1B7. From a very email beginninj
th company ha ev ahead a large aad
prosperous bualneaa, aad la now eon
aldered th largest paper bouse to the
middle west. Tb now fir proof build
ing at Ninth and Harney atroota, which
th Carpenter company now occupies and
which It aald to b one of tho Onset In
tho west, la a striking aontraat to the
modest quart ara which It first occupied
and Illustrative of th epteodll progress
It ha made.
The year Its? was a favorabl year 'for
a amail msroantll conoera to locate In
Omaha with a view ta establishing a
permanent business In a raptdly growing
community. It waa la February, twenty
v year ago, that th Carpenter
brother gave up their position In Chi
cago la th aarn Itn ot buattaee aad
brought what capital they aoold muater
to Omaha and opened a email paper ware
house at 1114 Doug lea street, lath old
Goodman building. It waa aa especially
opportun time for locating a paper ware
house In Omaha, a th Un was not
ovar-ipreaented her at that time, and
tha cooeumoro af printing paper la Iowa
and Nebraska war nearly alt sending
their orders to pear era market. Tbo anly
handlers of wrapping paper war W. T.
Seaman and tha wholesale dealers in
other merchandise. Thus the reception
The American people ar almost cured accorded to tbla yoang eoncera from th
ot drunkenness.
Notwithstanding tb breadth ot thla aa-
ertion. It to a fact,
A hundred year ago moat Americans
were confirmed tippler i and to be Boned
with drink at bedtime waa tha privilege
and practice of a gentleman.
Fifty year age Inebriety bad taken
such a bold upon the Amerloeu peopi
that reformatory measure followed oa
another la about thla order: The Wash
ing! onions. Oough, rather Matthews. Rey
nolds, Murphy, tha Bon of Tomporaaoa,
Good Templars, Knights of OMiunbua,
Temple ot Honor and White Ribbon, all
oommeadsbie mean ta weaa people from
family wrecking, nation - threatening.
drunkeaaeea. -
Today It to a positive dlagrae ta get
drunk, and a serious handicap to bar a
nam tor tippling.
This national transform! loa has taken
Iplac In. practically th first century
balory of our people.
It W a remaraani result xor wnwo invre
to a remarkable and patent cause.
It must not b wholly attributed to
religion, education, social dictum, moral
eeneibiltty. or any theoretical argument.
The mania for drink baa boea sup
planted by a more mastering mania per
sonal ambition.
Ambition for achievement, position and
power brook no handicap; so American
have made laws of deportment In
dividually, and In cold-blooded concern
for self tb problem that neither prohl-
blttoa a or moral suasion, nor both, could
solve baa been adjusted In conserving
regulation of personal Uvea, with no
pretense to beneficence or humaaitartan
lam. Thto drflnlt causa for diminution In
drinking aa an American habit to aot pop
ularly comprehended, nor ooneeded a th
primal reason why drinking to lee preva
lent her thaa tn atber eountrlea, but It
to tha real reason.
To prove It had not ambition been th
stronger, th sodden practice of lb aide
board of a hundred year ago. and tb
debauching 00a triviality of fifty year ago,
would have triumphed.
That' tbo answer. New Tork Itatt.
' The lr Vae aa Hie aide.
The New York nedeotriaa took hla time
la croMlng Broadway.
He know me rigiita and meant to assert
juot the dsy before a learned judge
bad declared from the benoh that pedee
trtana were not reuired by law to avoid
vehicle I th streets
The pedestrian had read thla decision
and knew the etatutee war on Ida axle.
Ha advanced smartly.
The next moment ha waa scraped by a
motorcycle, loetied by a laxtoab, hit by
a runabout, lumped by a louring oar and
run over by aa aute truck.
He wrote the learned judge from tb
hospital, detailing the facta
Ai'd tha learned judge wrote back:
"Ton acted atrlctly In accordance with
the law." Cleveland plala Dealer.
Tb key to success la ami nan to I
Judldou and persistent us of newspaper
suit waa friendly aad one ot th con
tributing factors t tn anaeaaj ot th
concern waa th tact that tha war th
pioneers ta Omaha In th paper business
and were enabled t make tb most
favorable onnnerXWmq possible with the
best paper maaatacturara ta tb United
Another tart which baa aided this eon-
oern materially baa hesa their poller of
developing their younger men Into posi
tions of responsibility. Their men at tha
bead ot nearly an department ar man
wh bar begun at the bottom and com
up through th bouse, who ara In touch
with th methods aad polldaa ot tb on
oora and able to carry tham out to tb
On peculiar faatur of tb paper burl
aw I the tact that the vol urn of sale
not exceedingly large since the
amount sold each ouetomor Is frequently
vary email, but a favorable feature to
that th sal ee man for a wholesala paper
concern can go Into a town ot a tew
thousand popple aad bo find oxmaumesa
of paper to nearly every store. Hone
th opportunity for a largo number of
Another feature peculiar to tb bust-
noes to that paper to a very heavy com
modity, and freight ar a much mors
favorabl In oar load thaa loo than car
loads, that It ha mad th dtatrlbutloa
ot paper economies! from a larg number
ot shipping centers, enabling Omaha ta
serve, not aa In former yean seven or
sight states, but ha compelled thto com,
pony to atabilab. distributing braaehea
la Da Motnea, Kansas City, Denver, Bait
Lake City, Lincoln and Butt City la
order to compete successfully with local
beueaa la these competing urrttorlea. ' .
Tbua th Carpenter Paper company
brand ar a wall known la Oklahoma
and Montana, to Colo rede, 1 Utah and
ldahe a they ara la Nebraska.
n peeking of brand, thla company ha
brought out a great many sped si brands
In writing and printing paper which have
booora exceedingly popular ta oonsumera
ta all thee terrltertee. It goes without
saying that these brand must be par
sxcellence la order to maintain , their
standing against competing Una. Thto
compear baa appreciated greatly tb con
fidence that baa bean ahown to them
and their good by th buyers of paper
throughout th wast. It la said that th
entire stock of printing aad wrapping
paper carried by this oempany, ta peart
of selection and variety, ranka among
tb very beet la the country.
In celebration ot It twenty-fifth anal
versa ry th Carpenter Paper company
dietrtbuted gold among It employee thto
weak aad otherwise oeiebrated th oe
LINCOLN, Feb. t.-Toejswt Mah-BOuat
th Turaiaa wiwetter, area ssalant frees
Ivaa Kenmnotf. the Rueslaa giant, la
otralght falls tha time being twenty -ens
and eleven minute rneugn aeavter by
nearly twenty pound thaa hla aatasronW.
Bemaaon was no mate in aa
continually oa lb deteaatv.
What Our School Children Are Doing-XXVIII
ri f-y )
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v 1 y
"1 1 'i, a. ' . '
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rs'.vno ?m v - J
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. ' m
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, 1 OaorV i -n Vgey-' '. Nr--, - ... - V; A
.': i ' ' I i 1 ' ' ' - - -it-i i
. -
is m
February, 1912, Marks
Quarter Century
of Continuous Success lor
Carroofer -Paiwr Co
Wholesale Paper Dealers
ea -"-n
r; , Tmz??j. ,
E '.
Largest Distributors of Paper In the V7 est
' With Bruith H.m.. at
Lincoln . Kansas City
Salt Lake V Denver ,
Des glomes
Send your order, to us for Wrapping Paper, Paper Bags,
Twine, Paper Napkins, Paprus Pie, Plates, Wooden.
Dishes, Stationery and Holiday. Goods.
Carpenter Paper Co.
; Omaha
Oaa Waete ataasaera aa a Blate
sad Thereby aav4 Maay
Uvea. - f
Th apparition In a whit sheet that
drifts dowa the corridor ot th old
manor bourn and vanishes with a hallow
groan la out ot data It la a mole 00,
polntlee being, that never era known to
do any work beyond rattling a spectral
fetter or frightened a nursemaid into a
Oheata, Uk everything aloe la thla bus
tltng twentieth century, ar beginning to
to tb mark and to Justify their exist-
Aa American paper telle ua that a ghost
ha boea running a aawrmit at xniuer.
N. J, The mill waa abandoned because
the late owner failed to make It pay,
but eoou afterward tha neighbor de
clared that It was running again, but,
oddly enough, at night and not in tho
A aaaa named Hsnnlon west ta lavostl
gata, and wtea b entered to mm found
that th saw table bad been loaded up
with a log. Preaeatly tha water gatoa
war lifted and th circular aaw began
ta revolve.
Then Heanloa baeam a war uuu a
.. niatiur tha la against tb aaw.
Aa h watched h aaw th aaaa seat hlm
aalf upaa a log which waa rapidly mov
ing toward tb aaw. 1
H ruahed forward, but fait a Mow
which stagyered aim, YTbea he earn to,
tha man sat laughing oa tao log. Next
instant th big aaw tor tnfougb tb
apeetral form, which Tanlahed matantry.
Dowa la ataxies tner are gsoets wmua
build walla. -
la th ancient city ot woareocaro
stand a big ooe-otory houae a areat
sgo. which at the time that Oonerai mas
ains nrxtdont waa eeupled by
one ot hla adhorenia, a tine old fighter,
named Colonel Marree, Wheo ho died
th ylare waa bought by a lawyer names
v.iA.M.e- wha nulled the whole testa
ot th house to piece and put b electric
ben aad aa laetrt lighting Heart,
puriaita mImi wore heard, sect urea tall
and sartous ueer happenings gave rise U
much talk, but the cllraax came wnoa a
aarvaat seat tat tb dining roam tor a
amaa ot water, came beca wna a aaaro
fan aad reported that Bona aa had built
a wail across th roots.
Th orb or rushed In.
Bethlaar as bo aaaa, but. sure
whea thoar tried to eroe tna
mvletalo wan barred th way-
Tb wall was 00 hard aad aottd that
whea they at ruck their knuckle against
IA they bled 1 ' t
Mext mernlng, however, tb wan was
But not tor good. Boznatiasaa it waa,
there, aometim not. aad after a tow
weak of th! ort ot thing th Taidcsiar
had bad enough of It and aaovsd out.
To tbla day the houee ataada uaooca
pood. This wan bunding sum to bar bee a
rather polntlose proceeding, but there ar
iastaBcea aa record at spooks dote really
, useful work. '
1 Robert Dal 0wa la our authority far
the following story:
I Th mate ot a barque which was aalt-
' teg sou'-eeitware across th banks at
KowtouadianB waa la th cabta working
out th Teaser oourse. whan he aotlcad a
wan attthaf at the othar and ot tb tabt
trasy writing e a ataaa, TataktBr R wa.
tb captain, bo paid a farther atweiOen,
bat areaontly, looking as from Haaleu-
htttoa. be saw tb m
slate, aad found wnten on It "Steer to
the Borthwoat." . .,
Ka Bailed the eUin. The writing tfu
certainly not that at any at the crew, and
eventually It waa decoded to obey tho
strange order. Tb eeaesi was put la a
nor'-westorly oourse aad a aaaa stationed
at th masthead ta keep a sharp lookout
Ia a few hour they sighted Ice, and
amongst It. In aa almost staking condi
tion, a big ahlp. They reached her lust
la Urn to aava bar people Among them
waa a passenger whom th mate recog
nised a th atranger who bad written
th direction oa .the elate
Aoaerding a tb atber poeoiagors, thle
man had boea la a deep Bleep ar traae
at tb hour at which th Inddont bad
taken place. "-Cblcago Inter Ocean. ,
Tbeaoaa da at Fiaateae ateeee , am
ladle's Imperial Grewa
Veael at D areas.
Boon Idea f the, magnJfloooco ot tn
sow Imperial India crows used at th
Delhi Purser rear be gubered from the
fact that there ar JW dlamande ka It
Tb rwn I formed at a bandeau sun.
porting eight traporlal arenas, 1 tsur
orosaea pstees with tour Oeare da-lya be
tween, the whole being surmounted by aa
orb sad eras potee, Th bandeau hi
isiiiuTostil at two bands at dlemonrla B
twoea them alxteea large clusters, four
of raereMa and dlirsonda altamau wttb
four of sapphire aad aiaxaoada, walla
betwoon each are tight larg brlfflant
eluatara, tha whole ot the being di
vided by trifoUated last ornamenta. Tb
son tar cluster esn tains aa Indian emar
sld weighing twenty-four oarata, at
extraordinary flnsaoas and beauty, whiia
tb three remain lag emeraiOa are remark
able stonea. Tb four aappbtr eeatera
with their etgbt brilliants coxopleliag the
esutar achomo at tb bcadeau ar eouaUy
worthy at their position, Th eight
arch ar formed by forty -eight larg
brimanta. each divided by diamond
wreathlEC leevea. aad enctaeed by two
outer dlaaaoBd ban da. - At tb baa af
the archaa ar tour oreeseo piteaa la
diaatmda, each wltb atargs Indian ruby
tn tb Bridal, whn between ar four
diamond fleurs-de-lys, all having aa In-1'
than emerald of marvelous fineness and '
oolor tor thtr centere. The crown ta '
surmounted by the orb of monde" usual
la aa XngUsb erowa, Thla la formed by
a glob ot brilliants with a crosse-pates
abov, baying to the oentsr another mtg
nlfloant Indian amoraid of rare brll.
Uaacy aad oolor. New Tork Foot
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The ORJUNB treatment for th Drink
Hahtt oaa bo used with absolute cooft
donee It destroys sll desire for whiskey,
beer or other alooholle stimulants. Thou, '.
sands have eueceeefully used M aad have -been
rooiorod to lives of sobriety sad use.
fulaeee. Caa be given aecretly. Coeta 4
oaly XL a) per box. If you fall te fit
resutte tram ORK1NB after a trial, your
mosey will be refunded. Ask tor free
booklet toning all about ORR1NT&
Sherman MoConnell Drug Co.. Cor.
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S. S. S. ia kny-rn u Kattrre't Ccrtt for Conta-rions Blood Poison bec-mse
h it prepared entirely Irom the bkxid tmrif-rl-i-- and bcaling txtracU ot roots,
awrba and barka taken directly from tnt natural iorertg of tbt bad. It dors
loot contain tha least particle oJ gtrona tnixierai Inrrodienta, Bad is so pre.
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iar CoaUgioaM Blood Poiaon from th blood. Ko tuclaasant flecta ever
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rhc-nmatiara, etc, aa la ao often tho case a-ber other iMdiciae ara used.
& S. a jroea down to tha ery bottom oi the trouhl) and trestly but sard r-.
dri-res out every trsca o the disease, cleazuea aad pnriiita tie drCTilatioB, axal
by iu fin Trretabl tonic efttcta, asaista the tystrm to rapidly ovxuctmi tba
raraxes of tho disease, and regain ita Bataxal beulthiul condition. & S. SL
floe not cower op or bide the symptoms kxr awhile, to break out later, bat
so thoroughly does it remove th cause that ao gifns of th tremble rrer te.
rtrra, S. 8. &, Natcre'i core, if the gnrest and aaieat remedy ior Con taflotta
Blood Poison. Koma Treatraent Book wrtti Ttunahle gnrTcstiooa and infor
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