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Speaking of bargains .
none so grt at as those , v
found in our great ' .
Of suits and overgarments
This sale has been in force a month,
daring that time we've sold thousands
of desirable, needable garments we
still have several thousands to sell. No
store ever offered 6uch substantial re-
. ductions. We're selfish in doing it. We propose to be
na oi au tms season's goods. e want you to have a
share. We can fit you perfectly and please you might
' ily. Come.
$10.00 to $35.00 Suits for '.. .$5.00 to $17.50
$ to $40.00 Overcoat for $5.00 to $20.00
$15.00 to $35.00 Spring Coats for. .$7.50 to $17.50
$15.00 to $30.00 Rain Coats for. .$7.50 to $15.00
$5.00 to $20.00 Slip-Oas for $2.50 to- $10.00
$2.00 to $12.00 Boys' Suits for $1.00- to $6.00
$150 to $12.00 Boys' Overcoats for. $1.25 to $6.00
- ' : : "
Bargains fall thick and fast
at this great store
If any one thing has had more influence than another in establish
ing a, favorable reputation for this store it is the fact that we bring
forward an entire new line of wearables each season. Our custom
ers are never brought face to face with styles of a season gone be
fore. These after season sales dispose of everything but the most
staple staples. We don't spare any department. We don't respect
value. It's merely a matter of being rid of the merchandise.
Our shoes har always appealed to
that elasa . of people who ' wanted
qu.Kty leathers, stylish lasts and ex
trotcely low prices withal. Our
'"' irarie In this '.department enjoys a
steady. healthy growth.- We offer
new stylos every season. We feel
compelled to make, price' concessions
that wl)l remove fromv our stock
every remnant of our 1111-12 llne. i
, . , - , xienco me prices listed, nere.. .r
AU $4.00, $4:50 indSJOOjj ''
patent leathers, one-half price. '
' Broken lots '$3.00 Shoes .vVl.95
. Broken lots $3.50 Shoes. . .' . ; ry.r-.;. ; . ; .7, .$2.45
? Broken lots of j$5 and $6 SEoes lv-. . r. . . ... $3.45
One big lot dress and work shoes
Worth up to $5.00, but there are only
one or two pairs of a kind. . . .". ....
Brini'thelVoy'r-V47, ' -
Buy him one or two B?Va ' ,our. most excellent;.
. shoes. The prices justify the outlay. '--
'" - ",Boys; Shoes 9 to IS',, worth' to $2,251- ,". 0
for . .v.-.;. : -V.vr..: ; ."..'.05c add $1.45;
. ' Boys' Shoes,' 1 to 5, worth to $3.50, for;. $1.45
MiactUantoua items
Ik furnishings at
Bargain Prices
Want a Netktie?
Here's the one big oppor
tunity to replenish your
necktie assortment. Silk or
knit, as you prefer.
50c Ties, 35c, 3 for $1
75c Ties, 45c.
$1.00 Ties, 65c.
$1.50 Ties, 95c.
$2.00 Ties, $1.35.
$2.50 Ties, $1.75.
$3.00 Ties, $2.05.
Sweater coat
$2.C0 Coats ..... $1.35
$2.50 Coats $1.75
$3.50 Coats $2.45
W-W uoaM a at ............ . $1.05
$4.50 Coats $3.25 $2.00 qualities- .
$5.00 Coats $3.50 at $1.35
Outing flannel
pyjamas and nigVit .
shirts substan-.
tially reduced
$1.00 qualities
at 70c
$1.50 qualities
Shirt Sale Extraordinary
See Windows Nu. 1, 2, 3
We've' had a magnificent line of shifts during the past 6eason and we've
6old an immense number. New spring goods beginning to come. We're
going to close out all ofthii seasons shirts if extremely low prices will
turn the trick and we're certain they will therefore, we advise you to
come early. All fancy and flannel shirts includeji. . , r
Our regular $1.00 Shirts for 70c
Our regular $1.50 Shirts for $1.05
" : Our regular $2.00 Shirts for $1.35
'i " : ' Our regular $2.50 Shirts for $1.75 ,
Our regular $3.00 Shirts for $2.05
Now for a great
Trouser sale
Were it not for our established policy of
. .. .
ing up eacn season, we a
decline to hold a trouser sale
this winter so wonderfully
free from broken lots is our
trouser stock. Precedent,
however, must be respected,
hence this remarkable bar
gain opportunity. All sizes,
all styles and all fabrics, and.
all colors worth considering.
$1.50 Trousers.....
$2.00 Trousers ....
$2.50 Trousers ....
$3.00 Trousers ....
$3.50 Trousers ....
$4.00 Trousers ....
$5.00 Trousers ....
$6.00 Trousers ....
$8.50 Trousers ....
$7.00 Trousers ....
$7.50 Trousers
$8.00 Trousers ....
$9.00 Trousers
$10.00 Trousers....
$12.00 Trousers....
&zsrm nun u.
Experiment Tried at Beatrice Found
to Be Money Saver.
Gevraere Office Freparlag im
Perth La; Pwianl riunl .
f fmrn Chuecllar I. Be
HfM Homr.
(From a Staff Corratpondent)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Ftb. .-rSpcU-The
Slat Board of Public Lands and Build
in, has sln a good Uluatratlon ot orw
phaa. of the hlfh coat of llvlnc problem.
The 8rhool for tbe FnMt Minded at
Beatrka had thirty-four fat hoa 'for
which the dealer , offered 'the market
price, S.1. Member, of the board thought
they could aave soma money by. butcher
ing the hogs Initead ot selling them and
then buying meat for' tbe -school, an J
here la bow the proposition worked out:
The board paid a .butcher US for the
expert work In bstchering and the rest
of tbew ork was dora 'by-tha Inmates
and regular employes of the Institution.
When aa accounting waj taken It was
found that the drened and cured 'product
was worth mar than double tbe amount'
the bogs , would have brought If aold.
They dree.ti an pounds and out of tbls
there was produced 1.200 pounds of pure
lard. ICS gallons of sausagt. MS pounds
ot bead cheese, -pickled .pigs feet, soua
and other byproduct, of , the pic The
ham, shoulder and bacon will b. cured
and smoked on the premise, hickory
wood being used In the smoking, the
wood being obtained on the place. When
it I completed they figure they will hare
cured meats superior to th packing houee
product. ' -.-..-'.-
In addition to th hog Wiling bee trie
board members Inspected th automatic
stoker Inatalled under the boiler of th
Institution. They reported them working
fine and with every promise of working
a great eavlng of fueL '
tita 1 Frwelaaiatf .
The governor's office Is preparing the
primary proclamation, which must a out
sixty day before th primary election.
April 1. Following Is the hit of offi
cers contained: Presidential preference,
vie presidential preference, senator, del
egate to nations! conventions, national
committee men, congressmen, governor,
lieutenant governor, secretary of' state,
treasurer.. -superintendent of public hv
rructlon, attorney general, land com
missioner, railway commissioner, presi
dential elector, state- senators and rep
resentatives and endorsement of five con
rtitutionai amendments.
Reiltlra tar Xlrarl '
Th governor ha Issued a NojuuUtion
on the governor of Iowa for th return
to Omaha of Glen Miracle, who Is
charged with stealing a fur-rlned over
coat tress 8. 8. Montgomery- Mrs. Mont
aomery pet the coat vt oft the porch to
air and the Miracle worker, 'instead of In
creasing th. number of coats. Is alleged
to have accompanied Ihs Montgomery i
coat oyer into- Iowa, where he I now un
der arrest. , ' '
John'N. Gillette of the soldiers' bom
at Danville, in..' writes ths governor that
he ha a scheme of dry farming which
he I. certain will- make the semi -arid
section bloom Ilk th rose, 'or something
of that kind, i . : ; . .
Mr. Gillette waa referred to the stsU
experiment station.' ' 4 '
; There are still about fifteen counties
which have not made their January set
tlement with the- Stat treasurer.
'-' Mar Boad Beach t.'
, fhr Board of Educational Lands and
Funds- has Just Invested P 900 of perma
nent school funds, ss follows: ' Bonds of
th city of Button, tztkio; bonds of th
city of Rushvllle. tl$.000; bonds of the' city
or oardotu W.srjD.'snd bonds of th city
of Wilcox. tli.OW.' ,-'. ! '.,'.
Child Reealtes Pareats. " '
A t-year-old boy . waa . th means of
bringing his father and mother tovetber
again ' In the court of Judge Cosgrave.
John and Susie Brown were the parties
to the action and 'each accused' the other
of cruelty. The judge gar them a lec
ture, through the aid 'of an' Interpreter,
the parties being German-Russians,' and
tn pleading, of the. boy did the rest
' . Military Board Meets. ' .
The military hoard met today at' the
eapitol with all , trie member. ." present
except Major Paul'.awho I. expected later.
Two resolution . were' adopted. . one' of
which provides - that where company i
property is short, lost-or damaged the.
value ef same ahall be deducted from the
per diem allowance of th company ' un- j
leas It can, be shown tbe loss or damage
was unavoidable,, and that the money
be taken to replace th article. Another
resolution provide that wher company
reports are delinquent and they are not
forthcoming and approved within three
month, after notification for per diem
and other allowance will be withheld. :
Pwaeral at Las Chaaeeller. ' " '
Th funeral of Chancellor 'EmerHua
Huntington of Wesleyan university, who
died yesterday at University Place, will
be held Monday at th Pint Methodist
enure of that place. . , .
Major Peaw ta Manila.'' ,
It Is understood st the slat hou that
Major i. A. Penn, the . regular army
officer detailed a Inspector and In
structor to th Nebraska 'National Guard,
win be ordered about April 1 to rejoin
bis regiment. Aa his regiment Is now' in
th Philippines thl muni another Vlp
to the orient for the malar. Major Penn.
has bean on detached duty a long aa the
military regulations permit and this Is
the reason aestgned for the transfer. '
u ,
'-Saperfatca4ewt Cieea srKIeeed
CLARK8. Neb.. Feb, a (Special. )-
LTLe Board of Edualtloa met last van-
hut and re-elected Prof. W. C. Green
suoerlnlendent of public school This
! will be Superintendent Green's fourth
year at the bead ef the school ot this
I place- ' ' " " - ,
Osceola Man SugYeited aa One of
the BooktcU Men. . ,
W. B. Hawar4 Aaaaaa'eea Ha Will
Make Baaw for Tbls Poeltlea -Beverldge
Will Talk ta
. Llaeeta Meaday.
(Prom' a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Feb. .-(Special Tele
gram.! It Is announced that ths La Fol
letta stats meeting which waa called for
Monday, afternoon wilt not be held until
evening of that day on account of the
Inability of some of th prominent speak
ers . to reach the city In. th afternoon.
Among th men spoken of as de!egate-at-larg
are N. Merriam of Omaha and E.
U King of Osceola,' the latter a Roose
elt man. It Is hinted that Governor Ald
rtch will not be a delegate and that 'Mr.
King will be tbe representative accorded
the Fourth congressional district. ,
J. J. McCarthy of Ponca la spoken ot
aa ap ossible cholc for another ot th
del agates-st-Urge.
Howard Will Baa.
W.-B. Howard of Omaha wat In Lin
coln today and said that ha knew noth
ing about the petition, for his nomination
a. auditor until after they were filed,
aa be had been out on a ranch for some
time. Ha -aid, however, that he would'
accept and make th race.
Ledwltb a Detente.
Petition are being circulated In th!.
city arking that th nam of John J.
Led with of Lincoln be placed on the
primary ballot aa a candidate for dis
trict delegate to th democratic national
convention. Joseph N. Heaaty of Fair
bury has filed ss a democratic candidate
lor the state senate.
,overldae Talks Wednesday.
Extensive arrangements are being made
for tbe banquet ot tbe Young Men's Re
publican club at the Lincoln hotel next
Wedneaday -night. Former Senator Bev
erldge of Indiana will be th principal
speaker. Tbe banquet la sot an invita
tion affair and all are welcome. Word
baa been received from many out In the
Stat that they Intend to be present and
a number of reservations bav already
been nude. . '
got wise to th mora, mad. track for
Valentine beating th other fellow In and
getting hla filing In th first thing
Thursday morning.
Raew tm rile Land.
. VALENTINE. Nek. Feb. . (Special)
Something Ilk the old time rush for
land took place her yesterday when
Frank Sedaleoek rod ninety-five nHles?
against tire to file on a piece of land.
It seems that be had taken a surveyor
oat to surrey thle piece be wanted some
where near the Spade ranch and the
survey showed that it included some
very valuable bay land that ha been
used by Ppade. md some employes
ef the ranch ftndlnx ut what waa going
ta started fur Uwa at once, but Frank
4" 1 ' - ''
Packers Win Out
in Food Law Case
SIDKET, Neb., Tib. a-Rpeclal Tele
gram.) The prosecutions under th pur
food law Instituted by Inspect or MsLaln
agalnat th Armour-company and Swift
4 Co. were today diamlss-4 by th county
court after th evidence of ths stats wss
all Introduced. The particular violation
of th law charged was failure to have s
tamp allowing net weight on packages
of lard found by th Inspector not to be
so stamped. . The defendants put up a
stiff fight on the Jurisdiction, ef the oourt.
and after argument, of counsel the court
took the. matter under advisement and
dismissed the cans.
A number of rusea the Inspector had
already arranged to Institute will now be
dropped and proceedings properly Insti
tuted where the sale by lbs wholesaler
can be established.
It developed during the trial of the two
cases referred to abov that the stickers
showing the net weight had fallen off
the package In transit or In being
-handled by the retailer, and that to meet
such contingency tbe wholesaler provided
the retailer with stickers to place on the
packages when It waa discovered that the
sump, originally placed on them had
slipped off. ' '
This fact waa testified to by the mcr
chants to whom the lard was Kid and It
seemed from the evidence that the whole
salers bad made an honest effort to com
ply with th law. ,
Miles and Mcintosh, who defended for
the packers, bad their cases too well tn
hand for th state to make any headway.
CENTRAL CITT. Net. Feb. l-Rpe-cUl-r-That
Central City will be the place
where the annual fair of the Merrick
County Agricultural Fair association will
be bell waa determined at a meeting
of the officers and dlrectora In this city
Monday. The dlrectora present were
mostly farmers residing outside of both
Central City and Clark s, and the matter
was settled by them In favor of Central
City. The following was the vote In
favor or locating at Central City: Wil
liam Wegner, George Wolcott. Carl Jen
sen. Max Cornelius, O. May. W. A. Mc
Cul lough. R. M. Wolcott. Theodore M.
Osterman, E. W. Badger. It waa also
decided that the fair should be located
at Central City for the next five year,
beginning with thl year of ISU. The
dates act for the fair tbl. year are Sep
tember 11. 12 and U. W. A. McCulleugh.
Theodore M. Osterman. William Weg
aer and K. W.' Badger wer appointed
twmnUUas to select sit.
Omaha Men Plan,
a Novel Mutual
Insurance Body
. (From a Btsff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. I -(Special Telegram.)
-John W. Barth and II. H. Bowes of
Omaha war at the capital today looking
up th legal phase f A decidedly novel
Insurance company which they bar
projected. Theyshav worked out their
plan and now they want th attorney
general to tall them whether such com
pany can be organised under th. laws of
The plan In brief 1 to organise s
mutual company, which will 1ns ur It
member against sickness, casualty and
also against loas by reason of being out
ef employment. The proposition was so
novel that ths attorney general was not
tiling to give an opinion off band, there
being no precedent so far ss known for
such a company.
son. In this county, on farm, wher
Mr. 11 ask Ins died In December. Ml, SI no.
March L IM, Mrs. Hasklns n'd lived
continuously In the same rseldeoo In
Stella, a period of twenty-four years.
Three children survirs. Jsraes A. Has
klns, who Is s farmer living near Stella;
Clyde O. Hasklns snd Miss Kunlr. Has
klns. who ar editor, of th Stella Press,
and who lived, with their mother. Miss
Eunice Haakln is secretary of th Ne
braska Stat Press aaeoclalion.
LINCOLN, Neb.. Feb. .-8peclal.)-rrhimy-three
more farmers' Institutes
will be held this month, which practically
closes th season's schedule of lut in
stitutes. The list of place and Istructor
ara given beltw. The dates are sll In
Place, Instructor and dates:
Klirood R. B. Jtlumy. 56.
Franklin R. V. i'yr. Bt-.l.
Atlunta-F. H. Browne. fl-M.
Kenesaw M. A. Stoner. 22-23.
Crete II. (-. Noble, K-S4.
Crest on H. W. I,uute. U.
Klgln-Bert Hunter. It-It.
St. Kdard-H. tlordon Cross, l-t$.
fMlver Creek-lliarles Wooster, li-1.
C larks I. Utile, lt-r7.
Varfluette Alex Powers, 20.
Aurora-J. D. Kerr. v;i.
Waoo-R. F. Getty. U -M.
t't lea George Liggett, 22-23.
Heaver Crowing J. c. Morford, H.
Peru J. D. Graves. I7-.
Johnson Walter Klsohel, IT-tHt.
HumboMt-Don Orldley, Feb. 8) snd
March 1.
Mlnden L. S. Newhold. March M.
Drhuyler (Grand View Church) B. F.
Pearson. 20.
North Loup-C. L. Hill. .
Iop Ctty-L N. Smith. 0.
Mllllgsn C. Snua. U.
Belvldere E. P. Dill, 2t
LMIIer-W. C. Une it
Kimball Harnev Benson, is.
Morrill Jame Flllot. S.
Mitchell. Jame T. Whitehead, xt
Scott's Bluff William B. Woodruff, St,
Ravsrd-C. H. Harpol. M.
McGrewL. W. Rlnrehv. JT.
Lew-Hen Dr. D. K. Morris, 28.
Keystone C B PbllK-a .
Mrs. A. Hawklaa.
STELLA, Neb.. Feb. . (Special)
Mrs. A. Hasklna. aged 9 rear, died at
her home in Stella Sunday afternoon.
She bad not been strong for ten year
suffering from arterial scterltsis, Mrs.
Hasklns waa born near Portsmouth.
Scioto county. O., and there was mar
ried to George W. Haakln. They came
to Nebraska la VX locating near Dua.
CENTRAL OTT. Neb,. Feb. .- Spe
cial. -A. ths outgrowth of ths partial
payment ot Ha personal taxes by the
Union Pacific prior to the first day of
hut December, the railroad oorapany
filed suit In district court against County
Treasurer John T. McLean, enjoining the
further collection of taxes levied agalnat
it la certain township. Th whole dis
pute center, about the manner In which
the aasessmerC waa levied. In the dis
puted townships the boards Instead of
making the levy to specify so many mill,
for road purpose, so many mills for
bridge purpose snd so many mills for
general purposes, threw the assessment
all together and mad It as so many mills
for all purposes. Now tbe railroad maln-
taina that this assessment ss erron
eously made, claiming that all purposes
means general purpose. The law for
bids the levying of mora than two mills
for genera! purpose, and It la on the
claim that thl all purpose levy exceeds
the two mill that the contest Is brought
In no case doea the levy exceed the
amount that may be levied for all pur
poses combined, but th claim Is that
ths form In which th levy la made
make It merely a general fund levy and
as It exceeds two mill la therefore U
leaal. The amount thus claimed to be Illeg
ally levied and th township In which
levies ar mad ara aa follow: Central,
CJLM: Chapman. IW5.7S; Vleregg, I108.M;
Prairie Island, tlS-OX. The claim la also
made that school district No. u exceeded
ths legal twenty-fiv mill levy by tbe
mm of Utast. To enjoin th collection
of then, amount the Union Pacific
brings suit through Its attorneys, Martin
Backer of this city, and Edaon Rich of
VALENTINE. Neb.. Feb. .-(8peeial.)
-The Women's Improvement dub la mak
ing plana for building a large auditorium
hers tbe coming summer sad It has all
lie committee out on the different parts
of tba work, and the prospects of the
bunding being built ar tbe moat favor
able. It hi to cover two lota and have a
basement under the whole with kitchen
and dining room for social affairs, also
tbe dressing room for the stag win b
la th basement. Th Dm floor will
hav a larx stags and verythlng fitted
up aa a first-class opera hens. ,Th
building Itself Is to be built of osment
blocks of tn latest pattern.
MANILA, Fab. a-Carltoa It Gardner
of New Tork snd San Francisco won to
day ths Iswn tennis championship of ths
Orient Rs defeated Kdwla & tMcOee.
who was th winner last year, and the
holder of th till by I to L Th son
test took place during th. annual car
nival at which th championships ot all
branches of (port were decided. -,
Th amateur 'baa ball team of the
Waaeda university of Japan baa beea on
a visit here and played games with
American and Filipino teams by both ot
which It was defeated.
- It'a BaralasI Shasta
not to have Bucklen s Arnica Salve to
cure - burns, eeaema, bolls, sores, piles,
cms. bruise, wounds and ulocra. Sr.
For sal by Beaton Drug Co.
To Get
lis Beneficial Effects
Always Buy f he Genuine
iTiam'ik'fi'reti tyihe
Sold by ell leading
One Size Or. ly, o Botti