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Interwoven is
Sock Insurance
- You bare experimented and
hunted for a hose of light or med
ium weight "which possessed the
durable, wear-resisting qualities
of a. heavier sock. ;
Here's your with coma true not rMnforeod not spliced
not doable or triple, bat "lotcrworm" at toe too and keel,
the rltal points.
Sew Spring weights, light or medium, on display In the
window. All colors and white; they're a revelation la com
fortable, nns-f!t'-lni bote.
Iowa Business Xea Complain of Its
Parallel Lints.
.Will Be First Witness Snmmonfd in
Money Trut Inyeitigation.
eaJo Freanee laotraaaeat Cteiag Ae-
(borlrr far loan try Which, Rita.
laatee All Speelfte Beferenee
to Plaeaedal Moacnoly.
', WAKHINOTOX. Feb. .-Wi;Uam,Jsc
Blags Bryan will be tha tint witness to
be summboed before the house committee
en banking ana currency te t ratify ta tbe
nancy trust lavsetlsTatloa. ' which the
democratic caucus, repudiating Mr. Bry
an's demand Cor a special committee, re
ferred t steading committees of the
' sir. Bryan tied eat the teas of the
damcrrstie eanmrtttee when he recently
declared (he maney trust thought U
aoeld Control the osmmittco. The ens
atlttee heelats that Mr. Bryan must es
paun what he secant, awtthasuding
Ma fast that the Bryaa adherents la the
asanas Weaneeday night ottered a inula
tiaa watch was adeoiad. sapraattng ma-
i at the lateartty of their colleagues
Council Bluffs Banks Stop Payment
on 75,000 of Piper.
First Ratleeml Baab Mad 40,OOe
Pa la reach laotltnttons
- rat to Brent DraJ af lb
peaaa to Slap Pnymeat.
This le what Mr. Bryaa to credited with
emrt&a about the sororalltaa. eeaceralag
which the dwiawirstls members wish tt
question him:
Imxtecrau, beware! The SMaey trust
having tailed ta its, effort te prevent aa
lavseilgatloa le noer trying te. force ea
lnvestlgatloa by the banhtag eoeantttse
The tact that the money truat wanu
that aceamtttee entrusted With the tn
restlgatloa la proof pnetttve that tt thinks
.H eaa eantrel that oomsnttee.'
Treat Bat Mentioned.
t" la nun-tad - tostrnst ta the propossle
hnada by Repraeetitstrve Henry af Tries,
rhau-mea af the rales committee for aa
linostieetlon of the money trust, was a
reeotutteo Introduced ( today by Repre
smlntlm Peje elieunhftag all specific
Isfsianus te the ioar treat. ' The Pujo
leacluUoa wee approved by the majority
members at the eomaiHtee te which the
exssoeretle smuug raft ltd asset of the
I an airy. Bapcassiitetlvs Vreslend. rank
ing repubucaa member af the eenuulitee,
first taefteettmlty ettempted te have the
repubttsaa sum ban Invited late the eess
silltee sseetlnc. The Pule banking- and
currency committee tvuetutlea wee- re
ferred te the rules committee,
' It sets forth that tbe committee Is
deetreae of seeurtet full and eomphHe ln
rormeltoa regarding the Banking and cur
rency coadittoae of ' the country for
authertses It te sit as a whole or by seb
nommlttee during ths aeastons or reeass
at eeegi uss and ta eeeapel the attsadeaos
There are an specific referencee ss the
reeeluttoa te control af money by finan
cial (roups and their domlnatloa at rait,
reads. Industrial eomMasHons, national
banks and the Mew York stock esehange
and eisarlng house such as were eea
t tinea 4a the lieary reeolulloa, refused
by the caucus.
Telephones and the tdecraphs were In-
duetrtouBly need yesterday by ' Council
Bluffs hansei s etaptag payment af drafts,
checks and ether temiaerilel paper eon-
taiaad ks the smII pouch that was stolen
Wednesday ntrhl from a mail track at
tbe Milwaukee passenger station.
Tbe peueh may bare contained eeaamer
cii paper ta the value ef more thaa
FIM. aad payment v si of this paper
Md to be etopped. The drafu were
mostly Chicago esehange, but la a num
ber ef lastaaees Mew Tors, drafts were
In the pouch.
Wcdaaaday hsppissS to be aa enosu
slly hoary day for the Couacil Bluffs
beak when tbstr drafts for banks In
towns an the Mnwaehae rail road exceeded
the asual amount. A rough animate but
svealng by the rirst National bank IndJ
eated thai the etolea mall pouch eoo-
tained at leeat Sst.tss. Ths Commercial
Matmnal aad City National alse place m
the mail ea Wedensday aternooa a
large aaseuat ef ooounerrtaj paper e
ataned te bank oarmsoooanu along the
Has of the Milwaukee. It le not believed
that the peueh oaatalned much cash, el
ttaMgb. there were a number ef regietered
ckga Paymeat ea all of the drafts
aad'rheeie has baea stooped and this baa
entailed aa eoranoua eantuat at wt
requiring a eomplete eeateh ef the rerarda
end heavy expense for telephone, tnd tel-egrsphle-ieenrlce.
That ths pouch ama stolea by Ceemcll
Bluffs tblerea at a low order of Intel u-
denes has beea fully damoaatrated. Fost-
atfles laspeeter Sanger wsa glvea
ease last evening.
Atteewoy W. T. Mazer of Dee
BVaiaee Oiaaarrrd rrem rraetlve
, la Iowa Cearta fas rape.
feaeleaat CaadaeS.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DE8 MOINKS, la., rob. S.-Operial Tei-
egram. InformsUoa hps reached the
state house that a suit will be flatd be
fore the Interstate Commerce camndeston
salting that the Burllagtoa Railroad
vaay be compelled te dissolve Insofar as
it controls er paiellels any competing
Unas of railroad betweea the Mlsslsstppl
and Mlamurt itvers.
It Is alleged that the Burllngtaa Is op
erating ths tear parallel Haas la violatloa
I of the rule laid dewa by the United States
leupreme court In Ae ferns uo Northern
Bacurittee caaa. It h) conceded that the
Burttngtoa eperstrs two parallel and com
peting line ta Iowa betweea the two
rivers and also operates tww parallal aad
osmpetlng lines In Missouri betweea the
twe rivers.
It is understood that the railroad eom
mlaataa will be sakad to present the com
plaint oa the relatloa af certain Iowa
buataaae snea. whom names bare not yet
so divulged.
Tlargar te Be !.
United States Marsbel Clark win sell at
aectloa nezt Thuraday IB barrels ef vine
gar that were eenflseated and oowdeuiaed
by tbe gsnremmcnt pure food afflcers aa
being made aa viola Uoa ef tbe haw. Ths
vinegar was made by the Central City
Pickle company of Peoria aad eanslgsad
te Chariee Hewitt Boos compear, Dee
aleaer le Msheirred.
Attorney W. T. Maxey was today dis
barred from practice la Iowa by the Polk
county court.. He had beea In practice
here about tea years and was eeussad of
tailing te turn ever senary collected far
his clients and OTsr-eharging oilcans far
his mrrlcee. Its bad J eft the city prior
to his disbarment and made no defi
- Calls Aaceelatleej CI ma.
The annual meeting ef the A
Angus' Cattle aameutlea came to a eioee
tonight, after ejecting the following of
President. J. V.' Arner. Ua. la.: firm
vtce preeidrnt, W. If. Dmiaborg. Mer-
wais: sarona vice president. Bears Mo-Hrririr.-
twnleon; secretary-treasurer, Buas
igv, inoianoia.
Following ths report' by the committee
oa the pro pool Uoa of making Des Moines
a osatral aalee market. It was ennoiiaosd
no action would be taken for another
year. There are but Urea such markets
la the United States, one being located at
The ausatloa of opening a -market for
Angus bulls la Argentine also was tabled
for another year.
ROCHESTER, M. T, Feb. I The Ks
tlaaal Caaoers assodaUoa aad Its allied
ladttsulea laid ea the Uble tadeflnllely
ths tosomiasndsttna of a eemmittee that
re nam give a dlaceuat ef I per osat Pa
aU goods said te wbolesalsrs. At a
tag af a Joint committee af the
atksa and the Wholesale Orooere' asaoct-
atiea Mat year, a eentract calling
aach a dlseouat was fermuhttad aad at
Its Iadiaaapolls eoavaatlea la May, the
grocers asonetslloa adopted It.
OCflcera were elected as follows: Precl
dsat, aamaat W UsssroC ClaveUad. a;
Ties premdeat. Z. Hughes Ores, Baiu-
raece; msretajy-treasurer, rraak B. Oer-
reU, Bemlr. Md-i additional sareoters. C
W. McKeysMkss. laduuuw i. w. Cay.
keadaa. Iowa; Oeorge M, Geerge, Orsgoa
Kmhard Dtrbmeea. Iluaett: w. kL, Bald
win, Hawaii: Oeorge H. Chatham, Wis
The place ef the aext meeting ws not
flsed. The preMdeate of the three as
aortadons win snake a choice from
Paul. Blctunond, Ctadanatl. Baltimore
aad Seattle. '
(From a Stsff Corrmpoadent.)
LINCOLN, re a. s.-iSpaelal.-Thlrty
sight farmers' Institutes will be held ai
various points m the state during the
aioath of February. These practically
close ths Institute season In this state
and will snake a total of over CO I
during this winter. Hers to the Ust for ths
remainder of the year:
tawood-B. JL M array, Tsssrlsy. rek-
ruerr PV
Franhim-H.' . Cyr, Tueeday, Wednee-
eay, eeoruary ss, bl -.( ..'
Allan la r. ti. Browne, Weaaeoeey,
inureoay, reeruary ii, a.
Keneeaw M. A. Stoner, Thursday, FA
day, reeruary u, XL
Crete-U. C. No Me, Friday. - Saturday,
February IX M.
creetoa h. w. lAleaiae, Tuaoasy, ree
ruary 11.
hjgin Bert Hunter, Teeaday, Wednee
day, February It, M.
at, Kdaard-H. Uordoa Croes. Wednes-
dar, Tburaoay, Fsbruary IV la. -eilver
Creek Ohariee Wooeter, Thurs
day, Friday, reraary a M.
.uu-ke-l Utua, I rloay, aatarday,
Powers, Tuesday, Feb-
Taasday, Wednes-
TABOR. la., Feb. t.-(Special -a
though ohureh adee are popularly sap-
aoeed te be poverty etrtehse, they ee mo
ll aeee prwra aa ex penal re lusary, at (east
saoh sraa the espreastea of the Tabor
CoaaTsamUenal church,
Ttttry ef St PmJ's Omreh Bcfases
to Accept Eetisrnatinn. .
Pivw Veotrymea Head la Beelawa
tioaa aa Saea as Teee le Takme
Mr. Badi " rwatrly
Worked ta Oasaha.
DES MOINES. 1- Feb. Ii-The reslgBa
tioa of Bve reatrymea ef faahlonsbia 8.
PauTs Eptseopel ehureh hers me sffectlve
today as ths result of the scrjoa of the
vastry last night la deaUalng te accept
the resignatioa of Rector B. H. B. Bell.
Bishop Theodore N. Msrrisoa of Daven
port, who presided at the vestry ssseting.
took the pan ef the pastor, who had sa
aounced bis Intention ef leaving the
church because certain westryassa had
criticised his work akma; social service
Mr. Bell, who wee formal r a rector ia
Omaha, la noted Uuwaghout this section
for hie tabors la behalf of the peer, and
when tbe more artsteeratte members et
hie eongrcgaaoa objected to thsee labors
be resigned.
Among the vestrymen sf ths church
who resigned following last Bight's setlon
are N. T. Guernsey aad Oeorge T.
Henry, prominent attorneys: Henry Not
ion; leading Insurance magnate, and
Charles a Defunan, bead .of the local
water company.
weeks the Mg pipe srsaa la the eharrh j
has beea behaving ta a meaner omits aa-1
emina to one la Its responsible po
sition. Free neatly it gare utteraace ta
alalag groans galto out of harrnany
with the deeotleaai muslo of the church
services. Finally aae of the pedals refused
to act aad the ergaa sraa est out of
deeaa, Frof. N. O. Rows, the orgaalst
aad chorUier, sot psmisMng the proper
issnrumeau with which le operate apea
ths vtlals ed the ergaa found It necessary
ta seed feraa expert from the factory.
Tds snaa upon making aa aaamlnatlea
fauad a near ths refractory pedal a large,
osmmsdtoua mease Best, eeaatraotad of
apple eeree, data sssds, aut ebslle, eta,
This domlcle as It asarsd soanpletioa be.
cams aa high that the pedal could not
drop, After routing the Industrious little
builders out of their novel winter cjuar
lore and reviving the Instrument ths
specialist charged tbe church the sum of
UM aad returned to b ease, part era. The
ergaa now performs la ths most eases-
Plans Made for Big
Gathering of Troops
by 'Of ficers in Texas
SAM AXTOKJO, Tea, Fee. t-Ueutea-
eat CeloasJ Samuel D. Sturgla, Third
field artillery, left toalgat for Houston.
where oa erdsrs from Brigadier General
Duncaa. eomsssndlag the Department of
Texas, he will ascertala whether a suita
ble elte cue be secured for a ooaesatra-
ttoa camp for troops.
Although no official notice has beea re
ceived here that a movement of troops
to Teaaa will be ordered, preparations for
their eeeornmodatlons ara betas: sna
and Cetenel Sturgta" mlmloa to Houston
Is part of ths plana
The maneuver camp outside Fsrt Bam
Houston -Is sufflclestly tares to si maim
data about ll.eoo troops, the a am key sao
blllsed. hare hut March, la the event
a larger. amrssssBt ef troops to Texas
is entered, camp sHss at Baa Aatanlo
Houetaa and possibly Oalrmlua mid
other strategic points win be a reliable.
WASHINUTON. Feb. k-lstarrmrtloa
hi Mesiee by the Uartad States to aot
Int eased by any amMllsaUsa of troops
that aslght be Shade sgala aioag ' ths
southern border. This was ths attitude
of the depertmeot telegraphed today to
various consular diplomatic reprsseata
trrsa la Mcaleo srhe had eeaaplalaed that
intervention talk there eras fostering a
dangerous aatl-AnMrlcaa sentiment.
A reajuest frsm the Mexican aeeerav
ment te move Us troops through linked
Statsa sarMtsry so aa to reach points In
tne Interior to which rebels had severed
railroad eeaaectloa was acted upon by
the Btate Deptrtment here today, r
Oeaeral Wood, chief of staff at ths
United States amy said tonight, bs had
ordered a detail of Am ericas orfiosrs to
accompany the Msaloaaa as aa honorary
escort. ' t ; . . . ., i
Your Final Chance
to buy, Suits and Overcoats of the celebrated
Broivning, King & Co, make at reduced prices,-
'i . : ' ' ' -i " ' : ' ' S. " ''.,-'.
Gentlemen who appreciate the points of superiority found ;
in this clothing (and this includes practically every , well ; ' :
dressed 'man In Omaha) will recognize the honest saving,
.to be, made and supply their clothes wants at' once.
$15.00 OVESCOATS NOW. .$12.50
120 and T18 OVERCOATS NOW $15.00 '
$20, $22.50 OVESCOATS NOW. .$12.50 ;
$22.50 OVERCOATS NOW, . . . . .$18.00
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$30.00 OVERCOATS NOW. .... .$25.00
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$22.50 SUITS NOW .......... . .$16.50
$25.00 and $220 SUITS NOW. .$18.00
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$30.00 and $28.00 SUITS NOW.. $22.50
$32.50 and $30!00 SUITS NOW. .$25.00
$35.00 and $3150 SUITS NOW.. $28.00,
, ! vaameansaaw y ,
aaatificttioa Eeeently Filed is Held
TJp j Commisaion. ".
SehedaM iWklek Wewld
Maar Raves' aad Dr
aw !
I'atlt aae aa.
Stajasaae s,aee
Tbe following aasrrtage
Nics sad Real donee. Age
John R. Atnander. tun Orsok. Meh.,..H
Ola Taaey, kMUth Omaka. :..
noons W - ftmfth. Omaha....'..::...-. B
tirade Barber, time he .IT
Willie E. Taylor, f lereace, Feb...,
Maale Inmaa. Florewea, Noe. a
Jeme Wbalee. South Omaha........ ....Ml
Cat lien ae Xuipaer. South Oamha..... J
Anion Alukoala. Bouth Omaha n
Mlcaaataa Maaacslasketa, south Oasaha tt
Ocorse Xieniuei. Omaha ... .....,..,.r
Uazte Oue. 1,1ms lis ..r
Ralph W. Jeetea. Wnensnilish. Ia. B
tiarastma MelMmwu. beaver a
February It, IT.
raary a
Aurora J. FA Kerr.
day. raoruars Ml U.
Mace m. . uetty. wsoaesuay, Taure-
oay. reeruary at. m.
fuca ueoree usse.t, -nureoar. m-
aar. ruiuei B. SL
beaver Croesi-ig, 4. C. Menard, Friday,
February 3S.
i'rru-J. 1. Orares, Tuesday, Wsdaes-
day, reeruary It. av
joaneoa w alter aweaei, -rseaoay,
Wetnesssy, Thursday, February 8, to, ai.
Humbokit Iwn Ortdlry, Thursday, Fri
day. February to. Manm L
Mindea U a. Mewsetd. Tun Say,
i adeaadsy. March S. A
acbuyler to rand View church) B. F.
Peanoa. Taeeday, February IS.
North Loup-C U HIU, Wedaaoday,
February tt. -
Loup Utr-k M. BmUa, Thuraday, ree
ruary tt.
a.iliasa-C. Srarba, Wsflpssday. Febru
ary n.
. ttoividare K. T. Dili. Thuraday. Febru
ary SL
ixtler W. C. Line, Friday, February n.
Kimball Horaoy Beaeon, Tueeday, Feb
ruary N
klorrtll-Jamee Elliott, Thursday, Feb
ruary ft
Hnrhell lasma T. WMtshead, Friday,
aoott a Bluff WTnlam B. Woodruff,
Saturday, February K
ttayerd-C H. Uarpole, Monday, Febru
ary M.
Mciirsm-Lw W. Rlageby, Tusaday, Feb
ruary Tt.
iw.iles- Dr. IX F. Morris, Wcdaaaday,
February to.
Keyetone C. B. PtiHIIpe ( flleeam
peswftioei Tbaa-sday. February za.
Safrraatat Debate at Ida dreve.
IDA OKOVB, la.. Feb. A-4pectaL-Tha
Iowa State college short oeurst Is
being bold In Ida drove this wsek. aad
in spite ef almost Imnessslils eoasu
roads, there are upwarda of MS scholars
enrolled. A feature ef the day yesterday
was tbe estertaliuneat la the stoning la
tbe form of a debate ea the euestloa ef
woman'a suffrage - Mrs. Julia Clark
riaiiam ot snoui city. Mra, Bolls Ham
and Attorney Chsriss S. Msonmlmi
Ida Oreve took the afftrmauve side, aad
tbe negative was takaa by Mrs. Calvta
a-asere. a M. Carrie, farmer emu rem
eeatadve, aad Attorney Ouy a K11K Tbe
Judges anaeuaee that they gave the de-
cunen to ins surfrsgtsea.
Wrthe-Joa end I4a Altssaa. 1TB Cas
tellar street, boy: Pete end narah Flb
rtnaky. BOS Bh Teath street bey:
Heraaea aad FVaaeee aUaoery. m
Mouth Tenth etrect. boy: Louie and
1-onf Van il-n. rm Cam-atr-et. bor.
Albert and jma . fVtteriew is South
Thirty-Urn ' etrrrt rtrl: Jabs V. aad
Lnaoa- Bunnlnc, PHt Patrlrfc avenuak pu-i
Imtha-riaaMB M . I'oan rn. at rear.
Peever: Oiariea F. Eiert, tt years. Fr
tieth street aad Penpeetoa aveauie: KH
aatMh Uencoer, K years, TweaC'-durth
aaf artaeu atreota. -
Pwassieat AdrsrtUtcg M lneRsad ta
Waat Lseeaas keaey Mot
CENTRA.!. CITT. Nek, Feb. k-gao-
dsXl-Cbartas M. aofcel and Nlchelaa A.
Skua, es eelosa keepers ef eairer Creek,
bare iibimismI anut la the district eeart
agalam the airrur Creek seamot dkHrict
fer SBUk each, aa the peruea sf thetr
whea the
astt raid
veaad. .
CO PFJfHA QUI. Deaamrk. Feb. s.
Kins FnidmHh Is amkbat such good pro
gress m has rmawmi from has iwcsmt si
mmm that only one buDetm wig be baejed
daOy by the pbysaeaus m atteadaaca. His
amjmtj paewed a gsed atgbt. His aaasral
eeodltlOB to good. Tbe asflamatioa of ths
tusgs cnattanra to dsn esse,
Maria a LanSurk Burned.
HARLAN. Is.. Feb. e,-Sneclal-Tbe
home ef Mrs. Peter Commaader ea North
Atsth etreet wse aimost totally destroyed
oy lire ncuneeoay Bight A karem
laasp as'oded and Mra. Cessnasader a
email children were barely able to escape
wua ineir avea. About SUM tnearsass
was carried. The house was saw ef the
landmarks here. It bavhag baea buUt
fifty years ego by Hoa. Xrklckea" Weeks,
who was a noted character horn h ti
early darn
WAKHINOTON. res. S.-Incrsassd an-
preprlBUoaa for army asroplaaes use de
clared to be the meet hnpertaat acOea
eoagresa could tabs to faapreve tbe
naeocy ef .ths prmy by Rapuhllena
Leader Maaa la the boose today. Ia the
debate ea the army eurpreprtatlon I
Mr. Mana declared the Called Statee was
behind ether aettoaa la the aae ef aere
plaass for war perpasse and abould re
duce other axpsadlturee if sicmiary to
Increase its aerial fate an
i f
WA3H1.NOTO.'. Feb. .-A ae
rlassiflosHsn of frelaht. ea which the
wmtara transrmrtatloa lines worked for
BMmy months and which recently eras
filed with the Interstate Commerce com
mlssiea, today , was ordered by, the com
ndsslan to be sispendts tram rehruary
it to June 2K, , t - - ,
.Tlw, proposad. ..classification carta ma
kaadreda of changes resulting la
advaasm and some deoreasea la
rates. Naturally, rates would he affected
by the asw elsaslfloatloa, not only In
westers territory, but , throughout the
eeoatry ea all trsaghl originating la 01
dostlasd to potato la that territory.
A bearing oa the prop need ciemlfleaiioa
was held la Chicago ea January e bat It
waa found Impossible by the oommamlea
to osBOlude Its inquiry before the affective
date, rebruary U.
. . Other Itotea Saeaeadsd.
Advanom la freight rates proposed by
transeentlnental railroads were today sus
pended by the eemmlssoa from February
until August tt. - It sraa Pound Irapos
alble to eeoelede the Inaulry wlthla the
time original ry fixed by the oommbsrlea.l
The osmmlssloa today ordered a general
to-seettgetloa at the araotiee of all tnter
etala carriers with reapeot to the toseaaos
of pasaso, franks and free transportation
Mrs. A. J. Pollock. .
WI8NER, Nab.. Feb. sWRpecml)-
Mra. A. 1. Pollack died suddenly et
Nmonia Thursday mi ruing after a
short Illness. Ths funeral was held this
aftsraeea at ths Methodist ehureh. Bee.
O. U Ooodell ef O leu wood. Ia., afflctat
Feb. a. Ths asaate
ismmnns aa aapraaimaa today artsd ad
versely sa the riailstlia rasa ml lag the
praaldrat ta hwHa I arm Sinnkas ceua
trias to participele ta the Panisse Cad
fornia apeertlea ta Saa Data CaJL. m
Utta, As Sen Fraactseo la te bold aa ex
pesltlasi thp same year, m which the aa
tiana of the wertd already have beea ba
Ttted ta partlctpate. the enmwltlm de
cided that aa lasttaOan to a aseead fair
Jawa we ere Notes, t
LOOAM-Rev. C. S. Lrlas. naator af
the Melhodlet church at Logan, else at
Bethel, baa arranged to boid a bread-
saaklruT ecateet sonaT the reunc aeoole
oi tne reepecuve cnurcnes nature ey. t ea-
ruary ll. Tfie oread will ae Juoged ay
eeperte and sis certlOoatas awarded.
MA RetHALLitrW a The annual most-
mg of tbe Asaociated Ad Clean ef Iowa
will be held ai Cedar Fames Februanr
M and 17. Oeorge W. Octemea of Boston,
aruelderit ef the National Ad Mee'e as
aecietaoa. will be tbe gaiaslpol saeakar.
LOOAN lames W. "earth. Dimeta Ckat-
trel railroad agent aero, received aetass
Iset evening that be would be sent te
Woodbine the hurt ef the moat a to lake
charge ef rail rues static there.
IOWA Cirr-Isaec FurMah, one ef the
roretnoet citltons et that piece, wee nearly
killed today whoa he plunged down (If
teen stere ta a dark stairway ef a local
store end struck the herd
He was Tt years ef age.
BOON B The Chicago A Nort Sweet ara
company has rest tncreeaed the allow
ance fur the a hope hi this city M,0ia) per
raontn. making a total oi ea,ew per menu
for oboe and roundhouas ear alone.
Fifty-eight additional mca are to be
brought hare,
BOON B-Dm D. C. Rawe and J. H,
Noyce of Boons and Ogdea, who have
Been acaveiy emncea in tns meal cat
nractlra nearly flttr ream ta tale eeuaay.
were tbe honored guests at aa elk borate
reception, smoaer aae oaaeuet at t
Booas Medical society thai areuaag.
IDA OROvej-Thet wehres are still a
menace 1a Iowa waa abowa whea the
Poerd of Sxiuervtaoro wee asked to pay
four rial ma from rarmers who bad sheep
hdled br Ins varmiata auaas list
agee waa allowed by the beard fer this
IDA GROVB-Ida county dtatrlct court
will convene Monday with Judge Hutch
Icon presiding. Tbe bag lead salt ef
George M. Meyer asjaiaet Charles O. JLeib
win no tnee.
nr-NlieoK-TVe Klrea ila.) Farmers'
Mutual laaurance eoeiety moat pay Rich
ard Kmaay ef tale county Met en account
of loos te bat cattle. The eooaaty rseieted
payment on tke ground that ths cattle
were eat ea the lead af ths tee and ween
tha torn br krbtsuae- eotmied. Kinney
Maimed he bad the right te seed ths
cattle out le pasture aad the Insurance
Mill cover. A jury ia eismct court roes
Una view Bad gave eeretet assmaiiariy.
DKNTPON-Tbe M.BB) daamge suit af
Mrs. Nellie Patrick against laeae Pattar
aon ef U eat fade, la., was soatlnued at
lots term of court until the Bans barm.
Harlan Galllard Swrft. daaut
county clerk, who sane opusied apea fer
uwl. aDoeadlcltls last araek.
lag rap.dly at the Methodist hospital at
Omaha and expecta to he able to return
bare esse.
HARLAN The Farmers aad Men basts'
Bartaaw bank will mere late ats new
tsvew bsildiaa this week, and ea Satur
day will bold Its formal opening. An
elaborate pragram to betng pripand. Tbe
bid ding le siaairurtsd saaialy of Car
Uaga saarble aad the taterler flsdablngs
are CUeaaaaa watam aad waste marble
nnrrois Tetearraph Operator P. 8,
DMaa of tbe Cremea efttce boa received
newe ot the death ad bis ssother at
WataeTB, tU,
strJvT-bOm Dorwtsrv K. tisane of
Msaan City sad Roy it. Locke ef Kent
were married ta Crcetea yeeterday efter
nooa at the aarsoruure af ths Christian
mmistar. Rev. o. W. Wnttas. They arm
Only One- ' stVUIBRe
That at Laatlve kareme Quiman Look res
the eigaature at K. W. Qrova, Laed the
nsrld ever to euro a cent Mi ana dap. Jhh
Infamaatlen has reached the commission
that many carriers ara violating the law
h thai retard. Indtearlons are that ths
offending carriers may be obliged to face
CHICAGO, Feb. . The Turkish
sewek wklch previously had beea
wrought from the bathroom to make ap
mUady's blanket cast aaoV utter to pro
rids her with the most modern gown,
has seme out again. This time It Is for
her hat.
The National A areolar! oe of Retail
Milliners, fct ceSTastlos hers today, has
ordered Ms latest Bureaus af amfulnsss.
Tha decree says the proper thing la hats
that spring Is bs be: Small ar medium
ia sum;- a riot of colors with plenty of
plain red. Novaltiee la Turkish designs.
Aaythtag rather thaa large bats for
farhtonakls woman. In the wsy of nov
el ties, aa umbrella hat, a "sou'wester,"
a aeere ot arsatloaa evolved from the
Turkish towel red stripes, tasssto anal
all and wound t urban effects are set
forth la the display sf hats.
"Sty lee this esaaoa are to be leas ex
pend re and mors simple than ever be
fore, but startling la edotlng." said
President Mrs. Marie Harris at ths aa-
WASHINGTON. Feb. S.-The state de
partment to watching aaeotopaasnta la
tbe dispute between tne Hendurna aor-
arnmeat and nprsnealatrves at tha Talea
.ha aanartaaant lesrnal that
4.. mum a. thai eoeurwenent the
Honduras efndaaa ware about to seise
Vaiaoitaa mesaartiae. The Sean set
JmI wrmm Ml aa PuWUl OarSSB O
aallora were landed. Tbe property was
aot seiasd. Ths Duly purpose es
tbe hi ua Jackets waa ta guard againe.
vielssre. Tbe ansatlea of title to tk.
property ia alapata to to be osttto.
threagh Judicial and dlnlematla mstbeda.
ea sin in ama at fer the adjustsseat ai
the dispute betweea tha eiaiimlaaarlis
.a UMinne Hnwaaant waa ara-
Tkted for la a coa treat bold by tha Mor
gan syndloate, but thla has Bean eaan
doaed aad the Issue reanuaa open.
bargain banquet
Kilpatrick's Saturday
Gloves, worth $1.00, at '. I','. . . 69e ,
GjoveV worth $1.25, at ..' 79c
.Gloves, worth $100, at $1.19
12-Bntton, worth $3.50, at $1.89
16-Button, worth $3.75, at $1.98
20-Bntton, worth $4.00, at : $2.49
10.00 A. M. Down and Out Sale of Ladies' Suits, Dresses
and Cloaks, worth up to $35.00, at, each .... . , . . $5.00
Till store, closes at 9 P. M. A big assortment of Chil
dren's and Misses' Coats, worth up to f 15.00, at $2.50
Men will relish the Tie treat 4-in-hands, were 50 cents,
: at, each , . '. .'. .V. ... .V : .t . .. . .25c
Don't Tail to Inspect This Sweet Section. ,
' r : ' " " u 1 ? SEX PAGE 8 '; '
Thomas Kilpatrick & Co.
Good corY mcaiM
a good mtal
Serree delicious coffee that
leaves aa appetite for mora.
Kat year lunch or din
ner here. , Largest cats In
Omaha. ' BaceUeat cuis
ine and attentive service.
8Trnrtryith aad Donglaa
1817 Farwam Street
Mrs. Francis
Dinner '
Cream of Chicken
Queen Olives er Celery er Radishes
Rips Olives
Prime Rib ot Beef aa Jus
Roast Turkey. Family Style
Baited Pork With Dreestng
Manned Pctatoea or June Peas .
Cranoemca or Candied Tama
Fruit Salad , -Hot
Roiia .
Our Own Made Mince Pies
California Loganberry Sherbet
With Cake
Coffee, Tea. Milk. Buttermilk or Cocoa
rekraary- 11th, 11 A .
LOOAN-Oearge Mereehtag. who eue
talaad tbe lorn ef an aye by tbe enapBtag
back ef the ceiled ead of a taterbone
wire here seme weeks ago, has settled
with the saansgers sf the Weodtaar
Teeroheee company tor aVOM,
N-VTTON For the third tana within a
year Lee Xramee of Barter to to be
Hi nl e trial for fleet degree mmdei.
He to arcuaed ot killing Mlse Matilda
Kramsex aa aged and rich wemaa ot neer
Bastar. hut Fsbruary. At both ef the
trials the Jury dtosgisna.
Wtat fines.
lens VwV
Stop and Think
What This Means
Ne IJia to anew; no scales to
eeene eff Juat one asild lense.
Tbey tare to be aeea to be ap
preciated. Step la whea conven
ient and let us show yea. -
dlS I
Richest values
ily ta
ed ran lea's
Tree diamond aual
Ity hi found
atones of high
eater. As
ta baying
St the R d
store . lice
fsct that
etone le
wbet It Is
This bsuea has
a fins assort-
slit e f
d lamoada,
modee 1 1 y
priced ee
that the
ble nurse
be eetlsf
Diamond bay
ing as the
est Inveetment.
This etore
be nlraaed
show its large
nock - ef
manna and
mead Jewelry
ta aay visitor.
tll'l Merely
diamond 7 '
balm jf " Vf
ta tbe JtPiV
every ilSSrH i II
Juet f,Amiil
S: mm '
atATTsTBB TOBAT, See to St
TeaiBXT, saa te SI AO
la tha aTparkUag- Ooaaedy
"AIMIght Out"
Baa, atoa. Special Mat. Toiaoiiow
Wsbser aad flompaay af PS
at Tlsgtato
aaahae Own Bacree Boa
Frank Dope' Wakefield. Jane La Beau
and at others S real race horaee ta mlle-a-avtnuts
handicap ta -Kutuiity Winner"
aae aransee arrsry wees sey.
auras tvwvstiv bti-UH
Note: Early Curtain Satarday
Night 8d5 Sharp.- -
, . ritsanlb aad Baraey. put Today ! It Night S:P
Beat Beats aae
The Omaha Bee reaches more SAM DEVERE CO.
readers in Omaha than 'any I"mf"TR
, , ' Beasrtiful Sotrventre to LaBise at
Other paper. Pally DTne Matinee