Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 10, 1912, EDITORIAL, Page 18, Image 18

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Vlti HkkYT Wheat Receipt There
ii Is Show of Advance.
waxes Mar Heattattas Market
Wklto Cars Con rmrf,
Bat Dtaul Wilt Abators
N at Rtaher Prim.
OMAHA. Feb. 1 Bit
Futures, steady; March. tHd; Mar.
.. July. ;!,
CORN' pot. steady: ARMrlcma mixed,
mw. did: American mixed. old. ft LPed:
Americas mixed, new, kiln dried. fa TSd
Fuiurs. steady; February, unquoted,
March, as lNd.
HOPS-Jn London. Pacific coast. CM Be
tseetatiea af Ike Oar aa Vartaa
(aasaw- Bw-ewn a a ML
NEW TORK, Feb. .-FtCR-rirm:
mini' patents. Bri.W: winter
straights. KaaBttt: winter patents. K
rt epnnxa clears, 14.&414.4B. ennier
extra. No. I. tlTuJim. winter extra.
1 for the fcia etiM-ka of wheat hel-l
la Ur-e or a let lib la tha iC l..a
Iq toe spring what markets there Is
little hop that whmt tan be
advanced or even rustalned at
le,a However, foreign esoles keep
trvne and w.t.i any ..averse nas to
the new nlnt-r crop might stArt a bull
Country elevators and railroad ara feel
tnS the Welsh! of lh- recent liberal Bell-
tnf of corn by the country holders and
there may be a hesitating market while
this corn la coming forward, bat the
demand will aooa absorb It and than a
niftier kvsl of prices I likely.
Wheat opened with a firm Ion and
values were pushed turner on the early
trades, later the market eased off. eloe
keg at yesterday's prices. Cash wheat
was We lower.
Corn values advanced and maintained a
steady tone throughout the session,
aborts have covered freely and a rest In
the advance mlcht be expected- Cash
earn was Ho lower.
Primary wheat receipts were Kk.Ofl feu.
aad shipments were fi.0e bu., gJnat
receipts I set year ot SStOv bu. aad ship
ments er iia bu.
Primary earn receipt went L 110. re bu.
aad shipments were 0b, OX bu.. Against
receipts last year of tre.uOt bu, and ahip
mant af ITlfra be.
Clearances were RYOto) bu. of am, ttr
v, of oats aad wheat and flour equal to
M, bu.
-vrrpool elnaed liftotd bliher en wheat
and d higher en corn
The following cash sales were reported
WHEAT-Na. t hard: a cars. ! 02; 1
ear, tJ.OIV No t hard: 1 car, II out
No. 4 bard: 1 car, II. WIS. No. I mixed:
1 car. II
CORN Na I white: I cars, c No.
4 whits: t care, HOSr; I car. mc No. I
exlpr: I cars, Dc. No. I yellow: I cars,
OV; I cars. yc No, 4 yel ew: I cars,
41s: 4 eora, a-V: I cars, tw,t; a cars,
tec; f cars. I cars. inc. No. J
nixed: cars, me. No. 4 mixed: 1
ear. 41c: I ears. mc: M cars. Mc; I cars. :
He; I cars, Mc, Ns rade. I cars, Mc;
1 ear, re: 1 car. He,
. OaTB No. white: I cars. lie. No. 4
waits: I car. rare: 1 car, ant. NO.
,'arade: 1 car. Brae, I car. Mc
Oasaaa Caaa rrltri.
WMBAT-No, t hard. H141 at: No, t
hard. 11 MfrLM; No. 4 hard W v1l .
. CORN No. I white, fH0V; No. 4
white, amtovc: No. I color. u-iSc: No.
; f yellow. .,i:r; No. 4 yellow,
.uv; no. e, II T. , no. a, rwwtu,
. no a-rade, aMesKc.
, OAT-No. white, UfMlttc: No. t
' wliite, t; No. 4 white. ielMic;
; o I yellow, MSwMke; No. 4 yellow.
'"fAr&ET-Maltln. Mfti .; No. 1
' feed, fttrc; heavier than feed, nayaae,
' . HI Be-No, i, 9Mo; No. 1 mtto.
Carlet Meaetpta.
wiieau Corn. Oats.
CMeaae 71
' Illaneaoolla ....MO
Omaha i 11 l
Uulutb 11 ... ' ...
Pwararea af lb Tradlea aad ClawlaaT
m PHeea aa Penrd at Trade.
CHK'AOO. Prh. I -Kee a while today
tha wheat market showed decided
atrenfih on aecount of reporta that de
ptte official announcement to the con
trary the Argentine strike had not been
settled. Prodi takln iradually wore
erf the affect and left prloea In In end
aet over a ahade either way from last
ifht's figure.
. There waa but little outside support
for wheat, a la. t which at the advance
tended Iw Induce load selling os the
bart of eommlaelon houasa In genera L
aesldea, cash demand rumalned slow aad
the fleer trade quiet. In addition, pri
mary receipts were liberal, and especially
o the ortliwasl, Minneapolis stocks
fainlnf a substantial amount for the
.week. Another (act that counted against
the bulls waa the ebeeoce of evidence
"lhat any real damage had been done to
the winter orop. on the other hand ex
ports of wheat and flour from tha United
Htatea to Europe reached a total nearly
aa greet as from all other quarters put
tucevher. Between the opening and the
eloee May ranged from tl.WH to 1104V
'with the close steady to a shade higher
ht tLWHffl.OrS.
. Zero weather, leading te extra feeding
ef farm animals helped to bring about
active having of corn. May fluctuated
from tv.tPetta tn fa-e and finished
net higher at CSc. (ash grades were
' firm. No. t yellow was quoted at Hr
Me for carlo is.
la the oate crowd, enrn strenirth and
the buying for prominent bulls sent the
. market upward. Outside limits touched
for atsy were USo aad lrc with the
-aloes at the first named level, a gain of
e net.
fhlpmenta of hogs. 11,714 head, were the
lartvel for bay da ' smos June. 1 Whan
rh pit waa cleared pork was krr4e leea
expensive aad other products down IStc
-to nickel.
; tesding options closed aa fellows:
tThleas there Is a much Improved cash I so. l ts 41r: Kansas straights, li J
MMid as lu . k. . n. - - - kali . 1. . ,A mtJl
ri;irt; choice to fancy, M M4.J.
tmrkerheat flour, steady at KKOi.fO.
CORN ME I,-Firm; fine wnite and
yellow. II H(L70; coarse, (1.564, Ls-, kiln
ulled, IZ .e.
RrhV-Steady: No. t PVj. e. I. f Buffalo.
BAKI.t.v-Mrm. maJuag. .C1., a.
i. f , llurfa!o. ,
w m sat-apot market, steauy; jio. s
red xl.UKe. eiei-mtor. exnort beds, and
el olt f. o, b. afloat; No. 1 norther li
luth, II .eJH Lob. afloat. Future mar
set advanced early on tne trnin I m
loretgn markets and nrra cess, pries at
the west, but tha demand was siow ana
later la the day the market was easier
under profit-taking, dosing at unchanged
.o e net advance. May. tl.l U-ieO
1.01 VII; cioaed at H int; July. Il.esv. ra-
cetpts, U,a bu.; ahiproenta. none.
CORN apot market, firm; export, 7ip
til afloat. Futures market was aoml
nsL Receipts, 0,m bu.; shipments, i,M
OATS Spot, market, quiet, r in urea
market was nominal. Receipt, M.a an.;
shipmesus, LkVO bu.
HoPie Dull: mate, common to choloa,
nil crop, a4)Mo; Padflo eoast, Jill crop
U A T fliit nrime. Kl ; V. 1. tl.aaT
li; No. I xi.3itfl.wi jxo. s, ".
fiJUKB nrm; central wrr m
ood'-la, CT(uJi'e, V . - . -
LKATH KH-r irm: nsmioc nme, we
He; seconds. MtfAc; thirds. Slfta; f
rts. lc
PROVISIONS Pork, steady:
U;.OBi;.75; family, nHr5':
clears. nT.COfllvso. ueef, nrm;
.iiseitt (sail v. u.irris.N:
nams. Cut meets, steady.
Hik.ed bellies. 1 to 14 pound, ".fctl
px-kled heme. Ill Odtfll . lard, swear,
NbMl. Mt nnm. M HK M: reClnea. continent. Mh Mouth America.
Utai. onn. pound. .tf.S.
1 Al.Uciw wuiet; prime city, nnos ee.
country, letsc: special. c.
Bt'TTKR-KIrm; creamery spedsia. Me:
exusa, invc; flrne, ddci atat
dAiry tuue. nneet,
(MREr!-teady, unchanged. '
IW1U8 Frrmi receipts, , case: freak
gathered, eitraa, w; llrsts,
seooWiS. UMrUc, re(iieralor, fair to
prime, 2rf. ... . , '
poi!LTRV-AMre. dull: western ehlaav
rs, 1J49HC; fowls, leori-ic; turkeys,
llfllc; dressed steaiiy; western chlexena,
U'.rSlici fowla. 11 Mltc: turkeys, Utiilo.
, r eerie Market.
PFOIUA, Feb. .-CORN-oiedy: No.
I white, c: No. 1 ysliow, J-feAc; X. I
yellow. CtrOc; No. I mixed. Mrue; N
4 mixed, t-. sample, M.K(o,
OATo Higher; No. I white. Ho.
' '. Laala ueaeral Market. ,
BT. IVOTMH, Feb. .-WH BAT-Tash,
steady; track. No. I red, U.ein.Jt;
No. I hard, tl.fatfl.ll .
CORN Firm: track. No. t. iOH4;
No. 1 white, Ho.
OATa-KIrm: tiack. No. 1 HHi No. t
white. MejMSo. 4
Cl'wlng prices of future:
rVHkAT-Weak; May, l.Ml.flwi Jury,
CORN-Hlfher; May, frSfjerwc; July,
OAT-Ftrm: May, trtlc: July. CJHc
RYB-tlnchned. at '
ijii'n-Msikei dull: red winter pet-
en!.. H eJtH . sxtra fancy b".".'.
It mn 45; hard winter clear, ll.tOW.
HtKi-Timoiny. ne.viuvieoe.
HHAN-Wesk; sacked, east track,
l.M. . .
HAT Hteeny: timotny, a "irs ee, prai
rie. IH anil 00, -
PROVIMIONM rorg, unonangva; r-
Wn, lli.w IJard, unhsnget; pnme
nam, is.eTtetW . Dry salt meet, un
rhatiged; boxed extra ahnrta, t ; clear
Hbe. s.S); short clear. W TS. Bacon, un
changed; boxed sitm shorts, .; Iear
ribs, tt short clear, M.7S. '
1-OtTLTRT Firmer; chickens, lit;
Minims, UVsci turkeys, llisc; duck, 10;
geeee. Ic.
til T I MV-imili wnnerii mvv t
KOO-lrmer, at c. .
-Heoelnta. Bhtoment.
S.0i .0( ll.oio
MM M,t
Vfual Leaien ia Speculative Tlai-
Uf m fitOrgTOTlTlu,
Art'de' Open. I High.! low. Close. Tes-y.
May. rvitJ
? July.
- -nept
' Ct
. i July
' Perk
' kept.
Ml be
Ma.!!nV 1 t.l 1 Opvyi fH.j 1 fH
ii n
u m
axu ftfut.
w 1
MX 1 If M
II 4?H It I
ii t.i it m
r l.7u. a ka
t tjH i -rtli bvn,'t geyi
K-7SI l
s Tlttse-m
. Cask quetatloas were as follow
riAJUK Firm; winter patent. M M0
.; winter straights, tlnX.a); spring
4S1; baaera. I! Ti.l.
RTB-No. I MSc,
BAKIJCV-Fwed or mixing. Ttcfrflfl
fair to choice msltlag, II liol M.
- FEKnS-Tlroothy. IllOui, 14,); - clover
PROVIrilONIt-Pork. mess, new, U sru;
1H .lr4- i"."", H rW ehort
ribs, sloes, knee.
Total clears mee of wheat and flour
. were equal to bushels Exports for
the week, shown by Bradstreet war
equal to litf M bushels, primary re
" bushsla. compared wttk
tsO,a) bushels the corresponding day
year sen. Fatlmated receipts for tomor
row: Wheat. B cars; sorn. 197 can: oat.
car; kca ll.M can.
. . RTE No. I rTC.
BARLET-eSritl tl
- TMlTHT-!2 WliV
: CLOVf-R ?U Nominal.
, BVTTFrv Finn; creamerlaa, tWbs-
dairies. kMriac. " "
Kts-Flrm; recetpa, i sm eases; at
mark, case included. 3r3c; ordinary
firsts, lT7c: first. IIBie.
CHKEHB-Steady: daisies, t7V917Sc-
twina, lto-iev-; young AnMrlcaa, ITlasr
,- POTATOES Steady, turkeys, 140Ic
chicken. U"Vric; springs. Utlie.
VEAX-Stcady; -qTlls.
Mlaaeapelle firala Market.
star. .; rfuiy. i,irri cask No,
.1 hard, ti t: northern, LTSrt.n; No.
1 riortnara, M-Hk; No, t wheat. H-0Sa
. ' LAX-4i
CORN Nw, t eilew. IrVfJSTo.
OAToNe. t waits, eH4l4e.
RTB-No. 1 tec
- FIjOCR Tlrst patent. IM
, end pitaots, at (M.i.w: first dears, tut
.Bis, eeoecia aears. K-ftazm.
Uetipesl Crele Market.
. firm: No. I Manitoba, tslSd; No. ;
Manitoba, tA; No. I Manitoba, t frsd.
Flour, bbl.
Wheat bu.
Corn, bu....
Oats, bu,,..
Kanees City Orala aad Prevlaleaa,
Csh. steady; No. f herd, fl MSI.Uts; No.
I II 4eul.ll, No. I red, U.W; No. t, kvg
n mi
i'liuN t'nchanasd to He higher: No.
t mixed, SY:y; No. t, tec; No. 1 whlta,
7niWvo; No. k eSSso.
OATa i ncnangeo ; no, g wmts, m;
No. I mixed, klTktrUte.
HAT ttteady: choice timothy, UIOOJ
S 00: choice prairie. 111 14 10.
rH Teemery. sic; nrste, am;
seconds, 3M: packing stock. MSMMc.
KtKIM-Bxtraa, tKK; firsts. MHc; seo-
ooua, tie. , .
neceipie, oniprneioe.
4I.0UO M. , .0
ltaw 11.0k
nr v . lui
Corn, bu. ...
gats, bu. ...
Philadelphia rredaes Market.
Firm and to hisher: western creamery,
sperlsl. He: western creamery, extra, Ma;
nearby prinla, special, flc
Wriir firm ana eiw per case nisner;
Pennaylvaala and other nearby first.
free caaea. tlktd per case; current- re
reints free case. I14.M nee case; west
ern firsts, free cases, I.W ,r caas; cue-
rent receipts, free case, iow per oa-ea.
CHEKHEV-FIrm and ta higher; New
Tork full creams, fancy. lUtiSUc: New
York full creenia, fair to (ouu. t.TrVti'ka
Milwaukee Orala Market.
Utl.WAt'KRK. Feb. k WHEAT No.
1 northern. 11 UfiLU; No. t norfhem, tl.ft
wl II: May. I1.US; July, 17c. No. i hard
()ltS-Nv 1 rellow. ajHc: No. I white.
trAtc; No. I etc; Mar. July, Uric;
OATft-mandard, mfi.
AAJtL& Mai tins, fl.!tlMi
BUI tltaeka aad It. Pawl Oaly
la eat laawaa Wblett Break A war
frees Dead Level at tke
Vwisr vosr e.. m. ,
ally dealgnaieil a the leader of th
ma. set, which are the medium for th
bulk of speculative transactions, were re
tired to the background today.
Moat of them barely moved. The Rill
stocks and 81. Paul were the only promi
nent Issue which broke away from th
dead level of the market. The bear fac
tion seemed to have become convinced,
for the time at least, that little imnraa.
mmn cuuiq os maos on tne I1S1, a U1S
Undertone waa neecitlhh. firmer-
Trading was llatit and during tne after
noon mere was only th esmbianc of a
market. During one hour only IS, tog
snarra were traded in.
AalA C ii . 1 1 . 1 1 M c
aul, the atrongset railroad stocks war
in in aouuiern list. Southern railroad,
preferred, made a further advance of
"early a point at tne opening and Im
paired only elighily en th announcement
mat tne amoend rate bad been Increased.
Atlantic Cnasl Una and Liaavllt A
Nsshvill were strong. CanadUa Pacific
soiq otx i potnta
The to bar oo stocks again fluctuated
widely. American Tobacco, preferred,
fell I points and Lorlllard L The tele-
grann atocka were oonsDlcuoualy stronx.
lhs heavy decrease in the supply of
surplus copper stocks reported In y-ter-dav
monthly ataument Imparted a de
oiaeo y nnner tone to the copper
markets, both here and abroad.
An Improvement In railroad earning
ws indicated ny th latest figures of
Srua returns. The receipts of twenty
re railroads for the fourth week of
January ahowed an Increase of 11 aer
cent, compared with a decrease of 4 par
cent m tne preosamg wee.
evening exchangs advanced today and
no more gold waa engaged for Pari. 1 A
snail shipment of gold ool was arranged
for Porto 111 co and Indication pointed
( larger withdrawal for Mouth Ameri
can porta, Th exportation ot gold was
partially offset by gains from th In
leri , movement of currency for th
week sugrestinc a loss o( between RDM,.
CM and fc.0Ua.00u.
. Trading in the bond market was
Kilter. Fluctuations I prices war
smaii. Total par value, t3.,0uk
United Ntatee la. refittered. advanced
v par cent and th coupon per sent oa
Number of aales and leading quotation
s stocks war aa follows:
.... . falea Hlrk. Lew. Clesa
AluVCkaheent s t
A.M.nue Ceppse ... Clef 0 SI
Aaericsa aartesitwej ... Lew u tea,
Awerlcse beet fajsv MS uw Uk uw
Aaerka Caa sm ii ii- ni
Aei1M C A F MS II 11 1
Aaenees Osttea 041 ft4 ta 4 . . H a U Ht... , k
Aa He (ereritla. , , lt
Aawi.ea UesMS mi
les X
Aauneea k. ay ft- t.lSI Tl4 et ni
Are. a a M , Ms M4l lata
Aa. Iteol reeelnlm , u,
a.sw ketiaia m 111 lite, in
Aaerjees T. A T l.SN Mtu, let te
AaeeVes Teesea prl. , HI
Aaerlasa Weelee , nil
AeeteaAa Mlatag 0... let H Kli aa
AHSIeea Be ISt let 4. 1SHI
AlrSWes SM m lei 1ST Mk
OmsI Use....... IMS lrru lav U4
Piiuam a oaie let wta Mm lau
tlebea steel Ms Ills II It
beeeSIrs rUsM Tt- 4 Tr TI'A T7
csaasisa Paiins la m l tn
' e I si Leeuier iM Its, IS 11
Omtrsl Leatlur prl IM M ST M
' enrrsl tt Nee Jersey tW
taeeeake A oaie. tut Tl tev, ti
Ikleese A I lee L 4
( O. W .X
fi.h-sso O. W. (..... M
CVeaes A N. W tM 111 141 14lt
Oiamse, k I P .... tM wa Sea IU
. n. O A t. u "; M
(Mends F. I , , U
IVlarsse A eoheea 41
LKiuellesle us MS tit 1H IMH
rbn mseets . let w isq, leii
Delsetrs A keSeee Ill
uesvw a rue uresis.
D. A P. O N Ml 41 H
DIMlllers' aseartUe MS Mk
arte IMS
avie lit '4 rae u
arte re sm es e ee era
uenwsi Bleetrls ......... MS UT Uta Ht
0et Nensers M IMS USU mi IMt
nnM Monkers Ore r Mti
Ililseis ceetrsl tt
Imerkennsk Met. aw 1TH V 17
later. MM af let BU uu. uti
laterssllensl Hsnseter.. 44 IM Wi ret
IMer-slerlse ' MS .11 II
miewiHai reper - ..... IS
leteiHlleesI Paaip ,. ..... M
kaad. Inrraasi il. 1MI, mark: lean,
decreased. K.f3f.0 mark; discounts,
drmesi rl. M.C5.M mark; treasury bins.
on iiaasu, u4r,we msrss: notes in etr
cuiaUoo, decline sd. I4.747.t mark: de-
poslts, ccreased, 12.1Tl,4u marks; sold
ia nano, Mores Bin, evirse mara
af Aassefcated Beaks
' tar tke Week.
NEW TORK. Feb. I Bradstreet bank
cleertrg report for the week ending
rorury I ahows an aggregat or Ske,
kVTAO. ajralnst H.MvMr (k last wee
and tX310,02I.vA a th correspondln' week
last year, folio wing la a list ef tne cities:
Amount, llna
lee, i"k
SM Mti M
lees Ceslrsl
ksasw Uty la
K. C. e. sra
IsnirSTllls A NukTllle...
Miss, a II Levis
M . St. P. A k k. M....
HIeMerl. K. A T
M . K. A T X.
MMemH rsctlle
hittesil klaesll
Nstkssl L4
N. K. R. M k. M all..
Nee Turk Central
ertelk A Weetera.
North Awererss
Nerthem Parins
rarltlf Melt
eeeesrlvsels ... ..........
Norte' use
P . C, t- A kt, t
rttesertk real i
rrewel BteH fr
Psllsies raises Car.......
(uiiver kteel asrtag. m
rUeilet et.W IW Uli ;,
e.we ws laiw w
' Mt IM m a in
Mi Me, ten
ms ink lifi i4i
mo ut ni ui
IN liiii lint nW
re h m, us
, Mi IB) lis leMt
M Tit Tl Tl
t.Mi ink lli4 HT
MS MI4 Mt4 M4
IM in ik in
of 1"! IMH Kk
MS Milk 141s l
..... ..... Ill
Market. '
Fek. k-COFFEIt-Fu-
tures opened steady at unchanged price
to an advance of 1 points European
cahlea were d reappoint In . but offerings
were slight and th market Improved dur
ing the day oa covering by recent sellers
and support from leading trade interests.
Rather steadier Closing caoie iron
ll.vr, helned tha tone ef the mafket Ik
tha late trading and the market closed
steady at a net advance of 4Al point.
aaira. w.tto heir renruary. iic.
March, April, May and June, llllo, July,
ilia-- Ausuat. IlUc: aeMember, lltac:
October, UUc; November, lAlac: Deeera.
ber and January. 11x1.
Havre waa unchansed to franc lower:
Hamburg waa unchanged to pff lower;
IUo. unchanged, atka- ftanto. unchanged,
4a kPW; ml. TetSA Receipt at tha tw
Hraslllaa ports were U.0M bar. Jundlahv
receipts, .v bag agalnat t bag last
year. Rain waa reported la all district
ot Bno Paul. Todays special Bsntn
cable reported 4 unchinxvd. wao Paula
receipt, t wo bag against oairs yes
terday. New Tork a rehouse deliverre
yesterday were IXTtt bag Against Ud
ha taat year.
Spot eoffee. ateady: No. t Rio. 1414c; No.
4 Seatoe. IMvc Mild, dell. Cordova, 15HT
17 V:, aominai.
Rvepermred Apple aad Dried Frail
APPLES-vtulet. but th market la sailer,
la sympathy with the market up stats:
on the spot, fancy. MfrltrVo: cholea. kg)
fee: prime, k&tc
fHltvl riu 1 ire 1 muss, stsaoy. win
a better jobbing; demand; quotation
range from 4Se to Ite for California up
to kxns and from Ha to Ue f or Oresroo.
Apricots are qurst, but steady, with re
ports of tlrht stooka In first hands;
choice, MHci lMe; extra choice. 1R40ih,c;
fancy, ltW!7c Peaekes are firm, with
lignt ofterinqs; choice. Umlw: extra
choice, llilfc; fancy, lfl3-rc- Raisin
"s very Inactive, but price are steadiiy
held: looee muscatels. sSer7e; choice to
.ancy seeded, t?7V: eedks, kffTC.
Landoa layers, tl.esji av
kaaar Market.
NEW TORK. Feb. -rJI'OAR Raw.
firm; muscovado, k test, Afcte; eentti
fuxal. M l cot. 4.4c; molissra. M test,
1.71c; refined steady. T
Heeewle Bteel ....
RBsMle Stael srd
Heck lefea re
Roet Isles fe. Pt4 ...
at. L. A . r. Ir prl.,
ft. leak k w
it v s. W M
llnee-tkerneU a A I..
feel Mrs Peclrle .,
WMilriera Rsllwsr ......
e. Relrwe e'4
Teskessee owe .......
reus A Pselfie.
T . St. L. A w
T . ft. u A W. BN....
I'eles Pscine ..
I'eten Perlfrc M
Pall Sutes keeltr
Telle steles Hebser....
t'sltel Mitas teel B.IM
V a leM pU a
I'tsk fvreer 4.SM
v. -tiraiiss caeesuai .. in
WeMeb en
kretwii Mervlssl
Vetei Lmlea ...
WIMeltftS A U B
l.tiit vsiisr
Oriae rarser ....
In CAesel.setes
Anerlras TSXaees
M t4
it eli
' M 41
11 14
1.MI 1SH lera. lis
4.4M MS M14 Mk
kMS TIU, T!s 1"t
14 M . M a
Mi mh k nit
K4M 114 Mlk 144
44 M
11 leu,
IST1 lSIlk
. I.MS It lt
. Ml ITU, rk
, ie n Tee,
. kM SM Irk
. kMS Uk tUk
. I14S Mk M
. I. fei i?k ii
Tetal ssles aw Us aer. ekares.
' taAwa fterk Market.
! IiONDON. Fsh. k-Amertrsn secuHtles
rased off after steed y nd hlgiier
penlnr today. At noon Canadian Pa
cific was Itt point higher, while th
reet of th list ranted from unchanged
to H higher task yesterday' New York
. London closing stock quotation:
Oners, user .... ft Lee untie A Nuk.lH
sceeesi nisae. asa. m T... rra
AsmI. tkeear New Ten 4eArsl..lll
iiunu i verreix a weeurallli
AtcMees ...I"i Se m n
e m44 mitOstaMs A Weaera. tr
a. ill awe A Okle..1kreaasrlessla oik
Cfcnedlaa Psenie ..MltafteeS Miess 44
trseaessaXe A OkM, RNHeeaias U
ril. ureal westers. 11 seeteara ay 4
t.1L, Mil A St. r.lelN a, s'i Vl
vm peere --.. . mrrm recui ...inf
Desver A ale u ... nlaua rsrine Hi
ie St - 44k 4s M w
arts "Sr. f. steel
la eel - M se pr ...llek
. i eM..- ttuwetesk
-se Trees - Bk ee sM Ul
luieeai caetrsl ....ue
' rllbVEHc-Bar. steady at tt per
. MONET HWH Per cent.
. The rat of discount la the open mar
ket tor abort bill Is v per cent; for
three' month bill, tStiH per cent
Mow York Mtalac Iterjka.
: NEW TORK. Feb. - Closing quota
rtonsj oa mining stocks were:
AIMS MS 'Uttl. OJsf ... 1
Cks. Tee eel sleek.. It Meilesa Ma
' kees U Ostarte MS
Oa Cai. 4 Vs.... a oesir ii
Ire Wear IM tiu4ai4 M
eustnue O. .... M Tailee Jacket .. II
. .Bank Cleartaaa,
OMAHA. Feb. k-Rnk d earing for
today were tl.MiriJ.TI and for th oorre
spcrtdlng day last year CM7.7E.4t.
' " Baah at Oerasaar Stataaseaf,
PKRIJN. Feb. 1-Th weekly state
merit of the Imperial Bank ot Germany
tao we taa faUewkMJ eoaagea: Cask In
New Tork
81. Louis
Kanra City
c'sn Franciao ...
Minneapolis ...
New Orleans.
Loe Angela
Portland, Ora.....J
(Matt I
t. Paul
Pr evidence ........
Washington, LX O.
St. Joseob
ttslt Lak City I
ion wortn
Spokane, Wash
Des Moines
II aeon
Oakland, Cal. ......
New Haven
JackscnvlUa. fia.
Grand Rapid..,...
utrra Ingham
8loux City
Auguaia. Oa.. ......
epringfleld, Mas.
i lay ton
Portland. M
ijttia Kock
Charleetoa. 8. 0...
Wheeling, w. VI.
Kan Diego, Cal.M,
Read I nr. Pa.......
Topeka 1
Wilmington, Dl...
mvrarosnte, Cal....
Cedar Rapid, la..
Youngstowa .......
water 00. la
r I River
Canton, O
nprlns-neld. o......
Port warn
New Bedford
Tork. Pk
Columbia 8. C
Erie. Pa
ftookton, Cl
Hols, Idaho
Rncelord, III
Muskogee, Okl
Xalamasoo. Mtoh..
Qulncy. Ill
Rloomlnfion, 111...
ruisa. Okl
Outer), Utah........
Lowell ...
Chester, Pk
Kpiingflrld, 0
South Bend, Ind...
Rioux sails. B, D.
Jackson, Ml
Decatur, m. ........
Manafleld, O
rareo. N. I)
Fremont. Neb.......
Vlokahurg. islj.
vUl. 111.-'
IJ.oei.un 4n
..' ii.,
I71.174,flntl I.M.
4i.l (
ll.kT7.inM M il
M.m.H an. kl
1.0&V( 14. M,
7,7 .0001.
.71 ttuj
.3 ti
Cattle Eeceipts Liht, Xillen Steady
tad Stockert Lower.
keep aad Laasa la Terr Ceed Da.
asaad. While . Prlree skew aa
Advance at Tea Cents aa
Madetatw Reeelpta.
OTJTH OVAHA, Feb. t. Mil
Recetnts em
Official Monday ..
Official Tuesday ...
Ofricisl Wetlneiulav
Oftldal Thursday ..
utuuat r nuay ...
Cattle. Hoem. Sheep.
iom Kl.UH
Tt-lol RIM
k.US 44.S17
74,171 M.Ml
Ttiklt U.M
si aaT XI. x&
40.11 ZLAia 74
.. 4. HI
... 4.1
.. ATM
.. at
Plv dara this welr 11 as
came daya last
hams t waeka aro.... .11897
Sam I week ago n.3
cam 4 wseka ago U.JS1
sams day last year.. It. J
The follow tns table sheers the receipts
of can., bogs and anean at South Oma-ia
for th ysax to data as compared with
wax year;
1,1, ui. ... fhu-
Cattle lli.ut UM3t 7,13
Hon ii, set t40.M
the j. a;,3oi joi.iut t,lM
Th foUowlnar UM shows ths ranks of
prioe paid for hogs at South Omaha fit
th last few dayi. with compafieona:
1H.0COI i.M
4.4.1 ooo; 11.41.
4.i.0UM ID
I414.H 14
aasAVOI B t it.l J
4.0W.0WM U
IBt.orrt .7
ti,osn1 .t
1700.U0O1 7.t
lIUOOOl 17.11
,1.0 14.11
tlll,H .
1 KH.lIrt 11.1
1.I6A.H .11
I M1.00M 14 t
1.M0.00M !
1.IW.0W 17.4
l.Oil.Or, ,1.7
1. 170 HOW
.l,177.Wi M
AlsSOnM 47.11
l,sr&oni l.ll
un.m a.i
': eJl.0001
' K1 . .
fr M1.0W.
' 7M.000
4AJ.IW) .
Data IUUL Wl i nit, laa) iikk., 1107. linos.
Jan. a.
Fab. L
reb. t,
Feb. I,
Feb. 4.,
Fab. I.
Feb. 4.
Feb. 7..
Feb. I.
ch. k.
K 1 7 7 t lit I I 171 f til t 1
i ii 7 ) i w i sa i im t s! t
e ee-ai I ss( a SSI
7MtlMitfti I I Ml I
7 M t m i lf 4 U' e 111
f 401 S S S4 4 III B 3
I t t 1 14! t Ml t SSI I M
T tr! e I t IA 4 kl) f Hi t el
7 4ll I Ml Il id 4 Ii 117
J 7 J I 471 f f7 4 1 17 i t
. 7 alj t f7 t ljj I t tl t ;
"eNot Included In total because con
taining other Itsms thsaclearlngs.
Kser Terk Meaey Market.
NTKW TORK. Feb. k-MONET-On call,
stsady at Mltv per cent; ruling rate,
Hi per cent; closing bid, 14 psr cent; of.
fered st IS Per cent. Tun losns. steady;
alvtv dav bills. IS3IS pr cent; ninety
day. ttrt psr cent; . six meatus. Vow
4 per esnt.
actual business In banker' bills st HMoO
for aixty-dar kills and at H 7 for de
mand, commercial bills, HBV
81L.VER-BSX, avc; Mexican dollar.
BONDS-Qovernment, steady; tallroad.
Irregular. . ' ,
tjuotadoni ok bonds today wir as
ix'kW!. (a. tef...l Inter. M. M. 4k... JTk
aa see '. ! ejapa 4a rk
O. a ta. rag 10141 ea. 1Hm H
tm Tssepoe loHalL C Se. UI M... Tlv
C. aeTie,.. 1U 1, k lee. 4s M1.. Wk
s eepea . ' 1, A N. set. M. Mk
eAllle-CfcaU 1st to... !. X A T let M.
easier. A. M W ds fee 4t k
AT A T. sr. 4a. .n.eMe. Pseltla 4a. TlSk
An. Teesees M Mex. R x at XI tea rn,
. Is ...IMK. T. 0. s. Iks-..- k
Airblees ses. la.... MkN. T, K, H. A a.
C . V lis er. is 1M14
a. . u 1 I f. IS I k
A. C. U let 4a Mk s ev. la l"k
Bel A Okie M MWNe rscUM Is. U
as. Ika n e la 4k
e. aw. Iks...- II J. ia rt 4s... IS
am. Tr. ee. 4k... MVPes. ev. ins Ml sr.
Caa. ef Oe. to. new Se cea. 4a IMk
Oa. Leetler to..... MHReadlsa pas. M MM
a.- M n J. s aa..ina. U A A F. ht 4s 114
Che A OkM lks ..Mlk e tea ie. Mk
4 rat. to. . L. A w. a Is.. Ik
erkese A A Hi.. Bk e let teal M ... Mk
C. B. Q l .... Hk A U 4a- IS
e tea. M to',e. Pte. eel. to.... It
C. M. A k t. A. M Kk e ee. 4a. Mk
C R. 1. A P. a 4a ttl a lat ret. 4a. MJ
se rt. m tokle Raliser Is 141k
Tela, to4. to. Tl Se Ire to Tl
Ola MIA 4a. SS tTnies ferine to.. ...lei
ec A k r A e 4e. rr Sir. 4e 1st
D. A L ev. to. ie -ee us a ret. ea.. m
n. A R- o. to. m er. a h.Mxr to....ief,
Se ref. Ie "SV. A fteel M ae-.-iei'
Clstllrers- la n Ve far. Ckeek. 4e...leett
enris p L to to Waaeak taa to lers
ee gaa to. Ta- ie m ee. e,
S ev. to. tor. A Waatan MA to..... U
Se series B. nwweec Ilea ev. Ii.. ,
Oea Klea. ev. IB....1U ewu. casual to.... tok
III. On- 1st ear. .. SVHJae. res ev. es..... ea
later. Met. Ike..... rVFaaatoa la 141 k
Reoelpta and tflsposftioti of tlv nock
at th Lnloa Stock Tarda, South Omaha,
for twanty-four hours endtne at 1 a. m.
Cattle linn Khun HaTe
c, m. Bt p r 1 I
Wbh i
Mkwourl Pacific. .. 1 1 .. ..
t'. at . w., east.. 4 il - .
Union Pacific t 41 .. ..
C. N. W.. west.. (4611
C,8t,r,N.kO.. I M
B. A u., east... M
C a A 4. weet.. 1 It I
C, R. L A P, east I I ..
CR.ll P, west 1 I
C O, W .. I 1
Total receipt.... n 1M 7
Cat I is. Hog Bhp.
I ...IM IS
44 171 ... I N
M 171 ... I m
I1.......1M ... I m
M. . til 41 I M
to 1X9 ... IN
... Mil
n ns ... i
M IM ... I ea
M M ... 141
ea .... in IM I M
to-..Ul ... IM
.-....111 IS
a ... I
to -Mi 4 I to
u .. ... to
n. ...... Mt 41 t
M.....M4 ... I to -
a...Mi ... I
M.....1M HIM
14 U to I to
7i.....itt lev.
71 Mi ... I M
,..MT ... S to
71. SI ...
to to IM
as tn ... tm
.jr 4 ... i
.jii m m "
..III Ml
..Ml ... I to
tn ...
..IM ... 4
,.1M ... I II
71 11 HIM'
to.......m ...146
4 at ... in
si m toil
...Ml ... I 41
..Hi ... in.
,JU to I w ... t
...Ml ... I to
... ... I to
, ... ito
77 BT to l7k
li.......lM ... 147',
11 Ml to I Rt
7i m ... ii
ti at ... ti
71 Jtt ... I IS
IM ... I IS
It 1
to. tn to
n uk i
14 .ill ... I W
?.... as Mil
n...ta I m
m m m
se. ... t m
T7..JU ... t M
.......m mi it
tl HI B I M
a...... .m ... 4 ie
Ik. Hi ... I 1
to. ... tl
to.,,.,. .117 M I 11
n m . i tti
H jii ... t ii
44 rt 14 4 15
to. ...... Ml 41 I U
T7......111 ... I U
n. an iM w
ti ni ... t u
tt m it t if
t tn m t
n m ... it
ti Mt Miu
...... .Mi ... I It m t a
M.......11I . f B
a ut ... t ii
M 74 ... I II
.... t-4 to f 11
to Mt ... I M
K ... I U
41 Ml to I II ,
IT HI tots
..... ut ik)
rt ... t
Omaha Packing C... 144
DWlIt to lO. 131
Cudahy Packing Co... 141
Armour Co 13
W. a Vansent Co zt
Kan ten, Vinaant A !
H1U Son
F. & Learts .
J. H. Bulla ..............
Ia F. Hum
MoOreery A Ksllogg..
Werthelroer A Desjeo..
H. F. Hamilton .
Mo. A Kan. Calf Co....
Cllne Christie
Other buyer
Total tn 14,114 Law
ti n.-oniy twenty car f catu
were reported in this morning, but that
was a great plenty to nil a Friday' de
mand. Aa noted before Jn thee column
th demand tor cattle on a Friday I
very tmall. Buyers as a nil have filled
their order out of th large run
earlier In Die week and do not care for
many additional cattle, knd It fre
quently happens that If they buy :V-m
on a Friuay they iigur on tskin off
nough In th price to pay for carry
ing mem ever until In fol losing Monday.
However, ther was a fair market to
day, th fsw good killing cattls In Mgni
gensrally aeili ng at about atsady prlt-ea.
Th feeling on lhs best leaders ws als
sidy but speculator war loaded up
with light feeder and slock caul for
which th dei and tht week hss been
light. A k result Ibe feeling ok that
kind ef oattl waa very weak and tpeo
uislors wore generally talking that I hey
would b gld to take off 10o In
prio If they osuid clean up tn ur-
flus oxttl on hand, but tn demand
rom th country was email and vary
lew oattl moving.
For th weak It la safe to quota beef
ateers and sew stuff Hjo big ber than
last week mean close. Good feeders
can be quoted ateady but stock cattle
hare been siow ail week and rs closing
tower noted above.
Quotation en caul: Good te choioa
bee! steers. Mkt7.?0; fair to good best
steers.; oommoa to fair beef
steers, t-OOvAOO: good to c holes heifers,
000.); good to dioio eow. ti k4a,k:
ir to goo roars and natter. UttrVeO;
common to fair cow and hetfars, tLJXt
1.71: good to abolo stocksrs and feeders.
to.euc.' rair to goon ttocxer rud
feedsre, Miou4.40 common t fair sievk
srs and feeders, Ila0tr4.90, dock hallsrs,
M.40ue.7i, veal carte, ttAy7.rt; built,
ttaga, tc, tS.iCarJt.6.
RepreftsnUtiv sales:
Beatoa Mlalaar taeka.
BOSTON, Feb. t. Closing quotation oa
rocka today war a follow:
.... to Miami tasasr V,
.... KkMeeeek II
lUa A ItkN'evads Oa. ., 11V,
Ariaeoa Oak 4rNtalaelet ktoes .... 7
B a c. c a . a. a .-.ens setts Mt,
Belt. Oenuaa .... nk'enk lete Ik
Cki. A Arlaaaa. 51.-OW Deals a 44
kl. A Heals. 41S oeesela ...uew
ikateaslal nwQsiscy ............ n
O. Res C. C ... llMMesae au,
Rest Bens a U lte.Sesenar Bk
rveaklts UI taserlar A k M... Ik
Otreex OS. I T-lsTaaaeav a
Orseer Oa to V. A, A A A M... toy,
eoreeee Cea I e sM TVi
tie neesle Oapser.. sunn tea uH
. tvltek CBsser O.. Bk
. M Wreass ... ea,
. IkWeleerka to
Kerr Lake
lake Opser ....
Ls fslle Cmier.
Oils sd It earl a,
RAVAVNAH. Oa.. Feb. k TTRPI-f-
T1NE Firm at 4e4J4eVc: ealee. HI bbla;
t7 bbls.; ahlpment. n bbla: Mock. 17,
Tkt bble.
ROBIN nrm: iea. en bwa: re
ceipts. Ot bbls.: shipments. 1411 bbla:
stocks, wsKe bbl. OuotaUons: B. tS-SS;
D and K. M; F. Men,; O. R and t
St.; K. 17 If. M. r . N. r.JO; . WO,
ir.. w vr. r et
Waet Market, '
FT. IOCTS. Feb. a-WtXILr-Steady:
ten Hut t nd weetera mediums, labile;
na mediums, bej-c; ns. naisc.
Ha ' AT. rr. Me. , Ae. It,
M. .til I to ft tot I to
A i MS I H 14 Ml I to
I Ml I M 11 114 I to
X, M I 41 IS. Mto f 4
II mm I Ml I M
to 171 I 41 43 1141 t to
II Mt tl I lltl 7 It
li . to I Ti II mt 1 II
Mt I Tl 11 UN 1 11
M 001 I II M MB t M
cow a
11 Ml I to IT M Ik
T MT I II I , MM 4 If
X. Ito I to I IM 4
A Ml I to 1 tee 4 M
I. Ml 4 04 I ...111 4 II
i ., Mt i to i m i
II SM 4 to I UM I It
U Ml I to !... Uti I to
4 ...let I It 7 Wl I it
4 Ill Ito f 111! IM
II Ml 4
i. tot 4 to A Ito 4 to
II HI 4 41 . A ltot f at
I Ill 4 to I Ml I It
1T....... Til I 7 A Ml I to
a...... ta 4 71 IS. Bl II
4M 4 M 1. itol ( m
t. iin I I nw i it
4 UM 4 to 1 eo I li
1 lit 1 1 m
1...........UH 4 I 1 UM I II
..........- t i rr i a
........... atll 1. ... Ito t
1 41 4 a 1 141 I il
it.......... tot 4 h I tm ta
H I to I....... II T to
11 I to . . UI IX
Ito I to A. 171 t a
i. ta i t ia t m
i.... a t a i ia 1 m
I 44 4 to li tot I to
II ito I to 11... til 1 1
t m i i is in
II Ill i to 4 eel I to
a mi m M a i a
to. Ml . I to
n.... i ... t a
71...... M4 ... ta
a mi ... im
it. m ...
a an ... i
is mz ... s aa
n mi ti
n m at t a
at ... t a
at t a
M.......rn ... a
it....;. .tn ... t a
m in ... a
a at ... a
Me ... t m
U. ......M4 ... I II
to .Ml .. M
KHKEP Very meager receipts of aheap
and 1 Aloha acted aa a atlmulu upon tha
demand and very thing Bold readily at
figure that were generally- a little
hixner. th advance being quoted at a
airaa Offering amounted to only flv
or sis loadB and conalsiea mainly ox sea
ewea and lambs, with food quality aad
Ths best lamb on sal brought IV ea,
a prlr that is lofty enough to head th
1st or ouotatlona on ' good to onoice
stock, but plain to poor vsrlet r wra
wanton only at tlgurea maiginea wo-
alderabiy below mis limit. 1 liers wu
vary little buslneaa In common araaaa
however, and the wk'.e price rne In
fore at present Is warranted only by
various sale on previous asyx Ccm-
nared with last week'a done, fat ime
are atiiing at a net decline ot about 100
, medium to cull ut uuy . o..e..nB
Bhosrlnr the arreatee loaaaa. Early In
the week th trade broke badly under
exoeeelve suppllea but a food part ot
th heavy opening decline ha lno bow
Aside from a few aales of fat swes, th
market for aheap remained, praotleaiiy
dormant, but the tendency to value ap
peared to be a iitti sironrer, in total
supply belpg sold and weighed up before
a o clock, hrxtra goo tat ewea moveu
at BJ0, Indicating a K00 top for aom.
thing strictly choice, and ther Misted
a very fair Inquiry for wethers around
ti.Uj4-4s. . Compared with value a weak
ago, currant prior for matured mutton
generally show small loss not sxesed-
Feeder trsds during th week has bow
A quiet affair, th country demand prov
ing small and dull, with offsrings urn.
Red. According to th packers' tab. th
four day' purchase ot feeders amounts
to about 4.400 hean.
Cuotattona on a here nd Iamb: Lamb.
feed to ehetee, M.10914; Ismbs. fair to
good, to. k-li: yearunn, good to choice,
R. 164MB; yearlings, fair to food. M 7M
an; wetner, food to enoic. ee.ixattH.10;
wethers, fair to rood. tl.7MM.0o: ewea
food to choice, It-4e44.k), ewes, fair to
fooa, ikwoato.
Reprseeataliii als:
No. " Ar.
f U fed tomb
M fed Iambi ft
a) fad lambs ..... 70
M fed kunba . 7
177 fed awe M
fed ewee. cull It
let fed ew M
B4 fed Iambi and yearlings.... 7
Coldest Winter of Yean Eat Tvo
Zdgrd Etfect om BruiiiesB.
I It
Deasaad fee Cartl aad fksep Iteesdy
Heers B laker.
CTTI OA OO. Feb. I -CATTLE Receipts, head. Market Slow . out atesay;
beeves, Tsxls ateers, t4.eVuo.l5;
western steer. RSuOMO: Blockers and
feeder ts.lkiees.lf ; cow and hslfsrs, 111
etto; calves, a.lMj'Jse.
HOOS-Recelbta MOW head. Market
te up: light, 'fc.livri ; mtxeci. tn'
trrti; heavy. MI04J4.17H; rough, S.i
I II; Mf, HtCejKOO; bulk of alea, tt.
SHEEP AND LAMB Receipts. 1. 000
head. Markt steady to nronf; naava
tllMMtfl; western, a a4.n; yearlings,
i 7oeM. Lamb: Piauv, lt.BSre.7l;
western, KS0C4.7-
Ksaeas City Live stock Market,
ceipt, ,( bead, tnatudlng 100 eouthern;
market strong; dressed beef and export
steers, f7.j.e; fair to food, Itl0f7.(rj:
western steers, fj.Ooryr.50: stock ere and
feeder, t4.IOwk.7t; southern steers, B-'7
1. 50; soul hem oowt, M.lbfjeJt; native
cows, tTt-CsriS: as tlv heifer. eatOtfatO;
bulls. 3.0teH.6O: calves, l4.,k7.60.
HOOrJ Recelrrt. 7.0W head: sreadv to
K 7tJ6; packers and butcher, tklOig)
A40: llrhts, tf, aa.; nigs, IkSouAtr.
BHfc.P Aiui utx ub nsosipta, t,ora
head; market steady to 100 lower; lamb,
M.7l.7t: ewea. MJttrkOt; stockers
reeOsrs, guutoAn.
It. Issta Mr Stork Market.
RT. mms. Feb. I. CATTLE Receipts
tfa) bead. Including Mk) Texan; market
atsady; native ahlpplng and export ateers,
t7.SOfA.7t; dressed beef and butcher
steers, tfj.OOtf7.00; tteert under 1.000 In.,
UZfi.W; stockers and feeder. W.OOfrS .:
cows and heifers, I2.7atjk.0t; oannars. 12 00
64.00; bulls, IXOOr9c.ll; calves. K.00t7.7S;
Texss and Indian ateera. B. 0007.10: oowt
and hellers,
IlOOtt Receipts. I.4W head; market to
higher; pigs and lights, tSOOfik.; mixed
snd butchers, M.li4iA); food to heavy,
PrtSaP" AND LAMBS Receipt, 1.F0
head: market Meady: naOv muttons,
Ui64L60; lambs, MOttTAa): cull and
buck. a-htt-S; stockera tUttktia,
It. Jieeepk l.lve staek Market.
ceipts, tt bead. Market steady; eteers.; cow and keif era, P-00JO;
HOGS-Reoslpt. tOO head. Market
hujosri top, tut; bulk ot sales, M.I64?
Market Msaay; kunoe. B--te,a
yearUnxs, HBOiJAle; wether.
HOOS-AII of th larger packer en
tered the bog trade with his order aad
bought In afi sswlve fashion from tits
start, paying pneen a moxw nil
early end allowing aavmnoa ot
soon as th m rkst was fairly
way. Iroprovsment was do to a gener
ous demand and plenty af com petition,
proanpted In a measure by favorable ad
vice from other points and tne yards
were cleared of all weights before U
Supply figures were rnftcatty bearish,
but the ttae of receipt seemed to have
no appreciable Influence upon th market
and packing drove wer put up In hur
ried fashion. Th yard estimate called
for total ot over lAtM head, mostly
UlU butcher and bacon grader.
A narrow ahlpplng margla did not per
mit very many purchase on eutstd ao
oount, put the speculative demand early
In th eession proved reasonably aotiv
snd something like twenty load Bold to
Borers not associated with local packer.
Best heavy bogs on Bale reached M.M
dime above veeterdi iy a top, and food
handy butcher moved around te.. Th
mouat of business under to. 04 waa eery
limited, anytninr attractlv In th way
f bacon stock brtnitlnc M-to or bettor.
Representative sales:
Ma Ae. as. Tt. Ke. Av. ta Tr.
ill ia ... ia :e ta ... -s m
ut tai m ii ... t a
M. ...... Ito ... 171 t! 14 I
Ito Ill ... IB to Ml ... t IB
B.......17I ... la 7... ns us t re
IN ... I to Tl as to t Ie
a. m ... tit ti at a 1 1
it.: ia is to tn ... i ie
ie ... t a s. ns ... s m
at its ... 1 a tr ... t a
7J-, m ... I h a. tn a a
!" at a a. r.i ... 1 a
at ... I a toi im a 1
tack la Slkt. '
Reretnts ef live stock at th five nrin-
cipal western markets yesterday.
vein, rtoera aneep.
South Omaha.. . 4t 11.100 1 IX)
St. Joseph 6f lew l.Ore
Ksnsa Clty............l,0ii0 7 to 4 PO
bl Louis. - v 1 w tin
CMossTo M,o a, 400
Little Dlspsstttoa ta Owerae
Vsraa; Baaans AatlrlpeUlaea at
Ferare Rcqalreaaeats Ex
klklted by Morehaata.
NEW TORK, Feb. k-R. a Dun Co.'
Weekly Rvlw of Trads tomorrow will
Th volume of businees eontlnu large,
although there I little disposition to oper
ate in long ran anticipation ot future
reuulrement. The coldest winter in
years, while creating a austained demand
for winter merchandise, also serve gen
erally to lntarfer with th distribution
ot foods and Tela cause some Interrup
tion to a uoerai craee movement.
Pig Iron production Increased allrhtlv
durinf January and th leading Interest
I now operating about tt per cent of it
blast furnace capacity. Current business
is quiet, however, wit a Bessemer quoted
nominally at tUM to 114- and basiu
flt-X valley. Stall billet 4x4 remain at
30. Of and sheet and .tin bar at HI. 00
There are some price IrresTularttles In
finished line, oonossslons being reported
on certain product Recent oen tracts lo
ci ode aa order for IM car from lhs Penn
sylvania railroad, while tee other system
ere la the market for about toot car
of various type. Orders tor rail f
frraau a fair tonuses. Prospective ship
building encouraree eastern plat ml 11a to
aotlclpat an actlv demand tor pistes
and ehapea. It being estimated that the
work In view wfll require fully 71.00 tons.
Output of cok furnace Interests ha di
minished, but merckarrt ovens are pro
ducing a Uttl mora freely. Demand la
well sustained, with foundry 00k show
ing Increa if Mrtnfth.
Activity In th dry food markers 1
mora apparent la th primary division
and retailers ar be ginning to operate
freely a wholesale censers. Price on do
roestf cotton are hardening with an
advancing tendency hi several directions.
Th notion food export trad continue
good, shipment for th last week ag
gregsts bales and for tha year Is
about MM bale ahead of those ot last
year. Business placed ea eeeiooatlnsTs has
bee lrg. Business In New England
foot wear market shews a fllrht ex-
panusloB, owing to tne receipt ot outside
contract. Leather I quiet and burl nee
fall! to reflect th condition shown an
raw materials. Tanner are hoi dins prices
very tronf, but buyer ar holding oft
nd taking only email quantities Manu
facturers of finished belting hv d-
vsnced their product about I per cent.
wtilch 11 th first increas ia over a rear.
la -
Trad raderearreata Shaw llew Bat
t leeaay Grerwtk.
NEW TORK. Fan. k Brs-itreeCs to
morrow will aj:
Though trade lack anao and I devoid
of tuilformlty the wadersurrsnui nre la
th dlrsetlon ot alow but ateauj a. .n-lon.
Th week has brought forth a 1 ...licr
slight Increas la Jobbtnf - and nianuiac
turinf, line, and wnlie some centers, par-
ueuiariy loose snuataea la we auuui, note
the prevalence of unsatisfactory condi
tions, lighter order aad poorer prospect
than at thla time laet ytar, tb fait la
that trad In th leading western dry
food marfcut ha improved.
cotton food ar tinner an around, job
ber ar doing mors and they la turn ar
making heavier punrhaas. but U i retail
dealer, aa a general ruie, appear 10 have
assumed th role of A ospaletent orxasBrva-
Uve. Cotton yarn ar mors aotiv and
higher, wsrsted yarn heavy; saues ot
wool mske a fslr voUiro. but millinery,
whll In good demand, doe not present a
very favorable oomparlaoo with Last year.
Orooto-ls and drug an in Better re
quest, and In fact essential have
the call. Cold weather west and aorta
weet hss hampered eeJaamen in getting
about, and a general proposition road
order are hardly on a par with the of
lsst year.
On th other hand tb low temperatures
have helped trade In heavy wearing ap.
oared, and th oroloowed ooid spell ha
aided purveyor to empty their heiva of
winter fooaa npnns oispiaya ar now
under way, but it I too early as yst to -
expect much results.
lluetness laiiurea ror tn wees enrxng
February I in the United Slates war iXX.
against Ui last week, all In th Ilk wee
of Ull, Ut la Wis, -I la 111 and In
ltot, I
rJustnsss failure for th weak In Can
ada number M. whloh eampare with II
last week an tr ta urn corresponding
week ot lsst year.
Wheat. Including flour: axporti from th
United ft ate and Canada for th week
sndlnr February t acgraaat Mla.4M bu..
aalnat t.l7,4t last week and irtjtt this
wsek last year, for tne tnirty-two weexi
ended February t ax port a ar k,KI,t
bu., against 71.444477 la th correspoaulnf
period Ust year.
Corn ax porta tor tb week are l.itt.04l
bu., against i,Mt,0t last week and tMl.PTI
In 1U. For th thirty-two weeks ended
February t corn exports ar .477,t71 bu..
afalnat last year.
TBT fftol'Sl'Ta - SJ Ik, uesaa wmWa Ae
DU1 leVnllVi Ae A-kkPe kfM WeeTaw fjBW I 1V
1. la It-lb. tub, 70; No. I, Mo; psAlng,
CHEESE-Importd Swiss. XJx: Ameri.
can Swlas, Mc; Mock Swiss, ktoj twins,
Mc; d aisles, Mc; triplet. Mc; young
America. lie; blue label brick, aTa; urn
btrger, Mb., ttc; 1-Ib Me,
POU-TRr-BroUsrs. B.M per dor:
sprints. Us; hens, 14c; cocks, lOo; ducks.
Ho; fees, lie; turkeys, Be; pigeon, per
dox.. 11.. Alive, brotlsrs. lie: kna
Hc; sld roosters and stags, Ic; old ducks.
full feather eq. lie; fees, full feathered,
lu: turkeys. 140: guinea fowls. 2s each:
pigeons, psr doa, 7ec; homers, per dox.
ti ir, squaea. no. a, sues; na x. too.
FIBM tries rroaen) Pickerel. 7c;
whlta lc; pika te; trout, Uo; large crai
sua tolao; spaai h mackerel. 7c: eel.
lie; haddocks, lie; flounders, lie; frsea
eatfUa, lac; roe ansa, a sack; shad roe,
par pair. Sc; salmon. Mc; halibut, 10c;
yellow perch, to; buffalo, to; buUheada,
BEEP CUT PRICBS-Rlbs: No, L rfSlc:
No. X, Uie; No. I. We. Chucks: No. L
0; No. t iac; No. t, ia -ouu: No. L
No. L M4c; No. t fac; No. 1. lo. piaisi
No. 1. s-ic; no. x, sc; no. e, tse.
FTlUlTB-Appi, eaokinf vartetl, par
sonainan a e rimes uolden.
Total receipts..-.
..kfM t-Tt . 17.4M
Metal Market.
NSTW TORK, Fsh. l-MT7TALaV8rsnd-
rd oopper. quiet, but firm; spot, atoajr
K: future aAtoJi4.lf: Mke cepper.
eaMiMATI: electrolytic 4.t7S4rue-.
casting, tlAITHtolA H- London market
steaatv; spot, IM IBB au; t'-itureea, see mm w.
Tin. firm: spot, taiOOeJ-OI: February.
pnneeXiM: March. eU: April.
Hl.JPtOOJ'. L onaon marxex nrm: nre
re; future. CIS. Lead, qalst: IXBejUk
New Tork. tttOtMJO: , East St. Leula.
leiwiae ru tat Id. Spelter, quiet: M.4PB
to, New Tork. MMk East a. Louis:
Iytmdon. -3. ABUraony, uu; ijocaaonk
IT.-. Iron. Cleveland warraata s NSd
In Lofkdoe. Locally bee waa trresruler.
No. 1 foundy norihem and Na 1 foundry
southern and Na 1 southern loft, .ef
1A6B-, Na t northern. at3.A
BT. LOUin, ree. a atisi-- .
sresdy, at HCTrtr!.. eperter, firm, at
TYrr Cid Market.
Nmr TORK. Feb. I The cotton rooda
market holds steady with demand steady.
Jobber ar doing a seasonable trad with
retailer inclined to pursue a ooaeervatlv
course mward future o roe re. 1 De local
wool markets an strong. Yarn are ad-
per bbl.. KM: Ben Davis, per bbl kiii:
Iancy w messps, per ool, plw; fancy Mis.
seurt Pippins per bbL, M.M: fancy Genoa,
per bbL. 14.00; California Belief! ower, psr
BOX, SI SB, tworaov evnatoao. sxtra ZBBcy,
par box. aM: Washington Bpltxenberg.
per box. UM; Wsshlngtoa R. Beauty, per
box, M S; Washlngioa Stamaa Wine
saps, per box, M-M- Baaanaa, fancy
elect, per bunch, tr M sMLio; Jumbo, per
runak, 12. 714)1-71. Cran berries, Wtoooosln
1 ncy, per bbL, ai.OO; per bwv. M.7
Dates, Anchor brand, new, M-rb. pkgs. la
boxsa. per box. HI; Dromedary brand,
new, a 1-lb pkg. In boxsa. per box.
Figa, California, per case of II U-os.
pks- C-St; per case of M t-oa pkgs,
n ot; bulk. In M-lb and M-lb boxes, per
lb.. 10c; New Turkish, t-erown la a-lb.
box, per lb., lie: fc-crowa bn aVIb, sexes,
psr lb-, llo; i-crowa In M-lb. boxsa, par
lb.. 17& Grape Fruit. Florida, 4t-M sliea,
psr crate, lo-ei-tl alses, per erata
MM Grape. Mala riapes In bbis.,
Milejkf. Lemons, Llmoneirk selected
brand, sxtra fancy. Ml sue. per box, ta-Oi;
Laai Uraunelrs, fancy, hit-m usee, per
box. Ml and 43 sites, wc per bos
leea, Orange, California. Camelia
brand, navel, extra fancy, M-ua-1M-i7t- -a
tixe, per box B.N; extra choice, all
s es, per box. a AV
Oasaaa Map Market.
OMAHA. Feb. t HAT Na L fit.):
No. L tlLM: coarse.; pecking stoca
K-ta-fv: alfalfa lli-0 Straw: Wheat
PUS; ry ut sals. asdTt k
Cattsns Market.
NEW TORK. Fsa. k COTTX)N Upot,
closed steady. M points higher, middling
up.anOs, HHc; nadd-ns full, kkRo; aales,
LtM bale
Cotton ftrrures eaerned steady. March.
tkAc; April. M 95c. bid: May. H-Uc; July.
Mac; Aufust, -J7c: sptmbr, auic;
October, kk c; Noveenbor, oft, red.
December. U Be: January. MJSe, offered,
t 'ot t oa futures cosed very steabtv. Cloe-
ittg bide: Februsry. If Mc; March, Mile;
April. H?4c. May. IkXak: AJuna 103ic:
July. M.ic; August, J4c, rVptember,
B.Sr; October. November, M:c;
December. W.tlc; January, klc
Tn key a
(udlc.'ous and peraisisal as H
Is th