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Well, YouVe Got to Hand it to Jeff for Trying, at that
By "Bud" Fisher
i - . -
'J 1 " I s -s. I f HM6rwT Swt-N H Fo. ) I s.
IfMiNKOP f LrtTlN, HfJ Tn. CuTtVr y JfMV TO T Sfeg I ( ClCHaVfyj TK? .
o ' UTTLS YoWtfeVred fOwew. j Mv at Tbtvr. Now V ri OTlfcT UTTXC ""v-. I 1
8 ' ' '
President Seright of Aero Clob to
Call Meeting Soon.
Plan to to Baack at Ikyfller
Make Tear at Omaka, Chicago
aad A tea Pear Other
Praidot J. J. Derlfht of the Aero
auk at Nebraska will cell a meeting of
business nwa seen to d-urmlne whtthar
Osiah will rata tha tuna neesry to
guarantee a run by a bwvy of aviator
whom Harold MoCormlck of Chicago pro.
poaaa to send out Bast aummar.
Mr. MoOormlck propo that tha circuit
b mad to Inelud Chicago, Omaha, Kan
aka city. St. LouU and Indianapolis, stops
to ka aiad at (II thaa eltlea. Ha think
these eUlo and tha town aver which tha
kyfllor will paa Van rata mouth
money to make It Worth whll (or tan
or twelve aviator to mak tha trip.
Ia Chicago laat wk President Derlght
triad to (lad Mr. MoCormlck to Uarn
mora about bl plan nd t aararuln
what tha othar cttM propose 10 do In
tha matter, but though Mr. MoCormlck
alao triad to (lnd biro, thay war unabla
ta moot. Mr. Derlght, howvr. talked
with Mr. McCormicir assistant, wbo
thought I10.00 would b abeul th propor
mount (or Omaha.
"This would b to much," aald Mr. De
light, but 1 Unsglns ta man bad bl fig
ure to bUrb. Ha aald many of th town
between th point of control woro bid
ding ualut aeb otnar t hav tha
aviator com tbir wy, and 1 baliav
that with th amount ot monay thay will
ralaa It wtU not b aacoaaary lor Omaha
aad to othar tour eiuaa chlatly Intar
astad ta raiae any auoh um a 11AM."
It I baUavad by mmbr ot th Ar
tab that larg numuar ot Sbraaaa
wduM oorea to Onai tor th pnviiog ot
a,iing th cvotutiaaa ot a oompany ol
Eourke Favors the
bong Dan reason
w. a. Hourka ownar ot tha Omaha
wil alub. latt lat Bight lor
r-kaa. wkar ha will attand tha moat'
lu of th shdul MauuiM ot th
WaMara iaacu. which oooraoa Waaaaa
day moraina. Pa Sourk b la favor of
tha lavgam obduio and will vol tor It
M th mating. Ha, howwror. I kv.raa
ta taa tour-trip plaa. auab a wa triad
ut but yaar and found a flbanolai tall
ara, H aay than as UtU doubt but
what th tat-gam aobadul wlU b
aaVoptad without aay troubla. and k n)
imoat aartala th four-trip plan will k
oao away with. Kaurka baa draws up
a, aehadai which b will aubmlt at tb
Tyru Raymond Cobb, world' graataat
baa ball playar and crack outflaldar of
th olHrolt Ttgara, -who daclara that
th main factor In hi ue la "modra
Uon In all thing." Tr aay that h
natlhar moke nor drink to sc, al
though ho can anloy althar one ta a
whlla. Boom I th wont thing (or an
athlata, particularly a ball playar, who
ba to kp bl ay claar, aoconltng to
th groat aluggar. Thrfor Ty make
buttarmllk hi (avorlt bcvarag moM of
th tint.
CMcagt) SilliaTd Player EuilY Lcaii
the Field.
rrcy rolllaa Nay Bo AM to
Warry latoraatlaaal Champloa
Mttlo, bat Exparta Da Mat .
Thlak ,
NEW. TORK, Fab. I.-Bllllard aiparta
rarlawlng tonight tb flrat wk ot play
la th national araataur elaaa A 111 balk
Una championahlp billiard toumamtnt
bar had UtU troubla Id elaaatng th
work of Charlc P. Conklln of Chicago a
aally th bt and moat eonltnt of
any competitor. Th Inuroatlonal cham
pion won vry gkm In which h oom
pated. Ho ha defaalad Dr. WalUr O.
Douglaa, Joaopb Mayar and Dr.. W altar
C t'ffanhalmcr. but many baliav that
Farcy Collin, th youthful (allow towna
maa of Conklln. will glv him trouble.
Collin baa hung up to tb record' high
average of (h tournament with U lf-P).
and hi beat run la 77.
J. Ferdinand Poggenberg, Morris D.
Brown and Collin are tied (or oond
place, each woth two victories and on
defeat. Th three are playing la eplen
dld form, although Poggenburg Baa dla
p!ayed a pro penalty to tall down' on hit
cuahlon (hot when th lvea)e are rolling
badly tor him. 1 '
Th atandlng: 1 11
C. K. Conklln
J. F. Pocevnburg
M. D. Brown
P. rollln
J. Mar
Dr. W. B. llffenhelmer..
Dr. W. O. Doulaa
of kaakat ball will be
Blared ta tha Trl-Clty brngu thl van-
lac three at tha local "T" gymaaaiam
ad as at th University of Omaha.
reUowlng la tha ashodiy:
t kjaal gymnaaluni Omaha High
aobaoi agaiaat Belleru. (twa gam),
Cneghtaa agaiaat Council Bluff Touag
Maa Cbrtetlaa a nrlailoa
At Varraratty at Omaha-Pirate
gainst Vntvamty ot Omaha. S
mt. JOWOPK M Pah. l.-(8telal Tl-
grsBVrt-WUllam Baker Bortaa, star first
! eaiiki f tb Drummar and a recruit
ml tha Cbisaga While go. wlU b mar
rted bar tamerrow morning to MU Peul
Inarai. a Baaaiher at M. Joseph'
nan an set. Tb earemony will tak
place at tb abmopal oh urea.
wnmrAr.wTJMiAl rh. lTb Phtla
adlphla Matlnal leagu eluk aaBouseed
teaar It had received tb signed en
tracts g Cbartee C Cravath. th heavy
Mtttac atfWdar of th Mir see poll dob;
Utah t Tkoaaaa Sextoa at tha Pwtkkaa.
(bm. Ill, aad Haretd Ireland. Ik fielder,
mt miklasvlUo. Ky.
Omaha High to Play
with Lincoln Five
Th Omaha and Unooln High school
hav again resumed athletic ralktlona, tb
managenMnU of th twa ochools having
reached aa acrae mailt to play two baa-
kt bail gam thl winter, one at th
Capital city and th other at th local
-T" gymnasium. Following are IB data
for thl year' floor gam: Feoruary is,
Omaha High acbool agalnat Unooln High,
at Unooln; March t, Unooln High against
Omaha High kt Omaha.
Piollmlajary Debate at Valaatlae.
ViUurilNI. Nab.. Feb. l-tipaclal.)-
Tb preliminary oontsat for a plc la th
district debate w held at Qulglcy nail
Frtdar night. There ware eleven etuoanta
In th debate, their name being: Bpary
Gardner, George Kiwycia. Mary Jaooba,
Fay MoCleilaad. Ouaele Onett, Char lee
Black, Clara Van Meter, Bdlth Kauogg.
Clareoo Halay, Albert Cbnstusen.
Lawreaoe FUo and Olady Jacksos, Tb
queetloa tor dabat wa. "Resolved. That
tha Movement ot Organised Labor for
th Cloeed Bhop Should Raoetv tb Bun-
port of Public Opinion." Thar wer
four ob tb affirmative and eeven oa the
negative. Th debate wa held to pick
out th tour best speaker to represent
th Valtntln Htgh school at Atkinson
0NU. Th winning tudnU are
Lawrence Rio. Clarence Haley. Cler
Van Meter aad Oeorg Krayclk ta sub
stltute. .
bil mall line at Maeeaaa
RATBOtA. rtabx. Fv b-(8pai--Tk
taat weak warn basket kali wash tar
tha Tlsik enheils Oa Taarsdajr both
th boys' aad th ttrss teases went I
Oraad lataaa. tb baya Crasa RavaBaa
s amis by a Mere of M h t aad tb
gtrhi loaUkg by a soar f 4 bs ftX Friday
tha beoV team waot ta Boaraa, where a
wail Bislnbit gaaaa was pkvred. ketag a
tX at tb and f th sunt balf. aad
after unaldirsbU extra Use had beea
played tka Rasatasb kor wwa kyll JB.
I asm abijBl gsieaaa at turns TbaBBsr
west f b at fawar sf Bka Raw. .
AUJAlKm. Kek, rw. .. HI -
Tha SIBsmik Has. Him ins l eamei
ban baa eaaflv direalid tha rtTV tram
fnaa I slsns- en aba taral Hoar Prway
airrrar ebawajcbaaw. anal libiefb una vwv
aMabs amealebetaaw
WEST POINT, Fkb. t- Special. -Th
Cuming County Farmer' Instltut. Just
cloaed, was th most successful gathering
sf It kind ever held In the Bounty, and
r(ct great credit upon th effort of
Dr. H. U Wll, tb aecretary. Th at'
ten danos at th two days session . wa
very larg and mucb Interest wa shown.
especially by th ywingsr farmers, rfh
program was aa follows: "Sou Fertility
and Proper Tillage," Prof. C. O. Mar.
hall, Uooaln; "Poultry Raising on tb
Farm," J. C. 'Oppsrman, Department of
Agiioultur. Washington, D. C; "Poultry
Industry of th United Stat, Prof. Op-
perman; "Th rarnW Fruit OanUn,'
Prof. C. O. Marshall; 'Th Silo," Prof.
Hull. Alma; "Th Alfalfa Problem," Hon.
C. Oraff. Bancroft; "Breeding and Feed
ing Hog for Profit." Prof. Hull Mis
Louis (labia ot Beatrice addressed th
member of the Institute upon th aub
Jacta, "Helpful suggestions for th Buay
Houeewlfe" and "What We Owe ' Our.
salvaa" To proceedings wore enlivened
with stereopttoon vlewa and aorae ot th
kMtur Wer Uluatrated with moving
picture at tha local theater. Vary Rev
Joseph Reusing wa elected president tee
th eneulng year aad Dr. H. U Wall
aecretary. I
w am naa ,
UNCOLN. Feb. !.- Special Telegram.)
Joeaph Bdmiaston, formerly county
Judge f Hamilton county, was brought
to the penitentiary today to serve a term
for mbeatlemnl of funds which cam
Into hi possession by virtu of hi of fit.
Smuel S. Fales Dies
at Home in Ashland
ASHLAND, Kcb.. Feb. (.-(Special
Telegram.) AfW a long Illness, Samuel
& Fairs, a resident of Ashland sine
int. died at his bom In this city Mon
day morning aged about 7 year. He
cam to Nebraska from Rhode Islsnd
la the early days of ths town and was
engaged In the general merchandise
business. He was a vestryman of Bt.
Stephens Episcopal church. The funeral
will ba held at t o'clock Wednesday.
Th body will be taken to hi birth
place. Warren, R. I., for Interment, ac
companied by Will Baxter of Omaha,
who I a nephew, and Mrs. Fales. De
ceased 1 aurvtved by his wife, eon and
one daughter. Mm Frnk Ledwllh of
NEBRASKA CITT. Neb.. Fell 8. (Spe
cial.) Elder John T. Fmlth, pastor of th
Christian church, died Saturday at hi
bom south of ths city and his funeral
was held thl morning and hi body wa
taken to Keneaaw, Neb., where It v
placed to rest beside that of a grand
daughter, who died a (ew year sine. The
debased was born In Rushvlll. IIL. Jan
nary U, Mil, and In 1M enlisted and
served In th civil war. After th war he
attended college and graduated aa a min
ister and ha been preaching sine that
Urn. H ha been a resident of this
city for twenty-eight years and eignt
veara of that tlms was pastor ot th
church here. He Is survived by hi
widow and tha following children: Aus
tin M. Bmlth of Greeley. Colo.: Mr. R. J
Latta of Keneaaw, Dr. Hal. G. Bmlth of
Franklin and Bert C. Bmlth of Uncoln.
He eras held In high esteem by all and
one was on of th charter members of
th Grand Army of to Republic post of
this city.
BEAVER CITT, Nob.. Fb. I -(Special.)
-Judas B. B. Perry has set his first tsrm
of district court for Fuma county to be
held at Beaver City, commencing reorw
ary la, Th following I th Ut of the
jurymen drawn for ths tsrm: Ralph Wal
ters. Arthur Bird. Mlron Bamonos, new
nth Baboock, Wesley Lapton. Simon
Caress. Mllo Miner, John PywU. William
peed era, J. W. Robert, "am Haywood.
Fltchr Oranstaff. O. A, Bard. Ed Ksse
tr. Lee Samples. George New. John
Horn. Oscar F. Moot. Tom Dswls. J. I
Planer, Frank Msyer. J. W. Meader, F.
W. Clarln. N. B. Huffman. Tha docket
contains eighty-four raeea. and ther will
b a number of these tried by Jury. -.
Ooldea Weddlsa at Rekraaka City.
, NEBRASKA it TT, Neb, Feb. I
fSpclaJ.-Enll Rlbr and wlf yetr
day celebrated th fiftieth wadding an
nlvrsary In a ult manner at their
bom In Ibis city. Mrs. Rslber ta th
only stater of th lata Paul Bchmlnk
and wa married to Mr. Rlbr at Wash
ington, a. and cam to thl Hty a hort
tins afterwards and Mr. Relber n
saaed la tb milling bualnaM with bis
brothr-lB-taw and a few year sines
retired and has Aeen living a almpl Ufa
Their marriage, wa blessed by tw
chlldrsn. who died s few year since, and
they hav one grandson, who resides in
th western part of the atata
Plan to Form Iowa
State Ball League
IOWA CITT. Ia,- Feb. S.-SpecleJ
Telegram.) A meeting of Iowa City
business men will be held tomorrow to
elect representative to a mas meeting
of delegate from Cedar Rapids, Water
loo, Iowa City and Marahalltown, at
Cedar Raplda to begin organisation of
a new Iowa Mat has ball leagu which
It Is planned will consist of teams from
th town mentioned and others of this
section of th state. ' Beldea H1U of
Cedar Rapid head th movement.
BEATRICE, Neb., Feb. 6.-Speclal.-Vhe
Spanish-American war veteran ot
this city met In th Commercial club
rooms Saturday evening and funned an
organisation to be known as Camp Macy
No. 8. Tliea officer were elected: L
W. Colby, department commander; L. B.
Blood good, senior vie commander; WlU
Hall, junior vie commander; 8. F. Nich
ols, officer of th guard; A. 8. Wada
worth, officer of the day; J. R. Quota
and Martin Ossowskl, trustee. Th ap
point Ivs officers sre: Charles L. Brewster,
adjutanu J. R. Brown, quartermaster;
Rev. Charles Melville, chaplain; Dr. C. P.
Fall, surgeon; A. H. Holllnginonh, ser
geant major; Fred Blck. quartermaster;
John B!rk, color sergeant. The camp was
mustered In by Adjutant General Phelps.
The ramp resolved to assist th Grand
Army of th Republic In every posslbls
wy In their encampment to be held her
In May. Th Spnlsh-Ameiican veterans'
encampment will be held In Beatrlc April
M and 17, and an effort will be made to
bring many veteran to Beatrlc for th
HASTINGS, Neb., Feb. S.-(8pecll.)l-A
statement baa been prepared which
shew that th people of Hasltnga hav
contributed approximately S210.0M (or
Hastings college sine th Institution wa
founded thirty years ago. it 1 believed
her that no city ta Nebraska ha oon
wibuted mora la th (am length of tlm
to th support of aay educational Institu
tion. Beside aiding materially In tba
raising of funds for now buildings and
for th endowment th people ot Hastings
have -oa numerous occasion mad pe
al ai donation to discharge th Institu
tion's accumulated debt. Only recently
A. L Clark donated IS. Out to th college,
which wa mora thaa wa derived from
th Presbyter) an synod during all of last
year. In vlw ot tha loyal support tb
people hav given they are anxiously
awaiting action by th synod relatlv to
th futura of th Institution. .
Walt Rant at Craig:.
CRAIG. Neb.. Feb. t.-&pwciai.)-nAt a
welf hunt aoutb aad west at thl city
Friday twa oe rotes wer captured. The
oojrotcs ar becoming quit a Biilaano In
this Motion and farmers ara taking an
In ta rest In having them destroyed.
II eel aaa Dtea Proas Rzpasar.
MINNBAFOU8, Feb. (.Exposure to
day caused the death of Mrs. Marv " '
ertaoa. aged 71, who tor th last thirty
rears ha lived tb life of a recluse. u
found ther wassa fuel nor food In the
Wit Hist at Jobasoa.
TABLE ROCK. Neb., Feb. .-8peelsJL)
A wolf hunt scurred her on Friday
which attracted quite a large crowd. A
coyote wa soot and killed near th Hr
rick farm, some tour mile north of
town. During tb wild clua th bora
f Ora Cruder tell throwing bis hndar-
th and ha suffered quite a severe
scalp wound, which rendered rt necessary
ta hav several stitches taken to no
th wound.
Quit a snowfall occurred bar Friday
night, and with a high wind prevailing
It drifted quite badly. In eonsequeooe our
rural mall carrier were badly hampered
la BUkklng their round K Ths carrier a
root No. 1 went out only two mile a
root when be had to beat aa In-
gloria retreat
Tw WewdlBBW at Tab Back.
TABLE ROCK. Neb.. Feb. k-tspeelaU
-Mr. Mearl O. Cook and Mia Alma
Ayksr. wa Itvs a short distance Bank at
to era. drove ever t Passes City
Wednesday and war onlted ta marrlag
by Rot. John W. Moody, th Christian
minister at that place.
Mr. Pwta Omdeakaut wba Uvea fir
mllca north at Tabes Rack, wa united ta
aaiTtkwesmday bs Miss Aaaa M. Ubay
at tb hem t th bride's ssothar. Mrs.
Laara Ubby. at Elk Crack; Rev. Koda
ks, aga, pastor of tka Methodist churrk at
M, BaUTsUCZ. Xah.
- Marshall J one, tori
Xeaw Fate. A-llpai ail
twenty year a rast-
dsat af Beatrice, dbsd ksat erenteg after
He was
dUEbsc Cr
Wizards with Cue and Bat
Taft Wll Speak la Beaten.
WASHINGTON. r. I President Taft,
Rear Admiral Walnwrlght and Charles
Francla Adama of Boston wll lapeak at a
peace meeting of the Navy league nor en
Friday, February a.
Four star member of Harry Wolver
toa'B New Tec Taakvea, wba ab are
raek bflnard pmyera. Hal Chase, wowVr-
faj fkrst bsnsis i and formes' smaagrr af
Bs team. b tb wlxard af tb avara. lie
whll Harry Welter, left below, and Bert
TstawK rtekt besow. ar sboat tied par
-Jrfrd pie re Tjo trvorft? kjaurd
of tka Isats s.-xa are ."Tfiiay Dnk i
Fj t. asi d snwst pan Xrnm Tart.
r i '
. 1 m V, pre ) - ,
ill-- j 'j-jir'-f-''
"'It"!-' tit! ' -
svx , -'CT;
k r r
iq) fc'O-'v ,. aVc --.'
Frank Chance, peerlrss leader of ths
Chicago Cuba, who baa changed th spring
training pUis of th Windy City crew.
For th first tlm In year th Cub will
not go to Wst Baden Spring, lnd. New
Orleans will hav th Cub a their
gu jet whll Ever. Bchult. Hofmkn and
company ar working out th kink In
their arm and underpinning. Th team
will arrive at tin Louisiana metropolis
during the third week of February and
will stay there until March 17. St. Pat
rick's day.
Oaael Reads Meetlsg at Haatlasra.
HA8T1NUO, Nab., Feb. e.-Special.)
Tha second annual convention ot the
Omaha-Denver Good Road association
will b held her tomorrow. " Delegate
ar expected from all tba larger town
between Omaha and Denver. Tn associa
tion baa cnmpiately survey sd and marked
aa overland route betwan th two cities
and published a guide for tourist. Tb
promotion ot th good roads propaganda
will be th purpose of th convention, not
only for tb Omaha-Denver route, but
for branch road as wall.. .
McCook and OrcLMen
Are Given Divorces
LINCOLN, Feb. (.-(Special Telegram.)
Charles L. Walker asks a divorce from
Ursula Walker on the ground that she
Is possessed of so much religious seal
she csnnot get along with him, his friends
or any of his neighbors.
They wer married In McCook In 189.
In addition to her execs of religion
he aver that she would not stay at
home, but Insisted on going back to
McCook, which was inconvenient, as the
only job he had out ot which to mak a
living was located at Havelock, Th
court granted the divorce.
A divorce was also granted William
Aldrlch. Aldrlch was living on a farm
near Ord when a marriage bureau helped
him to a wife. She refused to May with
him, however, and th petition sets out
that th last time he heard from her she
was In North Carolina.
BROKEN, BOW. Neb.. Feb. &.- Spe
cial) Clinton Bennett, a farmer residing -
three mile north of here, ha been ar
rested on a charge of brutally asaultlng
hla wife. Bennett was located at Dakota
City, where he had gone after commit
ting th sieged assault. According to tha
story told Prosecutor Baal by Mr. Lydla
A. Bennett and neighbor In that vMntty,
Bennett ha been In th habit ot abusing
hla wife for over a year, but fearing for
her life, Mr. Bennett ha never before
dared make a complaint Finally, on Jan
uary 30, it la alleged, Bennett mads a
more than usually vicious attack upon hi
wlf. severely Injuring her head and bruis
ing her shoulder and breast. He then
started to leave the country after giving
a bill ot sale on personal property to a
local business man for the sum of S30O. A
warrant wa quickly sworn out nd placed
In Sheriff Wilson's hands, who proceeded
to send description of Bennett broadcast.
In th meantime, Mrs. Bennett attorney
hav enjoined th holder of th bill of sal
from touching the property Bennett Is
said to have disposed of. Bennett I a
robust man ot at years or thereabout,
whll hi wlf I a frail, delicate little
woman many year hi junior.
Ifw Railway Mall Clerks.
WASHINGTON. Feb. t! (Special Tele
gram.) E. A. Lofswold of Mitchell, D.
Bl Davis of Pierre and H. L. Lang of
Aberdeen, a D, hav bean appointed
railway mall cJerks. - - -
A arrlbl beslk
may result from dlssd lungs. Cur
Coughs and Wwak. Bora Lang with Dr.
King's New Discovery. Bkt and H.dO. For
sale by Beaton Drug Co.
In a quarrel with a stranger at Twelfth
street and Capitol avenue early last night.
Sam Moron t. 111 South Fourteenth street,
was shot through th left shoulder aad
left leg.' He avoided the police ststlon
and mad his way to tb offlc of an
uptown surgeon, where hla wounds were
dressed. Morant declared h did not know
who shot him. His Injuries ar not
Word was sent In to th nolle station
ot th affair and officer mad a March.
Neither th victim nor assailant was
Priee af Crslt Oil Advaaoed.
INDEPENDENCE. Kan., Feb. k-Tne
Independence Oil and Gas oompany today
advanced the price of crude oil I cents to
i cent a barrel. Th reason for ad
vancing tb price. It was staled, was th
alarming demand upon tb reewrve stock
and the rapidly decreasing production
Peed Wataeat Raaehee Rr Yowk.
NEW TORK, Feb. I William Wataoa.
th English poet and author of "Woman
With the Serpent' Tongu," which cre
ated considers bis controversy her and
abroad, arrived la New York today to
participate la tb Dickon centennnry
las eaweaaseki
Old Style Lager meets the rigid requirements of
the law of purity, the critical consumer's desire
for excellence and the physician's exactness for whole
someness and quality. 7
LERCH A VAN SANOT, Distributors
' 311 SomtM 1 7t Semt Phonea Doaylam 1679-A 1679