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First Showing of Sampeck's
1912 Models
"We've been busy the past week un
poking the new suits and its been a gen
uine pleasure to open each case a hand
somer lot of clothes never entered the
, store.
There are new modified English
models, others distinctly American, but
every one with that irresistible clever
ness of Sam pec k designers.
New shades of gray and tan with pin
. stripes and plain colors of gray and blue.
Home in and look over these new
clothes, if only to get acquainted with
what's right for 1912.
An especially strong showing of suits
. at $15, be sore to see these.
$15 to $25
1518-20 7 ARK AM STREET
Iowa Treasurer to Fay Back Mosey
Paid in Bond Taxes.
i regarding fraud. tntlmidetiaa. an
corruption at the lata eieotloa. It la yam
doty to Investigate than rumora an
promptly Indict UT an all offender! who
hsv violated tha rtmlaal aectloa of tba
election law. -
Mara lair It a
Tha court alio call roar attention to
certain runvwa that hav baan la circu
lation for noma time regarding unlawful
conduct of tba flfa and pollca hoards of
Omaha and South Omaha la issuing
llncnsra to aaloan keepers an druggists.
Tat (nind jury about Industriously and
vigorously- lovsellgate these rumora and
M you fin that any paraoa ar persons
hava directly or Indirectly given money
or any athar property ta any number of
tba Hoard of Flra and Polios Coramlselon
ra at tlw city of Omaha or South Omaha,
you should prompUy ratura Indictment
against all euoh paraoa. an alio against
any sssenber of tba flra an polloa board
f Omaha of South Omaha wba accepted
Btarr u thalr affletal action on
ths flra and pollca board.
Tba court eulle your attention to cer
tala rumora that . now sxist In Omaha
an Douglas oounty regarding irrafular
and unlawful paving contracts, and for
th purpose at aaatattnf tba Jury In lnves
ttgeUng tha court oalla your attention to
tha law on aatd euojeet. and tha aama
wilt be found In aectlon JM4 of Cohoeye
Aaavtatad Statute of Mehraokn of tha
j-aar la
boat MM MssUat.
-It la tha uty f tba gran Jury unr
the Instructions of Ua aourl to indua
irloury Investigate thaa rumora to
..certain tha facta with raapaot tnaralo,
and If you And that tha law haa baaa
vtolatrd rr any puoll oftloar. criminal
la lea nature, yo should not kaattata to
Indict aach and every paraoa wba baa
violate tba aaove esctloa. ,
Tha court eaila yaur attontloa to ba
gambling aad lottsry laws af tha atata
of JUhrnsaa. and you ahould oarafully
iBvestlgats minora that ara In circula
tion routine to aald euhject, aad Indict
any an poraona who hava violated
tha lawa of Nebraska relating to aald
"Th court oalla your attention to tha
liquor law of tba atata of Nebraska,
and you ahould carefully and thoroughly
InvMtliata tha rumora that ara ta cir
culation, and Indict any and all persona
who have tfobued tha llouor laws of- Ua
lata.' ' r
"Ta court call yaur attontloa to tba
lawa of Nebraska relating ta prostitution,
houses of proetltlUoa, aad pimps, and
your should carefully an Industriously
tnraatltata tba- rumors that are In cir
culation about tha law Win violated la
relation t seen subjects, and Indict any
an all poraona who ara violating aal
lawa af Nebraska. .
Investigate Trusts.
"Tha court call your attontloa to thi
lawa of Mabraaka relating to truata an
combination la roatraint of trad, and
tha grand jury ahould carefully an in
dustriously lnvsstlgate thla subject, and
If you flad that tboro ar any combine-
tlona that are unlawful and la restraint
of trad, It la yaur duty to Indict all
prraon who have vtolato tba aatd lawa
tbla atata.
"7b law require tko court to call
your attontloa to that portlea at tba
statutes relatlag to Ina keepers, and ta
thla connection tba court cbargoa yau
ta carefully read tha otatate tatarrlng
to ma kniim and to tavaatlgato a to
whether there are any vtotattea a th
lawa In thla atata. an It aa y will
make the proper nreaeafmeat by tadlet
ment. , '
"la addition to th matter ta which
Mistaken . Diagnosis Doctors
: Goess Wrong Again
About five yeara ago I wrote to yau
that 1 ha beea a terrible sufferer from
kidney and bladder troubles, and that my
physician tnfunned me that my left kid
ney waa In auch condition that there waa
ao bop for my recovery. I waa advised
ta try yaur Swamp-Root aa'a last resort,
and after baking four flfty-oent alaa bot
tle. I passed a gravel atone which
weighed ten grama. I afterwarda for
warded you thla gravel atone. Hve had
na return at any trouble sine that time
and -cannot ear too much In favor of your
wonderful 1 , preparation. Swamp-Root,
which cure, after physician fall.
Very truly your.
r. H- H0R.NE.
Route 1, Box M. Koaeboro. N. C.
Personally appeared before me. thla
Sat day of July. 1M. T. M. Home, who
subscribed the above statement and made
oath that lb same la true la substance
an !a fact. ; , - James M. Hall.
,--. Notary Public
fceteer to
Br. SUlaass C
la !- in, m.
Tn Wait bwtma-RMt Will U Far Tn
Send t Dr. Kilmer Ce. Blngham-
ton. X. for a aample bottle. It will
cerrvlBo eayoo. Ten will also receive
a, booklet of valuable Information, tell
ing all about the kldneya aad bladder.
When writing, be euro and mention tba
Omaha Dally Bee. Regular fifty-cant
and one-dollar eize botUe for sale at all
drug flora. 1
tho court feaa directed your attention,
tha court dlrerta you to tnveatlgata all
violations of tha criminal lawa of thla
stale, an If the ovMenca before you
seem to warrant, to Indict any and all
persons who hava violated tba law. This
will b yaur duty, and I bar ao doubt
It will be your pleasure.
Mast Visit Jail.
"It aim become the duty of tha court
to call your attention to that portion of
tha atatute relating to Jail, and you
should make auch Investigation as th
law require to be made, and It will be
your duty while, In attendance to visit
tha county Jail at least one during your
session, an to examine Ita state and con
dition; examine an lnq lire Into the
discipline an treatment of prisoners.
their habits, diet and accommodation.
and reprt In writing whether any of the
provision of law hav beea violated,
pointing out In what particular, if any.
violations consist and you ahould
mall any recommendation for th hens-
fit of the officer for tha management of
The court call your atteatton regarding
certain rumor that ara in circulation re
garding the conduct of th Dougla county
hospital, and you ahould thoroughly tn
veatlgata thee rumora and report In
writing, to the court, your findings, after
thoroughly laveatlgatloa a to all matter
pertaining la tha management, operation
and sanitary condition of aald hospital,
and aay la your report whether or not all
money that nav been appropriate and
expended In aald hospital hav bee ex
pended according to law,
You should also visit and Investigate
all publl and private home where child
ren ara confined, aad report tho oondlttona
surrounding aald children, and to max
any tvcomioendstlona that you think
would better Rt condition In aald Insti
tution. ,
Instraetlea Testleaeay.
It will bo yaur duty to carefully
crutin! and dispassionately weight the
testimony of all tha witness that come
before you. It la not proper for you to
consider hearsay testimony In making
up your minds whether or not true
bill ahould bo presented against any per-
but It la proper for you to receive
hearsay teettmeay tor th purpoaa of as
sisting yau la ft rating th whereabout
of witness who ara possessed at actual
knowledge. If tha evidence Introduced
before you eatlsflss your mlnda that aa
often against th lawa of thla atata
haa beea committed, and If tha evMenoo
before you, unexplained and unim peached.
and not broke down, eallsflea your Bund
wha tha person la who. committed the
act, then It would be your duty ta pre
sent auch person.
"It la necessary that twelve of your
number concur In the finding of an In
dictment, and when It ehall concur th
foreman of your body shall endorse on
uch Indictment th words, 'A True El IV
and subscribe hi name thereto aa tore-
"No person except yourselves 1 permit'
ted to be la or remiln la th room with
you wtuje yeu are expressing your view.
Individually or otherwise, or while yo
are voting upon any question before you.
Ceaatr Attorney to Help,
"It la tha duty of tho county attorney
or any of ala assistants under his ulree
Uon to bo and appear before your body
for tho purpoaa of giving any legal ad
vice relative to aay matter coming
fore you, and If you desire b rosy inter
rogatt witnesses before you for the pur
pose of asssitla you In finding out th
facta. It la also hia duty to prepare auch
Indictment aa you may direct.
Xou will have at your disposal at
rear outer door a bailiff, who will carry
a -,manlcatkoe (ram you to aay parsons
e may dlr aal wha will notify the
oourt when you desire to appear before
It, and will as la th calling of witnesses
within the reach of tha bauirt. aad ether
matters, which you Orel re that be
should do.
smaestlana to Jarara.
For the purpoaa of assisting the Judges
in determining upon when another grand
jury ahould be called, the court directs
the Jury to answer tho following ques
l Ha there been any Jury bribing
within Uougias county within th last
three leers, an II so, give toe names
of the uerson or persons, com sexy
oorporatloo, who have been bribing jurors
In Douglas county during the last three
years 7
!.- Mas the police department of the city
of Omaha In th last Uire yean in good
falih tried to enlorce the lawe ot Ne
braska In relation to gambling, the aal
of Intoxicating nquors, ana? nouses oi
nmaf llilfUMt?
t. Has the fir and ponce hoard ot
Omaha In (ood faith tried to enforce the
lawe of Nebraska In the last three years
in relation to gambling, tne sale ot in
toxicating ilu.uur and bouse of prosti
.-uas th police department of the
city of Bout Omaha la th last three
year In d faith tried to enforce the
laws of Nebraska In relation to gambling,
the sale ot intoxicating liquor and house
of uosiituiloa?
"i Haa the fire and police board of
the city of South
years in good faith
laws ot Nseraaka la
the sale of intoxicating liquor
houses ot prostitution
I Examination af Aereeats of Iowa
City Keveale Thews ta Vest Con
ditionLiability Coasmlsataa
Caatlaaea Hearten.
(Prom a Staff Correspondent.)
J.ES MOIXUS. Feb. . (Special Tele
gram. r As the result of a recent supreme
court decision holding finally that gov
ernment bond held by banks are not
subject to taxation, or rattier that their
value must be deducted from the value
ot tho bank stock when assessii th
county treasurer here will Immediately
pay back to be Moines banks about
iOO.On already collected In taxes. This
covers taxes paid for about eight year
while the matter waa being adjudicated.
It Icaupposed that a number of counties
In tho ststa will hav to pay back to
bank large amounts thus collected.
AoFoont All Itlgbt.
Tha municipal ax-counts ot the city of
Iowa City ar in excellent condition, ac
cording to tho report filed with tho stale
auditor by the mtntrlpal accountant who
made the examination.
Two weeks ago a petition signed by
fifty resident ot Iowa City waa sent to
the state auditor asking the state to
make an examination, the statement be
ing made that they ftred the funds of
tho city had been wrongfully used. The
accountant report all funds proper; ac
counted for. At a prevtoua examination
the slats examiner made some recom
msndatlona In regard to the method of
conducting business and lay the recom
mends t Ions all hava been carried out
Advrattata la eealoa.
Tha first meeting of the biennial session
of the northern -union conference of
Heventh Day Adventtsts. representing (he
membership of Iowa, Minnesota,' North
Dakota and South Dakota, was held her
today. The trustee ot the Northern
Union Conference association and tha
Danish-Norwegian seminary were elected.
Plana for forwarding the different de
partments wire adopted aad a recom
mendation to the local conference that
they raise a sum for foreign missions
equal to U cent per member weekly was
Liability Hearisg,
Walker Olven, secretary of the Kny
players' Liability commission, today an
Bounced ths cities at which tha state
commission will hold public hearing dur
lug the last week of Februery and the
first two weeks of March. The following
rltlea will be visited la tho order named:
Council Illuffs, Bioux City, Mason City,
Dubuque, Davenport, Burlington, (A
tumwa and Dea Moines.
l-atrr Date far Coavealloa.
After having set th date for tha Sev
enth district republican convention for
March ( a change waa made by tha com
mittee to the date of March U, when th
republican convention for tho capital dis
trict of the state Will be held her. It
I a foregone conclusion that tha conven
tion will be unanimous for a delegation
that will be for Senator Cummlna for
president without any second choice It
will bo th second of tho district con
vention held In the atata, th first being
In the Sixth district en March where It
xpeote an antl-Cummlns delegation
w Jb named. ,, ,
... UMsa-resseaea Hav Oppeattlea.
At least six of His Iowa republican con
gressmen will hava opposition for renom-
Lnatlon at tha republican prlmetles. It Is
stated there will be a candidate against
Kennedy In lb First district. In th Third
Mr. Pickett la how opposed by A. D.
Sumner and R. U Leach. In the Fourth
Mr. llaughen la oppoaj by II L. Adam.
In tha With M.'. Kendall ha opposition
In tho person of Thomas Bray. In th
Tenth, Mr, Woods' place la coveted by
Paul Stlllman. In tha Ninth Mr. Hub-
herd s berth la sought by Oeorge C. Scott
and Judire William Hutchinson. Messrs.
Pickett and Hubbard seem to be In great-
cat dancer of defeat
Hepfer Oat ot tho Race.
Rev. Dr. A. K. Kepford, stats lecturer
oa tuberculosis, who was conceded to be
In th lead for llutnant governor, has
announced he would not be a candidate
at all, as he feels that ha can be of
greater service to th public in hi present
work. He has been largely responsible
for the work of arousing the people of
Iowa to methods of prevention of tubercu
losis and he desires to remain In the
health sen Ice. He Is working under the
board of control. Ilia announcement
leavea the field tor tha present to Sen
ator Van Law ot Marshall and Repre
sentative Harding of Woodbury.
City Detective Kxeae rated.
A Jury empaneled by the coroner de
cided that th shooting ot Luther Alex
ander, a boy, by two detectives was
Justified. Alexander bsd been decoyed
to a room by a puree left exposed and
th detectives shot him aa he waa leaving
th room. It Is regarded aa certain he
had been engaged for some time In mak
ing robberies. Arthur Bales, wha waa
supposed ta be a pal of Alexander, but
against whom no evidence haa been ob
tained, has agreed to leave Dea Moines
and go to a farm la N'raka where he
ha relatives and remala.
Csaalss (hssee la State.
Th first of the republican conventions
for Iowa will be held probably In the
Sixth district, an these oounty conven
tion win declare in opposition to the
aspiration of Senator Cummin to
become a candidal for president. This
will be largely due to tha Influence of
Major J. F. Lacey, wba opposed Senator
Cummlna at tha primaries three year
ago and waa defeated for senator. The
major and hat friend hava got In early
with a di-ftrict convention an probably
will call the county conventions very soon.
All ot them, so it Is expected, will oppose
Cummlna. .
The second convention to Select dis
trict delegates will be held la Dee
Moines, unless the convention for the
Eighth ts called early. It la understood
that an effort 1 to be made to get a
very earlr convention for the Eighth In
the hope that It wtil also pronounce
agalnet Cmnmina. It la regarded aa un
certain, however, whether any other
district of the state will do ao.
There doea not seem to be much doubt
that the state convention will favor the
selection of four delegatea who will
support the candidacy ot Senator Cum
mins ao long as he haa any show of
ao ml nation at Chicago. lie publicans
generally ar acordlng to him thla cour
tesy, and ar opposing- efforts to secure
a delegation that will be only nominally
for him and In fact having a second
choice that Is the real first choice. A
committee haa been formed here. In which
factional lines have been Ignored, to
further tho cause of having aa Iowa
candidate for president end there will
be eome quiet work done out la tha
lawa Deaaerrata Sot Agree.
A th result of th oonference held last
week la Dea Moines by the democrats It
became evident to tho leaders that It will
Impossible at this time to occur any
concerted action looking toward a united
delegation to tho democratic national con
van Hon. The adherents of Wilson are
about a numerous aa those of Clark and
It waa found there are great many In
Iowa who are for Harmon. There was
expectation on tho part of the Clark men
Ihey would be able to sweep all others
out of the way before this time, but they
have net been able ta do so and they find
the Wilson and Harmon men Just aa
determined aa ever.
Hcldea Appcale to Vsars,
Perry O. Holden. candidate for tba re
publican nomination for governor, la en
listing Iho women of tho state la his
fight for a greater Iowa. Ha will ad
dress th monthly meeting of the Chau
tauqua union at lloyt Sherman ptaei
Tuesday afternoon. Hia subject will be
'The Part Women May Hava In tho
Making of a Greater Iowa."
rtaht Over Sal of laaaraaee,
There la good prospect for a pretty
fight In tho courts over the sale of th
Dea Molnea Lite Insurance company to
Iho National Life Insurance company of
lhlcago. A committee ot stockholders
has been formed to protest against tha
terms of the Bale, an policyholders are
being urge to Join tn th movement to
make trouble -for the principal in the
deal. Tho terms ot the sale were ap
proved by the governor aad state auditor,
who give assurance that tha Interests of
th policyholder will bo fully protected
and that they will get a good deal by
reinsuring. Just what grounds tho ob
jectors hava to th transfer of the bust-
is to Chicago la not known. Tha prin
cipal owners of the company received
Plus, Out for their Interest
tea act Talk City Pell ties.
City officials hava undertaken to pre
vent the employes ot the city of Dos
Moines from engaging In city politic and
an order was Issued forbidding any talk
ing ot politics. The first victim wsa
Detective Sims, who was found talking
witn former Councilman Hamcry, for
which ho waa promptly suaDendsd.
11 emery again a candidate. The elty
campaign ta becoming warm, a a treat
maay candidate ar In the field an are
doing what work can be dona In tha cold
weather. A aumbar af publlo meetings
hava been held.
LA WRENCH Mas. Feb. ,-WIUlam d!
Haywood, th western labor leader, to
day addressed the executive committee of
the striking mill operatives, outlining his
program for collecting strike funds. At
tha suggestion of Haywood a committee
of five waa appointed to secure aa maay
children ct strikers as possible to be seat
to New Yo.-k and exhibited at a mass
meeting In Madison Square Oardea tn
order to create sympathy for the striker.
JAUDON. Mo., Feb. .-When a watch
man employed by railway construotion
company bar forgot th fir h bad kept
burning during th night to keep a quan
tity ot dynamite aad powder warm, th
magaslne caught fir and two ton of tn
explosive blew up early today Window
panes were broken for miles around. No
parsons were Injured.
Jfe Beat tat wr Heaay Has at the
Maatetaa all.
None of th objectionable dance ar to
be permitted at the Musicians' ball, which
takes place at Crelgbtoa halt on Tuesday,
February a Thla will be tha eighth an
nual ball glvxa by tha Omaha Musicians'
association and tha saooes ot tho termor
occasions should be sufficient evMenoa of
its popularity. Musm will bo th main
feature an tha veaUent orchestra of
twenty-fir pieces will be augmented fey
musicians from all too theaters as soon
aa the theaters close. The receipts fro
the ball will be use to eniertala tha do-
gates to tba seventeenth annual eon von
tlon of the America federation of Must
ciana, to bo held la Omaha la May.
Bronchial Tbochis
Motaisg ex eels thai auaple raaeay tor Threat
Troubles, Hoaresnesa se Oesgss. A is gives
relief la Bronchial. Asthauuis aad Lee adse
nose. Free frea ooiaiea. Sixly years repata.
ttoa. KcMoa!' to tx-iaa. Haa,,,!. ulle free.
JOHN I. BROW BUS, Bonos, siass.
Gee rye tad Mary Back is Loudon
After Visit to In dig.
His Majesty lien ta His Carrtagre
aa Salatea th Stars aa
Strtpra aa Ho lssis tha
Aseerteaa Embassy.
LONDON, Feb.. a-KIng George and
Queen Mary returned to England today
from th moat memorable Journey ever
undone He by king and queen of Great
Britlao and Ireland.
After an a beanos of three months, dur
ing which they had beea crowned em
peror end empress ot India and had re
ceived soma re of many of their princely
vassals In tho vsat eastern empire, they
were given a hearty welcome back to
Their pressat stay la tha British Isles
will be only a short one. aa they are due
to pay a round of atata visit to Euro
pean courts thla spring an summer.
After breakfasting on board the Medina
with Queen Mother Alexandra, the
prince ot Wales and tne other royal chil
dren, their majesties landed and were
saluted by tha guna of the forts around
Portsmouth. On tho quay ware drawn
up guards of honor of bluejackets and
soldiers, V. bo presented arms, while a
military band struck up the strains of
tho national anthem.
Stations Arc Decorate.
Tho king Inspected the guard of honor
and then boarded a special train la which
ha with tha quaea and tha royal children
traveled to London through county cov
ered thickly with snow. All the stations
along th route were decked with tJara
A large aasemblage ot notables waa
waiting at Victoria station whan the
train pulled In soon nftsr midday. An
archway bearing th words "Welooms
Home" In gold lettering on a blue back
ground wsa erected across the pis t form
where their majesties allgntsd.
Premier Asqulth with other members
of the cabinet were the first to greet th
king and the queen. Thaa came a group
ot members sf ths diplomatic corps and
prominent officers of the navy and army
In brilliant uniforms. Tha lord mayor
and tha sheriffs of London aad ihe lord
mayor of tho principal cities of the
British Isles, all wearing their regalia,
also war present to welcome their
Klag Relate Asa erica a Flag.
An Interesting Incident happened In Vic
toria street ss tha king's carriage passed
the American am baser. King George
stood up In tho carriage, turned toward
tho embassy and saluted the Stars and
Stripes flying over th entrance. His
majesty's action drew an additional cheer
from th crowd gathered la th vicinity.
The enthusiasm of the crowds reached
Ha climax at Buckingham palace. After
their majesties had entered, the thousands
of people who had assembled around ths
railings sang successively. "Ood Save the
King," "Auld Lang Syne." "Home Sweet
Home." and "He s a Jolty Good Fellow."
Their majesties responded to this
demonstration by appearing en the bal
ceay of the first floor when they were
greeted with salvo after salvo ot cheering.
Half Million-Dollar
Blaze in Chicago
CHICAGO, Feb. l-A fire, which is to
result In aa official Investigation, de
stroyed tho grain elevator of the North-
era Maltmg company. North Ashland
avenue aad Blooming-dale road, early
today. Th loss Is estimated at tsNMn.
Two firemen and a watchman were In
jured. "I cannot understand the rapid spread
of the flames," aatd Chief Seyferllch.
"I will ask tha flra attorney to start
aa Investigation."
Less than two weeks ago the elevator
of tho Acme Malt and Oraln company,
which waa located but a short distance
from the structure which burned today,
waa destroyed by fire.
WASHINGTON. Feb. V.-Senator I .a
Folletta waa reported better today. He
will take a rest of several weeks, but has
not Indicated whether he will make a aea
trip or not, although that Is under con
sideration. Ho visited Providence hos
pital to se his daughter who la better.
Progressive republican senators who
have been closely associated with. Mr. La
Folletta aay the question . ot a with
drawal In the presidential race has not
coma up.
LEXINGTON. Ky.. Feb. 5.-TIW mother
of Frank Glover, a 17-year-old lad, who
gave her own blood for her boy, has th
satisfaction of knowing that she saved
hi Ufa A transfusion of blood operation
today waa aucceasful an the boy was
reported out of danger. Young Glover
had bled almost to death from hsm
orrliagea through tha akin aad Intestine.
Three Peroaas laraet ta Death,
YUCATAN, Minn., Feb. 8. Three mem
bers of the family of OI Ambronson are
dead, one was fatally Injured and two
seriously burned as the result ot a fire
la Ambron son's home today.
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lift TEA
Has All the Virtues of Coffee;
But Costs Much Less
Published by the Growers of India Tea
. The conditions and causes which produce Rlxeuinatism all suggest
beaftliful vegetable remedy as the nrest and galest cue. The disease is
brought about by the ftccutnulatioii of uric arid, aa Irritating; pain-prod adng
property la the blood. This causes a treaieTiiiio; and aouring; cj tie circnla
tion which then becomes unfit for nourishine; the body, while the deposits
of uric acid in fie nerves, muscles. Joints and bones produce the pain and
agony of Rheumatism. To treat the trouble with medicine containing; oot-
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aha la tn last tnree . T. r, , . """"i" umci uuisxna u me aucsaiy-
u-ied to enforce tne weak, Diseased blood, sappine; it of ita remainintr vitality, and perhaps la
relation to aamaiina. - tne enn m.irtnea ithtmHl wv r ,1 a 7m i 3
for Rheumatism is & & & It is nature's mnedv for this rUsexue. made
s-Are there any other public offirers , entirely from healthful vejretable infrredients extracted from the Toots, herbs
to carry out their duty towards ths pub-
and barks of the forest and fields, S. & S. Foes down into the blood aad
to carry out their duty towards ths pub-
relating to tne enroreeincnf ox law,
miiniiesnie-i e twsAl Y,a .r t u . a : c el
and If ao give their names In full? I drcnlation. and restorr-a health .A . (
. ZX"t ZttHTZl V' ut one way to be aure you aWxwt dosing
in aay matter which at proper - vour System with mineral medicines, and that is to taix S. 8. & Book oa
, Rheumatism ani any rnediral advice free.
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