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There Muft Be a Strong Family Resemblance Between Mutt and His Kid
By "Bud" Fisher
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Committee Badicelly Alters Style of
Play for Nineteen-Twelve.
Extra Down A Howe far Tra-Tlnl
tiala. While Forward Vmmm Cir
Be Made Ten Yarda Be
yead (iMl l.lne.
I XKW YORK. Feb. i-The font bail
rules committee, whicfe hs been work
ing In secret here for two days upon
Irwumerabie suggestions for altering tha
t gamie, came to unanlmnua decision lata
yeeterdW la favor of mrnl tundamenlaj
i changes
The rormnlttee laid down 11" ariluoua
, taak tonight with in belief that It had
greatly Improved tha popular collar
port. Tha lines of anticipated improve
ment are. In substance, a follows:
- Tha playing field, now 11 yards In
length, will ba shortened to an even We
yarda. Thla change la not vllal, but la
made In ordrr to tnaka possible on amatl
grounda an extension of territory on
Men tha forward pan mar ba lived.
A anna of tan yarda' width beyond tha
goal lines la established. The purpose
of thla la to provide ampla par for
execution of tha forward paaa and aeor
Ing en a paaa mada aeroaa tha iiml lint
Into thla tone la permitted.
Nsaaber ( Danaa laereaae.
! The number of "downa" to fain ten
yarda la tnoreaaed by one.
, Tha on-aWe kick la eliminated.
Tha value of a touchdown la Increaeed
' from five polau to alx polnta, the Koal
from touchdown and other eeorea ttand
Inc as at praaaat
i The twenty yarda sons. In which tha
' present rules now provide restriction, to
i Interference with tha forward paaa, la
j eliminated as that tha reatrlcllone will
' apply now to any part of tba field,
j After a tooenback tha ball will ba put
I la play from tha twenty-yard Una In
stead of tiw twenty-Mve-yard line.
On a kick off tha bail. Instead of beln
m play In the center of tha field, will ba
put In play from tha forty-yard Una of
; tha team kicking off. Taking Into con
I alderatlon tha ahortrnlng of tha field
and thla change In tha rule., tha klck
' off dletanoe Is lengthened by five yarda.
Tha field Judge la eliminated. Tha bead
I linesman lioreafti-r will keep time and
I ba Judgo of off-side playa In tha line at
i scrimmage.
Toe number of man allowed on tha (Ida
lines, now tlirea, will ba reduced to one
far each team. ,
I rfoviekin will ba maila that a bounding
I ball cannot score a legitimate foal.
Tha Interval between tha first and sec
ond snd the third aJid fourth pertoda Is
seduces, front two minutes to one mlnuts,
B. K. Hell of Dartmouth, chairman of
! tha committee, announced the substance
of those changes to newapsper men to
night. Kane of thorn has bean put In code
form, but Chairman Hall aa.d they were
all unanimously adopted aud would be
; Incorporated In the 151- rulra. A rommlt-
tea waa named to codify the new r airs
and tnetroctrd to bars them ready
soon as postialo In order that Ihry inlstht
be circulated aril atudlrd brlore the
practice eraon besttta. Tht cutnniHIfe
Includes Ti'a'trr fmp' of Yale. l'rcy
"Jlaughton tit liarviird and William Morris
of Penn-yla;iii. It waa said Iho chaugci
'adopted were the work if re on In
dividual, but nflrr the two days' dlav
cuulon tliev wwo drnvrn up as a whole
and adopted unanimously.
The principal ImBi ovemcnl espected of
tha new rules Is euuajrtatlon of te
i i
Ioi Playeri Win Tiercely Con
tested Grnat, 27 to 19.
te that I.eraU Taever Were Able
Rranla (,ni l.eet shall
and tldrlrb, erltk Deakle""
raaaea. At Stare.
Hr'jl ''Id High rchool, Ti, Umaha
lltrh. 1?.
In the hardest fought game which local
followers of the popular Indoor floor
port have had a chance to witness alnes
the oirnlng of the present aeason. the
Omaha High anion! quintet dropprd Ita
firat contest of the year to the speedy
Sioux lily High school basket I onset's. H
to 19. at the local ' V ' gymnasium Mat
urday evening. V
All hough the Omaha lads were out
c!aaard In team work. Individual play, and
overtopiml In ele. they were never out
gained. Their ability to put up a atift
tight against ouch otlda proved
that Coach (. lark has developed a bunch
that la game to the core.
The lowana atarted out with a rush
and played the locals off their feet dur
ing the first ten minutes of tha contest,
and finished tha half with the score
board IS to II In their favor. This early
start on the part of the Sioux proved
thejinilolng of tha 'tana ha lada for they
never were able to overcome the lead of
their opponents.
Doable Faaaea Effective.
Rhull. the lowana' big right forward,
and Aldrkh, right guard, featured with
their double paaaes and rolled up a total
of seventeen polnta between them. Mull
was able to reach over every player on
ths Omaha aide on account of his lanky
advantage of feet t Inches.
All of ths Omsha five put up a fast
exhibition at times, but their playing on
tha whole waather erratic. During tha
first half, their team work went to pleoee,
allowing tha Kloux to score almost at
will. Crocker, left forward for tha Purple
nd White, featured with three field
froala, a total of six polnta, and Mask
Hughes, at renter, helped his teammates
considerably with hla elusive passes. Hd
ney Meyer, right forward, also played a
good game.
lies Miller of the l nlverslty of Omaha
referred the contest and made a hit With
his Prompt derisions Ha waa rather In
curs stent, kowever, m allowing tha Bioux
a second try for a goal from a foul In tha
second half because the local . school
routers made too much noiaa to suit hit
gymnastic rules of etiquette.
Ceeg trend Atteala.
A good cruwrt attended the game con
sidering the cold weather. The lineup:
Hhull, Hhulkln R.F.'R.r". Meyer
Htrong, Murphy ur. UP Crocker
Holmes C.IC ,. Hughes
Bach UOJUO Munneke
AMrtrh IH R.O Rurkenroad
Field goals: Hhnll (6), Htrong .
Holmes til, Meyer ). Crocker U). Hughes
li. Free throws: Aldricli CI, Uurken
rond iTl. Kereree: Gus Miller of the
l nlverslty of umaha. rVorvr: W'elker
of Omaha "Y." Timekeepers: C. K. Keed
of tmiaha and Hrewer of Sioux city.
Time of halves: M minutes,
Jawlor (less rive Leers by One
Palat la Ua. ,
The freshman basket toasera of the
Omaha lllxli achool nosed out a victory
over :he Junior class five by the score
of 17 to Hi as a preliminary to tha Kloux
City game at the local "Y" gymnasium
last evening.
James Durkoe, center fur the Junior
lads, was put out of the game In the see-
Lyon Has Hundred
to Back Dr. RoUer
F. A. Lyon, representing Dr. Holler, has
sent the following letter to the sporting
editor of The Bee. accompanied by a
certified check for 1100:
"Enclosed find a certified check for
tin as a forfeit to a IW1 aide bet that
Waasem cannot eat Dr. B. F. Roller In
a finish wrestling match, winner to take
all of the gate receipts. Time and place
to be agreed upon.
"I are by the Herald that Pete Loch la
challenging Roller and other wrestlers In
behalf of Waasem. It he means business
he will call thla. It looks like Loch la
running thla bluff to get some cheap
advertisement everyone knows that Waa
sem has no. chance with Roller. lf Loch
calls this with some real money we will
have a wrestling match and I have soma
more money that .Waasem will not get
behind Roller once In the entire match.
"This deposit will - be left with The
Omaha Bee until February 20."
5ave Michigan Game
LINCOLN.' Feb, 4. (Special Telegram.)
It waa announced tmotflcially today
that Nebraska would play Michigan on
November t Manager Eager will, again
go to Chicago to confer with the Michi
gan officials next, week." The Nebraska
management refuses to .comment .on the
report and will not confirm the same. '
ond lialf for "kneeltig" an opponent, and
hancea of offensive and defensive teama."y nu "topped for several minutes
It has long been contended that the
defense waa too powerful, especially when
close to it goal line. The allowing of a
touchdown on a lorward pane across the
goal line la expected greatly to relieve
thla condition. The addition of a point
ta the value of a touchdown la Intended
to make the comparative values if the
touchdown and the goal from the fl'lrt
substantially what they were beloro the
recent high development of the latter
Jay. "
Xa Daaser treat Old Faalt.
before the players could agree on the de
cision. He waa replaced by Alfred Hltten-
ho'i'ie. The lineup:
Carson It F.lrt F Kaetman
K-ltniall L.FIUF White
Uouner tCl C. O Durkee
Larmon I.O.iUU Craig
Hir.aard R.O. Il.rt. Btors
Rubntltute: I'JItenhouae. Field goals
Vatnutn. 1; White, x, tralg, I; Carson, f;
Itouner, 1. ree throws: White, I; Kaat
man. ": Buxxard, 7 . Klothow, 1 Points
awarder!: Juniors. 1; Freehmen. 1. Kef-
leree: Hudson. Scorer: Wclker. Time of
halves: Tw.-nty minutes.
, .......' ,1m Arfiflnn Af an attnil
.rr-r:iTeams Near Norfolk
attar k. but tlx.- loaimtttee felt It waa not
likely to have that tendency In view of
the fact that there waa now no pushing
and pulling in the game.
One of the minor ehaiujes will be a
provision thai the toser of the toss at the
commencement of the came wi.l hive his
choice at the start b' the acvond half
as to whether hls,team shall kick off.
The committee adjourned tonight with
Its members expressing satlrfactton with
, tba results of their labors sud believing
It would not be tieceseary to meet again
unless the codifying committee en
countered some snarl which It could not
. handle. Kvea suxh event It was
thought the matter could be adjusted with
' the members of the general committee by
Jig Entry List for
Intermountain Events
DENVER, Fab. 4. When the entry list
of the Denver Athletic dub's mtermoua-
taia boxing and wrestling tournament
closed umight, Xt names were entered.
The tournament wlU open Muoday night.
South Da acta. Kaaaas. Nebraska. Okla
homa aut Iowa are among the states
Plan to Form League
6T ANTON, Neb.. Feb. i-(Ppectal.-
The prospects for a league of the towns
in Iho vicinity of Norfolk for the seas
of U'.J are encouraging. It Is proposed to
make up a. league of Norfolk. Pierce,
Madlxw. Wayne. W Inside and. 8 tan ton.
Four of the towns have already axpreei
themselves aa pleased with the Idea. A
salary limit low enough ao that all can
wftord to have a team will be agreed upon
and probably a two-gam e-a-week achery-
ule will be made. These towns for the
last several years have kept up some
strong teams, defeating Western league
and State league teams In exhibition
games. Quite a w players m this vi
cinity have secured Jobs la the Bute and
Western league. Men Uke Bind alar. Hart-
man. Kingdom. Laub and ethers nave
srade good in the league.
jy .v
t x s .',. . , 'I
1, "' ., ' l
l' ' ' t t Y , ,rM . " I
i ' t , t r " , . ,. 1 I
;;:: ( v .
Cold Westher Dtivet Away Spec-
Utort in Tri-City league. -
Bellevue Oatelaaaea alatet treas
Ceuaell Bluffa "Y," Final Sean
Reaaltlas TsveatyTvra
to Tea.
Cornhnskert Again Beat
Aggies by 40 to 14.
Gatlre Teaas Playa Faat Game, with
Gibson in Stellar Bole DaJbey
Still Star for Visit era
Da ace Fellows.
LINCOL.V. Neb., Feb. l.-48pectal Tele
gram.) Nebraska stepped well Into the
lead In the Missouri valley basket ball
championship when the Hunkers decisively
defeated the Ames Aggies a second time.
by the score of 4d to It,
For the first few nilnutrs of play Ames
contested fiercely and the game was filled
with sensational work. The? Huskers
seemed In better physical condition, how
ever, and completely denied their op
ponents with a bewildering aerlea of play
and team work at the opening of the
second half.
For the flntt fiflMn mlnntM nt the
game, the score waa practically tied all
of tha time. TheAgglea were weakened
by the loss of King, who had been Injured
in the Initial game In a badmlxup with
Haskell. Dalbey, who scored all of the
Aggies' points In the first halt, waa also
forced to retire In the second, having
exceeded the limit of personal fouls.
Toward the close of the first bait Gib
son, with a pretty exhibition of goal
throwing, overcame the close lead of the
Aggies and the half ended IS to (. Ne
braska was never headed In the second
halt and it was only a question of the
lie of the score. The entire Nebraska
team played a faat game, with OlbsOn
starring In the first game. Dalbey was
the etar for the visitors. Gibson played
hla hut game and will leave next week
for Colorado A dance followed the game.
Following Is the summary:
F.G. F. ha V
Nasi. If S r Dalbey, If t
Haakell, lf... 0! Miller. If e
ftl Dowell, rf... I
4 Pfund. e S
1 Chapped, lg..
5 King, rg .... e
aBiabee. rg ...
Totals ...,.1
Uoala from foul line: Gibson til. Dslbrv
(1 eut of S, Chappell (S out of I). Referee:
Mike Hyland of Iowa.
Fast Creighton Basket Ball Team
Takes Tuck in Intherarrs.
Crelgktoa Starte Came with Baah
nnd Tfcreaalt Kxeelleat Teaaa
Work Ralls l Tre
aaeadoaia Scare -
BLAIR, Neb.. Feb. 4,-(8perlal.-Dana
college's hopes for the basket ball cham
pionship of the state were given a rude,
set-back Friday afternoon when the fast
quintet from Creighton university easily
defeated the Lutherans by the score of
tV7 to This la the first time that the
Blair boya have been beaten, and they
were fully confident of winning Friday's
gsme. The game played by Creighton waa
an exhibition of basket ball the like of
which has never been seen before on the
local floor.
Creighton atarted off with a rush, and
with aome very good team work, light
ning passing and accurate goal tossing.
scored ten points before Dana realised
that they were not at a sewing bee. The
Omsha team waa handicapped by the
small floor, but even at that their team
work was excellent. There was no one
player who starred, but Ballderaan and
iprurba did some fine goal tossing, t. knd
T. Lund did the beat work for Dana. The
lineup: X .
Pruchn ....
H of man ...
fhlmerda ..
..R.O. R 11
R.O ,
. Anderson
...,T. Lund
....J. Lund
.... Oaydou
Olhaon, rf.
HHtnrr. c..
Stryker, c...
Carrier. Ig...
I'nderw'd, rg.
Frank, rg...
e l fjoo
4 . 1.0W
11 .S
5 . 3
I S .
3 e .!C0
1 S .!
Pueblo Fans Prepare
to Sue Frank Isbell
PUEBLO, Colo.. Feb. A At a meeting
today of a committee which closed a deal
with Frank labell to bring the Wichita
ban club to thla city last season. It waa
decided to take action In the courts
against labell for selling hla dub to Wlch
' Mtsel-Vobley.
FAIRBIRY. Neb.. Feb. 4.-BpeeleJ.-
Th. home of Mr. and Mrs. L. 1L Mobley,
four miles south of Falrbury. was the
scene of a pretty home wedding yester
day, when their daughter, Lulu G.. was
married to Henry J. NltaeL Rev. Thomas
A. Maxwell of the Christian church offi
ciated. Mlas Alma Root, a cousin of the
bride, slaved the wedding march. A
Ita. without giving Pueblo a chance toi sumptuous wedding dinner was served to
the guests. The Unas was sitireo w
rstla and carried a bouquet of carnations.
Mr. and Mrs. Nltsel will make thelr
t.ome on n farm five miles east at Fair-bury.
Barka aat aleMakea Meet.
rrTTUBCROH. Feb. 4 Sailor Burke of
Brooklyn. N. Y ., ana Tom mcmsaow ox
Spring Valley. 11L. fought alx rounds here
tonight. The popular decision gave Burke
the first half, but McMahon made a much
totter allowing la the last three rounds.
Crtaaell Defaatta Dea Meeaxat,
PE-i MOINES, Feb. 4.-The GrtnneU
basket bail taam aefeataa. Lea Motnee
coiiege totugnt. sua,
buy. fund waa raised to prosecute in
suit and' an attorney retained. The first
suit planned Is a civil action against Is
bell to recover the money paid him tor
four months of base ball la season.
SI.Ws, on grounds of breach of contract.
a .'
CLEVELAND. Feb. A-Manager Harry
Davis of the Cleveland American league
base ball team today announced com
pleted plana tor the spring training trip.
With -eleven pitchers and aix catchers
Darts will start for Mobile, Ala., on
February SK) The other twenty members
of the club will leave March S for Mobile.
The entire equad will stay In New
Orleans from March U until April I. when
they start north, arriving here for the
opening game on April 11.
NEW YORK, Feb. 1 Secretary O'Brien
of the New York Nationals announced
today that tha dub would surely train
In M axil a. Tex. Aa official communlca.
tlen was received today from the Board
of Health at Martin smylng the team may
go te Martha without subjecting the play
era te any danger of contracting menin
gitis. '
Threw Deaths at Fairfield.
FAIRFIELD. Neb., Feb. A tSpeclal
Georxe Farley of Atkinson. Neb formerly
of Fairfield, died Wednesday.
Mlaa Frances Mitchell, daughter of sir.
and Mrs. . Mitchell of Lincoln. Neb., died
Tuesday, afternoon of typhoid fever. Bur
ial service at Fairfield, her rortner home,
Thoreday. February .
Mrs J. E. Pickett. years of age, who
recently moved to Fairfield from the
western part of the slate, died at 1 p. m.
Friday. The funeral waa at tha Chris
tina church Saturday afternoon.
I.eagae Steading.
Team. Played
Omsha High school.
Pirates ,i 4
South Omaha H. 8.. (
Creightoa -..r.-.. A -I
nl varsity of Omaha I
Bellevue a
Council Bluffs "Y'l..
gatarday'e Sewrea.
Creighton. 2; Tigera. e. (forfeited !
Belleuve, S; Council Bluffs "Y," 1.
Creighton added another victory to Its
string .Saturday and Bellevue climbed
out of last place. Aside from this there
waa very little of Inletest In the games
in the Tti-Clty league, which took place
at the rniverslty of Omaha- Two or three
spectators braved the night , to watch
their heroes, and seemed highly pleased
when the referee called tint for the last
gsme. '
Whether the players on the Tiger team
were really chilled or whether they merely
had cold feet because they were pitted
against Creighton Is not known, but at
any rata thsy failed to put In an ap
pearance, and so Referee Curtis a warned
tbe game, to the collegians, the score
being I to a
The second game between Bellevue and
Council Bluffs was not much more ex
citing than the first. The boya from
across' the river were outclassed from
tha start and never had a chance, while
Bellevue showed up much better than
at any, time this season, but Is still weak
on ' aoal throwing. The lowans Were
weakened by the absence of Oertsen and
Thomas, and the entire team showed the
effects of Fridsy nights game wit the
Columbus. Neb.,' Young Men'g Christian
Tha Quackeptbusch brothers and little
Halderman 'for Bellevue played very
claaay ball and made moat of their team
scores. Hunt and Oliver put up a very
good exhibition of basket ball against
heavy odds. I - '
Homer 8. Curtis was referee. The lineup:
p ouackenb'h.RF.iR.F Montgomery
Maxwell L.E.1UF Oliver
Ohman C Hun
iL Ouackenb'h.n.G iRG Dlffenbaugh
" RG Morrison
Halderman ... .L.GJL.G. Wise
Field goals: P. Quackenbusch. : Max
well a Halderman. 1: Montgomery. 1:
Oliver. I Free throw: MaxweH 1;
Montgomery. '4: Morrison, a
awarded: Bellevue. L Referee: Curtis.
When you want a reliable medicine for
a cough er cold take Chamberlain's
Cough Kemedy. It can always be de
pended upon and la pleasant and safe ts
taxe. For sale by all druggists.
Caaapaay B Teaaa Wis.
OHENAXDOAH. Is-. Feb. A (Specie! V
The faat Company E basket tossers kept
ud taeir winning streak of thla season by
trouncing the Piatts Commercial college
DENVER. Feb. A-JameaMcGll. owner
of the local Western league base ball
club, will offer a one-fourth Interest In
the dub to John D. Hendricks, nvuager
of the Denver team, when the two meet
In Chicago Monday, according ta an an
nouncement by Mr. McGlli today. But
three members of the local team have
sent In their signed contracts for U3f
The Key to success m Dual seas the
idiciooa and persistent use of newspaper
five of St. Joseph by a score of 34 to 22 iint
w inr ih iai mnufiuiiL - a cru--r
Woman Killed by .
1 Infernal Machine
NEW YORK, Feb. 4.-A package re
ceived by Mrs. Grace Willis Walker In
an uptown apartment house, last night ex
ploded and caused her death almost In
stantly. The mystery of the affair hag
baffled the police. l
The woman, who was S3 years old, was
called to the vestibule of the apartment
by a messenger who presented her with a
good eiaed package and then hurried
away. She carried the package to her
apartment and as aha placed It on a table
it exploded with a loud report. Dr.
Charles F. Perkins, who was passing the
house st the time,' ran In to aid Mrs.
Walker, but ahe died In a few minutes.
The package contained dry batteries,
one of which waa driven Into the. woman's
breast near the heart. Parts of the
battery buried themselves in the walls
and celling of the roonfVhlle fragments
were blown through the windows so
cleanly that the glass was not splintered.
After several hours of secret investi
gation detectives arrested Charles M.
Dickinson, who geld he waa aa employe
of a motor company, and held him on a
technical charge of homicide for ex
amination Monday morning.
Edna Lamarre. a show girl, 15 years old.
who lived In the house, but waa oat at
the time the fatality occurred, waa held
aa a material witness.
Mrs. Walker, a widow, who was also
known aa Helen Taylor, tbe police say,
Uvea In a six-roam apartment on tbe first
floor of a house at MS West Bsvantr-eev-
enth street. When Coroner Feinberg was
summoned he found her face terribly dis
torted with tha left eye driven back Into
the head, a deep gash ever the heart and
scores of abrasions and cuts on tha body.
Coroner Fein berg's version of the ex
plosion after several hours Investigation
was that the woman waa Bitting in her
parlor talking to Dickinson when the mys
terious package waa delivered. It was
such a package as might contain MS ciga
rettes, about four and one-nan ny ten
Inches, neatly- wrapped In paper. It bore
the typewritten nddress:
"Helen Walker."
.,i.. M what waa left of the In
fernal machine showed that It had been!
Ingeniously constructed. There appeared
to have been but two of the dry batteries, j
one of which had been destroyed by the ;
exploeton. while the other was Intact.'
What also appeared to have been an Iron '
cylinder which contained thev" explosive
was found Imbedded In tbe ceiling, ui
rectly above tie body of tbe victim.
Dr. Perkins, who amvea at tnv mo
ment, found the woman am a
but nnxxwaeloun. She died a few minutes
later. The Janitor said be naa seen a
messenger boy ha a blue uniform leave
tha house a few sjstnnue oeiore uas sr
plosion occurred. He thought the box
might have been aenvereu ur um mes
senger. To delve Into the past of the dead
woman waa one of tba first efforts of the
police tonight, but neighbors seemed to
knew Uttle of her history. She had rented
the apartment only a tew weeks ago
together with the Lamarre woman. It
waa said, and they had appeared ta be
orderly tenants.
Wilde Freed in
Omaha Bond Deal
PORTLAND, Ore.. Feb. 4.-Judge J.' I'.
Knvanaugh. In the state circuit court yes
terday afternoon Instructed the Jury In
tha trial of Lewie J. Wilde of San Diego,
charged wilh embesilement from the
Oregon Trust and Savings bank, now
defunct, to return a verdict of not guilty.
Tim court's Instructions were given fol
lowing a decision that the state had failed
to prove the allegations charged In the
Indictment and that the Indictment Itself
waa Insufficient and waa not returned
within the time limit, aa provided by
The Indictment charged Wilde with the
embesilement of Sn,vs of the bank's
funds In connection with tbe sale of tha
Omaha Independent Telephone oompany'a
bonds, which were sold to tha bank for
SHe.Ooa The commission en the sale was
alleged to have been SlW.tDS, of which
Wilde and W. Cooper Morris, cashier of
the bank, are alleged to have received
and divided S90.0IU.
The balance. IW.000, la alleged to have
been paid to F. F. Graves, now of Cleve
land, O., and F. H. Stow of Portland,
who were officers of the Union Telephone
Construction company of Denver, whor
with Wilda are alleged to have formed
the selling syndicate tor the telephone
Jointly indicted with. Wilde waa W.
Cooper Morris, who, a few days agar
pleaded guilty to the charge against him.
His ease presents a perplexing situation.
In that he has pleaded guilty to commit
ting an action which Judge Kavanaugh,
In today's decision, declared was not a
crime. What the state will do In tha
case of Morris has not been determined.
He Is serving a term In the penitentiary
at Salem, having been convicted of re
ceiving funds In the Oregon Trust and.
Savings bank after ha knew of Ita In'
solvent condition. The bank failed August
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CHICAGO. Feb. 4 -Richard Klnsella,
owner of the Springfield. 111. Three-I
base ball team, today announced that ha
had elgned a contract wtth the St. Louis
National league bane bail team as scout
for the aason of lli.
Stiff Neck
For any stiffness or lameness
Sloan's Liniment gives relief at
once. It acts like massage
quickens the blood and limbers
up lame muscles and joints.
is good for any kind of pain.
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