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    Looking Backward
This Day In Omaha
Tatiip tintf.tu thu Asw.
d)ee tsll hi ef iut km
The Omaha Daily Bee
Fair; Colder
VOU XLI-SO. 197.
'Secretary Hilles Says His Beaomina
tiot it at Certain u Any
thing Ca Bs,
mmcnoH o basid on facts
Lines Are Being Drawn Closer and
Situation ia Clearing'.
Ererr Member of Sew State Com
mittee i Taft Kan.
The National Capital
Th areata r. rttwr I, fit.
Sailroad Magnate Fuses Away at
Sew York Home One Day After
Denying nine Serious.
Will a Mother Give Up Her Child?
The Senate.
In sesston X p. la.
Detective Bora continued testimony
before Uorlmor .committee.
Judiciary committee rejected provision
of house bill requiring the president to
make public indorsement for Judgeships.
The Home.
Met at noon.
lhairmea Henry of houat rules com
mlltea anoooaeed h ma determined to
hava a moaey trust Inveatlgattou.
Conaideratlon of pension appropriation
bill resumed.
Diplomatic appropriation bill reported.
Inquiry into Illinois Control strike di
rected by reanluttoa Introduced by Rep-
Biortion ronunittoo heard contestant Constructive Work Compared to that
(or asats of Wepi uatatativaa Lagan I C J ... - - -
and BartooMt iMal
End Comet at Four O'clock in the
Morning Thursday.
Snaetaatlal Hepuiuiraas la Every
IHstrtrt la President's Htae state
Are far Hlsa lie Will
Oct Deleaattea.
WASHINGTON. ''Feb. I. In the first
author! red (s lenient he has issued la
connection with the Taft campaign
Charles D. Hilles, secretary e the presi
dent, predicted today President Taft
would be nmniaated and elected.
"President Taft'a nomination In June
Is aa certain aa anything; could be," ssjd
Mr. Hilles in his statement. "1 am con
fident there will be comparatively little
opposition to him In the national con
vention, and when the nomination w
made the republicans of the country will
rally to the party standard and win a
t-reat victory in November.
."I would not make this prediction did
1 not feel that my Information from all
parts of the country warrant tne ia doing
so. it Is easy to make big claim and
to try to deceive people, and I think
that a man who doe so without facta
and figures to Justify is guilty of-deception.
"A month ago, before 1 had gotten Into
touch with repubiicana In all the states,
J would not hava said this much, la that
month I have seen the Una drawn closer
and oloser. In the last week the situa
tion has cleared wonderfully with repub
lican In all direct lone falling Into Hn
far the president and manifesting a de
termination to brine about feu aomlna
tloa. hew Verb, Ohio and ladlaaa.
"It I useless to speak in general term
r to undertake at short notice to fo Into
condition In eacb state, but development
la tars of the bl state within a few
days uught to point conclusively to ths
present trend."
Mr. Hilles go on to review condition
In New York, Ohio and Indiana, claim
ing that President Taft has received en
dorsements hi those stales which lodl
rat they will (lv their dslegate to
Mm IA the eonvtntlon.
Thsrw-ha been loss f noise tt Oh?
aid MT. Illlles. "but the substantial
republican In every congressional district
are determined the president shell hare
the delegates aud he wilt get them, too.
"I have a telegram from Indianapolis,
saying that even' single member of the
republican state committee elected In
ths thirteen congressional district yes
terday. I for Mr. Taft. That Is a big
ehang from a committee whose chair
man, Mr. Tjee, went around Washington
In December proclaiming that Indiana
was hostile to the president. '
Katkaslaaaa ta New lark.
In regard to New Tork stale Mr, Hilles
"The president' api-eche in New Tork
so enthused tlie rupubilcens there that the
exerutlve committee of the county com
mittee of New Tork county passed by
unanimous vote resolution endorsing the
president and declaring for his renomina
tlon In the strongest terms.
"This was followed by a meeting of the
general republican committee of Kings
county. Brooklyn. By unanimous vote
Mr. Taft renomlfiallon was urged. I
was told today by two of the leader of
Biooklyn that It had not been the Inten
tion of the leaders to bring about an en
dorsement at that meeting, but the action-""
was spontaneous after a member had In
troduced the resolution. The information
from the leaders In New Tork wu uni
formly that the president will have the
delegation of the state.
"In Ohio Ihe president's speeches have
awakened republicans to a degree that
waa not expected. I hava not a doubt
that every delegate from the state will be
for him."
Price of Oil Rises
Steadily Since the
Trust Dissolved
of E. H. Earriman.
With Aaeariatre He Controlled His
Rallraada Braaa Werk as t Irrk
with Erie Llae forty.
Fear Veara Age.
NEW TORK. Feb. I. -Prices of oil have
been going up steadily since the dissolu
tion of the oil trust by the decree of the
United States supreme court and a rep
resentative of the Standard Oil company
aid today that they probably would go
Three times thl year the Standard Oil
company of New Jersey baa advanced
the price which it pays for crude oil and
there have been corresponding Increases
In the wholesale and retail quotations for
kerosene, gasoline and other of the re
fined products.
J. I. C. Clarke, the mouthpiece of the
Standard Oil company, said thst the
higher prices were due to economic con
dition. The Pennsylvania field he said,
upply the best crude oil and as Ihe out
put of that product recently has been
insufficient the price of Pennsylvania
oil has been advanced to stimulate pro
duction. Mr. Clarke said that ths quotation
would be ralaed until it reached a point
which restored the production in the
Pennsylvania field to the required basis.
The Weather
TOR NEBRASKA Fair aud colder.
FOR IOWA---F air and cold er.
Tempera rare at (
Comparative I
S av m
a. m
a. m
a. m...
a a. ni......
! a. m ,
11 a. m
12 m.
1 p. ni
S p. til
S p. m ,
4 d. m
& p. m.
Defendant in a
. Sensational Suit
in St. Louis Dead
ST. 1X4.18. Feb. l.-Oeorge O. Snod
graas, prominent In realty otrole, died
at his bom In a suburb today, eleven
day after be gave his deposition In a
suit filed against him by Mrs. John O.
deraon of Chicago, formerly known
here a Mrs. Charles Wesson. In the
deposition Hnodgrss swore that be had
paid t,M l.o Mrs. Anderson to avert
an exposure.
Mrs. Anderson's petition alleged stOOS
was duo her on unpaid note. Hnodgraaa'
petition answer to the suit tiled In court
told of his relations with Mrs. Anderson.
Her deposition, whtuh.vas take In Chl-
kgo. baa not bean ransenbed. s"
Bnodgreae. knowing than he was dying.
gave his deposition to protect hi estate.
HI wife's mother died yesterday and
Mrs. Fnodgras refused to leave her
husband to go to her mother' home.
Aviator Shot While
Dropping Bombs Into
Camp Near Tripoli
TRIPOLI. Feb. 1. While throwing
bomb front an aeroplan Into an Arab
encampment near Tobruk, In Cyrenalra,
Captain Monte, an Italian military avia
tor, waa severely wounded today.
The outpost at Tobruk hava been sub
jected recently to harassing attacks by
tea Arab, whose position and strength
were not known. Captain Monte made
a flight with another military man and
discovered the Arab encampment.
Monte threw several bombs among the
Arabs, who responded with rifle fire.
NEW TORK. Feb. 1 -Rriwln Hawley.
president of the Minneapolis ft -tt. Ihih
railroad, and one of the leading railroad
magnatee in this country, died at his
home hers today, after an illness of sev
eral weeks.
Mr. lis lev had been a sufferer from
nervous Indigestion for some time,
for the lat few weeks had been confined
to his house at 1 last Sixtieth street.
Frequent lepuita that his condition a as
serious were denied, and only yesterday
Mr. ltawley said he hoped to be down
town within a week or so. His death
came at 4 o'clock tills morning.
Among the companies of which Mr.
Hawley was a director were the Coloi ado
Southern railway, Colorado Fuel and
Iron company, the Kvansvllle A Terrf
Haute railway, the Minneapolis a 81.
Loula, tlie Iowa Central and the Hoc km
Valley railroad.
Notwitlunandlng his illness Mr. Hswlry
kept In constant touch alth his business
affaire and occasionally received visitors
st hi home to discuss metiers of suffi
cient Importance.
j Ths constructive work of Mr. Hawley
I In the railroad field has often been com
pared to that of the late Edward H.
Harrlnian. With his associate Mr. Haw
ley controlled the Chesapeake Ohio,
the Iowa Central, the VHnneapolsj at ft
Louis, the Miveourl. Kansas aVvTexas,
the Hocking Valley, the Toledo, St. Loulu
A Western, and other hues. Quits re
cently he was asked to undertake the
readjustment of the affair of tb Wa
banh railroad.
The stock market waa little affected
by the news of Mr. Hawley' death.
Chesapeake A Ohio went off two points.
Mr. Hawley waa SI year old and his
earliest railroad service begsn In IM7 a
a clerk on the Erie railroad. Ilia Im
portant work was don between law and
IMS la the service of the Southern Pa
cific, where he was tU right-hand man
of ths lata Colli P. Huntington. Ths
gall 1 Hawler weatun of railroads ha
been built up within the last fifteen
Mr. Hawley waa a bachelor and ths
only relative with lilm when he died was
Ms nephew, Wslter f. Crandall, a mem
ber of the Hawley firm.
rises Will He Coatlaard.
Newman Bib, who was one of air.
Hawley'a closest business associates, said
Mr. Hawlry had comprehensive plan
under way at the time of his death for
development of railroad properties In
hlch he was Intrreoted. These plan
were known to his friends, and I believe
they will he carried on without Interrup
tion. So far as the Minneapolis ft HI
Louis and Iowa Central are concerned,
Mr. Hawley had relieved himself of the
handling of those properties hy placing
the work entirely In my hands."
1 .VP .
jk- -1 mm .
lip "
Prom the Cleveland Pain Dealer.
Garrison Which Biaet in Mutiny
Splits Up Into Small Band
with Separate Leaders.
Soontint; Parties Sent Out to Detect
Government Soldiers,
Omaha Camp Appoints Committee to
Plan Protest Meeting-.
Hap la la Heel ore d Mates or al
I.eaat Arraane a arkedalr that
Will Be I.eea Bardeasame
ta Old Meal be ra.
Efforts to fores the head camp of the
Modern Woodmen of America to call a
Portal session to reconsider the Increase
In rates, recently adopted, will be waged
hy Omaha ramp No. 138. The rat In
craaaa ranges txpm Ijo to per cent,
depending upon the ages or the members.
At Wednesday's meeting of the camp a
committee of three was appointed to ar
range for a protest meeting of the Omaha
camps and all other campa In this vicinity
and to effect a state organisation for the
purpose of forcing the head camp to hold
a special session, reconsider tbe rata la-
least establish leas burdensome rates. The
committee members srs U Ilaegorahek,
Nathan Bernstein and J. W. Harnett Tha
date for the protest meeting ha not yet
been fixed.
The new rates for ages from II to K
inclusive, are
Darrow Will Plead
to Indictments v '
Next Saturday
U ANUF.I.K& Cel.. Feb. I -Clarence
H. liarrow, former chief counsel for the
McNamara brothere, was arraigned be
fore Presiding Judge Hullon ot the
superior court today on the two Indict.
menu charging him with Jury bribery
during the dynamite trial. Judge Hutton
designated next Saturday for the enter
ing ot pleas to tha indictments.
Iarrow s attorneys lost Ihe first tech
nical move when Judge Hutton over
ruled the objection of Karl Rogers' to
the sufficiency of today's arraignment
on the ground of differences in legal
opinion regarding when the transcript of
grand Jury evidence should be available
fir the defense. Darrow does not yet
know what alleged facta or evidence was
marshalled against him before the In
quisitors who Indicted htm last Monday.
Assistant District Attorney Joseph rord
Former Senator Thinks Democrats
Might Possibly Elect Him.
and .restore the old rates, ar ajLr,"d th'tAl' mended law clearly pro-
, .w., i..i ,wv a,u juir tTMim envwia
not be surreodered to lbs attothsy for
a defendant until five day before trial.
Rale. .. Kate.
S .10 .17 41. .
....... . , , ' "
. m ... l
.i t I
l 41 .... M l i'l
.r 4 i ,, I i
M 4.1 I
1 00 41 .... I '.
to ., I
4 I It
4! I
4k 1 JU
...... J
4 ..... . 1
. ......
64 ....
Harahan Will Leaves
Estate to Family
CHICAlK). Feb. L-Tbe will of Jsmes T.
Harahan. former president of the Illinois
Central railroad company, who recently
a killed In a wreck at Klnmundy, HI..
waa filed for probata here tod si'.
Mrs. Mary MeJlory Harahan, the widow.
receives her dower Interest, the family
home here and all of Its furnishings.
The four children, Wllllsm J. Harahan.
James T. Harahan. Jr.; Mrs. Anna Dale
and Mrs. Msry Nichul. wers left the
residue of the estste. John Duncan, a
colored aervsnt, wss tell; SI ,400.
Ths Talus of the estate could not be
Sulphurized Oats
Come Under Ban
CHICAGO. Feb. l.-Oat subjected to
renovation process, commonly known
as "sulphurised oats." today came under I Falls,
P. m ...14
T i. m 13
p. m Ji
'al Record.
uiiiL mains
Highest yesterday 11 c
J .owest yesterday 3 1( S
Mean temperature C r tt
Precipitation V . .N .Hi
Temperature and preci pits tins depar
tures from tbe normal:
Normal temperature .M 1
Excesa for the day I
Total excess sine March 1. 234
7,'ormal perripltatlon . inch
Tendency for the day .j inch
Total rainfall since March 1..1C H Inches
Ueflclency sine March 1 11.71 Inches
Deficiency tor cor. period, nan a inches
'Excess for cor. period, IMS.... t.M inches t
tbe ban of the government's purs food
experts. Messages were received by the
local Board of Trade officials Informing
them that "sulphuring" Is held, under
ths law, to be adulteration. Sellers of
suck oats. President Frank unch was
Informed, would be In dsnger of prosecu
tion, even If they had complied with lo
cal state regulations.
Brown Gets Hearing
- For Plate Printers
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTqX. Fb. 1. (Special Tele
gram.) The plate printers won a distinct
victory In the senate today, when Senator was forced to ask thst hi print
ing bill which proposes to substitute ma
chines for hand labor In printing United
States currency, be recommitted to his
committee on printing In order that the
plate printer may have a hearing
This right to be heard waa arbitrarily
denied the plate printer and they might
have loat out without a chance to be
heard had not Benaior Brown taken
hand In their behalf. Last week Hen tor
Smoot undertook to get hla bill considered
by the senate, but was succeesfjlly op
posed by Senator Brown, actios" on the
request ot the union men, who showed
tha balance ot the senators ths necessity
tor a bearing. Today the Mil waa formally
recommitted and hearings probably will
commerce at once.
Senatw Gamble today announced that
he had named the young South Dakotana
to take examination for entrance Into
tbe Naval academy at Annapolis. The
men nominated are John Rosen, Sioux
principal; Krnest Llnder Nelson
Ee pert frees (tatlaaa at T P. M.
Elation and Stats Temp. High- Raln-
o vi earner. 1 p. m.
Cheyenne, cloudy .3
Zeivwnport partly cloudy. 14
Denver, partly dowdy.. ...m
Xes Moines, pt. cloudy...
Dodge City, dear S
1-ander. clear W
North Platte, cloudy s
Omaha, partly cloudy 13
Pueblo, clear JS
Rapid City, cloudy 3
Kelt Lake City, clear J"
seat Fe, clear 34
Sheridan, cloudy .3
Sknttv rtf riM, S
.Vaianttne. cloudy 24
) X indicates trace ot precipitation.
ie A. W&L&U. tsjeal forecast.
t. . fall.
3S M
34 .at
44 .
St .0
a .
b .
X .
44 .0
83 .
14 .2
CHICAGO, Feb. L Tor a ssooad time
within four days a kidnaping, suppos
edly the work of tha "Black Hand' so
ciety, was reported to the police from
"Little Italy" today. This time the miss
ing boy la Joseph Compadoro, son of an
Italian laborer, and a playmate ot An
tonio Maggiore. the 11-year-old lad for
whom the police have been searching since
last Sunday. Compadoro'a father admits
ha has SI. Gut tn a bank, and h says ha
believe his son has been kidnaped and
la held tor ransom.
Tbe boy left borne yesterday afternoon
to attend a public school and ha not
been seen since.
Detectives said today they bad ob
tained valuable information regarding
the whereabouts of Maggiore. It is said
he has been he!d a prisoner since he left
home last Sunday. The lad may be rc
covared, today, n waa said.
Tank ton. first attentate; Jay Ferguson.
Aberdeen, second alateroate; Frank Mon
roe Hunter, Pahapeeto, Tripp county. Ex
amlnathma will be held at Sioux Falls,
Aberdeen and Pierre, April 16. 19U
ST. JOSEPH, Ml, Feb. 1- The Missouri
A Kansas Telephone company iKnored the
order of the dry public utilities commis
sion to lower rates today and Is collect-
hut rental under the old schedule.
Recently tbe utilities board prepared a
schedule, reducing rates about SS per
cent, effective upon payment of JVsbruary
bills. The telephone company applied to
the federal court tor a restraining order,
but It has not been acted upon.
The authorities announce that arrests
of telephone company officials will fol
low and a teat ease la expected.
'WEBSTER CTTT. Is.. Feb. 1 (Special
Telegram. 1 The Blankenbuehler building
waa badly damaged by Are this morning.
1 06
..... 1 to
1 tt
t at
For sll ages over S4 Uie rste is $3 .00.
Omaha ramp No. 13 Is the largest camp
In the state and ba a membership of
mjr thin l,a.
Talbot fere Talk Faille.
IJNCONL. Feb. l.-4Hpectal Telegram.)
-In speaking today of the reported
threat of Omaha lodge of the Modern
Woodmen to accede on accouat of the
Increase In rates. Head Consul Talbot
said It waa Impossible for them te secede
even if they desired to do so.
"Of course, the members can drop out
If they want to, but that would be foolish.
The Modern Woodmen 1 a oantral organ
isation without separate state Jurisdic
tions and the law would not permit them
to secede and retain the name or even
anything; similar. This wss settled In
ths case of the Maccabees, erhlrh order
split ever the rat question. The new
rate do not go Into effect arpil January
1, 1U. and there Is plenty of time to
think tbe matter ever before then. Fur
thermore. I doubt whether tlie , suae
auditor would permit the near organisa
tion, if one waa formed, to transect busi
ness on the old rates of lbs Woodmen."
When asked about thl marr Auditor
Barton said that under the Nebraska law
he bad no Juried let Ian over such matter
In fraternal bodies. He said that while
he deplored the condition. It was a fact
that several had been permitted to
organise In the last few year on a basis
which he knew at tbe time was suicidal,
but under tbe law he could not help It.
Morrison is Asked
About Disposition
of McNamara Fund
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.. Feb. 1 -Question
as tu the uses to wlilr.h the tC&MO
McNamara defense fund was put are
believed to have been asked Frank Mor
rleon, secretary of Ihe American Fed
station of Ijtlwr. before the federal
grand Jury In the Investigation of the
dynamite conspiracy today.
Before going to the Jury room Sir.
Morrison said:
"The disposition of the fund will lie
explained In detail. This refers not only
to the money paid to Attorney Clarence
Harrow, but to all payment out ot the
fund. II I a clear record with nothing
In it a wish 10 conceal. In due tlm
the public will know exactly what waa
done with the money."
Miners and Operators
Adjourn in Deadlock
INDIANAPOLIS Feb. 1 -Reporting
that their demands were so far apart
that there was no chance of agreeing at
this time, the Joint conference of bitumin
ous coal miner and operators, called to
negotiate a wage scale to go Into effect
April 1, adjourned today.
A committee, composed of John I.
White, president of the miners and one
operator and one miner from each of the
four states represented in the conference
Indiana, Illlnola, Ohio and western Penn
sylvaniawas appointed to entertain any
proposition from si I her aide and ceTT the
conference to reassemble If an agreement
seemed possible.
Predicts that Taft Will Be Ness,
leafed aad ays II la leaakt
Iksl He Can Be De.
NORFOLK. Neb. Feb. l.-ln an Inter
view today former I'nltrd State Sen.
lor W. V. Allen, populist, said:
"Aa ths tlm Is speedily approaching
when dek-gate must b chosen to the
national convention and a candidate for
the presidency be nominated. I think the
demoeratlo party ought to tak prompt
ten for united and harmonious action.
I do not think there Is any doubt of Mr.
Taft' lenomlnaMon and that aa aeon a
that Is done ths La FollsUS aad Cummins
following will be res bourse as tutors
of ths party machlns and ta wtr
"etauavat" and Troetresalvo" will dls-
sppesr treat ths repubttoaa vocahotary.
"If Mr. Ta ahall be renominated th
serious question which win confront ths
democratic parly will be, 'Who can defeat
"I believe If Wilson la nominated, he.
win os oeiesien wiinoux morn erron.
(lovernor Wilson la an abstractionist, a
theorist, a school teacher and baa no
practical knowledge of business affairs,
lis was born and educated principally In
tha south, which would be ssTslnat Mm,
ss the time la not at hand when a dis
tinctively southern man ran be made
president ot Ihe I'nlted Btatss,
"The nominee should come from a state
Ihe electoral vote of which he will be
able to carry. If Governor Harmon should
be nominated and a systematic orderly,
Intelligent sod persistent campaign made
In hi behalf, there would be a reasonable
hope of electing him, but even then tne
result might be doubtful.
"While It la true that the president has
made serious mistakes, the people as a
nils regard him ss an honest man and
hla strong and manly stand against the
Judicial recall would glvs him mush
strength among clear headed, conservative
and opinion making men, who regard any
threatened Invasion of tha constitution
as extremely unwise nd dangerous."
Yankton Man Found
Shot Through Head
KANSAS C1TT, Feb. I.-The body of a
aril dressed man. believed from paper
found In bis pocket to be Thomas Ld-
wards, Yankton, 8. D., was found on
the Kersey Coates drive near the Union
depot here today. He had been shot
through the head. It Is believed be
killed himself.
YANKTON, S. D., Feb. l.-Thoma Ed-
warda, who died In Kansas City today.
1 a county commissioner of Tankton
county and for many years a well known
dttsen. He suddenly disappeared on
Sunday, January S. and waa missing for
a week. Last Sunday he reappeared here
and then disappeared again. No reason
for hla strange aettons has been die-
ST. LOCIR Feb. l-Fbderal Judge
s dams tadar aatharfaed the three recexv-
NEW TORK. Feb. l.-A squad of detec
tives waited in vain last nurht in Central
park to catch the writer of a threatening
letter tn J. P. Morgan. jr demanding
that 1100.000 be deposited at a certain spot
on the east drive or something serious
would happen. It is understood that the
letter contained ths statement that the
writer had lost his money In Wail street
and that be "considered It up to Mr. Mor
gan to make restitution."
Leas. n: Insurance, it .em. William cr, ( Che Wabash TaaOraad company to
Blankenbuehler broke his arm getting out , asne certixV-xuea w-hsch will enable the i
of the building. The Mlckleson ft Oleann j laueteais ts borrow rayxn.ngi. The man)' i
restaurant was a total loss. It ta rally win he expended (ar unwwvamesu and I
cohered by. insurance. Jssvilpaasst at tt ran. ,
Last Month
Bee t3,s34 Inches Display.
Next paper 22,376 Inches Dis
play. Third paper 10,012 inches Dis
play. December
Bee a ,3 8 Inches Display.
Next paper 27.S6I inches Dis
play. Third paper 22,403 tncbea Dis
play. About l,0tt inches "iadeoant
medical" advertising refused
by The Bee were run by the
"Next paper" each month.
The "third paper," also, hag
started taking tali class
Hoboes Meet
in Cincinnati
boes" ot ths United Suttee ope sad a
tour day convention Iters toacv, tha
order for tba arrest of ths oslsgstss
should they assemble baring bees with
drawn by Mayor Hunt, .
Mayor Hunt, In withdrawing the order,
said bo would allow the men to assembja,
but that they mast hold their meetings la
an orderly manner.
The convention la under tba siiiniaea of
the Unskilled Migratory and Casual
Workers association, as tbe ofOolal name
of the "hoboes' " orK satiation Is called.
According to the officer of the associ
ation tha purpose of the convention Is to
wake up the public to the needs ot the
people out of employment.
Jsmes Bads How of St. Louis, the
"millionaire hobo," wss named temper ary
chairman and railed the convention 10
order. Casslu C Smith, fortuerly secre
tary and treasurer ot the Cnerntaoyed
Protective association, acted aa vice
chairman; Alexander Tyler ot Portland,
Ore. secretary, and Mrs. Cora D. Harvey
of Oklahoma Clly. Okl.. alternate secretary.
FORT WORTH, Tex, Feb. L While
counsel In the case of John B. Sneed. ac
ted of killing Captain A. O. Boyce,
were working to pick a trial Jury today.
County Attorney Basking save out a
statement declaring the grand Jury Is in
vestigating resorted attempt to ap
proach veniremen. Five jurors for
Sneed trial had been named at noon
and eight men remained la the ventre
of W.
WASHINOTON'. Fsb. L -After t amoving
disputed features to the bill prorMinc for
the sale of the unallotted ksnds m the
'Staussttsf Rock Indian lusti istloe In
1 North Dakota, and South Dakota ths asn
1 ate today passed thst njeaswra. The lands
i embrace morehaa HHM stares.
Warehouse Burned, with Lots' of
Two Hundred Thousand.
Rati read Bride- teeth ef City Ar
saem Fa Ptaaiera at 17sra
lag at Chihaahaa and
EI PASO, Tax, Feb, 1-The mutineers
who seised Jintrea last night and tn a
drunken frenty looted the town ware
split Into email bands today, each recog
nising only Its leader,
Sight parsons are known to hava been
killed and nine wounded la the overrnra
lng ot tha munMpal rjovsrnmant and In
ths promiscuous firing which continued
throueThont the night. Other wounded are
believed te be secreted In private bouses.
Further trouble Is believed to be Inev
itable, aa the asaleontsota. having de
clared themselves adhere ts ot Rmlhano
Zapata, who Is revolting against PrasV-
I dent Madera, assart they will fight any '
force sent to recapture the town.
in llae with thta purpose several sail- 1
road bridges south of ths city were de
stroyed te shack the advance ot troop '
train, and scouting parti sent aut to
note tha approach of soldiers.
mwaaeea ad Other Revolts.
The leaders, however, declare that thay
have Htil fear of an attack, and they '
claim to have been Informed that the a
garrisons at Torreen and Chihuahua also 1
revolted last night.
A all ths wire leading south hava
been cut It Is Impaestbl to verify these .
Msit Winn, commander of the Jiaare
race track, formally announced that wins; '
ta the tact thst Americans am net al.
lowed to cross the Mexican side, there
will be so racing today. He added that te
d'a antrlr win stand tor tuaiiaiss, Jf
It Is possible to rwums the sport then.
Colonel Estrada, deposed ooransaaeWe
ot the g anise, and Chief ot Peilos Oa&e.
who were thrown Into Jail when the mu
tineers seised th Iowa and released ether
prisoner, wars themselves released today.
The Xetrlssn and Degetau wars house
which bunted during th night was est
on fir whea looters stepped ss matches
while taking their booty from the store,!
Lee (as era. . - . ' -.
Several stores wars reaaed at pj-aottaaUy ;
ail ef their ssnteats. All tb saloon were '
looted ot liquor and la many. that
safes wore broken open hod 171 moaay I
tikes. Many of tha mutineers ar frensted
from 'drink today n ' Indtserlmtnst '
shooting continues.
Ths mutineers hat established a guard
st th Mexican ends of th lmrn4tone1
bridge sod srs refusing perntteston to I
A merles ns to cross. Detachment at th.
Fourth United States cavalry er STuard. 1
log th American approaches of the
bridges. '
several Reaaowa Aaalsnaad, ' '
Various reason art gtven for th
mutiny. Some say they mutinied because i
seme ot their fallow soldiers had been
ordered discharged; sons declare they 1
rebelled because Stadoro has not brought .
about the reforms h promised: sons say
that Paaqual Orosoo, their former chief
aad atlll ' In Idol st Ihe fanner rebels
la northern Mextom la going V jota the
Zapata cans and thst they are' with, him. .
Nov of them sum to know whom they
went tor president, but they all Insist
"Madar must resign."
Th trala due from tha south ever the '
Mexican National Una thia morning did
not strive, presumably bemg be Id at Chi
Tha Juarea Jali Is standing wide opes.
not a prisoner In it. Tlie mutineers are
using ths military barracks for any nrts-
oner they are holding. '
There are no field pieces or artillsry
of any kind in Juarea, so th ssullissi 1
have only rifle, pistols and dynamite
bombs for defending themselves la cans '
tt aa attack ahould Ahoy resist as they '
threaten No da mass has been dona to '
tha racing plant of th Joaraa Jockey
No street cars are operating- bet ween
Juares and Bt Paso.
By noon nearly aU th residents ot
Juares had fled to H Paso and many ef?
the poorer families are caavptng la -th
open country en the American bank ef
the Rio Urande. Th weather la sear-
shiny today. sltlsseaTh there waa tea last '
night and camper snffeiod coaaVSerably '
before daybreak.
Trssss Will Sent te jwarea.
untico crrr. ro. l a body of tu
troop ta being prepared for dispatch by
(Coctlnued on Second Pa-.) .
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