Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 01, 1912, Page 9, Image 9

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' SOW blue ?nws now on in snow and
! have nice velvet lawn next spring and
i uauwr.
Tel. Douglas ISit. J51J Howard St
, iee want aula will se;i fur
niture, pianos stoves, type
writers, sewing machines,
mtmica! instruments, bicy
cles, etc., at a cost of only
'm few centH. Don't deWy,"
get your ai in now.
FOR SALE New and nd-haMl
firom ind pocket billiard tab.- and
"crl,R alleys and accessoriei.; bar fTx-
lurea of all kinds; easy imyinents. The
HruaBWcic-Jtilk-i:olutJidcr Co.. Oi-k &.
:th 8tv
! ?D SAFES. DKKIOHT. .SIS Ffcrp-ia. St
SAFES Overstocked widt svcoml-Aand
safes, ail sties and mi.s. bargains.
1 American Supply Co., 211 Fa mam St
aVl Coal for stove or furnace. Trv it.
Harmon & Weeth. Wehster MS.
YOUNG women eominf M Omaha as
fti angers are invited to visit the Ybong
Women"? Christian aociation building at
Seventeenth and St. Mary's Ave., where
they wtil be direct! to suitable boarding
rEacaa. or otherwise assisted. Look for
our travelers' atd at the Union station. -
; WE rent and leuair ail kinds of seweag
. tuaclime. h A. A-luiQ, Douglas lt&
lain and Mamey Ms.
' Massage. RlttenhouEe. Qtd Boston Bid,
I i. v ut i t 1r oi.-Mri.-i . v
Gladmh rMiarma.-ji'. llth and rodse.
M 4 AHV Trvaunent Mr. Steele.
' i,jst iodce.
Ground floor.
l.IhREV m. anas t hire. VH How d.
l-aalc Guarante -d Re-rmd!". 401 W are Bk.
i THE SALVATION AHMY solicits cast
'off clothing. In fact, anything you do not
j need. We collect, repair and sell, at 14
N. Uth St.. for cost of collection, t the
I worthy poor. Call phone Douglas 4125 and
wagons whi call.
f 4r.V Baths, w't K'pw aromatic
uokxnvji.J ir-iitment. Mm Allen, of
hit-ago, 1 8. 17th St.. 1st floor. l. Wa.
I 1UUUMUUS V. lvifl, II. .V
fuuni the home tr.ey were
looking for among the real
estate ads on Tlie Bee want
ad page. Th noma you
want to sell can be disposed
nf quickly at coat of only a
few cents through 1)m want
! SWEDISH massage, tor rheumatisio,
muscles, Joints, diseases. Karalen Tun
, eeth. onlv Omaha masseur graduate In
1 Sweden. Om. Nafl Bank. Doug 716.
I f A iW P IV Swedish movement. Apt
I lu-AOO.Ui j, im rarnani. D. Sf4c.
MAOsi ifil' Mrs. Snyder haa changed
, -xoo.i,vjij her lotion, where he
rives Swedish massage, also vibrator and
Mediator treatments. 560 Bee Bldg. Ked
tt. Evenings l. 4m for appointments.
DrTTlanks, Chiropractor, 40 Doug. Bldg..
.16th and Dodge-lf you are sick and have
tried everything wllh no result, why not
try Chropraettc tspinaj adiuat'.iientsj and
net well Phone Ind. A-1373.
MAiYVPll'treatinent. F- Broil. .10
AU tllO a i6, K floor. D. 62SJ.
ROI.p easllv cured by Bob White',
Houp Cure, aie. box. It your dealer can
not aupply you, write u dlrev't, sendlna
.iealer'a n.w. BOB WHITE CO., 04
Jaiiir corn n;unfs iiiii- imy. - ,
acree-nlngs. V.Si per 100. Wagner. Wl h. Ifc
vein ka I E Prettiest little white Dupa,
nine weeks old; (ull-blooded , Pomer
anians; good house dogs. Males, 112. Mrs.
Frank Mcllaniel. Yale. la.
FOrt HALE-Toy Modle pup. Earl
rarkea. 4111 No. ath Ave. 'Web. I2SS.
"A 6(K1) OPPORTrNIT'V-600 pair"
of full blooded Homer ptueona all branded,
and working, for tale cheap. Object for
selling. Ill health. Addreea Y 2u8. care
-Omaha Bee.
, 11ARTZ nioutitaln canaries: young,
healtliy femnle, for breeding, web, 1H.
""Poll RAI.K-Oold. brlndle Boston hull
erleri pedigree; years. . X'all Harney
tal ' . . ' .
'"BOSTON terrier's; fine Moek. Harney
. ; . ULil-UfcllV JNKOHMA Tll. .
'' Thectrlo as fixtures. Omaha Sllrer Co.
Ideal Cement Co.. l.lh and Cuming.
"Kucha. Son Blind, paini ng. d. atlng.
litv pKoi-tBrr run. alb.
v Home
est Farnam District
Must Be Sold
At 315 North Ht St.. we have a beau
tiful l-room. houne. modern, cnnplete
fcnd up to dnte In every sense of the word.
Large living room,
Front and back etairwayc.
t Four bedrooms, .
All oak floori.
Ijartce screened sleeping iorch.
Full basement,
I .sundry tubs. -
Hest of plumbing, , .
Beautiful fixtures.
Fine dcorattoiiij.
This Is one of the very finest resi
dence districts-In Omaha, fronting on
the beautiful residence of H. W. Yates.
This plare Is worth $,000. but It can be
t bought for less money this week. It is
t hrsiirl naV tiaavaar hull flt Ti and
just as represented. To see It is to
buy it.
Norris & Martin
Buys the S-room cottage at S3 S. 3M.
modern except furnacv; newly decorated
throughout: price reduced from C?w i
ca-th; balance IfcS pvr month buys this
The Byron Reed Co.
Both Phones.
m s. nth.
FtRV BN II l.n mR 81. E
FtRal KIMH l.lVDt FOR 9111:
W Bee Building.
473ti X. ;wni ST.
Nearly new iVr, house; mod. e- heat;
all ntcely decorated; storm windows and
screens; fine est fr..nt lot rear car
and sc-aool; Jlw ca-h and 2.jv per montn;
haVe been asking C.0.0. but noske an of
ler; mus. be sold regardless, of price.
J. W. 1USP CO..
fi Brandeis Bldg. Poug. A-B1.
Seven rooms, reception hall, oak finish,
desirable location, can be bought at a
tiareain: small payment, balance to suit.
Office phone, loug. 147; Sunday even
ings, Harney zht.
ill Hoard of Trade Bldg. .
Buy This Lot in
i:a.t H lot W. Block S3
S 0nltk'.0D down, balance SW per
month. It Is well located not far from
car and school; Is 50x12. Just th place
for small house and good home.
Bee Publishing Company, City.
so-loot frontagu on loth near Center,
r uii lot on 4M nortn or uoage. ew.
New t-r. bungalow, north part city.
... ' , ..
House ana lot. ana itui..
8-r.. elegant repair, new: nth Seward,
FOR SALE by owner on
easy payments. A good six
room house, city water and
electric lights; two 51) foot
lots fenced outside and in,
chicken house, good barn,
buggy sheds, 7 good shade
trees, grape arbor 50 feet
long, apple, plum and
peach trees, all bearing.
Call 3107, Ave. C, Black
MOTHK. 1 lots, near car. I7W. Wilson.
431U tijrby-
J", ACRES wllh house, frutt and other
improvements; near ilenson. 'Phone
Benson M7 W.
Good five-room house bavins; ess and
complete bath: within walking distance
nf post office. Lot 4"iatl4. and a fine place
to raise chickens. North part of citv.
cast of Sherman avenue. Webster CRM
after h p in.
Hee PuhUshlng Company.
' 33x165 Feet
Near 30th and Harney St.. 7-room house
now renting for f per year.
, . ONLY 3,500.
E WStoltehberg,
hi Board' of Trade Bldg.
Uouaiaa 1,14). '
Acreage Close In
One acre on Non.h llh 8t.. near Fort
St. This la near school, paved street.
Carter nark, and not far from street car.
Only low-on easy paymenta.
On acre, near 44th ar.d V 8ts.-t4S0.
A half acse near It for ITS.
Ten acres, on 61 it St.. toiath of Center
!.t.. four blocks from s-room city school
(Beaia school; very sightly; same eleva
tion as Dundee. Only KUW.
Eight acres, improved, at Jth and
Orover Kts.. 13.2.'. This la H mile out
side city limits, but near school. .
Fourteen acres, splendid !4nd. In native
prairie- sod, same location. Bargain at
Harrison & Morton
Kl Omaha Nat l Bank. Tel. D. 314.
Here's Your Chance
Walking Distance
Just recently finished, seven-room cot
tSKe. tillable fur liber small or iare
family, havlr vejubule, parlor, with
colonnade op-nfng and dining room tn
oak. bay wiiniow in dining room. fine,
big kltchea, with nice pantry and rrtg
.erator space: two bd rooms and splen
did bath room, all on first floor; elegant
mirror door betwean vestibule and front
bed room; two fine bed rooms and stort
toorr. on second f'oor: large cemented
ltntmait ntlh fittut .-!& viitruniaul
furnace; best workmanship and materials j
used m this house. We orfr it for sale
on faiy terms and at a price that gives
the buyer of it a splendid value.
P. m lml. A-1T53. T.g McCague Bldg.
Srltlsk Colaaskla.
CHO'lCE fruit farms In tracts of II
acrea or mora on easy terms; along tb
Bkeena river near Prince Rupert. Central
bruisn Columbia, cell or write B. Meye:.
d .sir lot sales agenU EU Paiton Uldg-
Omaha, Neb.
Mrtttsk t'slasnblsu
Choice valley farms In tracts of ISO sera
or more on easy terms, within 1 to I mllee
from the towns along the Oralis Trunk
Paelflo Hallway between Fort Oeorge and
Prince Uupert Write for booklet de
scribing thts wonderful country. B.
MeyeL District Kales Agent, &a Paxton
Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
WTl.l. buy for anyone British Colum
bia Farm Lainds on uncompleted Urand
Trunk without commission excepting per
centage of profits., lrge returns cer
tain. Frank Crawford. IU Homer Street,
Vancouver, or Omaha.
As executor of the estate of Mm. Cath
erine T. Lacey, I will receive offers until
February 6. bli at the Cniled ritates Na
tional bank, for the west one-half of lot
three in block one ill, in ". K.
Kogers' addition to th. city of Omaha.
This pro'ierty Is situated on the south
east corner of Eleventh and Martha Kts;.
fronting about 1J feet on Eleventh St..
and 14 on Marti. a St. It was occupied
by Mrs. Lacey as her home and Is Im
proved with trees, shrubbery, barn, a
7-room dwelling bouse In good condition,
with space tor further buildings. The
property can be lurchased. If desired,
aubject to a mortgage of fc.OOO. and pay
ment for the eouity niay be ma-le one
third cash and balance in 39 or m days.
agreed upon.
United States National Bank,
Kth and Farnam Sta
Well Built
Benson Homes
F. S. Trullinger
JSO.00 cash and Vtisrb per month buys
five acres with full-bearing fruit trees la
the famous Bidwatl orrharee at Chlco.
California. Payments Include Interest
and taxes. Your money back If not sat
isfied upon Investigation. The Bid well
orchards are the most noted and pro
ductive In the' wonderful Sacramento val
ley of California. It's our confidence In
this land that prompts this generous of
fer. We ve pesches. prunes, si morels,
aprloots and Bartlett pears. Buyers'
railread fares, not exceeding J2tK. will
be credited on purchase price. La.nd ad
joins the thriving town of Chko inns
pop ). References. Any bank of Chico,
Amerlran National bank of San Fran
cisco and First National bank of Saa
laadro. Send for valuable informmlloa
and facts to
Chko, Cat-
8-Room, Xew Oak Finish
On Pinkiwy St.. near !4tb. new oak
tmislied nous, miern and complete in
eierv detail: fl neighborhood, etc.
o tfnmedlate sale, Un-A easy terms,
BAKNts a: Wiiiu., kn bx. D. Mi.
TUB easiest wsy to find a buyer for
your farm Is to insert a small want ad
tn the Des Moines Capital. Largest cir
culation in the siata of Iowa. vW daily.
Tne Capital Is read by and keUeved in
liv the standpatters of Iowa, who a mply
refuse to permit any otber psper in their
homes. Rates, 1 cent a word a day; II a
per line per month; count s:x ordinary
words to the line Address Des Moines
Capital. Pes Moines, la-
We ara offenna 30 and -are tracts
anl upwards located in Columbia county
Rear Lake City, Florida, 50 mile west of
Jacksonville and only ( miltw from St.
Aogustln. Thts property ts Intersected
by three rallroada of national reputauoo.
whtcn furnish the best aervice at
reasonable rates to all market of the
United States.
Tha climate ts Ideal. Fine tarrrw are
now being workei In our tract with
itceptK'naily good re-sults. -Own one of
our farms. Investigate our ofter. inaU
cah payments and easr terms.
1-ow rates daily. Tickets good until
Juno 1.
Ss4ps Agtscts)
W0 Omaha National Bank Bldg.
Omaha. Neb,
1 Are You Going to
Houston, Texas?
Next Tuesday, February , several are
(going to look over Houston Suburban
Heignts. the land ten mile from Hous
!ton: a sure market for sure crops. I And
wi:l raise oraiiges. figs, strawberries ami
any kind of vegetables. Join us and
ji-pend a few days in the beautiful city of
E the Gulf Coast Country. Ijind onlv ,
! per acre. Terms, im down, Ho per month.
R H. Landeryou
If you are thinking of Investing In
Florida lands for actual use or for an
Investment, come to headquarters. We
own the lands we are offering. Our lands
aero selected after vtiiting every prt
of the state and after months of Investi
gation. We wanted good land, well
drained land, in good location for fruit
raising, for truck gardening and for gen
eral farming. We wanted pure artesian
water at shallow depth for domestic use
and for irrigation for winter crops. W
also wanted both rail and water trans
portation, and after examining more
than a million acres, purchased the only
tract that had all these requisites.
We have fiv railroad stations and
seven steamboat landings on or adjacent
to our lands, and wa believe we hay
the best land investment In America.
We do not claim our land Is all good.
The man who makes this claim for any
large body of land in Florida, either
flatters himself or is not posted. Our
lands have all been carefully appraised
and are priced purely on their merits.
We du not do a mall order business. We
want you to see our hands or have some
competent Judge see them for you before
purchasing. U the land will not stsnd
the closest inspection yovl do not want It.
We can give the highest bank refer
ences as to the standing of this company
and Its officers.
Write for full information and join our
excursion to Rlvervlew Farms, Florida,
Tuesday, February I.
- M Paxton Block.
Omaha. Neb. "
Tel. P. SIM.
44J Hoard of Trade.
Farmer!, and land buyer,
all oer thd country are
reading Bee want ada every
cay and snapping up every
bargain offered.
Rates IV, cents per word
If run only one time, lc per
word if run two or more
time consecutively.
Write and mail your ad
today to Real Estate derail
ment of The Ouiana Bee. Re- '
suit, ar sure.
Sh;p your stock tee South Omaha. Save
' miieage una shrinkage. Your constgn-
meats receive prompt and careful atuq-
. tion.
' Live tocV Cesamlaatoai Mrrrhaata
I Bvrs Bros. Co. Btrong and responsible
I WtKiblBKiViT arsrElchanite Bld."
; Greet West. CVm Oo Omaha Denver.
iW. K. 8U1T11 SliN just hsoJle sttterx
j TAX BROSC hale'callle.'hcga, ssrep
I Clay, Robinson Js Co.. Jl Ex. hanse Bid.
I Interstate Co. Better results. Ship to us.
tXJFTONjCom Co.. ZO Kxchange Bldg"
U R ROBERTa A CO.. iElcrTlildg"!
Cox AJone CoraCo.. bunch of hustlers
Farmers L. P. I'em. Co., Exch. Bldg.
I.YMAN or Stanley tounty, 8. D., land. If
you want to tell, send numbers and lowest
price. W. 1 Frost. Sioux city. la
Traversed br (he
Lands ada pled to the widest rang at
crops. All the money crops of the south
plentifully produced. For lltoratule treat.
Ing with this coming country, Ita soil,
climate, church, and school advantag,
General Passenger Agent.
We handle Minidoka Oov't Project
farms In the beautiful Snake river val
ley of sou 1 1 tern Idaho.. Ample and perfect
water rlahU' -rou wlll need from II.3M)
to AM to get bantam. . Farms are 40
and acres. Intensely fertile. No In
quiries answered without stamped, self
addressed envelop,. Schroedor-itedford
Co.. Heyburn. Idaho.
OMAHA Property and Nebraska Lands.
VUt New Omaha Nat l Bank Building.
WANTED City loans and warrants.
W. Farnam Smith & Co.. m Farnam St
MONEV to loan on buslnms r rest
denco properties. Il.l to I Oo.giv w. IL
THUMAH. 5iH First Nat'l Bank Bldg.
WANTED City loana. I'etefs Trust Co.
1vk to JlO.lsO nuiJe promptly. F IX
Weal. Wead HI Ik.. Ulli and Farnam.
G VEVIN BROS t"' u n
vidian n iiuo.,lllJtm Kl-, l:llk
1 handle tradea every wnere. It you want
results write or call Dean. i!7 Bee. D 1391
S30 acres Thomas county. Neb., clear
Imprtn-ed. i'rlre. ti per acre.
M) acres), Uubbard nounty, Minnesota,
wheat land. Price, per acre.
M acrea. Brown county, Nsbraska.
Price. H per ai-re.
Want Income property or farm in east
ern Nebraaka or luwa.
Ili.Ws) stork gents' clothing, doing a fine
business. Want Rasteni Nebraska Laud
at Its actual value.
W. S. Frank
1114 City National Bank, Omaha.
Iliouu FLATS, well located, for unim
proved acreage and some cash, prefer
something near Country chib or Dundee.
IDA NEFF. 4M Bee Bldg
ll.Ou STOCK, groceries and oueenswsre.
new and fresh, still In the wholesale stork.
will exchange for heavy draft team, har
ness snd wsgon, balance cash. Juat the
chance to start In ousiness lur yourself.
Address T 121, ear Be.
Deposit proceeds of shipments In Stock
Tan), NaCI bank. Only bank at yards
Martin Bros ; T CoT J-4 nExehTRldg?
.WEEKS QRATsCO.. grain oierchanisT
Consignments solicited. Ttt Brandeis.
Eeal Eitote Ma' Jaide to Orsnise
Presalarat Isralere Take AetUa that
Is Ifteaaesl te M:lfr All Ue
atewta Working for Msmtcl
pl Prwarress.
bids will be received at the office of the
undersigned until noon, rebruary 10th.
A. D. mZ. for the construction of an ad-
ditional buiuiing at the Tubercular hos
pital. Kearney. Nebraska. Plana and
specifications are on file at the office
of the Secretary of State. Commissioner
Public lndj and Buildings, at tile Hoe.
plial. and the office of Bunt F. Miller.
Architect. Brandos Theater tiuiiaing.
ADU1SON WAIT, Sec-etaiy nf Ft-te.
IMH. STAIIU.N 1-eath a ad Muss
laloa Pacific
San Fran. Oxerl d L.
China it Japan F. M.
Atlantic fr:nreSB
Oregon Expieaa
IjOS Angeiea 1-lQliieu.
IVnver Special
r,inl.l HtIA Kne'l
I'olorado Express
ureKon-ivan. uia...
North Platte Local...
HraBll 1111.1 lldl
Strom&burg IacsI
.a l.ia am
.a 4;v pui
.all :3f pm'
.a!2:4S pm
.a ;:otam
.all pm
a 3:11) pm
.al?:i) pm
.a ISsni
a l pm
.bli.n pm
a I 41pm
a I A4am
a 6: 10 pin
a t: pm
a ?:S7am
a 4 ill pm
a je pm
a 411 pm
sin si m
b l.'Ji pm
CHOICE 4 In Klmhall county for
something In or near Omaha; section
Texss Panhandle's beat for auto or what
have you'! J. W. HASP CO.. am Bran-
dels Bldg.. Omaha.
121 ACRES, well Improved, in tilearns
Co., Minn.; J7S acres under plow, want
to exohamre for automobiles up to 110.1x41;
iialssoe. cash equity riMMO.
W. W. Johnson, 4M He HKIg.
WANTED To trade good piano for
horse or cow or both. Address B-10S.
bare Beij.
M-hand goods. Kleser, MHO Center. D. teu.
WANT TO BUI' -Stock of merchandise
In country for cash. Box Ms. On. ah,.
TKAM -of young mares, wrth foal, also
two or titre young milch cows to become
fresh In March. Wanted for shipment put
of stale. K UK. Bee.
Nebraska. "
SNAPS near Omaha, gn per acr up.
Orln S. Merrill. 1113 City Nai l Bk. Bldg.
j , ,"r""lT' - - - l '
- ' r
360 acres of fine bottom land, all
tillable, no swales or land dunes.
Adjoins town of Harsher on tha east
and south. Nearest town to IT. P.
cutoff.- Sure ta be an important city.
Part under cultivation. No buildings.
Must be aold. Price $20,000. halt
cash. Write quick to D. C. Patter
son, Attorney, Omaha, Neb. '
Gooi i
Goog section unimproved land In west
ern Nebraska; only lllo an acre. If you
want to double your money, write B-11K2.
Omaha Bee. Omaha.
1MVACRE alfalfa farm and rood team
for sale or trade. Addreas D 111, Bee.
This farm belongs to an estate and the
heirs are fnrred to s-ll immedtately, thuj
me siauivnier in pnee.
It consists of 1 acres UDland. the
greater sLare of which Is quit- rolling,
although not cliffy or bluffy ravine; U
acm can be put in corn, balance pas
ture and some woods, Th soil throush.
out the farm Is good, in fact, some of tha
iann has just btn broken and none fur
more than six years.
The Improvementa consist of good four
rf)m houM. years old; corn crib, siriali
tarn with haymow, well, etc.
Tlv price is or about tt.Sl vmr
acn. Tbtnk of it. The paature land ia
worth mora tnan that. Act at vnoa and
it Is your. Some trms.
tKl.N X. MSRltllJ- (T).,
Rooms ini-1214 'ty Nat. Bank BMg
l acres. gnuy rolunK. good soil, close
to market. In Knox i-ouniy. Neb.: 150
a -re of winter what gos with the
place: fair Improvements, p& per acre
Terms and posew1on.
340 acres in iSeward county; some rolling;
3 mile? north of Germantown; iw arrnt
of alfalfa. rO0 acres of blue grasa, good
orchard and good Improvements. Guar
anteed rental -aloe for S years of
each year. Price. l3tf.W. Terms.
Toland & Wiley
44 Bee Bldg . Omaha.
t'ABlt for on. Iwo or thre lliinde
lots; put prl and legal acscriptton In
first reller. J U7. Bee.
"7 7-Hi "ill house for about t4M;
prefer location between Blnney. Ilnk
ney, Sherman and 14th Sts. ; small pay
ment down, balance 166 per mouth. C
104. Bee
WANTED Furnished apartment or flat
by couple without children. Refer, nous
exchanged. K 11M Omaha Bee.
WIIITK lady desires steady place of
day work; neat, conscientious; doe not
disappoint engagements. Phooe H. 117.
"ANTKU-Posltlon as housekeeper by
respectabl middle-aged laty. ITeter
home with children. Also exiMrtenced as
nurse. Address Mrs Marls 'lurner, gen
eral delivery. Council Bluffs, la.
WASll'lNO and Ironing done. T .
ITi;ATK)N wanted as nanagr ot
genera! store, country town; experienced.
J .1. nr.
Ml. nee. .
BOO KJ( KEPI NO and elerl'jj work
evenings and Saturday,; use typewriter.
Address L T44H.
THREE young ladles, piano player and
singer, want positions In ptcttre show;
expertenced. Douglas . K Tit, Bee.
POSITION wanted by competent lady
stenographer; refeieno as to ability.
Harney 644 .
WANTED A position as watchman nr
secret servicing; good reierencas. U im.
Bee. . .
WHITE woman wants day work. 112 a.
Mth St A-KU.
TOUNO Isdy desires position la office
where there is a chsnc for advancement
fjmall wages to stsrt. Csa operate type
writer Webster KM.
M I...I.
rimshs St. Ixnus Ex..alWpm a 111 am
l.ll .... m i mam .ii.iwm
Slant y L. tfrom C.ll ).b i A pm bM:li am
Chlcaan tlrrat Weatera .
Twin city Limited H i pm a 7:4k em
Twin City Kinross. ...a 7 44 am asaipm
Chicago Express a 101 pm a 9:41 pm
tkiraae, Hack Islaaa I'acifle
Rocky Mountain Lta. alt n am aid 31 pm
l Illcago licai t-aas oiv.n am DMi;iopm
Chlcaxu Day Express. a 1:46 am a 4 Dm
Chicago Express a 4 10 pm a 1:10 pm
Moines Ijocal Pas a 1:17 Pm a13 1! nm
Chicago-Nebraska Ltd a I pm a 8.00 ,m
C.-Neb. L. to Unroin.a 1:01 am a 5:K pm
Chicago-Colorado Ex. a 1:21 pm a 100 pm
Chicago-Colorado Ui a 1 !.' pm a 4:tpm
OKI. W lesae express. i.wpm ail'am
Kocky Mountalu l J J ai 4; pm ai2:am
Aklekao at Northwreatera
Mlnn.-St. Paul Ex a 7 00am
Mlnn.-si. Paul Ltd. ..a 700 pin alonam
Twin city Express.. ..a i.4i am aiojopni
Sioux City Local. a I 44 pin al aipm
Minn. Danoia ipm al lsam
i win i-ii y i-imiieu.... .a ,.e pia a r si am
illnnesola Express.. alLlWam
Carroll Local a 7:oam a:Wpm
Daylight Chicago a 7 40 am al0:4pm
Chicago lK-al..... ai: 01 pm a3 ipm
Colorado-Chicago a I to pm a l is pin
Chicago Special a I or po. a:4am
l'as. Coast-Chicago. ...a in pm al apra
lxs Angeles Limited, a 111 pm all.Wpm
overland Limited alMpin al:liam
Carroll Local a 4 pm alO OOain
Fast stall as.aipm ai.Apiu
Cedar RapMs. Sloua
Cllv and Omaha t I Knm
Crntennlal Stat L t d U tam ll:lpm
Ism Pme.. ....!. ...a lvart rMlsyTam
Norfolk-Dullas a lue nt , gift 1 pm.
Ing Pine-Lincoln a 1:1 .ui .a 5 Spj,,
llasiings-Supertor ... blllpni arafipm
Dradwooo-iiot bp gs.. oo pm aa:ispm
Caier-luder a I II pm all 00 pm
I remoni-Aioioo ,.m...,h vj:g,pm
AN exnerienced cashier desixea post-
tlqn, Douglas Mil, .
WANTED By student. Crelgluoa col
lege, opportunity to earn beard or board
and room. Address C 113, Bee,, or puous
Douglas Toft '
EXPERIENCED stenoarrapher wlehea a
position with a firm; good speller and is
fast on the Underwood typwrlter. Ad
dress. H 1117, care Bee.
YOUNG man wants position as bar
tender; experienced, S lit. Be.
TOl'NO lady wants position as office
girl; can run typewriter: best of refer
ences: will start with await wages, 'phone
Webster S3.
WANTED-Lace curtain lo be laun
dered l borne; Jbc pair. Harney MU.
Firsl-class, practical nurse HlW A-3rT4
EXPERI F,NCE1 woman wishes-day
work. Webster SMS.
IRONING, sweeping, dusting by the
hour. Ind. F Kso. South Omaha.
TOUNH man. ' present employed,
wants position as bookkeeper In or near
Omaha; experienced In wholesale and
branch work. T 210, care Be.
tm Day work.
ulnar I rat
Chicago Express a 7:10 am a I tS pm
Chicago LUnlted a l:W pm a 1:00 am
Cklraae, Mllwaak at l. Peal
Overland Limited ta 7:60 pin a 1:11 am
Perry Loial alaOam all oopm
cl,rado Exnress....ea 100 pm ilanm
Colorado Special a 7i4isin a I Warn
Perry Local ..ocuptu pt::oopm
awsarl Pael'le
K. c. St. U Ex. ...a 1:10am a 7:40am
K. C. 4k St. L. piu al Wpra
Bsrllagloa Blalloa Tealh V Mssoa
Depart. Arrive.
Denver as California.. a 4. 10 pm a 1 4s nn
Puget. Sound Expresa .a 4 10 pm a ! 4,- pm
Nebraska polnls a I DO am al iopm
Hlark UiHs a 4 10 pm a 1 45 pm
Lincoln Mall ........b 1 20 pm alt:ll pm
Northwest Express ...all li pm a 7 00 pm
eoiasaa pviuis m o at am a ,:l pm
Nebraska Express ...a 9.11 am a lo pm
t.lnciln Local a ,as
echuyler-ltattsmouth b a.i pm bl . pm
Lincoln Local b I M am
Piattsmouin-iowa ....a, is am a loO am
hu.lli.vue-Platismouth.alf 30 ptn a 1.40 m.
Chicago Social a Mi am all: 11 ptn
Denver Special aU J5 pm a 7.00 pm
Chicago Expreas a 4 JO pm a 1 61 pm
Chi. Fast Expresa a I 30 pm si 00 am
Iowa Local .... ai0:m am
Creston (le- local. ..b I s pm b!0:4l am
SI. Louis Express a 4: pm ill Mini
K. C. St. josepn. ...aieo pm a 46 am
K. '. A Ht. Joseph. ..a l it am a 1 10 pm
K. C a St. Joseph... a 4 b pm
lb) daily except Sunday, (c) Sunday
only. a) dally.
Webster glallea lS4h aasl sorter
To standardise real estate values and
to obtain and hold the reenect and confl
dnc of the buyer and seller of property
and to take active interest In all affairs
that wilt make for the benefit of South
Omaha, the real estate men of the Magic
City formed themselves Into a temporary
organisation preparatory to the organisa
tion of a Real Estate exchange formed In
accordance with the rules of the national
The meeting was held In the real estate
office ot J. II. Koplets. who acted u
temjwary chairman of the organisation.
The prominent real estate dealers of th
city assisted at the meeting and entered
Into discussion of the new exchange.
J 11. Kopietx In a strong, direct appeal
lo the members Indicated the need of an
exchange In South Omaha. Tb speaker
Instanced the many features that should
make South Omaha desirable to the home
builder and the wage earner. He men
tioned the fait that In the packing In
dustry alone over 7.000 people found em
ployment. 11 called attention te th
bank clearings of th city and pointed
out other things that should be advertised
mop, generously to th rest of the world.
I. C. Gibson declared that heretofore
the great and fundamental trouble with
South Omaha has been jealousy and laok
of community spirit. He said this cancer
ous spirit had eaten down Into the busi
ness, social and political Ufa of th city.
Th speaker asked that the new organlxa
lion be a strong, cohesive unit, determined
on taking Its proper place In tha affairs
ot th city.
Joseph H. Murphy In a few words Indl
jated that th meeting was for th pur
pose of organisation and moved that
proper officers be chosen.
J. II. Korleia was appointed chairman
and upon -vol of those present Messrs
O'Neal, Murphy, dlbson and Koplets were
appointed a commute to draw up a set
of rules and bylaw to govern th new
II. Goldberg. J. AlcNeal and T. J.
O'Neal discussed some Interesting prob
lems of the real estate man, and th
mealing adjourned until next Wednesday
I'ltlsras Take lafereet.
There are rumor of the formation of
a nsw ciUsane' movement that will at
tack both the present city administration
and those who have taken tip th gauntlet
to oust them.
So far the formation ot any opposition
to I he present Incumbents of office seems
nubulous and confined to wordy de
A cllisrne' ticket was discussed yester-
dsy. bit those partial paling In th de
liberations were shy ot admitting their
Th effort la being mads to draw new
material Into th candidates' field and
it Is understood that th movement will
hot take organtxed form until th assent
of certain desirable candidates can be
Mayer Will laqalre.
Mayor P. J. Trainor In discussing tha
grant of the city grvtng permission to
erect a alulos bog at th end of th Mud
Creek sewer for the convenience and
benefit of th Union Stock Yards, de
clared last evening that while he had not
Liooked Into th matter carefully b In-
lenoea ro ao so neir approving ine
rot of th council. . )
The mayor slated that he terted te
approve th permit upon which th coun
cil had voted unanimously. Th grant al
low, th Union Stock Yards company
th right te erect a larg sluice box with
all water facilities Necessary for drain
ing off the grease and other marketable
residue of th sewage flowing from th
yards through th Mud Creek sewer.
1 w Parochial tekool.
Father Mugan, pastor of ot. Mary's
Catholic church, Thlrty-slilh and Q
streets. Is considering plans for the erec
tion of a new parochial school house
contiguous to the church building. Ths
plans eontempls te an expeodltur of III.-
Oiill and tha werk Is expected to begin
within the nxt few months.
It Is said that the new school house will
relieve the congested condition of th Cor-
rig an school, which Is sadly In need of an
addition. The school board however. Is
dlsln -ltned to Increase the debt already on
th school district and th work of rear
ing an addition to Corrigsn school, while
necessarily urgent, has been Indefinitely
postponed because of the Inadequate sup
ply nf money In th building fund.
Baseline; keares.
1st. M. Sd. Total.
Browne!! 141 IM 160 460
Beyers ....147 1 16S
Kolianakv 130 164 1 441
ftlein 141 171 l.e 4M
W timer lot lis UI M
y : j
week In the school house at Thirty
; seventh and Q street.
The Tri-City Federation of Christian
I Churches held a meeting yesterday after- ,
'noon at the First Christian church. Mem
bers of that denomination from Omaha,
Council Bluffs, Irving ion and bouitt
Omaha attended the sessions.
Miss Withe Miller, at her home en
Twenty-second street, entertained a num
ber of her school friends Tuesday night.
The evening was dewted to games and
music, after which luncheon aa sefv'ed.
The following were present: Misses Edna,
K:eter. Theresa Kop-ets. Margaret Car- -ley.
llaxel Hartell. Helen Kahn. F.dlthe
Miller. Amelia Peters, Effle Copenhowe
and Messrs. Paul Jordan. Bill Cline,
Frank Nagle. Karl Keeper. Jack Ward.
John Rahu. Mellis stiller and Joe Connors.
Mlsswarl Pacirie-
Auhurn Local
tklraao. St. Pai
Sioux City Express
Omaha Ijocal
Kloux city Psss
Twin City Pas,....
Emerson Local ....
Depart. Arrive
.b 3:60 pm bll:U am
1 1, Mlaaeapwlla et
,.b I S pm bit Si pm
,..C 1.26 am c 126 pm
b 13 pm
...b t 41 am b 1:11 am
John Kt gals, a laborer, was found
d-ad In his room, tioutti Ninth street,
at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon by
his roommate, Joe Vlnra. He clasped
a revolver in liia right hand, showing
his death was sub-ide. A number of
letters, written In Hungarian, probably
tttl why he ended his life. He had sent
a bullet Into his heart.
FOR SALeKs-Sp acres good. Wvel land.
no sune or stumis; acr-s unor plow,
can all be plowed; good set buiidSgs;
Itafrit. half rash, take it IWof-e February
- J- qam i o r aii . lamonage, JStnn.
120-AC RE. w?!l improved farm tn Iowa,
wlth n 25 miles of Omaha. A big bargain
at $U per sxx. Uocd taraav Ajlvdrass
K 11A Bee.
FOR 8ALBTwo beautiful farm homA.
and S9 acres, joining. Oood iani. lo
ration and Improvements. Ss mllea from
Twin Cities. Prk- Hi pr arre, worth
JM B D. -arsons, fltaachfleld. R. F. l.
No 1. Roa 41. M:Dota.
IIS ilHlm lp1sre tmw.A .11 I. .Ia,I.
4 mtls from Wbeatian'C Wyo. U. ttroa
KXPERlKNTKf billing clerk. Good
reference. 1'hone Douglas S&Jt.
WA6VTkl-lsltlon asrh'wai'her. by
middle aged womnn. Phone Welter 24.
ASHKK and rubbish taken from the
basement and halls haultd; reasonabiv. '
Harney Wit.
Yol'.NO lady wants poaitioti as j
waitrese. Ind. A-1TM.
VVANTEI By young man. office work !
or tiookkeepi&g. can give satisfaction. I
N MP. Rft. I
Lillian Swanson. 5401 North Twenty,
eighth avenue, attempted suicide shortly
before midnight lust night, by taking
corrosive sublimate table's. he was
revived by polhe surgeons snd will re
cover. She gave no reason for her act.
Totals ....
tm 740 2.2S0
McDonald ...
Marietta ....
Totals ,
1st M.
Hetfner ....
Motirath ...
iiorwlch ...
Shepard ...
Detbremer .
n ui
1st. rd.
ISO 161
:.11 141
IM ll
168 lil
ZM 111
-..I 714
.. I
3d. Total.
ITS. 114
164 MS
13 ' 4JI
317 494
U 6.16
k wa
M. Total,
li: ITS
Criminal Impulse
in Delinquent Boy
Enigma to Experts
Warren Hayxlett. an 18-year-old Inmate
of the State Industrisl school at Kear
ney, was subjected to a rigid examination
by Dr. G. A. Young yesterdsy sfternoon
In an attempt to locate the causes ot
strange Impulses which prompt the boy
to Incorrigibility after weeks ot best
"I found nothing to Indicate that ha
had ever sustained a fracture of the
skull." said Dr. Young, "nor was there
say evidence thet th skull rested upon
th brain and thereby caused the boy
to become nervously deranged."
Hsysletl's mother, an Omaha woman,
requested th examination, saying that
her son wss struck on th bead when a
child by an object thrown at him, and
since that time had been subjected te ,
nervous attacks and spells ot Tlctous !
conduct st times. . Superintendent C. B.
Msnuel of the Kearney institution I
brought young Hayxlett to the city.. j
"He Is en of th most lovable beys '
in th school," he said, until this !
nervousness cornea on. You can tell
when he Is likely to make trouble by
the curious change In his ay."
Inheritance Law ;
is Put Under Fire !
Constitutionality ot tb Nebraska In
heritance law, which apparently makes
It possible for a husband In his will
practically te cut off hie wife from any
share of his property, has been called
lute Question la connect ton with th die- .
position ot the estate of the late John
W. Thorn, worth about H40.K.
To his wife Thorn bequeathed I3MM
and th balance of th astat he be
queathed to hie brothers. Dr. W. W.
Thorn, ot Wath-upon-Dearne, England,
and Jsmes IL Thorn ot Aberdeen, scat
land; his sister. Miss Johana 8. Team
of Old Rartery, Scotland, and other blood
Under on ' section ot the law Mrs.
Thorn bss elected to tsk one halt of
th estate Instead of the I3.000, which
she ssyi she has a right to do. She baa
filed In county court a petition for an
order tor distribution et the astat In
acoordane with her election. Dr. Thorn
and the other heirs under the will have
petitioned for distribution hi acoordane
with th provision ot th testament.
Hearing en the opposing petitions will
begin today before Judge Crawford, who
will have to decide upon the coastltutloa
amy at the taw. In tale case th de
cedent left his wife to.000, out he a
well could have left her It,
Itilpatrick Employes
Have Merry Feast
The Thomas Kilpatrtck company was
voted to be first class employers but
night at the Hotel Rome whan Us) em
ployee gathered at a banquet aa the
ust of th concern. WUMam F.
Baxter, secretary of the Kilpatrtck eoss.
pany, acted aa mastsr et ceremonies
and although It had been stated before
hand that shop talk would be tabooed.
Mr. Baxter violated th rule regardless
of consequences by commending tha em
ployee tor their loyalty and talthfuln.
Addresses by heads ot th various de
partments followed and from the lime
th company assembled until R broke up.
a Jolly Urn wss In order.
Id. Total.
1T7 rfAHt
m . 471
1: SOI
iw ea
12 6JI
VUIM1 lady desires position aa chil
dren a nurse; three years' experience.
listnev 'poone 106.
i.AMil.NU or cleaning for Friday.
Wb. 427.
I-ADY wants washing to take home.
Douglas 474.
Yoi'NU lady desires position as chll
dren'e nurse; three years' experience.
Harney phone )06l.
"WANTED Situation by Korean young
man: a private family cook. Address o
1. Bee.
Sheriff McShane last night arrested
Cecil Joslyn and six men who were found
in Joslyn'a place, T North Fourteenth
street. Joslyn was charged with eel ling
beer after hours. The men were charged
as Inmates. All were released on bonds.
YOUNG iadv wants stenographic -sitlofi;
ea operate any ma nine. Web.
Tree Crashes Oat Life.
WEST LIBERTY, la.. Jan. 31.-Speclal
Telegram Herman Schneider of West
liberty was Instantly killed today when
x tree which he was chopping fell on hlm.
Totala 776 let ;
Magle City (Jeaalp.
For !xle Pool hall and coffee house.
Uth and N Sts.
The l,eap Year Pleasure cluh will atvw
a dans-s this evening at Rushing' s hail.
The women of the First Presbyterian
hurch will serve luncheon today noun at
the church.
Judge Jacob 1evy has returned from a
visit with bis daughter, Mrs. A. Blank.
of lies Moines.
Mr. snd Mrs. Jsmes Povondra reoori
the birth of a son at their home. 1X4 Routh
Twenty-flret street. .
Phone Bell South lS Irl F- 1MI for a
case of Jeter Ooid Tup. Promt delivery
to sny part of the city. William Jetter.
The ladles of the Albright Methodist
church will hold a bakery sale at the
store ot J. P. Krause next Friday.
Dinner will be served at the First Pres
byterian church by the King's Daughters
from 6 to 7.30 tomorrow evening.
Steven Mollner Is reported much Im
proved tn health. He is at home now af
ter having spent several days In the
South Omaha hospital.
The Woman s Auxilliary of St. Martin's
church will meet Thursday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. J. K. Northrup. Ulu
North Twenty-third street.
Building Inspector Watson of the school
district, complains that hoodlums are In
the habit vt breaking several w:adowa a
Bishop-Elect Guest
of Creighton Men
Ths crelghtoa University Alumni
clstlon held their annual dinner la the
rathskeller of the Henehaw hotel test
night. The Right Rev. P. A. MMJovern,
bishop-elect of Cheyenne, waa the spe
cial guest of th occasion, and more than
: men present honored him with an
Frank A. Furay was teastniaater. M
Introduced J. A. C. Kennedy, who ad
dressed th assembly en "The Character
of University Men." Dr. J. F. Laagdoa)
of the university medical faculty told et
th "Progress of ths University," and
K. J. McVann of "Th Olee Club asd
Its Value to the University." John A.
Ben ne wits and Ted Leery were also .
speaker of the evening.
K. J. McVaan was elected president ot
the alumni association, Joseph Byrne,
treasurer, and John W. Welsh, secretary'.
Miss Mert Roman, pianist, and John C.
Jamleson, basso cantata, gave a recital
last night at th Lyric theater before aa
appreciative audience.
Mhw Roman played a Bach prelude,
MendelsMiha's concerto tn O miner, Schu
mann's "Paplllnos," Chopin's "Revolu
tionary F.tude" and selection from Rub
instein, Brahms, Mac Do well and Leacbe
tlsky. Mr. Jamleson sang Hawley'e "Noon
and Night" Schubert's "Der Wanderer,"
Armstrong's "The Road." Elgars "After,"
German's "Rolling Down to Rio" and
A large audience heard Miss Helen
Ssdllek, pianist, at the Unity enure.
Seventeenth and Cass streets, last nlgbi.
and all were charmed by th remarkable
ability of the fair young must dan. Miss
Sadllek waa assisted by Miss Alice Ken
nard, soprano, and Miss Kenaard's efforts
ware no small part ot the evening' a en
tertainment, f
rrt. Airties. aatssl.
KSWTCmg , Iwern
SBW TOKh ......Ctactsasti.
JiKW TURK resainlli
GIBRALTAR Praacsela '
MARSEILUH ....Oartassia. 7
OWKHTLANA C F. Tietga-..
Lu.SoOX Ulsslliats
A Bleedy At fair
is lung hemorrhage. Stop M. and cure
weak lungs, eoagh and colds with Vt.
King's New DIsKOvery. Me and S.tft
For sale by Beatoa Drug Oe.