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- auiHuj. lOUg. s.
Karar, Bns Oimn
If usbl to j,, Booth's OuirulttJ
tiinrm Oyster, of jrour dealer, ca.!
"cujl.s S.s for nearest dealer's pa;re
-er , Saakrspt-Robert F. Stew
7 n r-slwe employed by the Inion
""it.c. hts fll , voluntary petition is
fankniptcy tn the federal district court.
e places hia assets at ts and claims
exsmpt all of hts liabilities, whlcu
amount to J37S.
ssrly Oe Maadred Candidates
Klreiy-eight candidates are In the flew
for the nomination for commissioner and
thirteen have filed. Frank A. Furay was
the thirteenth to file his petition. Fran
M Wcclley sras twelfth to file. The
newest candidates are Ed Kecnan. George
O. Richardson and Fred V. Anheuser.
Vroawt.ons oa Orefoa Short tineDue
to the fact that F. H. Plaisted. former
abtunt general freight agent of the
I'reaon Short Lin, has been promoted to
the position of assistant director of traf
fic. D. t. Gray becomes acsisunt general
freight agent and M. E. Godwin, district
f"'ght agent. The promotions are ef
fective February l All of the official
l:ae headquarters in Salt Lake City.
Ks-ra Sit by Bullet Wilbur Hlsee. a
rtgro. appeared at police headquarter
yesterday and asked for medical aid.
lie said he had been thot In the shoul
der isst night by a person unknown to
Mm. II said he was going south on
Tenth street near Dodge when ha heard
i the report of a (un and almost simul
taneously felt a pain in his right shoul
der, ills wound was dressed by Police I
Surgeon Arrasmlth.
' CowftU off XzaoBU Beard F. 8.
CowgUI. president of the Transmlaslsslppl
Oraln company, has resigned from tho
executive comroUtee ot the Commercial
lub. at the meeting hour I the busiest
hour of the day with him. The vacant
position Is to be filled by a grain man,
and a committee composed of V. II. Bu
cholx, C. H. Pickens and E. P. Peck has
been appointed to And and recommend
the right man.
ataay Inquiries About Aaditoriaae
Spokane. Wash, about to vote bonds for
a eVM.HW auditorium; Kalamatoo, Mich..
end Nssbvllls, Tenn., all hare written to
Manager GUIan ot the Omaha Auditorium
to get detailed information on the Omaha
building. Its coat, description, use. man
ner of maintenance, etc. Within the last
year Mr. Olllan baa had similar inquiries
from Seattle, Syracuse. Rochester. At
lantic City, Newark. Detroit, Colorado
Mprings and Urand Rapids, Mich.
tight Oompaay la aterUg: The Omaha
JJght and Power oompanr to moving Into
the Union Paclflo building, the offices
occupying the suite on the Dodge street
side, first floor, just to the east of the
Hodge street entrance. The rooms occu
pied by the bookkeepers are on one et
the floora higher up In the building.
Vow Osrpeta at Police Status A rev
olution was passed by the city council
Tuesday night awarding the contract for
furnishings for the police station to Hay
den Bros. Linoleums, corrugated rubber
matting and a sanitary oak desk will be
supplied for the station by Hayden Bros,,
a ha were the lowest of several bidders.
Here Was One Good Place for a Minister's Son
: :
VlW ft I I If
Jfll i tm f oft ft
Bearke t kusn Location.
We wish to announce to our many
friends and patrons that we have found
the demands of our tailoring depart
ment so urgent, that we hare decided to
retire from tea ready-made clothing lint
tntlrely and from February U we will
confine our efforts to the.
On February U we will open with a
complete new stock ot the latest offer
ings In Spring Woolens, at Wl to SM
We wish to thank our friends for their
ratronage and hope to merit a continue
tlua of their favor. e
Stock Losses in
Wyoming Normal
It us sell Thorp ot Link, Wyo., ons of
Hie most extensive cattle and sheep feed
er In the state, la la Omaha. Discussing
. the lira stock situation In Wyoming, Mr.
Thorpe says It la no where as serious
as It promised to be when the spell of
frigid weather wsa hovering over the
country. He figures that the losses ot
the cattlemen and flockmastori will be
Just about normal.
Both cattle and sheep are thinner than
usual, owing to the long continued cold
hu; aside from this, they are in very
good condition and art going to come
through the winter fairly well unless there
should ke unusually cold weather and bad
storms during; February and March. -
According to- Mr. Thorpe, outside ot the
cattle and aheap country, people do not
understand tke situation. With many tbe
opinion prevails that the owners ot stock
go into the winter with little hay. expect.
lug that their animals will subsist picking
the dry grass on the range. The situation
is iHe the reverse of this; "
In a communication from the park
commissioner the mayor and council are
"given an idea of what other cities ar
expending" for parks and boulevards and
tit value of the Omaha park and boule
vard, system Is set forth In comparison
with other cities. The communion Ion
accompanies the annual report ot receipts
and expenditure. In part It says:
"In comparison with funds for our
paiks and boulevards, we quote Seattle
for the year MM. and Its perk area kt
only twenty acres more khan ours. It
expended for Improvement and main
tenance eM0.i71.wr. white we expended
SsioJ, including P0S00 donated. Keattle't
bond Issue for the same year was (!.
tw tor purchase of parks and play
grounds, and our bond town was only
M.000 for Improvement of boulevards
only. That city's bond leaue baa been while our for pti' i and boule
ards has bean WO.')."
Bill Dooley Enters
Plea otNot Guilty
I Kill Poo ley. tAt nefcro who killed Jack
I lUynoM In South Omaha Saturday. ra
, arra-.Knrtl before Police Judfe Cailaban
yesterday. Ha eutered a plea of not
guilty and will u given a hearing Sat
i urtay afternoon. Thou!, the ooroner u
jjury returned a verdict Indtcatlns that
i Dooley fcll eJ Reynolds in m!( defenae a
charge of avcond d$iv murder baa been
jKvdCttd aaint him. ttooley hai retained
I Franklin A. .hotwril aa counsel and t
; eve ts bfinj; prvucuted by J. M. Fltt-
New York Lad Lured
Into West by Tales
About Wild Indians
Where are all the Indians'" queried
Edward Downs, a 13-year-old New York
bay, who had come to Omaha to see
some of the real wild and woolly west.
Instead he saw the police, who looked
very much like the New York cops, and
very much like thry do in other metropol
itan places. They led him to the station.
I read there were a lot ot wild Indians
around here, and that sometimes they
Jult shot up everything and killed people
and scalped them slid held war dances
and everything," the boy explained to
Juvenile officers.
'A man told me If I would just wait
around here they would come In and ride
whooping and shouting ui and down the
streets. I've waited three dsys, but I
haven't seen any."
After being taken to the detention home
the boy became convinced that there were
no very ferocious Indians around here.
"This place looks something Ilk New
York." he said and at this the detention
offloors swelled out their chests, "nay, 1
think I'll go home. I've got 11.3 here.
Just go snd tend a telegram to my fslher
and he will forward me a ticket." Juve
nile officers did as directed and back
hy telegraph came tbe order for a tloket.
The boy left yesterday for bis home,
muon disgusted with the writers ot things
as they are not
"Cleanliness Is next to Godliness," but
the police do not believe this was the
motive which prompted a burglar to en
ter the Union Tea company's store at 1311
Cuming street Tuesday night and steal
twenty-five bars of soap. When the store
was opened the contents were badly disar
ranged, but only the soep was missing.
Will Appraise Only
if Owner Desires
After much heated debate I he Real Es
tate exchange decided that Its appraisal
committee should appraise property only
with consent ot the owner. The commit
tee was Instructed to bring In a few ap
praisals at next meeting.
The exchange Indorsed the campaign
of the Omaha Commercial club and drain
exchange for the testing ot seed corn.
Th membership of Robtnsou Wolf
was transferred to Harry Wolf and i.
t'. Robinson was elected to membership.
The firm has dissolved partnership. Ths
banquet committee reported a deficit of
(M on the exchange recent II dinner.
Th exchange will make up th deficit.
The North Presbyterian church. Twenty
fourth and Wirt streets, will be dedicated
Sunday morning. Th words of dedication
and the blessing will be given by the
pastor. Rev. l. V. Illgbet. Tbe festival
of dedication will be brought to a close
Friday evening, February a, by a banquet.
A Ftrrew Attack
of malaria, liver derangement and kid
ney trouble Is easily cured by Electric
Bitters, the guaranteed remedy, CO eta
For sals by Beaton Drug Co.
Speakers Selected
for Cement Show
the early uprUif,-. and as noon as lite roada
aie 1 condition the blahop will begin hit
travels and his troubles.
.Several Omaha and NVbravka men are
'nciuded on the program of the con
vention of the Nebraska Cement titers
association, which will be held at the
Home hotel next Tuesday lo Thursday.
Inclusive. Harry W. Moole of the Moole
Engineering; company, will talk on
"Kelnforced Concrete" Wednesday morn
ing, and U K. Porter of York. Nh , will
talk on "RequUHea for Good Conerote"
the aama morning.
In connection with the ronvrniu.n, a
cement show will be held In the Audi
torium, the doom opening Tueariay nonn
Thtrty-flve rxhlbttors from all parts of
tho country hav taken spate at the
show, which will gurpaas former shows
tn tho number of exhibitors and amount
of cement products shown.
Bishop Beecher is
to Have Automobile
All distance records made by bishop
in Ui missionary district of Kearney
were surpassed In 1911 by Bishop Oeorgt
A. Beecher, who traveled HM miles,
visiting near and remote parishes. "And
this year." said th bishop while In
Omaha to attend th meeting of choraie
and corrections, "I Intend to break last
year' record."
Travel Is difficult In parts ot th die.
trlct which ar far removed from rail
roads and csn be reached only by crude
facilities. This, together with the tact
chat the, district Is very large, has
prompted Bishop Beecher' supporters
snd friends to furnish him an automo
bile. The machine will be purchased In
Big Concerns Are to
Co-Operate With the
Seed Corn Trains
The liuiilngtnn, Tnlnn Paclflo and
Northwestern mllrosds art busy making
out their schedules for their seed corn
ipecislH and expiH't to ho ready to an
nounce the schedules by next Monday.
Omaha grain romuiinlea. Implement
ctimtianiea. creamerlrs and banks ar
NcnUIng out Idlers to all their Nebraska
sgents, apprising them of the coming of
the need special and asking them to
form organisation in their towns to get
the farmers Into town on the day th
special cornea J
Funeral services for Ralph Tafteman
Krederlckaen will he conducted Friday
morning at 10 o'clock at the lata home.
3I Mouth Eleventh street. The service
will be private, conducted by Rev Mr.
Ahmenlorp. pastor of the Usulsh Luth
eran church.
Mr. Predericksen. who died Tuesday
evening at St. Joseph's hospital, ws on
ot th best known Uanlsh editorial writ
ers In the west. Bine l he has been
connected with th Danish Pioneer. Prior
lo that time h was a contributor lo Eng.
Ush periodicals.
David Blsphera, America's great!
singer, Lyrlo theater Friday evening.
Captain Arthur K. Cowan, th new com
mandant of ths) Omaha High school cadet
regiment, took charge of the drill at tue
school yesterday morning. About ninety
Incoming freshmen reported at the school
lor ceaei anu aaa were assigned to
'iL.t -:i a -'.'
'Sweeping Assertions
You can save 375 pounds of work on sweep day
f Ifllfifc Every time you sweep you raise the broom at least 1000
fwmw!mWV t,mes An ordinary oroom weigns x ounces, i nac maites
WwirMj 35,000 ounces, or 2,187-f pounds you lift every time you
MMmii svveeP- A Little Polly Broom is 6 ounces lighter than ordinary
'fSKimf brooms. In using it you save lifting 6,000 ounces, or 375
f pounds every time you sweep. 1 nink wnat tnis means in a
year's time. The saving on your carpets is considerable, too,
as the Little Polly Broom is made of soft tipped broom corn,
that p-ets into the nap and draws out the dirt with the least effort
on your part. Little Polly handles are of hard maple light and
strong. The finish is guaranteed not to stick or soil the hands
under any condition.
fclirill POLLY
Look for the Name
on the Handle
This hard finish and the high polish we give Little Polly handles, is a secret
process the envy of all other broom makers who have tried to duplicate it,
but have all failed.
Little Polly handles come in canary or rose color and all bear the name
The Little Polly, printed lengthwise. Be sure to look for and find this name,
as it stands for the best broom that experience or money can produce.
You can get brooms that cost more, and others that cost less, but. pay what
vou will, none offer so biz a value as the Little Polly. Prove the truth of
these facts by giving the Little Polly a trial.
We guarantee satisfaction or money refunded
Harrah & Stewart Mfg. Co., Des Moines, la.
H. J. Hughes Co., Distributor, Omaha, Neb.
Fresh Eggs Offered
at Declining Prices
Some of the mores orfeted fresh eKgs
yesterdsy at b cents a dosen, & cents
helosr Tuesdsy's price. A free tnore
cf eggs from the country has begun nd
further declines are looked for. Storage
eggs have practically disappeared.
Mutter Is down I cent, the wholesale
price being now N cents snd the retail
price generally about l rents. Butter I 1?
cents pound higher than It was a year
ago at this time and cents higher than
two years ago.
fast of Uoss. Sssssacfc and Bowel
me, W obtained gssst pleasantly aod
east premplry ky eninf Srrap of Figs
ass! ESzar of Senna. It Is wot a sow
and wntriod renaeifr, bat is md by
mfflos of sresVaif ersaaJ nunisVs psrongn-
out tbe world B dsans aod
and sUeiig'lssB the
kutfrs remedy is
When buying mid, ful ana
ot ths Camwsy-Ceatonie F Sjtus
Co, utensil oa ewsry package of lb
RflfussT pries 5& par bat, OM sgsj sjsV'
For sale by el tesass, dragfwta.
Ask Your Doctor
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is a tonic. It does not stimulate. It does not
make you feel better one day, then as bad as ever the next There
is not a drop of alcohol in it. You have the steady, even sain
that comes from a strong tonic. Ask your doctor all about this.
Trust him fully, and always do as he says. t2-fn,-
Sir or Madam
who are contemplating the pur
chase of one or more
Oriental Rugs
Here is your opportunity to secure
some high grade rugs at unprece
dented low prices.
Three More Days
and this exhibition and sale comes
to a close.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
are the last, days of the sale at
rooms 204-210 City Nat'l Bank
building, 16th and Harney.
The Nahigian collection has
made a name for itself among
Oriental rug admirers in Omaha
for quality. Have you made your
purchase yet?
Art Wr.
Rtprtnntint Nahigian Bro$., Chicago.
Has been always
Will always bs
Can therefore be relied upon.
Published by the Growers of India Tea'
Restores Gray Hair to Natural
Color, Stops It from Coming
Out and Makes It Grow.
It Is easier lo preserve tbe color of
the hair than to restore It, although It
Is aosslble to do sola. Our grandmothers
understood th eerret. Thar made a
"sage tea," and their dark, glossy hair
long after middle life was due to this
fact. Our mothers have grey hairs be
fore they are fifty, but they are begin
ning to appreciate the wisdom of our
grandmothers In using "sage tea" (or
their hair and are fast following suit.
The present generation has the advan
tage et Um past, la thai tt can rt a
ready-to-use nreparaUoa railed Wrath's
Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy. As m
scalp tonic and color restorer this prep-,
aratloa is vastly superior to the ordinary.)
"sags tea" made by our grandmothers
The growth and beauty of the balTj
depend oa a healthy oandlttoa of the.
scalp. Wyeth'a Sage and Sulphur Hsh
Remedy quickly kills the dandruff germ
which rob tn hair of its life, color and,
lustre, snake the scalp clean and healthy, 1
gives tbe hair atrengta, color and beauty'
and makes It (row-
Get a M eeat bottle from your drugglsb
today. He will sis your money
If yeu are ant satis fled after a fair I
Sherman A McCsanell Drug Co.. Cur.
...... '
8U, Loyal Hotel.
uid Dodge, Cor. Mth and Harney,;
tub aad Faroe m. wr- No. letb-