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Final Round-up of Bargains
Every department of this popular store lias been
as busy as the proverbial bee all this month as a fit
ting climax to this bustling sale we have arranged
some Epecial reductions on a great many things which
you need right now it will be greatly to your advan
tage to shop here tomorrow. .
Girls' Panama Dresses
A splendid in-between drees
for school wear until warm
weather colors are red,
brown, nary, black and white;
sites 6 to 14 years: dresses
told regularly up to $6.30, now
All junior's and small wo
men's suits are marked spe
cially low for this finu clean,
Ladies' and Girls'
Sweaters, $1.45
Made of pore worsted yarns,
V-neck styles, all colors, sold
regularly at from $2 to , now
Boys' Blouses
Collar band styles, pretty
'patterns for boys 1 to 13 years
11.00 values
Men's Shirts
Handsome patterns and every
shirt a Vecular f 1.60 value
Chinchilla Coats
These much wanted coats
seem difficult to obtain else
there our showing Is still
quite complete. Many beauti
ful colors and combinations,
Junior and small women's sizes.
$22.58 Coats 815.00
2.0Q Coats $17.50
Girl's, mimes' and women's
cloth coats, all go at heavy reductions.
Boys' Sweaters, 98c
V-neck styles In red, blue
and gray, alzea ? to 1$ years,
regular $1.50 quality
Coys' Suits
Norfolk and double-breasted
styles, mixtures and colors of
brown and gray, sold regularly
up to $6.50, size to IS years
Boys' Overcoat
Warm, stylish coats, well
worthy the former prices, rang
ing up to $6. so; slzea Z
years now
to I
Tow. Threshrill Meet i tal Blif US6 tO ACCept
lloines Early in March.
I far Ami
License a
Depot? Car Clerk.
alt Admits
la Br
rom a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOIXES. Jan. n.-(Speclal
TrIegTam.l-lxUes lor two convention,
for Ue Moines this year were arrsnscd
by local committee, today. The conven
tion of Iowa Ihrashermen will lie held
here March It There will b M dele
gates to the la.t convention.
Caaat Pay. War.
Count Nelhoo. a Hindu soothsayer.
Ions prominent, today went Into district
court and paid a fin. of S2W for attempt
ing to practice the art of healing with
out a license- lie had been under een
tence or twenty year. In prison for as
sault upon a girl, but hss a new trial
pendlns-. He ba grown weaJUiy practic
ing his art..
Waaiaa ta Take Flare.
Clerk MacArthur of the federal court
will go to Council Bluff, tomorrow where
he will Induct Into office a. deputy
clerk Mia. Ethel Collster. daughter of
a farmer of the county, who ! to take
that office.
lly Sard far Watrr.
The city of I)ea Moines w. today
made defendant In .ult by the water
company for .0O claimed a. unpaid
water Mils partly on excess of water
uMd during last year. The company
claims that the city far exceeded It.
rights In um of water.
Illlaal. aad leww, at OaU.
Hx-rxarv Kumner of the Iowa Stair
Board of Medical Examiners ha. explained
New Shop Cards
DAVEXPORT. I... J.n. fl.-Colonel
George W. Burr, cotnroniant at the
Rock Island government arsenal, was to
day Informed by union leader, that Tay
lor .ynem .hop card, would not be ac
cented by union arsenal employes, follow
'ng a irs- meeting last night. Colonel
Burr announces he will lue these cards
within a few days.
The union men will nie.n again tonight
to hear the report of the committee rent
to conf-r with Colonel Burr, leader,
among the 1.30 employes declare the nen
will not arept the cards, and trouble I.
Colonel Burr claim, the cards in no
way affect the wage, of the men nor the
amount of work which they are required
to do, but !s merely a step towards a
more systematic method of manacm-nt.
The men pay they have no objection
to the character of the cards, but claim
tbey must have assurances that their
i'e Is not a precurser of the complete
li rtallation of the Taylor system.
Ilenrceentstlves of the American Fed
eration of Labor are In the trl-cltles at
tempting to organise tha different de
partment, at the arsenal.
t present about Sou men are member.
of the unions.
WASHINGTON, J.n. :i. -Scientific
management at the Watertown arsenal
has resulted in a substantial saving of
money for the government and Increased
pay for employes, aad everybody con
cerned la well satisfied with the work
ing of the new system, according to a
statement prepared by General ('rosier,
chief of the army ordnance bureau, for
the congressional committee Investigat
ing this subject.
The statement cover, the operation of
the arsenal during December and shows
that while there has been no reduction
the situation which caused the break In , f0rc4 tT?.t economy has been effected
filetwllv rel.llon. of the lews board with nd a arfe .hare of the saving has gons
thst of Illinois and refusal of the Iowa 0 h workmM) m lhe shape of Increased
board to recognise llllnol. certificates wlxr. Th. machinists came In for the
a. good. A committee made personal In- lar(Mt profti mmt 0f thera Increasing
veetlgatlon of the llllnol. college, iiw thelr p.y u much a. $30 a month; and the
reported that as to the medical cone. g,nerm averaga Increase of th. men In
ti. rhinta there were several Issuing dl- lh m.-tilna ikon, beln H ner rent.
plomaa that are not up to stsndsrd. The ganty-flve per cent of the molders were
only ones regarded a. good are the Rush put to work lf rweember under the new
Medical college. College of Physicians and yiWnl wuh tB ,h.t tnelr average
flt rExms, Bennett Medical school. North- increased 3 per cent, some of the
Burns Gets Angry
When He is Called
, "Great Detective"
WASHINGTON. J. Sl.-An attempt
to Impeach the testimony of Charles Mc
Oowas. a HlneeLnrlmer witness, whe
testified he did not hear C. Y. Wlehe
make a statement shout a U.o lar
mier fund, today resulted In a stormy
session of the sens Is committee Investi
gating the election of Senator I ""timer
of Illinois.'
Detective William J. Burn, was en the
stand. It had been planned for him to
lav tlie groundwork for his detectives to
prsrant 'proof of MeOowan'a hsvlng
"perjured" himself After a sharp clash
Uetectlve A. C. Bailey produces a letter,
alleged la have been written b McOowan
to Hal ley and which Burn, said waa part
of th. evidence which had convinced him
that MoOowaa had not told the truth
when before the committee. Tne other
parts were 'admissions" McOowan was
slleged lo have mad. in Toronto to de
tee Uvea and which was taken down by
a dictagraph.
The lettsr wss dated November n-n.
Klore, Canada. Aft.r telling "My dear
Hart" of dally affairs, the writer said
ha had been aed by th. Illnes people
to eome to Toronto, and In response he
had told them to come to Eiora.
Mr Oed. they would have been ahown
what forced boepltallty waa," the letter
(continued. "The old shotgun would hare
been loaded with Peter's No. 1 I msd.
them eome across. At thst I didn't get
sll that I expected to. I had to threaten
them with all Hind, of .xpoaurea."
MoOowaa sat In the room behind Mines
as the lettsr was read.
Bums made a trip te Csnada to get
McOowan to come to Washington to
purge himself." McUowen's father asked
Uurna II he was the "great detective"
sod later Attorney Hanecy spoke of
Bums, the great detective." The Wit
Bra, flew Into a rage.
It the committee does not stop his
Insults. I will ', declared Burns. Senator
la agreed that Haneer was insulting
the wltneea Senator Fletcher added to
the tense altuatloa by asserting Hanecy
was perfectly justified.
Nebraska Clothing company announce
their famous cellar sale Saturday-one
day only-bos ef guaranteed t-piy col
lars, o-tbe event of the season.
Ridgeway is Second
Vice President of
Rock Island System
CHICAOO, Jan. H.-A. C. Ridgeway. for.
marly assistant to P. O. Melrb.r, second
rice president of the Chicago Rock Island
Pacific railway, who was killed recent
ly In a wreck at Kinmundy, III., today
ws. made acting vice president of the
This snnouncemcnt followed th. arrival
of one of the railroad officials from New
Tork here todsy.
Beverel other changes were made,
among them the following:
W. 8. Tinsman, general manager of th.
first district, la mads assistant te the
president In charge of special work.
W. M. Vfhl teuton, general manager hf
the third district, la transferred to Chi
cago as general manager of the first dls
trM. C. W. Jones, present general superin
tendent of the first district la promoted
to general manager of the third district.
with headquarters at Fort Worth, Tex.
F. J. Kasley, superintendent of th.
Illinois division Is promoted te general
superintendent of the first district with
headquarters at Davenport.
JI. L, Reed, superintendent ef the Mis
souri division, I. transferred to Rook
Island as superintendent of the Illinois
M. J. Kennedy, superintendent of the
t. Louis division. Is transferred to Tren
ton. Mo., ae superintendent of the Mis
souri division.
A. B. Ranadell, superintendent of the
Chicago terminal division. I. promoted to
superintendent of the St. Louie division
with headquarters st Eldon, Mo.
western university meuicai - -Hahnemann
Medical college. Inasmuch
aa the Illinois board I. giving recognition
to colleges other then these, tne recipro
cal relation, with Illlnola have neen
severed, and all person, coming inrm
llllnol, will have to stana examm..
before the board In full.
lew Rate Caere.
Iowa I. .tin represented at Important
rate hearing, oulald. of th. state. At
torney General Coeson started last even-
In.- for Wsshlngtea to appear tor
In the big express rale cases that are to
come before the Interstate Commerce com
mission on behalf of the commercial
anrfiM of the country. Clifford Thome,
of the State Railroad commission, hi tak
ing the conspicuous psrt In tne rsnroao
haarlna In Chicago to force suspension
of the recent change, made by the west-
era classification committee. Tne iniu
stlve for thto lest movement. Into which
several western states have been drawn,
waa here.
rtea Melees Weals atlver.
The city council here today adopted a
resolution selling congress to authorise
the coinage of the s-cent Th.
action was tskea with a vlsw to possible
Vceat etreet car fares here.
" Will Make lee at Primary.
The republicans rl Polk county will
.tact their delrsstes io the republican
county convention by the primary method.
The county committee Is expected to
meet very soon and fix a date for the
county convention and for the holding
of the primary In the city and county.
This method has been for many years
followed here, snd although the etate
primary lew has no application whatever
to the presidential matter, there will be
no effort made to force a return to the
old caucu. system. A commlttsa of the
republican, will have charge of mattere
snd see to It thst the county Is solidly
for Senstor Cummins for president, and
thst there Is a fair division of delegates
between the factions. The selection of
delegates will be personal, a. all will
be for Cummins for president.
men sdutng
$3) a month to their pay
Will Place on Special Sale
Next Saturday, Feb. 3
Great Purchase&Entire Stock
Women's Waists and Materials
Bought from a Imminent Manufacturer of Waists at 37 to 45
West 20th Street, New York (Retired from Business.)
All the Embroideries, Insertions,
Movers, Bands, Galloons, Panels
All the Waist Fronts, Yokes, Partly Made Waists and
All Finished Waists of SUks, Linens & Wash Materials
Landmark of Sioux
City is Destroyed by
Spectacular Blaze
8IOUX CITT. la.. Jan. a.-Firemen
today were still pouring wstrr on the
ruins of the Mondamin hotel block, which
wiped out br fire last night with a
loss of HOO.OOC. The loss Is covered by
IMD.MM Insurance.
Following Is a revised list of principal
Mondamin hotel building. 1130,00): hotel
furnishings, T.0; Todd-Haker buildlni,
$30.m; Todd-Baker drug stork, .00O;
Authler building. C3.MQ; Authler con
tents. $&; Thorpe Co. building.
KMM; Thorpe fc Co. .lock. C0.OO;
S. It. Moore drug sunk. $MM; Illinois
Central, fl.OM: Milwaukee, tl.oot); Mon
damin pool hall fixture.. HOOP; barber
shop futures, ROUO: George M. Con
war cigar ptock, IIO.OOS; Hogan block,
The building, four atones high, with its
store rooms, occupied a quarter of a block
on the corner of Pierce snd Fourth streets.
The fire broke out at I o'clock In the
engine room and alter smoldering be
tween the old wooden wells, made dry by
age. It suddenly burst Into flames. Fire
men were driven back by the Intense heat
and confined their work to saving adjoin
ing property,
The Mondamin hotel proper was built
In Ufff and was one of the famous land
marks of Sioux City. It wss known to
early residents ss th. Boose.
"Just Say" !
I HMians I
Original and fianulna j
Thi Food-drink for All Ages.
More healthful than Tea or Cottee.
Agrees with the weakest digcrtioo,
Delicious, invigorating gad nutritious.
Rich milk, malted firain, powdei form.
A tuick hack prepared b a wmvlt.
Take suh.lifgte.Aik for HORUCK'S.
1ST Other ore imitations.
KidneyTrouble Overcome
by the Great Treatment
I have tsM a sufferer for year with
.kidney and bladder trouble and teok al
moet everything a drug store contained,
without obtaining any benefit.
I suffered se that I became utterly dis
couraged, aa I could not sleep, wss al
ways dissy and had a headache all the
tine. I eaw one ef your advertisements
snd as a last resort, decided to try your
Pwairp-Koot. I am new taking the
third kettle aad feel like a new womaa.
sleep well and bars no palna whatever.
I etreugly advise all sufferer, to take
fit easy real cure for kidney and blad
der trouble. I. Kilmer's Swamp-Root
aas a God-selid to me.
You may publish thw letter It you wlh
sa that II may be the meane of brlnglag
sums poor sufferers back to health.
Lewder, Wye,
' oubecribed sod swors te before um
this July Mtb, IMS. )
Charley Allen. Notary Public,
la aad for Fremont Ce Wye.
Steenerson's Name
is Brought Into
Land Inquiry
MlKNKAPOl.l.t. Jan. I.-Fred Iwnnls,
formerly secretary of t'oagressmsn
aueaerson of Minnesota, today Identified
the signature of Hteeneraoa to aa appli
cation for land, on the White Karth
Indian reservation. Mr. Dennis wa. a
wltneee la khe congressional Investigatloa
here ef the charge, ef fraud ta the sale
of Indian lands.
White Cloud, who Is an Episcopal min
uter and chief of the Mississippi Chlp-
pewaa, teettrted that th. full-bloods of
th. reservation had not desired to adopt
Mr. ineeneraoa Into the tribe, which had
been done, according te tiiis Besulleu, a
leader of the mixed-bloods.
Mr. Steenerson'a application I. said to
have been rejected by the eecretary of
the Interior.
Chief White Claud encused Gue Besulleu
and others with Getting ike "ignorant
Indians ' le ra t as wanted on reservation
(Continued from First Page. I
Leading Iowa Divine
Tries to End His Life
IOWA CITT, la.. Jan. a.-The Rev. M.
X. Fairall. editor of the Iowa Methodist,
a monthly publication, ana rounaer 01
the Clear I.ake Methodist conference, at
tempted to kill himself here this after
noon, i hes'-'i 1. given as ths cause
for the set. Mis Injuries probably will
prove fatal.
Dr. Falrsll cut his throat with a rasor
In his room at his home here, sour
physicians attended him In an effort to
save his life.
The minister had been In III health for
some time. Three weeks sgo he wss at
tscked by - an affliction of th. eyes.
IXK1AN. I... Jan. tl.-C. W. Hunt,
ratarv of the Harrison county short
course, held here this month, has
celved the markings of the examination
papers of the contestants ta the differ
ent depertments, which are as follows:
Fred Seabury. las en. first prise and
sweepstakee, feed grinder at $13 and ! I threatening "ot.l blindness.
cash: C. C. Jonea. Misaoun vaiier,
oad, ft. Robert Harvey, jauuoun
Valley, third, B. Domestic science Mrs.
Clyde eimllh. Logan, first, one barrel
sugar; Mrs, Kugene Cutler, eecoud, tt.
Mise Mary E. Rlee. Logan, third, one
sack of flour. School girl class la dohiea-
tle srlenoe-iDva Miller, first, J; con-
uele Johnson, second. II. Boys claae
Ctvde TutUe, lis. Uoyd Mull, second.
It. Bova Juvenile classCarl
ney. K; Walter Hunt. H: Phil Dan., fsc.
Dr. Fairall probably was one of fee
beet known Methodist divines in Iowa
and the middle west.
ROM EL Jan. B.-The pope ratified to
day the decision of the conststortal con.
McKla- (rogation creating a new diocese of De.
SneedAsks Delay to
Get Testimony of
Omaha Witnesses
FORT WORTH, Tex.. Jan. ll.-Aftcr
working all night over Edward Throck
morton, regarded ss the chief witness of
I'.hs sensational shooting of Captain A. O.
Boyca. physician, today said he Would
recover and be able to take the stand
again.!- John B. ."nerd, accused of the
Mystery over the sudden Illness of
Throckmorton we. not cleared todsy.
Indication, thst the defense plans to
resort to the "unwritten- lew" snd then
Intends to attempt to bring in details of
the elopement were apparent In argu
ments for continuance. These state thst
the testimony of William Anderson snd
Mrs. M. II. Johnson, of an Omaha hotel,
and John Lee, H. U Cooper and Charley
McCarey of a Winnipeg hotel could not
be secured.
The defense said It expected to prove
by the testimony of the Omaha people
that Boyce'a son and Mrs. Kneed regis
tered In the Nebraska city as Mr. snd
Mrs. A. J. II rook snd thst while there
Idrs. Kneed wss often seen crying snd
heard talking of her children.
The mystery of Throckmorton's illness
bad not been cleared away during the
night. There have been told many sensa
tional stories to account for his condition.
One of the mott widely circulated Is that
for several days he has been In the com
pany of two men supposed to be private
detectives unknown In Fort Worth,
Arkansas Anthracite
Finish the winter with our "Osark"
Spndra Coal; price $9.50
This Coal is being used in many fur
naces in place of Eastern hard coal at a sav
ing of $1.50 a ton.
Ozark is not suitable for base burners
because the lumps are too large to feed
through the . magazine- but for heating
stoves and furnaces Ozark is Economical
and satisfactory.
Now is a good time to 'try a ton or two
of Ozark. If you like it as well as most folks
do you will use Ozark regularly.
D. 252,
terlal wsrrants. For the present, and un-
! Ill the completion of a new modern pack
Ins: establishment which the company will
erect In Sioux Falls at a cost of $1.0.W,
the business of the company will be
uarrlcd on In what 1. known a. the Green
packing plant.
WKBTKR CITY, ra., Jan. IWSpeclal
Telegram.) I. C. Riley, aged 18, died at
the hospital here this morning following
an accident yesterday, when he at
tempted to board a freight train near
Radcilffe. where he lived on a farm, and
fell between the cars and both leg. were
cut off.
Key to the 8ltuatlor Hot Advertising.
(Continued from First Page.
In the convention for the man who re
ceives the highest number cf votes hi the
primary, resardieas ef who It may be.
The delegates nominated by the Taft
league are already pledged te the same
PIOCX CITY. la.. Jan. B.-A new ef
fort te solvs the mystery which surrounds
the dlsapearance ef David Fahlburg. a
prosperous farmer of Clay county. South
Dakota, whe disappeared en the night
Moines with Rev. Austin Dowltng. rector
of the cathedral of 8L Peter and St
Paul at Providence, R. I., as bishop. The
decision of the conslstortal congregation
was presented to the pope by cardinal
De Lai. the eecretary.
DES MOINES. Is., Jan, SL-The an
nouncement that the Rev. Austin Dow
nng ef Providence, R. 1- had been ap
pointed bishop of Dea Motoe. by Pop.
Plus created considerable surprise in
of January t last, la being made by the .ccimUsUc.1 circles here.
Dr. XUsser Co.
lagaasetem, .T.
fro. Wkat Swat-! W3I D Ftr Tm
Send ta Dr. Kilmer Ce, Btagbam
tea. N. T., for a sample bottla. It will
convince anyme. To will also receive
booklet ef rat sable tnfonnatiea, tell
ing all beat the kidneys aad bladder.
Wpen writing, be sure aad nuentlaa th
Omaha Pally Ben Regular fiftr-cert
and ena-dollar sis bottles for sal at
all drug BUres. " - .
MARSHA LLTOWN. la.. Jan. W.-(8pe-
rtal.-What the nolle believe was the
first of a aeries of attempts te victimise
local snerrhants with forged checks, pur
porting to be Issued by well toewnfarssers
ir here, waa prevented today m the
arrest tt a young man. a atranger here.
whe gave the name ef A. & Little. He
wea arrested at a cVMblng More while
attempting te get cashed a check :
C7 M which waa signs sr E. L I .ana. a
farmer. Lane says the check Is a forgery
and filed a complaint against Little, who
wss held to the grand Jwry. Leaves frees
a saeeaerandesa book which Little at
tempted te destroy, bat which were re
covered by the police, contained a Bet ef
name of well-to-do fanners living In
Lane's neighborhood
Clay county authorities. The theory that
Fahlburg was murdered by bore thieves
whom be eurprtssd while they wer
work In hi. bam la now generally I
cepted. Althougn a reward has been ef-
feted for the ringing of the body, ne
trace of It lias been found. Several ene- j
pacta are being shadoared by the authori
ties and arrests are expected.
bishop 1. unknown te his
The new
future dlo-
Frlts IU e Aeejsllled.
DEXISON. la.. Jan. a i Spec lei r-Dss-
trtrt court, with Judge Pvwers presiding,
at engaged with a Jury la trying Frits
BtlL late of Manilla, on the charge ef
forging the name ef a surety on a bond
give by Bfll t the German Verrl at
Manilla. After a trial ef part of two days
the rase wsa take, from the Jury and
verdict ordered for the defendant. Thla
hs the second tisne that state has
mads Its case, when Mil was accused ef
forgery or obtaining money under false
preteneee. Betwtea trials he has
many months ta JaH.
Itss Keee Xetea.
hi jury suit brought agalnet the Lennox
Keraace company of this rltv by warn
Bushene, who had hie right arm mangled
by the fragment or an emery
waa settled for C.Wes.
With the erection of Des Moines Into
esthetic see It wss expected that
Monrlgnor Michael Flavin or St. Am
brose church, henceforth the cathedral.
would be chosen bishop. It was under-
stood that his wss among the three
names presented to the conststortal col
lege at Rome,
PROVIDENCE. R. I.. Jan. St. 'Who?
e. bishop of Dee Moines.?" exclaimed
tha Rev. Austin Dowllng, when told of
his appointment to that city. "Why,
don't knew anybody out In that part of
the country. It seems Improbable.
haven't beard anything about It." he said.
lAter he remembered that he was so-
qkalnted With Archbishop Keam of Du
buque, wise te the bead of the province,
and whose duty It would be to eubmll
bum te Reese for the appointment.
Father Dowllng wss born In New Tork
city In I, but hie heme before entering
the priesthood wa. In Newport. He ha.
bee recto of the cathedral of tt. Peter
and Paul for seven years.
LAXAT1TB BROMO Qutwtwe, the world.
w'ee Cold and Onp remedy ressew
at, can lor ruti name, toow ser Sis
sstur t w. ukuvk. ae.
presskra or injustice to the competitors
of said corporation; to abstain from ef
forts to harass such competitors or to
eiclude them from their fair share of
interstate and foreign commerce, and to
take no steps Intended or calculated to
prevent the growth of other and further
competition, aad that such policy has
been sell known throushout the Indus
try and to the public generally and the
government since the organisation of the
8teel corporation.
Referring to the meetings of the steel
manufacturers, familiarly known as the
Oary dinners," the answer eays that at
none of these dinners "was there any
attempt to reach any agreement or un
derstanding with respect either to output
or prices, nor was anything said or done
which waa calculated or Intended to sup-
is competition or restrain trade, and
there never waa nor la there now any
such agreement or understanding."
The concluding portion of the answer Is
as follows:
They deny that they have ever vio
lated or attempted or intended to violate
the anti-trust act or any provisions
thereof. And they particularly deny that
they f re now engaged In violating said
act o. are threatening or Intending to
violate the same, and they respectfully
submit thst In the absence of such pres
ent or threatened or Intended violation
this honorable court le without jurisdic
tion to .rant tha relief prayed for in the
petition or any part thereof, or any other
relief In the premises, and they pray to
be hence dismissed."
Women who bear children and re
main healthy are those who prepar
their systems in advance of baby's
coming. Unless the mother aids
nature in its pre-natal work the crisis
finds her system unequal to the de
mands made upon it, snd she it often
left with weakened health or chronic
ailments. No remedy is so truly
help to nature as Mother's Friend,
and no expectant mother should fail
tonse it It relieves the pain and
discomfort caused by the strain on
the ligamentsi makes pliant and elas
tic those fibres and muscles which
nature is expanding, prevents numb
ness of limbs, snd soothes the inflam
mation of breast elands. The system
being thus prepared by Mother's
Friend dispels the fear that the crisis
may not be safely met, Mother's
Friend assures a speedy and complete
recovery for the mother, and she is
left a healthy woman to enjoy tne
rearing of Her .
S islowat MOTHERS
drug stores.
Write for nr free
book for exoect-
nt mothers which contains much
Valuable information, and many sug
gestions of a helpful nature.
"A woman lores a gift"
Yes. a woman
levee a sift.
The sentiment
it conveys
means more to
her than men
usually tn-ag-In.
Be ah
your wife, your
sweetheart or
your daughter
it makes no
difference aa to
her high appre
ciation of the
gift. She will
alway. cherish
It You may be
thinking about
a birthday
resent, or per
taps loo king
forward to an
Killer gift:
but there le no
need to await
for any partic
ular occasion.
Make this sn
occasion by he
stoaing a gift
now. To make
your gift wor
thy you rs.l f
let It coins from the Edholm store. It
will then be more appreciated and will
bavs a hlgner place In her esteem.
Boat Merely Bay Invset.
Sixteenth aad Maraeg
Mat. Every Bay ttlS. Srery sTurht tils'
Pat Rooney and Marlon Bent. Sag.r
Mldgley t Co.: Moaher. Hayes Moeh.r
rhe Nichols Sisters; The Arlington Four;
Jsne Boynton and Marie Myers; Patty
and Desperado; Klnetosvope; Orpbeuni
Concert urchestra. Prices, Might. 10c.
' SJo, 600, ysa. Matinee, 10c beet Mats.
,390, eacept aararaay aa Buaaay.
Mat. Today, Si-
signs, .
Freeh trees Broadway and the Ore
Apaca Daaee.
Extra Coatee Oraady sag their
ratioos wmaaiui vbubt.
Bronchial Troches
BeUeee Sore Tanas, Hoarse ess. Osgha, Broa
eklal sad Istksssne Cossplaials. UsaxesUedfor
clearing the voice. Ststy years' repstatioa.
Free from opiate, or aaylhlsg harmful. Sold
-wlv 1 hoses, temple saalled free.
That Cornfed Dutch Comic,
Majestic MUDlral Four; Ai herniao. ta
Black Laugh; Weat A Beaton, -fun in
Jail." Gaiety Girl. Chorea,
badlee Bias -t'iT Seery Week assy.
glOl'X FAUA B. D.. Jan. a. It Is of
flcialty announced by V. P. Burt, who will j
be supertnteadent of the plant, that th (
Mw packing establish merit of 8ulsberge-'
it Sons company, which recently decided )
to locate here, will on Thursday of this j
week commence the butchering of hogs
st their new Stoug Falsa plant The plant :
will start with thirty-five employes. ;
whlrk Is expected to be Increased la two i
weeks to sixty. A sun further Increase :
will be made If the supply of raw ma-1
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Friday Ktenlng, Febrwary 2U
America's Greatest Singer.
Scats On Sale at Owl Drug (.
Toaight, Jtata. :
"The RigM of Way"
"Ta rriaca Chap-